Sunny Health And Fitness Sf B1203 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Review, Unboxing

Hey guys today my sunny indoor cycling bike came in the mail and I’m just gonna kind of open the box and show you all the different parts that come with this bike and then I’m gonna put it together so you can kind of get a taste for what it looks like and how it operates before you make your.
Purchase this particular bike I got from Target.

Calm and it retailed at one $24.

Video now and then I’m gonna open the box and take out all the separate parts and then show.

You all the parts that come with this particular model alright guys so after opening up the box and taking off all the styrofoam and plastic and things such as that we’re left with all the basic elements here of what the bike is gonna need to be put together to get the finished product.

I really was kind of surprised at how solid some of the pieces felt but this really shouldn’t have been.

Too much of a surprise because the box itself was pretty heavy bringing it downstairs but.

I mean some of its plastic which is to be expected but you know like there’s quite a bit of you know.

Metal parts here that feel pretty solid the seat looks like it’s gonna be pretty comfortable and then you got your pedals there and your handlebars not I mean it looks pretty nice to shipping didn’t seem to damage anything and everything seemed to be packed in pretty pretty nice to avoid.

Any kind of damage for shipping but I’m gonna throw this thing together real quick so.

We can get an idea of how this thing looks when it’s in its final condition and then just kind of give you a idea of.

What its gonna look like when it’s all said and done put together alright guys I finished up the installation here and in step one I did find that down below this area this piece of metal was bent a little bit from shipping so probably.

Took me about five to 10 minutes to hammer this out to make it so that this piece could slide in but other than that there wasn’t any other major issues or damage from the.

Shipping process I would say.

On average you’d probably take you know if you don’t have a issue like I do that isn’t.

Expected it probably takes about 20 to 40 minutes to put this thing together they make it really easy because all of these bags tell you what step corresponds to you know the instructions in the book so it’s a.

Five step process and it’s just pretty self-explanatory step one step two step three step.

Four Step five and I’m about six foot one six foot two and I just fit on this I have the seat all the way to the.
Highest setting and the seat all the way back and I can.

Comfortably ride this bike if you’re any taller say you’re six three or higher I would say that this bike probably isn’t gonna fit you so yeah but if you are around six feet or a little bit above you should be alright once you hook.

Up the computer you can see that this thing gives you distance calories burned how long you’ve been on the bike and your speed.

There’s your tensioner right here the pedals you can take off these things and just have you know standard pedals or you can adjust these and put your feet in there it’s kind of nice that they give you both options and then here’s the tensioner to raise and lower the seat and then you also.

Ems (electric Muscle Stimulation) – A Solution To Back Pain

Hi welcome to Tech fit 20 and today I’m going to talk about EMS trained EMS training is a full-body workout that activates 90% of muscle fibers in the body a lot of people suffer from a muscular imbalance in the back stomach up and whisper resulting in recurring back pain EMS training and target specific problem areas and had strengthened.

The weaker muscle groups to correct imbalances muscle venous and imbalances are usually caused due to.

Lack of movement grab daily life’s like sitting at a desk for long gasp EMS allows the inactive muscles to be activated resulting introduced muscular imbalance EMS training helps improve your posture and spinal.

Health in a short period of time EMS can specifically target and train difficult to reach muscle groups causing a noticeable reduction in pain and an improvement in overall posture and flexibility if you want to try this technology to reach our workout goal try out one of our three tech fit 20 centers in Mohali Bangalore intended for more information visit our website Tech fit 20.

Freddiew & Brandon Laatsch (youtube Action Stars) – Men Of The Moment

Take all your notions about what it means to make a film what it means to make a show throw them out the window why do we do YouTube videos we could’ve done some of the other things with our lives my name is Freddie Wong I’m Brighton Lodge and we created the Freddie W YouTube channel and co-creators of rocketjump.

Comm we grew up making videos like in high school we’re making videos and as always sharing to friends and so when YouTube came about that was suddenly a distribution method that you can get outside of your circle of friends and family and selling it to everybody.

Freddie W channel is various kind of eccentric for a gamer infused.

Content packed in German videos rocket jump is sort of like the next step it’s a place where we can really kind of tailor the user experience but.

We want to do more than just you know short online deals we also want to do longer form webseries anything from feature film length – you know maybe five.

Episodes that are 10 minutes each.

