Gambit Comeback In Bed

Guarantee kill I got 15 mine give these melts allies headed to the other side I’ll shit they they got there they did I know they did they just say 215 banked up two kids tgd yeah yeah take out those Guardians I’m evil compromised focus your fire boom took them all out son whoa whoa let’s go what bit their.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay, *get Warm In Bed, It's Cold Outside*

Where are we going Dutch wants us to have a talk with Chelonia about these bounty hunters who are coming for us hoping he can tell us who they are or where they’re coming from okay new Dutch is gonna play him like a fiddle on the run from one bunch of lawman working for another interesting good in the new.

Camp we got some space between us and their mess.

Now ain’t seen no more Pinkertons for a while there’s these bounty hunters of course let’s go don’t seem too worried about it can’t believe they’re still coming after us we didn’t even get away with.

The money of course Trelawny I’ve only met him a couple times but he’s he’s a strange one he’s just fancy but he gets into nooks and crannies the rest of us can we just need to find him before he scurries off again that one with the fire outside let’s take.

A look someone got here first so it’s change it wasn’t a social call check the house beds not made so he must have been here recently found.

Anything you see anything there what.

Do you think big struggle pretty recently I’d say I guess maybe 12 hours ago but nobody not yet look tracks come on they.

Went down the path here how’s your tracking these days all right I guess hmm lead the way then easy not the.

Place I’d expect to see Trelawny staining know normally scan himself into the best hotel in town you know when me and Xavier went down with Trelawney to get Sean after the bar fight I swear he talked the whole way and never actually said it damn thing.

I thought you knew that’s his special talent they could be 20 miles away by now we can track them barbs we need to depends on how much you want to find yeah I still ain’t sure about hey look they continue on the other side of the tracks huh they seem to head into the.

Forest now Hey look let’s go see what those feathers have to say excuse me yeah have you seen them where we’re looking for our friend I don’t think he’s here ah.

You’ve seen a strange sort of feather sort of formal strange sure formal no he uses a cane it looks a lot like this one all right you two where the hell is he both better get out.

Of here where it’s true I don’t know anything tell me where he is you go to hell better tell me now you son of a bitch okay okay for Christ’s sake they took a new cabin over minor chord fields which cornfields left down the path they’re about Braithwaite Manor all right do it come on let’s go follow me I think there’s a way around so we don’t have to go through the braithwaite’s place yes I’ve spent enough.
Time there after you there you okay I’m good what do you think they want.

With Trelawny could be any one of a hundred things just depends if any of them involve us you think.

He’ll talk course you talk he’d sell his own.

Sister to save a train fare he don’t know how not to talk he don’t know where were holed up though least I don’t think he does I don’t know why Dutch still deals with him oh it’s disappearing for weeks on end he’s got his uses and well there’s two Dutch of course but it’s Trelawny loyal kind of I guess Trelawny ain’t exactly dis more just got a big mouth don’t worry if he talked.

I’ve got damn find out what he said nothing’s ever straightforward where Gilani’s involved.

Breakfast / In Bed / On A Chill Morning / Feast Days Meals

Hello everyone this is Sandra I ain’t breakfast in bed and I want to show you what I was eating this morning I was eating some fluffy rice with egg and butter and I like to pull this on top of my rice I know a lot of people say that it’s so horrible but in the country back in the.

Day we used to eat sugar on a rice on our rice at the tree mom and we’ll get it called butter rice and the salt and the sugar together over the butter and.

The rice was so fabulous and then I fix bacon I like turkey bacon and my turkey bacon is crisp.

Look at that little crispy turkey bacon that’s what this is huh love the Bible turkey bacon while.

People don’t like it with a few problems coarse black pepper I’ll sprinkle a little sugar on top my brown sugar and fry it as a hard bacon and my goodness just delicious try turkey bacon and see.

If you like it but make sure your fries crispy like this y’all this is sad don’t want until you have a.

Wonderful day and happy eating and thank you for coming to my town..

10 Soorten Mensen In Bed

Hoe je mensen kunt kijken naar een gloednieuwe video ik heb deze video of 6 keer opnieuw doen hopelijk en vandaag gaan we top 10s doen met zes of zeven of acht soorten wit [Muziek] el witte steen minste ja ja dus die mensen wanneer ze slapen hoe ze slapen zou combineer ze slapen en laten we beginnen met nummer 1.

[Muziek] [Muziek] 020 de slaper [Muziek] de melk 3 de slaap komt er na de [Muziek] nummer vier uur uitstaan [Muziek] apol [Muziek] [Muziek] sla [Muziek] nummer zes.

Condooms in de stad [Muziek] [Muziek] het nummer chique sfeer duur.

Verslaafd te kunnen slapen [Muziek] john [Muziek] [Muziek] [Muziek] [Muziek].


