$1 Shampoo Brush/scalp Massager Dollar Tree| Worth Or Waste

Is going to be showing you guys how I found first of all this video is going to show you guys how I use this shampoo brush like natural hair is like you think your hair is like driving it’s like oh no it’s not anyways yeah so I came upon discovery of this shampoo bro so yeah I’m just going.

To show you guys this little shampoo brush that I found at the Dollar Tree it is only $1 of course only $1 they still have one more – it is still a dollar so yeah this is a little shampoo British and like the bristle just like um bristles on one of those.

Like brush type one of those type of brushes but yeah so I’m gonna show you all right now my hair is already pre conditioned I like to pre condition my hair to detangle it and stuff so you know you start watching me hey you don’t it’s.

Just like you don’t just go straight into washing your hair because.

It’s gonna be tangles I like to pre condition my hair first and then detangle and then going to wash it my hair okay but anyways yeah so this is what it’s looking like right now I parted off into section so it’d be much easier to show you guys some painting natural hair shampoo let’s get started so I’m just gonna take this side oh yeah as you can see I can just that’s why we talking about when you precondition your hair.

And you detangle everything look I just comb straight through this no tangles or nothing okay so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna take some okay so as.

You could see I still have like water in my hair so there moisture so just see like this we’re gonna fiction this out of the way take the brush and it has like a little.

Own ring so you can put your finger so that makes it.

More convenient to use so I’m just gonna show you all like I’m just gonna go like this and just comb straight down and.
Then like when you do it you can feel it scratching your scalp so I.

We are working just go like straight just go like straight down like it’s brushing just like that I wouldn’t suggest you cuz you’re gonna take on your head you are going to tangle your hair no not that part take this out okay take this side and then do the same exact thing just up and down this is really a good hand scratch because this really feels good I mean versus using.

Your hands real good you now I meant to watch this out so you did it all for now we can go wash you too okay.

So now that I’ve washed that out um and then my head sit trying to get the water.
Washed hanging and look at his scalp fresh clean scalp.

Nope yep so when I say that actually works wonders and it actually helps more and like I just find it better.

Than using your fingers because sometimes when you you know how you watch your hearing you just like use your finger nose that’s just I feel like they comment just um when I found this I was just like there was a game-changer but yeah anyways that is all for this video you guys anyway stay tuned for the next video and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already yeah basically I’ll just keep subscribing and keep watching so thanks.

See you guys in my next video.


Say Ok To Black Friday Deals!

Are you ready to say okay to flight planning deals all month and Richard a Turnpike Friday into Buick Friday with a 2019 Buick Encore for only $19.99 syrop receive financing for 72 months us election relay models and up to 25% off on 2018 Chevy Silverados and GMC Sierra crew cab say ok to the easiest way to buy a.

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Butera Grocery Haul | Deals, Deals, Deals! $47

Hey guys this is one of my grocery hauls I will be having three I usually go to three places and this one is from Butera then I’ll go to Aldi and Walmart as well so here it is strawberries were three not three there are two pound packages and they were seventeen mines that is so crazy to me I’m.

Such a great deals how to get three and I will freeze them because we’ll need them all but um I just had to I also got radishes we like to eat these with.

Like I’m making steak and I I just put these and avocado and rice and beans and it’s such a yummy dinner.

Five of Mikado’s we have a cuddles with everything these were two four dollars so um I’m I don’t really buy raspberries but they were for two for a dollar.

And I know I can throw them in and yogurt and Max my son he’s one year old I don’t think I’ve ever given him stress berry so hopefully he’ll like them I got cilantro for pico de.

Gallo I got three bunches and there were three or four dollar 3 large onions I also got these smoothies I usually get the.
La la brand but these were on sale for.

99 cents and I’m sure they’ll be they’ll be just fine I also got some pierogies these were on sale for $1.99 and there’s a girl at work they usually like she talks about pierogies all the time.

So I don’t know I just she explained what they were to me and I they sound yummy so I just wanted to give them a try or a shot I bought um grapes these were 149 a pound I’ve been so into grapes I don’t know I’m just.

