5 New Inventions 2018 | That Will Blow Your Mind

Answer the call hi mom are you doing oh happy to hear that hey kids Giada grandma what are the 49ers are outside the 49ers beat the Raiders 23 leather just ordered it yeah a cab will be down in five minutes what am i schedule what’s the weather today turn on the AC turn up the volume imagine how it.
Would feel like to be the center of your technology.

Stop imagining hello my name is Timmy hey Timmy hello John Thank You the call video hey Timmy order pizza teimi the personal.

Robot you at the center I’ve been using brains for around six months it is so convenient I can’t imagine living without it now the greatest feature of breeze is the fan on the side with the filters it can effectively for through PM 2.

Still feel nice and easy other than going to work I’m used to wearing briefs wherever I go but brace not only the whole mosque it’s my face perfectly but also I can adjust the tightness to make it as comfortable as I want we are always trying to fight with all wires in this over in Django however.

Our professional expression is a universal language it’s a pity to cover it be at home from anywhere introducing Jeannie the new user-friendly way to turn your home into a smarter home in just two easy steps first place.

Gdm any compatible home appliance around the house then download the Jeannie app to your smart phone and.

Start controlling your home using your smart phone from anywhere in the world Jeannie the smarter smart home solution.

5 New Inventions 2019 That Will Blow Your Mind

Introducing aura cipher the first-of-its-kind ball in one solution for your asset storage transaction and recovery no more hassles from the outdated wallets the Auris ifou allows you safely store all your cards crypto currencies even the membership card from your local store in one place everything is organized and accessible at your fingertips you can use the Auris ifou to.

Pay for everything store all your Kryptos unlock your door.

Even use it to exchange name cards all with the simple.

But amazing hardware billions of dollars asset got hacked and stolen every year you should worry about yours as well Horace I Fuu is the.

First Hardware on earth using both te e and s e technology to ensure 100% security over your assets storage and payments for cryptocurrency users you can use or assign foo as a cold wallet unlike traditional cold wallet using USB port for data transfer Boris I fou uses NFC and dynamic QR code technology which is totally off the grid you can have full control of your crypto asset and make peer-to-peer transaction anywhere you want traditional credit cards and Kryptos apps are still hackable when they got lost.

Or stolen but not with Aurra cipher or a siphon wallet will self erase your key information after five passwords fail attempts your data will never be passed.

To the wrong hands what about data recovery you might ask introducing beep all the NFC enabled backup chip for RSI food this one tapped recovery solution provides an effortless way to recover your data for crypto users the beetball.

Can also replace the mnemonic words in a more secure and reliable way we believe.

A wallet should not only be functional but also be artistic the Auris i fou has a 4 inch retina sapphire display with a screen to body ratio of.8% it has gone through 45 steps of Polish and multi-layer coding the body is designed to fit for palm we are a company formed by scientist and.

Top developers specialized in payment security and digital asset security we are 100 percent confident about this product and we are ready on every perspective from software to hardware we just need your help to bring.

This project to the public so join us today to create the future of payment imagine having superpowers such as traveling in time to meet a historical character teleporting yourself being invisible flying over your favorite places meeting your idol or exploring distant galaxies this promise may seem.

Strong yet you’ll immediately understand how this extraordinary thing is possible with lucid dreams imagine a supple and comfortable bracelet that you wear every day which vibrates on your wrist several times a day to discreetly tell you that it’s time to check if you’re sleeping once you’re in full dream mode the bracelet will automatically detect that it’s time.

To vibrate again you will feel your arm vibrate inside your dream and this will propel you instantly into a lucid dream most older generation devices play on light and sound to senses that tend to interfere with your sleep light is a sign the brain interprets as an indication that it’s time to.

Wake up many alarm clocks use light as well sound well no need to explain noise has always disrupted sleep once again the insta dreamer makes all the difference vibrations provide direct access to your subconscious in addition everyone has the idea that vibration should attract our attention through the vibrating sound of cell phones discreet and comfortable the insta dreamer also offers you other functions that you’ll discover right away so what makes our.

Device a real revolution that will enable you to have a lucid dream probably the very first evening you use it more than 70% of our testers experienced a lucid dream during one of the first three nights using it and.

That’s not all with Instagram and its vibe we’re smart technology you’ll not only wake up fully refreshed because of the device’s ability to analyze your sleep cycles and wake you up at the best moment but you’ll be able to wake up when you want to without ever disturbing the person next to you you’ll also be able to consult the.

Sleep cycle data directly on your smartphone thanks to the triple accuracy of the insta dreamer.
In fact it can measure your body temperature your movements as well as your.

