New Slow Wolfpac Member Confirmed? Steve And Larson Book Wwe Raw!

Check out the new like a dog shirt sticker pack right now three stickers our shirt in the postcard on sale now at friendo market calm don’t see here no thank you for anything I’m not getting rid of them no no Oscar that’s good oh here we go I have one Bobby Roode with a peanut butter stain on it.

If you want that what do you have the trade.

I have a Bob Roode with a coffee stain on it that’s a deal here I want the coffee stain Bob Rudin well think hold on think about it hi Vince yeah so we’re gonna we need to do the build evolution this week on Raw yeah you know and everybody’s been working really hard so we ran give the guys the week off and really spotlight the.

Outstanding women wrestlers we have on Raw well they need the guys need time to heal we just.

Got off a big pay-per-view figure we’d give them it builds int as a patient when they’re gone they allows their bodies to heal everybody wish all right I know I know listen this is what we’re gonna.

Do we’re gonna take one week to build evolution because you haven’t given us any time.

To do that so we need to build evolution we’ve got a couple of nobody wants to be in a battle royal that’s lazy booking it’s just lazy all right no listen you you.

Gave us the book we’re gonna do this our way no Battle Royale you will see you at the show I just hung up on Vince give me.

Everything in the fridge like what you know hey Windows Devere and Larsen yeah welcome back the we book.

Rah we’re on the road to evolution Larsen it’s a very slow or short road rather we’ve got one week to build where you’re immediately leaving me you’re going already we’re on the run the road to evolution got a big pay-per-view coming up.

Where are you going got matches we’ve got a match to do action now here we are did you hear that oh dear oh no my friend my.

Dear friend thanks who’s taking solace in the bottle that call with Vince got me shook man well it should have.
Anyways huge news just be cool we were given just be cool.

In a massive budget for a new arena and you’re looking at the debut look at the raw gate back there Larsen well here’s the thing yeah so previously we were given a budget for a arena but part of the deal was that it.

Was in every year every city yeah instead we just we opted to spend a lot of money.

On one arena right problem is every show will take place in the good.

City of Sacramento California oh that’s great we said looks convenient for us that’s cool sure I.

Left her about there huh we said look we don’t like flying it scares.

Us we don’t like trains they scare us there’s robber barons out there and we don’t want to do that we want to we want to Arena here we want Raw every week to take place here in beautiful city of trees Larson the River City which one is it is the city of.

Trees of the River City it’s both nice right here in Sacramento there’s Charlotte she looks like a million bucks she’s ready to throw hands what is this Larson we’ve got a tournament so the Intercontinental Championship.

A champion we need a champion so we’re starting to tournament here and eight women tournament to crown.

A new women’s Intercontinental Champion the turbot will conclude at evolution we’ve got four amazing first-round match on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

There’s the riot squad Ruby right it’s gonna be facing off against Charlotte River you’re right said no I’m not gonna we’re not all gonna get in yeah we are oh now we’re getting it yes so we’re gonna do Charlotte of course with her manager dad that’s fantastic and yeah like you.

Said the second round and the conclusion the rest determines at evolution along with a huge main event ooh talk about this main event it’s Oscar the Women’s Champion true she still likes t champion I think – she is taking on Rhonda Rhonda Rousey Wow Wow oh wow just immediately hurricane run it’s because dad was over there trying to tell me what to do and I’m like dad I’m trying to work over here already.

The ringpost Tom and Ruby right seems to have a strategy in place now it’s just choker jokes Charlotte out show the shit out of her come on Charlotte oh oh oh no sir oh let’s say like with ouch oh yeah I think I might.

A guy that know you love these games you know I don’t I’m gonna go consult with dad dad what do I do well took the wrong man Ref bump oh wow you go down ref gets up oh it’s because Sharla’s gajala good whoo all right put it away man come on this is not the time or place.

Nobody wants to see it no nobody wants to see that luckily he’s on the other side of the Ring there.

See what’s going on his front business front area biz some I’m Sur Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson are very familiar with oh yes as Batista mentioned also Oh personal huge reversal from the leader of.

Riot squad maybe write her I’ll look at another big reversal here from Charlotte this time Ruby right as she thought about rebranding at.

All given that her color scheme is of course now part of the biggest faction oh crap that was a bad idea slow Wolfpack oh yeah that’s a good question I know Steve give us kind of a bit of.

A tour around this new arena well we got a lot of blood that’s true that’s not that’s not paint spatter right there that’s blood spatter yeah that’s cry it’s actual Sacramento crime scene stuff right there I’ll get thrown buzzer oh that’s a guy she’s gonna go for nothing apparently Oh working the leg there we go massive sto from Charlotte what’s going on here sure I was trying to get to the friggin top man Oh Wesley.

Shawn physically well another huge Chavo bitch greatest move in the history of wrestling right there there we go there we go Charlotte there we go oh she’s gonna do it Oh sumbitch Ric Flair’s over there it’s like come on.

Kiddo let’s do this and then he made an unsavoury come in about ten thousand come on oh man just flattened ass that floor arm against her face picks up oh my gosh Ruby why are you just standing there oh my god goes to the pin on the forearm.

Field of green for Ruby right let’s see if Lars gonna hit it you can I did confirmed I do it what hmm Ruby must be a little tired here.

It’s just me I feel like I’m shoulder oh oh oh look at that fishes take.

Their oof how do i do my signature you don’t know her signature I don’t know her signature it’s do I have to run maybe Jimmy since we’re running me go quick though know who it was oh.

On Retourne Les Champs Avec Les Potos En Mode Logitech G920/trackir Sur Farming Simulator 17!!

