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Hi Capricorn this is your horoscope for 2019 it’s a pleasure to be with you today thank you for joining me now in January the Eclipse season starts and that’s very interesting because the eclipses have an effect on us that lasts for about six months so the first Eclipse that happens in January is a solar eclipse in Capricorn and.

It happens on the 6th of January in your first house of self in your sign oh this is wonderful you’ve got mercury Saturn the.

Sun the moon so the new moon which is an eclipse and Pluto sitting in Capricorn in your first house so this really is your year you hit the ground running you feel ultra comfortable in your own.

Skin you’re super focused on who you are and what you’re doing you know what you want to do with business you.

Feel a real boost and you’re ready to make changes so out of all of the signs that I’ve seen you are the most ambitious one going into this year and saying I’m gonna make this your mind dammit so you’re really like into it and.

I love it in February I’m only looking at the major major things because this is a yearly report ok so in February there’s a super moon in Virgo and that’s on the 19th of fab and that happens in your ninth house of education broadening your horizons travel spirituality Jupiter happens to be in the 12th house of spirituality at 20 degrees wanted to is a.

Relationship inside the best thing you can do for yourself in February the 19th during the super moon in Virgo super moon is when the moon is five to fifteen percent larger than it usually is so it has.

A stronger effect on us if you have never had a connection with a higher power if you’ve always been an atheist if you’ve been willing but you’ve never really felt anything try on the 19th of febrile information and you’ll make a handshake with the universe and say hello nice to meet you the veil is gone you’ll be able to see through very clearly and very quickly on the 6th of March Uranus the planet of chaos rebellion and eccentricity and power really goes direct it goes into Taurus in.

Your 5th house now in 2018 Uranus was in Taurus it retrograded at the end of 2018 and went back into Aries and now it goes direct and it goes back into Taurus on the 6th of March and it.

Hits your 5th house of romantic relationships and Mars is also there at 13 degrees in Taurus so for the next couple of months at least to the.

End of the year the big chaotic Drive and interest is that you want to communicate in a loving way and you want to have some romance in your life and some love in your.

Life now Taurus in or Uranus and Taurus rather is going to bring technological and financial changes but for you it doesn’t affect that so much it is it affects your sense of sensuality and beauty and what it is you want and a sense.

Of connection and you have a lot of energy in Pisces as well so you’re going to feel quite intense and you will want to meet someone who is like your soul mate and actually the way this looks here on the 6th of March.

Any of you capricorns who are looking through a singular no looking to find your soul mate the 6th of 6th of March is a fabulous day for that do in a relationship already you can say to your partner you really have it within you today to say what what would you like to do what would how.

Can we make the day so that you’re happy I’ll go along with you whatever you.

Want you have that within you today so luck all around for capricorns when it comes to relationships on the six of March on the 20th of March we have a super moon again a larger moon than usual in Libra and that happens in your tenth house of career so you now have opportunities.
Through this connection with people.

And feeling good within yourself someone.

A friend or an email will come in that it’s going to present you with an opportunity to work with people.

In a lovely harmonious way so it could happen.

On the 20th 21st 22nd or 23rd of March okay so watch out for that April is things quieten down a little bit in April you’re really focused on family and and relationships and really taking charge there be careful with family you can’t change people places and things and I think you’re setting yourself up for a bit of pain here in April.

If you try and change someone you know like if you try and change your grandparent and say please don’t.

Be so negative let’s just go out and watch this show and they say oh once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all you know that kind of negativity you can’t really walk with so be careful around family and April and don’t burn yourself out try to make people happy again in May you all about the love and.

The sex and the sensuality and the romance and to get someone to get you you really want that so again May is another great time for you to find your soul mate in June Jupiter the lucky planet starts to square net you in.

The planet of manifestation and dreams which is in your third house of communication of.

18° sitting next to your moon in Pisces that square happens three times this year or four times this year in January in June in September and in December and.

What that does is it gives you great spiritual power and great spiritual vision so please include a spiritual practice in your life please.

Try a different meditation techniques until you find one that makes you feel I can relax because that’s going to be the key to manifesting your spiritual message that you’re going to communicate to other people which is about relationships and how you can move forward in relationships and maintain them so some.

Of you capricorns are going to be relationship gurus now and we want to hear what you’ve got to say because you’re the expert in July we have the next solar eclipse season okay so now the energies.

Are going to change and they’re going to last for six months again so the first we have a total solar eclipse in cancer on the 2nd of July and it happens in your seventh house of relationships so it’s pulling all this energy in I wanna.

Love someone I want to be with a partner it’s interrupted it lasts for six months.

Venus is sitting right under the descendant at 28 degrees so yet you need to take the initiative to find someone to.

Be in love to change your circumstances just your facebook status from single to in a couple and that’s what you really want here so for the next six months like the first six months you’re after love and romance the second Eclipse is a partial lunar eclipse and that happens on the 16th of July and that’s in your first house in Capricorn ex to Saturn and Pluto and.

That says I want to be comfortable in my life I want to be me but I want to change me by bringing someone else into my life so that’s the goal for capricorns this.

Year to form a single capricorns to really find a solid partner if you’re.

