A Cumputer Boi Joins Me

Mobsters yeah we have to one and we Gaston any interest and got flipped over mostly because of zombies second I I don’t know what you want to go do I just want to go Mexico make sure you thank the bus driver no I did okay we’re just want to drop for Mexico Carson let’s go armadillo Mexico armadillo armadillo.

Mexico you guys know where armadillo is Justin you know armadillo is nope not all of them three of them I think the red ones a liar I’m pretty bad that for night slash Epic Games took out the bunny hop why why oh.

Wow the bunny hop you know when you like how I went just like absolutely screaming fast off of the cube stuff how many cubes be good I just went like they took that out they’re like you know what let’s take it out because guess what well they made it really tough to do it because I can’t do it in ur a hundred like more than there I better not die if I die come help me because I think that you can fly.

Right yeah you can feel really good he’s pretty good he’s not like the greatest on planet for tonight I’m gonna under I’m going surfing oh yeah music you guys want to go get a cube thing right now okay follow me in a second cuz I am over here I’m taking the circle we’re gonna have to can we need to find rahzar rift desert yeah can we define for the rifts are cuz it’s not paid unless you guys want you guys are taking all of the crossbows cuz they’re.

Really good at killing zombies you guys have do you guys have a slot do you guys have a spot to kill or no no because you should really take a crossbow come here somewhere I am there’s.

Key they only do like 40 damage but maybe 160 well I be anybody want money it’s gold – whose can.

I can carry many of you okay get this video yeah take it go in a circle just abort everything run and just run.

Maybe the glider maybe the glider might help us out we say to find a hill or something a little hill I’ll do it at 1:33 that’s right there’s a watch out there’s some acute thingy q monsters come.

Up to me come up to my building we’ll get a little higher now we can just deploy gliders don’t you.

Know that yeah there’s um not fun in here but I just want done small I’m all for some reason I got 90 and I got eight I got 15 shotgun shells so serious are you guys what are you guys doing over there you know a the storm to be.

No and I got superimpose grenades I will definitely take those Oh will you leave few thingy yeah there we go you guys got him one second I’m gonna help folk Carson if I can maybe shoot that’d be nice good I’m a head shot there’s one more dude Carson beware got him glad to be gliding I hit for 40 he’s in white he’s in white he’s in white he’s very low.

Where is he oh he’s dead okay nice what do you need what do you need what do you need five six shots there’s somebody else over here oh yeah I see get the circle get to circle the circle first okay we’re good now just to know if the ghost teammate yeah yeah I’m.

Bowie has sunny and she went in George’s Orien okay that’s just.

Basic way of saying things okay nope nope nope nope don’t come on okay we’re gonna glide away okay there’s a cube right ahead of us keep thing right ahead of us let’s destroy it exactly destroy.

Justin Roberts Exclusively Teases Team 10 Reunion?!

The episode I just posted on his channel is like the team ten reunion is coming it’s coming what is up clever I’m your girl Joslyn Davis and today I am super super excited because this is actually my first time meeting you Justin Robert Shaw in yes what’s up is in the studio you have literally gone viral today breaking.

This because I want to get it right six figures your song.

Your hit song just hit Spotify its global viral 50 chart meaning you’re not just viral in America you’re viral in the world it’s crazy it’s great five days ago well I’m still number one on the US chart hit the insurance and then today I hit the global charts which is like who’s listened to my song globally yeah what would.

You say has been the craziest reaction that you’ve received from someone in another part of the world Oh like I’m playing.

In like a school cafeteria like the whole entire school just be jamming out to it they’re like hundreds of kids I’m like what’s going on did you ever think in your wildest dreams that when you put this video out there it would have this kind of response did you kind of have.

An inkling about feeling like six figures is gonna be a big deal um I mean I I wanted it to be a big deal but when I released it it had like like two million views in length not that many views on Spotify then then it just like now it’s like what three months later and it just.
Like popped up so it’s random it’s really random but it’s also.

Awesome I know that we were introduced to you to this song and the obsession with.

