Scary Halloween Makeup Tutorial!!!

Underneath you’re not perfect but baby you type every person I’ve noticed you’re tired of hurting so baby girl I’m inertia maybe we all have a purpose my permit – so I serve it so there we know you need you’re nervous stay patient like a nurses know you’re not part of it what’s up YouTube is fat girl Jalen back.

With another video today as you’ll see.

I have one eyebrow done it’s only because I’m going to be doing a Halloween look so one half is gonna be glammy.

And in the other half it’s gonna be spooky.

Halloween ish so um before I get this video started I want you guys to get this video thumbs up drop them comments below.

What you guys want to see next and also subscribe to my channel let’s get the 10k okay so I’m gonna be cool recreating a look so if you guys want to see this look recreate it make sure you guys watch the whole video so I’m going to set the look here right here and that’s the look I’m gonna be done okay so first I’m.

Going to start with a white pencil and I will just get the hard part out first because.

I am gonna be using a liquid latex and that takes like about 15 minutes to dry so we want to get that video of that part out the way first and then we’re going to start on our tool any side okay so for for the future I am going to be looking down a.
Lot in this video but I will try my.

Best to show you guys each step of the way all right so then I’m going to take.

This bunch up like these make up stuff really cheap you can get it at Family Dollar and I want to.

Be using some latex you can get this at the Halloween store it’s only I got it from Walmart so that’s pretty good it’s.

A 984 and I’m going to open it up it stinks put my hair up are you our song sake the tissue all right you guys so I got the latex finished.

My bed if I talk like the little stiff because the latex is like cool in my face so we’re gonna go in with the naked eye Urban Decay or each pull that mirror.

Orange and then we’re going to go for it like a little smokey eye because that’s what I’ve seen on a picture I got this I done.

And now I’m gonna apply my lashes I’m going to take my lash and these lashes are by me so if you would like like just.
Click the link in the description and.

Shop and I’m going to take some glue and I’m going to apply the lashes are you guys.

So now I’m going to finish the paint inside so now I’m going to take this BH take me back to Brazil palette and.

We’re going to use white red lines for the pumpkin so I’m going to take this red has a lot of take this red start the lines so now I’m gonna start on the mouth it looks so cool I’ll.

Red in there for the Jaclyn to look and I’m going to I’m going to make them out so we’re about to get started you some red and the BH.
Take me back to Brazil again and I’m going.

To use red again and I’m just going to go around the latex to make the look the like the outside look a little irritated so before I apply the blood I’m just gonna go around just to make it look realistic you guys this looks so good right now so I mean he’s like.

A little purple and some red around it.

Again from the BH he’s like I’m not going to use this actually I’m going is the CEO guys out of this I’m gonna use this little scrunchy sponge all right you.

Guys so that’s all I have for today this is the look if you guys like this video give it a thumbs up.

Drop them comments below what would you like what would you guys like to see next and subscribe to my channel let’s get the 10k and I’ll see you guys in the next video peace.

Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still Cover (decision – Ukulele Or Guitar?)

I’ve just started learning this song by Portugal the man great song by the way so just started today can’t decide whether to do it on the guitar on the ukulele so that’s decision one and secondly do I play it with a beanie and if so not with a beanie in the guitar but with a beanie on my head.

And if so which beanie do I go for so help me choose by entries and comments so difficult choice so all four could be.

Photography Tips And Tricks, How To Use Fairy Lights Like Brandon Woelfel

I am a photographer and my brother I am a dad we are suffering from see boring pictures in a social media and that is why I’m here to give you guys five different items you can add to your pictures to make them pop to make them less boring all of that but man I need somebody to help take.

These photos to help show you guys maybe somebody outside could help me let’s go see all right let’s see if there’s anyone outside oh it’s snowing it’s really not seeing anybody wow there’s really nobody out here I guess I’m just gonna be stuck taking boring pictures all my life now huh did you say boring yeah.

I think I can help you out there alright alright okay now I have this random stranger that was outside in the snow here to help me demonstrate these photo ideas I can now hope you.

Guys take your photos and make them look well so this is the end of the video I hope you guys liked it hope you guys liked the five items that we used and no go ahead I can wait a second yes better.

Like diary we used you better like this video like I’m liking this sandwich I meant to go down and subscribe when.

Modest Outfit Of The Day | Christian Modesty

Hi you guys it’s laura and welcome back to my channel today I thought I would share with you guys my kind of modest outfit of the day I watch a girl here on YouTube and her channel is called Hennessy and I will leave it linked on the description box below but she does these kind of modest outfit of.

The days like all the time and I love them they’re like my absolute favorite videos.

Because they’re super short and I just love seeing what people wear to kind of get me some ideas as well so I thought that I would share with you guys my modify fit.

Of today so first up I have got this little necklace and it’s a white gold.

Necklace it’s a butterfly and this was like the very first piece of jewelry that Andrew bought me whenever we first started going out I think.

