Furry Market – Furry Bento Male Cat Avatar – Andy Cat

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Spearfishing Shore Spots Florida (ep 1) Skyway Bridge

And good morning I’m not I’m looking forward to this but I’m not looking forward to the hour drive it is 6:18 a. I woke up at 6:00 on the dot I’m not a morning person and that doesn’t fly this name but I don’t know how I woke up I barely wake up to alarms but we’re heading over to.
Skyway today to Spearfish I’ll.

Go to oh there’s a booth my buddy Sean and buddy Brad haven’t met him yet I got an hour drive ahead of me I’m gonna pack up the truck and.

I guess you guys will just teleport there so bottom line before we dive Bradley I think he’s still asleep.

And Sean just drowned or some boa maybe some flukes make sure I seconds oarfish I sprang local shrimp but the water here it’s absolutely beautiful second nice little flat spot we’re gonna start throw mine so I’ll update y’all and I’m.
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To attack three four five one.

Of those beautiful fish that one was a fighter that what did not want to give up sorry to catch a cook isn’t in this episode I apologize next time me and Sean will cook and Flay on the video we actually ate it tonight just because that Sunday became really busy and we had to rush home because some things happen but we have you guys have a wonderful day and peace out you.

Q&a On Life In And Post Military

I decided to start my own YouTube channel me king mark Marcus hmm you know start my own YouTube channel tell you how it is with military how to get big you know how life was an indie college life going into the military after you know after college you know and and enlisted your boy went through some shape but.
Hey hit me up it’s gonna be a good time.

I have a great time q and A’s whatever you want to do whatever you.

Want to ask I don’t care I just want to just get my life out there to y’all just experiences and just show you all I love you you know.

Homemade Christmas Decorations: Get Creative And Diy

You want to give your personal touch to the holiday decorations this year? Here you have everything you need to know about homemade Christmas decorations.

DIY Christmas decorations are a great craft for kids, holiday parties, or family gatherings. Here are a few great Christmas tree ornament ideas to try this holiday season!



Fish tank ornament: show your originality

Add some summer feeling to your icy Christmas this year with these cute fish tank ornaments! Originally designed by OntheCouchCreations Etsy store.

You will need:

  • Clear ornaments with removable caps
  • Small fish toys
  • Small blue rocks or beads
  • (optional) Fake green “moss” or other fake greenery
  • (optional) Glitter paint for the outside of the ornament for a sparkly spin or some translucent blue paint!

How to make it:

  1.  Take your clear ornament and fill it up as high as you would like with your small blue rocks. Using rocks that are different shades of blue looks great, and if you are going to hang them right away, you can layer the colors in fun ways. Although, the layers won’t last until next year, if you are going to save them after that, as the rocks will most likely move around.
  2. Next, add any fake greenery in the rocks.
  3.  Use some wire or clear fish line to tie your fish to the cap. Inside the cap there are usually prongs to keep it in place. Simply wrap the wire or fishing line around the prongs!
  4. Paint the outside of the clear ornament with translucent blue paint or glitter paint if you wish!
  5. Hang your new fish tank ornament on your Christmas tree

DIY Glitter twine ball ornament for that rustic tree look


Have a more rustic Christmas with this great twine ball ornament!

You will need:

  • Glue Gun
  • Mod podge
  • Foam brush
  • Cling Wrap
  • Balloons

How to make it:

  1. Blow up a balloon. Now, I found that if I went too small, my balloons were more ovular than circular. So, I ended up with balloons that had a circumference of between 11″ and 12″.
  2. Wrap balloon in cling wrap. I figured cling wrap would be less likely to stick to the Mod Podge than the balloon… Don’t skip this step!
  3. Wrap jute twine around the balloon. To get started I just taped the jute to the base of the balloon. You’ll want to keep the string pretty tight against the balloon as you wrap or it will easily unravel. When you feel like you’ve sufficiently wrapped your balloon, remove that piece of tape, and either tuck the ends under some other twine, or hot glue the two ends of your twine together.
  4. Douse your twine-wrapped balloon in Glitter Mod Podge. Now, one lesson I learned last year with my Tree Topper was that saturating the twine in 100% pure Mod Podge is a bit overkill. We’re not trying to fossilize it! So, this time around, I watered down my Glitter Mod Podge to a more soupy consistency, 1 part water to 2 parts Mod Podge. I mixed it up in a wide plastic cup and just dropped my twine-wrapped balloon right down in it – spun it around a few times until every section of the twine had been doused in the mixture.
  5. Let it dry! I used the same drying method from my last go-around, which worked really well. I hooked a wire ornament hanger through one of the pieces of twine and suspended the balloons from the bottom of one of our IKEA baskets to dry overnight. However, this time, I was sure to lay down some plastic to catch the drips! Unless, of course, you want to Glitter Mod Podge your floor, which you might.
  6. Pop the balloon. This is the fun part! (Unless of course your balloons deflate on their own overnight…which a few of mine did! And then, it’s a bit anti-climactic.) Once the twine is completely dry, pop the balloon and carefully remove it along with the cling wrap through the widest opening. You may also have to pick out some bits of cling wrap that got extra…well…clingy. (As they are apt to do.)
  7.  Hang. Attach a wire ornament hanger or tie on some gold thread and hang!

Melted crayon ornaments can bring some color to the holidays


Have you got kids? Well, then you probably have crayons, and a lot of them. Put some of those broken, worn out crayons to good use this Christmas while doing a fun craft that the whole family can enjoy!

