Tutorial: Handwritten Title Effect In After Effects [no Presets]

Hey guys today I’m gonna teach you how to do a handwritten text effect now this is a really cool effect it makes it look like your text is being handwritten so let’s just get the tutorial started and jump right into it so the first thing that you’re gonna want to do is create a new composition I’m working in.

A 1920 by 1080 P timeline and but the duration of my timeline is 10 seconds so the next thing that you’re obviously gonna want to do is import your.
Footage for this project you can either use a video or a.

Photo either of them work then you’re going to want to drag your photo or video into your timeline and then scale it down to the size of your resolution now once you have that done you can go ahead and click on the text tool the top left corner.

And go ahead and drag a box and make the title of your choosing in this case I’m writing Toronto because I have a photo of the skyline and the font that I’m using is dry-brush so I’m just gonna go ahead and type out Toronto scale it.
Up to size and then using the align.

Tool I’m going to Center it perfectly now premier and the computer in general does not come with this kind of font so I actually download this font from a website called dafont.com it’s a good website they have thousands on thousands of fonts to choose from and like I said before I use the font.

Called dry brush so you just go look that up in the search bar and then you just.

Click on the font I then download it then now you’ll see that your font is now in form of a folder and you would just drag that folder into your font book into the user tab as you can see the font is already there because I’ve already downloaded it but once your.

Font is downloaded into your font book it’ll be accessible through all your different apps like Photoshop After Effects Premiere etc by the way.

Just a side note this effect does work with all the fonts that are already built into Premiere.

So you don’t need to go and download fonts if you don’t want to I just downloaded the.

Drivers font because I thought it fit the effect.

Go ahead and do the same if you feel like it so the next step that you’re gonna want to do is in the top left corner again right next to the text.

Tool is the pen tool and with that you’re just gonna want to go ahead and trace out every single letter as if you are handwriting it and I’m just gonna speed up.

The video guys for you right now so you don’t have to watch me trace all these letters so once you have all your letters traced out you’re going to want to go ahead into the.

Effects and presets tab type in stroke and under the generate tab you’re just gonna double click on the stroke effect and then it’ll pop up on the left.

Side and with that what you’re gonna.

Want to do is increase your brush size until it completely covers.

All your text now you’re going to want to go to the drop-down tab for paint style and.

Click on reveal original image then make sure your playhead is at 0 then go to the end bring it all down to 0%.

Then press the keyframe button now move your playhead about two seconds into your timeline.

I then bring it all the way back up to a hundred now you’re gonna want to do is press play let it render and.

"chasing A Dream" – 2018 Otc Archery Elk Hunt

Hunting isn’t always about the kill I know that’s an oft-repeated cliche that frequently describes an unsuccessful hunt but in a few rare cases following a blood trail and meet in the ice chest are truly secondary to the experience and the adventure found simply in the pursuit such was the case for a true bucket list adventure that I had.

Been dreaming of since I started bow hunting over 30 years ago public land over-the-counter backcountry high elevation archery elk for so long such an adventure simply seemed out of reach as being a broke college kid ultimately gave way to family.

Responsibilities and work obligations I became paralyzed by the fear of the unknown overwhelmed at the prospect of how and where to start public or private over the counter or draw guided or do-it-yourself how do I find a partner like so many others.

So many excuses prevented me from taking that first step until I found myself on the downhill side of 40 with my window of opportunity for making this type of adventure beginning to close that’s when Adam called the adventure awaited this was never about the kill this.

Was about the adventure in the experience this was about pushing myself physically and testing myself mentally this was about the months of planning and preparation the diet the training testing gear and tweaking equipment hours of podcasts and forum and absorbing information from every resource I could find this was about the summer hikes in the mountains to gauge my fitness and my abilities and to test my equipment this was about packing nine days of only the essentials over 12 miles deep with over 4,000 feet gained in elevation.

It was about enduring altitude sickness and persevering to overcome it it was about hunting with a partner who even at 17 years my junior is a man I admire respect and look.

Up to this was about an early encounter with a majestic 6×6 bull at 120 yards and a narrowly missed opportunity with his harem leading him to us at 40 before cutting our.