A Capricorn is already in a relationship solidify your relationship because you’re good at that this year and really see yourself as someone who’s empowered through this relationship if you don’t want to be with someone then develop a spiritual relationship which is the best relationship you can have anyway because it’s consistent you know God your relationship with God God doesn’t get sick he doesn’t need to.

Sleep he doesn’t fall in love with other people and ignore you he’s always there or she’s always.

There so form a relationship with that and feel.

That holding the soul filled and then relationships become much easier anyway because you don’t need the love so desperately whenever you need something you squeeze the life out of it and it runs away you know when you need money desperately you squeeze the life out of it is gone and you turn your back on money people throw money at you it’s crazy so we’re in July we’ve got this second solar eclipse season now and.

Lunar eclipse season these energies are gonna last for six months August is about working hard for other people as a consultant or as an employee but really wanting to be noticed and wanting attention May is about wanting to learn because I think you didn’t get the attention and you want to go.

Own way and you start to decide to work with other people in a different way there’s a desire to make yourself self employed to make yourself self it is to make yourself independent here at the end of the year in October that really becomes strong and I think you could start a new business with a business.

Partner in in October and this person is in your field and either Union know him aha or she or he knows you and you come together with an idea and you start a new business which is really something that you want to do and don’t.

Quit your day job I wouldn’t suggest that until you have something else.

Lined up and I think this partnership that you enter into is really going to be very helpful it’s not a sexual relationship it’s a working relationship it’s a partnership so those things are like coal dust if you find someone who to work.

With hang on to them for dear life because you know being friends with someone is one thing but working with someone is something else on the 11th of November mercury transits the Sun and it.

Transits across the Sun in front of it so we can actually see it and the next time this is gonna happen is in 2039 and that happens in your 11th house so mercury is gonna be closer to you than ever before you’re gonna feel your feelings about your.

Hopes and dreams and whether you’ve achieved them or given up on them and about your friendships and your relationships.

Neptune Retrograde & Your Love Life

Hey guys it’s miss coconut how are you doing we’re gonna talk about this retrograde this full moon and your love life all of these experiences that you are going to be encountering this retrograde is going to sharpen your intuition because we’re dealing with a watery planet that governs the waters of the earth is going to really force you.

To get in touch with that inner person that is guiding you that you refuse to listen to because you want what you.

Want this last episode this last go around this last karmic cycle that you’re encountering with.

Your mate is going to force you to listen solely to that voice of reason that lies within each and every person okay guys so I’m using my Halloween deck today because it’s the season of the.

Witches but seriously how do we you know it’s in October clearly but this is the time when you’re preparing for the winter and.

A full moon the Hunter’s Moon this was when they had already you know harvested the crops and so the land was clear they could see the animals that they needed to kill to put it bluntly to store up for the winter so it’s all about survival okay we’re about to enter the harsh winter months we.
Need to make sure we have everything we need you know all of our creature.

Comforts and in fact the moon is hitting Taurus and we know Taurus is all about financial material what they value as you know their comfort it’s about family being in the home having money being able to enjoy life but Taurus is also about simplistic living right they’re very much.

In touch with the earth and stability so this is the time that you’re going to make sure that you are taking care of yourself that you are hunting so this the best values for your life and I’m here to tell you you know just like anything you when you make when you have provision for the flesh temptations come guess what with this Neptune retrograde we’re going to be dealing with a lot of things being revealed more than normal because see Neptune deals with your subconscious mind and what.

You mana face through and manifest and create Neptune deals with your dream so if you’ve been having a lot of dreams that are real strange right now it’s because this retrograde is going on Neptune moves Pisces which is the dreamer it rules your subconscious so it’s dealing with those hidden emotions and it’s also dealing with illusions so the retrograde in Neptune is dealing with deceptions it’s a.

Very feminine energy and it’s coming to remove the glamour right the glamour smell that has been put on some of your.

Lives so what does that mean for love usually it means being able to see things for what they really are not what they what.

Not what we want them to be we want to have the perfect relationships.

Bunch of mess so I’ve already shuffled the cards of course.

In an effort to save time but just be prepared some of y’all will be finding out about secret love child some of you will be finding about hidden partnerships some of you.

Will be encountering separations at this time some of you are going to see your mates for who they really are the deceptor is that they are okay so that’s why there’s gonna be some endings here because the veil has been lifted in many ways this retrograde is.

Gonna sit with us until November sometimes and you will see some of it play out slowly over time so it’s not gonna hit you all at once it’s kind of kind of creep up in there and for some of.

You is gonna be who a crazy time of your life we’re always thinking about mercury as being the turbulent one but Neptune deals with addictions okay it deals with not being able.

To set healthy boundaries see that goes back to Taurus and self-care if you don’t set healthy boundaries you will find yourself drinking too much smoking too much eating too much or sexing people you have no business sexing I know this is like free love.

And everyone thinks they can just love and have sex with whoever and don’t take up into account the energy that they are taking with in their spirit but honey this retrograde is gonna break all of that down it is and you will find that if you are allowing things because you don’t know how to say no this last episode in your life it’s gonna make you learn.

How to say no very firmly so let’s just look at how this is going to affect you some of you because as we know it’s a general reading duh it’s not gonna fade everybody is it the same way it may not affect affect you at all.

