The Internet Is An Existential Nightmare

The invention of Marella by Aldo Fabio Casares is one of the most unintentionally prophetic pieces of literature ever written the main plot point in the novel revolves around a machine that captures reality and plays it back described as a new type of photograph an entire island of people in the story were recorded by the device forever looping their.
Actions week-by-week this machine.

Is kept on by kinetic energy created by waves to ensure that these moments in time are occurring ad infinitum despite most of the characters in the novel recorded by this machine being long deceased their essence captured and projected perfectly reflects who they were and what they.

Done at the time even if it was just for a week on a deserted island the main character who is bearing witness.

To all this who was also not captured by the machine is unable to interact directly with the mirages themselves he is only able.

To observe a continual loop of actions constantly seeing the lives of these people over and over again I opened up this video like this as an analogue to show how our actions on the.

Internet may reflect who we are and how intangible but permanent it all is you you are witnessing a part of me conveying something to you on the Internet you are seeing a part of my soul be captured here by this machine let’s go deeper.

You may have several different accounts on social media your interactions and deposits on Facebook Twitter and Instagram leave a footprint of you online now this is obvious and we’re all conscious of it but let’s look at it more existentially and maybe metaphysically.

In some cultures there is a belief that when a picture of someone is captured a piece of their soul is taken in an abstract way.

This is what is literally happening to you that moment in time is being recorded and your essence at that precise moment is being captured today most of us catalog and record our activities on the Internet our being and.

Who we are recorded almost in its entirety by photos videos texts etc the question is how are we aware of our own transparency and how does this.
Reflect when you leave your physical body think about it like this.

Do the omnipresence of the internet the way that you will be remembered as a person will be totally different from how those before web 2.

And social media boom did for those who archive someone’s history cannot account for their individual actions permanently recorded for the world to see those we lionized and celebrated before have had time on their side or kept their personal life unconnected from the internet our perceptions of certain people are completely dictated by how their story is told and.

When those themselves tell their own story in real time it will be a more honest representation when we know almost every single thing.

About one person the way we.

See people is going to fundamentally change maybe for better or for worse the Internet and your relationship to it are at least at face value a virtual experience however it is so integrated in almost everything now that it parallels the material world in terms.

Of interaction most of us watching this are probably born in the web boom and.

Car Salesman Tips !

Hey buddy I saw I just got your offer here yep you wanted to be 20,000 out the door okay I’m the fully loaded Armada yeah but we’re on the wrong car yeah wrong car buddy hey man I’m just calling to thank you guys for coming in it was real nice meeting you now you did leave something here so.

I hope you’re not too far would you leave you left a great deal on the table buddy hey I saw you were.

Looking at this vehicle here and yep it’s 21 9 91 we advertise our number1 price it’s all over the website I saw you wanted only finding at 15,000 why were you looking at this vehicle okay you you want us to get the online price down to $7,000 okay well I mean if you come in um you know your presence is your leverage so I’ll show you how to finance uh finance 15 yeah you.
Got a pit seven grand down yeah the great thing about America is you.

Can get whatever you want you just got to pay for it no I’m not trying to be rude oh okay we’re a hundred and fifty dollars away I’m losing four grand to sell you a car and okay I’m gonna lose your business over 150 bucks probably not a good time in your life to buy a vehicle if 150 dollars is gonna be a maker breaker okay so you want.

Us to do this the deal but now you want us to add leather a tow package in streaming audio Bluetooth sorry to break it to you man but uh this isn’t Burger King you can’t have it your way y’all ready.

No need to sell that boy just sold them like a $60,000 Armada fully loaded it’s in detail right now killing it you guys.

Killing it managers are like where’s he pulling these deals from it was super slow today because it was crazy yesterday super slow I pulled one out my appointment didn’t show up and like I mean it sounded like it was like he’s coming for.
Sure like he knew he could tell from over the phone I could help him.

Like I thought that was my deal of the day but I called him he didn’t pick up so I grabbed the next up this guy was on the way to go get.

Chicken from Walmart his wife sat in the car while I showed him the car man sold him on the car she checked it out we went on a test drive with her pretty much had everything they needed in it closed him down I mean this guy shopped every single car dealership at my desk he did a true car lead put it to every internet person when people are unrealistic it’s time to talk some sense into him so you guys know.