Why Is Masturbation Good For You

As Woody Allen once said: “Don’t knock masturbation; it’s sex with someone I love.” In our article you’ll learn why is masturbation good for you and why you should practice it more often.

In ninth grade, someone asked, during a day that was dedicated to sex education, what the girls used when masturbating. Someone jokingly replied that “the cucumbers at ICA (a supermarket) are excellent.” It sort of sums up the relationship Swedes have with masturbation—they accept it as a healthy part of life.

Sadly, masturbation has often been written off in history books as taboo, where anything the least bit pleasant was considered a sin, and some of that stigma lives on.

Truth be told, masturbation is good for you—in moderation. i.e. You rule your desires, or your desires rule you. So long as you rule them, you can live them—and who doesn’t want to live their desires?

Know what you want

Close-up of sensual woman lying on bed

Unless you know what you want in the bedroom, you’re helpless with men. That’s to say, if you don’t know what works for you, you will accept anything a man does that feels remotely good. It could be so much better if only you could tell him what you like.

Of course, you find out what you enjoy from interactions with men as well, but it makes it much easier if you already know what you want when you enter the bedroom.

That way, you can help your man as well as he doesn’t necessarily know what he’s doing—he’s had to rely on what the women before you taught him or articles about sex from the experts.

Articles are no substitute for the real thing though, so any man will be thankful if you help him by teaching him how to please you. Trust me: he wants to please you.

Men don’t feel complete unless they can please their woman. They feel like dismal failures if you don’t show your appreciation for them in the bedroom. and it gets easier appreciating them if they know what they’re doing.

Masturbation won’t teach you everything you want to know in the bedroom—sooner or later, you will have to find a man (or woman) to explore what someone else can do for you—but you will learn how you like to be touched. That itself will give you confidence.

The health aspects

Sexual arousal and orgasms are good for you. Research suggests that women who have more orgasms are less susceptible to heart disease and type-2 diabetes. Add a healthy diet, regular sleeping patterns, time spent outdoors and exercise, and you’re on your way to great health!

Research also suggests that sexual arousal might help to prevent cystitis (urinary tract infection) as the cervix and the cervical mucous get stretched during arousal and this enables fluid circulation, meaning cervical fluids containing bacteria get flushed out. Immune function is also said to be improved thanks to masturbation as it controls cortisol levels, which regulate immune functioning.

Feeling a bit depressed? Endorphins are released in the bloodstream when you masturbate/orgasm, which can help to prevent depression. What’s more, when you orgasm, the muscles in your vagina contract, meaning: a) blood is pumped around, which can prevent menstrual cramps and b) the muscles get exercised, making them stronger.

It’s important you keep these muscles strong to prevent incontinence. You can also improve muscle strength using Kegel exercises. Ideally, you combine it with other pelvic floor exercises as well as exercises to strengthen your butt (squatting while sticking out your butt works; it’s been said that a lot of squats are a great way to prepare for birthing as well). Combined, they will prevent incontinence by helping to support your lower parts.

Of course, too much sex or masturbation can also irritate your vagina. So as to avoid both urinary tract infections and candida (yeast), eat probiotics, and use probiotics in your vagina. You can read more about preventing and getting rid of yeast infections.

The Big O and the feel good factor

Pretty blonde woman have fine on her bedroom

Ever noticed that orgasms make you feel good? Either they relax you and enable you to fall asleep like a baby, or energize you like the Duracell bunny. They release a lot of good chemicals into your bloodstream, so as meditating to get into the right frame of mind is good, so is having an orgasm.

Of course, you shouldn’t use orgasms or anything else as a way of escaping your problems—sooner or later, you have to face them—but it helps to face them when you’re in the right frame of mind.

Easier to orgasm

The more you orgasm, the easier it becomes. As a lot of women have a hard time orgasming, this will help them. Plus, some women don’t orgasm without their clitoris being stimulated and you can actually do that yourself while having sex with a man—even when he’s inside of you. In fact, it turns a lot of men on.

As you will also know what works for you and how you like to be touched, it will make it easier to direct a man, which will also help you to orgasm. Discovering your clitoris, U-spot, A-spot and G- spot helps you to direct your man to these spots.

Lessen your inhibitions

close up portrait of beautiful alluring young woman in white sexy lingerie lying in sofa

We all want to be a sexy vixen in the bedroom when we meet the right guy, but how do you practice in the meantime? Masturbation can be the key to getting used to feeling sexy, exploring sexual fantasies and even learning to talk dirty.

Most men love it when you talk dirty, or at the very least verbally letting them know how good they make you feel. The first time you start talking to a guy in the bedroom, it can feel awkward as, well, there were no classes for that in school, so practicing on your own can be a great help.

Masturbation is good for you—very good for you, in fact. As long as you don’t masturbate obsessively or use masturbation as an escape from problems you know you need to deal with, it’s great for your health. It should be part of a healthy lifestyle.

