How To Be Successful

Hello Terry Thompson here and I want to talk to you today about something that is very important I want to talk to you about how to be successful at anything that you do regardless of what it is you know these days there are a lot of people that are out there talking about how to do this how to.

Do that how to be successful how to make money online how to be a millionaire how to lose weight how to do this how to do that how to how.
To how to alright well I’m gonna tell you.

That if you want to be successful with in your life it really only comes down to five things that’s it five things you know I’ve had over twenty four years of experience of leading others to personal professional success and throughout that time I’ve literally broken it down to just five things you want to know what those five things are it’s simple it’s what I like to call.

The five rights if you adhere to the five rights I guarantee that.

You will never be wrong so what are these five rights that I’m talking about all right here they are be at the right.

Place at the right time in the right uniform dress.

Or a tire with the right information and more importantly the right attitude I guarantee that if you adhere to those five rights you will never be wrong and you will be successful at pretty much anything that you try to accomplish all right so let’s go a little bit deeper let’s go ahead and peel these back just a little bit and break these five rights down okay the first one is right place okay have.

You ever had an opportunity that just sounded so good that you.

Just passed it up and you didn’t take advantage of it in other words you didn’t go there and you wasn’t a part of it just because you thought that it you know didn’t fit you it wasn’t because you know it wasn’t right for you okay I know that there’s a lot of things that are out there but I’m going to tell you right.

Now that if you are at the right place and you network with the right types of people those opportunities will open up doors for you you have to be.
If you want to be successful okay now I know myself I am a.

Member of a lot of mastermind groups in which I get to talk to a lot of six-figure earners and a lot of millionaires okay for me that is the right place in which I can learn I can grow I can I can basically take my mindset to a whole different levels and I.

Can you know I can glean that knowledge and information from some of these six figure and seven figure earners to me that is very valuable to me that is being at the right place okay being at the right place is very important you want to succeed you got to be in some of the right places now.

You don’t necessarily have to be everywhere but you have to narrow it down to those.

Vital few places that you believe will lead you to that next level you have to be at the right place all right so let’s go into the next one the next one is right time all right.

So how many times have you been told to be somewhere at one time only to find out that well you needed to be.

There at another time okay and you missed an opportunity because you wasn’t at the right place at the right time all right time is valuable all right every single day we have the same amount of time you have the same 24 hours within your day that I have within my day in.

Order to be successful you’re not going to bend time you’re not going to make time you’re not even going to frickin manage it time is time it’s going to keep going whether you freaking do something about it or not okay you need to take advantage of the time that you have so you need to be at the right place at the right time and right now right now is the right time in order to succeed within anything within life there are so many opportunities out there right now that this.

Right now is the right time to get into business this right now is the right time to take yourself to the next level okay you have to take advantage of it.

Now is the time not tomorrow.

Now you know so many people have this whole mindset of well you know tomorrow is another day.

I can do it tomorrow no damn it you need to do it now okay you need to do it now you need time is of the essence okay and it’s right now you.

Need to do stuff right now okay all right well enough of that I could go off in a whole different rant about time because there are people that’s just pissing their.

Time away every single day and.

It frustrates the hell out of me all right time is valuable I’m trying to take advantage of my time every single day okay so the next thing is right uniform right dress or right attire okay so let me kind of break this down to you you got two people one that is dressed like.

An absolute bum did look like he takes care of himself or herself all right hairs not fixed you know they just.

Look like a complete rag bag at the opposite end of the spectrum you got someone that looks really nice they wear suits they wear nice clothes okay they fix their hair they just.

Like they’re really nice okay which person would you rather deal with which person would you rather want to be associated with.

Which person would you want to be around okay would it be this person that is not really dressed nice not really looking the part or would it be this person that looks like a professional okay let me put it to you in another way you’re a hiring manager and you’re trying to hire someone for.

A new job or position which person would you hire would you hire that person that looks like a bum or would you hire that person that looks like a true professional the way that you dress the way that you carry yourself is a perspective it is your standards about you that you.

Set for yourself you want a.

You need to look the part so you need to dress accordingly you need to dress appropriately all right so have you ever been invited somewhere let me give you another example.

Have you ever been invited somewhere and you just show it up looking like yeah whatever okay you look like this but it wasn’t really a formal occasion everybody else was dressed casually okay you were overdressed for the situation and then vice versa what if you was under duress once again you kind of see my point having the right uniform right dress or right.

Attire is very important you don’t want to make yourself look silly unprofessional whatever applies okay so moving right along I like this one right information right information is absolutely vital okay how many times have you been told something only to find out that it.

Was wrong I know myself I have been told so a lot of things over the years that have been absolutely wrong it is what it is it’s information okay but in today’s age we are on information.

Overload there is so much information.

Floating around out there you just I just don’t know what to do with it all I can’t consume all of it okay there’s information here information there you got information in books on the internet.

Flippin Google as the smartest damn thing out there in the world Google has all the information all right so if you want to get the right information look it up on Google okay there’s lots of videos out on YouTube once again information is everywhere but not having the right information could literally be the difference between you succeeding and failing okay I know myself I’ll give you an example I was told to be.

Somewhere one time and I showed up there so in the back of.

My mind I’m sitting here thinking okay I’m doing the right thing I’m at the right place I’m at the right time I’m in the right uniform and I thought I had the right information come to find out I didn’t the location had changed and I didn’t find out about it that was truly embarrassing it really was information is.

Vital information is the lifeblood okay of companies teams organizations and if anybody wants to be successful you got to have the right information okay so here’s another quick quick thing for you in reference to information okay let’s say for example you are.