I’m just a person I’m an alchemist personally like I don’t get caught up in the energies of anything okay.
Because I believe whatever is going on I can transmute it but.

I know that some people do pay attention so here we go so the first thing I want you to see the new dawn card and that seems very positive it says the light after the darkness so that tells.

You right there you are definitely going to be entering a period where things feel very.

Deep dark and we’re dealing with the water sign right the Pisces Neptune room I see so we’re dealing with the fact that you are going to start feeling like you’re by yourself and this is the planet of self isolation you gonna feel like you’re by yourself because Pisces bears the weight of the whole zodiac so the whole body rests on Pisces right and so you’re gonna feel like you’re in a period of evolving you’re.

Gonna feel like you’re at a low point with your love life and it’s maybe because things have started to come out that you didn’t know I know it is something to discover that someone that you loved so deeply and cares for it so deeply can’t deceive you I.

Know it’s very painful you know we’ve all been there and it’s hard to deal with but you just have to remember that better does come now how does better come some of it comes by us being able to have boundaries and make better choices and selections for ourselves okay and next it’s the spider spiders are.
About community right they’re always building.

Those little webs but spiders are also about deceptions and being caught up in things that looked a certain way because the web doesn’t look like it will hold you but those little insects get in that web and it’s almost impossible to escape as some of you.

Have encountered these type of personalities in your life they’re basically pimping you out and you don’t know how to get out because every time you get out they try to beat ya’ll yeah is that kind of energy you’re dealing with and so because you refuse to stick.

Up for yourself you are at this time being really webbed out you know you’re being caught in a snare it’s handled entrapped and now we are coming into this witch’s own so this is the witches season here’s her cauldron and it’s saying you’re self-sufficient you have all that you need to get your healing on so you don’t have to stay in this dark place okay you want to be like this bird you may.

Be alone but you fly high and you no longer a victim and snared in anyone’s game you.

Know a pond and some you know some people get with us and they mess with our heads and promises things and don’t pan out because it’s a game to them they.

Want to see how great they can you know manipulate you and maneuver your life and the witch’s cauldron is here to let you know that you already have been gifted with everything you need to take care of the problem what does the culture represent it represents the womb.

Okay so you have all that you.

Need to create a better life for you your love life does not have to stay stuck in this illusion you don’t have to keep buying into the fantasies okay we get caught up.

In these online fantasies we interact with people that talk real good.

And they they post the perfect picture and they say all the right things but behind the scenes they are nowhere near what they post to be so that’s a little bit of what Neptune is bringing to the forefront in this season and I’m praying for y’all if you’re caught up in this energy right now I know it’s tough I do I know it’s tough it’s a tough it’s a tough time y’all just retrograde because it deals with the deep dark secrets and the fantasies and no one.

Talks about this the type of energy to have people sleeping with your mama’s boyfriend’s and thinking.

Here’s a letter there’s a message you’re.

Gonna be receiving a wake-up call.

Very soon do not be surprised don’t be surprised and some of you is going to be affecting your relationships in a way that you probably hadn’t planned some of you are walking down.

The aisle knowing it’s the wrong decision just because you don’t know how to say no and that’s why I keep saying with this full moon of completion and release entering Taurus season you have to look out for yourself Tauruses are all about self they’re very self indulgent and that’s not a bad thing when you consider a lot.

Of people don’t know how to enact boundaries when it comes to love life we allow the people that we love to walk us walk over us sometimes and it’s not a good thing and then lastly what I want to pick up is a little bit of numerology just to see what comes through join this dark time of deception the veil has been lifted and we’re.

Dealing with a lot of addictions being exposed you know so let’s just see you look at that that’s six of space coming through that path is being open to dishes to pain that’s telling us there’s a lot of blockages occurring here and I love lives so many of us.

We’re gonna have to make better decisions to get out of this situation that we find ourselves in otherwise love does not live here and it will not live here.

As long as you see these secrets coming out as long as you see the the stress the depression as long as that’s there.

You can almost guarantee love does not live.

There you have to really now decide that you want to save yourself so let’s see if there’s a lesson through this that we need.

To concentrate on because everything is a lesson anyway so what do we need to know what is it that we need to learn what’s the one thing that we can take with us this is what we want to concentrate on because this is starting to sound depressive is it that’s beautiful yeah love this win.

Okay one day we’re gonna be able to enjoy the romanticism again love will be light again I don’t know when but it’s coming right up after this retrograde thank you for listening and.

Gemini 25 October – 11 November Emotional Breakthroughs!!

Hi Gemini welcome back to key wisdom Tharoor my name is Ruth and I’m your Reiki Master and tarot reader this Gemini is your general bi-weekly reading from the dates between the 25th of October and the 11th of September and I always leave a grace period but it’s just into November anyway I’m gonna draw 6 cards initially the first.

Three you’re going to relate to the time in October and the second 3 are going to relate to the time.

November okay if you read the description box below you’ll get a little bit of an idea of the astrology and some of.

The things that would make that you may have been experiencing okay I’ve already should for the cards I’ve already meditated before I turn the camera on.

But I will pick those up and I like to see it on the screen so I will endeavour to do that view my dollies I have few interested in.