Lui les poteaux sevegner on se retrouve donc aujourd’hui sur un épisode de farming simulator 17 on sera en compagnie de fixer baba on va tout de suite allé les rejoindre sur leur live enfin sur leur live surtout les rejoindre déjà dans le groupe allez c’est parti les poteaux on les rejoint d’empêcher de faire de bonnes choses aussi basiques.

Comme ça ça va voir cette partie allez les poteaux c’est bon pour ma part avec fixé ba ba ouai c’est les amis du modem euros on viendra fait paraître tout par la carrière de naujac jean un problème il faut qu’il s’écoule sans intermission du groupe du.

Coup dans ce jeu les gars ou alors attends juste voir dans les commandes venant pas fixe du coup je vous ai quitté la partie désolé pour benny goodman web tranquille tranquille je vais attendre que tu vas regarde je n’ai même pas rejoindre coi s’inquiète poteau j’ai branché le volant après avoir lancé les jeux voilà ça marche pas ça du coup ça mange pas quoi mais écoute tout va pour le mieux et vous serez bien.

Je t’en remercie games s’est pas remis on va redonner mangé un homme qu’il va vaches là parce que qui voit là à temps à l’est il pas partie sélectionne le mode continu et démarrer une courte robe met la machine en place et coûte de l’argent maabar machine ouais ouais combien mais je sais plus exactement 100 485 moi je faisais vendre deux fois on peut prendre des points mais tu as les cochons les petits poissons.

Par jour est une donc du coup je vois que jamais distributeurs automatiques mans où je peux faire écrit directement par là bas tu peux faire un crédible directement par le menu ouais tu ne montes cinq mille 5000 salope c’est donc là je peux vous rejoins que c’est bon un.

Projet et une partie à oui mais j’ai fait après trois cent mille bull ouais ok qui n’attend que vous rejoignez tous les deux comme ça je vais commencer à acheter salue vivement sheridan comme au match aller comment vas-tu bien bientôt sur le live.

Mon ami tu ne t’es jamais vu parmi nous sur le bienvenu amerrir sur la permission du coup je vais lancer du coup le lie à wayne on m’attend j’ai fait de la mer dégâts à le démarrage de louper quoi pourquoi j’ai même pas fait de capture de bons joueurs mais parce.

Que c’est une nouvelle sa nouvelle overlay du coup la suffisance à désapprendre 36e ondes voilà le jury est là on est comme ça on bloque et.

Voilà s’est rien passé ni vus ni connus ou moins connus turlututu j’t’embrouille voilà on vient sa mort est une nation c’est un croc l’innovation des montres des quatre mois le canada salue le prg est sûrement là et on perd des plumes.

De cartes et à la gare le taux de tatiana les super il faudrait que tu modifies la description pour des live timing des speed dating je suis preneur donc on se rejoint sur le discorde là que tu veux les deux mois tony des jeunes accepterait volontiers parce que je suis à cours d’idées en ce moment.

Si elle est bonne bien sûr moi qu’est-ce qu’on fait mon petit fixe la sueur alors viens ici qu’est ce qu’on va faire.

Là bas je suis là je la vois je suis là non ça c’est fixe normalement si c’est.

The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survivors (unturned)

I’m turned is this realistic survival game this is a recording session with me and my friends and I’m gonna show you why we are the best group of survivors and this all be Apocalypse the idea I mean we got one for is draw everything but with the small news man you an affair as much whoa what happens at.
The radiation we all live happily ever after cool..

Ep.133 – No Storage Setups – Pimp My Setup (@techexamined)

On this episode of hit my setup I’m gonna be talking about your setup C submitter for tips tricks feed Batman mad God what’s that Mike what’s like you you said ah you said you like as an ID I thought you said I could be a coast I mean did I’ve been doing about myself you know I kind of.

Want to keep it that way but I mean if you want to if you want to co-host for today sure please.
Come on man I’m here okay fine all right well I guess.

The show starts now it’s time for the original setup show dedicated to providing you with tips tricks and feedback to nip out your setup posted by that Philly with new special guests every week coming at you live in – one what’s up everybody when the PIM I said about some of our 133 recorded live on August 28th 2016 – my fleek find me on Twitter I’m at Philly and I’m Michael Panetta you can find me on Twitter at Tech examined and you do vlogs now so yes i am doing.

Vlogs now and it’s you know how you can’t really pick a name til you have 30 days and stuff yeah so just matter put the lincoln yeah i’ll put the link I’ve been watching them and I first off I like vlogs more than anything so.
To see it from Mike man those vlogs.

Are just so damn good you need to go check them out but seriously I’ll put a link to those down below and yeah we’ve been having issues like crazy if you hear a beep throughout this episode then sorry I’m gonna try to fix.

It but we spent way too much time trying to do that already so we’re just gonna get into it if you don’t like the beep then skip the episode although it pains me to say that just skip it.

Because logs but check out his vlogs that don’t go watch his vlogs instead you know yeah through that yeah let’s do that alright next set up though next set up no first set up damn I’m.

Go go alright first set up the day submitted by canon that’s like his actual name he should I just tell you the H or do you want to guess them 14 okay 18 so yeah what made you think he was 14 just it just the unfinished Ness of it the undie on the it’s the desk isn’t done I just figured it was like a you know like a high school project or whatever you know it’s interesting I don’t know where you.

Put your legs because yes a little underneath if you get rid of the old nightstand to the left you know we’re refurbish it or do something like that but you need to paint the desk or stain it yeah first thing I noticed I agree I mean it’s super cool you got the casters on it and everything I like that part of it but it seems like you.