Every ten thousand dollars you finance is roughly about two hundred dollars a month fifteen thousand that means it would be three hundred dollars a month you finance $2,400 a month guys and when it comes to leases you know if you lease a twenty thousand dollar car a good lease for that is about one percent so we leased a center.
Here it’s about 20 grand sticker it’s gonna be about $200 a.

Month with no money down $30,000 car about $300 a month with no money down now that’s like a really good lease so talk some sense into your customers though the first thing I say is where’d you get that number and they don’t know where they got it it’s just a.

Good number for them listen guys you know 159 a month I mean that’s a great number you know it’s a good car payment but when it comes down to it what you find for 159 a month is not what you’re asking for I can get you a car for that I just it’s not gonna have the stuff that you want that you just told me I want to find you guys something you love.

But before I show you something you.

Love and make you fall in love with it you know I’m gonna tell you that you know I’m not gonna be at that price point so I mean like what’s the most can you come up to are you comfortable at 250 I mean 159 is more of a cellphone payment that kind of thing so I mean just kind of put them in their place make sure they’re.

Realistic tell them they can get what they want they just got to pay for it know your numbers how much is this gonna run me tell them.

They’re gonna be in the 3s tell them they’re gonna be in the force hate them you know the truth hurts but you know if you want.
To avoid the truth if you don’t feel like saying it.

Like oh that’s not a good thing that’s not gonna make the customer happy yeah well I’m gonna be is you’re not gonna be very happy after you do all that work and then they leave because you have them at 3:59 a month and they want to be on 159 so get them together.

Real Money On The Internet Without Cheating

Do we know the strategy our hope you too we most of your trees on alum treat the alum trade the Binary Option broker which has helped so many of my friends so many gurus of achieved yeah financial dreams now in my video are we are we are we teaching you how to remove other trees on alum tree but.

Treat because the percentage of marathon is very low tartar percent which I come up with I only treat when is up to 80 percent also that my my strategy with which which which I’m about to teach you can walk.

Well I know and I will make my gains for me now I this nice I cannot treat but I’ll show you decisions I need to do for you to tree so in my my next video I will show you how to how to apply those strategy which are teaching so that I win most other treaty now we need to do some settings like.

The graph we need to change it to to the Indian can do today today Japanese candlestick which is the base as which I use for my trading and time limit of the candlestick need to need to be changed to currently is at 10 minutes which I’ll make it.

To be one minutes not repairable I prefer one minute so you know three time you know three times you take it to one minute also so I think these are the three things I need to do so I’m coming up on my next videos are we showing you how to using this strategy on a loom tree so.

For more of my videos subscribe to my channel and his ding let’s become button.

And don’t forget to like my videos I can leave any.

Comments below which attain to in my next videos hey..

How To Roll A Backwoods With Taz Taylor's Internet Money (hnhh)

The OS up this is Todd’s tailor from internet money you got touch a chant Countach coop KC supreme junior the hit to maker Nick Mira and side piece and we are Internet money and this is how to roll a Honda hip this is OG I just picked this up from somebody and why I can give up my plug.

This contact but uh I’ll be all over the place like I like the I like gelato even though that’s like a hike beach type of weed it’s cool sherbert it’s cool we’d be off like Maui or we just like to bounce around so I’ll be all over the place I’ll fuck a gorilla Luna to be honest that’s.

My favorite you sick I like probably lemonade and us over here on the.

We don’t smoke we because we believe in Jesus Cruz our Lord and Savior Jesus Jesus Cruz whenever like we tweet we buy but or whenever I buy but like I want the highest percent the THC I can get in my shit cuz.

I smoke often or whatever I want no Mitch it and I mean yeah I’d be sober in like two seconds strongly dislike jet fuel yeah we had it for the first time the other day one of my room and I cried where’s where’s Joel is that to confirm that nachos wasn’t it like a fool I don’t want.

To do this anymore and I just smoke whatever jrb smell yeah he’ll know shit bro we be on stairs and hustling y’all got that dough.