Win in meeting a hasty retreat back to the timber it was about identifying the pattern between feeding betting and watering only to have them deviate when we made our play this was about spending seven nights suspended in a hammock at ten thousand two hundred feet and one awesome yet miserable night sleeping.

Under a rock this is about a brutal hike of over.

1,700 vertical feet in less than nine tenths of a mile with burning legs and lungs giving way.

To breathtaking views at nearly 12,000 feet it was about side hilling and switchbacks or just putting my hand in the dirt and making the climb this was about chasing the good light or at least stopping down to make the best of what was available it was about spending the day.

In the rain and the fog with the wind and the cold and having the fortitude to grind it out and hopes of just one more glimpse at that big bull it was about craving warm meals and coffee to recover from.

Long days of hunting it was about midnight conversations about what we learned today that we can apply to tomorrow this was about no phone calls no emails no computers no timelines no interruptions this was about a disappearing herd and a final tip of the cap to.

Ui/ux Design With Evan Place – 3 Of 3

Hello everybody and welcome back to Adobe live here on be handset slash live we’re happy to have you here this is a space for you to join in watch professional artists create live you can ask them questions make some friends join the chat get feedback on your work it’s a really fun place to be and I hope you.

Enjoy being here with us today this week this entire week we’ve been celebrating UI and UX design specifically in Adobe XD this is our second stream of the third day if you missed Tuesday and Wednesday that’s all right.

You can find the replays right above the player stick around with us Evan we’ll catch you up to speed and with.

That my name is Gus I’ll be your host and I’m joined by Evan place who will give you a quick intro about himself we can take a look at his work while we do that yeah yeah so I am currently a UI UX designer and have.

Been for the past two two and a half years and someone recently joined a digital agency in Sarasota Florida unfold where I’d work full-time as a UI UX designer before all that I did a lot a lot more of print related things so tradeshow banners brochures kind of the the typical typical world.

When it when it comes to print and just kind of found that I enjoyed UI UX a lot and then tried to hone in on that and focus on that so yeah yeah that’s awesome well we’re happy to have you with.

Us this week and Before we jump into the work I want to let you know a little bit about some special things that you can get involved with today we’ll be doing some portfolio reviews in about an hour and a half so if you’d like us to take a look.

At your portfolio just share it with the link on the portfolio review tab right above chat on Behance we’ll be looking at two of them right at the end of this stream giving some feedback and if you don’t get a review you can share it again in the next stream and we’ll also be giving away 100 stickers to sticker mule they’re 3×3 custom die cut stickers we’ll.

Be doing that in about 30 minutes so stick around the way that you win is actually you just have to stay active in chat so we’re looking forward to that and with that Evan let’s go ahead and drop.

And catch him up to speed yeah yeah so I’ll just quickly kind of go over day one and two so day one we really tried to just.

Lay the lay the groundwork for the app and tried to wireframe out a variety of screens it’s a trick.

Or treat app that would allow trick-or-treaters to create routes but we are specifically just focused on the homeowner side of the app and what that.

Would look like just for the the sake of the timeline we had to work with weave wireframe those screens out.

We’ve welcomed login and a couple of onboarding screens and a profile and then yesterday we started working through more of the design aspect of it and just kind of started to flesh.

Those out a little bit more so again we’ve got the login screens onboarding screens and then I don’t know.

That we’ve quite made it to this so I’ve added a few other screens and worked on it off-camera so we’ve got a few different screens so goal today is to start prototyping we’re linking these screens together and playing around with auto animate a little bit too and have a little fun and yeah which I get creating everyone’s excited to see that.

Yeah yes Mohamed actually asks if we’re using the latest version XD and we are India.

You have to have the latest version if you want to use.

The new features like auto animate so you’ll see how Evan uses those and you have the newest version you can go ahead and play with them on your own computer yeah so we will get started and I think a fun one to start with is this.

Home screen so one thing I thought would be kind of fun with this screen.

Is if we could you know now we’ve got the advantage of auto animate is to make this candy just kind of like continue to fall through the screen as a background element cool so we will we’ll try to do try to do that nice so I just signing that’s that the transparency a little bit.

