How I Dye My 613 Wig To Ash Blonde With Brown Roots: Darkskin Friendly – Best Quality In 2018!

Fine is heaven call the rebel six inches hi guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new please make sure to subscribe so this videos needs to be highlights on my 6 own tree into an ash blind with dark roots this the hair color I use is from Cola stone I’m going to start with the fronts I think.
So this color is in the shade dark coffee I can’t really remember I’m.

Not sure so it comes in Katzie developer and it’s winter developer like the other ash blonde colors in the same brand so they.

Give me one Ted C volume developer and expensive volume developer but I think I ended up using since volume developer for the brown color does for the front actors you know you have to use a not strong volume developer for France if not Europeans have lots of shading so now I’m just trying to put the color the brown color just at the roots of the.

Front sow and I’m using the combs like brush it out into the hair or like brushes into their hair because I was.

Trying to go for a brown highlights on the front saw because I didn’t want.

It to just be ash blonde I wasn’t sure I was going to fits me so yeah I was trying to go for something that complements my skin tone so all I’m doing here is just putting the front foot cedar fruits up I’m just putting the color on the roots.
Of the front side and I’m brushing it since.

The hay and then I was also applying the color on the lace I don’t if.

I was change to that because the list is really white and you know I’m black girls oh yeah I was too lazy and I didn’t know what to use two-toned a lace down so I decided why not use.

The brown color to just dyed the lace.

Work out we’re just going to apply foundation it’s be our color that’s all it sort.

Of so yeah and it works for me so if you are as dark as me or black as me then I think you can do that by wish I went for light.

One interrupted like black but it was really dark really deep like mahogany color I’m.

Just kidding so yeah I’m not so I’m just doing right now I mean it’s taking forever really.

I was so tired and I’m very lazy sometimes I’d like since that’s it forever bow I mean the results was good so I’m happy I mean you can imagine this color.

You know first I tried to use like musical poeple shamash amp or something she my lights but we don’t have seen my lights we have silver lights or something I can’t remember the name but I know we’ve got something dies input her from UK so I thought dockworkers she my lights the Popish I’m putting so I tried to wash out the yellow tone on the hair but I didn’t work okay now we’re back saw ash blonde is the coolest own hair.1 and I was using the attached volume developer and all I’m doing here is just applying like I was too lazy it’s gonna burn at the bot soo because this one bought so I had was not going to be enough for the whole hair but like whatever weapons were pcs so all I was.

Doing was I plan really to learn their hair now just comb it with my hair comb and just let their hair process I tried to put in every passes.

Possibly even do I didn’t and because I stare on nuts of the hair.

Big Block Singsong | Space Friends | + More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Songs For Kids With Lyrics

Aan vloeken loting dun space station olieprijs space lab in de schapen hi hi captain gill die stabiele boot this is my first officer messen smart cuisines en je ziet hoe ben ik op het is een eer hier al uw gimli elie en hier salomo per uur en dit is agent ook spelen poppy snapt yes kapte letsjes en tussen.

Heb een paar uur hoe dubieus paceman absolutely heel moet je bij mij de sp is bril boerema dat was meeting heer lämmle achternamen kool specials druk druk.

Een callcenter time die eerste natuur bloemen grumpy je steeds psp span how can i groter dan 0 starving finally found for wie impuls space mascha ons leven dat je nog leeft we should instagram te maken same time team space.

Big Block Singsong | Super Duper | + More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Songs For Kids With Lyrics

I’m SuperDuper Stan I’m a super-duper man doing everything I can to be super nothing’s better than being SuperDuper Stan keeping it super to perfect hey hey look at my skills lifting up a school bus jumping over heels whoa whoa I don’t know how to jump out of an aeroplane don’t worry you’ll get lots of training first hello money.

Through the skies making airplanes jealous I keep the skies supervised looking around with my x-ray eyes everything’s safe spread the word oh no it’s no surprise big.
rabbit is the parachute trainer this is a parachute it will help.

You float through the air after you gee I’m SuperDuper I’ve got the disguise otherwise I’m just one of the guys I’m just snan yep without my costume it would be tragic I mean think what would I do with all my SuperDuper.