Pulse the latest studies show that a combination of these three functions provide unbeatable precision no older bulky and uncomfortable devices which wake you up disturb your partner and which rarely offer.

Results get your insta dreamer now and discover the amazing power of instant lucid dreams and much more.

Beer the sacred liquid element as we drink a beer the phone disappears and with it the aroma and flavor foam is the beers natural defensive layer that protects it from oxidation and retains volatiles that’s why for all those beer lovers who value the smell details we present the revolutionary new experience device sonic beer using the latest technology sonic beard generates ultrasonic waves that stimulate the carbonated volatile components inside.

Your beer breaking some of the intramolecular interactions extracting foam with aromatic compounds all in just a few seconds place the glass of beer on the base push the button enjoy you can.

Now experience a better tasting beer with a creamy foam and complex sensations sonic beer is portable take it wherever you want enjoy it with friends and.

Family sonic beer has an elegant minimalist design with customizable colors sonic beer is spill resistant works great with all kinds.

Of beers ethical made with recycled plastics without planned.

Obsolescence and reusable common double-a batteries I realize how the thing for.

Me from I love suits you relief there is.

Nothing I’m really surprised the effect it has on the beer really gives it a nice take at the above another 3d texture the flavors of certain of the palaces of the beer.

House it’s really fantastic I like it my name is Ivan laachraoui.

And I need your help to spread the word about sonic here we are been through all kind of collaborations please support us Cheers.

Sonic beer enhances your beer experience.

Minix Launches The Neo J50c-4 Mini Pc

MINIX has announced the launch of the new mini PC which will take place sometime during q4 2018 taking the form of the MINIX neo J50c-4 mini PC which will be priced from $299 this small computer is equipped with the ESA support allowing it to easily be attached to the back of a monitor or TV internally the mini PC.

Is powered by a 10 watt Intel Pentium silver J 5005 quad-core processor supported by Intel at 605 graphics and 4 gigabytes of RAM and standard but MINIX has also provided to sodium slots offering support for up to 16 gigabytes of ddr4 storage is provided in the form of.1 Drive together with a m2 22 ATM 2 SATA 3 slot enabling users to add up to 512 gigabytes of solid-state drive if required.

The MINIX neo J50C-4 has been showcased at the recent IFA 2018 electronics conference.
In Berlin and is capable of supporting up to 3 X 4 K 60 Hertz displays.

Other features include an optical s/pdif port and 3x USB 3.

0 type-a ports together with connectivity provided by support for 802.

1 and a handy Ethernet connection mimicks is also.

Offering a multimedia remote complete with backlit keyboard as an optional extra priced at $35 called the MINIX neo w2.

The Internet Revolution And Digital Future Technology Documentary 2018.

It’s been the case throughout the history of the internet we constantly been surprised when we look at the Internet and where it came from and where it’s arrived today and where it’s headed I think it’s quite clear but the engineers didn’t really realize just how much this was going to change things people thought we were crazy internet thing.

Is never gonna be as important as the telephone or the television in this series we’ll journey through the past present and future of that revolution we call the Internet.

We’ll go inside the hidden places practices and people who make it hum and ask why do we all love it so much this.

Is the internet really right here we usually think of it as invisible of somewhere in the cloud but this is where the invisible becomes visible where the intangible becomes concrete I’m Derek Muller and I’m in an internet exchange point one of hundreds of places around the world where computers networks all linked up to form the global Internet what’s happening in here is that countless routers and switches are receiving.

Data from one network and they’re passing it over to another network by a real physical cables so it’s a network of networks all interconnected which is why we call it the Internet and here you can actually reach out and physically touch it everything we’ve ever recorded or for that matter ever written texted or tumblr passes through these global internet exchange points it is a cosmic journey the likes of which neither Newton Tesla nor Einstein could ever have fathomed all of it traveling at.

The speed of light I spend most of my working life here on the Internet now I know that may sound a little bit nerdy but I actually really enjoy it I create and host an online science Channel called veritasium meaning the element of truth it is my dream job because I’m passionate about science and now I can investigate topics I have always wondered about in that cool and bring my world of.

Science to a massive international audience I capitalized on the reach of.

The web for example after uploading this video called the surprising application of the.

Magnus effect it has now been viewed by more than 50 million people from around the world not bad for a film about a fluid dynamical effect as.

A species we have an inbuilt need to connect with others to communicate and share our stories to create community in essence and the internet empowers us to do that in ways we never before imagined in 1969 the same year that a man stepped on the moon Leonard Kleinrock headed up a team of computer scientists later hailed as the fathers of the Internet and it all started in a room.

Like this one but the interesting thing is that even none of us had been born we’d still have an Internet today it was in the air it was going to happen the inspiration to create a brand new Network came from a branch of the Defense Department called ARPA the Advanced Research Projects Agency well you know.