So it’s doesn’t compete quite as much with the text but we’ll start with this screen and so.

With Auto animate it’s basically just going to link from one screen to the other and it notices the difference so the way that I have this set up is this candy pattern that I just kind.

Of threw together taking elements from nucleo which is just an icon application.

Drag them in here and just kind of laid about.

Randomly but then copied that pattern and put it above.

It so you can’t let me drag it off the screen so you can oops so you can actually see the full nice okay yeah so we’ve got the same.

These ones and they’re just repeated here and the reason we have that is we’re gonna just adjust.

The vertical position from one screen to the other and then it’ll link the two together and essentially create a loop yep.

Yep exactly that’s super cool really quickly everyone that’s saying hi thanks for joining us Marshall and Alberto looks like people are enjoying the dark UI Ryan awesome to see you got Paco and Tim back in chat Marie Oh Hector it’s great to see you back and.

Awesome to see you on the side of the camera it’s always good to have you in the chat jeana’s.

Back today she was here yesterday Ahmad was here as well Mathias this year so we’ve got the crew awesome crews here cool so.

Yeah the important part about this is making sure that the icons line up so that when it loops its its seamless so you want to make sure that the positions are the same so all I did is duplicated that layer and I’m gonna move that this.

Top one on top of it and then I’ll just delete the one that’s behind it looks like we have some questions sure what somebody was wondering uh who was that Marshall was wondering if you have any tips for artboard organization um yeah you know that it’s it’s not different once you start prototyping things especially with with some of these like auto animate features because you’re linking butene between screens.

Far as artboards go like obviously naming them is super important just to try to keep things straight and like I said I started with the wireframe and then I just.

Duplicated the artboard down and then started from there so that the artboard names kind of match just for the sake of reference and makes that easier but I don’t know that I have a great method necessarily for prototyping just because you kind of got to go with the flow a little bit depan what you’re trying to do I.

Think what’s pretty cool is you can do this in other programs but the performance.

For XD is like really strong so for instance your entire project is in one file right yeah and.

If Evan were to zoom out a little bit you would see actually has quite a few artboards in here that he’s worked on since we’ve started even up above so it’s pretty cool that you can you know if you keep it all in the same file you can keep some of the same naming conventions and.
Navigate it a little bit easier also great.

To see you Shauna thanks for joining us do you know Shaun I do yet it Muhammad nice to see you Selvam Kathy Emma thanks for joining this dream if you have any questions while Evan is designing please ask and if.

You would like to get a portfolio review please share it with us we’d love to review it on stream here at the end of it okay and then one thing to make sure you do is because we want this to link we want we want auto animate to know that these two groups are.

The same and because I just duplicated.

It to move it down they don’t have the same name so just make sure that whatever the groups.

Are is that they share the same name so that uh auto anim kind of handle that do we have any animators in the chat or people that have learned how to animate may be using the new auto animate feature and xD hi Leanne thanks for joining us cool so you’re doing your duration I was earring so I’ve got the first one going to the screen and I have it set to I think.

I just have it’s three seconds for now but we can we can adjust that if we need to and then the other one is just gonna link back at zero but we.

Want to play with those a little bit to see so yeah we’ll see what we’ve got for now so that’s.

Pretty good yes we got falling falling candy yeah so if you were to change that three seconds it would fall quicker horsten yeah yep yeah exactly yeah cuz when I had tried this off stream I know I had it initially set to.

I think I said it has one second so yeah you can play with the timing a little bit to make it faster or.

Slower yep super cool raining candy oh yeah hopefully that’s what happens for all the trick-or-treaters right yeah get a hold of the app okay so we’ve got that screen done and then we’re going to start linking this create account to the next screen nice we have a lot of comments in chat saying that that’s a really cool.

Trick so yeah it’s nice and fun able to share that and something that I think is cool with the animate feature is it’s not too difficult to use it just takes some creativity and something like that it’s a really creative use of it yeah yeah it’s fun might not think of right off the bat yeah I think there’s I mean I think there’s a lot of potential if you you know you’re familiar enough with animation in general and just kind of know the.

