My Thoughts On My Mental Health And Myself.

I got a few things I want to talk about first off life fuckin sucks it does for everybody unless you’re born into something that’s fucking just really awesome it fucking sucks for the rest of us struggle and struggle and struggle and fucking whatever else all the time might not even be a physical struggle it might be mental might.

Be monetary by monetary it might be job wise might be with drugs could be a whole laundry list of things but for me it’s.

Been with mental health and my mental health has been really shitty because I got sucked into something I lost my sense of self and lost my just myself along the way that’s really all.

I how I can put it I’ve just lost myself and since then it’s just been I really don’t even know how to describe it it’s not been like I’ve been on autopilot in a way like I I’m here.

But I’m not here if that makes any sense like I can do all my normal things that are due but my mind’s elsewhere it’s been.

Thinking about one situation in particular in that situations been with a girl I was talking to for well today is the 25th of October and we started talking before her birthday which.

Is May 20 May 16th May 21st something along those lines started talking a couple days before that so we talked for shit till just this past Saturday even though I’ve been getting fuck you leave me alone fuck you leave me alone fuck you leave me alone I don’t want you in my life fuck you leave me alone I’ll still been.
Trying and trying and trying trying because been abandoned my.

Life by everybody I get close to somebody and they just fucking buy a motherfucker by halle and when I don’t expect that to happen like shit we talked about it we did I mean there’s a whole laundry list of things that made me think about it and I didn’t know when to leave well enough alone.

Because I got consumed and addicted into trying to find out what the fuck went wrong because I mean it just it went from everything was cool and well and alright and.

Everything that I could think would be alright or what I would constitute is alright to all of a sudden I don’t want to talk I don’t want to talk to you I ain’t talking to nobody but I’ll talk to anybody but you pretty much just that’s how it how it seemed it’s not been the case I’m sure but that’s how it seemed to me and I’m just gonna.

Get the shit off my chest and actually say it instead of just balling it in so I don’t have anybody to talk to just.

Fucking expensive to get help shit I barely have I barely barely get by on my damn own much less be able to afford three four five hundred dollars or fucking bills from a doctor’s office.

To go to the damn crazy doctor put me on some pills make me feel like I’m crazy put me on pills cuz I am crazy but the situation’s will make you fucking crazy man just anything you could fucking think of can make you fucking crazy well this situation has.

Made me crazy you know I’m gonna I’m gonna explain a little bit I’m not gonna go into like super fucking detail or nothing like that with it but I just give you the gist so back to the story I was telling I’ve been talking to this girl for since before her.

Birthday earlier this year everything was good we talked every day just about all day we’d call each other she called me I’d call her with video chat we would but okay sorry for that I had to pause for a moment but back to my story she’s talking a.

Girl for then till here just a week ago I.

Actually said one thing one little tiny thing I wouldn’t say it was Thalia it’s a big ol ball that’s message that’s that’s another time a place but I’m talking to this girl and wasn’t really like talking seriously but it was serious that makes sense and I’m joined go out but while we we tell bulged a bunch of different things about ourselves to each other that.

Sure that neither one of us had opened up and talked about anybody else or very very seldomly wanted to talk to anybody else about it so that gives me a strong connection I mean you know how you just feel like.
You start talking to somebody and you felt.

Them for your forever that’s how I felt it sound still feel like off my fucking cosmic energy is fucked up right now because we had a falling out because I fucking lost my shit well I mean I wouldn’t necessarily say I.

Lost my shit I got really really fucking upset that I got I’ve been saying stone or stood up not stone why I was gonna say something else I’ve been saying stood up but she had other shit happen.

On my birthday that kept her you know let me go ahead again start talking let shit go.

Out start talking to her shit happens on my birthday then I won’t go into that was understandable she had some shit pop up with some family and we had plans on my birthday and all those plans we fuckin we we had.

Days and days and days and it come for us to fall.

Through those plans that she had some pop up she couldn’t come so I got really fucking upset about it I got a I got to go into other details.

Too a couple days before that was a couple days before my birthday she was in a relationship with this.