You will need:

  • 1 package of Crayola crayons – don’t cheap out here because the Crayola ones really do melt the best
  •  a sharp craft knife
  •  1 package of clear GLASS craft ornaments
  •  a hair dryer
  •  a pair of oven mitts or thick winter gloves

How to make it:

  1.  Take your crayons out of the box and, using your craft knife, peel the wrappers from the crayons. Once your crayons are peeled, cut them into small pieces – about 6 pieces per crayon. (You can also shave the crayon into tinier pieces!)
  2. Take the silver top off your ornament and place 3-4 crayon pieces into the ball. Experiment with color combinations and have fun!
  3. Put the silver top back on the ornament and put on a thermal or winter mitt. Turn your hair dryer on high heat and hold your ornament in your gloved hand. Heat up the crayons until they start to melt and then swirl the ornament around in your hand so the colors swirl all over the inside of the ornament. Don’t melt the crayons completely, it will be too much. Once you are satisfied with the coverage, turn off the blow dryer heat.
  4.  Take the silver top back off the ornament, and turn the ornament upside down over a plate or bowl. Turn your hair dryer on once again and heat up the crayons until they fall out of the opening at the bottom, and on to your plate or bowl. Put the silver top back on your ornament, and you’re done!

Now that we’ve covered the ornaments you could make to give your Christmas tree a special, personal look, we can go directly to some decorating ideas for your home. This Christmas, make your home a winter wonderland with these fun, easy DIY  decorations for your home.

Snowflakes for your windows

A Christmas classic! Kids will love learning how their cuts into paper can make cool snowflake designs.

You will need:

  •  Paper (Thin paper is best as it is easier to fold)
  •  Scissors

How to make it:

  1. Cut a perfect square piece of paper
  2. Fold the square in half, diagonally. (Will be a triangle)
  3.  Fold the triangle in half. (Will be a smaller triangle)
  4.  Fold this triangle into thirds, folding the left and the right side to the front, overlapping each other.
  5. Flip the piece over so that the straight, horizontal line is facing forwards.
  6. Cut along the horizontal line.
  7.  Now you can cut into the sides of the paper keeping it folded.
  8. Carefully unfold your new, unique snowflake!
  9.  Attach a string or wire to your snowflake and hang above the window or tape directly to the window itself!

Sparkly branches make a great centerpiece


These cute, sparkly branches are a quick, cheap way to add some twinkle to your holidays. Use them as center pieces for your table, as an addition to a holiday bouquet, or use smaller branches and tie to a string for a unique ornament idea!

You will need:

  • Tree Branches (all different sizes!)
  • Silver Spray Paint (Or whatever color you want!)
  • Silver Glitter (Try blues and reds for a more colorful approach!)
  • Colorful Accents
  • White Glue
  • Spray glue
  • Paint brush

How to make it:

  1. Find a tree branch the size you require. Use lopping shears to cut and shape.
  2.  Spray it with silver spray paint to cover. Let dry.
  3.  Spray the branch with spray glue/adhesive until it is covered.
  4.  Lay a cookie sheet on the ground and sprinkle the glitter onto your branch, so that the excess glitter falls onto the cookie sheet and you can re-use it. Do this outside so glitter won’t get all over the place.
  5.  To create an icy look – spread some white glue on a few places along the branch.
  6.  Clear off the cookie sheet and then sprinkle clear Colorful accents over the glue. These little cubes stick on easily. Collect the excess that falls onto the cookie sheet to re-use. You can also use Epsom salts to do this – they will give the branches a whiter look.

Wire Christmas tree, a classic you can easily make

You will need:

  • Wire (Try different gauges and colors to create different looks!)
  •  Foam Cones (Try all different sizes!)

How to make it:

  1. Wrap the wire around the foam cone. You can space the wire as close together or as far apart as you like. If you are making a centerpiece, try different spacing’s for a well-rounded look!
  2. Put them on your fire place, coffee table or anywhere else, for a fun, simple and elegant Christmas look.

Wine bottle accent lights for that romantic feel


(For the expert crafters)
These wine bottle lights are such a fun addition to any holiday party! They look elegant and you know nobody else will have them around. Try different color lights and different color wine bottles for different effects. These would also be a fun holiday gift idea!

You will need:

  • Wine bottles (Green, pink, yellow, whatever color!)
  • String of lights, LED
  • Drill
  • Clay, for drilling
  • Water and bucket
  • Diamond core drill bit
  • 150 grit sand paper

How to make it:

  1. Remove the labels on the wine bottles
  2.  Clean thoroughly to remove any sticky residue or leftover wine inside the bottle
  3.  Mark the bottle where you want the lights to come out of
  4.  Prepare a bucket of water for drilling
  5.  Ready your power tool with the diamond core drill bit
  6. Use clay to form a wall around the area you will be drilling.
  7.  Drill the hole, pouring water on it as you drill
  8.  Smooth the newly drilled hole with 150 grit sandpaper. Be careful!
  9.  Clean the bottle again
  10. Insert the LED Christmas lights into the bottle via the drilled hole.
  11. Plug in, turn on, and enjoy!!

Stemware snow globes: wow your friends and family with these sophisticated ornaments


These super cute stemware snow globes will wow your friends and family this season by adding some sophisticated fun to your holiday decor. There are many different takes on DIY snow globes out there. You can also make them with mason jars and regular glasses, but these wine glass globes are our true favorite!

You will need:

  •  Wine classes (They come in all shapes and sizes so play around!)
  •  Artificial snow, large cut, or small cut glitter
  •  Plastic reindeer, plastic trees, etc. Whatever you want to end up inside your snow globe

How to make it:

  1.  Place glass upside down onto cardboard and trace the circumference of the opening. I used cardboard from a cracker box – but you could also use a card.
  2.  Using a hot glue gun, I attached my objects to the cardboard. I bought my trees and deer at Micheals, but you could use pinecones, old jewelry or even a photograph.
  3.  Fill glass with a few tablespoons of artificial snow or glitter.
  4.  Line rim of glass with hot glue and press on cardboard.
  5. Voila! One of your globes is all done! You can set them on a mantel by themselves or you can place on a candle on top. How chic!