Obsessed with them right now and then I also got this.

You’ll play salted caramel pretzel so I try last week for the first time the Shabani I think is caramel crunch was so delish just so.

I wanted to give this one a shot I’m on my gram art grocery hole I’ve got like four of those Shabani flips and oh my gosh if I just wanted to get.

That you’ll play one a shot um I needed some garlic I use garlic a lot 10 binds these were $10 I got bananas my baby loves bananas I got a child day and I will be making like a.

Chicken it’s got the boil is just like a chicken stew with a bunch of veggies so I’ll be making that and I will be making pork loin with this on the side and either mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes whatever.

And my husband is in the mood for I like both I got two of I think these are our Honey Crisp apples I just buy two because we’re not like big fruit eaters except for my son so I.

Just I don’t want them to go bad I got a whole lot of roma tomatoes I would be making people that I do and I just used Roma tomatoes for a bunch of things so I always.

Go through it a lot I wasn’t planning on getting these oh yeah disks home these are for empanadas and this is like the emphasis.

Chayote so tomato seed flavor it’s pretty much you can use these for everything.

I got the assured thing and they’re just a regular you can I usually do by.

Shrimp and I make shrimp empanadas or you can do chicken or.

You can you beef just any kind of bonnez.

And they’re so good and they’re easy because already like done for you you just have to thaw it out and.

Then you don’t have to like make the masa cut them out like these are just easy I also bought a pound boneless sandwich meat we go we we eat this a lot we don’t like like the super thick steak we like this a thin.

One Butera has this is the name of the store they have.

Such great deals on unmeet and their chicken.

I didn’t buy chicken breasts but I usually do because I have some left so I don’t want to buy more cuz I don’t have to use your space but but you can get like huge things of chicken breast for like 5 bucks like it’s so crazy and then I got some drumsticks these were 219 for this whole.

Thing that will be throwing those in a little the boiler that I’m making today these were on sale for 169 and I.

Just like to have these and on hand just to one day I.

Don’t want to make anything crazy and I just want to do like a pasta pasta super easy and I can just heat this up and it’s.

Like a whole meal um carrots for the little boy yo and for like snacking and for my baby and just a bunch of things and this is masa so it’s just like corn flour mix that I use a lot as well and I think that is it yep that’s all thank you guys for watching and like I said I will.

Have two more one from Aldi and one from Walmart so hopefully guys watch those too and please subscribe I only have two subscribers but hey like I said we all start somewhere so for you to subscribers.

Of mine hopefully you guys like my little haul bye thank you.

Sales And Deals 09 Nov | Low Budget Gaming

Hello and welcome to low-budget gaming and welcome to my weekly sales Indians video so I look at some deals on humble and steamed etc but before I began I just wanted to quickly talk about the fractured lands freaky that was given away last night on Humble so what happened was I put up the video and soon a few.

This message we have not out of steam keys and fractured lands but more are on their way as soon as we receive our.

Steam keys we will add them to your download page sorry about.

The delay so it seems that either Humble has run out of keys or there was a mix-up between humble and fractured lands the game is actually free to play for the weekend it’s not free it’s free to play only so maybe there was a mixup by.
Humble and they accidentally put up the game.

For free but yeah and also I got an email they say.

Customer recently you were able to place an order for a free copy of fractured lands from the humble stone we are very sorry.

But this is actually a mistake due to some technical problems on our end if you place the purchase order for fractured lands well it 100 percent off an order will not be fulfilled and will be cancelled so this suggests to me that this was a mistake by humble it was not meant to be free and they accidentally put it up.

Or it could be simply that they ran out of keys and now anybody after that who claimed it they are not giving it to them so completely confusing situation I don’t know what’s going on if anybody has managed to get it for free and added it to their Steam account let me know because I think it’s simply a case of Humble making a mistake or fractured lands not giving them enough keys and they’re running out of keys very.

Quickly either way the game is suffering from very low numbers so this might actually not be a good thing.

For them this might actually confuse people more hopefully they make it free again on Steam.

Or something so that more people can get it and join in because it’s struggling I’m barely seeing anybody play like 4 people 7.