Guy and been and been a relationship with him for three years and she broke up with him changed her facebook status everything like that from an relationship to single well we already been close like I said we had that fit I had that I’m pretty sure she did too but she’s got she’s got her own issues I’m not gonna go into it all I can’t talk about it because they’re they’re not my issues we’re talking about.

My issues right here so my birthday comes and the shit happens.

And she can’t come so I get really upset about it because that was a big.

Deal to me I mean goddamn she had this is my first video I’m ever gonna put on fucking YouTube weather than like a concert piece of a concert I put it’s an HD video on and I fucking Ben Harper an instant criminals video I even tried to put another Ben Harper video on there but fucking whoever on the publishing rights to it was like naw motherfucker he.

Ain’t getting that shit so I got upset because she didn’t happen on my birthday I’m 32 and I ain’t ever rain shit my mom left when I was fucking 7 they.

Got the board my dad mom got divorced when I was 3 she left I was 7 I ain’t seen or heard from her so there’s one person who leave my dad he never really been there I could see his ass right now he never really been there I mean he has but it was hard at a hard motherfucking life being 6 & 7 years old having to cook your own supper learning how to cook.

Because ain’t nobody at home to help you fucking eat if you don’t know how to cook it you ain’t even just how.

Fucking was he gone to work or whatever worked third shift I was in Thailand for corporate meal and sorry I did I had to deal with a bunch of shit bunch of shit about shit so going through all that shit.

I’ve had it I’ve had pretty rough shit for my life ain’t ever had shit I never really been one to want very much no I have very many.

Needs don’t have everybody wants I just want to be happy I want to be all time or get irritated and snappy it’s um I said something just like what motherfucker what do you.

Want what are you looking at me for fuck what you say my name just the.

Way you said my name has fucking earthed me what and I don’t.

Want to be like that shit fuck no stupid I want to be happy I want to be able to smile got dimples shit goddamn bullshit people live that shit even.

Though I got a fucking fat chin that roll right here every time I put my head down but I’m just gonna be putting I’m just gonna talk some real shit it’s.

Really really all I’ve been wanting to do I’ve been trying and trying and trying like I said I wanted to take this talk on this video about mental health well it’s hard to be able to maintain your mental health when you don’t have insurance or you can’t afford insurance I’m single and got no kids.

And got no family my dad and a few people that I do have like my grandma or my fuckin best friend he’s he’s really he’s the only motherfucker that’s got my back in this world only motherfucker just got my back in this world and I fucking it come down to and I had to take a bullet for him.

The motherfucking heart beat because he’s my dude and.

I know he would do the same for me but back to mental health it’s hard when you can’t get insurance I mean I could but try to.

Go to Obamacare’s healthcare.

Whatever fucking shit is nowadays and it’s gonna take over 60% of my yearly income just for insurance 60% over 60% I’m sorry over 60 fucking percent and that’s a lot of money out of my pocket just for insurance for if.

I want to go to the hospital the one time of year I might have to go to the hospital her the two times a year knuckle motherfucking would the times I had.

I mean literally this this year to the whole year of 2018 I haven’t had to go to the doctor a single time a single time and I’m gonna move the camera for a second because I got my joint I couldn’t do it well it’s it’s this small this is my medication right here.

My medication because I can’t afford to go to.

The doctor because I don’t have shit the doctor.

I can afford to go to which I can’t afford to go to right now cuz I’m a mom I’ve got a shitty ass job and the doctor Hawking before.

To go to it’s like 40 bucks a visit and you got to pay then and that’s that’s just because I’ve been one time already and if.

I hadn’t been it would be fifty bucks I think as would be as some shit like that but other than that the rest of the places around here charge you an arm and a leg just.

They would charge me in one visit what I would make it an entire week at work just for the visit would be able to get no medicine if they give me a shot or something like that at the office it would be more than I’ll be able to afford so I wouldn’t be able to shot any fucking ways so I’m just gonna put.

That out now so I’m pretty much shit out look when it comes to that so I have to have my one option that I can go to but as for mental health that’s what I’m talking about my own mental health I would not be able to even be.