So, there you have it, some really great, homemade Christmas decorations. We hope you will try some out with your family and friends this holiday season, and let us know how they turned out! If you have any favorite DIY Christmas decorations you’d like to share with us, please leave them in the comments below. We would love to hear about them! There are so many great, inexpensive ways to fill your house with cheer!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Queens!

4 Tips To Plan A Beautiful Wedding Without Breaking The Bank

Here are some of the absolute best ways to save money on your wedding without skimping on style.

While it’s always nice to have an unlimited budget, no matter what you do in life, chances are that you don’t. For most of us, there are bills that need paying and other things we want to do in life other than get married—like buy a house, rent a bigger apartment or go on a long vacation. If we put all our money into our wedding, we rob ourselves of the ability to do other things.

So, even if you have a good budget, think about what you want most—a big wedding or a big life in general. It all comes down to balance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a STUNNING wedding on a slightly smaller budget. After all, some of the best parties are free…

Get Clear on What Matters

Couple Eating Breakfast Using Digital Tablet And Phone

Write a list together with your husband to-be about what matters the most to you. Is it having great wedding photos, or having a live band? Is it the dress, or is it the food? Maybe it’s simply the overall atmosphere?

Knowing what matters the most gives you clues as to where to spend the most money. However, always be creative—just because you can spend more money doesn’t mean you should.

Find Your Theme

To plan a good wedding, any wedding, find your theme. You will want an overall theme and a color theme. Is it a rustic wedding you want? A modern minimalist one? What’s the color theme for your theme?

Normally, the colors tie into the theme. For example, you might want a rustic wedding with sunflower inspiration, meaning yellows and greens are part of the color theme.

It’s important that all the elements stick together, that’s why you want the theme first. Otherwise, you might end up with a modern minimalist style location, a modern dress, cowboy boots and line dancing all in one go. (Admittedly that’s an extreme combo, but you get my drift.)

To find your perfect wedding theme, have a look on Pinterest. You can check out this board I made, which has a lot of different ideas for weddings. The great thing about Pinterest? Underneath each picture you click on, you will find similar pictures. So if you choose a woodland wedding themed image, there will be a ton of others to gather inspiration from underneath it (when the algorithm works, that is).

Get Creative


Now that you know what you want, how can you get that for as low a price as possible?

Friends and family are a great asset. They can help you brainstorm creative ways of saving money. You might have a friend who’s a photographer, another who is a chef, a third who bakes amazing cakes and so on.

Someone else might be really artsy and would love the opportunity to help you decorate for your wedding. Maybe a friend is a designer and could help you with the invites. Do you have a friend who’d love to DJ or be an MC if you put together a list of music on the iPad yourselves?

Other creative ways to save money include:

  • make your own invites
  • if you belong to a local church, ask the women’s organization there to help with the planning in return for a small donation
  • buy secondhand items for creative table decor
  • use single flowers, or two flowers together, in small glasses or similar as floral arrangement for the table. Alternatively, use potted plants or fruits.
  • instead of a huge wedding cake, do something original like serving different ice creams, cheesecakes, a cheese wedding cake (cheeses put on top of each other to look like a cake), etc.
  • buy a secondhand dress or regular dress that you turn into a wedding dress with a few alterations
  • look through Pinterest for DIY wedding hacks
  • find personal gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen as opposed to lavish ones
  • keep favors simple, such as a single chocolate truffle or a bag of seeds to “grow love”
  • have a buffet instead of a three-course meal and avoid expensive meats and seafood
  • have a picnic instead of a meal
  • have a tea party instead of a meal (if you like the idea of filling your house with new china, potentially old mismatched tea cups, this could be the perfect opportunity for that)
  • have breakfast or brunch instead of dinner
  • arrange the ceremony or party at home instead of hiring a venue
  • if you prefer a live band to your iPod, ask at a local school if any students have a band and would be suitable to play the kind of music you want
  • have a theme like a 60s swing dancing party where you can easily buy clothes and other knick-knacks secondhand
  • hire clothes en masse—get people together to rent clothes as opposed to going one-by-one
  • let a family restaurant do the catering, unless you can get friends and family to help with it
  • have people give towards the wedding as opposed to giving gifts. You can do this as a monetary thing, or simply have them bring their own bottles of wine.
  • keep drinks to a welcome drink and wine/beer for dinner, or do a teetotaler wedding
  • planning to move soon? Host the party in the still empty house you intend to move to
  • find the cheapest options for things like tables and chairs. Maybe you can rent them from the local school, church, organization or college as opposed to renting them from a company that does rentals specifically for parties and weddings.
  • instead of having waiters, hire your friends to do some sort of quirky waiting staff performance throughout the night (given you do something simple like a buffet and they get to sit down and enjoy themselves too!)

Other Creative Ways of Minimizing the Budget


Have you thought of eloping? This means the money for the wedding can go to a nice trip somewhere where you can get married instead. It also means that you can have a regular party when you come back instead of a lavish ceremony followed by a big affair with food, or simply tell people that you will have a traditional wedding reception in a year’s time (when you’ve saved up the money).

You can also do a small reception followed by a simple breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Once you get back from your honeymoon, you can host a bigger, less traditional wedding party for more friends and family—a party that does not require food, etc.

When it comes to the honeymoon, going on a road trip is a budget friendly alternative. If you want to have nice accommodation for less, use AirBnB instead of hotels. If you want free accommodation, use couchsurfing.

