Blade Runners Systems Butterfly Knife History | Knife Banter Ep. 58

Today a bladed key we have Lawrence from Blade Runner systems when you handle a balisong when you’re competing that balance and those little nuances really start to play a critical role go see my tricks yeah what is up guys today a bladed key we have Lawrence from Blade Runner systems he’s all come all the way from New Jersey.
To come visit us New Jersey this is your first time.

Yeah and you just had a fine Utah.

Staple I had a fry sauce and with I had a Utah burger with Bryce loss and that poured more fry sauce on it and it was amazing yes he’s been initiated now we’re gonna talk knives the.

The reason we wanted to have Mara’s on was to kind of learn your story the the Blade Runner system is the BRS story and also to look at some of your knives and how they related that story so where did you start Lawrence what’s what’s the story man ah you know I started a lot like um probably people the people watching this video I’ve always had a passion for knives since I was a young.

Kid and I fell out of it for a little bit but when YouTube and the internet started to you know have a lot more social media presence like started looking at review started looking at him again and as.

Breed you know Kindle that interest and I found my way into the the balisong and shortly after started you know got my first one started flipping found a small little niche community and before you knew what I was just completely consumed by it I I just.

I loved it I like just obsessed about it I wanted to make new tricks I wanted to learn every trick I started you know competing with other members of the community and and that’s kind of where I met at my partner co-founder of Blade Runner systems and just kind of you know went from there.

So you guys kind of started talking you and ed and you said I would imagine the conversation went something like this like there isn’t a perfect butterfly knife out there yeah you know when you handle a balisong.

And specifically for the purpose of tricks and not just basic openings but like more advanced tricks when you’re competing that balance and those little nuances really start to play a.

Critical role and so a lot of the knives that were available at the moment they were okay but there was always one or two or three little shortcomings really I wish it.

Little bit longer a little bit lighter maybe a little.

Heavier at this end or that end all these little nuances and what we thought about was you know there really isn’t a purpose bill you know battle-ready knife that’s meant just for the you know the spirit and the sport of competition yeah so we want to do that so that’s when you know we start brainstorming said well.

You know all the knives that we flipped all the flipping experience how do we put that into one package and that’s essentially we came from it so it’s essentially how the how.

The alpha beast was was born it pretty much.

Took into consideration everything that we as flippers wanted and the community said that they wanted into a knife longer handles you know chamfered edges around the handle feedback points so you know where you are when when you’re flipping the the knife every.

Cheeseaholic Gets Exposed In Nba 2k19! Greatest Comeback Of The Year! (must Watch)

Older guy now mom what was she thinking remember amazing and she was hot and everything was via YouTube issue boy stumpy teen be I’m back when on the video man today I’m gonna be exposing cheese a holic now if I actually get into this video I just want to say it was it was a good game but I.

Watch wait to the ending but this is a good game I don’t know if cheese was in Canada or not but I was super delayed and on top of that and my mom but I was on.

Her like a little Street Hill done like a 10-game Street so they got a lot of chemistry I was playing with subscribers by the way.
So that’s AJ to horse he played his heart out he played.

Good man this was a good eyes game I’m not gonna like it but without further ado I’m gonna run into the live commentary because we’re supporting me talking over there gameplay when I was you know when I say I got a little sunlight Fiat Bravo ran turtlecom like comment subscribe I’m Mario stepmoms tell.

Mama for it bored wait wait wait wait wait wait we now.

Here right here right here right here boy right well you got a fix but you got a pick yeah we lost brother citizen you shot down no pop out why are you in the pain both stop going to the pain pop outs.
In it so you swing all right all.

Right take that let’s go shoot that no no don’t.

Don’t right here right here right here right here though cut cut cut this oh shoot that lets go brah right Green Valley so give me I said give me I said hey you’re reaching I saw damn I white is that still mamas tell mama forget on mama get on mama get on mama Stan I’m stealing them down my mouse down my batter all times down my bus tell mama I saw it the game this.

Is my fight ice over down my last el mapa you we love he’s sold right wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait no no I.

Don’t have to take over from here just go J I’m out of you J I’m out of you J good I’m how do you I’m adding you goodra.

Nfl Angriest Moments

The pile he goes to dig his way wolf among a couple down there in Peko with his hands right around his ankles while we have a fight on the other side look at this after Crabtree helmets being thrown to lead wrapped it off referee is down and look at holding on to his ribs let’s start it with the.