Are pretty handy so like you said get rid of that nightstand make your own make it an attachment to the desk or whatever stay in it make it look finished and also if you’re gonna build yourself a desk build it specific to you so for instance you know the PC and that big big I’m.
Holy how big is that thing let’s see in comparison that’s like.

A normal-size keyboard that thing is huge what is that like an audio uh what left yeah it’s a receiver that is a receiver why does he need that big of a receiver from 1945 that’s.
Like an old-school realistic receiver like that’s.

Like something my dad had and he’s like 70 but what’s even what is it even connected to I don’t know maybe he just likes old-school stuff but I would put it somewhere else yeah cuz he’s got his.

Laptop on top of it it just doesn’t make sense in terms of usability and especially because it’s a custom desk if you’re gonna.

Make one make it so you have room so I think the receiver can go underneath even the PC that’ll.

Help a lot but what’s the next step to make it more personal because it’s definitely lacking in that area well first off you got to straighten up the posters that’s driving me batty yeah not straighten it up put.

Them in frames do something with the desk you got to paint it but like it looks like it was.

Like a work desk first because where do you put your feet that comes all the way out.

To the end so you gotta you gotta either cut that out or do something cut it out in the middle and put legs on each side to support it you got to do something like that yeah and definitely the posters are something but also that decal as badass as it is yeah.

Yeah I don’t it’s gotta if you’re gonna keep it’s got to be scented so get rid of that Knights and center the desk or whatever I don’t know it’s just it’s.

Just out of place for me I’m not a big fan the posters ones way higher because of the light switches I don’t know it’s all over the place fix it up make it yours and get rid of that receiver and whatnot but yeah I.

Don’t really have much else to say I mean cable management’s good and whatnot so do you have any final.

Thoughts for now I mean just that stuff we talked about cable management is good I don’t like the cables coming out of the PC but you know yeah so.

That’s why he should cost to make the desk for the PC so the cables can go up to slide.

It doesn’t need to be in an awkward rotated position but anyways next setup let’s go to this submitted by a son this guy sent me like 55 emails I think it was home let’s say okay yeah he said I have a youtube channel as next email hey I have a YouTube channel and the one after that he has a YouTube channel so.

You watch I got this YouTube channel it’s a son midlet look that up and you’ll find them how old do you.

Think he is 14 yeah 14 and it kind of looks like in certain ways I think the first thing is I where’s the rest of the frickin picture where’s the top like move it like move up like you got a neck you can’t like move your neck up you’re like and this is a problem like he’s got his bed right there it’s like a crib you know in case he falls out at night but I’m just gonna um but it would be a daybed.

Man okay Moo bird uh really though if you have up a bed you’re trying to take a photo you’re set up go against the wall like all the way against and you’ll.

Get a good shot like people tell me the rooms too small it’s not that times too small you’re not trying.
Hard enough you got to pull the camera up and take it do a hop $8.
00 yeah doing my space angle you’ll get it you’ll get it to work but the first thing I realized this was like not even looking at the setup the room itself is pretty cool with those guitars I like that yeah but.

Then the setup itself I think is just very confusing what was your first thought for the setup well first off I couldn’t see the rest of the damn setup it looks good it looks clean like from.

The top until you see the other pictures you know you forgot the most important part if you got the guitars on the wall bring some of that theme of are now you got the little keyboard on.

Top of the shelf there but bring more of the music over to the desk and do that you know maybe get.

You know I don’t know what’s above the other pictures and stuff like that or that the off center TV but do something else with music over there too that’s that’s what I thought there’s really you left the theme on one.

Side of the room and didn’t bring.

It as every other yeah agreed and I.

Mean what are your thoughts on that wall mounted uh monitor do you think it works here you should just got like a monitor riser or what.

Do you think I think you need to the desk is a little isn’t it is deep as most desks I don’t know what that plastic thing is there if that’s like a heat blocker but it looks horrible might have been better to have the monitor in front of.

That to block it from the view that’s what I thought like the Alex riser or something yes anything to put it up and then you got those shelves way too.

Close I don’t like how close they are to the monitor I think that’s a problem there I am also too low yeah wiremold would help for the TV TV is in a.

Weird spot but it kind of works but kind of doesn’t if.

You play consoles on it like that ps4 kind of weird but I don’t know if you play it through your your Acer monitor right in front I don’t know it’s weird it lacks but I think the thing that I didn’t like the most was underneath.

Because you kind of see like it’s just not too much in the care Department there you know I mean he just gave up on the cables once he got underneath the desk that’s that’s how I see it so I’d fix that up a little bit but.

Yeah any final thoughts for him just just do something with that with the the cables on the wall move the shelves up just get you got to spread out a.

Little just a little bit maybe smaller shelves but you ain’t got anything on the shelves anyway yeah it’s alright cool next setup this one I think is pretty cool and interesting submitted by yo-yo eV something like that yeah Yahoo have.

He enjoys basketball skiing and camping and he says I know you’ve read at a third grade level so I kept it short oh it’s pronounced yo Ave like yo and then Ave I think that’s what I said yeah okay well you know what jump off a bridge that’s my new favorite line and for.

Today by the way um but yes so let’s see how old do you think he is 16 16 he’s 14 oh good for you dude.

Yeah this setup okay obviously it’s not the best ever well what I love about it is that it’s so different we don’t see setups like this it’s all primarily white even in the display and what’s really cool is that he’s got all.

Of these windows and it’s such a bright room what are your thoughts when you looked at it simple setup I like the monitor arm because you’ve got a clean there’s no you don’t see.

The cable hopefully that goes through the monitor arm because that’s a pretty cool monitor arm or what you have not a whole lot of space to work with you don’t have room for shelves or anything because of the windows but I’ll take that trade-off oh for sure all that.