Everything and anything in between because online video and where it’s going so interesting to us well I’d say you know TVs dying in Internet is rising I don’t think TV is.

Dying I think the TV and the Internet are merging in between class periods I’ll watch a bunch of YouTube videos on my phone I’ll go home and I’ll watch on my laptop I maybe have a computer hooked.

Up and I have it through my TV I will never pay for anything I’m gonna pirate everything with online web series and how you can distribute stuff there’s like anything and everything now right so you could kickstart it this is a tug comm.
Right let’s you put it in theatres ants like a crowdsource theatrical.

Thing YouTube as well you know the YouTube s rentals you can just put it up.

You do ad-supported we’re in the middle of all that the simple.

Supply and demand equation is to speed the demand for entertainment has been constant throughout all of history whereas a.

Supply that has gotten has gotten a say more you know you.

Have to pre film it you had to have live performances of things for entertainment you’d have live shows which obviously the supply that’s.

Very low that’s supposed to now there’s hundreds and hundreds of hours YouTube has.

What 17 hours and contests to go hours I’m going in in it yeah so it suddenly it’s a how can you value help you value that viewing experience at ten dollars for going at a movie ticket when there’s so much of it really since the price has to come down and the consumers demanding that is created back in the day it’s like we’re content creators we’re not business guys we’re not sitting around trying to like figure.

And how we can make money off the stuff I think we care about it’s like how can we continue making videos and still be able to make a living off of it that’s really all we care about you.

Charlotte Dujardin's Tips For Riding A Lazy Horse | Your Horse

A thing I kind of do with my lazyones, if I have lazy ones – I don’t have many because I don’t really let them getthat lazy! But I do a lot in a field I teach them I kind of just go in a fieldand I do a thing where I click, kick and go and I just teach them.

To react andjust go forward straightaway I try not to do too much in the arenawhen they’re lazy because I find that that actually closes them down so I doquite a lot out hacking.

And just, you know, trying to motivate them throughpole work as well I like using some poles, I find that really helps them.

Trying to vary their work rather than doing the same thing over and overagain.
They switch off, so for me that’s that’s how I kind of deal with a lazyone..

Black Women's Fitness- Our Interview With Nicole Chaplin The Fitness Rock Star Part 1

Hello I am Ellen Polycarp and you’re watching allow me to introduce and today we have the positive lifestyle influencer the one and only fitness rock star Nicole Chaplin how are you today I’m good thank you for having me great to have you so you have been up to so much lately yeah tell us what’s going on tell us.

What you’ve been doing well after having my first child Dominique’s ion snapping back from an emergency c-section and getting back into shape now relocated from New York City to.

Miami / West Palm Beach and building my network down here you know letting people know about my book and really starting my positive lifestyle influencer movement in this area okay okay speaking of your book yeah you are an author of.

Two books right now you don’t have any others in the work I’m thinking about it about the the pregnancy journey and the post pregnancy journey I think a lot of people men and.

Women can learn a lot from what I went through and also that especially women know that uh it’s a wonderful journey and take one day at a time okay I will have to tell you me I’ve read the book and I read we have the book here healthy love affair now I’ve read the book and I will tell you.

This is something I think this is really good it’s so the book is called a healthy love affair and this is something to pick up for me one of the things that I loved about it it’s very couple friendly yeah right it’s couple friendly so me a my boyfriend currently he is all about working out and I mean not so much and I’m focusing on the relationship aspect of.

It and what I love about your book is that it ties into both so it’s something that we can do together so that we can build I can get more into his workout regimens and he can find out pointers on how to better strengthen our relationship and was that the pointer that you wanted to kind of focus on when you were writing the book I like the fact that you said the couple’s aspect I can even think about that so.

I’m gonna start adding that what I do interviews but definitely I feel like relationships are the foundation for everything I.

Learned that from Pastor a are Bernard he always says that.

Relationships are the are the backbone of anything just us being here today it’s a relationship that started from someone else slide right and the stronger our relationships are the more things we can do you know better will be inside the gym the Ritter will be at home but um you need both it has to be you’re stressed out right not you personally but a person stressed.

Out they’re not gonna put the cheese back I’m not going I’m not going I’m too tired I’m gonna go home and it’ll be a horrible day but if you have a partner at home let’s say you know what let’s go to the gym together right you’re gonna be more motivated or let’s go for a walk or let’s go over in the park or let’s go by diving or do something like that you know yeah you’re more likely to do that if you had that positive person at.