It thanks to Shane Dawson series have you had a chance to like meet him or.

Thank him in person yeah yeah I met him and we’ve been texting was just cool yeah pretty legendary to say the least I’m some people out there like the two people on the planet who haven’t listened to the song on Spotify or seen the video on YouTube how do you even describe it because just visually.

Honestly it’s really really cool like what the music via yeah that’s cool and.

This song is freaking catchy yeah everyone in.

Our office the people that are in this room will all admit to you that we’ve been listening to it are repeating yeah it’s pretty cool music video you know we got.

Four year old you know hence the theme six videos for mini Jake Paul’s playing that four year old there’s a bunch of extras.

They cool mansion cars is cool and may Jake Paul’s actually really freaking famous now – I heard he has like a lot of followers on Instagram yeah he’s blowing up how’s it going – his head at all yeah can’t keep them tame.

Now I’m joking telling you before we started shooting this interview I’ve just been like reading up on you watching a ton of interviews that you’ve done and.

It seems like you don’t really consider yourself a rapper you’re more of like an all-encompassing entertainer but like how do you describe yourself.

To old people for lack of better oh um I say I say I make you but like I make youtube videos and then they usually understand but if that’s not enough I’ll go like I have a series on YouTube I make it every single week and on the music side I’d.

Call myself like I’m just I’m just trying it out we’ll see where it takes your work in progress you did there so that’s his series on YouTube which I think you’ve described as kind of like having like Curb Your Enthusiasm vibes yeah how what’s your description in general okay so a lot of.

Work that you have to put in to do that every way people don’t even understand the work I have to put in to do this like it’s crazy um so how I described a show.

Is just like a youtuber trying to become a bigger youtuber and so that’s kind of like my life trying to become a bigger youtuber and pretty much filming it and then we have like cool cameos in the show – like big influencers we’re gonna have like.

Celebrity guest soon – like who can you spill any any hints some MBA beside it like I know who a lot of NBA players are but if Kobe then a I’m here where it yeah you never know who’s.

Gonna pop up but it’s cool it’s just like we have these influencers playing like random roles which is cool like they’re not even playing themselves sometimes they are playing themselves so I’d say it’s like a it’s it’s like a youtuber like just his life is crazy and.

He’s just figuring out how can I make it to the top yeah and which is literally what you’re doing and like I said I.

Mean you’re having so much success right now who would you say it would be like your dream youtuber or celebrity or NBA player or whatever to have on your series Larry David oh my gosh inception that would be crazy if Larry David was on my show that’d be crazy well I believe in putting things out into the world so if Larry is watching Larry here is Justin’s message to you what would you like to.

Say to him to get him on your show please come on I actually met him one time did you really I had pizza with my mouse fun oh my.

Gosh I would have pizza with Larry David cut also by the way we haven’t even brought this up to rate without your 15th.
Birthday party how in the world did that happen that’s.

Pretty awesome it was crazy because uh it was random he jet we we’re at the same restaurant and then we just saw each other and we’re like yo sup and then we kind of clicked and then made a video and we took a picture and that went viral not only did it went viral.

On Instagram it went viral in our little team 10 community because everyone thought I was pretty legendary when I went to the house next day yeah it was funny because everyone left we were all.

Of team 10 was at the restaurant then everyone left and not stayed back and literally two seconds after they left he came in that’s honestly unbelievable yeah so they all lie about to your friends that’s amazing so my curiosity is like where do you go from here you already have put out six episodes.

Right of your series yeah you have a wildly successful song around the world not just in America so what do you want to conquer next um I’m just gonna continue working on the series.

And like I just got started with it like have you seen the episode on Jake’s channel.

No I haven’t yes I just posted an episode on Jason’s channel if airing on Jays channel yeah so he’s taking over two episodes.

Of the series which is cool so like we can so the audience can build and the episode I just posted on his channel is like the team 10 reunion is coming it’s coming guys okay.

That’s what I’ve got to know about I need all the team and you I need you to just spill it all over the place right now what is going on with team and with this.