Considered to be seen by a fuckin place matter-of-factly here recently it’s been so bad for me I I hate to say it out loud really but I’ve had suicidal thoughts for.

A while now long time I mean I have have really bad days and then I have our out days and then I have days that it’s not even I thought sometimes some as a rare days rare rare rare days and it’s bad when the only way that you really could get help is mental help is going to those places because you could call like across the slot or you don’t necessarily calling cross climate it’s called suicide.

Prevention hotline or anything like that it’ll send the police to your house they’re gonna make a big stink about it maybe won’t put.

You fucking in a crazy crazy crazy house or something I don’t fucking know what they want to do nowadays I thought about getting myself committed but I haven’t done it because I’m like no that just looks bad looks bad on makes me feel like it looks.

Bad on yourself to be put in one of those places like damn yeah I’ve been to the crazy house not necessarily that it’s a.

Bad thing because they do what they’re supposed to do they’re supposed to help you out of a.

Place but I know several people that’s been there didn’t know it just masks certain situations so I’m pretty much shit outlook so what I’ve done I broke down try to rot try creative outlets.

To try to help get some of my emotions out get the shit out of my head it’s a constant war it’s a constant battle all the time day in and day out it doesn’t stop it’s constantly I mean it’s it’s.

Himself to go to sleep different things like of that nature I mean I if I didn’t force myself to go to sleep I wouldn’t want to go to sleep I’m not that I don’t want to go.

Sleep it’s just my wouldn’t my body would wouldn’t let me because there’s it’s always sites always going.

Always always going and it’s why I smoke weed mainly that and having an appetite if I didn’t smoke weed I wouldn’t have an appetite at all I wouldn’t eat.

Hardly anything I’m sad to say oh I mean I’m not really bad but I’m fat you can’t see me but I’m fat and if I didn’t smoke weed wouldn’t he shit I lost 120 pounds in a year because soft I worked in food and I saw food all the time.

And I just lost my appetite fully like like just I go to two days three days without eating and I have to smoke I’d smoke.

A little bit that would help me out plus it would help with my mental health that’s one of the main reasons why I still.

Kidney Transplant

Sardo cochlea I am the Acholi of department of Nephrology and renal transplant medicine had photos my model Research Institute Gurgaon I’m going to be talking about kidney transplantation and the misconceptions that are generally associated with that low gear searched a manky kidney transplantation Chabad kidney body except Craigie and hickory ghee kidney soup Kathy Hawken a.

Courtier rejection Quijote infections bachata Tony burgeoning economy karma Bandra hunga gamma bodman no clicker certain colleges act on shoddy Cossack Tommy and Incas a cow yes aradhana gala thing up transplantation Kaiba the God they came to exile me.

Johan graft survival rates both Hankey Joe kidneys tongue second Korean Korean art and a percent opium pods Albuquerque banana peppers in Tokyo the salvia sissy percent chaos bus grafts tick tock conquer a hotel rejections hope they.

Hang kidneys me but rejections go up asan he said he’d go septic mush kill say parts a dispersant rejection as a voltage or treatable nahi hota doosra gap infection.

Ski chances Barjatya jiha transplant a bottom up the body may immunosuppression valle de wanna date a jockey immune system coda Bacharach teen for his comic Libya nahi hai ki aapki body made infections air learning accountable Kolkata Marathi up key body made infection Salonika Champa Holy See kombucha tea auto-scaling ham Logano surveillance murakhtin up key.

Lagata Josh MOT or Jesse a Gurkha infection key situation Lochte heroes cotton trachea data.

To infections by themselves are not such a big issue infections can happen with an increased frequency especially in the first three months but after the first one year the rate of infection in a transplanted patient is almost equivalent to the rate of infection in the general population finally patient Sam say hey pooch think you have to transplant.

A bath / hiker Sactown colleges Aktau in a school ja Sactown coming off liquor sat down to in subsidy can I say American operations.