A leader you’re a boss whatever label that you want to put on yourself you go to a meeting okay and a lot of information is put out with that meeting okay so what do you do do you filter all that information none of this pertains to me I’m not gonna write none of this stuff down no that’s not what you do you write down all the notes you take down all the information.

And you pass that out accordingly in whatever format you know whether it be a group whether it be over the phone whether it be email whatever the case okay however it applies you need to put out all that information and let the person filter that out don’t you filter that out.

Let everybody else filter that out you are a.

Gatherer of that information and then you disseminate that information.

Let everybody else filter it you don’t do that that’s not your job okay so moving right along and this is the one I really really like this is the most important one out of all of the five rights this is the most important one right here and it’s attitude attitude you gotta.

Have the right attitude if you want to be successful all right now let’s say for example you got two people you’re a hiring manager and you got two different people you got one person that’s got a really bad attitude they seem to be kind of disgruntled a little bit and it seems like they don’t really want to be there and.

Then at the other end of the spectrum you got another person that has a very positive attitude very happy attitude.

Crypto Motivation: Keep Going, Keep Climbing, Keep Fighting

You must understand that your life is on the line every single day you wake up when you get out of your BAE dance competition racing to get to the top of that mount what are you gonna do to be the winner how much time with your money how much blood sweat and tears are you willing to lose look.

Yourself in the mirror action suit me if not now then win it doesn’t matter if you have a play the only thing matters is the passion that you are you are the only thing matters.

Your family the people that’s depending on you the most doesn’t matter if you have high expectations it doesn’t matter if you just talk about it you’ll.

Have to write these things down you have to paint this picture in your head.

Ask yourself what does the top look like keep climbing yes there may be rocks falling down on you trying to hold you down but you must.
You must understand that you will fail sometime you must.

Understand it your hands may slip off those rock.

You must understand that while you’re climbing you cannot see the top but you must know that is beautiful you must know that it’s worth it because that is the very thing that keeps you gold don’t look to the left to see with the other man’s door don’t look to the right see with the other man’s plan because your gift is your gift so the world dance stammer soda world how strong you really are don’t be a person that just talks about it don’t.
Be the person it just reads.

About other people success rice house storm the price that book at the top of the mountain we must dream and make it a reality keep close inevitably there are gonna be times in your life where it literally seems like the world is coming after you and in those moments if rather than panic if rather than letting your mind run away from you rather than getting.

Bitter or angry or frustrated if you remember in those times that forcing yourself to push through it forcing yourself to find the opportunity forcing yourself to find the lesson.

In that is going to be the very thing that gives you lift it’s actually constraints it’s having restrictions it’s having difficult times those are the things that allow people.

To really find and tap into the thing that’s going to allow them to achieve what they want to achieve because it’s going to push you and I know that’s never fun that’s not what anybody wants to hear but the reality is if you.
Want to achieve something great in your.

Hard places you’ve got to be facing down the difficult things you’ve got to be going down that road that is intrinsically difficult it’s untamed it’s wild and in that in that sense that.

It’s coming after you in that.

Sense that you’ve entered truly hostile territory in that is the very thing that’s going to lift you up and allow you to do what other people haven’t done that’s exactly why the terrain.

Seems hostile that’s exactly why it seems like things are crashing down around me because you ventured into the unknown but it’s only in the unknown that you’re going to be able.

To find yourself it’s only in the unknown that you’re going to be able to accomplish something that.

Question & Answer | Interview | Venu Kalyan | Episode – 02 | Telugu

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So up in Elwood our eight of Nakuru daddy mean efficient spell it is just an entire a man even in the grass come on I want to go for a let’s show them on a middle-class column on in curriculum Dalek revoir college in China.

Okay so um because I ll open in Churchill opera installation 0 tonight in the limited life limited thinking okay and now the devil.

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How To Stop Self-sabotage

What the heck is up with self-sabotage and how can you stop yourself from doing it hi welcome to another episode of business mindset mastery i’m heather gray i’m a mindset and performance coach for business owners leaders and entrepreneurs you can always find me over at choose to have it all calm and today we are gonna be talking about.

Getting out of our own dammed way when we say we want something and we set a goal if it’s in life or it’s in.
Business we have a reason for it we have a passion behind it and.

A desire to move from point A to point B now sometimes life happens and it gets in.

The way right that you have this big goal for business you have this plan to launch a product you think you know your audience you think you know what they want you put it out there into the world only to find out that even though they said they wanted me they really were hoping you were gonna deliver d that stuff happens we fail to.

Meet our goals sometimes with the best of intentions but what happens when we say we want something when we’re crystal clear on the why and still we are getting in our own way and we’re self sabotaging our success we’re the only reason why we’re not meeting our goal how do you catch yourself doing it and what the heck are.

You supposed to be doing about it that’s what we’re talking about today in today’s listener question it’s a being human moment so it comes from the personal side of life but I.
Don’t think there’s a business owner who’s gonna listen.

To this that doesn’t recognize a pattern.

That they’ve fallen in that trap a time or two -.

So let’s dive in and I’ll find you on the other side Heather do you have any experience helping people with self-sabotage I honestly don’t get it but.

I know I’ve been watching myself do it time and time again why am i repeatedly disrupting my success in getting in my own way when it comes to meeting goals that I’ve set for myself I’ve been trying to lose the baby weight for years my son is turning 6 next month after all I’ve.