Fabric Mick should I practice that practice what jumping why not there I’m SuperDuper Stan I’m a super-duper man doing everything I can to be super nothing better than being super duper Stan keeping it super to Murphy my powers didn’t come from a bug or a bat or a bird I’m not.

Ready fact if that’s ridiculous I was born superb I could climb this tower if you need more proof I actually grow flowers in a garden on the roof I could swim like a fish you think that I had gills I’m faster than a train even going up hills I’m SuperDuper Stan I’m a super-duper man doing everything I can to be.

So far nothing’s better than being super duper.

Stan keeping it super duper hey hey when I feel I’ve done my best I head home for a super-duper rest put on my super duper slippers put my cape away and think to myself what a super-duper day.

Just Duckin' Hunting Chairs, Marsh Seats, Marsh Hair, Fishing Chair.

Hi Tom from just uh cannot ensure see we no longer just do duck hunting we also do fishing sure you set up on her chair up on the shovel bar give it a squat that’s that’s dude chair there you go you’re fishing it was mainly for duck hunting said narrower to my back would give up after inventing a.

Chair I was able to sit out there all day long fishing basically the same thing I would have to go sit on the shore for a while cast off the shore this way I’ll never set right out in the water and cast.

On eBay you can also check out our website WWE can calm also as seen in Michigan out-of-doors TV just duck in hunting chairs we have your back.

Cheap Aliexpress Brazilian Water Wave Virgin Dupe 2.0 Best Quality !

Hey James I am doing yet another way review this is from Aliexpress and are you wearing it fresh out the box like I did not comb the hair brush the hair and not a nothing not a thing I wanted to show you guys every little detail that I do with this hair and I did show y’all that this.
Way has three combs in it to us a one in the front it also has a adjustable.

Shock so I can’t redo it the lace is a soft lace so this will be easy to glue down does not come with any baby here so I’m gonna have to create that myself and possibly pluck the part the part on top I would say that it does not need to be plucked and he goes this far back so there’s about two inches apart in space okay so my phone actually overheated but what I.

Did was I took my press powder and then I just took a fluffy brush and just went underneath the lace and press the powder in so that the knots can be covered up more if.
You need to ease it go ahead and.

Just rub some of the powder off.

The hair but what I’m going to do right now is cut the legs off while the.

Wig is still on my head typically I cut the lace while the wick is off but I heard it should be get a better fit if you cut it while it’s.

I decided that I want to put where the baby here it’s gonna be to give it even more of a natural look but this is already super realistic like all.

I did was put powder in a delays by that’s it but I’m gonna go and pluck it to get even more of a natural look okay so this is it guys after plucking it putting.

Powder on a part and fixing her up this is the final result she was almost $50 and she does tangled easily because I think she’s crappy but for that I would just buy a waste party I just spray it.

And then tamer down just a little bit to me she’s not long enough but she’s pretty long so most people but I’m loving her she is full of life I never sleep I got it I got it is I’m really right when I get that I pass how can.

*new* Overpowered Post Scoring Combination Tutorial! Unguardable Post Move! Nba 2k19

You know what’s going on guys it’s your boy dignify to K and we’re back with another video now guys today I know a lot of you guys were asking me on stream this is the move that I was doing right here a lot of you guys were asking me how I was doing this move it’s a very very.

Good move and it is new this year it’s a 2k 19 so I know a lot of you guys don’t really know how to.
Lot of you guys are new to post scoring and whenever I figure out a new.

Move that I’d like to use I definitely want to go ahead and drop it for you guys you guys can see right.
Here page wide open space you can do post hop shots.

You can do you can see it right here I can do a fadeaway off of it it creates a ton of space I’m gonna get your defender off guard very easily you can see right here wide open again so let’s.
Go ahead and get right into this tutorial.

Now guys so we’re finally back now let’s go ahead and get right into how to do this move it’s very simple creates a ton of space and I promise.

Defender off-guard now the do this if you guys don’t know go ahead and go to your options and scroll all the way over to 2k u tips.

Very simple you’re gonna go over to the post offense and scroll down all the way to spin or the drive step back now you can see down.