Light come in to do that hmm and you know if if you’re you’re gonna have to have something like that this is the best way I think you want to do it you just want to just enjoy the sunlight keep your setup minimal and you know there’s some of the.

Things I would do but from the start I I think it looks nice and clean yeah I love the idea here because I don’t I I don’t think there’s a problem with him clamping the monitor arm maybe there was some sort of.

Issue maybe that clamps not even touching that board but I love the board right there because it actually is really a cool way to hide the cable to your peripherals without drilling in right it’s it’s super unique I really really like that I like you know the fake plants and everything one thing I was a little worried.

About was your PC in the corner but I guess if all the airflow is in the back you should be fine but it does look kind of like a tight fit right there yeah but he’s got LEDs he’s got some stuff use abilities a little off with that side table.

There I know it’s difficult with what you’re working with but really an awesome unique setup especially for his age but yeah you have any final thoughts for him I’ve got a again frame the poster clean up the wires a little bit I noticed two headphones.

On the left side and you got the cable running all the way to the right mmm put the hook on the right side and then wrap the cable up and that way you don’t necessarily see.

It it looks a little cleaner if you don’t have your headphones in and your where the hell that you put your feet yeah seriously it’s it’s an interesting setup though to say the least and great for the age let’s go the next next set up though submitted by Drew now drew loves.

To show he loves csgo halo cars Tech and this is actually the guy that sent me I think is like five emails about his YouTube so he’s got 250 subs please check it out tempered tech that’s te MP you are edy tech how old do you think he is let’s go.

14 13 damn yeah so initial thoughts when you looked at this where you blown away or were you just like this cool yeah that’s alright it’s just just everything he has is.

There mmm like where is it’s a good point everything he has is right there is that it like is that all you got like look there’s no there’s you gotta have a place for like I don’t know just.

Storage the storage no storage is it’s somewhere else you know do you have a setup you know you have to have to grab pencils paper you know there’s nothing there how many mice do you need is that two mice there that looks like yeah.

You know yes I work some play you know turn the monitors on when.

You take the goddamn picture I I will give him this no.

They’re clean as hell it’s clean but I’m just saying most people don’t clean their monitors on a daily basis oh yeah so I like that I give.

Themed department damn this is really cool I know it’s like a little all over the place and whatnot I know.

Apple Ipad Pro First Impressions

After months of rumors and speculation the iPad pro is here Apple has unveiled its latest addition to the ipad tablet lineup during a special press event in San Francisco this morning like the rumors suggested the iPad pro is a larger version of the traditional iPad Apple CEO Tim Cook says it’s the biggest news and iPad since the i.
Paid the new iPad pro uses a 12 point 9 inch display 2732.

X 2048 resolution with 264 p and makes use of the new split screen app features of iOS 9 the.

Width of the iPad pro is the same as the height of the ipad air 2 it can do things that a smart phone doesn t do.

Because it doesn t have to sit in your pocket says apples Phil Schiller Apple is using the same technology from its imac with retina 5k display to bring the ipad pro pixels to life for the first time in an apple display it has a variable refresh rate explains Schiller this means Apple can slow the display down and save battery inside it’s using Apple’s new a 9x processor.8 times faster than the previous chip it replaces our chip team is just on fire says Schiller graphics on the iPad.

Pro have doubled in terms of performance so it’s clearly going to be a fast device.

Four games and productivity apps it is faster than eighty percent of the portable PCs that shipped in the last.

12 months claims Schiller in graphics tasks it’s faster than ninety percent of them ipad pro performance to highlight its performance credentials apple says the ipad pro will last 10 hours on battery with the ability to edit three streams of 4k video.

Simultaneously Apple has even added a four-speaker audio system to the.

IPad pro and iOS 9 will balance the sound dependent on how you’re holding the device the iPad pro is just 6.57 pounds so it’s very thin and lightweight considering the large 12 point nine inch display a new iPad a new keyboard crucially Apple is introducing a smart keyboard for the iPad pro this is unlike any keyboard you’ve ever used before says Schiller conveniently forgetting Microsoft Surface keyboard it’s covered in a fabric that forms this structure for the keyboard three new circles along the side of the.

Device act as a new smart connector to attach the keyboard to the iPad pro in a similar style to the surface keyboard a pad pro keyboard a new keyboard isn’t the only hardware addition to the iPad pro apple also has an apple pencil yes really that works as a stylist for the tablet when you’re using the pencil the ipad pro increases the amount of scanning on the surface of the display to improve accuracy the Apple pencil has sensitivity sensors so you.

Can press lightly for brief strokes or heart for wider strokes apple claims it feels like a true writing or drawing instrument Apple pencil can be recharged.

Using a lightning connector that plugs directly into the iPad pro and a 15 second charge will last for 30 minutes apps like the built-in mail and notes apps all support apple pencil allowing you to ink and notes or email messages Apple even invited Microsoft on stage to demonstrate new versions of its office for a escapes that include support for the new.

Apple pencil PowerPoint has great support for the Apple pencil allowing you to convert ink into objects and slided X Apple pencil Microsoft wasn’t the only surprise addition to apple’s ipad pro announcement Adobe joined the stage to demonstrate several apps running on the iPad pro adobe photoshop fix is a new app oreos that allows you to retract images quickly adobe has built facial detection into the app allowing you to retouch faces with.

Ease Adobe sketch has also been tuned to work with the Apple pencil with support for the pressure sensitivity and multitasking between other OS 9 apps aside from apps and power the new iPad pro also includes a touch it sensor in support for LTE Apple has placed an 8 megapixel iSight camera.

On the rear and a FaceTime HD camera at the front Apple is planning to release the iPad pro in November and silver gold and Space Gray finishes a 32gb model starts at seven hundred ninety nine dollars while a.