Way that auto animate like thinks or works yeah I think there’s a lot of things we can do so yeah I’m really excited about today yeah Eddy I think that would be cool to be able to export CSS or JavaScript for prototyping I I believe there are several threads about that and xD user voice for them so if you go.

To user voice XD com I think it is Tim will put a link in chat you could actually upload it or add a comment to those threads so we’re just gonna make this.

Arrow linked to the previous screen rather than dragging it out.

We’ve just got it set to tap and a previous our board so no matter where this ends up falling it’s always just gonna go back the way that you’d expect sodac says in chat if you put the second screen position just above the final position yeah it won’t start that’s what yeah yeah so and I think there’s some playing around with that.

Because there is maybe a slight delay just in that transition from one screen to the other so you might have to play around a little bit with the positioning and just moving it up or down just because it does kind of treat them as as the keyframes yeah so if you’ve got.

The beginning keyframe and last keyframe and they’re the same well then essentially you’ve got two frames for the you know the same period of time so yeah I think that’s kind of what he’s talking about yeah I think that’s a good tip in it yeah it’s thinking in terms of animation and for a lot of us it’s also some experimentation.

Yeah I mean here thanks for coming back good to see you in.

Chat as always Marshall has.

Been considering some other programs but if the auto animate has him intrigued so he’s back for a while oh nice that’s great to hear.

Marshall if you feel like sharing your portfolio we would love to see it I know I’ve seen you in chat before or just.

To see some of your creations that you’ve made an XD okay so now I want to one anime just kind of what it.

Looks like to toggle between these so if you click the trigger button or the treater button just kind of to see what that looks like but one thing that that I think would be kind of fun rather than it’s just instantly changing is if we.

Throw a screen in between those so that when you tap it it kind of scales a little bit just kind of give a little bit more of that user feedback so we’ll try to do that nice so start with this screen and then we will have.

Another we have some chatters asking about a hover effect an XT I think there’s a way to piece that together with some of the tools that exist but I am also certain there’s a thread on.

User voice about that as well so that’d be a great place to place a comment or upload it and get some feedback on when it might be implemented I guess it’s also worth mentioning that.

Tomorrow at noon we’re gonna be live with Talon wodsworth who’s the lead designer of XD right here same place if you want to come back then he’s a great person to ask about some of these features that you would like.

To see an XD because he ultimately has a lot to say on how things go and he can give you some good insight so we are just making so essentially we’ll have kind of three states here so where it starts the middle one where it’s the larger size and then it’ll scale back down to the smaller so that’s just what we’re setting up here so we’re talking about like.

Context Of Agile In The Creative Economy

Technology has had a major impact on the world’s workforce in the last 100 years we have seen factory automation and robotics displace millions of physical laborers leading to the knowledge work era in the last 20 years the proliferation of computers and the internet have displaced millions of knowledge workers causing the current shift to what is referred to as.

The creative economy the creative economy is based upon the uniquely human capability to generate new ideas new technology and works of art in the creative economy workers are driven by autonomy mastery and purpose when these conditions are present.

Innovation thrives customers are delighted and workers collaborate to unite science and art to.

Solve deep human problems unfortunately most organizations are not set up with the needs of creative workers in mind our management approach comes from the 100 year old concepts of Frederick Winslow Taylor and our org structures go back even further to the hierarchy of Julius Caesar’s armies these approaches were breakthrough ideas at.

The time but are not effective approaches in creative economy organizations in the second half of the last century the Big Three automakers dominated the market with.

Massive workforces inventories and bottom lines Toyota a scrappy automated loom company in Japan was just entering the auto industry there was no way they could afford to match.

The economies of scale of the US manufacturers their only competitive advantages could be speed and quality the American expert W Edwards Deming was working with several Japanese business leaders teaching them that total quality management approached a rising executive at Toyota named taiichi ohno embrace Demmings ideas and expanded upon them to create the Toyota Production system what we now refer to as lean manufacturing three key concepts from lean that are.