You can, of course, mix and match—spend the wedding night in a hotel, a couple of nights doing AirBnB and a couple of nights roughing it as a couch-surfer. That being said, some people in the couch-surfing community will offer you a room to yourself in a luxurious house. If you plan ahead, you can schedule a great trip this way.

So, as you can see, weddings don’t have cost a fortune to be beautiful. What other tips do you have for beautiful but cost-effective wedding planning?

7 Guidelines To Make Clothes Shopping Pain-free – Youqueen

Do you detest going clothes shopping more than a visit to your dentist for a root canal without any numbing or pain medication? Are you the type of person who takes twenty things into the dressing room only to somehow find some sort of fault with each one of them, leaving the store empty handed because nothing looks good?

When you’re self-conscious about certain parts of your body, which most of us ladies are, it’s a miracle you can ever find anything to wear that you feel good in. When you look in the mirror and all you see are areas of your body grotesquely staring back at you, it’s difficult to get too excited about buying something new that you’ll likely not be happy with anyway.

However, shopping doesn’t have to such a nightmare event. Sure, it may never be top on your list of favorite things to do, but it also doesn’t have to be something so dreadful and panic inducing. It may even become slightly pleasurable if follow some simple clothes shopping guidelines.

What guidelines are those? So glad you asked. Let’s begin with number one, shall we?

Pain-Free Shopping Guideline # 1: Pretend you’re an accountant

Woman looking in the mirror holding clothes in the shop

What do I mean by this? Focus on playing up your assets (your favorite body parts) and reducing your liabilities (those areas of the body you’d just as soon never see in the mirror again).

One of the main reasons that clothes shopping is so painful is that it is a huge reminder that you’re not where you want to be weight-wise. It’s a fact you just can’t ignore when you’re surrounded by six dressing room mirrors, all showing you up close and personal all the areas of your body you detest.

If you want to ease your discomfort in the dressing room, you need to shift your focus from the body parts you don’t like to the ones you are comfortable showing off. Spending time accenting areas you love is tons more fun that trying to play Houdini with your butt or thighs.

If you have a nice chest, choose shirts that show your girls off. If you’ve got a curvaceous bottom, buy pants that sing when you walk. Besides, if you put your assets in the spotlight, no one will bother to look for the liabilities you left in the dark.

Pain-Free Shopping Guideline # 2: Wear flattering undergarments

Ever go shopping and enter the dressing room just to remember that you are wearing your holey underwear or a bra that it is built for comfort not for beauty? And, how does it make you feel when you look in the mirror? Disgusting, right?

If you want any chance at all of walking out of that store with new clothes in hand, you need to take proper precautions that morning by deciding to wear a cute little bra and panty set that makes you feel good. After all, it isn’t always the clothes on the outside that determine how you feel about yourself. That’s why stores like Victoria’s Secret are so popular.

Pain-Free Shopping Guideline # 3: Take an honest friend with you

two girl with shopping bags looking at shopping window

Are you wondering how taking an outspoken tell-it-like-it-is friend shopping with you is painless? Well, it’s not so much the shopping itself that’s painless, it’s the fact that you’re diverting yourself from buying the wrong style clothes that you’ll likely just end up returning anyway.

Now is not the time to have a friend that can’t give constructive criticism. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be constructive as long as it’s honest. You need someone who will tell you when your pants make your butt look frumpy and your shirts look like they belong to your grandmother.

You might not always like what your friend has to say, and you may not even agree, but having someone else there that may see things you don’t is always a plus. Well, that is unless she has no sense of style whatsoever which would beg to ask why you would take someone like that clothes shopping with you anyway?

Pain-Free Shopping Guideline # 4: Choose a wide array of sizes for the dressing room

There’s nothing worse than getting in the dressing room, stripping down to your undies and finding out that the pants you want to try on aren’t going to fit. You can avoid the whole scenario of getting redressed, finding the rack they were on, getting a new size and going back just to find your fitting room is now taken, if you just grab a couple different sizes with you when you go in the first time.

Of course, if you have your outspoken friend there with you, you can always send her to get a new size. But, really do you want to stand there and stare at every dimple and crevice until she returns five minutes later? I don’t think so.

Pain-Free Shopping Guideline # 5: Look for people with similar body shapes and sizes and see what they’re wearing

Become a keen people observer while you’re out and about doing business or running errands. When you see a woman who looks to be your size and build for the first time, where do your eyes initially go? Try to figure out why. What is she wearing that draws your attention?

Sometimes you can pick up the best clothing tips just by seeing what works and what doesn’t work by looking at other people who have your body qualities. And, if you already have an idea of the style that may work best for your shape and size, you can save yourself tons of time in the dressing room putting on and taking off clothes that clearly aren’t going to do you any favors.

Pain-Free Shopping Guideline # 6: Go shopping after you get your hair and/or nails done

hair washing at a hairdressing salon

When you feel good about yourself it’s much easier to find clothes you like because you’re happy with what you see when you look in the mirror. So, if you’ve just went through some sort of beautification process, such as getting your hair or nails done, that makes it a perfect time to try on some new clothes.

Imagine yourself as a super model who is getting ready for a photo shoot. You just left hair and makeup and now you’re just trying to find something really great to wear. It’s really just a state of mind, but if it helps then you should use it to your advantage.

Pain-Free Shopping Guideline # 7: Shop before you eat

This is probably the most important guideline you could ever follow when it comes to shopping happiness. Never, ever, ever eat before you go try on clothes. If you think you felt bad about your weight before, try going in the dressing room and getting naked when you have an extra few pounds of food churning in your belly and you’re starting to bloat from all that diet soda.