Deepak I don’t know what the fuck he be smooth yeah I roll it backwards man like Rogers cool what’s my browsing one got nothing else but backwards I be in a rush to.
Get these motherfuckers yeah so I.

Just know how to roll a zigzag really well I fuckin backwards I’m just not good at rolling so gonna roll a zigzag and now I got a preference for columns actually don’t know how to roll blanks so I’m learning today I fell with a shit like the cones but shit I like.

The Russian train and I can hang on cap I used to smoke like blunts and shit cuz where I’m from like people with smoking like swisher blunts whatever but like now like since I didn’t been on my own.

Like I’m smoking whatever I want to smoke I smell bad okay yeah Russian cream man like long as I got the Russian cream how long as these things still I hate sterilized where I bought a pack.

Yesterday and like the first three was stale and it’s just was $18 yes ain’t it the.

New York prices for backwoods bread like y’all muhfuckas is wild ask the clerk to touch the pack first to make sure they not stale other than that yeah you just don’t want to stale backwards so.

You got a lick it stick it no I actually touched them and they were smooth then it come out so good I need somewhere.

To dump this time dump this in watching.

It I’ve heard of that but I well you don’t all got time for.

All of that I mean you could if you got like an extra 25 30 minutes to spare but.

I get to it yeah they’re like spray yeah I always make a filter got out the filter sucks without it and then what I do is I basically like pre-roll it I make.

A pre-roll I don’t roll it up like this and do all that I basically roll.

It up first with the filter in it and then I just stuff the weeding out of it and that makes it perfect I’ll cut my backwards I always cut it I don’t even know if I’m supposed to cut it usually.

Sms & Whatsapp English | Popular Internet Slang Words, Acronyms & Abbreviations In Daily Texting

Hmm let me know when the camera is on oh it’s on so sorry guys hi hi again I’m so sorry for this my name is Mira and I’m your new trainer for the day do write your comments in the gaps below and show us some love tell me how much you liked this lesson once the lesson is done.

Of course okay so let’s begin for today’s session so let us begin with today’s session okay guys I was just thinking that we have forgotten the complete spellings of words because of our habit of writing in SMS language do you agree with me but the funny part is.

SMS is an acronym and it means short messaging service these short forms have changed our lives completely just like the way I used the letter U instead of you BRB instead of be right back or be T W instead of by the way which basically means to talk about a new topic but let me share something with you I never used to understand this language before just three four years and I felt.

So left out most of the times do you guys feel the same sometimes especially nowadays while using Instagram Facebook Twitter do you feel.

That let’s start with this one we often say FB even when we talk to one another which is basically Facebook or let’s say L o L laugh out loud is most commonly used and people nowadays even say it out loud lol can you believe it well this happens when something really funny that you read or see and you make a sound and that.

You can express it ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing well sometimes things or words or situation is more funny than lol that is when you use ROTFL the next one is idk I don’t know let’s look at an example I.

Don’t know when we have our exams do you let us get to some tricky ones and new ones shall we I Oh W in other words well we use this to explain.

Anything in a simple way for example in other words you mean to say that you don’t like her right okay let’s move on to another one.

N o YB none of your business it is the same as mind your own business which basically means it is a private information and you need not know yes well it is slightly rude when you directly say it to anyone so make sure that you are using this with very.

Good friends or prob only a stranger who is asking you personal questions all right let me steal a dialog from a movie to give.

You an example our business is our business it’s none of your business let’s move on to another one RSVP guys armed marriage invitation cards or random invitation.

Cards which we usually get or receive on what’s app these days have a small note written below which says kindly.

RS we B which has actually come from a French phase but my French is not that great so I’m going to stick to English okay it basically means please respond please send us a reply we are waiting for your reply well now you know and the next time you get any invitation you will not forget to RSVP great fantastic our.

Next is T gif this acronym is more of an emotion that we feel every Friday when we think yes thank God it’s Friday and I don’t have to wait for the weekend animal you would write D G I F and change your status.

This Friday to express your excitement now next one wth imagine this a very hectic day and a sunny day and now you are on your way back home with an ice-cream just hoping to watch your favorite movie and eat your ice cream right but as soon as you reached home what do you see there is power cut.