Appa was formed as a responds to the 1957 Sputnik launch by the Russians the Soviets had caught us with our pants down we were behind in technology at the time computers were very large very expensive and separated by great distances so a single user wishing to use multiple programs would have.

Top 5 Best Latest Gadgets And Future Technology Coming In 2019-2021

Me brushing the world’s smartest makeup organizer and ultraviolet cleaner brushing is a portable battery-powered device that lets you neatly store up to 15 brushes at a time while reading them of 99.9% of their bacteria thanks to built-in ultraviolet lights simply place your brushes inside Roisin close the lid and the UV lights automatically turn on for a 5-minute cleaning.

The white light indicates that per Sheen is on and the UV lights are activated while the red.

Light indicates it’s time to charge machine you can even store accessories in the bevel on top which also doubles as.

The dust cover to keep your brushes fresh and ready to use every day Roisin is the perfect companion for your busy morning routine because it not only keeps things organized but it.

Stay fresh with just the push of a button storing brushes in a traditional makeup bag or leaving them on the counter exponentially increases the amount of dust particles.

And bacteria living on your brushes even with moderate usage your brushes accumulates skin related infections that left unchecked provide a breeding ground for germs and while you should regularly wash your brushes with water to remove the visible signs of usage this isn’t enough to keep your brushes clean for daily use that’s why machine targets the particles and bacteria not visible to.

The naked eye the UV lights and Roisin are a hundred percent safe to use and can be found in professional makeup sets around the world and with the built-in timer you never have to worry about turning it off.
Simply polish your look place your brushes and.

Brushing and it the rest and now we’re incredibly excited to bring Roisin to life with your help crochet has been prototype tested and loaded and we’re really excited to be brushing to life with their help with years of experience in product manufacturing we’re ready to make brushing up our order everyday makeup routine then we can thank you guys enough for supporting us on this journey ahead Roisin makeup made fresh a bristle we.

Use technology to improve lives let’s take a minute to explain out this is Bristol the toothbrush that.

Uses light therapy to give you the best possible oral health traditional tooth brushing is primitive and not effective if you think about it we essentially move bacteria around in our mouth hoping to spit it out afterwards if you look at innovation in other industries you’ll see a drastic change for example in skincare light is commonly used to.

Promote skin health and kill bacteria given that oil bacteria is related to 90% of systemic diseases we want to bring this light therapy to.

Your toothbrush another team Bristol uses safe and natural blue light which is proven.

To kill bacteria that causes gingivitis and other gum diseases the same blue light is also proven to whiten teeth over.

Time rather than a one-time teeth whitener we’re so breaks down color day by day for long-term white natural red light is known for healing anti-aging and collagen promotion bristle.

Brings this light therapy to your brushing routine it’s a fun way to have the best possible gum health purple light combines the benefits of both blue and red this patent-pending do light technology strives to give you the best possible oral health in.

The convenience of your home here’s some features packed into the brush first of all has to vibration modes regular and gentle so you can choose which is most comfortable for.

You the brush also automatically turns off after 2 minutes so you know you’re brushing for the right amount of time you’ll also never have to worry about buying a replacement head because you can sign up for our subscription service and have them automatically sent to your door all this means you get to spend less time worrying and more time being.

A happier healthier you when it comes down to it the Bristol team strives to use innovation to.

Better people’s lives that’s.

Why we’re donating a percentage of every sale to America’s Tooth Fairy the nation’s leading nonprofit organization that provides dental care and education to underserved youth this is just the beginning starting with this.

Product our passionate team is looking to help.

Improve people’s lives and their overall health so join us.

And back us today to make this become a reality our couples trying to conceive women’s basal body.

Temperature is a key indicator fertility basal temperature is the lowest temperature your body reaches while resting and.

The differences over the course of the ovarian cycle reveal when you’re most fertile in the past tracking your basal temperature has been a challenge many women find it frustrating and tiring we wanted to make the process of tracking BBT data seamless so we created Yo no.

Yo no is a revolutionary patent-pending wearable thermometer it measures and records your core body temperature.
Your true basal temperature.

More accurate than any other method unlike underarm sensors which can easily be affected by ambient temperature and other external factors Yano creates an enclosed and controlled environment in.

The ear canal preventing external factors from affecting the measurement it’s designed by top human factor designers with comfort in mind soft silicone surrounds the exterior so the device will fit snugly in your ear without feeling invasive Yano doesn’t transmit data during your sleep to protect you from emissions.

In the morning the data will conveniently sync with your phone with a user-friendly yo no app will keep a running log of your ovulation calendar you don’t even need to think about it the app.