If you want to make clothes shopping easier, it’s best to go on an empty stomach. You feel sexier and thinner and are much more likely to find something that you feel good in. Your jeans will button easier and your shirts won’t feel so restrictive from a belly that’s been just filled to the brim.

Walking into the fitting room doesn’t have to feel like a walk to the electric chair. You can make it feel like a walk to the royal throne if you know how; and now, you know how.

It Isn't Just You: 28 Weird Things All Of Us Secretly Do

You are guilty as charged, and you know it. Those little things you thought no one knew you did, but everyone knows, because they do them too!

There are things that are human nature and are pretty interesting…and hilarious. And no one would ever catch you doing them because you would never do them, would you? Well, no one believes you, because those are just weird things people do all the time, they just don’t talk about it.

1. Shouting at someone in your mind

retro cartoon shouting brain

Your boss really got on your last nerve. You are fuming. Steam is coming out of your ears. So you walk away thinking about all the things you would say when you see them next time. Then you walk up to them and smile without saying a single thing.

Maybe next time you should say what you actually think. But try to do it in a nice way.

Having conversations with your friends in your mind

Just as you can shout or argue with someone in your mind, you can have conversations with them. Your best friend isn’t around? That’s a shame. At least you can still talk to them when trying to figure out if you really should date that guy.

2. Trying out the surname and picturing the wedding

You just got a drink from a gorgeous man at Starbucks and as you have gone there a few times and chatted, you finally add each other on Facebook. So you find out his surname and, in your mind’s eye, you try it out next to your own name. Does it sound good?

Maybe you also imagine what the wedding and kids would be like? Of course, you don’t really have any intention of marrying him. Not just yet, anyway. You just think about it to be on the safe side should the topic ever come up, three years from now.

3. Picking your nose

No, you’re not going to do it in public, but when no one can see and there is something stuck in there? Of course you try to get it out. Just don’t tell anyone I said so.

4. Their sex life must be…

You stare at a couple with a baby and suddenly you wonder how on Earth this baby could come to be, because the parents look like they would never ever have sex. So, you’re kind of shocked. Only of course you would never think about that, not at all.

On someone else’s wedding day you suddenly realize they will have sex that night. Will it be good?

5. When someone’s mean to you, you want them to feel bad

Hand painted fashion illustration of a woman eye

Someone’s been mean to you and you imagine just how much they will regret it, either when you die and their conscience hits them full force, or when you, say, win an Oscar, or the Nobel Peace Prize, or the Pulitzer Prize. Or at least when you marry Leo DiCaprio.

Just imagine that. Oh, you already did? If you’re an actor you probably already wrote the speech, too.

6. Black heads and zits

They are gross. So naturally, you squeeze them to get rid of them.

7. When you meet someone hot

You happen to end up having a cup of coffee with someone, being interviewed by them for a new job, interviewing them yourself, they are the new neighbor next door or you just started working with them. Only, they happen to be hot, smoking hot.

And immediately you start asking yourself questions about them, like would they be the kind of guy you could date? What kind of underwear do they sport? Do they shave their armpits? What would they be like in bed? And when you think they aren’t watching you are checking out everything from their ass to their fingernails.

8. You just can’t stop

You hire an entire series (or just open Netflix) and then you can’t stop watching for days. You’re addicted like it was crack.

Likewise, you start a book at night to read three pages. You finish the book at 5 am and arrive to work with a book hangover the size of the caffeine mountain you are about to climb.

9. You go into a trance

The last time you paid attention to traffic was five blocks away. You have no idea how you got to where you are.

You pick up a book and start reading, only to realize some time later you have no clue what you just read. You have, on the other hand, decided what to wear on your next date.

10. You hit refresh

illustration of a pretty business woman using laptop

Seriously, that email should have arrived. There should be more likes on your Facebook update. And that guy most certainly should have sent you a message by now. So why isn’t it coming through? Refresh!

11. You see your life unfold

You book a vacation and before you know it, in your mind’s eye, you see the vacation unfold. Your neighbor on the tropical island turns out to be Chris Hemsworth (who is now magically single) and every night he toasts with you, and you drink, until one day, he invites you over. The rest is history (very hot history).

Ah, the things you’ve done in your mind. From being Cat Woman and saving the world to having an excellent shout down with Sarah Pallin.

12. You stop the microwave

Whether it is to avoid the annoying beeping in the end, or you are trying to detonate a bomb, you don’t let the thing go off.

13. You do let the thing go off

No, not the microwave, but the alarm clock. You set it early so that you will have time to snooze, many times. Hit snooze. Snore. Hit snooze. Snore. Hit snooze. Snore. Hit stop. And you are finally sufficiently ready to be awake. Congratulations. You made it to another day.

14. You post something on social media just to boost your confidence

Some things always get likes, like new profile pictures. So when you are feeling really down one day, you decide to get by with a little help from your friends.

15. You don’t post something on social media because you fear a war or confidence breakdown

You know you really support a cause, or you want to express something really badly, but you think it might lead to a Facebook war, or some people would simply stop liking you if you post it. So you don’t. But you know deep down inside what the people are thinking about the true you anyway.

16. You would never become one of THOSE people

woman eye peeking

You will never sacrifice a night on the town for a night at home with your boyfriend. You are not one of those lazy types. You love a happening social life.

You will definitively not become one of those moms that post pictures of their baby fifty times a month and only attend child friendly events. So boring, come on!

And most certainly, you will never do anything your parents did that annoyed you, absolutely not.

Yeah, right.