Hotel transferred to knock Rica Rio they transplant KJ have take about in fact chess a art of take a bath majority can go back to work students can go back to school or college and we’ve had lots of patients who got married after our transplantation and have even had children for patients who are suffering from what we call chronic kidney disease stage five where you either need to make a choice between.

Dialysis or transplantation and transplantation like.

I said is by far the best option for people.


Delays For Wheelchairs And Other Assistive Devices Worsen Under Ford

In the member for Tim it’s coming Cochran my question is to the Minister of Health and long-term care the assistive devices program helps people with long-term physical disabilities pay for customized equipment like wheelchairs to access the program the client must have an evaluation done by either an occupational therapist or a physiotherapist typically right after the evaluation the device.

Provider orders equipment as soon as it arrives provides it to the client typically the turnaround program with the.

Ministry of Health is six weeks before the provider of the equipment gets the funds currently it’s six months Oh so the providers who are.

Providing this equipment a lot of them are at risk of going out of business instead of being open for business in this case you’re actually closing the.

Businesses that provide provide essential services to our people.

What is the purpose of the leg premiere well thank you very much for the question I am certainly.

Course we want to make sure that the appropriate analysis is done to make sure.

That the equipment is required if there is a longer period than what is usual then it’s something that we are looking into and we’re going to try and reduce that time leg both for the person who needs the service as well as a person who’s providing it to make sure that they.

Is work to be done it is something that we’re aware of in the ministry and we’re trying to lessen that time like thank you and I’d like to thank you the.
One of the store owners and my writing got this response from.

The minister when he asked a.

Question because they’re saying well it’s it’s the store owners fault because their priests applying so they should just wait for approval so and the service.

Management this program says it doesn’t make and I quote it doesn’t make financial sense to priests apply chairs and equipment what if a client gets a new wheelchair from a supplier right away and then in.

Four weeks the client dies those from the ministry my mother is in a wheelchair.

And I can pay for it but there are millions of people are thousands of people in this province who can’t so do you agree with that statement who cares if the client’s the client doesn’t die in.

Four weeks they need those chairs right away the ministries bill do it in six weeks why can’t the government of it for the people do it in six weeks Minister indicated an earlier answer we got elected by the people for the people so patient safety and patient needs are of.

Utmost concern to us we want to make sure that people are going to get both the drugs that they need the treatment they need and the equipment they need in a timely manner and that applies whatever stage they are in their life they deserve and expect to have that treatment and we are going to deliver it to them can we delay the time leg yes will people get the.

Equipment though absolutely yes they will.


Alpro Soya – Vanille Ice Cream & Yoghurt – Crap Review

poopy and welcome to CREP reviews the internet show where we review stuff whilst taking a crap who were finished with mr. boop bee I’ve got two products with me today we’ve got our pros of vanilla yogurt as well as ALP Rose vanilla ice cream so I thought the ice cream before it’s very.

Good it’s very good it tastes very vanilla so I like that we’ll keep that as last first of all we’re going to start off with the yogurt pot so let’s open.

There we go oh that’s some mom yeah it’s Ferrier see it’s raw it’s a bit now okay.

It’s a bit thick at the top you just have to mix.

It a bit I guess with the ones on the bottom there you go.

I must say not too bad not too bad at all it is pretty good I must admit I must amuse it’s it’s very nice it’s like you.

Should taste the vanilla in it but there’s also like a lot of taste to it it’s not like the ice cream it’s it’s a bit more sour as this to be expected from yoghurt I guess but it’s it’s not it’s not bad at all it’s it’s very good it’s a very nice mixture in my opinion all right.

Close that one that put it back in the fridge off the rendang and then I will have a look at the ice cream now as I said I’ve I’ve tasted this one before so this.

One’s already opened here you go here’s the ice cream again you.

Know if it shows up on camera no small black dots yeah.

That’s typical to the vanilla vanilla products that you get oh yeah let’s enjoy no it is a big difference you taste the vanilla on both of them really but.

This one is a lot sweeter of course because it’s.

Ice cream so but at the same time it’s it’s like a different taste but you can you can still taste the vanilla obviously but there is a difference between the two so I really like.