Like Genesis or new origins story like what’s happening I need to know well like the the reunion yeah it’s did you want if you have to watch the episode to understand because uh because at the.

End I explained what’s about to happen so go on Jake’s channel right now so all of your fans are eagerly awaiting what can they expect this time around like how are things going to be different in general with Teen Titans I don’t.

Know that’s it that’s a question for Jake okay I don’t know that stuff but.

Is my show work in progress there’s something crazy at the end of it here’s the thing I love is that I think you know team 10 has gotten a lot of flack in the media Jase gotten a lot of flack that’s why I really loved what Shane did.

Because I feel like it showed him in a totally different light probably a light that you and the other people in team 10 really know him you know as that person and it seems like such a collaborative sharing environment what would you say is like a misconception that people.

Don’t realize about team 10 because that’s pretty cool that he would put your show on his channel you know yeah like.

They don’t know about Team Tennis like we literally are best friends over there like every single day we’re hanging.

Out with each other even off-camera so like we have dinners together and we sometimes throw the football in the backyard and play with the dog.

Like that’s not even a lie like you don’t see us doing that but we actually know so how do you have time for like normal teen stuff like going.

To school like when I was your age I was just like drooling on myself and eating a bunch of bagels you’re like producing.

A show a song you’re a part of team 10 and you’re managing to like do so how do you.

Do all this how do you manage your time it’s crazy like I do online school okay so it’s easier for me to do like I can literally travel anywhere I want and I.

Can do school anywhere at any time so that’s a lot it’s a lot easier for me to do then actually go.

Go to a school like you’d be like.

Attacked like all your fans oh.

My god not even not just like I couldn’t make youtube videos if I went to school that’s true it’s crazy well I gotta say congratulations on.

Everything keep up the great work and I mean I would say like we’ll keep you posted but you’re gonna be keeping everybody posted where do you want people to follow you most YouTube Twitter Instagram all the things um YouTube and my Instagram and my Twitter just do at home um Justin Roberts on YouTube I have a series work in progress I post every.

Single Saturday check it out and you got to check out.

Jake’s channel too to see that lady stuff yeah check out that last one then go watch my other ones and also Larry David if you’re watching leave a comment in the comment section this guy’s pretty ah we’ve been having YouTube.

Trying To Get Highest Zobie Kill Game

Zombies with the people don’t know yet and once they play this now has just added zombies and there are little zombies phonus that you can get to find and actually go on these houses are too many people going because look how many people are going yeah cuz there’s so many zombies that’s four guys better lose some weight for.

Me oh yeah where are you streaming okay I need some 396 in the old bad guys you.

Still don’t have a gone go get it done I just let it show that I’m getting sure that can you guys I don’t have a bomb Logan yeah can I help ya.

Logan can I have a gun are you a comedian sure I’ll take it and a my place you mind you holdin his comedy is coming he’s coming right now Odie’s use my horrible snot excuse I don’t know where he is he’s like summer months that way you can do.

Close range yep yep I’ll get I’ll get a shotgun then by the p’s architecture way what do you have for close range fresco set the only other gun you have no I have a product now go.

To a go to Green submachine gun he glided in he’s 85 he’s over near 85 Oh wasn’t yours ending nothing good we need start hitting some areas right in front of us be sure you wear on and see my disease he jumped off he ran all their ears his shoes canonically I’m Sam I say my same all right readings on this.
Machine zombies aren’t trying Cobian okay okay no just.

Send how do you find out your PIN oh I’ll build around you right now – and / send.

You guys guys I was gonna grab that crossbow but that’s right okay I direct another one right.

Here yeah I’m good I’m going to this one G doesn’t scar purple scar right now from that guy yeah I’m keeping this minigun bro I destroyed Oh Jackson Jackson you better have the bowl dammit guys that mean again so don’t pee through this table like this public servant the commlite is so good no he’s actually so good he just headshot in here one of them yeah I can’t looking and let’s go let’s go let’s go NW all next main while meanwhile a.