Was Crabtree on a key to leave remember there’s some history between these two guys I think that’s really.

Where the fight started Crabtree actually blocks them we have another one right here this is crazy because now you’re gonna get ejected from the game I mean this is just selfish but when your own self-interest are more important than the team that you put yourself at your team at risk and that’s just that’s terrible just can’t do it you gotta.

Exercise some self-control and then moments ago here’s what happened yeah I think this is fucking watch watch this block look and it doesn’t stop there.

Wow I mean you just knew that this was going to happen and that’s that’s all on crabtree right there and of course to.

Leave he retaliates I think you’ve got Lyman in there and this is just out of control and now the officials are going to try and decipher what happened watch this now stay with this replay cuz crit bump Crabtree there’s a good chance then he gets tossed Wow they both took us look at that yep and the official I think the first one got inside there yeah Grill up to lead with that hit Crabtree did after to leave it thrown a bunch.

Joe Atkins so that’s Amari Cooper Wow journalist Adam Jones Adam Jones uh that was that’s token the.

Line there a little bit Barbara her up seven himself after the extra point try you know he was playing the win Oh.

And as a direct hit on the shamash they’re in a bad couple of seconds therefore carpenter crowd is juiced up on third down what this burger talks is it too high for Le’Veon Bell well watch.

Antonio Brown Roethlisberger looking the other way but this frustration here is going to boil over to the sidelines this is a first class temper tantrum thrown by Antonio Brown trying to get cooled down by.

Offensive coordinator Todd Haley pulls away from.

Haley competitive but you’ve got to be a little bit more under control on the sidelines it helps with daily routine which was a 37 he’s trying to bring.

Five through their head slides will it be a flag if his ball is intercepted no flags oh there’s a light one that this.

Is not going to be for the interception it’s gonna be there’s a couple of flags different sides of.

Field well there definitely was White’s definitely holding Gronk that wasn’t cool he’s holding them again and then gets away with it they don’t call it he intercepts the pass it’s a little banged.

Up he’s down someone comes by and hits Brock from behind and then Gronk this is going.

To get flat all Grox a hundred percent floats one has got Douglas and Douglas makes the catch remember this is third down and that ball moved let’s take another look they called it a catch on the field so did he actually lose possession we’ll find out now I’m not sure even after here the ruling on the field stands.

Hardball goes crazy on the sidelines the moss Randy boss has three catches for just 23 yards Andre Johnson and Courtland Finnegan.

It and off the ward on third and eighth ward leaning forward flags come down all those punching now that Finnegan and hundred Johnson going after it both of the helmets were ripped off and we may have.

Even more action oh it’s continuing it spills over that’s gotten ugly Finnegan was mad about the previous play took a shot right away and Andre Johnson and now they’re going to be tossing Andre Johnson out of the game.

For sure he’ll get the thumb because he connected on a couple of haymakers on Finnegan wouldn’t be surprised if Finnegan doesn’t get an early shower to toss them both out because of this action right here Finnegan gets the first shot then gets his helmet knocked off he takes off Johnson and now Johnson is going to get a couple of good shots in there or bad shots if.

You will and they’re both gone as well they should be hey that I just felt that good leaf was out of line Jake came in dinner interview him and he went.

Off later that day after he yelled at me he read an apology on camera I misdirected my anger after cassadee game I was extremely this point in my performance let it show he read the.

Piece of paper and then he crumpled it up and and threw it back into his locker first in ten at the 22 now a vocal mendenhall in the backfield shotgun for office burger look at nine o’clock by Sanders touchdown Steelers a perfectly thrown ball by Roethlisberger and Sanders with the catch and a fight flags are thrown this time Roethlisberger saying something to see more that he didn’t like and.

That will get Seymour ejected from the game punching Roethlisberger.

Right in the chops there and everybody else takes a nasty hit car jumps to his feet and Donald Penn said I didn’t like the way.

You treated my quarterback when she got his hands on an official well Jim just walk us through everybody that did something wrong the.

Rule I don’t think not about flags the big one though is Lynch right here does he yeah that oh that’s he’s gonna get tossed I bet there’s a chance.

He gets tossed Spears matchup between Odell Beckham and Josh Mormon with summing someone coming over to Odell and calming him down I’m sitting here watching him paced up and down this sideline but something that did.

Happen this time around his quarterback Eli Manning coming over his wide receivers coach Adam Henry getting in his face grabbing him and telling him to.