Wanted to lose 30 five pounds I lost the first twenty but since then it has been a series of losing and gaining the same five to seven pounds over.

And over again I watch myself do it I see myself ordering the unnecessary Frappuccino and I watch myself drink it I see my workout gear on the floor right when I get up in the morning and I walk on by it only to have it be taunting me when I get home at the end of the day I have all the tools I.

Need to lose weight I hate the way.

My body feels I know I would feel better if I lost the weight I know I feel better when I’m healthier why then am.

I always making a mess of it why do people do this and what are the first steps I can take to stop well first of all you took the first step my friend you.

Acknowledge that you were the reason this isn’t working you were acknowledging for yourself that this goal is certainly achievable for yourself if you would only get out of your way what you’re struggling with is understanding why your self sabotaging and I get that but on some level it’s consistent with.

Fear in managing fear then you’ll hear me say on the show sometimes I don’t care what you like why you’re afraid or what you’re afraid of you just need to go and do the thing anyway we can figure out the fear part.

Later on some level I kind of think that too about self-sabotage I think a lot of people pick and prod around it and poke at it and go well maybe it’s because I believe that if I get to that goal and I.

Lose all the weight I’m gonna gain it right away and then what’s the.

Point of doing that I’d rather never achieve the goal in the first place.

And maybe it’s because you know I like working on a problem and solving a problem way better than I like maintaining the solution so maybe it’s just easier for me to get in this win loss rate rather.

Than really attacking the problem and putting the pressure on myself to maintain it maybe having.

These extra pounds benefits me somehow maybe it feels safer being a little bit heavier and a little less healthy maybe this is an exercise in control for me I’m finding the one thing in my life that doesn’t affect anybody else that I can control so I’m choosing this dysfunctional pattern of control maybe it’s because I’m afraid of success I’m afraid of what people’s expectations of me.

Will be I’m afraid what people will think of me I’m afraid that if I get to the top people will just be waiting for me to fall or aiding and abetting and making it so I fall sooner.

Maybe maybe I have no idea why you might be self sabotaging I don’t know enough about your life your personal history or where you are in the world or how you naturally move through the world to know why your self sabotaging but those may be thoughts I listed out usually indicate why the self-sabotage is existing in the first place self-sabotage is anxiety and resembles fear because it is.

A form that fear takes when it takes over it’s typically connected to.

A fear of success a fear of what’s going to happen next sometimes for some people it’s.

About achieving a level of happiness and being afraid that they’re gonna lose it and it’s all just gonna go away and fall apart sometimes it’s this idea that people are gonna look at them differently or see them differently and they’re gonna have to navigate that a lot of times when it comes to business people are afraid of success because it’s gonna put them in a different sort of income level and put them in a level where they worry that their friends and family will.

See them differently look at them differently or maybe they feel like they have less in common this idea that.

If they become more successful they’re gonna leave people behind and the fear of leaving people behind takes over and gets in the way so because they don’t know what’s gonna happen next they stop it from happening in the first place there’s a.

Lot of reasons why people are gonna be Gared what you have to.

Do for yourself is get honed in on why you think you might.

Be scared to get honed in and directive and clear with yourself about what is so scary for you about losing the weight saying out loud writing to me in.

Three months and saying Heather I did it I lost the next 15 pounds I needed to lose get thanks so much I feel so great what would it feel like to put that in writing what would you be losing or leaving behind if you lost the rest of the weight what’s getting in the way what’s your story.

About who you are now and how you move through the world now that you’ve identified yourself as someone who’s self-sabotage but who were you when you were successfully losing the weight when you said I need to lose 35 pounds and holy heck I’ve lost my first 20 how did.

That happen so fast because sometimes success especially if it’s quick success or feels like.

Immediate success sometimes think it’s all tied up with our perception of worth what we think we deserve what we think we’re capable of and the stories we tell ourselves and that sometimes we we imagine that success is either going to change us or change people’s perception of us and because we can’t get clear on what that might be we just avoid it at all costs what I would encourage you to.

Do is see if you can poke around just a little bit don’t go digging don’t go psychobabble run amok.

And put yourself in analysis paralysis but as you hear me kind of echo the different maybes and the different possibilities see if I set I’ve said something that kind of grabs you and resonates and connects with you on a deeper level that’s a really good place to start but then the next thing is to give yourself permission to succeed to say to yourself you don’t know what’s coming next you don’t know how your world is going.

To change you don’t know what’s going to be asked of you what challenges you’re going to face.

But it’s okay you’ve got this you can face it how many times in raising of your son from his birth until.

Now have you thought to yourself I don’t know what the heck I’m doing how am I supposed to raise a boy who’s this that and this and that how am I supposed to set limits how am I supposed to love on him how is he supposed to grow up feeling safe and secure in such a scary world how how how and bit by bit day by day.

You are figuring it out just like you figured out how to lose the first twenty you are somebody who’s capable of solving the.

Problem so I would tune into your capability to give yourself some confidence and then I would give yourself that permission to succeed the other thing though is you get to decide what success looks like for you so for example so many people get on Instagram and Facebook and social media and they post their before and after pictures maybe you’re somebody who’s not gonna want to make noise about it maybe you’re somebody who.

Is always gonna make sure that you know one day a week you’re I don’t.

Know like staying really close and dialed in and measured to your weight loss strategy that you’ve implemented so far be it diet and or exercise you know figuring out.

Like if I am going to be successful what do I need.

In place for that success to be comfortable for some it’s simply going to be about getting used to it about embracing the fact that.

Going after what you want doing the work required to get it and then.