And algorithm interprets your ovulation cycle and predicts when you’re most likely to conceive with.

Yo no tracking your fertility is as natural as your desire to be a mother women find it very challenging to measure their basal body temperature they have to measure it exactly the same time every day you know is a very convenient device you simply place the device in your ear you go to sleep you wake up and you take it out all the data is automatically did in the cloud for you the yellow product.

Has many benefits you can not only use it to detect your basal body temperature and predict your ovulation but you can also use it to understand.

5 Awesome Tech Inventions 2018 That Will Blow Your Mind !

Vacations the perfect excuse for doing the things we miss out on in daily life going to the same Beach every year cooking steaks on the grill taking up trekking without having a clue of what that is binge watching that series you read the spoilers four months ago or simply sitting around and playing with your balls doesn’t matter whether.

You have them or not there are moments when we all men and women alike just need to play with our balls bomber returning to work means we just haven’t got the time for it too.

Bad people should always find a moment to touch their balls at Elie he mounted we.

Decided to create a universal solution to a problem shared by millions we accomplish this task by collaborating with one of the special effects engineers for the movie gravity Raul Rodriguez Romeo the results is nice ball z a dangling prosthetic accessory that sticks.

Easily discreetly and efficiently to your desk for both home and office applications its.

Rate creates a Euclidean curve that encourages relaxation and provides the few moments.

Of escapism that we all need once in a while so after playing with your balls you can change your mode back to bust your balls nice balls is available in a nearly impossible to access limited collector’s edition and is proudly produced in Spain nice balls now.

You can be productive while playing with your balls you.


2050 Ki Duniya || Future World 2050 Akash Thakur In Hindi

обедать об час так земля так и сяк шортах слик бэку интердикт а screen 7 до над этом подарить коллеге падает еду за час я так как только я подойду и мазая номер 8 и 10 . если на 1 мая по 10 га юн и нам на самом деле часто проникать гардероба способ сказать letitbit.

Best 2019 Gadget Cool And Mind Blowing 5 Innovation Never Seen Before – Toplist

The virtual world stretches the boundaries of our own reality one of the limits we face when entering this world is movement we wanted the experience to feel as real as possible so we created cyber shoes cyber shoes bring your feet back into the game letting you navigate your games using your feet rather than your hands running from the.

Comfort of your own chair lets you keep your normal seated position but opens.

Up a more natural way to trek the paths of your favorite games we managed to keep the design as simple as possible while integrating insight tracking with analog movement detection the shoes keep their own orientation.

You can run walk sneak and jump using the shoes giving you the most accuracy in navigating a game ever we have been through countless designs trying to make it right but now we have a product that runs more stable than the VR system itself slip on another pair of shoes and sign into the game the seated position makes multiplayer in VR feel.

Like there are no walls in the room at all cyber shoes are one size fits all slip.

On over your regular shoes and secure to your feet with bindings just like a snowboard to ensure that the game picks up exactly what your feet are doing at all for multi room indoor outdoor audio the new Valon flare is the best sounding fully portable bluetooth speaker available designed by audio engineers who work with the.

World’s top speaker brands you can play or stream music from any device on up to 100 speakers you don’t need any app or Wi-Fi connection synched speakers can play up to 50 feet apart each through walls and around corners and sync memory.

Keep speakers linked even when they’re powered off it’s awesome light show effects express any musical.

Personality just charge and play twin full range dynamic drivers and bass cones in a sturdy all-weather abs housing and sophisticated codecs to decompress audio files back to CD quality means satisfying sound anywhere sync works uninterrupted through walls and around corners for true multi room sound with a seven hour playtime eight LED light show features seven colors five brightness levels and color-changing fade and pulse options compared with other Bluetooth speakers the new Valon flare is the best.

Sounding best value Lantern speaker available sitting in a typical desk can be so uncomfortable yet as a professional student or creator we spend most of our day giving in to the poor.

Posture back aches and pain just to get our work done finally a solution the edge desk 2.0 is the world’s first new and improved all-in-one desk chair and easel system that arrives fully assembled and sets up in seconds.
By positioning exactly as you’d like the edge desk 2.

A continuation of the hugely popular and comfort driven kneeling.

Desk originally created by Mark Rosenberg and a team of designers with years of experience delivering products on time introducing the new way of brushing your teeth something that hasn’t changed in 500 years with micro cleaning friction.

Power and 360 degree wraps sonic technology the new unit brush is 2 times more effective than regular toothbrushes and cleans 99.9% of your teeth surface plus it brushes all of your teeth at once in only 6 seconds it’s easy to store clean and charge.