People playing this game so let me see if this has the numbers right now 17 playing right now so you can see this is barely anything.

And if they want their game to succeed they should come up with something like this like make it free-to-play completely or just give away this you have three keys for a weekend let a lot of people.

Get it at least a few hundred few thousand maybe at least get the numbers up but anyway that’s the whole story with this thing let’s move on I guess.

So another thing I wanted to mention is f1.

2015 is free from game sessions now this one was free earlier on humble and steam as well so I’m sure a lot of you have already picked this up but if you haven’t and if you’re interested in the single-player career mode for f1 2015.

And you can check it out of course this game comes out every year there’s a newer one so yeah I don’t know why you would pick up there for 2015 if you haven’t.

Previous games then yeah sure have a look try it out it’s still a good game and yeah might be fun if you don’t have it so onto another sale humble is having a sale on racing games this is the festival of speed up to 80% off.

Bosch Deals …!!!! Craziness

All right real quick guys I should have did this on the other video no I’m still falling around here watching the Steelers just destroy this video might post before the other video but real quick guys the Bosch vacuum they’re also given $20 off 119 down to 99 all right same price as low as I think a lot Lowe’s.

Was $99 to this if you’re not familiar this is the 18 volt came out a couple months ago.

Guys and again Bosch really well-respected further you know the dust extraction their vacuums you.

Know similar vacuums are very expensive but they kind of like I said last night during the video you know they’re kind of you know bringing prices down a little bit kind of getting into that DIY space a little bit but who knows.
Great reviews guys I actually am gonna get this at some point.
6 gallon alright so bigger than the Milwaukee Milwaukee he’s only a two gallon the the wall.

I believe is a two gallon the Ridgid I think’s a three we’re talking cordless look at the length of that hose right there nice long hose you get some attachments again ninety-nine bucks but there’s another one I want to talk about here because we just talked about it yesterday I mean some of these bear tools from Bosch or just going ape crazy here and you’ll see the other video and that’s more of a.

Longer video I’m just doing this one real quick here and like I said this one you might see before the other one but check this out this just came out guys know I’m once they just came out it’s fairly new if you’re not familiar this is the new brushless star lock okay easy brushless star lock and you get the case with it and see if they kind of again Bosh’s oscillating tools or another one they’re.

Awesome and it says the star lock system if you’re not familiar with it star.

Lock 3d tool accessory best-in-class grip means mortar more torque transfer yeah they’re the only ones that have the star lock again you know it’s it’s a really know you got the speed dial they’re compact build again you could put all the different attachments.

On it but it is brushless 12 volt all right guys one point seven five pounds bear tool yeah and you get them a little case with.

It too so 79 bucks guys again a great way to get into the you know we you’ll see any other video we talk about it more but we’re.

Talking and we’re doing a lot of bascially I have no idea why I’m just sitting here searching while I’m watching a football game for some and this popped up so pretty good good reviews yeah $20 off so I’ll have another video well this might.
Be the second video of the first video I have no idea but check.

It out guys I’ll have the the link below if you’re interested I’ll catch you on the flip okay.

Ep10 – Is Your Networking Working?! | The Deals In High Heels Show With Phil Bedford

So how many of you in the room actually feel that you’re not getting paid or you’re not earning as much effort as you’re putting in how many of us feel that people don’t recognize the quality of our service and what we’ve got to offer and they’re just ignoring it they’re buying from other people how many of us actually.
Wish they have more time to spend with your kids you.

Partner finding a partner so I was checking.

When I I’m here recruiting for a friend he knew I was coming here I wish we had a bit more time for Fitness Health yeah well some of the information I’m going to.

Be going through with you today this stuff is simple and most of the stuff here that I’m going to share we know it deep down somewhere in our core but we’ve stopped using it and this is what I’m going to share can actually if you start to use this can make life.

Easier business easier you can get more time with your family get more time for yourself get your life back but these are tools that you have to choose to use my experiences.

