Personal Finance 101 | How To Save Money Fast 2017 Part Ii

Hey everyone my name is Christian Aguilar welcome back to my channel today I am coming at you with another video talking all about personal finance most of my viewers really like the first one that I published which makes me really happy because personal finance is a skill that I’ve developed and I want to continue to seek knowledge in.

Today’s challenge is if you can get my very first video up to a hundred likes I will leave the videos linked in the description box or if you can get this video up to 50 likes I will do a part 3 where I talk about how to save how to.

Budget and how to stay financially stable starting at age 18 before I begin I would like to say that I am able to talk about personal finance because I read Dave.
Ramsey’s the Total Money Makeover I have read I will.

Teach you to be rich by Revathy I am also currently reading everything you need to know about money and investing a financial expert answers the 1001 most frequently asked questions by Sir Ian.

Fisher and Carol a turkey hen without further ado let’s.

Get started the very first tip to saving budgeting and staying financially stable is to give up a bad spending habit I am NOT going to front one of my bad spending habits was Starbucks ever since I signed up with the Starbucks rewards program I was only buying drinks just for the stars and not my enjoyment I was so focused on the stars that I wasn’t even paying attention to how much I was spending now that I am a gold member.

I realized you know what it’s time to start saving and start cutting back on Starbucks drinks because not only is it decreasing the money in my bank account but it is also damaging my health because there is a lot of sugar in Starbucks drinks especially in those proper.

Chinos and those are the ones that I love the most so I encourage all of you to take the time to sit down and think about what is your bad spending habit it could be cigarettes alcohol Starbucks or fast food I ended up getting rid of Starbucks from my weekly routine which I am so proud of myself on the back if you give up your about spending habit trust me you are going to save you are going to learn.

How to self a discipline your spending and trust me you are definitely going to stay financially.

Stable is it gold Oh let’s get is it gold my second tip is my $100 debit card budgeting strategy the way that this strategy works is I load $100 to my checking.

Account and that is how much guilt-free spending money I have what’s this $100 I can spend it on unnecessary things for example if I want to go out with my friends I want to buy a Starbucks drink.

Or if I want to go to a fast food restaurant the way that it works first you are going to load $100 into your checking accounts the rest of the money that you receive.

Going to your savings account it’s going to go to your bills / utilities and.

Your emergency fund the tricky part about this strategy is it can only have $100 for example if you spend $70 when the next month.

Rolls in you’re only going to add $30 so that it can even up to $100 that is your goal your goal is to keep it at $100 just because you spent $30 doesn’t mean you’re going to add another 100 at the next month and have a hundred and seventy dollars that is definitely not how it works I’ve done this for.
Three months now and I have gotten pre.

Used to it I really hope that you try this because it’s going to help you save and it’s really going to help you budget which would definitely keep you financially stable I don’t know the third tip is to get rid of or.

Lower a payment for example I’ve been with Verizon for almost three years now and I barely realized that it’s.

Overpriced and I’m getting ripped off I was literally paying $30 for one gigabyte of data can you believe that one gigabyte so I decided to transfer to metro pcs which most of you are probably thinking what the heck that is such a downgrade honestly it does everything that.

Verizon does so I have no problem with it and I have a lower payment which makes me so happy I was literally paying $90 a month at Verizon and I am currently now.

Paying $29 at metro pcs I also got rid of a payment which was paying off my phone I also advise you to get rid of a payment I was paying $27 for two years for my cell phone the only way that you can lever aizen is to pay off.

The phone so that is exactly what I did I used the money from my emergency fund to pay off the rest of my cell.

Phone and I transitioned to metro pcs so getting rid up or lowering a payment do whatever it takes negotiate do your research on different companies trying to find a good deal with a lower payment the fourth.

Are still making payments after you.

Have gotten rid of a payment for example I have braces I am paying these off by myself I am paying one hundred and sixty seven dollars a month but in September they are going to.

Be officially paid off it takes two years to pay.

September I’m going to pretend that I am still making payments toward my braces so what I am going to do is get that 167 dollars and put it into my savings.

Account put it into my emergency fund whatever it takes so that I can save because if I just have a hundred and sixty seven dollars lying around who knows what I.