Little play has been smashing your mama dude yeah bunch of things oh I just thought of something guys please g-guys let’s go baby.
I think there should be a higher chance of getting.

The crossbows six-shooter you’re like okay clattering Riley’s whatever it’s mine I was but did that did was that pissing you guys oh yeah I’ll come with you this type of comment boys gone swifty Griff dearest whiskey still in the game poison gun where’s waiting going well I really just jump under.

The chest and sorry like there was a guy that laid there in risky I’m ready they’re gonna come you to.

Back you up nom ready yeah I’m coming I see one two that’s really far away I think yeah it’s the same one that came to okay don’t take the.

Thank Danny well you know nice yeah knock.

Tim oh yeah there’s one more this rubber on me I’m a boy’s young tree got this to on make us I’m not one door knocks from thank you objections booty bummed one that’s what’s funny no I said did any of them have don’t drink that Balkan doesn’t that be cool although to wait oxy oxy honey why you missed guys remember this and all the ones on what now should be for Roy again Roy again come.

I’ll be put there’s chess up here I’m.

Fortnite Squad Cross Platform

TZ 98 David m2z show do you playing earlier I said how would you set up my twit yeah these guys are talking shit about you bro I told him to chill out there you go baby girl let me know when you did it I don’t know what to do you know I can’t fight him you know my Isaac.

Can you invite this guy what’s his gamertag ma fuga em what’s his gamertag ma fu G a a f UD a 273 I should have like a penguin for his profile picture we just.

Don’t like bro you gotta move on without you like this is taking too long a pace hot right now we’re gonna make them go cold did he get it you like she.

Will pay yeah the work is it is the quality bed oh my god do this shit again you’re fucking I just fucking fart Ignatz that’s gross oh we’re getting that you’re about to make us go colder you’re not in here oh I’m twitch what are you streaming on Isaac it’s called mixer to Epcot anyone do no I mean Mandy a lazy.

Cod Richard are you on yeah mixer join me I’ll hang up here.

Cuz I want them to calling you back did you end it Lupe no I’m just gonna keep it going dude not even fucking dude if I was me if I him again yeah but.

I don’t know what to do huh you can’t go online but what’s it which is what’s the last numbers of his numbers of his yes David Oh sous chef in what David some gamertag I’m a few got to seven yeah it’s most food it’s not like me don’t you thirst my fuga to 7 3 forever lepay area goddamn son anybody.

Could be Justin Verlander Isaac they were coming towards me in the.

Person you are with that must already fucking fire that’s whether the epic um guys we’re in disco domination fuck my life.

Yeah back out I got I got oh the drop 20 bill myself here we go it’s this fortune bears you’re the fucking dumbass those up news I do i I just.
I didn’t know what it was you like like you know.

I caught it out to bro ecology you can get us a deed I just like talking that’s a lot of people all mothers are using Jeremy never.

Fuckin da are people you got fuckin bodied over a dice game yeah dude motherfucker man who said that last night Isaac you go over here is to me too here’s a 54 somebody Isaac hate a shotgun do oh my god leftism Joe fucking dollars Oh Oh their new building new boo fuck shooting me these are your damn Oh oh.

And there’s I got them in I’ll just.

Make it another grenade launcher where the one over here over this I’m spected I guess yeah we got Oh.

Kinderlieder Und Lernen Farben Lernen Farben Baby Spielen Spielzeug Entertainment Kinderreime #8888

Two great kids what are you doing I’ll take a game 1 go take a shower dansgame a type hey yeah hello after a hard time training and successfully we should use a final method it’s psychic form you hello everyone today I’m going to make a phone with z2 scarf and very long wrong I want the color will drop.

Result comes to know the results let’s get our hands on this is our result droves very long I wonder if the phone works or not let’s try it with Sarang now I will child first hello hello after putting the cap.

Near to Sarah I will hide somewhere to talk to Sarah I wish Sydney to the bush here now I will chose our hello Sarah yeah I.