17. Over and over again

You tell yourself over and over again that you will not date a certain type of guy. You are through with playboys, cheaters, bosses (very impractical, leads to a lot of job changes), shop-o-holics, alcoholics, couch potatoes…

Nor will you ever again do something stupid like spending $200 on a pair of shoes just because they used to be $400. It will never happen again that you eat a whole pint of ice cream all by yourself whilst watching Netflix. This will never ever happen again, until next time.

18. You reread your own writing

You just wrote an email to someone important, and after you hit send, you immediately reread it. Same with the blogs you write. Maybe even the Facebook updates.

19. You ask for advice you don’t want

You know your best friend will tell you the guy you are dating is an ass, but you ask her anyway about what she thinks, and then spend thirty minutes trying to convince her that she is wrong, whilst listening to none of what she has to say.

20. You ask for advice because you know the answer

You know people will praise you for your choice of man, job, decision, etc. You just want affirmation and time to sit and oh and ah about how great you are and how exciting this thing is.

21. If you have a cold you blow your nose in the shower

Beautiful brunette during bath time

Guys do this all the time. What about us, women? We never do, unless we are desperate, of course, and look like Rudolph after the latest onslaught of the winter cold.

22. Delete posts

You posted this hilarious post on Facebook (Really, it was hilarious). But you only got one like. You probably posted it at the wrong time, or people are just stupid and don’t get it. To be on the safe side, you decide to delete it anyway.

23. You don’t trust anyone until you’ve seen their social media accounts (and googled them)

Of course you can rely on your super aware, mind blowing ability to decipher people at first sight. You just know the good from the bad. Only, it’s best you check Facebook before you are absolutely certain the guy is divorced and not still, secretly, with his wife and five other women. Just in case.

24. You panic when a guy doesn’t reply to a text straight away and freak out when he does

He doesn’t reply. You must have said the wrong thing. Or he just isn’t interested? Maybe you are like number three of three women right now?

He replies straight away. Clearly he has no life. He must be a stalker. You’re not sure he’s worth it. Maybe you should just not date him?

You pick up your laundry with your feet

You know just how to pick up your laundry with your toes, toss it in the air and throw it in the laundry bin. In fact, you should have won a gold medal for your skills in this department.

25. The best answers are your own

You talk to yourself. You debate problems, you tell yourself you rocked when you nailed a job assignment, you ask yourself what to have for dinner… These conversations are very enlightening as you always get the answer you thought you would, the one coming from your own intelligent self.

26. The laughter/giggle attack

Minimalistic outline art of young happy beautiful woman smiling with open mouth

You are on the subway, or in the middle of the street, and suddenly you remember something hilarious and burst into laughter. Much to everyone else’s stunned confusion.

Sometimes you just happen to overhear someone else’s conversation and you find the conversation or something they said hysterically funny. Embarrassed, you try to suppress the insuppressible giggle rising from within you, and fail.

You end up having a conversation with a hot guy. Maybe you are selling him something, maybe he’s selling you something, or maybe he’s your doctor, dentist, or barista. Either way he is hot, smoldering. And suddenly you have this urge to giggle and can’t remember anything at all that you are supposed to be saying. Your mind is a blank giggle.

27. Accidentally liking an old picture

You just met someone, and obviously, you want to find out who they are. So you research their social media. A certain photo had you in total awe or crying with laughter, and without thinking, you hit the like button. Only the photo was three years old, oops.

28. You don’t want to ask

Someone’s reading a magazine and you are looking over their shoulder, hoping they won’t notice, because you don’t want to ask them what they are reading and go buy it yourself.

You are at the airport, stuck in the security line, and too lazy to pick up your phone, so you are trying to check out what time it is by looking at other people’s watches. Those watches are set on time zones from all over the world, making it very helpful.

You have a habit of ending up with a certain kind of job situations, friends, or boyfriends. So you are dying to ask your hot date if he is a notorious cheater, if he has a habit of doing nothing but smoking pot all day, comes with a crazy ex attached, or has a tendency to embarrass himself when he gets drunk.

You may also want to know if he is capable of doing his own laundry, or still sends it to his mom. Of course, you can’t ask him that on a first date though, so you just wait, and wait. And potentially snoop.

Do you have any other funny habits to share? Tweet me @OhMyMontgomery or comment below!

How to Make a Bad Day Good Again – YouQueen

Ever have one of those days that nothing seems to go right? Well, it’s not that hard to make it good again. Keep reading to find out how.

You wake up super early even though you could have slept in, your computer starts to go on the fritz, and, oh yeah, that money you expected from an employer was cut in third.

Things like this can make you want to flip the world the bird and go right back to bed – but you’re probably too mad to sleep even if you did. So, how do you take that bad day and actually make it good again?

The only difference between a bad day and a good one is your perception of it. Although you can try to justify that certain things happened and it is their fault that you’re angry at the world, the reality is that if you were happy, those things wouldn’t bother you as much. You’d be much more inclined to just let them roll off your back or take them in a more positive stride.

The key then is to work to try to change your perspective. This can be very difficult to do when life isn’t going your way, but it isn’t impossible.

Here are some tips to help you move in that direction and hopefully end your day better than it started:

Figure Out What Is Bothering You

Woman looking at view standing on balcony

Although it may feel like you just “woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” usually a bad mood exists because there is something bothering you. Maybe something happened in the past that isn’t resolved or you have a worry or concern that you can’t seem to quiet. Either way, it can be eating at you without you even realizing it on a conscious level.

So, to bring it to the forefront, actively try to figure out what you’re thinking that has you in a dither. Did you have a fight with your guy and now there’s an unhealthy tension that exists? Are you waiting for some medical test results that may alter the course of your life?

The more you’re able to pinpoint the source of your anxiety, tension or frustration, the more you’re able to deal with it in a manner that takes it away completely – leaving you in much better spirits.