With the minimalist Danish design UV light docking station that eliminates significant cleanliness flaws with today’s toothbrushes the unibrow has earned numerous awards worldwide including the most innovative product by Microsoft it’s the world’s first anti cavity toothbrush that combines an ergonomic mouthpiece patent-pending 360 degree rapping uniformed and pulsing sonic vibrations that deliver a refreshing clean to.

Your mouth teeth and gums unlike anything you’ve ever experienced ever since I was a kid I have dreamed of flying with mermaids through the ocean now Trident makes it possible Trident is the integrated underwater scooter each your best water companion whether you are professional or amateur diver tried it makes you fly through the ocean with.

Fan and ease build with powerful duel engine trynna can easily support strong thrust of up to twenty six point five pounds to variable speeds the max speed of four miles per hour and 2.

2 miles per hour for static ocean sea.

Diving up to 164 feet try to engage you to explore the wonderful deep ocean world.

With heavy battery capacity Trident can keep you running for 60.

Minutes durable for you to enjoy various flying styles and adventures..

Samsung A8s-a Jump Towards The Future.

Hey guys how you I hope you are having a great day today guys in this video I will talk about something really amazing I’m abided with almost no bezel will arrive before the samson yet stand after working on triple and for camera technologies samsung is now written to manifest his innovations on the display side and during a launch.

Event for the a success and a 9s samsung alongside also teased samsung galaxy a8 s and the mobile in the image doesn’t have a bezel or a not instead of that they have put a hole for.
The camera on top according to some rumors.

And apart from that maybe a light and a proximity sensor the south korean joined teased an image of this smartphone on wednesday but it is not confirmed as you can see in the.
Picture there is no hole on.

The screen but according to a prominent liquor ice universe there will be a hole drilled on the screen for the camera but i’m keeping my.

Finger crossed that this one buyer will have a 2d edge to edge display.

Let’s see what happens as i don’t know anything about is specs okay guys it’s all for today subscribe to my channel turn on the bed notifications so you can get.

Notified about my future videos and please share my videos to other social media accounts thank you for watching this video see you.

In my next one till then keep crushing it.


Modern Marvels S11e29 Future Tech

Papers they’re wall sized television a car that runs on processed seawater an army of robotic soldiers outerspace luxury resorts and human cyborgs no it’s not a movie buckle up as we race into the near future to see where fantasy becomes fact now welcome to the year 2060 as you’ll notice the world has changed quite dramatically in the past.

50 years several things are bigger world’s tallest skyscraper one half mile in height but most things are smaller nanotech.

Medicines cure all forms of cancer some things are faster.

Hypersonic flight from New York to Tokyo takes two hours while other things last longer average human lifespan 125 years of course these are just predictions will they ever be reality what technologies today will revolutionize tomorrow’s personal transportation bionics warfare home entertainment and space exploration and will it bother even trying to predict what’s coming forecasting the future is very important at a couple of levels if you can’t anticipate what’s going to happen you’re going to be stuck reacting to what’s happening a good.

Place to start on your road trip into the future tomorrow’s Wheels be like how about.

A VL that uses the most abundant element.

In the universe as a fuel it’s only emissions are water vapor and a little heat it’s twice as efficient as today’s combustion engines and you can refuel the vehicle at home no fantasy just such test vehicles are already on the road get ready for the hydrogen revolution the hydrogen fuel.

Cell vehicle is going to do two today’s cars and trucks what.

Today’s cars have entrusted to the horse-and-buggy of a hundred hundred and fifty years ago this is a completely revolutionary approach to automotive transportation right now nearly every major automobile manufacturer in.

The world is working on hydrogen fuel cell technology the technology that could begin to supplant gas burning vehicles in the next 15 to 30 years a fuel cell vehicle essentially is an electric vehicle but instead of using a.

Power it uses a fuel cell to generate electricity on board these are very high-performance cars they have great get-up-and-go wonderful acceleration and really good driving performance this.

Is General Motors hydrogen 3 vehicle this is not a.

Conventional vehicle but a fuel cell vehicle powered by hydrogen the hydrogen stored in the back where the gas tank would normally be and under the hood is a fuel cell now the fuel cell system combines hydrogen and oxygen to make electricity which powers the vehicle the waste product is water which goes out the.

Tailpipe and heat which is thrown overboard in the radiator a fuel cell will continue to produce electricity as long as oxygen and hydrogen are supplied fuel cells.

Are different from batteries in this respect batteries are self-contained and eventually run down if not recharged a.

Common type of fuel cell uses a proton exchange membrane which is sandwiched between two.

Electrodes hydrogen gas is fed to one side while.