Your ice cream has now melted what will you do you will hold your head and shout wth what the hell this is an emotion we usually use for disappointment.

Or irritation do you agree when next one is b3 do you have friends sisters or brothers who talk too much without an end I can understand they’re basically b3 type people in your life no no it’s not a scientific term it means that they are.

All the time doing blah blah blah and that’s when you write b3 okay our next one is C W o T now let’s take and look at a situation you went for a three-hour movie and you did not like it or enjoy it don’t you think you would message.

Your brother or friend and tell him it was a complete waste of time basically you’re writing it was a C wot did you get.

It okay our next one is C u.

T okay now let me ask all of you is anyone planning to meet an old friend colleague or cousin tomorrow great then you can write to them C u T which means see you tomorrow got it okay f see that’s the next one it is something that all sports fans around the world do before an important match they write to one another dude.

FC they mean to say fingers crossed and that they’re praying for victory our next one is guilty and be IR when.

Your girlfriend is trying to call you but your parents are in the same room you can quickly send a message to her saying.

QT b ir you’re basically convincing her qtpie parents in room or you can also make an emergency code be 9-1-1 parents alert fun isn’t it okay next is slap no not the actual slap this means when your friend has arranged for a trick or a party plan you can use this acronym which basically means sounds like a.

Plan which also tells them that you will be going for the trick or attending the party the next one H B D and.

Xoxoxo remember this one me too my friend sent her to me on my birthday she said HB d & xoxoxo it means she wished me happy birthday as well as hugs and kisses sweet.

Isn’t it I know after that I replied T why we M thank you very much alright so that’s all that we have for the day I hope you enjoyed it because I.

Did and it was great fun you can write to me any new ones that you have right below in the comment section I would.

To it do let me know how you found this lesson right below till then keep learning English have fun with your English good body.

What Is E-commerce?

In the last two decades technology has significantly changed computers specifically are now sleeker faster and most importantly more accessible convenience is becoming of more and more importance and contacting people throughout the world has never been easier as a result of this ecommerce was born so what is ecommerce well ecommerce stands for electric commerce and is defined as the.

Products or services over electronic systems most commonly the Internet beyond strictly internet-based.

Businesses ecommerce also entails improvements in business functions for traditional retailers it also effects many business tasks including development marketing communication sales and more these innovations in existing business functions drastically improve productivity and can have a dramatic impact on the economy ecommerce is international Asia represents the largest.

Online market in the world with the population of 3 billion and over 825 million Internet users that’s 42 percent of all.
Internet users in the world Asia is.

An emerging market which means that it is a nation experiencing rapid growth and industrialization emerging markets are excellent opportunities for North American companies as they are in constant demand for new and innovative products thanks to e-commerce it has never been easier to conduct business.

Throughout the world and reaching international customers has never been timely er ecommerce is also an incredible tool for new businesses as it allows them to rapidly broaden their customer base interact with customers and businesses throughout the world and inexpensively market and advertise their company worldwide lastly in 2006 and.

2007 it was estimated that about 19% of all Canadian online revenues were generated by.
Customers outside of Canada ecommerce.

Definitely represents the future of the globally engaged marketplace ecommerce has also led to innovation in existing jobs along with the creation of many.

New jobs did you know that the top ten in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004 this is because they are all directly related to technologies that did not exist at the time it can be assumed that in the future many more jobs businesses and tasks will be computer-based this will definitely impact the types of goods and services in demand.

In the marketplace and will continue to change how traditional tasks are completed the internet and e-commerce also influence where business is being conducted.

For example companies looking to rationalize their operations can invest in the offshore labor market by hiring online workers outside of the country this works for tasks such as online customer service record-keeping and interpreting and other simple computer-based tasks investing in these markets allows businesses to experience the benefits of reduced expenses specifically labor costs while offering their customers the same services such as customer service or technological assistance on the.

Whole ecommerce is an incredible tool for new businesses and it definitely represents the future of the marketplace thus far the 21st century economy is globally engaged and driven by innovation and technology businesses must be.