Little messages coming through so I don’t know if some of you this is a general reading but for those of you that are potentially dating a Capricorn a Taurus or a Virgo if this if you’ve been in separation and I’m the cards are suggestive the ones that have kept flying out anyway that there might be return and imminent return this is being filmed on the Tuesday and so before the full moon.

So and if that helps anybody okay Sherman I.

Feel very feels like it’s gonna.

Be a straightforward message.

That it is okay so let’s have a look at your energies and in the month of October so first of all we’ve got the six of cups yeah.

You spotted that you spotted that then we’ve got the night excuse me the eight of swords and finally we’ve got the moon card and one of these is really this is real essence theater sword so and we’ll look at that in a second okay my darlings so and the first card is the six of cups now for those of you that know terrible cups energy.

And is related to our emotions our feelings and our intuitions it’s related to the water science comes to Pisces and Scorpio the number six is related to.

The lovers card as well in the Major Arcana and therefore this card is about past connections so it couldn’t be past and past life connections or in your past in your younger days and it’s about referring back to that time and.

About feelings that you’ve felt then and if it’s not really enforce in their life one that you are being reminded.

Of emotions that happened in the past or in somewhere being replayed out in your life currently and in the month of October and we’ll get some more information on that here.
Because of these cards here.

Now clearly as I don’t know if I mentioned the.

Full moon is I want to say on the 24th or the 25th I suppose depending where you are and it.

That plays out around then now this is the next.

Card that you have and this the card is the eight of swords now sword energy is related to your sign Gemini so that the elements of a Gemini Libra and Aquarius and soit energy is all about our thoughts our minds our clarity on communication or truths and also our consciousness.

Ourselves to think what we allow ourselves to realize and with the eight of the eighth of any number really is connected to our Karma and eights are about a karmic.

Taurus November Who Is Your Future Partner Tarot Reading | Extended Forecast

Hey Taurus welcome to your November 2018 who’s my future partner reading this is Lauren with the clarity care welcome back everybody so nice to see you thanks for stopping by if you new to my channel would love for you to subscribe you can hit the button right here also hit the little bell icon I’ve started talking about in.

My weeklies I don’t think I mentioned it in October but I will be doing YouTube live.

Tower reading so by subscribing and hitting that little bell icon you will be notified when I go live then you can jump on the call or jump on the video and whatever and.

Ask a question so I’m really excited to get going to ya start my first one who so yeah if you want to be notified subscribe ok I’m using for the main reading by Jerry Taunton distant.

Past Tarot which is my traditionally what I usually use during virtues wisdom of the Oracle and the set masters additional message from Doreen’s virtues yet Oracle deck these cards can be purchased I have links to them.

In my description box below for any you tarot enthusiasts if you fall in love with the cards.

Go check out the links below in the description box alright let’s jump in let’s see what we have here for you ace of swords swords Oh stay tuned to the end I.

Will be pulling your romance angel card as well alright Taurus what do we have for you let’s turn all your cards over chaos in conflict 33 interesting number artistic expression okay that’s different well you know maybe some.

Of you are you know frustrated or need to find some solace somehow some way through the month of November definitely.

Filter your frustration or uncertainty through some kind of expression of art know if you can see the card there I’m trying to see if I have this wall lined up right apologize for that helps you keep that heart connection let me look at the other.

Cards here chaos and conflict disarray cross purposes with another the tension of opposites hmm the value of chaos before order well I definitely see some.

New beginnings here for you in your future partner who are they and what are they like seven of swords this is somebody that I feel honestly is an escaping a probably an atrocious situation maybe they’re.

Going it alone now maybe they’re secretly moving forward leaving another relationship maybe they’re not in an honest situation and or it’s been yeah a shady I don’t know deal maybe maybe they even cheated or stole from somebody I don’t feel that’s the case I just feel like this is somebody that needs to kind of get up and go right because you see them with the.

Ada cups here as somebody wanting more in their lives this is your first impression of them so you may see this person who by the way could be there could be an air sign I don’t want to Claire that as a positive but we’ll see but this is definitely somebody I feel it’s going through a really really tough time and your your there’s some love here let me tell you something there’s some there is some soul mate energy here but you’re not feeling very nostalgic about it it’s not to say.

They’re not a soul mate because they are but you’re gonna you’re not gonna be feeling that away initially you’re gonna be like this person jeez Louise like there’s definitely some chaos here and this.

Capricorn: Stepping Back Or Moving Forward To Reach Goals? | November 2018

Hey Capricorn so welcome to your reading let’s get started let’s see what November house we do capricorns okay the lovers the first card is the lovers please excellent there is going to be love but this is going to be a person that will come into your life to see jus some kind of important lesson so this person might.

Be or soulmate or the person you’re going to be with for a long period of time but in any case they are going to show you something important teacher something you coordinate their house to realize your mistakes even.

Because right now here I I noticed for the first time the serpent here this person is gonna let you know how to avoid the mistakes you think doing person is going to show you and make you realize what is best for you this person is going to make you be more aware of your choices in life and they will complete you they will kind of make you feel values and they’re going to ease your stress about failure like if you didn’t experiencing some setbacks and of course everyone.