Getting it is just gonna feel uncomfortable until you get used to it so you have to continually reinforce your exposure to having metha chol the other thing that you might need to gut check in is you said you knew you needed to lose 35 pounds this wasn’t working for you you don’t.

Feel healthy but getting halfway there getting to that twenty pound work that took you a good part of the.

Journey and you’re not feeling better yet if you’re not.

Feeling like you’re on your way to better perhaps the self sabotage is stopping you and pausing you because you’re like what if I lose the 35 pounds only to.

Find out this wasn’t the answer I can’t tell you how many times people stopped in their tracks about their goals because they’re really afraid that’s not going to be the thing that lights them up that’s not.

Going to be the thing that makes them happy that’s not going to be their answer so giving yourself permission doing that gut check and then looking at the strategy because sometimes what got you here isn’t going to get you there starting off like you know a weight less a weight-loss journey you sometimes you could just.

Hit it right out of the gate sometimes.

Losing that first like 5 to 10 pounds can be so easy because you’re exercising more consistently you’re eating more mindfully and more healthily healthily I don’t even think that’s a word she farts but you’re like in charge of it and that.

Can feel so good and that can sort of power you and.

Fuel you going forward but then it starts to die out and your enthusiasm starts to die out and it becomes a bit of a chore so.

If you need to feel invigorated again Andry inspired maybe you look at what you’re doing to lose weight and you say what’s not working what is.

Starting to feel burdensome and how can I make it feel light if I need to exercise more regularly if I do need to change my diet how can I do that and how should I do that in such a way.

That’s more sort of complementary to who I am and how I move through the world to set yourself up for success especially in the weight loss journey I can’t tell you how many people and still these rules systems and structures that I am convinced are designed to make you nothing but miserable and business-owner to do the same thing they’re told that they.

Consistent content so they like drive themselves mad making sure that they pull absolutely everywhere at the same time everyday offering value posting consistent engaging content doing all of the things and like sometimes.

When you create those systems and you create those rules for yourself you have made something so entirely miserable you just want to.

Run away from it but if you can restructure it and look at it differently and see if you did have to do it how could you do it in such a way that brings you more pleasure you might get closer.

To your answer now the next one is psychobabble run amok and totally woo and not really where I go but it is common in fears of success and patterns of self-sabotage so.

I do feel like I need to go there but there’s something about always solving a problem that.

Feels good for people um it feels like you’re doing something it feels like control it feels like you’re in the driver’s seat but sometimes.

Three Steps To End Self Doubt

Welcome to Landry I’m Chi on YouTube here to help you break through those fears and live an awesome life today we’re going to talk about doubt I’m going to give you a little bit of an exercise something that you can do that’s going to just maybe give you that little ping to try and wake you up out of.
Whatever negative thinking you might be.

Everybody doubts themselves seriously everybody tells themselves.

Unless you’re like a super waken being then you have no thoughts at all and I have been in that space before where there are no questions there really is no reason to question anything that’s when you know you’ve really reached that awakened state because you don’t need to know anything you’re in such a heightened state of euphoria light and love that even the challenges don’t really faze you.

You still experience being human there’s always stuff that goes on that reminds you that you’re a human being with human feelings but they no longer control you.

And this is what I want to talk about today the questions the the doubts the chatter in the head is never going to connect you to a higher frequency ever it never does it’s the Eco talking that really wants to control situations and make it whatever it wants instead of relinquishing control to what is higher.

That will always take you to something better you see the ego cannot manipulate the material world in fact it’s battling it which.

Makes it actually worse so even if you manifest certain things that you desire they.

Generally won’t work out the way you want because it’s resonating on a lower frequency so it’s not connected to the things that are always best for you so what’s going to happen is you will get some things that will teach you lessons to allow you to go ahead and say you know what that doesn’t make me happy these things.

Aren’t important and we have to go through that that’s okay that’s just part of our evolution as human beings and then you decide you know we’ve all gone through that.

You know the getting the stuff and realizing wow okay this is what it feels like yeah it’s great and then it’s never enough and it’s never really happiness doesn’t solve problems it.

Certainly doesn’t make you happy it just can make up life more comfortable right it’s really nice but if you are not totally happy inside that will not solve any of those issues for you right if you’re already happy and you’re abundant in your head you’re connected to that then it’s a bonus that you love and you share it with everybody and you never really need it anymore not to the extent that you wanted when you were in the ego state the ego wants the big the bigger the better the.

More the money and then the the true essence of you realizes that it really doesn’t bring anything and it.

Any joy or happiness so there’s a relinquish kind of attitude relinquishment to the.

That says okay we’re gonna bring you exactly what it’s beautiful on.

Highest and of course that does include button abundance there’s nothing wrong with money there’s nothing wrong with having things that’s how the world functions at least for now so when you focus on just you know I would like to be in a an awakened state when you go to wake and state.
All that other stuff that you’re worried about it it dissolves it has no.

Importance you don’t have to know how the universe works you don’t have to know how to do this or how to manifest this or that you don’t even ask those questions anymore you’re so connected.

To that how your frequency that you already know you’ve got that you already have that answer in your head without really saying it and that is I’m connected to everything now I don’t have to do a mantra or you know try and figure.

Out if do I focus on it do I not focus on it when do I let go do I write these things down every day those are things that the.

Ego says that there’s a mechanical materials you know sequence of things that have to happen.

To get things out here and as I’ve shared with you before which is why I try to use quantum.

Physics over the concept of law of attraction it’s not because they aren’t the.