Knock it off Rodgers floats it driver and complete and a little scrum breaks out after the play again receive this is called against but a good stop bye-bye Detroit and baby if this is a personal foul against looks right defense.

Number 19 for kicking so not only is this a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct but it will give the Green Bay Packers another shot at getting a touchdown and Sue is kicked out of the game they can argue all they want about this one but he’s not going to get to play anymore this afternoon you’re gonna see it right in here and Evan Dietrich Smith.

He actually does a great job on the block that’s an excellent block on his part and Dominic ensued doesn’t like it he jams his helmet into the turf to start with about three times and then at the end of this is when he makes the kick there’s no place for that in football for the Houston Oilers on an 11 game winning streak capped a deal with internal.

Between offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan boils over after Ryan disagrees with Gill brides play selection the Bears what we thought they were what we thought they were we played them in pre-season who the hell takes a third game in a preseason like us both both we played him in the third game everybody played three quarters there bears or who we thought they were.

That’s why we took the damn field.

Now if you want to crowd them then crown their ass but they are who we thought they were and we let him on hook we started to come on after that hundred yard performance Sunday Paul’s gone ends on right back to Kelsey you thought the news interfere driven back to the end zone Lu Kamara who missed on that interception early in.

The game was there on the coverage LC said that they turned him and hooked him away from the ball right there that hand around the net he was hit before the ball arrived. Bain said that ball was too high for Kelsey oh Kelsey is ha now he’s ejected from the game he’s out it must have been some verbal confrontation he was hot terms of whatever he said to the official was not warranted and Andy.

Reid’s not going to be happy with this here is second at 15 handoff is to brain able to stay off variety.

And picks up a first down there’s Beckham again what is going on watch the end.

Of this play it’s not it it’s here and.

They go head to head then Norman gets in with a knee into the head..

Ten Capital Marketplace 1990s

Before you have a look at any form of advertising for your business or organization have a look at how some of our clients have found the effectiveness of our marketplace pigments the marketplace has been tremendous for David Jones it’s given us such a great exposure to our target market we chose Penn Capitals marketplace to assist with the launch.

Of a national gallery leisure package it gave us a real edge over competitors.
Marketplace that are proven track record as a.

Personal approach to advertising..

Funniest Cricket Video Of All Time Indian Team Cant Control Laughter Hilarious

Nightwatchman yeah good nice night he’s tricked up none for the snow this is probably one of the most funny things you’ll ever see in Test cricket history we’ll have to turn the audio up on this as well I mean it looks great the previous let’s men in the background control himself people are laughing all around because he smashed.

That 70 yards and hasn’t been out.

Removing it well he’s looks in trouble I thought was that scream was from the shorter cleaners I saw the four racing to square like the moon is vegetal knock him on.

The head yeah this was amazing this is like the frontline in the battlefield haven’t see something hilarious in it well here I think.

It’s real that’s a second I’m gonna say I mean crimp is not funny I’m at least these guys are laughing with us because people at home will be saying don’t be mean I’ve seen some funny things that.

Struggling to contain themselves in space at least you know League and stretcher well as I hope there’s nothing serious it’s only a tramp is not.

Porn up here are told to myself but everybody’s got big smile in the face really this happens and a guy who.

Is in real pain is amused look around above everybody just standing it on a grinning down on it Anantha is torn and muscle be chosen so that’s the first time it’s happened that every time that’s happened he’s played the same shot he’s trying to hit the ball through mad wicked or squeal egg with a sweet shot it must be just.

Praying because really instead of all right he is a real character Margaret Italy he’s an uncanny cricketer I’ll say that but he’s from provided us today with some very good bedding but some pretty funny viewing you have to set me and the Krampus very severe is giving some extensions stretching exercises to the stability the fridge starting to walk around which is a good site I mean it it’s not a tear or a full it’s just.

Straight out cramp and anyone that said crepe will know it’s not fund ahead but when you suffer it in that fashion that does look at ed fanny from a distance that.

Was pretty quick that banner came up for within two minutes of which is.


Eli Roth's History Of Horror | Season 1 Episode 4 " The Demons Inside "

All right welcome ladies and gentlemen boys and girls on the radiant side we are dealing with Mineski on the dire side we have Team Liquid it turns out the radiant side is instead going to steal a runner trying to two seconds but the laser messy at half-life looks like the Benny word was picked up by Messi might come.
At a costume he turns around what the nether PLAs Johnson’s gonna fall for.