Is experiencing setbacks and you know failure and rejection all these things but it’s not the end of the world so this person will help you realize that it’s it’s it’s okay to fail it’s okay to sometimes go a step back rather than always to be moving forward now we step back to kind of deserved the situation we are in so that we can make better and wiser choices in the future so a step back is actually a good opportunity to see how you.

Can make your work better how you can make your choice and decisions better so this person is known to help you realize that they’re gonna put some good ideas in your head and yeah okay this is one card a lot of information okay we have six capsule maybe have been really affected by the Venus.

Retrograde so going back with the message that I was talking about going back so with the six of cups you will be going back into your past memories into your really.
I think you are going to find the root cause.

Of some problem you’ve been having for.

A long time and you’re not gonna be doing it alone someone else’s nose is healthy but be open to that help I have a feeling that you’re going to be very stubborn and you’re going to want to be independent and reach your success by yourself.

But really people come in sterile into our lives to help us and for where you know we don’t have to do everything by ourselves because we don’t live in this world alone you know so people come into our lives to help us so be sure to accept this help this person possibly is going to come from your past so you already know this person it’s not a new person just coming into your life or.

Maybe you I’ll contact for a while and you’re going to that is your life okay nine of cups and five so like I have a feeling like it says before you are not.

Gonna want to listen this person that is going to be giving you advice and because you feel like you you can do it by yourself you feel like you have the resources to get past this problem by yourself what really are did you do but if you listen to this person they will finally give you the.

Last cup to the ten of cups they.

Will finally give you the last missing piece in your puzzle that will fullfill you that will finally it seemed that that will probably make things seem like they’re finally accomplished and done you know so either this person themselves is the missing piece in your puzzle in your life or they are gonna give you some kind of tool accomplished.

The one major thing that least year-old happiness but it requires you to make peace with the people around you it requires you to listen to other people’s opinions as well and stop making conflicts with other people so this number is known to really November wants you.

To know that you sometimes need to play in a team and you sometimes these Alyssa’s others people’s opinions so you can move forward okay so like right now you might be a little bit confused lately you might be a little bit confused and like I said I think you’ve been really stuck a little.
Bit and there he seems like there are.

A lot of choices but if you’re afraid to do the wrong thing so you.

Are stuck not because you can’t move but I think you’re afraid to fail I think you are afraid to make the wrong move and ruin.

Everything and fall down but the person that is going to come into your life is going to make sure you don’t fall down there – if you do and really need you also need to learn trust I think that’s the major lesson here in November is like I said like I said before listening to other people that also trusting other people maybe.

Been betrayed before and now you.

Need to review back other people and finally November is gonna make you extend your horizons remember it wants you to broaden your mind and don’t be.

So resistant to other people’s opinions they sometimes can give great ideas and for other people is going to be a time where you decide to move somewhere else to move to another direction in life.

To go to a new chapter to also kind of leave this Scorpio energy and also be reborn to a slightly different person to remove the past and go.

Forward to remove the past put the past failures behind maybe you feel guilty for your past decisions maybe you don’t feel like the things you did right now made you going to work further in life but it’s okay you know you had you just.

Have to acknowledge the things that you’ve learned so far and put the past behind you and move forward to find the things that you want to do to really go towards your passion I think.

Right now you’re going to have a little bit of a period of retreat and rest and you’re going to strive forward when the new year comes so let’s take desire here so excellent you know a lot of you have been.

Feeling quite hopeless about the future quite really.

Your choices or decisions I think you’ve really affected by your own choices and decisions I think you’re really.

Thinking over thinking way too much about things today about the past I think the past.

Is really eating you up right now and so it’s.

Look forward in the future but November like I said it’s going to make you look into the future rather than the past and you’ll see that there is a lot maybe try listening to people if you thought our we’re nerds of people have very.

Leo Soulmate Messages November

Hey this is for Leo Leo I’ve been doing your messages for a while now and I don’t get a lot of difference you talk to me you tell me I personally don’t get a lot of different changes it’s not a lot of transitions it feels like everything is the same and then sometimes it will jump and be very.

Very happy but the majority of the time it’s kind of like this for.

Me I don’t trust anybody I don’t believe they love me they need.

Show me they’re not doing enough if they don’t do enough I’ll take it into my own hands I’m gonna focus on myself I’m gonna focus on money I want them to pay attention to me but it doesn’t matter and.

When they do it just don’t feel like it’s enough but I’ll give them a try and see if.

Right thing this time and that’s kind of like what I feel the majority at a time so you guys tell me what’s going on in love when it comes to love.
Is pretty much the same I feel trust.

Issues it feels like the partners not doing enough many times I agree with you too and it feels like you just attached when a relationship over and over again put time into yourself I didn’t go back to it again it always to me always feel like you need to detach to improve yourself detach to protect yourself detach.

To grow detached and make money it always feels like some type of detachment and here we go in November it feels the same it’s Leo saying I don’t know what to deal with this situation I feel like I’m trapped I told them many at times that I can’t deal with things the way that they are I tell you something else that.

Happens a lot too for me in Leo’s soul mate messages there’s always a feeling of a third party I feel like that I know it’s not possible every single time but or maybe it is I don’t know it always feels like a third party conflict or Leo has somewhere to go if they decided to have a third party I know everybody probably got options but it feels like leo has so many options.