Can buy with that I can definitely use that money for unnecessary things so I rather pretend that I’m still making payment the fifth tip is to invest in your skill or business for example I am a photographer I was shooting with a point-and-shoot for a very.

Long time and I realized you know what if I want to enhance my business it’s time to get a DSLR camera so as soon as I started working I realized you know what let’s start saving for a DSLR camera that is exactly what he did and when I saved up enough money I went to Target and I bought the camera that.

Is in front of me so if you have a talent or a skill make sure that you are saving up for that so that you can have high quality stuff for your business.

And please do not say that you do not have a skill or talent it really makes me sad when people say that because everyone has.

A skill or talent you just probably haven’t found it so if you haven’t found it start saving up so that the day that.

You do find it for example what did you want to become a youtuber if you save up enough money the data you actually want to publish a video you already have the right equipment trust me I know you have a skill or talent you just don’t realize it for example painting is a skill graphic arts photography anything in the fine arts anything.

Is a skill and if you can make money off of that that’s totally awesome that is it I hope all of you enjoy this video if so give.

This video a thumb up so I can continue to do more videos like this remember if you can get this video up to 50 likes or my first personal finance how to save money fast 2017 video up to 100 likes I.

Will do a part three if you don’t know who I am my name is Christian Aguilar I have a self-help and lifestyle channel I give a lot of advice on personal finance nutrition and building self-confidence I also like to make it fun and throw in a DIY a call or a product of you if you are interested in my journey.

You should definitely hit that subscribe button so that you can join my YouTube community and help me reach 1000 subscribers before 2018 until next time see ya later.

Personal Finance

My name is Christian smiler Morgan my dad’s name is Sven and my mom’s name is Debra I have a 19 year old sister named Elsa and she goes to Pittsburgh University in my spare time I like to play video games in workout the last book I read was called ready player one and I thought it was okay but.

Not amazing the last movie I saw was Finding Nemo I thought it was really good something unique about me is that I really like to snowboard and I’m pretty good.

I can do tricks and grind rails I currently do not handle my money very well I mostly spend it fast on clothes I really like I.

Currently do not have a job but I’m working on it I hope to gain knowledge on saving money and where to spend it to help me later in life.

Simha Rasi November 2018 Monthly Predictions – Leo Moon Sign

Welcome to KT asteroid calm predictions written by KT astrologer November 2018 monthly horoscope for Singha Ray’s eye Leo moon sign overview Sun is transiting on to fourth house by November 16th 2018 is looking good in the first half of this month mercury retrograde on 4th house is looking good Venus getting direct station on 3rd house will give good.

Fortunes kenta on your 6th house and Rahul on 12th house.

Is looking good Mars on your seventh house is not looking good Jupiter on your 4th house will give career growth and improve financial situation Saturn on your fifth house will give family problems without any break.

Can expect mixed results this month you will have good results on career and Finance while family problems likely to continue health this month is looking good compared to last month however Saturn may create anxiety and tension for a couple of days around November 19th 2018 you need to be careful and avoid taking important decisions Mars on your seventh house will increase temper you may continue to have sleepless nights the health of your parents will improve but.

Or child health may get affected your medical expenses will be less or covered fully by insurance you will do more workouts yoga and meditation Jupiter will.

Strengthen your body listen to Hanuman Chalisa and Sutter Santa Maha mantra to feel better family and relationship Jupiter on 4th house is unlikely to benefit your family environment Saturn on 5th house and Mars on 7th house will affect good relationship with spouse and other close family members there will be unwanted arguments with your spouse or in-laws this will create bitter.

Experience you may be successful in finding good Alliance for your son and daughter even though you are not happy you will accept the marriage proposal because of children happiness you may feel loneliness even though you are in family environment good placement of Quetta venus and jupiter will provide good solace through friends and work environment love and romance jupiter transit on to 4th house will reduce the mental pressure and tension but.

Make any good changes on love life Saturn and Mars will create bitter experience on your love affairs especially it is a bad time to.

Move forward with wedding it will be difficult to convince your parents and in-laws married couples will go through too much of emotional situation it is ok to.

Plan for a baby if you are running favourable Maha dasa it is not a good idea to propose your love or expect love marriage soon if you are single you can move forward with arranged marriage education you are due to experience mixed results this month you may have hard time in digesting the past incidents.