Favor of liquid but now once again bottom.

Lane looks like some back-and-forth crush.

Gonna be activated pug dub right no the snowball seemed initially from gh going back in for a turn kill another blast put down and jabs is the one that’s getting low the orb event Auto Tech spring sharp like on top of that crusto in return and puck that was enough one to.

The slender they did kill tinker yeah his CS is doing much better he’s 16 and 2 and again especially with him getting that kill it’s actually pretty good news Monkey King top lane shard block will hold him in here Bane not.

Much you can do he just saw something people on the like in but there’s too many too many things they’re asleep initially primal spring and they’re going for the kill and hang creepy front here he’s gonna spot.

Some votes meanwhile ta dies in the middle a that’s a big hill for the dire side they are gonna lose liking at the toss lotta his progress continues pretty damn good well keep an eye on see what he decides to go next and the ng ain’t rolling in Monkey King once again with that.

Jingu it’s alright here to battle with sleep gonna be taking off from the vein right there but now the chairs just running at it with right-clicks of us creeps in himself crook you trying to finish the job it’s not gonna be yes.

It will be and actually critical in the.

Way of liking as a wolf just run him down for the kill snowball in the face from Gea she was just about to die so if it’s defensive and they get.

The killed first before just goes down so we see what those arcane boots finished jabs at level 2 blazing out while they’re going down there in the middle lane pick up the crush just throwing out.

In feeble and I’m thinking what am I saying they didn’t crema Fleiss not gonna save their initially.

But he gets the kill with the Life Drain it sets up enough tickets enough survivability to get that turn yellow nice job by the radiant side templar assassin 46 and 10 on top of well he’s oh one of one it’s not the prettiest there but his work on it top blameshanz wrapping around and if you want to push this tower but maybe go for.

The kill shaped if will be activated balance parkour to use and no doubt Monken King’s in trouble jeez does go down elsewhere is gonna pop that would cause demand from the trees does he have any support coming it doesn’t look like it’s a very desperate play from monkey.

King troll middle lane has a big army coming from chant-like annals running in response up from the radiant side puts on the March and that’s gonna be a dead.

Troll most likely the rocket not enough damage initially trap does hit put the Talon strike will finish the job and it cuts them off the souls are real man these guys are just so damn slow problems bring in even if for the last o GH with no spots let’s double that.

History Project

As the peasants can give the farmland to the nobles and the normals would give the money in to the Knights and the nodes would give the gold to the king the reason why he is part of land is because he is protected by it mannerism is just feudalism but the Pope’s in charge they are the same in literally.

Every aspect except the Pope rules mannerism in 1430 a ship arrived to Europe carrying the plague the rats on the ship we’re carrying the.

More precise well the fleas on the rats that were carrying.

A plague or on the ship when that ship arrived to Europe it killed one-third of the population the Black Plague first arrived in Europe.

And killed 60% of the world’s population unfortunately it wasn’t very picky on who it killed oh so cute upwards turns over peasants to nobles fatality microrna my pokes.

He’s got the place back then dr.

sarah cheetah it came from bad air buyers actually came from bad hygiene but another way that the disease threat spread is through water plegh started away the mouse.
That crossed Europe it killed millions.

And millions of people the plague swept through Europe killing millions of people until finally one person was immune to it scientists grabbed his blood and made a cure out of it you.

Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton Epic Rap Battles Of History

Off from boxers oh you a professional wrestler I’d scream like a Russian Russian in bankruptcy if there was any fraud couldn’t find me you don’t care about the job truck you guys think that Dad children but that wasn’t quite right y’all Americans first thing is Hillary baby without a blessing is Christian and lyrics I gotta learn celebrities on.

The it you’re racist oh we must get so pissed that your hands are too small to stop and friend you use your fingers to catch it she’s only 12 your hands enough Mochis married sir just gotta get pushy it’s your total pussy let me.

Just say I respect all females be ribes or trash put Alexi rebuilds now countries in crisis good servo for the brother of I might not be exactly true but I don’t do like your bills were sick guys we left the rest of that trash like.

You left it back guys ever my water break the glass ceiling Hillary I sense it rather and the stamina baby your friend so they just like.

A way with your fast travel the pointer chair how do I say this here – and you always watch the primary to a socialist – what are the American people but I ain’t get your little oh we’re getting through your fat face that’s are just wrong wishy-washy bleeding like a never-ending straight shank I run my casinos by people side create jobs tearing down my is all the best rocks.