Same thing it’s just the one we phrase things different in our ad I tried to help you expand into a different way of looking at things to make you realize that there’s nothing separate from you out there that if you do these.

Things that’s going to come to you that’s that word attract and I’m trying to take us into the 21st century where we.

Actually know quantum physics if people say you don’t like the word theory a theory has is not proven quantum physics is not a theory quantum physics is proven that we do affect the results of an experiment through our focus that’s just a fact it is science now versus and of course yes of course there’s so much we don’t know about that that’s just a fraction of what it is but these are experiments that show us what’s happening when we focus on something and that’s why I like to use.

It because you can actually look it up and actually see experiments that we’re done that’ll blow your mind and so then you realize.
My thoughts and focus are changing the.

Results just a thought so this is why it’s so important for these thoughts to.

Frequency and very open to the very energy that it is and it’s of course connected to alright so when you’re on this lower frequency you’re trying to figure these things your thoughts to the.

Universe are that you don’t really have that power and that’s why I’m trying to demonstrate that we if we break through these barriers of this gets this and then in going into what I believe exists and that.

Is I am this I don’t have to do anything to get this I am this I just have to switch my beliefs to open up those gateways and.

It’s already there at all of it it’s all there there’s nothing to do to bring it in other than to know it is and be okay and release it so when you’re worrying and you’re doubting that’s not manifesting.

What you decided that is you are creating the I don’t have it I don’t believe it so it will send you that it is what you’re creating you’re creating the not happening I don’t believe that I doubt it.

All right great not happening not happening so what is how do you get passed down that’s a tough one right because when things haven’t been going your.

Leo November 2018. Finally True Love Can Come And Stay! Newfound Inspiration & Excitement In Life!

Hi this is lada from a stroller calm or which on November 2018 horoscopes and this month is something else I mean there’s so many amazing shifts that starting to happen from November the energy is changing we’re all going to feel it collectively Jupiter is moving from Scorpio into Sagittarius and usually the influence of a planet moving from one.

Sign into another is most powerful at the beginning and.

Leaving so Jupiter will make some gift to all of us in regards to Scorpio where you will worked.

Hard over the last one year but this time when Jupiter enters into Sagittarius things will start happening much easier because sachet Arius is the sign of Jupiter yet things will start flowing.

Naturally more positively Wow while Jupiter was in Scorpio it still gave.

Us but through some crisis first through some because it’s.

The nature of Scorpio some crisis or towards the death of something also Jupiter can give birth.

To something new because Scorpio is this sign about death and rebirth so it was yes it gave us some expansion.

As well and some growth but through more extreme way circumstances through crisis of some sort Lord Jupiter going to Sagittarius wow I mean it’s in its own sign expansion threefold and you’re gonna start feeling it from November all of us so don’t speak about Jupiter how it’s gonna affect you for the next tiny and.

To your sign we’re gonna speak about the notes the karmic notes were faith is changing they’re changing signs as well I’m gonna say a.

Few quick words about what it means for you for the next year and how well what fate that events are going to be happening in your life and there is also triple manifestation this month and I’m gonna speak about it.

This is according to ancient German astrology there.

Will be a trigger for houses for every person that.

Can manifest very powerfully so this month is really happening can be extremely positive there are some difficult influences what.

We’ll talk about but just to.

Let you know that I’m doing a webinar with April on Drupal in Sagittarius on the 9th of November it’s only $29 if you come early and you could sign it now at $39 if you want us to.

Look at your chart and send you an email with what Jupiter will specifically affect you so you know which part of the webinar is most relevant for you and also it’s gonna be very.

Follow everything and also early birth announcement for the 2019 horoscopes each one will be about an hour hour and a half long in depth with days of birth with month by month prediction with everything will be very I’ve been working on those and I’ll be working for couple of months.

And they’re coming out in the middle of November and if.

You order from now to the middle of November one sign is 399 or altar of science for about $15.99 so amazing things exciting things ahead and let’s start with the projection so Leo one of the big events in November is that the note there north note is moving from your sign Leo into your 12 house in cancer so somehow gradually after November the spotlight will start moving away from you and will start going on to.

Buy Less & Save Money Minimalism Serie

Hi guys and welcome to the next video this video is another video from the Serie of minimalism and I am going to talking about how to save some money if you missed my last video I’m gonna put a link up somewhere here let’s get down to the video so I would consider myself as a person who can save.

Money as a child I tried to put some money aside and.

Have some savings for something huge.

That I wanted to buy now that I cut older there are bills to pay and so it’s always good to have something on sight for the good times and for the bad times so the first thing that I want to talk about our subscriptions and I think that.

You should unsubscribe emails if you want to save money it’s good to have subscriptions if you want to stay updated but if we get emails a couple of times a day that there is a sale there’s a sale there is 20% of there is 70% of and you are kind of a person that it’s really.

Easy to fall for shopping you should definitely subscribe immediately another thing is eating outdoors.

If you want to save a lot of money do not eat outdoors anymore I mean of course it’s ok from time to time to eat outdoors and meet friends and go for a drink or a dinner it’s ok but if it becomes a habit it could be really hard on your purse try to make my dinner and invite your friends to your place I mean you can still have a cozy and fun evening right try to save coins I know that coins could be sometimes so annoying because they lie because they lie in our.

Apartment on the floor or they are split over our handbags but sometimes we really need them and we do not have time by the hand so try to put your coins in the little container every evening and you will be very very glad when you can use them someday make list I know you might be annoyed but making lists for days and for dad and for dad but it is really good to make lists because we tend to buy only things that I that are on the list.