Will get clarity as this month progress string placement of Jupiter will help you to do well on studies but Saturn.

On fifth house will create confusion you may feel possessive.

Of your college mate that may.

Affect your mindset you need to have good mentor to cross this situation work and career the entire month is looking good for your career it is a good time to apply for new jobs or.

Step On To Your Own Path! Gemini October Life Purpose And Career Tarot Reading

Hello my wonderful Gemini’s welcome to your October 2018 tarot reading I’m look forward looking forward to sharing the energy that and messages that the cards have for you this month and I just wanted to take a short minute to thank you all for joining me here for subscribing to my channel for liking videos and leaving comments it’s just.

An awesome way to be able to connect and I really.

Do appreciate it so let’s get started with your reading for for October and I wanted to start with a card.

That was drawn for you at the beginning of the year when we looked at a card for each of the months in 2018 and Gemini you had the Emperor for October and so the Emperor’s energy is the energy of the Emperor is one sort of rules about things being a certain way and the.

Emperor is really good at sort of managing a kingdom that’s how he got where he is but there’s a challenge in dealing with this this particular person and this energy and that’s because he’s very much a dictator very much about it’s my way or the highway now even.

Though the card is depicted as a man of course it could be anyone of any gender but it it certainly is representative of a situation or person that you’ve been dealing with where it’s very rigid and and that really you’re you can see in the corner here there’s these birds and they’re.
They’re trying to sort of to fly away from this and so for you Gemini.

The month of October is a month where you’re going to really need to deal with this I.

Known for some time that this this isn’t a healthy situation for you and this can be in terms of a job that is way too restrictive it could be in terms of someone that you’re trying that you’re having to deal with who and doesn’t doesn’t take into account things that are important to you so.

Let’s see what the cards say about how you can how you can best address this what you can do for yourself to help you in this particular situation so let’s see what we’ve got for.

Gemini okay so October is a good month for you to be able to do something about this okay the wheel is sort of I know on a lot of card decks it’s called the wheel of fortune I don’t believe unfortunately that this necessarily says your it certainly doesn’t mean you’re going to win the lottery but what it does mean is that things are going to start to unfold in a way that is magical and is in a.

Direction that you’ve wanted and you can see though that she is really she’s holding on to the hands of the clock and stepping into it on in her own and so it’s very much.

About you doing that so this is going to be a month that you will be able to deal with the situation better you are going to have to make the steps to do that but definitely you’re going to.
Have an opportunity in that regard.

So recognizing that yeah it’s definitely time it’s time to do something and let’s see what else we’ve got the eight of Wands stepping into your own your own magic your own passions your own hopes you.

Can see there’s scrolls and studies and things there and it’s about owning your own magic owning your own path and definitely getting out from underneath this situation where you’ve been held back so Gemini there’s some beautiful energy here for you in terms of being able to deal with that difficult situation or that person and.

Ones are very much about connecting with your authentic self so your own who you are you know what’s important to you and well this person or situation doesn’t really take that into account it is important for you so absolutely embrace the energy of these two cards step into it and and and and start to move forward so.

That you’re not feeling held back or not.

Appreciated and that you can really feel this sense of freedom that you’re doing what you want to be doing and that that’s very important you’ve got an amazing spirit and you’ve got opportunities that will open up for you if you continue to be true to yourself and you step into your own and move forward I hope you have a fabulous month Gemini I look forward to connecting with you again very soon.
Take gentle care and bye bye for now you..

Taurus Work And Finances Over Personal Priorities | Mid-october 2018

Let’s horses you lucked out because my computer crapped out so you don’t have to go through the shuffling portion but you do have to listen to my intro so this is a general reading if it resonates consider a personal reading rates and info are below so is my email and just shoot me an email we can get that.

Done also this since this is a general reading reading it can be about love family friends finance business or career other.

Playlist in there I have my 2018 Sun Moon readings I’m working on 2019 Sun Moon readings for next year.

So make sure you put the requests up in the comments my compatibility readings are all stuff in my playlist I’m on the instant Co app so if you need a quick answer to a quick question you can go on there.

And I have other services available at a reasonable price and then that’s it so we’ll get your reading that I laid out for you guys and then it like unexpectedly quit so we thank you for bearing with me during my technological issues I’m having so tauros we started off here in this position this is.

