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Remy Ma Says White People Can Say The N Word???

Okay so I wanted to get on here and talk about the whole Remy Ma okaying the use of the n-word situation all right so let me break down the situation for you all Remy Ma is a well-known black female rapper and is on this new show called state of the culture with three other co-hosts who essentially sit and.

Talk about current hot topics within the culture now a young white male rapper named little zan was recently caught using the n-word I’m not familiar with his music but I’ve seen him on Instagram and know he has a big fan base so the clip was shown on state of the culture for the panel.

To watch and give their opinion on whether or not little zan gets a pass and remy said she was okay with anyone pretty much using the word.

And as long as they didn’t use it in a derogatory way.

She was fine now as soon as she made that statement I was super super super irritated no not because.
She feels this way because I understand why.

She does Remy has been in the industry for years where she has rappers like Fat Joe who isn’t black but she calls him her brother and she sees him using the n-word in conversation and in his music which comes across to her as natural now she’s a grown woman and I don’t feel like she needs to be set up on the next episode of a young ma fix my life to get to the root of why.

She feels this way because she has the she has had the basic understandings of where the word came from and how powerful it is but in her mind that’s a thing in the past and it plays no part in her 99 other problems she’s even tried to make an ignorant statement comparing unity to the use of the word that we should.

Move forward and sort of not dwell on other races usage of the word and try to focus more on black people owning property and earning degrees whatever the hell that means I don’t understand how we can’t be upset at one at another race using one word and also further our education and owned property at.
The same time now back to when I said I was.

Super super super irritated after she made her statement now she’s an adult and has the right to feel the way she wants to feel however when you have a certain platform it.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t know what if you don’t want to be looked at as a role model or what you say is law there are thousands of young people who are brainwashed to believe everything their favorite artist has to say now I only mentioned young because as a young mind is still easy to be molded when you’re grown you aren’t being brainwashed that’s your choice to believe.

Whatever it is you want to believe now I’m upset.

With the Remi because if you think it’s okay for anyone to use the n-word what happens to.

The next black kid who gets into an argument with a white person over the use.

Of the n-word and the white person’s response is no I can use the word it’s 2018 it’s not even that serious anyone can use it my me even said it and she’s a hardcore rapper in a big influence in the black community so you have to be okay.
With me using the word what’s.

That the black little boy or girl supposed to say to that Remi I know that in this day and age it seems like the world is so dysfunctional but you just set the clock back 100 years with this ignorant statement.

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Open: I Am Culture Exhibition With Shakimono

Hello welcome back to open everyone you know I’m always inviting you to get social with us that’s right tweet us at proxeny TV and while you’re there tweet me to adrena valentin alright so our next gasp has an incredible story of hope after leaving a shelter in 2016 together with her significant other she’s been able to use her.

Artistry to help not only herself but others in the process and she’s hosted.

Several independent self expressive art workshops to inspire students to be their true self and now she has a new exhibition entitled I am culture and she’s gonna share more with us of what it took to go from homelessness to living oceanfront please welcome poet visual artists and hand-painted fashion designer sha kimono okay oh my goodness I know blessings to you and.

All you want to say on air congratulations on not allowing whatever hardship you had to overcome yes get the best of you that’s true look at where you are now alright so let’s talk a little bit about really briefly about.

The first time you were here with us and because we’re having you back on yes two years later right oh no it’s more how long ago was that oh my god almost four four years almost important yeah however you’re in an entirely different place yes sorry I lose track of time that’s cool I have.

Been watching you though come through here and and really what what inspires me the most is when we can bring you back and show people that you know there’s hope well it took the village to raise this child and if it wasn’t for your support and other people none of this would be possible like literally we were in the worst spot in our life.

In a shelter and having Broncs net as a platform to share our story and to see that there’s hope gave me more hope we were in the shelter for three years.

And it was the hardest three years and funny how everything works out we got out of the shelter a three-day anniversary of going in for February to February we were in the shelter we’re in Far Rockaway right on the ocean if I were in the Bronx well it’s just the fact that you have an ocean yeah.

Like you know yeah I was like hey and I was in the Bronx or Harlem none of this artwork that I’ve created what I’ve gotten done because I know everyone everyone knows me so I thought I was never gonna get out of that place and art was my therapist and finding the more.

I learned about myself and our culture the more I painted and the more comforted that we came to know.
That one day those doors are.

Gonna open for me and once I go to that.

Door my life is gonna change and poverty is gonna be a thing of the past it didn’t seem like that while I was in it I know but you know what I gotta tell you you know you were still exercising.

Your artistry right and that’s what you did yeah I mean even though you were in that situation yeah we document to you we welcome to you we brought you in and we have no case you yeah our viewers and and.

And the fact that you even brought that.

Up and I want to say that because it it was just a way of kind of encouraging you yeah to keep going well to trust yes that you’re going through this for a reason and I didn’t now the funny thing is I was creating art but we actually came to the show to do two music I talked about that’s the other and that’s the funny Street because that you do that with your husband yeah.

We perform as ash a jam band or ashay right now he’s torn with another artist sound boy Cartagena yes we love somewhere there he’s ready to go on tour and I.

Figured that this is a good time for me to write new music and to really build myself up as a visual artist a fashion designer and I love this yeah I love that you have it as our backdrop.