From the title below Oh when the White House be a man and hold its Affairs stirred up with some socks where there’s an equal opportunist in a sequel.

Best Win In Fortnite History //cube Event (fortnite Battle Royale)

I’m gonna what’s going on guys today’s video is something completely special something different something happen about 20-25 minutes before the old Cuba Vail I decided to just jump into another game of fort not maybe DA maybe survived whatever thought I was just gonna go back to the lobby jump back in but little Delano I absolutely dominated that round.
A fortnight and the end circle the final circle of.

That game was literally at the same.

Time as a cube event oh that might be the last.

Time we ever see that Cuba vein is around the corner about 24 25 minutes around the corner it’s gonna jump in this game exit jump back in just like.
Just get a good view of everything though.

We might as well get a couple of kills everybody’s landing you’re right now there you go all right you do you I’ll do me somebody’s on me I want those minis mama dated you know what let’s just go for the.

Kill where is she oh shit get out of my face come on people the veins gonna ask them just let me be oh shoot oh she did she did I thought you wouldn’t but she did just repositioning myself well yet go where yet gotta be careful with those Boogie ball ah she boo get it herself get some distance and that’s what happens bitch.

If you use these minis that open you know one easy useful for a while now Bob got him one shot he pulled up for this whole cube event has been insane way way a lot more amped up than the whole rocket launch event but we’ll see how this this.

Event and that just trying to kill some time before that happens just in new to watch the clock I don’t want to be stuck in this game without giving any eopns it’s my luck I’ll down well he saw me down here obviously somebody shooting at you chasing you.
Where you gonna go in the hole and I took damage this is it.

I’m gonna get out of it well it worked that trap worked Locker absolute charm didn’t get put down as quick as I wanted it to be but good work good work we’ll make it work he’s getting pushed by somebody else somebody’s losing me from.

Behind hey brother oh come on just die I need.

To take cover these are my kills stay they stay there oh he’s just put five kills on the board well you kind of look kind of good at that guy I’ll take diagram from you I don’t.

Have much mo this is all I have to my name just this SMG come on just gonna pop the strip cheese and miss my shots at the same time I need to.

Be weary get out of my face fine get up – Kevin what’s up Kevin bye Kevin get.

The dog round are these people our style so well they did now come on stance though oh he’s so one-shot come on people I just want to view this event no offense bitch but you had you gone up such anybody who looks.

Like they wanna watch the event with me I’ll let them live ten people left including me gonna watch the event with me bro but you did now I think it’s way too late to back out.

Of this game the event is around the corner that thing takes a lot of damage to kill if you just get away from it hey check up Jimmy Davey not the minis your Navy got Davey oh shit I’m absolutely getting wrecked by this thing come on game it’s too late to back.

Up now there is gonna start if I back up now by the time I get back into.

Eli Roth's History Of Horror; Season 1 Episode 5

Sí a veces dt e bueno no para mí o no d e dt e t a a y en mi mente i ii y como tal este bebé mm / m m en mi mente d no no no i m cómo no mañana no está mal este bebé bien m m m m un poco más 4 la nana.

D m a mí sí cómo m siempre me verde y 4 en mi mente a mí i como yo efe m m en.

Mi mente como tal para el mal no m m i coma i el té mire mi mente m m y digo yo no de la nada mmm como yo llamo para el mal 7 m m efe efe tal y como lo muestra el canal para el comal de lujo en atenas en mi mente de mi vida para el mal d m m m a mí cómo no de parte.

De la nana a mí el que viene e como tal e me la inventé meme en mi mente i yo mañana tal y como yo lo muestra el mal la nana d m a mí sí como un hijo más para el mal m m m el límite a mí y como tal 4 la nana en mi mente d más de la mitad de.

Tu vida tomará el pulso yoyo muestra el río cali eternamente m m en él y para él no está mal 4 y la nana en mi vida y no.

2009 m para el canal de la nada m de mi vida y no lo hará m en 2009 en.

Mi mente sí para el baile 4 y dependen del arte de la nada m para él no está mal etc d m m mi mente en mi mente yo mañana el digital tuyo es el 4 la nana m pero no como tal qué hacer en mi mente mi mente m m y como yo no muestra el canal nana m i no.

Como tal e 7 en mi mente m m no no no de la nada nada m y como yo como aclara el canal.

E m m m no no no o no 4 nada nada nada nada en mi mente o no no está mal eternamente en el mes de enero.