Energies prior to October the last two weeks of October cuz this is from the 15th to the 31st ok here.

We have the forward pumpkin so you guys are kind of like.

Holding on to your money your possessions everything you have for dear life you’re being.

Very conservative with spending you’re working very hard you’re putting every penny away in the bank putting it away in that rainy day account and I was getting the feeling from this because.
You think that something’s gonna happen you’re looking around you and you.

Know something’s gonna happen whether it’s going to be a layoff or a contract ending or you may have health problems of some sort and you might have to be on disability or something like that but whatever that situation is I feel like or you could be getting divorced so you know you kind of see that divorce happening.

So you’re gonna line things up so whatever it is I feel like you have a notion that something’s gonna happen and you’re kind.
Running around making sure that you’re doing you know tying.

Everything down so it doesn’t blow away in a sense to make sure.

That you have security and stability for something that might happen in the near future here we have the ace of hearts in Reverse and Nikki knee to me that you guys.

Are feeling a little bit glum about this okay a little bit depress you you’re emotionally you’re down because you know that something’s looming you know that the only thing you have control really over is your practical situation or.
Finances at the time but I do feel like it.

Has you a little bit on edge has your emotions a little bit on edge and the gloomy side seven-of-hearts indicates to me that it has having a hard time reverse indicates to me again.

You just don’t have clarity you don’t know how to deal.

With it how does any control over the situation you.

Know you you’re not seeing things as they should be but yet there’s nothing that you can do about about them so I think that in order to kind of feel like you have control over the situation or some sort of clarity you’re concentrating on what you do have control over rather than.

2019 Taurus Finances Horoscope

2019 Taurus finances horoscope the Taurus representing a fixed cross and the elements of the earth 2019 from the point of view of the financial sphere will bring a whole series of surprising and unexpected in a positive sense events any possible negative effects will be neutralized by the moon which for the representatives of the sign of the zodiac tour.

An activator despite the fact that it is the antagonist of the Sun the main patron of this year cycle the whole will be a powerful and positive financial flow as a result the year of peak 2019 will uniquely teach tourists to realize what has been planned and supplemented family budget.

First of all in 2019 Taurus should pay attention to spending and optimizes by any available means it.

Will be fairly easy to do but the process will take time and concentration of course you should not change everything at once but it’s better to start in the first month of 2019 and systematically make all changes by the beginning of the summer season when the.

Horoscope predicts the greatest financial activity.

In this case some bonuses will be at the beginning of the year and no one will prevent you from postponing these funds until.

Better times all immediately invest in some cases here the Taurus and like many other zodiacal signs is practically unlimited unless there is no need to vouch for others avoid giving in debt or agreeing to implement a joint project the Stars say that you need to be careful here it’s easy enough to recognize in sincerity and this definitely needs to.
Lose some of the earned money.

For those tourists who own their own business 2019 will be successful in terms of optimizing costs and systematizing revenues more details about this will be given by the horoscope in the sphere of Korea but as far as profits are concerned it will growing leaps that is labor costs will be increased almost immediately but it is quite expected if you think carefully and try to predict the result.

2019 is a great time to change something in your financial policy by the end of the summer season the horoscope recommends increasing spending either in general or by making one particularly large acquisition the same tendency is true for.

Taurus who do not have their own business they will have to focus on a loved ones who will need help do.

Not give in debt but protect personal income instead it is difficult to describe the situation in more detail but the stars do not doubt that the Taurus will succeed because you are good at finding the simplest and most effective solutions and now simplicity will be the best weapon to.

Combat the unfavorable factors hampering the replenishment of the family or personal treasury you.

Capricorn November 2018 – Free Spirit | Power & Love – Capricorn Horoscope Tarot

Hello my gorgeous Capricorn my name is Sasha Burleson and I’m a psychic medium and this is my monthly horoscope stalkers really and it’s for you my gorgeous Capricorn and it’s for November 2018 says for you my gorgeous Caprica in front of them but 2018 okay you have got number six when it comes to the actual numerology and number.

Six is trying to let you know this is going to be a wonderful month of.

Unfoldment and especially when it comes to the certain area in your life when especially when it comes to the actual financial situation and a material gain because it is all going to stem from material gain it.