Mean yeah where are you now I’m near to you it’s turn out the sound come from this Cup I can’t hear any sound now I will follow the road to.

Fight Dinah let’s go I started very loudly but why didn’t Sarah reply now I will their back loudly to.

Make dynastar oh hello Sarah where.

Are you now you’re here I’m looking for you you made me start oh I don’t want to show you a little bit but it’s so funny I have an idea we use a cup to.

Make something big and gorgeous wow it’s a great idea there’s in our result after a.

Very hard time now we are going to play a game we’ll throw the ball in the cup who make more cup collab will be the winner it’s our foot round the distance of how can I shoot ball correctly clearly.
I look at it way but all the cup.

I’ll sign for lab it’s arrest and died never a sullen in the foreground even wonder if I could do well or not now I will on the.
Pinion blue Cup I had to very carefully.

Why no one cup falls down maybe I’m not lucky today because your grace and one boat bringing in blue cup goes down but you couldn’t now it’s my turn again I will fall cut on the pink Cup this time I done not so cool but okay because I didn’t make even one.
Couple down it’s my son use.

A soup is on consideration of our relationship I will let.

Who makes more profit that will be the winner how couldn’t it slow down I’m surely will make all of those cuffs fall down one two.

Three sir I make more cup falling you I’m the winner all the cuts are for after fighting.

For a long time and so rise winner I’m exhausted let’s make two with the cup here and we will stay inside I might be very careful with all the war so we already have mints to bomb couldn’t detroy the world but oh we can make it fall down Sarah says.

Punkin make the waffle down but I will use my power to make it collapse it does so I will get closer to the wall loader it still didn’t work I will move closer and closer and the last time in the last time so let’s see how I am I run our power I have to use the last method there are reasonable methods it falls down.

It’s my turn now open your eyes and watch me it doesn’t fall down doesn’t work its didn’t work now it had to boot hotter but why the worst doodle and fall down after a very tough time we.

Had to use the last metals is psychic foam you Wow see mice all the walls fall down.

Kinderlieder Und Lernen Farben Lernen Farben Baby Spielen Spielzeug Entertainment Kinderreime #8899

Oh yeah turning to purchase let’s go right what hmm do Oh what’s the matter with you and I do a race and now you have a race of an imaginary all right time to eat the gray sedan from her partner yeah thank you very much I’m come back from war I’m coming back from school yeah many pitches hi.
Dad hi mom I’m back from school growing up a man.

Today my family Batarian day the white daddy fishing these booties of fish into one park and he’s.

Drawing up a net again I will release all the visits it might be heavy I wish for it up some that in many fishes little fishy registering day I really also fishy one by one let’s have a streaming in the water daddy coming I love you wait I’m not equate Sam fish I need to hide or that we find out what I did and are you confusing.

Kinderlieder Und Lernen Farben Lernen Farben Baby Spielen Spielzeug Entertainment Kinderreime #227

Buggers and dazzle by the sunlight building a tower can give go it all falls down Oh Oh the wind blows my power can fall to the ground I do it again inside here turn out I crazy I crave it will say who say get out get out your second bootie you crazy you crazy stay away oh wait how.

You burning me I didn’t whether I bother you when where I would say what’s going on stop lying I have a cheating game let’s go I would do is pull up.

His head I will never doubt now and tell my tent three star so many kravitz coke I still have many keep going hello beer this is how Nadia let’s pull it all out so many cans I threw the towel cavea I’m afraid it’s sold on my head Peter I’ll hit.

With you please please no no you’re not allowed oh won’t you stop boiling let’s get our the target or it will fall don’t touch now I say don’t touch it one of you stay and play I gotta go my head spinning I’m rinsing for you we have very that’s why you know me would.

Over to this side ICC for you and easily tell it together is religious flavor very little my and I see I don’t allow it I wonder if you it’s very long.

And water food I will give you Tony get an account Oh Leslie feeder give me a tank on this for Tony and watering the love Colby hi we don’t play with Diana not play with you have their child play slowly or teaches Tony let go don’t let go no one played with me so I play.