10 Great Reasons To Have An Orgasm Right Now – YouQueen

You can never have too many good reasons for indulging in a great thing, right? Here are top 10 reasons to have an orgasm right now.

Guess what – having regular orgasms is one of the best things of all. Yup, you heard me correctly, ladies! Not only does it feel great, it is great for you.

So grab your notebook and pen because I’m about to talk us through why we should orgasm more.

1. For the ladies in a relationship…

Having regular (and good) sex helps boost the connection you have with your partner. During sex, the levels of oxytocin in your body increase. Oxytocin is a hormone responsible for intuition, social skills and wait for it – passion!

In addition to this, couples that have sex regularly are more likely to keep the ‘fizz’ and spice alive in their relationship, and they’re also more likely to have a sense of deep faith and trust in each other.

Sex is a powerful and meaningful activity for couples to indulge in. Pleasuring each other not only makes you feel good, but makes your partner feel good too. It’s all around a win-win!

And keep in mind that ‘regular’ differs for each couple. Some couples might be at it three times a day. Whereas another couples is happy for three times a week, or three times a month. There is no normal, so create your own routine and do what feels good, and right for the both of you.

P.S. Are you not getting enough of the big ‘o’ during sex? Some women can’t orgasm through sex, so if you’re failing to come make sure you have a few other tricks up your sleeve.

While you don’t need to orgasm every time you have sexy time with each other, it’s all about balance. So figure out what makes your love machine hum with excitement and then go with the flow.

Some women need clitoral stimulation while others use toys. Try a myriad of ways and find what works best for you.

2. For the single ladies…

Next, who says you need a man to have an orgasm? Nuh-uh! Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you are full within your rights and ability to indulge in some self-pleasuring.

And guess what? Your mind, body and soul will benefit from it!

Not only will you get the health benefits of having an orgasm (more on that later), but you’ll also reconnect with your body and help ease your soul. How?

Well, by journeying to the center of your earth (sorry, bad pun), you’ll find out what you like and what you don’t like. You’ll develop trust and respect in your body for what it’s capable of. Your self-esteem and body image will increase and you’ll feel confident and empowered.

And besides, having an orgasm feels simply amazing, and who can feel bad about themselves when they’ve just been on the bliss bus?

3. Burn, baby, burn

So you know all that huffing, puffing, moaning and groaning you do in the bedroom? Turns out it really does burn calories!

Apparently, you burn up to 200 calories for just a 30-minute sesh in the bedroom. Hmm, that means 400 calories for an hour and 600 for an hour and a half… The more the better, right?

Forget about jogging, there’s a new fitness regime in town!

4. Sleep sweet

If you’re struggling to fall, or stay, asleep you can stop counting sleep and drinking warm milk. Experts suggest that a better way to get some quality snoozing is to reach under your panties instead.

By having some sexy time, you’ll release sleep-happy endorphins and be well on your way to dreamland.

This isn’t scientifically proven, but I’m guessing that you’ll have far better dreams afterwards too!

5. Say goodbye to colds and flus

And now we know why Samantha on Sex & the City wasn’t sick very often… Wily experts suggest that having an orgasm increases your infection fighting cells by up to 20 percent! Pretty cool, huh?

And according to the University in Pennsylvania, individuals that have sex once or twice a week can boost their immune system by up to 30 percent.

Orgasms also help boost your pain threshold so you can feel pain-free from a range of other issues, including migraines and headaches. Guess the old ‘Honey, I have a headache’ excuse is null and void?

P.S. I’ve heard that there’s a form of childbirth preparation where the woman induces orgasms to help handle the pain of labor. Not sure if it’d be up everyone’s alley, but it’s something to keep in the back of your mind!

6. Getting lucky helps you conceive

Regular sex and orgasms can help boost an overall sense of wellness in your body.

This occurs as your hypothalamus gland is invigorated and in turn takes care of your body temperature (crucial for fertility), appetite and emotion regulation, and the release of hormones necessary for ovulation and other fertility matters.

7. A happy vagina is a healthy vagina

Another benefit is that regular sex (in this study, regular was defined as once per week) promotes a healthy menstrual cycle. It also balances your estrogen levels and ensures that your vaginal tissues stay supple.

In other news, sexual intercourse helps to tone and strengthen your pelvic muscles, which mean you can better control your pee. Some say that strong pelvic floor muscles contribute to stronger and more intense orgasms too.

8. Ease stress


Bad day? Turns out there’s nothing a good orgasm can’t fix.

Not only does sex and orgasms release tension, but it also boosts your endorphin levels to help encourage a sense of calm and relaxation. It also eliminates cortisol, a stress hormone, from the body.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, sex makes you happier too.

Couples who had sex regularly were said to have the same levels of happiness as earning an additional $100,000 each year. I guess we have a figure to put on regular sex now!