Like leo was on fire okay so Leo.

Once again November is not sure how to work things out in a relationship Leo doesn’t feel complete Leo doesn’t.

Feel happy Leo wants more Leo feels like the partner is not doing enough Leo is not making any other offers to the partner until they shape up Leo is losing their temperance and patience with the partner Leo is sometimes hurt about past things that didn’t get.

Better or Leo is frustrated about disappointments from the past Leo wants to create not with the partner Leo want to create with themselves because they had.

It up to here if you can’t meet me where I’m at Leo disconnects goes with the end boss up cleanup become this great successful person and then they can come back and give their partner try.

Again and this is what I hear and feel constantly Leo communicates at apartment you need to be stronger you need to be greater you need to do more and that’s the.
Conversation that I feel spiritually will.

Leo all of the time so enough is enough I need for you to let me know why.

Why is it like this why does it feel like this to.

Me as I’m off because I’ve been feeling like this over and over for over a year when it comes to Leo Leo makes the changes in the relationship Leo says it’s time to love Leo says it’s time to.

Fire Signs*the Wait Is Over*oct 23 2018

Hey everybody welcome to my channel I’m doing your Thursday October 23rd love reading for Ares sent Arius and Leo Sun when rising and Venus first line will be you guys Oh second row will be who you’re dealing with third row is outcomes let’s get started on bottom of the deck I’ll be your shared energy so let’s get your.

Overarching theme the two of Pentacles in Reverse it’s being clarified by the fool very very beautiful all right first row will be our fire signs three cards.

Please there we go you got the seven of cups in reverse the ace of swords in the upright and the prince of Pentacles in Reverse the person you are dealing with three cards also please so we are not keeping any of them let’s put them all back three cards okay.

We got the six of swords new lovers.

And the five of cups in Reverse the outcome of the readings all right okay the books are here the Princess of wants be two of swords and judgment bottom of the deck and shared.

Energy between the two is the Hara fat and reverse the six of cups is underneath that okay let’s see here let me tip you on down so you guys can see what I’m talking about here okay so for you fire signs you guys are coming out of well here for your guys’s our arching energy is the two pinnacles no longer having to juggle no longer being juggled however that pertains to you there is a new beginning here a new start with somebody there.

Could have been a third party.

Because that was under the deck behind the hair fit it but either way it’s a new beginning with somebody who possibly was a third party but is no longer going to keep you waiting or.

Keep the juggling act going on finding balance within a partner finding balance with somebody else and you are getting the new beginning here with the fool could be dealing with an.

Aries as well fire science but yeah I see Earth sign here – Gemini there’s all sorts of signs here so you really can’t narrow it down to that but somebody had to leave a marriage had to leave a commitment in order for this new.

Beginning to start there was somebody.

That was in a you know a long-term commitment or a marriage that is ending that and giving you the new beginning fire sign they are coming towards you and yeah so there you had a lot of options as well guys that you are now eliminating all other options because you are no longer confused look at that the first two cards that you guys have is the seven of cups in Reverse.

With the ace of swords no longer confused about the situation you found clarity you found truth you found who you want to be with so you’re no longer entertaining the idea of anyone else also this is 7 1.

So if you follow your birth chart this is a soulmate that you’re dealing with you’ve been waiting for quite a while.

A long while this person has moved very slowly with the two pinnacles and the hair fat all three are Earth’s are all three cards represent the earth energy so very slow but when they do come to you it’s going to be very stable they are picking up the pace because it is in Reverse this is something that you’ve had your.

Eye on for quite some time but it is coming to fruition it.

Is being manifested here with the fool card they could have betrayed you in the past they really you’ve really felt backstabbed.

By them you really felt like they had it up you know like they just didn’t have any regard for your feelings but you have moved past that hurt you have moved on past the the feeling of betrayal and you’re ready for this new beginning with a full card the person you’re dealing with they had to move away from a family.

That they were dealing with or that they were in a commitment with could have been moving away either if you’re the mother you’re moving away with.

The children if you’re the father I do see the mother are you leaving the house that the mother and father or the mother and the children living I hope that didn’t make you confused this.

Was really hard for them they’ve had a hard time cutting ties with this terrified energy they could be involved with a tourist but.
To be they have just had a really hard time.

Moving away from the person that they have had this long-term commitment in not that there’s any not that there was really love there but it was more of a stability thing they were comfortable even though there.

Wasn’t any love that’s why when they met you and they instantly fell in love with you they were so torn I feel they had to break your heart in the past in order to leave this commitment.

You and deliver that tennis swords so that they could separate their energy from you and deal with what they had to on the home front and they are now moving away from this commitment they had the.

Lovers they had to choose between two they have the lovers and the two Pentacles in Reverse so.

Two is our three is going down to two they are choosing one of you.

Feel fire sign that they are choosing that to be with you this has been very hard for them in the past with five of cups in Reverse they are mourning the loss of this long-term commitment or they have been but they are moving forward they have.

Healed their heart from that they kicked over those three of cups because they knew that they had the two cups behind them they knew that you are their soul mate they knew the connection and they knew that if.