It I really do this just tastes like regular vanilla ice cream in my opinion sound.

Very nice she’s gonna close the lid there we go put these back in the fridge and in the freezer and I’m gonna clean myself up and we will see each other in the next crap review take care bye.

Bye bye if you enjoyed watching this video be sure to leave some feedback when ID or a comment or like you can also subscribe to me for more content or watch one of these recommendations on other games that I played or videos that I made see you all next time.

What Is The Definition Of Health Education

Hi how are you everyone welcome back to my lovely channel for your information this video was created on 10 August 2018 18 of our 38 of minute and 19 of second in this lovely day we are going to explain something the thing is what is the definition of health education in the next few second you will get a.

Information about what is the definition of health education hopefully it will help you enjoy the video here is the explanation about what is the definition of health education health education is any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals.

And communities improve their health by increasing their knowledge or influencing their attitudes now we will give you 20 seconds to read again the explanation by yourself so you can absurd this information please take your time you hi that’s all of the explanation if you find this video helpful please like and comment on this video and subscribe this channel thank you and see you again in another video goodbye.

Chappy's Word Of The Day Storm Riders Don't Kill Themselves

Get all that look at all that look at that holy crap Wow the chooser just stripped and they’re broken Wow all right I thought I recorded the overturned oh look at the back of their house deciding to strip off the side of that back of the house yard is kind of crap – and there’s more trim down right.

There that more over here look.

Go that down there sometime skippers head look at all that down there this is right behind the house there’s.

A lot more they pull out of the road tree.

Down over there all bunch of trees down right there a whole bunch of trees down over here and this house this house is trash look at that village is completely almost.

Gone look at all that crazy crazy coming around keep passing more of places that I just looked over up missing all that keep passing more plates where it gets destroyed and this is like right by the house this is worse than last time like closer of the house last time look at.

That look at that beef another just absolutely destroyed okay this is the first time I drove this way since the tornado and I cannot believe this was right by our house look at.

That this is right across the street okay look at that this this happened on the last tornado look at that look at that it’s right across the street look at that I’m floored I knew.

It was on top of us but holy crap again seriously thank you Lord look more down over there thank you Lord protect.

Me deputies Wow it’s more than and I want to show you these three colors the ball is coming through this coming up with pretty colors it’s coming here you can’t see so Bernie I’ll be here these colors will all the heroin comes of using traveling through pretty awesome pretty pretty it’s been pretty pretty street birth tree all those trees down and if that didn’t hit the house though here as a building somewhere I don’t think it’s one of them oh this part of that roof.
Over there see the roof down I’m reading the field over there alright let.

Me pause it all that and you can tell the heat until the old stuff fresh breaks over where all the fresh break through that tree just snap completely off we came right through here look look in the back there steal.

This tree down and there’s a whole bunch more now good that you’re eating fresh break right there I missed that notice how the road logs cut from the last okay I saw this bald eagle over here in the.

When there’s local reforms bald eagles okay right there okay right he was just chillin the field about I’ll keep it parking on to now up to the tree up.
There really cool so seeing that Eagle in the middle of the field in.

The midst of all the destruction really got me thinking and I was wondering with all the trees being knocked down and I’ve seen their nest their nests are massive so I don’t know if their nests are destroyed during the storm and they have to rebuild them or what but the fact that these Eagles survived this tornado just blew my mind I’m like like what do they do do they.

Hunker down in the trees do they do they go in the ground and and find a place.

To hide behind something big so I did some research and you will not believe what I found out three it’s gonna blow your mind hear me or not or if you can.

The Negative And Positive Affects Of Video Games On Your Health!

Hey it’s your boy Raymond sippy and I’ll be talking to you about the negative effects of video games on your home please mind my nasal congestion it’s probably the worst day for me but I feel video games of negative effects and can be harmful for your overall health your mood and most of all your well-being it affects your.

How you socialize interact with others and its effects by physically mentally emotionally socially and it is an addiction to a question which is very harmful to them some of.

The effects are health issues academic issues wrong values so socially disconnected and you can have relationship problems and also the main thing is aggressive behavior and as the counter-argument.