Is all going to start happening from the material gain it does not be necessarily you get like a loads of money in November but it’s just going to be the actual sign it is just going to be the azure indication it is just going to be the actual feeling that you have finally on the.

Journey I’m not saying you’re wearing on the right track or you want to the right journey before but I’m just saying there was just so many things that you were influenced by and you’re not the only sign but in the last three years the things have been acquired unusual order for the last three.
Years things didn’t maybe unfold in the way that you wanted.

Them to unfold and this is purely because you weren’t able to connect to the certain elements of your life to the.

Certain amell events of your life when it comes to the actual feeling things like a living things enjoying things it seems like enjoyment has gone I’m not saying.

You completely forgot to like enjoy yourself and things like that but I’m just saying that there was just a like.

A little bit disconnection that you had and this was caused by the certain energies that around your Sun for a while now these energies are going to start unfolding themselves if in November this is a very significant now because you’re a number six.

And it’s November it’s almost the same we are slowly getting closer to the end of the year.

And November and December your K souls are going to be rather very much so connected so there is a lot going to start happening and unfolding in November by by the time we get to the same but this is still going to be really wonderful unfoldment and I say wonderful because nothing but it’s.

Literally going to feel and be like a breath of fresh air fresh air which is going to re-energize you and the fresh air which is going to finally help.

You to connect with yourself connect with the spiritual journey and connect with your energies you see so you will be able to feel things and to sense things in a different way and that in itself is going to.

Become very optimistic for you and it is going to unfold the whole new option the whole new journey that is going to become available for you as well in November number six is also trying to let you know that the health wise is going to be really great months when it comes to the energy levels again this is going to be fantastic and it’s also going to be quiet.

You’re gonna find yourself in the situations where you’re gonna cry quite like quiet be quiet be easy but you’re also gonna find yourself situations where you’re gonna think wow I can’t.

Save Money With These Secret Credit Card Tricks

Everybody knows about the usual benefits of credit clips you can get cash back points you can redeem those things for awesome travel experiences but there are also a lot of benefits for credit cards that most people don’t know about one of my favorites is something called purchase protection and what this means is if you buy something with your.

Credit card and it gets stolen lost or destroyed within about 30 to 60 sometimes 90 days the credit card.

Will just write you a check this happened to me I bought a brand new laptop I’m sitting there in the coffee shop oh I dropped my entire cup of coffee directly in the keyboard I called my credit card they said send us the bill and wrote a check for another.

Benefit that your credit card offers is extended warranties so if you buy an item with your credit card they will often extend that warranty they’ll often double it for up to a year that means that a lot of the money you’re spending on extended.

Warranties don’t spend it you can see me finally your credit card offers concierge services this is really cool you can call them you can ask them to book certain reservations for you so if you don’t have your own personal assistant call it the credit card make them do the work for you they’re happy you.

Identity Theft Video For Personal Finance

No these tests was hard enough Natalie don’t pencil my last pencil I’m not gonna do now it’s a joke I don’t anything that should be active acquiring someone else’s personal information and stealing her money in our example here the start of worker was skipping that means through scanning Adams card the personal information most common victims of identity fraud.

Are teens and don’t be don’t owe me a victim don’t be there don’t be a victim no no no be there no don’t be a victim.

Pick A Card: Future Prediction & Advice

Hi guys this is Christy with the enchanted one and I wanted to do a quick pick a card reading for you today just to see what energy is coming into your life within the next week or so so you’re going to choose between number one and number two the time stamps will be down below in the description box.
So number one is going to be the moon number two is.

The Sun also I wanted to say my next video I want to do a Q&A because.

I’ve had a lot of personal questions from you guys so you know a lot of you want to know what lipstick.
I use you know there’s a lot of makeup.

Questions you know just a lot of other questions as well like how I started doing readings and stuff like that so my next video I do plan on doing a Q&A or at least sometime soon so if you guys have any other questions.

That you would like me to answer or any topics you’d like me to touch on whether it be personally about me or about the universe in general leave those questions down below in the comments okay guys okay so I’m gonna go ahead and get started with.