128gb version is priced at nine hundred forty nine dollars if you want to opt for LTE then the only choice is the 128gb model that comes in at one thousand $79 Apple isn’t bundling the Apple pencil or smart keyboard with the iPad pro though you’ll need.

To pay ninety nine dollars for the pencil alone and 169 dollars.


Ep. 29 Toy N' Game Hunting At Comic Con Antwerp! (feat. Narc)

And we’re back comic-con antwerp part dos watch as edy and matthäus pursue the hunt for vintage toys and video games role surrender the booty fuck get stacks of monies coming out with a freaking box and will they ever find the missing GoPro again gonna be tricky then let’s see if it works out or not why are you at.

The Harper all right part two of the comic-con adventure let’s go yeah this stand is really packed with just cool vintage stuff there’s even some of these old gremlin toys now this one is from.

Did the second movie come out you know that it’s not that way exactly I don’t know I I have this one but ya see Chris I don’t want to tip anything over over here but how we get.

Some cool transformers right here I should be asking prices on that but I already spent so much money guys cool turtle sewer army tube thing over here it’s pretty so Mia Matias are circling around on the vendor floor and somehow we end up over at the stand where I bought the he-man comic again we’re just circling around.

And this is where I end up again this must be a good stand now they’ve actually set up all of their stuff and there’s a couple.

Of Jurassic Park 3 toys here – Petri toys Oh God how much are these the interstate Fay if I get all three what deal could you do 25 that’s good all right might be.

A bit much for three dinosaurs I usually and now he tells me about a box down below in there anyways these three are pretty good 425 I usually never see Jurassic Park tree toys and he’s coming out with a freaking box and I spend all my money so you’re talking about a box.

That wasn’t out yet and you’re only doing that now Shelby box show me the box I want to know what’s in it yeah too bad about the stuff in this box however it is however it is desirable stuff I want it’s much better.

For them to piece it together and make you know complete toys out of it than me just grabbing a couple of accessories they still need and yeah money’s a bit tight so occasion to fork to spend too much today good prices nice dinosaurs let’s go see if we can find some other stuff another tub of stuff to dig around it gonna fit these away first so strange like the other ones you can find for a euro at flea markets but Jurassic.

Park tree just don’t see them so got to pay up for these got to spend some more money this guy has some cool stuff over here he also has.

A store I’ll link that down below and maybe we’ll go and hunt there sometime soon but for now I’m going to start digging around in these boxes here.
Seems to be nothing for me you want to dig around yeah.

Undercover Donnie I’m gonna be sunny go figure put it on so yeah undercover Donnie really cool figure Rat King I used to have this figure as a.

Kid I don’t have it now though so I’m gonna ask how much it is so 314 is a pretty good price 1.

For 4 so I’m going to dig around a little more it’s the newer series right yeah I think I have those.

On the cart I think yeah yeah with the sewer box and yeah yeah yeah I’m gonna grab graph I don’t know spitting sewer speeding rap I already have there the other ones but I’m a really huge Raphael fan so.

I must buy this and I’m gonna take a newer edition of the Turtles classic reissue and of course the Rat King 10 euros for all three of so now we’re over at Danny’s boot he’s selling off most of his Masters of the Universe.

Stuff I was too late to grab a scare glow there were apparently to scare glows I was too late for both of them so I like scared glow because he he’s just a cool looking character I think everybody can agree with that and plus he glows in the freakin dark like he glows in the dark and back in the.

Day we didn’t have too many of the action figures like that that could glow in the dark and I always wanted them and I am searching for him now I had a good price now I can go pick him up for like.
$200 in the US but you know I’m maybe 70 is.

My more my speed but yeah he is a great character in a great villain he had a great looking villain at that so anyways this was one of the first things I came to this morning already had him sent some stuff apart what’s.

Your name again I’m sorry I forgot my name is Danny yeah he’s hooking me up with some stuff he did.

Clothes already so sorry Greg no scare glow for you or.

Scare glow is one of the figurines that came out really late in the toy line that’s why it’s sought-after that’s why it’s so freakin expensive.

But it looks cool I mean I glows in the dark why wouldn’t you want a skeleton that glows in the dark you know but hey you still have some good stuff left over there but yeah I’ve got this Merman 16.

Weapon that I need for my spike or he knows a lot more about master of the universe that mean and yeah this cool looking.

Transformer thing I have no clue what it is but uh looks cool right yeah my buddy is interested in this Mega Man 5 would you be able to do 55 on it for him for Mathias once a Mega Man 5 and it’s over here for a pretty good deal.

I am however really just a mess right now over the like well I was there I was pretty much a mess losing the GoPro and you know still having stuff to do I wasn’t really thinking straight.

So it’s starting to haggle him down from 55 to 55 did you want to do 50 on it yeah so you got it for 50 dude that doesn’t work that’s not that’s not how you haggle so he was like yeah it’s 55 but he’ll.
Do 50 so he did he took the bit the haggling for me that’s pretty good.

Mega Man 5 right now so yeah five then the whopper of the convention I got mega man 5 for 50 euros he’s becoming a te omni’s on its channel finding mega game Mega Man games for under $50 so a nice clean copy and very happy to add this one I only.

Missing six now and then I have the full complete Mega Man NES collection so very happy to add this to my.

Collection the Mega Man is my favorite game series of all time on the NES on the Super NES PlayStation.

You know you have any idea that all that jazz all the way up to Megaman 11 which I just purchased on the switch I’m very happy about I still need to play it still need to play that game but anyway uh Megaman 2 growing up that was my jam I played the crap.