9. Feel younger, look younger

Okay, so we’re all over the fact that orgasms can make you feel great. But did you know that it can also make you look younger? Research suggests that having sex three times a week can make you appear up to ten years younger!

Regular sex and an active sex life can help slow down the aging process. The catch is that you have to be in a stress-free relationship to reap the most benefits. Angry sex need not apply.

During sex, the level of DHEA hormones you have in your body spikes too. DHEA hormones can regulate your immune system, boost brain function, encourage the development of healthy skin and repair body tissue.

10. Protect your health

And last but not least there are tons of other health benefits associated with having regular orgasms and sex.

Including, but not limited to, improving your digestion, boosting your mood, protecting against cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease and naturally detoxifying your body.

Oh, and if you’re interested in the health benefits for your man, apparently the more often he ejaculates, the less likely it is that he will develop prostate cancer.

Taking care of the man, and yourself. Bonus!

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Do Friends With Benefits Ever Actually Stay Friends

When you’re not ready for a monogamous relationship, but want to have a little fun, it’s the perfect way to get exactly what you want. But what happens when the party’s over?

Friends with benefits get a bad rap. More times than not someone ends up hurt, or falls in love and things can get really messy and complicated. But when you’re not ready for a monogamous relationship and still want to have a little fun, it’s the perfect way to get exactly what you want and if done right nobody has to get hurt in the process.

Having a FWB can be a blast, as long as you two are on the same page and are always honest with each other. If you’re not, you could cause some serious damage to your own or the other person’s heart. However, even if everything goes smoothly, sometimes your friendship won’t last once the sex is removed.

Here are some possible outcomes and solutions to the post FWB era:

1. Problems With Future Boyfriends

The young couple which has quarrelled during their walk in a park

Even if old friends with benefits are able to push past any awkwardness and jealousy, their friendship might not work out. Why? Well, once you start dating a new guy and he finds out you still talk to your old FWB, he probably won’t be happy. Since you used to have casual sex, your boyfriend will be worried about it happening again. You can’t really blame him.

2. Time Together is Boring

Some friends with benefits only get along because they enjoy the sex so much. When they decide to stop fooling around, they might realize that they don’t enjoy the other person’s company as much as they thought they did. Without the sex, their friendship is just plain boring. When their evenings playing video games and watching Netflix no longer turn into hot make-out sessions, they realize that they aren’t all that good of friends after all.

3. He Knows Too Much

If you’re incapable of being friends with an ex-boyfriend, then you’re probably not going to stay friends with your old FWB. I mean, he can close his eyes and imagine what you look like naked. He knows exactly what to do to make you orgasm. He just has a little too much information about your private life. That’s why you might be uncomfortable sitting around with him on a relaxing Friday night.

4. Your Friends Will Judge

Concerned young woman talking with friend in cafe

People can be cruel, even your close friends. When you ask your old FWB to hang out with you and your gal pals, you’ll have to explain how you know him. When they hear that you used to have casual sex with them, they might get the wrong idea about you or about him. Some people aren’t comfortable with relationships that aren’t monogamous, so get ready to be judged.

Staying Friends

Despite all the problems that ex-FWB can have once they decide to end their arrangement, they can manage to remain friends. After spending so much time with a person, it’s difficult to watch them leave your life. That’s why you shouldn’t give up without a fight.

Here are some reasons why there’s hope that you’ll remain in each other’s lives:

You Have a Close Bond

Even if you’re having casual sex with someone, it’s still an intimate act. You’re letting them see a part of yourself that most people will never see. You trust them to treat you right and to pleasure you the best they can. When you stop sleeping with them, that bond will remain. That’s why, if you can get past any awkward moments, an old FWB can be the best friend you’ll ever have.

He’s Your Backup Plan

A young beautiful girl is flirting with a guy in a hat

You were friends with benefits with him, because you enjoyed his company. If you’re ever feeling lonely again in the future, it’s nice to know that your old FWB is still there for you. Keeping him around as a backup isn’t the nicest thing to do, but it’ll help keep your friendship alive. Who knows? You might even end up marrying him one day, so you don’t want to let him go just yet.

He’ll Give You Advice

If you and your FWB truly didn’t have any feelings for each other, then they’re a great person to ask for advice. You can ask them if you were really a good kisser and how you could do better in the bedroom. You can ask them what outfits make you look the sexiest and if your dirty talk needs work. No matter what you ask them, they should feel comfortable giving you tips, unlike everybody else in your lifewho would be embarrassed about it.

You’re More Than Friends

Friends with benefits can fall in love, just like any other two people can. If you develop a crush on your FWB, you have no choice but to end the arrangement. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to just be friends again. If both of you feel the same, you can end up as boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s not as rare as you think, so don’t keep your feelings bottled up out of fear that you’ll lose your FWB forever.

Just be honest.