The middle right here doing the spin part of it do the straight step back does the.

Same animation we’ll go ahead and explain both of them so right here you have to hold down your left and right trigger and to do the spin part of it you want to flick your right analog.
Stick in the hand that you have the.

Ball in and you’ll get the spin animation if you want to go straight back all you have to do is flick the analog stick with the off ball hands same thing but right now we’re gonna go ahead and show you this combination with the spin very easy creates a ton.

Of space like I said guys you’re gonna catch a ton of people off-guard you saw in the clips that I posted and I promise you it’s gonna be working a lot of the time so now do this move like I said I’m holding.

Two end right trigger now I’m flicking my right analog stick to my ball hand I’m.

Getting the spin animation just like that now we’re gonna show you the combo what I’m doing I’m gonna.

Do it one more time really quickly and then I’m gonna break it down exactly on how I do it so like I said I got the ball and my right hand now if I want to do this move I’m holding down left trigger and right trigger I’m backing down to my fender all you want to do is hold your right analog stick flick it to the right you’re gonna give this band animation just like this go into the paint post back up and fade away easy green light I know I.

Did it kind of slow right there but I just want to make sure you guys understood exactly what.

I’m doing so I’m gonna break it down a little bit further so you guys should be able to understand this move like I said if your plans but one-on-ones your whatever it it a lot of people are gonna be.

Thinking you’re doing a post-op shot and the only way you could really guard that this year is.

If you jump so if they jump and you have that whole like you have this whole pain to go to it’s an easy.

Found A Gem!!! New Hair Ft. Iwish 7a Brazilian Body Wave. Empress Hair Aliexpress

I’m back with another video and today I have in my I wish hair and I have in four bundles of their 26 inch Brazilian 7 a body wave as this is definitely some 7/8 hair amazing this is this natural wave I haven’t put any heating appliances in this hair since I’ve been rocking it but I thought to jump.

On camera and actually do that for you guys today right now so I hope you guys enjoy this video what I could say about the hair doesn’t.

Shed doesn’t name up at the back of my neck the bluster is too beautiful it’s true to its length I do have 26.

Inches so it’s falling like in the middle of my but I’m 535 4 I just hope you guys enjoyed this video I didn’t.

Really know what else to come and show you guys because it’s amazing Brazilian body wave hair and I love wearing it like this but I know you guys were gonna ask me like toxic that’s it curl good does it straight and good and of course I didn’t want to string in this amazing hair texture I’m just gonna throw in.

Some curls and have two out curly I’m going to put in my flexi rods and a lot of you guys asked me why do I do that and the only reason why I put flexi rods in right after I curled up hair is because I’m.

Like you know allowing the hair to sit and cool off on the flexi rods and then when all of the hair cools off after putting the flexi rods in the hair it’s just gonna look so amazing and so and really really pretty after doing that so that’s why I do that now you know you know you know.
Got it there alright babies let’s begin you I’m back and.

I love how the freakin hair turns out after curling it is so freakin pretty as you can see.

The process really wasn’t that hard it was just me trying to curl my hair with this tiny ass curling iron but other than that it holds an amazing curl is really beautiful.

And I’m so freakin happy I’m about to go out right now finishing up Christmas shopping because I thought I was done but I’m not done but I love you guys so pretty much I’ll list all their information in the description box below please if you’ve rocked I wish hair let us know how your experience was with the hair I would love to know and if.

You guys are looking for some body wave hair I would definitely Mitnick knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit ly say go look up the feedback section trying to get others opinions and purchases hair because so far for me it’s going so well so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I’m probably gonna be wearing this.

Hair for Christmas and New Year’s because it’s just that poppet and I’m pleased with the hair so thanks again for watching babes love you.

How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

Good morning my name is Lee is for we are from Whippany we had import import just Okami is one big supplier him here in Vietnam to many years we managed to quit one of the most famous brand in our country and now we have fins Brian net over half of enemies with many countries in the world today I.

Will buy you how to use 3d you can see three even has many strengths and.