Helpful in the creative economy are one trusting the workers to decide how to do the work rather than relying on managers to choose the process to focusing on continuous improvement over prescribed best practices and three viewing value from the customer’s perspective instead of from the company’s profit motive let’s fast-forward to the 90s and transition to the world of software the chaos reports from that time do a nice job of illustrating the somewhat disappointing state of the industry the large majority of the features we were building were rarely or never used and most projects were.

At least challenged and at worst completely failing to deliver on their stated goals in 1984 two business professors published a paper sharing the results of their study of several lean companies that were.

Getting great results Jeff Sutherland combined their findings with ideas from complexity science and other areas to give birth to scrum notice that lean was a direct ancestor of agile scrum incorporates and builds upon several lean concepts three key ideas from scrum that are helpful in the creative economy are one focusing.

On building small high-performing cross-functional teams rather than relying on and rewarding individual heroics two.

Developing products incrementally where each increment is potentially releasable so that we can get good feedback and three a new type of role that.

Journal With Me- Creative Journaling/ Just Play Art Journal Page

Hi guys this is SHINee so today I wanted to just make an art journal page where I just play this is the last page in a journal that I made it’s one of my little journals that I make I will link the video below it just has like ten pages in it and I really love creating in these.
Journals so first I’m gonna start out with a little.

Bit of collage and then I’m gonna add some pink colors and I just really enjoyed this process it wasn’t about creating.

A beautiful page it was just about using colors that inspired me and I’m adding a little bit of text and gesso and doing some finger painting and just playing as the title of this page says it took me about 45 minutes to.

Do but sometimes I just like pages that take awhile that I can just add layers on top of and.

Just have fun and doodle and stencil and do just a whole bunch of fun stuff so I really hope that you enjoy this process I hope that it inspires you that it encouraged you encourages you to get out your journal and play.
Too because that’s such an important part of creativity so.

Please enjoy this video listen to the music relax a little bit and I will see you guys later please give me a thumbs up and do not forget to share this video with your friends bye bye see you guys next time oh oh please Oh crash down on me sunbathing on me everything hard on me and my dog was all walked out on.

Me look ran out on me range down on me pain all in my way lights went out on me my mind up like a champion a champion I I am champion I am.

Champion gear I gave I gave my kid.

A champion like a champion ha ha I am champion I am champion champion our young champion I’ll be feeling really lonely I societies for me I get fooled by myself when I need Bobby lowly council lady at a party with.

Some friends contemplated what’s my life gonna be is to someone there for me I’ve been winning by.

Myself but now I do is that asking people around me who is that you just walked into pro now my mind’s are longing but don’t be taken back we just try to argue Braden let me know cuz the pictures in the making so hello namaste you do yoga every day let’s have lunch on your way but I didn’t get your name put your like saga namaste but I don’t even know you go get your lights old my mustard.

Let me have you over get to know your Mustang put your head let me go order up what you haven’t went all the fives that you give tell me you want to live with.

Someone who’s relaxed I’m relaxed are you single would you mind telling me if you’re single there’s so.

Much that I see better love you with me I’ve been playing by myself maybe now with the team what you thinking it’s important that I know what you thinking coz the mind is the thing that’s so terrible to place plus a note that.

Just want I can see it in your face I’m persuasive cuz I know our futures in the.

Making so hello namaste you do yoga every day bless how much on your weight but namaste namaste namaste hey listen understand understand.

Creative Destruction Duozim

Pronto iniciou hoje não só pra avisar que eu voltei o pantaleão é a lógica do jogo mano oxi é estranho o jogo que como o da sálvia igor porque estamos assim venho o x on está tudo ok não tem alguma coisa errada mantém aqui não num ônibus comum do viaduto sob miguel devolo aí né sáb jk pm san.
Miguel salve salve salve isso mesmo às 7.

Horas sete metabólica hoje mitchell a partir daqui porque só voltou porque ela sem som então tá né o medo tacanha.

Juntinho aqui com eu como eu como eu é muito bem-vindo miguel miguel é novo.

No canal ou não aproveitei pra deixar likes a galerinha que ajuda pra caramba o canal está bom dessa forma banal agradeço de coração pago um quipá mais.