Out of that game it was hard then it seems like it’s harder now as an adult but uh you know when I was little I was much much better at the Mega Man series Mega Man will always have a place in my heart as one of.

Is the fifth installment in the Mega Man series it introduces a character called beat and he as a robotic bird that you can eventually get.

After you collect all the letters and all the levels which is pretty freakin sweet I played a bit it’s pretty fun and I always like and enjoy Mega Man games it’s.

One of the game series that I got into when I started retro collecting because I never played it as a kid and I have to get all of them I’m so happy I have all six cards for the NES and then I don’t have to be looking for those anymore but this was a pretty good deal getting Mega Man 5.

For 50 euros good job Mathias good.

I’m thinking about getting equinox now Mathias isn’t the only one who’s grabbing a game over here I’m thinking about getting this Equinox game this Equinox game is the successor to solstice on the.

NES it’s it takes the same isometric view to the SNES but with 16-bit graphics of course it looks pretty cool.

There’s some cutscenes in there and yeah it’s.

Still just a bit of dungeon crawling puzzle solving game it’s pretty fun and III.

Don’t know why I haven’t picked it up earlier over here the price was just right it’s what.

I wanted to spend but yeah this is definitely a game I’m gonna play a bit more I also want this thing so how much are.

We looking at yeah this is for me this for him if 39 so we do 35 35 yeah 550 85 euros total selling my old boss until the universe connections making room so 85 in total right I only have 30 left I got a check or.

Is that money oh you got paper fuck got stacks of money you need spice thus with the adult alright thank with no path.

In the well for like a kilo healthiest oh yeah oh look lightsabers all right okay having that Italian though ease.

Some obstacle evilly so good thanks Danny Thanks oh yeah I definitely will so much freaking me up Oh.

Try popping it in here should be fine right thanks for not this I’ll just give it to you come now I’m out of money so me we’re gonna go to an ATM because I really want to buy a t-shirt because I can’t have this gremlin shirt in every freaking video right well anyways as you can see.

This shirt is freakin faded most of my shirts are so I’m heading over to dirty East and I’m gonna check out what they have they always have some cool.

New prints of you know geeky eighties and nineties stuff so let’s dig in so we’re over here at dirties feet do you have Dino riders t-shirts we got some Mad Magazine we got he-man master of the universe Skeletor exert.

Best evil guy ever and Thundercats Freddy vs. Jason nice all right there’s apparently.

A game on this web shop you can play so check it out guys and.

Let’s pay the man with the car because I already spent all my freaking money we get the big free stuff Oh me first buddy first.

Pin I’m getting over a Punisher one is poor what the bet man.

White man go ahead man only one beard down so then I got the t-shirt very nice old school Freddy vs. Jason arcade kindness style shirt really love this we got this in a bundle we.

Sans In Family Guy

Dad look Santa’s here there’s a lot of crazy things I’ll let Peter get away with I even held my tongue when he went through that anime phase man I’m glad we got that out of our systems oh god buddy I’m sorry you okay your continuous prattling annoys me well now I’ve seen Woodrow Wilson naked back for your life.

Foolishness there is no one above me ow I think I can handle this myself all right Stewie tagging anti-gravity gun this is beyond my technology perhaps if I.

Detonate an electromagnetic pulse it will disable it your dog wrote an insensitive tweet you can’t eat here share the freebie ready to get down it was a joke come again I write you beautiful vestige show me what’s again come on Peter you can run now and no one will call you a quitter what am I saying no I.

Learned how to use stickers and I can learn how to use this well looks like it’s just you and me shadow.

Get lost I say Brian this backpack feels a bit lighter than it did before well I wasn’t gonna tell you till later but.

Of my portion to take care of some personal business all right fine you want to be young these days you got to do a wicked awesome GoPro skate video oh why did you let me do.

This why this is the body of a world-class gamer you’re lucky we’re not online right now or I’d be saying things I’d never say to your face bye you guys have fun at school yeah yeah yeah oh hi welcome to my.

Schoolhouse no it’s time for everybody’s favorite subject math oh my god who the hell cares you need to collect two notebooks before you can use these doors.

And I accept that challenge late 70s Bruce Jenner take me home hop on Peter no running in the halls what the hell was one of the.
Dwarves names snappy kind of well-dressed or am I am I just making that up.

Oh Lois I just had the weirdest dream and hopefully he’ll show up that’s no fair guys do we want Cleveland back or don’t here we.

Go see Peter he’s too fast your tackle me it’s be gonna press B I’m pressing B do that going over here going over here now never get tired change your guide where can I change you’re gone I’m trying Peters cheating you’re cheating Peter rich cheating then following the rule it’s really good you’re not really good heads down won’t stop there you go quagmire you’re about to tackle me but no stupid-ass shots from the corner because that’s a glitch in the.

Software come on who the hell do you think you are you’re a filthy girl I’m true yeah if you’re.

Looking for a bad time that’s what you’re after the other digit it flirt you want it bad you don’t care who you get it from because you have no self-respect and that gets you off doesn’t it make it a joke you what you know I look good well.
It’s just me and my old nemesis first step hey sure what you doing.

Yeah for a walk I hate this block see that wasn’t.

So bad was it what do you say we go back to your place for round two Oh oh my god my Dam which one’s a Chinese one that’s probably it this seems like it’d be a.

Great place to work I gotta get this home to my family oh my god Lois I’m blind it’s a bet I can’t see a damn thing back then everybody had a specialty I have a lot I’m a tumbler watch me leap through this big hoop bamp bamp Peter don’t they say if you watch that video you die yeah that’s a lot of.