Cliffs blue indicator on we are not personal the number of strip the width of a set the hammer clicks was true customer one let me interview a little about our products with all hundred percent ready for the human heart soft grinning smooth and straight and respectful Tommy’s no eyes I have with it lamp and from 6 to 32 inch and color.
Rec room and one can learn how to.

Use clip in hair set one stand with clean hair as any illness other Rose maybe this track is harder to spirit living comfortably make sure session or hair from he is really just using your little finger.

One never come this doesn’t have to be perfectly straight life secure.

The remaining hair on the top of.

The head with a lot place in three taking her at carving brush some.

Men saw that you created a shelter a trifle premature making comforts flee before having to click hair next checking on clippings that has not only ready to bring in to the Drury the teeth are.

True through the section of Hanoi this replacement head stills here replace them for a set another hand step 5 once employees and figured this is best to look at our bake our happy mirror and measure ready just a noble culture top tips for three being high attention.

You think your pieces behave will make it easier for you to stand to feel confident that they are not.

Showing also having climbing in pastels completely stainless as a rose we’re.

Also make it much easier for fit and die and where it covers if you want to make fitting clip in quicker than working.

With fewer pieces make is much easier just 100 wiper head will be suitable for most people for.

Day-to-day use whereas for the weekend more hands in the Edit when does not have to spare our.

Salad don’t be afraid to switch our higher up on the head this helps you this habit should blend in with your hands no mystery once you invest.

In our gift product leaving is that has published in this condition then we won’t have to worry.

About showing that’s all how to do splitting here I hope that you understand clearly about how about our company and our we’ll just test out your radius son and see you now.

How To Bleach Hair Golden Blonde Light Brown Ft Isee Hair

Welcome back everyone old and new thank you so much for checking this video I’m safe that’s today’s video if you guys haven’t watched my previous video I’ll link it down below i really suggest a person watch it it’s on how each lost unless closure a really help you in today’s video so today i’ll be bleaching here that i.

Precious from i see hey company i tuesday i’m using in this video you guys can get your own type of style wherever you are that I’ll be using clicks highlights lethal hit accounts of 50 grand speech 100.

Milliliters of cream peroxide and clear glass I’ll be also using a container to make comb hair clips neutralizing shampoo organic shampoo and conditioner as well the hair will be using for this video comes from ICJ they have a website and an Alex first tool I purchased three 16 inch bundles and a 16 inch 4 by foreclosure and the Mongolian kinky curly here the hair is super soft I just love the texture it’s really curly and that’s what I wanted before purchasing any hair I would really suggest that you guys do your research.

Make sure you know what the company is offering you and make sure that’s authentic before you make your purchase but I’m so happy with this here that I’ve got some I.

See here it’s really really soft and we use great quality for an affordable price I mix the park set into the beach just to get a smooth consistency and to test out on a small piece of hair I really wanted to see how.

Light I wanted to go with the bleach before I tested it out on the heat and as you guys can see I also saw two here.

Until wig I made a bigger consistency of the product and I sectioned the hair into three equal parts just to make it easier.

With the bleaching process when reaching the hair I started at the bottom and usually the closer and.

Frontal takes the bleach faster than the rest of the hair and I was kind of avoiding that.

Look where the front of the hair is lesser than the back so that’s why I started at the bottom because when I reached the top it would even itself.

Out in that way and with bleaching out highly suggest that you guys do a lot of research on what type of highlight want the hair to come out as because I was going for more golden look with low lights and highlights and that’s why I was bratok and how I placed the bleach under here and we are placed in Bleach just to give the wig dimension and as you guys can see I’m using my fingers just because I like to feel what I’m doing rather than.

Using your fingers to smooth the bleach rather than combing the bleach into the hair helps a lot if they.

Are voiding loosening the hair texture and the.

Hair is already kinky curly I don’t want to loosen it up and bleaching loosen.

The hair texture already so I was kind of worried loosen it further to smooth the hair texture and I just went in just randomly putting bleach in.

Different sections going higher and some sections and lower and some sections just to give the weight dimension when the final color comes up as you guys can see this is just a closer look at the bleach I kept the bleach I realized that when I was bleaching the here it was literally turning really quickly and I was I wasn’t really sure of like the color was.