Number one so let’s see what is the energy I am gonna pick an advice card for the energy coming in but first let’s look at the energy coming in what is the energy coming into your life with in the next week or so what does energy you can expect okay so you’ve got the temperance card here so this is the energy coming into your reality guys the energy of healing the energy of balance finding your inner balance.

But also seeing the manifestation of that within your reflection so within your connections around you and I’m hearing the word flourish so I see you guys thrive in su flourishing here and for some of you it’s.

Been searching for your balance for the a few months now even the timeframe on that can vary on how long you’ve been searching for this balance but for a lot of you I.

Feel that it has for the last few months that you’ve been trying to obtain a.

Good balance within yourself and in your life well here I see you obtaining that or headed in the direction of a more balanced place and more healing within yourself as well so whatever I feel like a lot of you guys have been on this healing journey and it’s almost like there’s still like a little bit of healing left to do in regards to certain specific areas for a lot of fur and like I said that can vary too so some of you are like no I.

Feel like I have a lot of healing left to do others of you are at the end last stages of that healing process so some of you finding completion within that healing others of you just finding more healing and more balanced than before and also I’m also getting the message like I see you guys filling your own Cup and that’s gonna runneth over and affect other people so I actually feel that you’re going to be a healing influence for other people as well so some.

Actually be healing physically like putting your hands on people doing Reiki energy work whatever the case is some of you may actually be healers and and starting to embark on that path and healing does not necessarily always mean energy work it.

Doesn’t always mean with your hands you can actually heal through your words you can heal through channeling whatever the case is I see you guys healing yourselves but also starting to heal other people or at least jumping on the path of starting to heal other people for a lot of you guys that.
Chose this this is part of your life purpose is.

To be a healer whether through your hands through your words energy work whatever the case is I see you spiritually healing people and that’s clarified by the daughter of Pentacles so like I said I do feel like it’s I see you transforming within yourself here within within the next week or so like you’re gonna be transforming within yourself.

But also through this transformation within yourself you will finally be able to help other people and I feel that you guys have been helping other people along your way anyways but you’re gonna be healing people a lot more so now some of you may hear some sort of news in regards to.

Regard to some sort of business dealing some of you might hear news of that here within the next week or so so the.

Combination of these two cards is manifesting manifesting a few different things and manifesting on a few different levels so you are going to be manifesting more stable emotions but you’re also going to be manifesting something in the material physical world for some of you it’s manifesting.

An increase in finances and even manifesting an increase in your activity so going outside in nature more or just being more active some of you may even start a new hobby.
That is active and that’s how.

You’re gonna find your healing for some of you for.

Some of you manifesting healing through connecting with nature and I’m also feeling like you’re preparing yourself for change so like a lot of you guys feel a shift or a change coming within the next.

Week or so your I see you like really feeling that more intensely and starting to prepare yourself for some huge change within your life and within yourself so that’s what’s coming.

In for you let me pull an advice card for you really quickly so you’ve got these sacral chakra card and let me read that for you really quickly out of the book and it says now is the time to release any unhealthy attachments timidity.

Trust issues sexual guilt and/or emotional imbalance meditate on balancing your sacral chakra to aid you in this shift on the other side of this healing journey you’ll find sexual power emotional balance creativity and warmth also if.

You’ve been putting off any creative projects personal or business now it’s a time to dive deep and take the courageous action needed to birth these ideas into your physical reality that literally just confirmed and wrapped up everything I just said.

Was coming into your reality that’s just I love this deck I really do um so this is this advice it’s going.

To aid you so your sacral chakra is going to play an important role in this healing journey for you in this healing process and in manifesting the physical things you desire manifesting prosperity more prosperity and abundance so work on your sacral chakra guy’s balance your sacral.

Chakra and if you’re like oh I’ve been working on it we’ll continue to do so because that’s what’s helping you already okay guys so that is your reading if you’d like to book a personal reading with me you can do so at ww2 the enchanted ones.

Calm you guys have an enchanted day now for a number to really quickly let me go ahead.

And pull your cards I’m gonna first pull cards for the energy coming in into your.

Reality within the next week or so and then I’m gonna pull your advice for handling this energy holy guacamole so the first card you have here is the ten of Pentacles the ten of Pentacles is all about family foundation family stability but.

Also financial stability as well so it’s an energy primarily of abundance and energy of family and having a strong solid foundation but it is clarified by the.