Oxygen is fed to the other the hydrogen atoms are attracted to the oxygen atoms but the membrane only allows the positively charged hydrogen protons through the electrons have to take the long way around this flow of electrons generates an electrical current although the basic concept of fuel cells dates back to the 1890s it wasn’t until the 1960s that fuel cell.

Technology really took off NASA looking for an alternative to heavy batteries used fuel cells on the Gemini missions and later on the moon missions and eventually on the space shuttle missions one side benefit the byproduct of the fuel cell is drinkable water but back on the ground this car can go 96 miles an hour and performs like a conventional minivan it’s impressive but engineers still have several technical speed bumps to overcome before you’re kicking the tires of.

Your new fuel cell vehicle the challenges that confront us right now.

Are onboard storage of hydrogen how much hydrogen can you store onboard a vehicle to give it the range that it needs we have to lower.

Component cost so this vehicle is more affordable a robust national.

Refueling infrastructure is also extremely critical hydrogen.

Can be produced from diverse sources including coal and natural gas hydrogen can even be produced by electrolysis passing an electric current through water to break its molecules apart into hydrogen and oxygen gas it could be what freeze the country from dependence on foreign oil.

But today hydrogen production isn’t as green as it might seem right now most commercially produced hydrogen comes.

From natural gas if fossil fuels are used in the production of hydrogen in the process generates air pollutants or perhaps no better off that’s why the goal of many environmentally conscious researchers is eventually to produce hydrogen entirely from renewable sources renewable sources include wind energy solar energy geothermal ways of making electricity and of course that electricity then.

Can be used to produce hydrogen from water another.

Challenge is building a hydrogen infrastructure from the ground up California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger believes he has the answer I will sign an executive order creating a public and private partnership that will create hydrogen highways all over the state of California by the year 2010 governor Schwarzenegger’s plan for a hydrogen Highway calls for 150 to 200 hydrogen refueling stations strategically placed along California’s highways fueling stations along major highways will be essential for long-distance.

Travel but for most in town commuters Honda has a plan to make filling up even easier as easy as a trip to.

Energy station connects to a home’s natural gas line and is capable of producing hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles a stationary fuel cell could even power the house although there are test vehicles on the road and several infrastructure plans in progress it’ll still be a while before.

You can fuel your car with hydrogen fuel cells are still extremely.

Expensive if a hydrogen fuel cell car was.

For sale today it had probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars time and technological breakthroughs will bring prices down but it could take fifteen to thirty years before practical and affordable hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are available to the public hopefully the promise of a hydrogen economy is worth the wait the idea of being able to have pollution free driving and.

In fact having a diverse source of hydrogen I think as is – pretty darn exciting and I think people would.

Love that now unfortunately it doesn’t help you with the congestion so you wouldn’t be able to go faster anywhere that’s when a future flying car would really come in handy right now you have three.

Different kinds of vehicles we’ve got a car that goes along the ground you’ve got an airplane that takes you from point to point and then you’ve got these huge government-financed things that take us up into space the future brings us the convergence of those three.

Vehicles into one a car plane spaceship that could reduce a commute from Boston to New York City for hours to 45 minutes so how do we get the wheels of.

Technology turning well the.

Real issue is how do we get rid of the wheel because the wheel is the cause of tremendous friction.

With nanotechnology one of the things that we may be able to do is get rid of pavement by implanting the maglev repulsion wires in the grass and turn our highways into grass every car will be networked vehicles will run on automatic pilot allowing cars to travel.

Closer together and add incredible speeds so say goodbye to speeding tickets and traffic accidents in the future there’s no such thing as speed limit like the car of tomorrow in the future many things will think for themselves including robot war fighters like it or not the machines are coming forecasting the future isn’t easy in 1943 aviation writer Harry Bruno predicted the decline of the automobile after World War.

Two instead of a car in every garage there will be a helicopter future-tech will return on modern marvels the history of warfare is shown at.

The force with the greatest technological advantage usually wins now the.

US military is working on what could lead to the most deadly weapon on the battlefield by 2025 Robart three.

Okay so the research prototype looks more like the Jetsons made in the Terminator but don’t let his calm exterior fool you his robotic offspring could one day roam the battlefield hunting down enemies and yes killing them the Pentagon is spending billions of dollars in.

The pursuit of robotic technology that will one day lead to autonomous war fighters in the military we’re specifically looking for things that.

Are dangerous or boring or hazardous to the human and we try to let the robotic system take over in those areas the main advantage of the robot is it saves lives and it’s also a force multiplier that it doesn’t get emotional it doesn’t.

Panic and pull the trigger because it’s afraid it’s more cold and calculating and in that sense hopefully more able to make the right decision robot 3 is the product of.

25 years of research he’s an autonomous research prototype.