They took care of what they had to take care of when they came back chances are that you would allow them to come back it was very hard for them with the six of swords.

And this five of cups but the five cups is in Reverse so they’re no longer mourning the loss of.

That commitment that failed them in the past your guys’s overall outcome is the princess of Wands the two of swords and judgment so you fire saying you are waiting for to hear from them you’re.

Waiting to have the all clear and I’m ready there is still decisions to be made you could have moved on with another fire sign as well and now you have a choice between the person you moved on with and the person that left you and broke your heart yeah this is guided by the universal this is Archangel.

Michael here to bless the relationship and to move it along forward so it’s okay to take that blindfold off it’s not scary anymore it’s not going to be those.

Treacherous waters that you once had dealt with in the past it is going to smooth out a little bit very fast very quickly with the with the Prince of Pentacles here in Reverse especially I am seeing heavy earth sign there is there’s no water because both water signs are in Reverse yeah we got air and fire or we got.

Your the fire we got air and Earth sign here very heavy so it is going to be up to.

You a fire sign on what you choose to do you are coming out of that fog you are gonna.

Choose love and Archangel Michael is here to bless that so I do feel that you for this group of you will be going back to that person of the past with judgment your and the reverse during the upright because you have dealt with all your karma all the karmic scales are balanced and ready for you guys to move forward now it could there.

For some of you it possibly didn’t move forward because they were still in that relationship well now that this relationship is coming to an end you’re allowed to go with that soulmate and like.

I said Archangel Michael is here to bless that and the person that you’re waiting on is making decisions big choices see I could go all the way through this deck so yeah they were in a time of healing right now but they are coming out of that.

And they are moving forward and towards you a fire science so let’s get one card for our fire signs for Thursday or no I’m sorry or Tuesday the 23rd of October Tuesday October 23rd wow that is so cool worth waiting.

For this is definitely going to be someone.

That’s coming back to me a pass this is most definitely a soulmate to enflame situation it doesn’t have to be twin flame but it’s definitely a soulmate you are going.

To be returning be patient they are coming back to you they had.

To leave this relationship before it could be before this relationship could be successful but like I said Archangel Michael here is here now to bless this union to bless this connection and divine timing.

At work in your love life so beautiful Tuesday for you guys the energy does go a couple days before and but most definitely this week big movements in your relationships if you’re waiting for someone to return if you.

Are together with this person already they’re gonna have a shift in energy and they’re going to let go a little bit they’re going to be able to relax and keep you up here they’re gonna be able to.

Offer you that commitment that you are waiting for so all right guys I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday as always I send you love light and God bless.

Weekly Tarot Horoscope – Libra Gemini Aquarius-october 23-30 2018

Hello my air signs Libra Gemini and Aquarius are staging the table of today I’m Lauren with violet flame Tarot for those of you who haven’t met me and we’re going to be reading our October 22nd readings to find out what’s happening the week of October 22nd I really feel like I need the I just need to Sage things.

I’ve been saving things like a crazy person because the energies have been so odd so.

Weird for all the signs a little bit crazy good stuff bad stuff really bad stuff really good stuff almost nothing in the middle this month it’s just really kind of like whoa so.

We’re gonna see what’s happening if you guys leave our Gemini and Aquarius I hope you’re doing well hope you guys have been handling all these moon cycles and craziness that’s happening so I’m going to be reading with the beautiful legacy of the divine by Cyril Marchetti and I’m also going to be clarifying with these cute little cards I’ll show you one or two these are.

A little one final one that they’re really small these are Lenormand cards this.

Is the venetian carnival and these are cute so they’re really good clarifiers so I’m going to be clarifying with the venetian carnival Lenormand and let us see what’s happening with our air signs I know.

We had some fun some craziness I.

Think it was libras reading that was like bizarre last week or maybe that was the month please I’m not sure but check her my place too because they were pretty good all right here we go what.

Is the energy for Libra okay you have the queen of coins in Reverse very interesting sighted Virgo so there may be some connection there um Gemini you have the queen of swords very beautiful.

She’s badass she’s ready for whatever whatever anybody is going to to throw at her and Aquarius you have the five of coins in reverse is in the upright which is sadness feeling left out in the cold loss in the reverse a lot better trust me and everybody’s.

Getting the energy of the lovers well then look at that I love this like their wigs are their wigs who knows heli.

Angel wings red angel wings very very beautiful depiction of the lovers okay so I’m gonna take this card behind it because we got the 3 of Wands I love the way that looks to like the big giant ship is coming in like come on get me I’m over here so there may be somebody coming in to our our beautiful air signs this week that is going to kind of lift your spirits I hope so cuz everybody.

Else is gonna look too good some of the other signs are like.

Depressing alright so let’s start with Libra Libra you are.

Either dealing with an earth sign who is feeling a little bit like they’re coming to visit you you could be getting a visit from a lover that is long distance it could be an earth sign you could be going to visit them um this person’s a little emotional okay this is either you were them I don’t like the queen of coins in Reverse because she usually means that she’s either not feeling too good about her money situation.

Or she’s not she’s worried about home there could be a little trouble there could be you could have had a little like I’ll say stiff it doesn’t feel big.