Distract Yourself

Sometimes the best thing you can do when you feel ready to jump down everyone’s throat is to distract yourself. The more you sit and think about what is ticking you off or making you unhappy, the worse you’re going to feel. Why add fuel to the flame when you can do something that snuffs it out completely?

Find an activity that takes your complete attention to give your mind a break for the moment. Maybe you could get engrossed in a good novel or start that detailed paint project you’ve been putting off. If you do something that you’ve actually been meaning to cross off your to-do list, not only will you feel better because you let go of the anger or hostility for a second, but you’ll also have a feeling of accomplishment which always makes a bad day better.


young woman running in park  7

Although this may feel like the last thing you want to do, it may be one of the most beneficial. It gets your heart rate going, allowing you to release some of the stress and tension you’re likely feeling at the moment and boosts some happy little endorphins into your body.

Throw on some headphones to tune out the rest of the world and it gets even better. When you’re jamming to your favorite music to soothe your mind and body, it’s easier to let your cares and concerns slip away.

Besides, no one will want to bother you because you’ll be the crazy woman lifting weights of monstrous proportions who could do some serious body damage.

Count Your Blessings

This one may be hard to do when you feel like life has you pinned in the corner, but if you can just take a look at how fortunate you truly are, you’ll start to switch your view from one of negativity to one of positivity. Sure, things may not be going your way in one or two areas, but you still have a lot to be thankful for if you stop and think about it.

Make a list, either on paper or in your mind, of all the things in your world that you are lucky to have. If you have a supportive, loving family, then take note of it. Perhaps your health is good so you’re able to make it through your days without having some chronic or debilitating disease. Maybe your job isn’t the greatest, but it pays the bills.

If you are having difficulty coming up with a list because your mood is so foul, think of people that have it worse than you. Certainly they would trade shoes with you in a heartbeat. Figure out why and then be thankful for it.

Do Something Fun

pole dancing

Maybe you’ve been in a sour mood for days or weeks and you’re just bored with life. You’re tired of each day being the same as the day before and the spark you once had is now extinguished completely.

If this is the case, then it’s time to do something about it. Come up with 5-10 things that you’ve been wanting to try that you haven’t yet. Been thinking about skydiving, but haven’t worked up the courage just yet? How about those pole dancing classes that make you blush every time you think about yourself learning to be all sexy while getting in great physical shape at the same time?

Now, pick one or two of the things on your list and actually set them up. Make appointments if you need to so you stay committed. Just do something to get the ball rolling and you may feel better instantly.

Let It Out

People often swear or yell just because it makes them feel better. So, perhaps some well-placed streams of obscenities or screaming at the top of your lungs may help relieve whatever it is you’re feeling.

It’s like your emotions are in a pressure cooker and if you don’t let them out, they’re going to raise the lid off that baby and then cause some major damage. Of course, you shouldn’t go all crazy out in public, so you need to pick a time and place that is appropriate for what you’re about to do.

Ideally, you’ll want to use your house when no one is home. First of all, no little ears need to hear the words you’re likely to say. Second, you don’t want to have to edit or watch what you release verbally for fear that you’ll offend someone. You want to be able to shout out exactly what is on your mind, no matter how improper it may be.

Sometimes just giving your negativity a voice is all you need to get you back on the right track and turn your day around. At a minimum, it at least feels better to say it – even if no one can hear you.

Sometimes things happen in our worlds that make it tough to smile. But, it’s up to you if you want to make your days good or bad. I, personally, prefer the former and I hope you do too.

7 Websites You Need In Your Life Right Now – YouQueen

Feel like something’s been missing in your life? Check out these 7 must-see websites to add a little sparkle back into your internet experience.

LibraryThing – the Avid Reader’s E-Library


Are you having trouble tracking your vast selection of books, keeping up with your favorite authors, and are always on the hunt for something new, fresh, and interesting to read? Check out LibraryThing, the self-proclaimed “world’s largest book club” that uses your pre-existing lists from other world libraries (such as Amazon or the Library of Congress) and generates recommendations catered to you.

You can add your first 200 books for free, (it’s $10 for a year’s worth of unlimited cataloging, while a lifetime membership cost about $25), and in turn, your personal e-library is compared to the library of other users who have similar tastes. Their “Talk” forum enables you to jump into groups that allow you to discuss topics or selections that you may be interested in. It’s also a great way to get personal about the recommendations and suggestions you give each other for future references. It also has a mobile feature that allows you to check your recommendations and events anywhere and at any time.

More comfortable using your blog to express your thoughts on the latest books you’ve read? LibraryThing has a blog widget just for that. Want to take it further by getting involved in real (life) time? Its “Local” feature provides you with information on the actual libraries, author signings, bookstores, and book festivals in your area.

Our favorite thing about it is its free early reviewer option from publishers and authors. Just sign up and get free books by getting free pre-publication copies in exchange for your reviews of them.

Rouxbe – Tap Into Your Inner Chef


Pronounced “roo-bee”, this innovative culinary company provides its users with step-by-step in-depth video lessons and guided instructions. This is great for those who’ve felt unsure of vague cookbook instructions or can’t seem to get a hang of the exact methods stated on online recipes. It’s perfect for those who’ve always had a secret longing or wish to develop a better culinary prowess.

Simply decide what you want to learn and sign up for your course of choice. Since it is a web-based cooking school, you can watch and do the lessons at your own speed, leisure, and time. The world of food is broken down into smaller, more manageable units, which are subsequently divided into lessons, and the lessons themselves are comprised of a list of bite-sized tasks.