Baloney don’t worry Louis will hide in the one place they can’t find us in Imaginationland where you burp where you fight and you fight where you burp one two three mother I haven’t been part of a team since I was with the four Peters hey being pursued by two objects looks like one’s another you vote the other appears to be sense yo what’s up flex fans we’re gonna check out the new green-screen it’s awesome I think you’re gonna love it.

Strongest Hunter Spec! (5v5 1v1 Duels) – Fury Warrior Pvp Wow Legion 7.3.5

Order this is gonna be our order on our side venom first POG twins yep when I’m Park twins tasty me I’m gonna go last just cuz I want everybody to play man I want everybody to have a chance to play that’s why I’m going last so everybody has a chance to play cuz I feel like as a fury.

Warrior I’ll literally one shot somebody I will literally one shot somebody especially imagine somebody’s been dueling that article Jones no drinking and then this fucking jerk-off comes in leap.

Charge stunt burst a rage rampage artifact weapon execute like yeah please do mount yeah I can do that someone stand here plus so venom can tricks fuck won’t challenge oh wait am i playing outlaw you are okay no that’s fine yeah thick as thieves is fine all right so it’s gonna be dead vs venom in the open or venom open up a cheap shot does get hit with a roars sacrifice but I’m still committing with full burst plunder arm and everything getting getting it.

To about 75% health does pop a lot of his own defenses though does think oh wow it’s the same person but no it spawns armor blown erm is what does it venom is actually dropping a hundred fifty percent getting hit with a cloak with shadows out with murder clothes on him still himself for just a moment gonna get out for a moment dennis is the.

First stage to recover venom still is in stealth that was an interesting opener didn’t get too much out of it you know Triggs didn’t work out with a challenge sickest yeah call it all wrong challenge yeah that’s fine minutes so good yeah if you had tricks of trade and everything it would have been a lot more damage but well.

It’s done you basically can’t get stung by down at all deniz lined up his he’s lined up all his traps all the place does get caught out.

Into the ice trap the freezing trap does catch him that SAP is going to be gone and that is gonna.

Have a second or two to put up dots on to venom venom does get to break out of that ice trap I guess it wasn’t fully set Benna is now trying to.

Find a way to fight dead doesn’t blind him dead trinkets and harpoons at Menem unleashing his vile hunter bursts better just grab hooks away this fight of harpoon versus grapple hook is actually very cooling exciting suicide ship getting gouged venom himself a non reset actually I think he’s just done I think it gave up yeah.

I think he’d give up that is just throwing some axes at him and I think that’s over yup there’s a lot a lot you can only do venom still sticking in there for a moment gets a stone off onto debt whatever damage you can I already forgot.

But now it getting hit with a trap mending menace coming out for dead trying to stay in there with this sounds much responsible dead no longer has a trinket so any good burst will do it access to finish it off venom came in was wrong challenge it’s a game on ma’am it’s a hard class in it out was a hard class to play men start coming in by Park on to dead park going it was.

Not full burst she burst available dead get out of that stump fairly early though touch of death available that’s a pet sack is actually doing a lot for dead keeping him alive Bogg leaps away that surfacing for.

A moment doesn’t get sound said it or anything in dead is just remaining Bennett is back himself almost all the way back bar pushing back in getting hit with the trap both sororities up and then trap does not break Degas to put up Dodson to POG and live to tell the tale not having to deal with serenity so dead actually counter polygon is burst as par company to left wall is up just try to.
Roll away but as soon as he.

Tries to roll away dead harpoons them karma to respond and dead response with a turtle shell men in Bennett’s available while in turtle shell available park does get him with a karma a little bit which does disrupt deaths heal Dennis still has all his traps set up and everything part is to be certain of his next round.
Up with that can I get trapped in sorority again then going up with as.

Much first date as possible trying to stay in there as much as it can park with no dampening at all still healing up still staying in does have a bunch of traps coming in as it tries to get a small stone to dead get a simple trap many better just coming.

Advantages in his face doesn’t get him up I dodged he burst coming in faints death Park taking a lot of damage from all those.
Dots literally so many explosives coming in this baggage saloon held in.

Our foods and snipe some out what is going on going in for cannibalize right afterwards dead is a monster actual.

Monster hunter holy shit but was insane like all these traps and wah explosion half the stuff is gone my god I don’t think Park expected that this is.
Why I love playing outlaw because when you.

Get to play no one knows what the hell you’re all about and dad is one of those guys that plays the spec that’s not a lot of you’ll play no I.

Don’t wanna feel master but when you play it right it is so good it is so nice and no one knows how to approach it even a monk even a monk so now just wins versus dad 20 singing out out in the open harpoon coming.

Off the bat twist is gonna get a stun on – dad shrinking as a veil no longer available for him so twins gets a mind bender on him does get a sound so on the dead.

Doesn’t actually might stop the traps and twins now trying to get away from dead that’s going to insanity pretty early on can’t get a lot of damage our does suffer empiric embrace available body and soul to heal that is fully dotted up doesn’t.

Have a prayer embrace yet on him what break touch is not available this is not dropping low forces the dispersion out of him Wednesday counsel and dispersion early actually no cancel the heal for dispersion now disperses themselves wow that’s actually riddled with a rough going in for.

A bit of shadow man’s does get a stun on suicide sheep I’m Varrick touch available again Dennis fully down up so he can’t really heal.
To Australia build out the insanity.

Wall around the corner away from dead that is not pushing in a little bit just walking at twins another.

Trap or another grenade back up and available harpoon at twins winces on to 1 million health is that gonna be enough siphon is up because the siphon very no doesn’t kill Simon so I think Esther did you do a little bit damage twins trying to recover their health try to live as much as they can insanity is available it’s gonna kill.