Devil so with the clarification of the devil card here it’s more so that center Pentacles reversed energy so it’s an energy for some of you it can be dysfunctional.

A dysfunctional family so within the next week.

Or so you may be experiencing some sort of energy within your family that could feel dysfunctional or like unbalanced so for some of you this involves family members and an unhealthy toxic relationship possibly toxic energy coming from family members within the next week or so for others of you this is actually like you might have.

A gambling problem some of you out there might have a gambling problem with money but not necessarily with money I’m feeling for some of you and I know typically it’s like with money with the ten of Pentacles but I’m getting on another message that.

You could be gambling in other ways you just could be gambling in any other way as well but within the next week or so I would recommend.

You not do that because you’ve got the double card here some of you may not experience this toxic energy being directed at you because it is like in a family dynamic it may be directed at you but.

For some of you I’m feeling like you’re gonna be witnessing an unhealthy or toxic family dynamic between other people for.

Some of you you could lose some sort of inheritance here within the next week.

Or so or that’s just something coming up for.

A very specific group of you but not a lot of you but primarily.

It’s an energy of unhealthy attachments to ego that’s affecting the family dynamic whether it’s within yourself or you’re gonna witness other people having a strong attachment to their ego an egoic views and beliefs and it’s gonna affect the family either your family or you’re gonna see another family affected by it but I’m really feeling like it would be.

Your family more so your advice here is time to fly away from this let me read that out of the book for you really quickly okay time to fly you have been redefining your purpose and rediscovering your truth the time for contemplation has passed you’ve done the work follow your intuition and leap onto your new path you are ready it’s time to embrace your individual path step away from the sheeple and fly release any thought.

Patterns cycles and or people that don’t resonate with your new path spread your wings and fly higher and higher beyond the moon like the Stars.

Let your light shine for all of the world to see okay so the main message I’m getting here for all of you is there’s some sort of unhealthy attachment that you have to something that has been your foundation for a long time whether.

It be living in a specific area living in a specific state whether it be to an attachment to specific people.

Whether it be you know an attachment to an unhealthy family dynamic you’re being asked here to fly it’s time to head towards your path because this actually no longer resonates with you you have an attachment to this for different reasons for it’s gonna be different for for all of you why you’re attached to these things you know your house the place you live.

The people you hang out with and your family you know for some of you it’s your family that’s for you to figure out which one of those it is that you have an unhealthy attachment to and it’s of a lower frequency with the devil here it’s a low frequency energy that you’re attached to and.

I feel like because the tenant pinnacles is there it’s almost like it’s something that.

You’re comfortable being attached to because you’ve been attached to it for so long for some of you maybe you’re in a relationship and it’s like the ten of Pentacles right now for me it’s really like comfort zone comfort zone but it’s not so comfortable with the devil here it’s just feels comfortable because it’s what you’ve known for so long but it’s time for you to step.

Up here it’s time for you to come out of that cocoon and spread your wings and fly to your next destination which the people here the places whatever this is that you’re attached to this is a caterpillar you’re a butterfly already the caterpillars cannot follow you to where you.

Are headed because they don’t have wings they’re on their own journey.

And that’s okay you know they’re.

On their own path they are transforming in their own time but you can’t hold back anymore and wait for you know the whole world to change because you have to go ahead and jump onto your higher path fall into alignment fly into alignment with your new path with.

The better version of yourself and ask yourself am i living as the best version of myself would be living imagine the best version of yourself what would.

The best version of yourself be doing who would the best version of yourself be hanging out.

With where would you be living what would you be eating what would be your daily routine there are cycles that you need to break through people they need to break away from and you know this if you’re watching this then you know this is for you because you’ve been kind of thinking about this for a while and this is just your confirmation it’s time for you to break away break through those mental shackles and what’s.

Going to help you break through those mental shackles is breaking through indecision because some of you know what to do but you’re indecisive about it’s because it may be.

A big jump and typically with the time to fly card it is a huge leap because it’s leaping into a whole new version of yourself which calls for you know if you’re a new version of yourself it calls for new actions new thought patterns you know you can’t live the same life and expect to be this new version of yourself because the.

New version of yourself wouldn’t be doing what the old version of yourself has done for so long oh that is your message guys so.

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