Jazz Free Internet | Zong Free Internet | 60 Gb Zong And 30 Gb Jazz Free Internet

Salamualikum’ those to me well yes an Arab taking a liaison TV those two article Facebook or social media Prague or Peru but off roads omnia a to see bury me a video here named Facebook you skirt avexir deca jail logo free internet you to share career thing abou yes you’re incapacitated okay Turkish fast customers Khadija did okay number.

Easy cheese Kappa Delta to be below fraud be Korea as I explored article peaches omnia Jessica o to be screen up Liberty.

Execute a banana fear post via Facebook / K Butch’s that I’m big Apache doctor de cádiz never Grinnell civil messy according to those to me I would say you have a big butt clear cousin Jesse quick easy become tikka taco.

Your Nia who yes a package any and is called user clinic which your bill polish a coat a yellow but still pass a Loutre nuclear pull a below Coco bear poop not yet over up Kobe Asik Pakistani posted below cool been Kajal ran up and say okay ho secretary post curry reporter diya current active or remove OJ or.

Owes me my food reticule recommend.

To be cardiac wrecking fkk over year but the caracal.

Sasha GB and incus artists RMB yo kid Sasha visit or a commitment a vote on her or T’s GB would yes / diggity me a nickel a traditional Iranian above scary table yeah bill could be a yes a bail bond okay chakra maniacally news RFA protests kiyono ticketing network e hi ever say never stop the employee school opens kidney leaking robot come motel or j everybody a Kabuto illa billah’ gotta.

Take it we employ come correct opening transcoded occurred a they take a bit of.

It taking a sec CB netiquette obstacle.

You’re burning a topic remember local benign how long the Connie okay pally personally thank you a video for Joaquin.

Keep a scam Korea together tuning Delta QK they can i Elega occur doing it with personal agree on get appear as a basic unit a.

Nice narakasura blow cocoa bo cooper nanavali button athenian to engage a criminai to issue video but it name and logo gupta.

Another ksetra Zubaz don’t get economy nya when I can opening those.

To copy SEF given the saboteur so the video alligator to those degrees are here cut your memory I’ll have optically kitchen video made object by.

The Fourth Narrative, Protecting Free Thought & Enlightening Adversity

Citations my friends and thank you for tuning in to a very special edition of factions of freedom I entitled the fourth narrative protecting free thought and enlightening adversity I was joined by Jason Vascular of the free thought project and we talked about a number of things for this week’s episode unfortunately they were caught up in Facebook’s recent round.
Of censorship we’ll be getting into that and a more.

With Jason things like building a platform fighting.

Facebook the digital Inquisition the the book burning that we’re going right now how they try to try to label.

The free thought project within authentic behavior and more this is a very very powerful episode and I hope you.

Guys take note more will come from this and we are already building and with that being said let’s start the show writer co-founder of freethought project as well as founder of the page police the police because.

I definitely want to get into the police state and and all.

Authoritarian measures we’ve seen take place today we have Jason.

Besler with us Jason Besler am I saying that right I hope I’m saying that right right Jason Bester of police the police and.

The free thought project joining us on factions of freedom and let me tell you guys you are most certainly in for a treat Jason my friend thank you for coming on thanks for having me I appreciate any opportunity oh man the pleasure was mine really I don’t live because.

Because this is a very very very important episode this is your first time on the show I kind of want to do this right for people that don’t know as I said before in the intro.

Jason is the one of the cofounders of the free thought project as well as of the page police the police which is important all these things are important you know we don’t really think about how we need to keep these authoritarian people and check and then we just get desensitized to all the violence that they cause papa I wanted to do.

This right to have you on because it’s monumental we just had Kerry weather on of.

The anti-media last week explaining how she to know that how she too was a victim of the censorship that.

Recently took place on Facebook you v our project in about 800 other pages were recently taken down from the social media platform is that correct yeah that’s correct we’re actually waiting back to her on three different appeals from the three largest tech companies in the world to reinstate our pages and accounts breath it seemed like it was a very well coordinated attack or an alternative medium and the type of information specifically that we focus.

On as you had mentioned there was a lot of other pages that were taken down qapla was one of them filling cops and.