Real do que eu não chegámos cá agora fuzila meu gabriel e é o maior da mesma coisa mesmo el shehaby é pra movimentar faz comigo na ab é ladrão filho da mãe a uma boa tudo eu esperei.

Ator bt vingança vimeo só lembrando que quem não tiver criativa e aí pode baixar prestou a uri um jogo muito bom está a valer.

é isso aí esteja o papo e seria muito bom todo mundo baixassem os jogos do canal não sofre feres abido tipo a participar das live é interessante na linha independente se fosse fácil não irá participar e interagir com a gente entendeu se comunicar é sempre bom é sempre bom a biologia ea devolução conhece-lo ai eu fiquei assim mas quem me conhece ainda mais ele é um pouco grande viu o biguá mas tenta baixar foi interessante pois vai cortar agora enviado não adianta botar professor dia.

9 o evento é em tudo e tenho o meu nome eu fizer um gol numa bola eu queria o menino doido um menino robô tudo o que é meu velho e roubar tudo via tudo tenta baixar o biguá mobile a gente também joga o miguel acho que você já deve saber é esse gente inscrita.

Deve estar ligado mobile só lembrando que todas as noites necessário porque a maioria já então pra quê mais interação da galera tipo jogar junto todas as mãos ou quase todos aqui está não garante que todas todas todas vai ser necessário mas sempre que puder a noite vai ter beleza que à noite é um horário que todo mundo chegou da escola que deu quando eu trazia vitória tarde galera reclamava porque é não conseguia pegar esses aí fazer sua tarde tipo.

Se a gente estuda tarde aí nessa época não podia jogar porque estudava à tarde né eu peguei e decide fazer refere só à noite mesmo em face de utah aí o uma pena é bom quanto o aparelho é sabrina vou esconder que eu fiz na outra na.

Outra partida não vale mais nada é preciso eu prefiro uma metralhadora zin em uma 12 lá no rio onde se escondem na vila fiori que ele me achar ela.

Aqui lagoa corpo a corpo de deus não quero que ninguém pegue se toda branca que achavam um guardar konder e ai ai onde a jogar no m a água desceu como vamos vamos dar tempo.

Enviado me derrubaram não deu tempo o toc toc celestial que é bom você também quer esse kit fiel que beleza embora o porte.

é essa a na tabela igualmente duas 12 greve é bom ser campeão é muito bom muito bom will.

é porque tá metade da minha vida da mãe o que eu faço live no celular o e é muito ruim transmitir com webcam no celular não terminei e já fez de algumas vezes mas é difícil demais ah ah ah ah ih ih meu amigo tá ali eu vou apertar a amiguinha que roubou minha escola não quero aqui pela brita de mais um carinho na frente o rumor concentrado só sabe o motivo de tanta gente a lusa vai pôr tocou a linha está a ficar uma hora.

Foi no cade o ae hoje estou aqui e voltar de ônibus chegou a 2 graças a deus e sim buscar.

Gente vai mais subir ou não o xii foi deixar o carro já não é grande de tirar 10 na prova né eu me lembro da gente como é que é para dizer que não então.

Ligou eu vou tirar a mão nessa agenda vou tirar porque sei lá verdão está a jogar um jogo e tem que seguir a agenda estava atirando na agenda eu sou muito de momento assim tipo que eu tenho na minha cabeça eu jogo na hora na quinta.

Chegou às 20h para o bem limpa se dá tempo vai me pegar mais coisas aqui não dá tempo pegar nada consegui me salvar quina deus pode sim é só colocar a exclamação de scott vai aparecer pra vc vai fazer ver que minha cabeça que me salvar.

A menina caiu a ale a oi pode usar nem bonita que sai de uma exclamação discorde deus é em seu disco com você o rolinho.

Olha o i wanna go filha da mãe do próximo também um casanova em top como é que é sempre que não for votado hoje o.

Local não é mais fácil jogar no pc e celular não fosse você for ver a diferença por exemplo você jogar fui parar no celular e você pode não ser o lula é é a nossa.