Like for example when you go grocery shopping take your list with you and buy only things that are on the list of.

Course do not go hungry check your refrigerator and your cupboards before you go shopping write all the things down and buy only things that are on the list a good tip is to make.

A long term item list means this is what I do I write things down that I want to buy they are expensive but they are of a good quality.

Should last longer for longer period and over years these leads are good.

Because you try to wait and not buy cheap alternatives wait and think twice before.

You buy something means if you see something on sale don’t go and buy things on sales sleep on it give yourself one or two days to think about the item and if you won’t find excitement about the item anymore.

Just let it go it saves you money and that’s the fact because when we buy on sales of course things are really cheap but sometimes we don’t think about the item if we really need it and sometimes or most of the times we come home and then we realize that we actually do not need that stuff so yeah try to save this money it’s also.
Almost the same thing you should not buy cheap.

Things on sale instead of that we should invest in things that would last longer and over years try not to buy cheap things on the sale just because it’s.

Cheap because cheap doesn’t always mean good and most of the time the item that is cheap we it could get broken and we have to remove it and replace it again and that will cost you even more moving to my last but not least tip is homemade DIY or.

I mean is if you want to buy something think of it first if you could make it like on your own for example from the items that you already have at home or you can ask your family member your friends.

Or maybe your neighbors if they have something similar that you could use for cheaper alternatives there are secondhand stores when you can find.

A lot of stuff and very very cheap and here cheap doesn’t always mean bad because these items where may be really really expensive once but someone simply don’t use it anymore and they brought it to secondhand store and the secondhand store is sell it cheaper and I think if you don’t have a lot.

Invest in think in second hands and I think it’s great because I am also buying in second hand thanks I got in second hands are clothes for sure and also books welcome to kitchen machines that are music so these were my tips.

That I am practicing in my life of course if you have any other tips for me please share them with me in the comments down below I would be so thankful for these if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up if you want to know more about.
Me and my life you can visit my Instagram page or as I said.

Read my blog and for more more more videos that.

I am uploading every Wednesday and every Sunday don’t forget to subscribe so I think I said everything all the.

Links and everything is down in description box yeah so.

I hope I will see you at the next video until then I wish you wonderful day and of course I hope I will see you soon have a nice day bye.

Fashion And Style Edit Hotlist Ft Zara, Topshop, Asos, + More

Hi I’m Jess and welcome to this week’s edition of the fashion hot list so let’s get straight to it and we are going to talk studio 54 now personally I love this look if you just simply googled studio 54 outfits or inspiration and there will be hundreds of different imagery come up they had the coolest style do you.

Kind of think Jay Jagger and all those sort of riding on a white horse but we can take it down a bit we don’t have to go quite so extreme so for this.

Autumn winter obviously 70s are really in and I think a really nice way to translate that look certainly for the evening is going the studio 54 look so spring castle gold.

That we’ve seen loads of metallics for autumn winter it’s a really nice way to introduce this trend doesn’t have to look over the top but it’s a really cool look that I almost think everybody can pull off so as always with these videos we link everything in the description.

Below and try and feature as many different styles as we can following that particular trend but also.

From lots of different price points so there’s something.

From everybody so we’ve gone to H&M Topshop couple of designers a few independents just to give you a broad spectrum idea of different places you could shop following these different trends as well so I’ve kind of put a selection in the description below there are certainly rocking that 70s evening kind of studio 54 trend without feeling too over-the-top but maybe I did just put one rainbow sparkly jumpsuit in there to stir just to mix things up a little bit so next up is.

Koh chickens essentially it is a cardigan that’s probably very oversized that you add a belt mix it into.

A coat to keep it really simple we found loads on the high street and a couple of designers that we loved.

Certainly like this one actually this came from.

H&M I also found a couple in stories I’ve had some one revolves that I think lovely in fact a new brand I found on revolve which I’ve linked a couple of their items called lover they do a really.

Really nice collection slightly bohemian just an edge to it quite la california kind of vibes really really nice I loved lots of their pieces is simply by.
Adding a belt over the top of your cardigan it makes it.

Look really on trend for this winter without actually having to try.

Too hard so roll necks are another huge trend from awesome winter 18 but I think this season particularly try and think a little bit thinner so obviously we’ve got the chunky knits that we love that kind of come in the roll necks but if you’re gonna.

Go high-waisted trousers high-waisted pencil skirts it’s quite nice to find a thin roll neck that’s going.
To look quite slim on the top.

So that you can have all that width and etc on the bottom so we’ve found other stories particularly they’re doing some brilliant long necks this season it’s a really thin knit but that’s perfect for.

Wearing with high-waisted trousers and pencil skirts etc you want to tuck your knits in it gives a.

Nice line a nice shape nips in at the waist but also it’s really on trend for this autumn winter.

Also found someon all the usual places you top shops H&M revolve linked it all in the description below and I even found a lovely velvet one that I liked which was quite nice because we’re seeing that as a sort of a late bloomer as a trend from.

Autumn when 218 velvet seems to be sort of creeping up there now so it’s quite a nice way.

To introduce velvet and rollnick doing it together and equally that look square slimline on you as well as part of an outfit so next up.

It’s leather and we saw a huge amount of this on the catwalk for autumn into.

18 now particularly on the catwalk they weren’t full-on leather dresses and I’d read about you but I can’t rock a leather dress.

To save my life so I’m happy to do this trend but I think it’s much more wearable by doing leather trousers so I found so many leather trousers that I loved both from the high street designers and the independent stores and it’s a really easy look to pull off to be honest but if you’re going to.