Home or in the background that reinforcer absolutely right you know I was reading also about just your style of working out now tell me a little bit more about what makes your style different my style of exercise and how I approach it is different because I always start from the inside and I like to do a talk before we do a workout so yesterday I had a good workout.

And though the premise of it was vision so a lot of people that came to the workout want to lose weight that is a great goal to have but why do you want to lose weight Brian what why why is it is it because you have event to go to is it because you’re tired of being out of breath.
Is it because you want to be better for your child is.

It because you just want to be healthier overall.

Why do you want to lose this way finding your way yeah why why why and it was great because a lot of people that came yesterday didn’t have a vision board yet Wow so I said when we meet again have your vision boards Wow I’ll have your vision.

Boards you don’t have to bring them with you take a picture of it and share with to the group what you would like and watch how your goals manifest quicker easier and with more direct path with that vision that was really different.
Other than vision what are some of the ways that makes your.

Style different than it for the person to envision why they want to lose the weight how does your style of working out impact their lives and what are the is that your style would impact their lives I guess because I’m a product of the product I’m a product of myself at it I do what I ask of other people if I’m asking you to do a vision board I have.

A vision board if I’m asking you to go jog in the park I’m jogging in the park if I’m asking you to workout with your child I’m working with my child so I’m not just a person that’s going to give you something I’m going to tell you that.

I as well I’m doing the same thing you know and I feel sometimes that if you have somebody and you see that they’re going through it or that they’ve been through it especially with having an emergency c-section a lot.

Of women are told oh you’re not going to snap back or you know your abs are never gonna and I’ve had people tell me that girl you look like this now but wait so you have that kid girl Ewing only the same other why would you say.

That why would you say that and it’s not just being vain but why wouldn’t you encourage me so I feel my best right why would you say you’re not why would you put that negative energy out towards another person even if you’re joking I just don’t feel that’s.

Funny and you know to me I don’t think it’s a funny thing to joke with somebody knowing that they’re really trying.

To feel their best and regardless on stage that you’re started whether you’re a novice whether you’re next to a place where you see something within yourself that you have to bring yourself to a vulnerability so that you can get better.

Or so that you can see the results so even in that that positive.

Reinforcement that community things and it seems like one of the things you focus on is that community based or community yes pashya Bernard always says we cannot grow in isolation I can’t that’s a repeat that’s what we cannot pass to era Bernard from CCC.

In Brooklyn you cannot grow in.

Isolation and I really really that’s one of the best lessons I’ve ever learned in my life growing up with a single mom great mommy is amazing mommy.

Top 5 Exercises For Sexual Fitness

What’s up beautiful people of the internet it’s Joshua and it’s time to do it with Hewitt it’s also time to spread the love with Valentine’s Day just around the corner I want to help you give that special someone in your life the gift of good loving yes exercise can’t in fact improve your sexual performance not only by improving.

Your libido but also increasing blood flow to those vital working parts and improving your strength and endurance and flexibility in the bedroom and also improves your hormonal profile yes resistance training can’t in fact can increase testosterone.

In men with that being said I want to show you five specific exercises you can do to.

Improve your sexual fitness let’s get at it the first.

Exercise is the kneeling robe this can be performed.

On either one knee or two and it’s great for adding a little bit of extra pull to your pushing power this is perfect for sexual positions such as doggy style and if you don’t have access to a gym this can also be performed.

At home using a simple accessories such as a resistance band incorporate this exercise into your training plan and your partner is gonna thank you for it next up is the dive-bomber pushup if you like being on top this exercise is a must for the thrusts not only with this exercise challenge your chest shoulders and triceps but it also involves your core and improves your hip mobility try to keep.

A nice arc to this movement and use a full range of motion on every repetition hey ladies here’s one for you all yes pulsed squats perform a full range of motion squad and then at the bottom perform a pulsed half rep.
Before you return back to the top position guaranteed.

You’re gonna enjoy a nice pump and burn with this one and number four is one of my favorites the hip thruster this one ties in really well of.

Number three they pulsed watts because guys you got to make sure you can hold up your end of the bargain while you’re on the bottom hip trusters will help you develop powerful glutes that.