I would say the positive effects would be working together as a team like in a squad like if there’s a squad mode like this I’m not in the game it could also make you have better decision-making maintaining accuracy and fast decisions better coordination and motor skills better cognitive functioning and in conclusion I would like to say I also play first-person shooter games and at first if he was good at the after a while tries.

Making me tired and I would advise parents to encourage and encourage their kids should play it if you don’t game tomorrow wisely and man is our time better ones playing video games thank you.

Whoa! Fungal Toe! | Healthy Feet Podiatry Of Tampa And Wesley Chapel

Is like random healthy podiatry today we have a fungal toenail that we are getting rid of you said you heard it what a couple years ago okay and it’s just never come back right he’s been trying topical products so we decided it’s so he’s already numb so I’m going to check and make sure he’s numb first and then.

We’ll free the nail up all right you’re gonna feel pressure but no pain okay if you feel pain anything okay so a lot of people on our previous videos always.

Ask about the whole tourniquet thing I’m not a big fan of using a tourniquet mostly because we’re putting a chemical agent in there and it’s kind of a chemical burn so I want to make sure that we do get good blood.

Flow to the area to make sure that it heals right that’s the way I’ve always been doing it and that’s kind of the best results I’ve gotten up until this point so you can see here with this free or I’m basically going underneath the nail and freeing it up and.

It kind of gives so you know when you’re in that plane that you want to be in and when you kind of push up you can kind of see the nail wiggle a.

Little bit alright next to get this hemostat here and you grasp it alright and then we pull up and twist and pop it out okay so you can kind of see the edges of the nail here and here so that way you know you got the whole thing alright so next up we’re gonna.

It certainly feels like it alright no more nail underneath there again you can see doesn’t really have a ton of bleeding considering there tourniquet even with the tourniquet you’re going to get some congestion and.

Blood in that area so last but not least is the chemical so again with the chemical textbook wise usually suggest ten seconds again I’ve kind of fine-tune my technique.

I find if I leave it on a little bit longer than that it actually tends to affect the patient negatively sometimes they get some blistering on the.

Skin and that can cause worse complications afterwards so I like to do about five seconds give or take for kids usually I’ll do it a little bit quicker do a little outside that reference range of the child all right last application here all right last but not least we’re gonna kind of rinse it.

Off here a little bit with some vinegar clean it nice and neat clean it off one more time and then we’re gonna put some antibiotic ointment on here all right you can see.
The black discoloration that’s normal that’s from the.

Chemical all right that will go away you’re gonna change this daily all right but some.

Medication on there and then we’re gonna wrap this bad boy up all right so what we’ll do like I said you’re gonna change this daily we’ll have you back.

Here in two weeks to check it all right if there’s any problems with that obviously please give me a call if not two.

Weeks we’ll check it clean it up if we need to hopefully by that point you should be okay do you have any questions like I said please call all right ibuprofen for the pain you guys have.

Questions leave them below in the comments if there’s.

Anything that you’d like to see same thing let us know like us on youtube help us get some higher subscribers as we inch up towards 70,000 which would be fantastic like us on facebook follow us on YouTube.

Your Child's Healthy Feet Development

Okay and eyesight and hearing and we as parents tend to go to the professionals for these matters and medical professionals and when it comes to the development of our children’s feet that are going to serve him for life we don’t to even give a second thought to these things to the medical matters and I end up found myself.

Shop when my child was just learning to walk and thoughts going through my mind like affordability and current trains and.

I realized actually there should be more things I’ve got to consider and that brought.

Me to a deep passion for how the feet development in.

My research and I brought my husband along to speak to some of the professionals because he’s not entirely as convinced as I am so here we are today I’m Leticia quarter from puppet patch this is my husband the puppet dead Ian’s recorder we with dr.

Linden chiropractic and Audrey and I’m from Green States foot wave so let’s ask the professionals question I noticed you touched my shoulder when you said the professionals.

I suppose let me put this into context because my bias is regard being a bit skeptical with shoes goes back probably to my childhood I’m one of four four brothers four siblings and it was quite standard to pass down shoes from child to child in.