Wear leather trousers I think everything else has to be quite simple leather trousers are the star of the show you don’t want to complicate it with too much else going on maybe a mixture of textures is quite nice so leather with wool with different types of knits and then with a silk but.

I would keep the colors quite simple so I found some great ones on reefs are the stories free people revolve so many gorgeous different pairs so do you have a look in the links in the description let me know what you think of the ones that I found and equally if you’ve found some great pairs yourself we’d love to know where you so.

Next up it’s teddy bear coats and love it or.

Hate it it is one of the huge trends for this awesome winter and personally I love it I think it can look really really chic if you buy the right one so I again found some great ones.

On stories I found a lovely one on top shop I looked on revolve I looked on hmm you can.

Go with a classic kind of double-breasted coat in the teddy bear look or you could go maybe with a bomber and I think.

That was a nice alternative to twist the trends a little bit and mix it probably.

More day wear the boxy coats a bit more sort of classic looking but equally they’ll be for day or for night as well it’s quite a fussy look in terms of the coat again is the star of the show keep it really simple elsewhere I don’t think you need to mix and match too much with your different textures because obviously that teddy bear coat.

Is so fluffy it’s so screaming out for attention you don’t want too much going on elsewhere okay so next up it’s a bit of a tongue twister for some reason I’m struggling to say this but black-backed florals yeah today they are huge for this awesome winter so it’s obviously part of.

The Prairie trends that we’ve talked about before but particularly if you’re going to go down that trend I would say go for the black background on the florals it’s.

Really super on trend for this autumn winter 18 and it looks really nice too it probably gives it a bit more of an evening.

Look for some reason so obviously you can do it with the full Prairie dresses you could equally do it with a top tucked into another pair of jeans it’s a.

Nice look that I think everybody can pull off if you try and think of the tones as.

Voicewhat Presents Inspirational Brands Make In India – Sahajanand Medical Technologies

Focus I innovate in me hello and welcome to this special series called inspirational brands making India through the series we put the spotlight on various business verticals that are contributed significantly to the government’s making India mission founded by Darren Alcott area in 1998 surgeon and medical technologies change to be living up to its company’s motto let’s just save.

Millions based in surah S&T is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of minimally invasive coronary stent systems the company claims to be setting benchmarks for high quality products by.

Successfully delivering breakthrough innovations in the Indian tent market thereby becoming a major contributor to the healthcare industry a simply as.
A company you know we have a philosophy to save millions of.

Lives that’s what we wanted to make it affordable for the peasant um – it’s empty is aggressively growing in ty – ty three cities where it is very difficult to reach and provide affordable health care and affordable agilent’s high-quality health care so our focus being in Tartu type three satine’s right now you know we have one.

Become the second player in Indian market we enjoy a round twenty two percent.

Market share currently having received a CE mark for its drug eluting stents S&T offers a broad portfolio of cardiac stents and is continuously innovating to develop.

New technology to tackle the most challenging cardiac problems S&P has gained strong prominence in the global arena by its presence in more than 65 countries and now I’m in conversation with the managing director of surgeon and group mr.

Bhargav Kataria welcome to the show bag of it’s.

A pleasure to have you here thanks lotta let us start from the beginning surgeon and medical technologies was founded by your father mr. Darrell Alcott area in 1998 could you take us to the initial years of your company my father he’s a serial entrepreneur he had established a successful technology venture even before surgeon miracle and in 98 he was really looking to do something with the platform that he had with a financial.

Strength that he had and being a philanthropist himself he came across the problem of cardiovascular disease so the company was really started with two purposes in mind one was to make the life-saving devices more affordable you know back then the cardiovascular devices.

I’m talking about or obviously but a drug-eluting stents and that point were completely imported at a hefty price the economics didn’t make any sense for an Indian population less than 1% of the population could have afforded it so somebody was really started to address that the big bottleneck which was how do we make.
Life-saving critical devices more affordable talking about the.

Origins of the company how do.

You think the company has evolved since the time you joined in 2011 from 98 till about late 2000s the primary focus of the company was really on the product and on the manufacturing to make sure that we could even while being present in India.

A stent that could stand the test of the world’s toughest standards what I came in and when the existing team that is there you know took over the commercial operations our focus has been now how do we take these products and how do we commercialize both of the India level and at.

The international level while we continue or focus on R&D besides a percentage of percentage of revenue we probably spend more on to R&D continuing more than anyone else in the industry but what my biggest role in function has been you know how do we kind of scale the operations up how do we make it commercially viable for the long run so would you say that joining the company was a natural.

Choice or was it a conscious effort on your behalf I don’t know for me whether it was growing up in the surgeon and family or whether even if that wasn’t the case I still would have come into the business world into the corporate world but it wasn’t completely natural and obvious choice for me to come in what do you think are some of the biggest milestones your company has so when you’re looking back starting a stent company.

In India in 98 this was before Google right India back then had a lot different issues and we were not thinking about or even close to doing something like this and the fact that we took on the challenge the fact that my father took on the challenge is saying that you know what we can produce a stent and.

Not just a stent one of the world’s best stands right here in India I consider that to be the.

First and the biggest milestone because if it wasn’t for that bold decision we would not be where we are then going forward from that by 2001 we came out with the with the first bare metal stent at that point DS’s.

Were still coming around drug during stance by 2004 we came out with our first drug eluting stent and that was the one with the biodegradable technology that I mentioned and by 2006 we were the first company in the world to secure a see mark again ensure giving us the stamp of world recognition of what may.