He spent like I think was about a hundred times which was quite a lot of money and it’s still quite a lot of money right but um I love this necklace so so much just because it’s so like petite and empty so I’m wearing that today.

I’ve also got on this top and it’s nearly and white striped and it’s got these sleeves on it and I have no idea.

What the term for these kind of sleeves are but they’re very flowy and I love them so much because I’m not like the most confident person when it comes to my arms so I like to have them kind of covered and I don’t want to wear like a long sleeve top all the time so this kind of three-quarter lengths type length is a good length.

And I like it a lot it’s also quite a long top I’m only like 5 foot two and a half or something so I’m not that tall so a lot of tops and dresses and things would be slightly longer on me which is pretty handy because then it means they’re.

Kind of more modest for me but this top kind of goes dying just past my bottom so I like the way that it covers my bottom especially when I’m wearing like skinny jeans and stuff I like to make sure that my bottom is covered because it’s just not that more modest so that is my top and then I.

Have also got these light wash kind of ripped skinny jeans on I’m trying to see if you guys can actually see this yeah so this is.

There and don’t wear my socks but just these skinny jeans they’ve got the rips in the knees and kind of frayed don’t know the ankle I’ve also got these bumble bee socks on I am standing.

Heist today so I don’t have any shoes on today I don’t tend to wear shoes in the house sit-ups I just got socks on and that.

Is that basically I’ve also just got my hair like half up in a Bulbul because my hair is naturally really kind of curly.

Especially when we cut it shorter so I just usually leave it to air dry night and I kind of just wake up like this and I put a few extra curls in it today because this is like day three hair and by the time I.

Get to day three then my hair can be pretty frizzy because whenever I am.

Carolina I don’t actually brush it like with a brush I just brush it through with my hands.

And use some product on it so that is my hair so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys like these kind of videos and give me a thumbs up and let me know down in the comments and also make sure you go and check out.

How much channel as well I will link it down below and I.

Sparkle Girlz Fashion: Do They Fit Barbie? Sparkle Girls Fashion Packs Try On | Curvy Barbie | Doll

I made a trip to Walmart and found some Sparkle girls fashion packs now I don’t have any sparkle girls dolls yet so I’m going to be trying these fashion packs on my Barbies I have a regular size made to move Barbie a curvy fashionista and if the fashions don’t fit these two I also have a vintage teen skipper.

Doll a vintage mary-kate and Ashley doll and a vintage Stacey doll we’ll start.

With this sporty fashion pack with a sports bra tank top blue leggings and white.

Sneakers the top fits really well on our regular size made to move Barbie it even velcro’s in the back the pants fit pretty well although they are a little loose around the waist and the pattern is so pretty the shoes kind of fit but she’s on her tiptoes the top also fits the curvy Barbie but the pants mm not so much next up is this ensemble with a pink jacket printed leggings.

And black heels the jacket is pretty tight and let’s face it the quality isn’t great but the leggings fit.

Perfectly and they look so good even the shoes are a perfect.

Fit it does help that they’re really squishy and none of these pieces actually fit our curvy Barbie so we’re gonna move on to this fashion pack with a black crop top print skirt and the same pair of black heels as the last pack the top fits our regular Barbie and our curvy Barbie the bottoms however not so much so let’s try the outfit on our teen skipper doll.

The top fits great although the skirt is loose around the waist but I think it still works now we have this little plaid dress with a pink purse wow it looks great on Barbie although it was a little hard.

To get her hands through the sleeves but with the size of the dress I just didn’t even attempt to put it on the curvy Barbie here is a closer look at the pink purse however it even has little pink fringe.

Now this pack is super cute it has a floral top with a blue jeans skirts and some pink heels the whole outfit fits our regular Barbie very well with the skirt being just a little loose around the waist and the.

Top on the curvy Barbie is an excellent fit but the skirt doesn’t even get over her thighs the shoes are also not a match for our curvy Barbie but they fit pretty well on our regular.

Size Barbie our last fashion pack is this cute dress I thought it was two pieces but it turns out it’s just one and it comes with the same pink heels as the last pack it looks great on our regular size Barbie love that sleeve and I think it looks.

Even better on our curvy Barbie.

Well that’s it for this video I hope you enjoyed give this video a like if you did also leave a comment to let me know why you liked it and subscribe if you.

Haven’t already and you’d like to see more videos if you do make sure to ding the little bell so you’ll always be notified when I upload and you can follow me on instagram at collect and craft to get sneak peeks and enter the occasional giveaway thanks for watching everyone I will see you all in the next video you.

Stunning Summer Curvy Fashion Style

I’m here there it is called there but I am safe and I to drift away down I can feel the fallin up I’m falling down from the sky and from the god of boom bar just like below [Applause] imagine the desert they try to hide g’bye like this I know can reach me that’s in a dream Dustin McLean.