Developed at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in San Diego California with various sensors he’s the first robot to be able to detect a potential threat assess the threat and respond to the threat for this demonstration the threat happens to be a soda can but future tactical autonomous combatants or tax will handle real weapons and real.

Threats the issue basically of a robot equipped with a weapon is somewhat controversial our current strategy right now is to maintain a human in the loop at all times to monitor the actions of the robot and make the final decision as to whether.

Or not that truly is a combatant before you take action we talked about robots people like to.

Think of automatons they’d like to think of bipedal two-legged two-armed one head kind of thing something like Schwarzenegger in the Terminator we think robots could be very small they could look like.

Insects they could look like trucks they could look like airplanes hundreds of tella operated machines are already serving in Iraq and Afghanistan checking bunkers searching buildings and digging up roadside bombs however helpful these machines are remotely controlled.

Each by at least one soldier the goal is to make autonomous machines taks capable of thinking for themselves today researchers are working on complex algorithms that will help machines make decisions define targets discern friend from foe and navigate unknown terrain robot obviously can do things that the human can’t.

Do there will always be some things that a human can do better than robot by putting together in a team you can send the robot in to do the.

Dangerous stuff one autonomous robot already in service is the mobile detection assessment and response system and ours this is.

The EM DARS exterior robot it’s an.

Autonomous security robot which controls around fixed side installations in the continental United States patrol perimeters randomly patrols there’s no human operator driving.

This machine it basically runs by itself it navigates using a novotel our t2.

System which is good to accuracies of about two centimeters we have a number of application payloads that go on here this is a remotely operated weapon this is a non-lethal replica of the weapon.

In here now you can remove this cradle here and drop in the actual weapon which looks just like this we have a number of systems on here for collision avoidance basically what that means is they’re looking out ahead of the system to be.

Sure there’s nothing in the way we have a marsupial carrier on the back which has a Herbet man-portable robot in it this allows this diesel-powered system to carry this robot down to a point and release it where it can go into places this system can’t fit underground in culverts bunkers tunnels inside of buildings allows us to put a sensor pretty much anywhere we want to the robots on the battlefield will serve roles from pack animal to protector but they will all be connected sharing.

Information with each other one urban warfare scenario is to have automatic cannons protecting troops occupying a hostile City when an enemy fires on US troops the humans take cover but these robots which are linked triangulate where.

The shot came from and instantaneously returned fire insurgent fires a shot before that insurgent can drop his rifle and run a grenade is coming through the window so you.

You effectively made the insurgent pay a very high price for messing with anybody with a robot but what happens if one short-circuits what.

Happens when armed robots become smart enough and decide we’re no longer useful and start decommissioning us is that just science fiction science fiction does.

Precede science fact 20 to 30 years from now we will have the ability to.

Mimic the human brain whether we’ll be able to put.

The intelligence and the ability to discern friend from foe that’s going to be the real question humans can’t do it right now so how do we expect robots who would imitate human intelligence to do it it’s going to be a real challenge and many people are very afraid of sentient robots we envision that the machines will be working with humans that be supervised and not left to their own devices 100% of the time there are several technological challenges to overcome before the armed autonomous robot warfighter hits the battlefield but.

Don’t fool yourself the machines are coming the question again is not a matter of if we’ll have this as a question of whim.

And we are inexorably marching technologically toward that target aquired comments fire.

The word robot was introduced in.

1920 by the Czech playwright Carl Capek from the Czech word for forced labor in his play intelligent robots turn on their human owners.

And take over the world future tech will return on modern marvels with the development of nanotechnology scientists plan to do great things in the future cure cancer help feed the starving and of course build a kickin.

Home entertainment system televisions in the future will shrink as small as your retina and grow as big as your house instead of your television being in your living room your living room is going to be in your television we are now at the point where materials are being invented that can serve as television.

Screens no matter how large or small they are so we will be painting.

Or rolling up screens across walls floors and ceilings you will be able to walk on them you will be able to hang pictures on them but you won’t actually have to do that anymore because the pictures will actually be projected as part of the screen so when you walk into your room you will actually be able to.

Walk into a completely different room if you want to program it.

That’s going to be the big change television was formally announced at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York in the next half century people will see as well as hear around the world newspapers magazines mail.

And messages will be sent through the.

Air at lightning speed and reproduced in the home today several companies are working on technologies for the next generation of televisions super thin and even flexible electronic screens organic light-emitting diode Oh LED technology might lead to bigger brighter thinner and.

More colorful displays than even LCDs in the future Oh LEDs work by sandwiching organic material between two electrodes when electricity flows through the organic material it glows several companies have.