Been lied to by society and what we end up doing is throwing money at stuff rather than using the easy stuff so what I’m going to do is give you another option there’s loads of things out there that work that you may be doing and if they’re working keep doing them all I’m going to do is share some stuff with you today that might enhance what you’re currently doing give you more free time and help you get more results is.

That ok ok so when you try a little exercise we’ve only I keep by the way I keep referring to the word entrepreneur ok and when I mean that I don’t mean to alienate anyone who’s currently employed I’ve also heard a lot of you saying I will be an entrepreneur ok what I would suggest you as well is by.

The way one thing about being an entrepreneurs have been a risk-taker most of us I would say it well if not all of us are already risk takers just by being here because we’ve left our homes we’ve left.

Our families we’ve left the safeness and we’ve come here even though it’s a great opportunity we’ve left that security net which means the risk takers right so when you whether you’re working for a company or working for yourself you are still working for yourself even if you’re employed and you get paid weekly by a company you’re still working for yourself because if you don’t show up and.

Do well they should get rid of you right if you don’t show up and perform the company might go bust so the end of the day all they’re doing is paying you on an hourly rate so we can choose to make that easier or we can choose to work harder is that right yeah so if we if we’re a small business I just want to touch on small businesses from home because I.
Understand the challenge I’ve been there.

All right what I’d like you to do just for one minute is you’re gonna close your mouth hold your nose and Hum ready what happens you can’t breathe right.

You got to stop right that is exactly what it’s like trying to launch a business for an entrepreneur because we start with a little bit of money and in no time at all what happens gone when we work for big businesses it’s easy to get money because the company tends to have massive marketing budget but suddenly when you take that choice.

To go on your own you’re on your own and you’ve got to find money and find resources so again.

What I’m going to do today is share with you some tools that’s going to help you enhance that okay how many people also by the.

Way don’t like the word networking sort of it makes you shiver a little bit come on hands up by the way my hands up as well a yeah I was an engineer remember okay so yeah I mean networking one the challenges were the word networking is it’s been kind of devalued by the people out there who are doing it incorrectly most people when you see the word networking what they’re actually doing is cold calling face-to-face do or not.

Cold calling is yeah you ever get the phone calls you know people calling you trying to sell to you so a cold call is someone that calls you without.

Permission and sells to you what most people are doing is when they go to events like this is they’re basically cold calling to you face to face they’re trying to sell to you on the spot and that’s why we don’t like networking right either because we’re sold out or because we’re told by our bosses to go and do that to other people and.

Is that comfortable no so we’re gonna change this whole dynamic and I’m gonna introduce other stuff to you as well nice right who is here for Dave the other day right so.

Dave Crane only four of you right okay so depending on how time goes I might throw a little something in that Dave did which is.

Super powerful if you weren’t here for Dave Crane Wow next time he’s gone come back that guy’s incredible right he’s really amazing okay Dave if you’re watching this I love you mate better history if I.

Could show you how being connected can change the world and the course of history would you be willing to look at it to.

Change your business so in 1775 England was in charge of what was the United States in those days yeah so America and what about as a colonial power our King was in charge of America.

And they didn’t like it okay we had a bit of a bad history in those days and what was happening is they were starting to seek independence there’s a lot of taxation the colonists that were living there really wanted to secede they wanted to leave England because they were paying.

Taxes they had no freedom and you know the story right you must have heard of the American independence from the British and in 1775 basically as the story goes there was a young stable lad and the.

Listening to some of the Redcoat soldiers the Redcoats were the English soldiers they had amazing redcoats which is amazing camouflage for a soldier but it was all to do with being brave apparently but they had these red coats and then he heard these red coats saying that the next day the red coats.

To go in arrest the leaders of the Colonials so Jack I called John Adams who later became the president of America okay they were gonna go and arrest them so there’s a little stable boys thinking oh gosh who can I tell I’ve got to pass this information on so he.

Dollar General Coupon Haul 11/3 Day 2 $5/$5 Deals And 3 Day Sale Finds !!

With couponing at its finest and I’m bringing to you today my dollar general haul now this was actually for 11:3 yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to record it for you guys but I just wanted to show you guys what I was able to do this is going to be for two transactions and I also found a.
Little bit of clearance and then just a little small haul right here for.