Yeah it’s beautiful in it stunningly beautiful it took me such a long time to develop and perfect my craft like these are some of the first pieces that I did once I got out of the shelter I just went crazy and invested in myself because of my mental illness and.

My physical disabilities I do get disability and I use it to not only sustain myself but to build my vision everything is hand painted no do play kitchens I’ve.

Mastered the craft so the pieces will be waterproofed and they will last a lot longer I love love love love denim because you can upcycle denim easily you can.

Go to your local thrift store and buy a cool denim jacket and I could just like change the whole scheme of it and use it definitely as a canvas because I love that you upcycle yeah right so upcycling in case you guys are unaware it’s like another form of.

Recycling yeah except it’s when you kind of repurpose yes something right and so do you do that because you’re I mean.

Obviously your Earth conscious yeah I am her daughter you know it really started because okay so like when I was in the.

Shelter we didn’t have money to buy clothes and shoes and stuff so people in the shelter will donate to me their old shoes and I thought that was so bizarre and because they were so like some of them were old I would feel self-conscious because I grew up in poverty and you know it was like PTSD to the tenth degree and.

My spirit was like listen you cannot continue on being a victim what can you do and it was like well I can’t paint these shoes so I started painting them but I was using paint that you would use for a canvas and.

So I went through the whole messy stage of it but now it’s like it’s become my job it’s become my duty my calling and my advice to people who’s going through a hard time is to believe in yourself my spiritual our culture ours because I believe the entire Africanized for it’s just merely as a reflection of each other it was out of culture that kept me sane because I.

Was losing my mind because I felt so hopeless I went to college for a year in Atlanta yada yada yada but I was starting to feel hopeless and they was.

Like listen this is your calling and when I look at my art it’s like it it it makes me want to cry but I take those tears and not just.

Keep fighting for what I feel like I deserve once I can see that yeah your ancestry is is influenced ‘men influence.

Within your your creativity but yeah I could see there’s indigenous over here you see Africa over there I see the Eye of Horus over there yeah all of it the from this side of Africa most definitely and you can see the ancient stuff.

The New Paternalism – Lecture On Lasch's The Culture Of Narcissism

The basis of any religious tradition is self renunciation self annihilation and they have different branches within that religious tradition which really emphasize that so the mendicant ascetic movements in Christianity the Sufis in Islam certain forms of Kabbalah in Jewish thought and so on down the line what lash is saying about the culture of narcissism which arose at a.

Very specific historical juncture in time it’s precisely that that form of self-denial went.

Away and the culture began to produce the opposite effect which is spirituality self-realization comes through affirming the self affirming the wholeness of the self discovering who you are kua you so it leads to a paradox the paradox is you discover something substantive about yourself without any content just you as a thrown entity like in today’s this course you can.

See an example I think a very nice example of the spiraling out of control of the culture of narcissism in the common refrain to liberals that they are special snowflakes the idea there that maybe some of your family members or other members of your extended network might criticize is the idea that it’s not good enough just to be you that there should.

Substantial now of course the people that wage this special snowflake who’s heard that term before the people that wage the special snowflake criticism often come from a branch of philosophy which emphasizes libertarianism which is that Liberty is derived through the individual’s competitive place on the market so the market determines the basis by which individuals Excel or not excel in their liberty Christopher lash.

Takes on this argument in the final chapter I had.

Us consider called the new paternalism the new paternalism where he shows that this a flaw with the libertarian view precisely because within the free market within business within corporate culture there exists a new form of hierarchy a new form of management a new.

Form of bureaucracy which in fact does what to individual freedom according to lash it undermines it it undermines it in a paradoxical way it undermines it in a paradoxical way because it’s in the.
Name of a horizontal self-expression.

Individuality which then becomes superimposed in a new form of management supervision and control by bosses and managers and so on within the context of the market so he says the very famous libertarian thinker von Mises from the Austrian School of Economics whose huge hugely important figure.

In the post-war reconstruction of our social order of capitalist social order he says well missus could never account for the rise of a form of bureaucratic control within isn’t.

Euiv One Culture With Golden Horde 18

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In the South I need to go take this piece down travel distances are just so high over there in these regions takes so long to get anywhere I also win against telly about to get.
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Tribal Culture & Ritual | Idu-mishmi | Arunachal Pradesh

Which is for smile using those in different sizes and these are used for carrying things around could be anything like firewood vegetables any produce of the palm or any any other belongings that they want to carry around these nowadays it is mostly used for decoration like it is done here and these are my sister windows and this is.

Telling me so she has been named decoration pieces.

But originally it was meant for using as for carrying items.

So that was the end of the ritual inside the house the ego he went out with his assistants for ending their little bit more right but I did not go out because it was too.

Dark and yeah I am sorry that the writing was so poor I’ll try to show you such rituals next time with better lighting and prefer preferably during the daytime because let’s say this was just a very small preview of how these rites are performed because you know when the ego when he is in his full cast costume and in his full costume when he performs these rituals it is.

Really a sight to see and it’s very wonderful to watch you you get taken away to another world so I would say I.
Will try and show you how these rituals are performed and how.

Beautiful it looks and till then if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel and please also hit the bell icon to receive notifications and I will try and show you more interesting videos and thank you for watching and bye till the next.