They’re going in for many bandages back there to ends needs to reveal real bad what is the mana and I think they might have any man available trying to shout a man whatever they can.

Then it’s just we summoning the pet mounting back up with plenty of health disparity when spare lee over 1 million health barely over 1 million health it looks like that is resetting his.

Trousers back up we’re trying to find a way to approach twins the twins has 1.

Is there enough to tussle the grenades are coming out dead is gonna get stable it’s done that’s how much shrink it does he choose to shrink it there’s no dozen twins actually shrinking in that I’m not sure what it was my route and twins just trying to get away from dead as best possible shadow man’s.

Available Mindbender is back up on dead does get routed back there can’t really keep hitting does go to go and attack him twins finally gets over this person with that heal.

But we are at 9% dampening so everything opponent dampening who’s gonna make it harder for twins and tasty the guys that need to castle and heels is he can make it that much harder for them to play and the whole team is a booming whole team is a fury a warrior are can night these guys are tanky but can we even get past raid boss one can we get.

Past boss of the first floor dead from Ajara I don’t know this is sorry you got all in so hard this.

Is hard man it’s hard to play this is hard to do stung.

Coming in on two dead no trinket available twins is going in for full insanity of empirical base artifact weapon and everything Den is going in counter-offensive siphon is up on dad but does he yeah doesn’t get to drop that off does get to drop off his dose of twins is solo under 500k he’ll drop in solo just barely any health.

Left barely anything left oh my god holy shit alright well what’s our order again refer back to the ordinary buddy this has been this is rough that is just please destroy our team Park twins tasty down or old one gets to play I wonder want to go first so I made myself go last I want everybody else to get a chance to play man and Plus dampening.

Is actually not gonna go a little for chase you for me dampening it’s not gonna make a difference I.

Can kill somebody this is weather dampening or not tasty going up with his elemental is getting stun on two dead while Dead is out in the open.

Before dead can go behind a little west dad is actually get a knock back knocked up and knocked down maybe we’ll see if he gets knocked down from rank one spot so far traps the prime elementals to chase you can’t really do anything about it.

Doesn’t get a few heals and a leap the problem and mental should be coming alive day gets a leap route with a harpoon wall coming out.

Of tasty getting a bunch of products I sphere available a lot of mystic cats but dead decides to go for a turtle shell of the bat and tasty goes in for heals there are a bunch of traps knee or chase T’s you’re gonna be able to.

Step into them is you’re gonna trigger any of the traps dead as soon as he is getting pushed out in the open tasty just goes for months of much healing.

As possible all Deadwood she’s behind.

The pillar another in stochastic coming is gonna be kind of short that could use to trap all the elementals so JC can’t use them for the damage for the extra fence the stones and knock ups digging ahead over.

The root tasty trying to recover whatever he can then again is utilized in straps to its finest getting the pedals really as far as you.

Can hex coming in tasty gets to get an ice cream off without being contested or challenged in stochastic coming in dropping dead almost under 1 million health roars sacrifice keeping him steady another trap on the pets of the pet can continue to chase in kite does get himself a feign death in order to remove the dot many better scheme out.

For a moment but tasty might have this one shoe in the pen is back up but impetus fighting for another pet that’s not the best option right now route coming down to death JC gets a big old leap lightning last so trinkets coming out out of dad harpoon Ryan after getting knocked away dead is going through whatever offensive power he can.

And I think that’s the way he gets taken out now our cadet is going up next doesn’t want tasty a moment of recovery I reckon I probably believe she can’t we have some guys in the duels that will let you go 3 sec in full health but I don’t think Arkanoid can trust himself to get tasty fully healed and win the duel.

He’s not letting the man go anywhere infernal and all the pets are out after tasty faces back up the open wall coming out route about your pets does have a reflect did Harrow reflect on for arcanite bill if you get dispelled tasty sound our cadet for a moment just to give them some breathing room goes back into the room trying to live it healing surges back to back dampening is a 31% Forte see if he can somehow recover is out the full.

Canna putting so much pressure with all these passes putting so much pressure from every or side every office this is gonna be rough.

Alright case it does put up himself a primal storm mental so you can get the big knock up on are can die when he goes in for full lineup taste is still not sure he wants to be out there stills trying to recover arcanas.

Exchanged some blows with a primal story le trying to get the sole charge lightly and lasted coming out is this gonna be the lineup maybe gonna be a knock approach where Stacey goes into another pillar.

Free rein to bash and arcanite Oh Kayla sauce salad Kayla’s consumption coming out with cursor fragility are can I try to finish the duel right down it there are can have dropped actually 101 million health chases try to get a few lineups with the ice fury couldn’t quite do it horror effect into a stone right afterwards all kinda Plains defensive as you can tasty is about.

Half his health a little less than half so but feels like he just push up onto our can or right now needs to finish this duel right then and there Stroman Keepers coming out going for another like and lasted to keep them out but does decide to start routine behind pillar doesn’t want to be out the open does get a root on.

Spiritus Mundi Vs Mythic Taloc

I know you guys make sure you have your thing up we’re fine here No I’m sorry over here one of them we should find this is alot again nice make sure y’all cut the bottom we get down I got the blood I got the blessing range Kilda this abomination animation bar chart in for second fiction on one by.
One rate of spread and stuck on the tank if you don’t know the people.

Here dudes thank you my brothers my candle soon just like America hey you know my light loves ya no ghost hasn’t they.

Won’t stop make sure yep snacktime the bus no seriously you say nobody there’s like I think we’ve died yeah we were three people women spike gonna slaughter so many people dead there wasn’t enough people without the debuff to stag went to go in but I hit the ad and got knocked back I know of just a little bit we have eight seconds you.