Place the place as well since the place was the largest miss account building community anywhere on the internet as of 2017 that is no longer the case and you know I’m kind of curious to see what will happen with this accountability movement as the writer writer longtime writer John vibes said you know there was nothing that kept place more accountable than fearing that they would be on a viral video that you know swept across the internet so with that being completely removed from the.

Download Free Movies, Books And Games | Irc Client – Alternative To Torrents

Hello everyone today we are going to learn how to use an IRC client to download files on the internet such as movies games software books so let us begin this method is going to work for both news as well as Linux users so for Windows users please go ahead and download Alexa file according to your machine type and.

For Linux users I still you guys.

That most of the Linux distributions although.

Already have a package for accept which is an IRC client as you can see I already have exit installed for me so let us launch exit for the first time when you launch accept you guys might see only similar to this please make sure to use our unique nickname as well as a unique user name so now and also please check mark skip Network listen startup now.

We are going to be using an IRC search engine I’ll put down – I’ll put the link in the description so first of all I’ll.
Be showing you guys how to download a book and.

A movie so well you guys are downloading book I would like to source you guys to use on the net because this is one of the most widely used you Tokina IFC for books for saving books so now you can see we are connected to unlearn.
It and this is a channel named all metal and we don’t.

Care about that so now let us connect to a book channel that is for books so this is one of the most popular channel for books that is books be ok said no now you can see there is torn off string or text in the channel actually this.

Is a rupees from a tons of users to source for books or or download for books you don’t need to worry about that so let us ask for a book a little suppose we went to another book for Python so for example I am typing at the research python other research is a keyword to find stuff so you can see this is our.

Request now what the bots in you know in this channel does is it looks through all of the files named Python and creates a list of it in a txt file and it’s sent since that list to me so now you can.

See this txt file contains the name and information of all of the files with with name Python on it so since the file is downloaded escogido so as I mentioned earlier you can see every line represents a book and you can see all of the books in this list are for Python so.

Let us try to download and this first book which is pattern for kids now it’s very simple all you need to do is piss the line in this said.

Chat box now the bots take some time and processes you request and sends you the file and please note that sometimes it takes a longer amount.

Of time for you to get your files because as you can see there are 387 users in this channel but in some channel there are more than thousand users so it will take some time now you can see.

This is our file see so our file is downloading and also some time there are some channels that do not respond for a longer period of time in such case please choose another channel example you know a little source for a movie Game of Thrones entire.

Series so you can see there are tons of networks as well as the channels under the network so let.

Us try to download Game of Thrones season 7 episode 6 press this download button so.

You get that dialog box and please don’t forget to copy this line so you can see our book is downloading and you can see that we are already connected to this channel name some bit of layer is it all you need to do is Miss the line that you copied from your browser so now you can see all the bots are under the channel give.

Us the file send us the file for Game of Thrones please save it in your.

Desired location so you can see that the movie is now sorry the series is now downloading so for other stuff such as it is suppose you want to download Photoshop the.

Procedure is pretty much same so you choose any channel or I took leave like press the down button launch this and copy the link in that channel.

So sometimes if channels do not respond please feel free to choose all the channels and also I think I should mention you guys that there are when you open a chat room sorry when you open a channel you can see you know there are similar channel for Chat Chat purpose so basically this type of channel is for you to sorts for your files I mean if you guys do not use search engine I’m sorry.

As a search engine you can search from these chat rooms so sometimes you guys need to use exclamation mark for search and sometimes you need you.

Guys need to use a debt for I’ll give you example C so this channel needs you to write good exclamation mark instead of a turret so I guess that’s pretty much it.

How To Earn Money From Online Easily | Make $10,000 Per Month

Are you thinking about anything for I’d like to do something at my free time would you like to proceed please proceed but what do you want to do I want to earn from online I want to work on my computer I want to invest my time and I want to earn a lot of money but it’s not so.

Easy how is it possible for you maybe you don’t know about online earning actually it’s very easy I’ve already known it believe me I’ll be success and earn a huge dollar.

Please okey you may start wish your good luck thank you so much dear I love you I love you too but how did you come to know about it see the description box of this video.

You will come to know it too oh yeah may I.

The description box of this video yeah see the description box and click the link of earning money you will get detailed thanks a lot dear just wait I’m going to the.

Description box of this video okey.