Test models this 13-inch Philips prototype is only one millimetre thick the universal display corporation is even working on flexible o LED technology using pliable substrates such as plastic film or thin bendable metallic foil imagine one day rolling up your 20-inch computer monitor and throwing it in your backpack.

Television is basically now constrained to a small rectangle on your wall or in your on your shelf the television of the future is unlimited in where it can be the television of the future is basically able to move to a personal television TV and video monitors will be on everything.

In the future nanotech materials might turn entire buildings into moving billboards.

What’s happening right now is that we see painted surfaces being developed where you actually have a liquid that can be painted on to a very thin substrate over very.

Broad areas and that’s the real revolution that’s taking place that’s where nanotechnology is having a huge impact because you’re getting these very very tiny pixel like nano sized particles that are being included in this liquid that.

Then solidifies to form essentially a television screen over a very wide surface so you can now actually.

Not be limited by flat surfaces or by size but video screens of the future won’t only be the size of buildings they’ll also be so well concealed no one will even know you’re watching television the television has another application that were even actually beginning to see right now and it’s known as opto my onyx this is where thousands and thousands of tiny computer chips.

Are implanted in the back of the retina and are connected directly to the optical nerve leading to the brain today several research groups are working on retinal microchip implantation to improve vision not television the opto bionics corporation is developing a retinal microchip implant for people with age-related macular degeneration and.

Other eye conditions the microchip implanted on the back of the eye contains 5000 microscopic solar cells that convert the light energy from images into electrical chemical impulses that stimulate the remaining functional cells clinical trials began in 2000 so far none of the patients has rejected the implants and all have reported.

Improved vision the retina TV might be next so stay tuned in the brave future even the remote control might become a thing of the past next a cerebral implant could make changing the channel as easy as changing their mind in 1946 20th Century Fox movie executive Darryl zanuck predicted TV wouldn’t last six months after its introduction he said people will get tired of staring at a plywood box every night future.

Modern marvels ever want to control something telekinetically in the future you might be able to brain machine interfaces including cerebral implants will soon merge microchip and mortal to create a true bionic man with seemingly telekinetic powers a lot of people have this image that basically from.

Hollywood that the machines are coming well the machines are coming and they are us because what we see happening is a marriage between the computer electronic world and the human brain world what do scientists have the technology do scientists have the capability to make the first Bionic men and women the answer is yes and they’re already here scientists around the world are currently working on brain machine interfaces BM eyes these devices facilitate direct communication between the brain and the computer for the severely.

Disabled it’s a way to control the computer without using a mouse.

Or keyboard Andrew junker a brain actuated technologies invented brain fingers which is a BMI that can be used for communicating to surf the web or to control the computer equipped house it can also control off-the-shelf software this is the Cyber League green finger.

System consists of a headband that plugs into an interface box which goes into the computer the way I connect I wear this headband it has three sensors that will pick up the voltage at my forehead brain cells communicate by producing tiny electrical impulses brain fingers can detect and decode.

Some of these impulses the signals are broken into frequencies Andrew calls brain fingers so we could use that signal for example to control or create a switch what’s shown in this display is that muscle signal.

As it moves across the screen and in the simplest case if I raise an eyebrow quickly I could have a switch you notice that when I go up switch comes on.

Up switch one on mapping these electrical impulses to computer commands allows a user to control the machine for instance a user can tell.

The computer a quick glance right moves the cursor right and raising.

The cursor left a slight tightening of the jaw raises the cursor and relaxing the muscle makes the cursor fall now the person has full control of a mouse but perhaps an even more amazing attribute of brain fingers is its ability to pick up and decipher the frequencies or brain waves generated by the brain brain fingers Reed’s alpha and beta brain waves which can be thought of as different.

States of mind when relaxed the brain produces more alpha waves when the mind is mentally excited alpha goes down and beta comes up by mapping the electrical impulses as.

Well as the fluctuations of alpha and beta brainwaves to computer commands brain fingers can control commercial software and games using brain fingers is as easy as slipping.

On a headband but there’s a more extreme BMI on the horizon for those willing to go under the knife to.

Get it one person already has meet Matthew Nagle the real bionic man he might not have computer augmented supersite but he does have a neural sensor implant and a direct connection between his.

Brain and a computer matthew is a quadriplegic paralyzed from the neck down in 2004 he became the first recipient of a BMI implant called brain gate brain gate actually taps into the real signals that orchestrate hand motions the idea is to tap into the part of the brain that gives the commands to move your hand this reddish strip right here is called the motor cortex this is the part of the cerebral cortex that controls movement and it’s separate into subdivisions so that.

Control of your leg is from up here control of the arm is down here and control of the face is down here so if we’re interested in signals for controlling the arm we know right where to go equipped with a road.