Lá se foi o gosto ou preferem celular e depois jogar no pc tv que pelo pc é muito mais fácil seria a grande diferença a gente chegava a.

Falar que messi no cepa mas que joga no terceiro pensei é muito roubados e ver que tipo é muito fácil virar a cabeça fica muito.

Fácil dar choque e com a trocação muito mais fácil pelo pc que joga pelo.

Pc tem que ser vista ou pelo celular do cnj é muito mais difícil jogar no celular aqui a gente tem que ir na raça mesmo qual é a nossa.

Vai ver com o celular que na raça então ae então se você for jogar 11 o criativo e não no pc e constrói muito mais rápido se deu em nada o garçom animais fim não.

Eu falo que eu sei que há gente aqui em casa tem um tem pc gamer então você vê que é muito diferente de jogar no pc e jogou no celular eu jogo no celular porque eu quero mesmo sabe por que eu gosto.

Embora eu eu eu vejo essa diferença que é muito mais difícil um celular se faça.

Online no celular porque eu quero que é o que eu gosto de fazer entendeu e no celular se eu quisesse várias vezes meu esposo já perguntou se eu queria colocar emulador fazer lá no pc é só que não coloquei o sesi sim feito já só que é do outro não é do não é daqui que eu gosto não é para a fase na liderança do.

Placar normal jogar uma eclética de seu aparelho o usuário o louro brigando com ele no intenção temos briga depois organizada muito engraçado sol calor e.

Estamos resolvendo humor falando gente guerra entre os dois o goleiro bicolor ou do japão com ele o valor deve dar risada em cenoura filho da mãe o miguel já só bolacha lá buscar o gol no jogo ela também está no armário para tirar debater essa pequena ele falando.

Ao povo ele fala que ele olha pra mim tá o filme pra ele eu sou hoje ele é uma pessoa do bem da catata aparece livre em roma e não tem um certo eles vão chegando à oitava divisão seja meu olho e gana é muito engraçado mas o seu pai para ficar com ele depois ele começou dando risada hoje é dia da semana como é sabido né a então já coloca no banco de lage que aprova amanhã não esquece tem.

Que ser amanhã é que chova que caia pedra – eca na segunda feira 8 é partindo daqui mantém um bauzinho que haja pegar uma boneca que tiver tá tá show já trouxe pra cá muito.

Bem a oni está onde não há a cozinha é isso mesmo aprender agora né ficar esperto e sabe que eu vou em breve vai adiantar nem lógico cardoso a.

Moça tem um cara que por aqui ele vai ter muito sucesso aqui mano top + 15 ali pegop km é o caso do madeca vai eu vim de trás.

Da morte saber muito do que é meu amigo secreto e salween lixo sempre que digamos estava sob um outro olha pra mim é amiguinho do outro eu matei muito bem salve.

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Tá muito bom viu o que ele esconde aqui é o quê amanhã de manhã nada falam quinta a gente.
Com o meu amiguinho que derrubou e eu sempre digo não vão faltar.

E peste miserável saiu sair a não ele morreu pouco não deu tempo de salvar a filha achei que essa miserável faminta.

E ainda já está aí já o site da casa de outra amiga pra mim vai pegar um chat mas só quando o carregador.

Joguei mais agora vai aqui em cima baú aí.

Amanhã me pergunta do que o do baú gente já cada um de vocês a foto não voltar mais cada bairro e houve um baú quito será.
No bairro lá em cima figo aí você me fala você deu certo.

Bom eu só me escolhe aqui pra mim pra mim e pro meu.

Cantinho lei que eu estou dizendo.

Aqui o computador do rodrigo para o meu marido a deixou sair do cais eu vou me esconder pra mim só trocar.

De lugar no top 10 aqui é o seguinte tá aí é o seguinte tem que construir um bagulho que rapidão enquanto isso.

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Para oferecer um pouquinho longe que você.

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Primeiro foi o último a ter tal é nenhuma mas quando eu estava estudando ainda eu ficava triste quando tirava.

Sei se eu não gostava que já sei não mas a única matéria que eu tirava 6 era matemática mas eu ficava chateada porque pra mim era de 7 para cima – que isso.

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