Just the end of what I did for the week okay let’s go ahead and get started now the first part is going to be food and what I did was the three-day sale it was just a couple of chosen few items.

That I thought was okay I didn’t include him in my breakdown for the week because they weren’t that great last week today is Sunday now so last week so.

They were old cages by themselves okay so I did get one of the our seeds back here that was just regular price 99 cents because I drink dark pop in the house everyone else drinks the other pop they sneak in my dark but that one’s for me now one is missing I have one great crush and then you see the two Orange Crush right there those who are.

Part of the three-day sale when you buy in sets of.

Three they will be 75 cents each okay I did get the clover Valley which is dollar generals personal brand 100% apple juice these are just one dollar each.

So I got three of those and then excuse my receipt so they I should show you guys when we’re done here but I did get four of the honey buns and I got two of the oatmeal cream pie those are going to be one dollar each when.

You buy them in sets of two so forth so that’s six of them right there so that was six dollars okay now right here.

The Margaret Holmes this is on the dollar aisle tomatoes okra and corn mix these are one dollar so well actually this was part and I’ll show you this is part of the second transaction but I also got the UM prego Carla can urge this regular pasta sauce this is also part of the second transaction this is not on the first with.

All the rest of the food now let’s skip over here because that’s CBS I did get one of the DG home aluminum foil just for now until I can catch something you I always see me get the rentals foil for a super duper cheap at Walgreens so I’m waiting for that or if they do something at Dollar General I’ll do with their whoever has the best price is where I’m going but I got this for now because I wasn’t paying attention again filling holes in places.

And did not realize I was running out of foil so I ran out.

Again so this was a dollar 75 okay and then I did again that.

Kraft Dollar General digital coupons that is a store coupon when you you’ll get two dollars off when you spend six dollars on Kraft products now I did get two of the jell-o pudding I got to the chocolate this time.

And then I got three of the jet puffs marshmallows these were a dollar sixty-five for these and this was 95 cents so I ended up over six dollars.

So I saved two dollars on that okay now let’s not go back there that’s part of the second transaction this is the clearance finds I found some of the BBQ season items they were in a bin under the table for a Halloween.

Clearance which was 50% off not good enough but I found a 90% off being and I dug around and this is what I.

Amazon Deal: Keurig Donut Shop K-cup Pod 72-pack For $22 + Free Shipping

Hello everyone now we are going to share you with a great deal on Amazon kirov donut shop k-cup pods 72 pack for $22 plus free shipping it’s a four point four out of five stars deal and got five thousand six hundred seventeen customer reviews let’s see some of buyers reviews marcos dela said same good ol donut shop quality.
Little hefty on the price an amazon user said quote dot is a review.

Of the Keurig hot donut shop sweet and.

Creamy regular coffee cake ups there is also special offers and product promotions selection on deal page to help you save more click the link below into the description to the DL page if you want it to save even more feel free to head over to hot deals Starcom you’re entitled to more savings.

Verizon Fios Business Deals

With some of the most reliable and fastest speeds available on the Internet today Verizon’s business internet packages ensure that you have the support and speed you need to get things done efficiently and quickly in your business and today in conjunction with my deals club.
com i’m going to show you how to get access to a verizon fios business deals.

To save up to twenty-five dollars in some cases even more I will put a link to this page under the video where you can lis read all about Verizon FiOS business deals what packages are available spotlights on current Verizon FiOS promotions for business and then if you simply click on this link here toward the top.

Of the video it will take you through to our deals page when my deals club.

com in conjunction with Verizon FiOS lists all of the major deals and promotions running currently for Verizon files if we scroll down to the bottom of this page you will see a link here.

For Verizon business internet and phone click on the.

Link that says click here to.

Redeem this will take you to the page on Verizon FiOS where all of the business internet packages are listed you can scroll down and read about.

All of the great choices available for your business and make a decision that will help you in your business today so once again I will put a link to this page under the video where you can read all about the Verizon FiOS business deals that we.

Have available at my deals club.

In conjunction with our partners at Verizon FiOS thank you very much for watching.