Will help give you that driving hip extension when it counts most if you don’t have access to a bench in a.

Bar no problem you can also do this exercise with just a stability ball and a dumbbell and finally exercise number five is something I.

Call straddle the elbow this is a great little high-intensity cardiovascular type exercise which will help you build up your stamina so you’re not gonna gas out mid-coitus now check the link in the description below or just click on the image here in the screen for a full.

Body workout on my blog that includes these exercises and.

Remember for Valentine’s Day all you need is love but of course a little nookie never hurts have a great Valentine’s.
Day and until next time stay hard..

Defying The Dad Bod With Brent Walbridge // Chalk Talk With Vitality Fitness // Episode 11

All right ladies and gentlemen tell me Fitness is episode 11 son bring on another guest this week up we got the Birdman in the bill gave me that nickname really bird dog bird gone where the dog so where’d the very high school a lot of her friends had nicknames that were animal related I don’t know how I got.

Bird but there was a bird’s every fly I think it was because I was then probably kind of big fan or something I don’t know wait so it just stuck with you yeah so honestly the only reason that anyone even knows my nickname is birds because baby there’s.

No chance for me who have known since high school played soccer with them I came over here he was working and call me birdie so everybody called me and then Steve picked up my lord to come on him something I was thinking about me we were talking about having me mourn because I was working with Leanne to.

And she said how did he need that nickname that’s a really good nickname she’s like.

He said because his name is and I was like thank you I don’t think there’s really any correlation between bird and Brent but it works yeah because how.

Have you been here uh I think about uh man I think it’s been up close to five years that’s how I was about to say yeah yeah I was at the old spot for two almost two years and almost been there for 30 or so yes now how do you how do you find did you find this through Jason yeah that’s right Jason yeah and then I was actually the first person Steve ever hired that wasn’t a.

Begin with that’s true I’ll use it out you’re the first guy that first outside layer brought me in to have me do classes get to know the members and everything’s just kind of snowballing then yeah or if.

It’s way they don’t have now I remember that I remember that because you weren’t there for that I remember the time when birds started coming in and coming to classes and it.

Like you’re just like for our long-term figure they’re all right I’m just coming in role.

In class be like who’s this guy my time to put it on like I represent it was hard because he would come in and he was in killer shape already and you start training with the same it was like alright you got.

Sure this guy ladies and gentlemen to the podcast nate is in the building that’s our sponsor Red Bull yeah we’re a Red Bull Red Bull podcast I haven’t slept all night did you that’s like 20 minutes did it. to 4:00 well no I was like 420 they’re like okay why I honestly I was I just couldn’t have it was one of those.

Nights where I was laying there and I was kind of my gonna computer but I’m not gonna happen I can distinctly remember throughout my life probably a handful nights.

Where I was like not gonna sleep tonight were you watching Donovan Mitchell destroy the rocket no but I was.

Watching David Coggins videos so I was like well if he chewed out of course that all right well if they’re the same.

So I was like I’m not sleeping I’m not gonna sleep anyway at that point it was like I’m gonna make myself not sleep and then I came to the gym about 1:10 a.

why here you came here better what okay here’s what’s the earliest you.

Favorite Things Fall And Winter 2018! Fitness, Beauty, Home

Every single time I hear that phrase favorite things do you know what song up singing yeah YouTube a welcome everyone it’s Tracy of mood daily fitness I am going to share with you in this video today some of my favorite finds from the fall going into the Christmas season things that I’m like wow I love this this is.

So heavy this is so useful this is so pretty and I want to share those things with you hey get a jump on your Christmas shopping a little bit early maybe some stocking stuffers maybe.

Some gifts for those hard to buy the people I’m sharing a couple my favorite things and eat today okay.

I don’t know about you but when it is fall moving to winter and all the way basically until May I’m super on T because I’m freezing all the time so I love this little David’s tea mug it’s super cute because look you put the tea leaves in the container and.

Then you zip it’s already steeped I don’t need any more thickness so I’m weapon that little.

To go container for David’s tea but what I’m loving more is what’s inside the container so love mean these little David’s tea samples now a favorite right now is the valerian night you have trouble sleeping at night and you want a little something something just to soothe you on your way to sleepy time that’s a great one I also love the cinnamon a rooibos to try so that’s nice because it’s herbal so no caffeine so it gives you that nice flavor of tea it warms me up.