If you like some kind of argument or some kind of little blip with a loved one could have been a mother even but it.

Scorpio | What Insanely Good Changes Coming | Jupiter In Sagittarius | November 2018 Tarot Reading

Hey guys welcome to rise in vibration some Inga I’m shooting outside on the island it’s a big hold I’m not sure if I will be able to read it through all the signs this reading will be I’m grouping it into all signs because of the weather I’m losing the Sun this is for Jupiter moving me into Sagittarius around.

The middle of November 2018 this is for Jupiter moving into it Sagittarius or in to look.

At the karmic energy associated with each one of the signs and the main key point for positive change or for actualizing your dreams and aspirations in life wisdom so this.

Reading is for Scorpio this is for Scorpio for the movement of Jupiter into that areas along the first weeks of November into December we will continue to look at this energy throughout the year and.

We’re just looking at the initial good initial movement of the skies so this looks for Scorpio sun moon rising as well as Venus what’s Jupiter bringing for.

Scorpio hold on I don’t know what that is about I’m getting something hold on I’m not sure guys I have to look at this one this is Scorpio maybe focused a great deal on financial growth and money but.

I feel like more opportunities are coming in their private life Oh mine oh okay Scorpio I didn’t want.

To say that in the first part of the reading because a lot of the.

Readers do that they just talk about love life but I just try to say it in a light way more focus on the private life I feel like overall now this was just.

Supposed to be for the first month of Jupiter moving into Sagittarius but I feel like the Scorpio you guys are going to have I’ll just show you the cards and you.

Can almost draw your own conclusions from this.

Do you see that so it this kind of goes without saying I feel like Scorpio is going to really with Jupiter in Sagittarius they’re gonna get a.

Great foundation in their private life in their love life in their partnerships and their relationships in all aspects I.

Feel like it could possibly be coming to the best time of your life were you experienced and perhaps the gift of Jupiter is finally some kind of a stable foundation in your love life a long-term commitment in your love life longer positive span in your love life in your private life in your relationships I feel a longevity I feel long-term I feel fixed until committed until contracts contracts I feel marriages if you’re doing IVF treatment or you’re trying.

To have a child I feel feel some heightened level of success I feel a lot of contentment here and satisfaction oddly enough I’m getting that this is someone new.

It’s more focused on single Scorpios who are not already in a.

Relationship this feels very new.

This all feels new to me like new people coming in that you don’t know that you haven’t met before if it’s those four already in a committed relationship or marriage I feel like things will run better Oh so you guys just you can so to speak to.

The math you can read these cards for yourself at this point Scorpio looks wonderful for you in terms of relationship as a hero font major arcana do it right.

This time guys you know do it right that’s what I’m getting you don’t do it right just.

Gemini | Stop Feeling Guilty | Jupiter In Sagittarius | November 2018 Tarot Reading

Hey guys welcome to rising vibration some anger I’m shooting outside on the island it’s a big hold I’m not sure if I will be able to read it through all the signs this reading will be I’m grouping it into all signs because of the weather I’m losing the Sun this is for Jupiter moving me into Sagittarius around the.

Middle of November 2018 this is for Jupiter moving into it Sagittarius or in to look at the karmic energy associated with each one of the signs and the main.

Key point for positive change or for actualizing your dreams and aspirations anyone guys welcome to rising vibrations on name down we already did an open this is for Jupiter the initial movement of Jupiter into Sagittarius I’m.

Shooting outside on the island today and it’s it’s the cold it was water when the Sun was out so this is this is for Jim and I.

This is for Jim this is I’ll do more.

Readings on this this is just for the initial movement what does Jim and I need to know it seems to me might be especially with your business is feels like it’s warm for business if you especially if you have your own business keep.
Your documents and your paperwork straight I feel like.

You might have some disagreements with tax authorities or with business contracts but I do feel like you will win out on that situation especially if you’ve done things by the book but some issues like that might come up if you want some useful information keep your paperwork straight and document everything document document document get.

It in writing don’t let someone tell you oh yeah okay we have this kind of an agreement we see that girl in the background we don’t know if she’s guilty or not especially in those times you know she could have been accused of being.

A witch ‘ln she helps someone fix their broken leg so I would say whatever you’re doing get it in writing even if it seems to be someone that you’ve done work with before some people might try to change something up on you so if it this fourth work.
Get it in writing if this is about a partner people may be.

Gossiping about you and spreading rumors that are not true a lot of these readings say that but it really does seem in this with the Inquisition in the battle and.

Gossiping that someone is accusing you see both of these women interesting both of these women and this time would have been accused of something that they actually didn’t do and they actually for.

The Inquisition for a lot of.

Wealthy women they would take away their properties accuse them of being witches and take away all their property so Gemini whatever that means for you you know get it in writing someone may be accusing you of.

You didn’t do I wouldn’t fight about it just remove yourself in that situation doden.

Don’t even entertain it especially if you’re not guilty what else does Jim and I need to know to see.

If anything else we have made our chemistry we have the nine of swords that we have major arcana the devil or two sides always two sides with Jim and I so interesting how these come up you see the angel the devil and in the middle we have the nine of swords this is like you worrying about doing the right thing or if you did something the.