I produce what we are designed right here in India as one of the leading developers and manufacturers of cardiac.

Stent how do you think the domestic market has evolved over these years as far as 10 school globally again there is about five million stents that get implanted and I was that in India currently.

We’re at about 500 to 600 thousand so we’re you know roughly 10 to 12 percent of the global market as far as the disease itself goes unfortunately it is it’s on the rising trend which is the bad news so over the last four five years the ability of the healthcare industry to tackle this rising trend we’ve been the market so to speak has been growing at about.

20 percent per per year and looking at the macro trends both on the health side as well as the infrastructure side on the healthcare side this is likely to be.
The scenario for the foreseeable future.

As well let’s talk about your products could you tell us about the types of stents that you manufacture and their distinguishing features so at the top level we have both the bare metal stent and the drug eluting stent the difference being the bare metal stent is just the metal it.

Doesn’t have any polymer or drug onto it whereas the drug eluting stent naturally has both the polymer and the drug as far as the.

Assen t go so we were currently on or fourth generation stand and the biggest marquee for us.

Is still continuing with the biodegradable polymer that we introduced more than 15 years ago the biodegradable polymer is really what has enabled the des the class of des to be as safe as they are today and we really take pride in the fact that we were the first and to this day we still have while there are other competitors with those with the biodegradable polymer as well the.

Unique in the proprietary formulation that we have on our polymer really gives it the great clinical results or clinical strength that we have the other feature that we have is is the strut thickness so that’s basically how.

Thick the stent is the idea is that you want it to be thinner the thinner the better to put it in below minterms the thinner it is the more easily your body can accept it right and when we’re talking about thin we’re talking about microns the third one is the design itself the design of the stands where this comes in really.

Important is today with the kind of load that comes on to the cardiologists and the.

Cath lab the ability to deliver stents a with a relative ease and that who in more and more complicated lesions more and more complicated scenarios and environments is is ever important and the design is one of the crucial aspect that makes that possible and then the fourth and the last one would be the size matrix so the stents come in different.

Different sizes both the diameters and the lens again it has to do with the disease itself when you have disease the cardiovascular plaque that.

Forms up it can be diffused it can be centered it can be in different shapes and forms so you need a size matrix that says why.

It is possible to allow the cardiologist to make make the best possible decision without making ever compromises all right so as we all know that to promote India as a global.

Manufacturing hub the government launched a making India campaign as a manufacturer what do you think are the top three challenges in the cardiac stent market and how did you overcome them first of the product you are dealing with a highly precision engineering right you know as I mentioned you’re working.

With microns right so where as a hair is a hundred micron your your struck thickness needs to be less than that right so just the ability to even understand the fundamentals behind that the science man how to make that possible you know which material to use how you’re gonna manufacture.

It how you’re gonna set up the QA QC and quality standards throughout your manufacturing this is a tough task today I.

Can confidently say that we have one of the world’s best stats but that’s today in 2018 we have reached here after 20 years of journey all right so this is the first bottleneck right so any any company whether it’s SMT or any new player that wants to enter the space getting the product right is a tough tough task after that the quality of culture.

Have our QA QC departments and they will do their tasks and they will do their job day in and day out with every single batch but the winning the winning aspect is getting the manufacturing operator the person that’s actually cutting the stent that’s doing the crimping understand himself to uphold those standards because that’s when you really are talking about a quality culture and getting to this once.

You have the right product getting this quality culture implemented throughout your organization throughout the hundreds of people that you have and then the third.

One is as I mentioned the the clinical proof right yes you’ve done the product you’ve implemented the implement of the quality culture what is the empirical data what is the data that you have to.

Be able to go out and commercialize this I think these are the three stages that as Indian companies for us it’s tougher even because there’s an economy as a developing economy in its early stages.

Right now our concern is more about as you mentioned about access and price and sales so when an entrepreneur something like my father starts out it’s difficult for them to take the long term view and how close do you think are we to becoming a strong.

Player in the global arena we’re getting there but we have a long way to go there are a few Indian companies but a few companies don’t make India right it’s going to require an entire industry of Indian companies and any company that comes out of India has to function this way every company has to function.

This way all right on that note we’ll take a short break but don’t go anywhere as the conversation with the managing director of Sir John and group continues on the other.

Side you’re watching our special series inspirational brands making in there spread across an area of 60,000 square feet S&T operates a world-class manufacturing facility and Tuolumne center at the special economic zone Diwali Surat in.

Gujarat the facility is equipped with manufacturing as well as testing laboratories to produce tenth balloon catheters and vascular accessories the drop unit showed GMP certified manufacturing plant consists of laser-cutting descaling electropolishing and secondary packaging areas that subscribe to strict quality and procedural.

Adherence approved by FDA and Cee the manufacturing facility employs.

More than 450 people and is used to manufacture more than 50 different products of SMT with an aim to become a leader in cardiovascular medical devices industry SMT has been conducting several clinical trials.

To support its products and their attributes as far as our products are concerned it comprises of all the domains of engineering science and technology we you take for Chemical Engineering we have the chemical engineering in terms of polishing taking across the strain to the glittering finish if you take the structures it has the mechanical components if you take the metallurgy it has.

The materials if you take the polymers it is in terms of the expansion of the strengths on coating on to the strengths if you look at the pharma it is.

Available in terms of the drug what we are coating so in the entire gamut of field apart from all this you look at that the way in which we manufacture the thermal energy is coming into.