But it doesn’t keep you up so bonus that’s good it’s perfect like that fits right into my car I’m also.

Home David’s tea cup ok little porcelain mug was a cute cute leaves on it so I’m at home put my leaves in there put the lid on just steep.

Dense you can have sit in a table boom that acts as.

My little holder for my filter brilliant not sponsored.

By David at all I just like I just let the tea I’m gonna say.

Alright I got a little insight to prove makeup artist here in Kelowna I was that at a party this summer and I just asked your question it’s kind of like when people ask.

Me 20 questions and they’re not even my clients and were not even talking about training but they’re like hey how do I lose weight anyway I asked her what’s the best foundation to use for the overall coverage so.

You know but that stays on when I sweat because they work out of luck she told me go to Sephora wrap yourself a little Born This Way toothpaste boom that stuff is good and you don’t need that much this is my.

Second container of it but I bought the first one back in June and it lasted until November 1st July August camerupt or whatever what five months it’s a little bit more expensive but it lasts and so then you win right I don’t normally burn candles in the summer I don’t know why it’s too hot you want to do that but in the fall winter boom I am loving these little Bath & Body Works candles like this one bergamot waters bergamot isn’t that that the same thing that’s in Earl.
Grey oh that smells like warm cozy.

Weed to fire this candle is fabulous it’s called flannel okay you smell it and it’s like a white flannel see just like that I’ll you introduced by this candle that’s a good way POSCO now I think something that goes hand-in-hand with burning candles is having a bath and do them at the same time and I also use this crystal heals organics one of my clients actually gave me these products as a gift very nice of you and I.

Am loving them they smell like lavender it’s like you are transported into a lavender field of dreams so it gives a little sugar scrub scrub off all that dead skin.

That’s gross but the body serum to like slip me all up again but it’s not so bad or.

What am I talking about right now okay no it’s great it’s infused with lavender that smells delightful it really really does and also I’ll tell you what I didn’t use this for as well I took a little cotton swab just a little ginger.

On there just a little bit right here and right here just to take off any excess makeup and that.

A dream it doesn’t bother my eyes and it smells so good it wouldn’t be moved daily fitness if I didn’t highlight so in my fitness files and a wonderful fitness items that I use now I’ve talked about this in every minivan video that I have but this no slip no rollback is a must truly it’s a must this is a bracelet stocking stuffer buy this for the fitness feed in.
Your life just like that little stocking stuffer now I know a lot.

Of you probably had issues ordering this on Amazon and maybe you go into other links some of them don’t ship to Canada they’re Canadian we don’t always get everything that we.

Want do we so that’s too bad but we’ve got.

Maple syrup so there’s that I always have the the rubber bands as well so I’ve linked below all of these of course now a variety of minivans is critical for upper body okay you.

Use that heavy heavy bag for lower body but when it comes to upper body anyone do a lot of shoulders biceps triceps you need to have their rubber bands too so down below are links to these wonderful little bats okay so check those out alright and once those legs are all nice and tight and sore I’m doing the same workout foam rolling why wouldn’t you.

Now this is from Vulcan it’s a vibrating foam roller not a vibrator did I say that no what are you talking about anyway it vibrates watch this just listen wait for it see if I great oh I don’t like that actually and it’s very helpful because you can.

Roll out those trigger points that are painful the vibration adds a nice massage I’d love to do this one I.

Lie this on my upper back even to my shoulder blades and it’s very sore after like rounding and editing videos and being on the.

Computer so I lie down on that and it’s just such a.

Wonderful massage every night so a foam roller should definitely be on the list of what scent is gonna bring to this Christmas if you watch my workout videos you’ve seen me wear these they do have one.

Little spot if dirty put them already but I love these white runners I feel so like a nurse when I walk and work out in these runners but beyond that no matter what they look like they’re super super comfy they’ve got little ripley insert there that is incredibly comfortable I might even send it to me the other day they have a lot of support I’m like they.

Do you know what there are fantastic so by nike air these little runners are fantastic I would.

Jerai Fitness ! Making India Proud Since 1994

Jerr I fit in his Private Limited India’s largest fitness equipment manufacturers and exporters makes ji Fitness one of the most preferred one-stop fitness brand in India built with passion built for the nation customize your new gym and get the widest range of fitness equipment making India proud since 1994 come visit us at the showroom near you.