Ex effect there was a pair of rugby boots have served my three older brothers myself my oldest son my oldest Nathan in my younger son the same boots and I was actually cracked crosswind the oldest son I mean the younger son was wearing them in the boots came apart probably 45 years later after their initial purchase so we grew up certainly wear shoes had to be serviceable not for mature.

In there was a grudge curve purchase I’ve got to.

Be honest so I’ve got that bias in there I come along with so I’m glad we are.
Here with the professionals.

So the so-called correct shoe for the correct stage of a child’s development what’s it all about Rebecca so between the first 10 and 24 months our kids are just going to be crawling around and experiencing nature experiencing the environment around them so in this cases it’s important to.

Have a shoe that’s that’s going to be soft and something that would similarly present some happy style this space for their foot to move these nerve and really hard materials that are gonna restrict any movement because remember in this stage these our.

Nervous system is still developing so we’ve got our sensory memory systems that develop just by the sensation of touch so.

We know the difference between halting illega and standing on an acre and so they they will.

Understand the difference of holding sand and with their feet so it’s really important to make them experience textures and feelings of all of these sensations but as the notice system develops we start to we start to develop something that’s very important to balance and this is where the balance comes in.

In in the structure or in the supports and importance of their supporting defeat and essentially as we really developing we don’t need any.

Arch support it leaves them to ask me to fully developed which.

Raised between the ages of 13 and 18 years prior to this all we really need is just space.

Amazon Favorites! Random Beauty + Health Stuff You Need!?

Hey everybody its Angie and welcome to hunting flashy today’s video is gonna be a little weird and different for my channel because in today’s video I’m gonna show you all the random things that I like to buy on Amazon this is a video that has been going around on YouTube I’ve seen a lot of people make it and.

It’s really interesting because as you know Amazon is such a huge warehouse of things that they carry everything and when you.

Need something just like out of the ordinary that you can’t get anywhere else you go to Amazon and also because my hair and makeup are different I probably don’t even look like me today but I needed to record.

A bunch of videos today because I’m trying to get away on vacation for a week this is from a video that may or may not even be up already I’m not sure what order I’m gonna put these up but I’m trying all new makeup on my face today and I actually kind of like the makeup look but it.

Is a lot I know your guys are gonna be like what who is that that doesn’t look like re Ange anyway let’s get into it let’s start in beauty you guys will recognize a few of these things one of my new phase from the last oh I don’t know.

I’d say maybe six months or so is this lash and brow gel called babe lash I love this guy especially for the eyebrows now I do have brow product.

In actually two different ones can you tell that they’re different because you know that was part of the new makeup for the other video but my brows have grown.
In so amazingly using this I’ve.

Used three other lash + brow growth products and they all seem to work better on my lashes this one I’m not really loving it so much for the lashes but I love it for the brows it has made my brows grow in like crazy and I never wear brow makeup now because of the babe lash so I.

Love babe lash so that’ll be.

In my Amazon shop everything I’m going to show you today will be in my Amazon shop you just click the one link below the video to go over there.

All of these things plus everything else that’s in there which are all kind of my fave products number two.

I get my two little blue bottles on Amazon that I separate my vitamin C serum into two bottles and then store one in the fridge and one in my having it to help the vitamin C serum last longer.

Because all l-ascorbic acid based vitamin C serums will oxidize over time as you use it opening and closing every day as its exposed to light and air so when I get a brand new bottle of vitamin C serum that’s a one ounce.

Err I divide it up into these two half ounce bottles so I pour half of it into.

The one with just the plain lid and then I stick that one in the fridge and then I pour the other half into this bottle which has the dropper and then I keep this one in my medicine chest and this is one that I use every day and some people are just like well why can’t I just leave it in the one ounce bottle can I just use an old 1 ounce bottle and the problem is.

That if you have a 1/2 ounce in a 1 ounce bottle the whole surface is exposed to air inside the bottle and what you want to have inside the bottle is as little air as possible so splitting it into two.