It functions pretty much like most learning institutions; it’s just on a different platform and format. Classes have required readings and visual assignments. Exercises include putting instructions of a recipe in proper order or putting the correct labels on diagrams and drawings as well. Be warned: these assignments require you to get a little more critical; they’ll even present you with recipes that ask you to figure out what went wrong with it!

Don’t worry if you get frustrated and a little confused. Rouxbe offers online assistance and help from professionals as well so you can ask them about any comments, questions, or concerns you may have. Plus, the overall bonus to all this rigorous hard work is that if you do well enough, you can get proper certification for completing the course.

Not sure if Rouxbe is for you? Sign up for a sample course on any culinary goal you may have or what you’d love to learn to cook. Check out their short introductory videos. Not only do they give you a feel and sense of the courses, but many come with great recipes that have step-by-step videos that are free for repeated and frequent viewings. Our favorite one is the Warm Salmon Salad Niçoise Recipe.

Grooveshark and Shiny Groove – Easy, Breezy Musical Fun


If you’re not familiar, Grooveshark is a completely free online streaming music service that has an impressively huge library of user-uploaded songs, mash-ups, remixes and the like. For the auditory-driven and intrigued, all you really need to do is type in the song you want to hear and voilà. No need for any sign ups, accounts, or payment plans. If you want to make playlists that you want just about any of your friends to easily access, Grooveshark is a safe bet to use.

Regular users can follow their favorite artists, see what their friends are currently tuning into, and check out what’s new or trending in any genre they like. You’d have to pay for the desktop player and the mobile app, but despite this, the readers of Lifehacker have surveyed it as their favorite streaming music service.

Its mini-me, Shiny Groove, is also worth taking a look at. Essentially Grooveshark without the browser, it’s jam-packed with features packaged in a great-looking mini-player. Shiny Groove is minimal in design, but lets you browse your playlists, listen to any song in your collection, or search and discover new music.

It has advanced artwork search, looking for the best quality artwork to use, and has an amusing “Shake to Hide” feature (you can use the menu bar to put it back into visibility). The mini-player also has features that allow multimedia keys and programmable keyboard shortcuts. Although it is still in beta form, advanced features such as control via headphones or Apple remotes are already functional.

Despite being tiny, it’s easy to use whether by media keys or remote controls, and also supports key commands. It also allows allows you to expand your player if you need to get to your playlists or catalogue of songs, then minimize back when you’re ready to give it a whirl, and subsequently changes the artwork with each song change.  It’s currently free as a beta service, so give it a try today.

ChicPost – For The Modern Blogger in You

Although launching in spring, we’re already hearing great things and buzz about ChicPost. It’s a blogging platform/social network for lifestyle bloggers and readers. The topics range from just about anything and everything you can think of: fashion, celebrity news, beauty, accessories, the arts, food, travel, technology, photography, fitness… really anything that modern women would find interesting.

Its front-page displays a collection of the best images, videos, links, updates, and other media collected by users, and also allows them to click on the post associated with each media element to get the context of why it’s interesting and why it’s featured as the best that day.

Bloggers will be particularly delighted as any and all elements can be easily posted and re-used0 in addition to being commented on, liked, or shared. Users can post blog entries that contain photos, videos, text, and quotes as well. If you have a pre-existing blog, worry not. You can connect your own sites and sync it with your ChicPost account.

What makes this so attractive is ChicPost lets you curate social networks by combining all your social posts, articles, links, blogs, and tweets, bringing it all together into one coherent narrative.

Think of it as streamlining your social media experience. You can still use your ChicPost updates and put them up on your other social media sites like WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr or Posterous, and tweet or update your Facebook accounts on an individual basis, but ChicPost allows you to combine all that into one seamless viewing experience.  All you have to do is create a profile and you’re set.

ChicPost has other features too, such as allowing you to follow fellow users, send them private messages, while the forum page lets you share your thoughts and the latest with other bloggers. You can make updates on your status message as well. Since a shopping site is in the works of also being integrated, these will no doubt be beneficial and come in handy for a better, overall shopping experience that you can immediately blog about before, during, and after.

Sign up today for updates about ChicPost, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook for more updates.

#UPDATE: Unfortunately, ChicPost disappeared from the Internet suddenly.

Duolingo and Memrise – Learning a Language as Easy as 1, 2, 3


Starting out as a project that aimed to transform language translation into language education, Duolingo is a great new educational tool in helping you learn a new language while helping translate the Internet at the same time. Completely free, it currently offers Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and English (for Spanish speakers), but will later come out with Chinese as well. It aims to teach you the fundamentals with a motivational point system.

Lessons start with users learning the basics and then are asked to translate websites and other online documents. Our first experience with it lead us to translate paragraphs from the Interpol website into French. Pretty cool.

The more advanced you get, the more complex the paragraphs given to you. To ensure quality is maintained, users also get their work rated by the community, and they also get to select which is the best translation among the bunch later on. You can earn points and see your daily progress.

You also get daily email reminders to give you that nudge to stay on track. It allows you to connect via Facebook, and not only lets you share updates on your language learning progress but also make posts on your chosen language, asks questions to the community, and then some.

If you’re not looking to learn a language, but you’re in need of some serious vocab to help you get by during your next holiday adventure, Memrise is just what you’re looking for. Joshua Foer of the Guardian narrates his experience in learning Lingala, (the lingua franca of the Congo basin):

“It goes without saying that memorising the 1,000 most common words in Lingala, French or Chinese is not going to make anyone a fluent speaker…[b]ut it turns out to be just enough vocabulary to let you it the ground running once you’re authentically immersed in a language. And, more importantly, that basic vocabulary gives you a scaffolding to which you can attach other words as you hear them…[A]s I packed my memory with more and more words, these connections started to make sense and I began to notice the same grammatical formulas elsewhere–-and could even pick them up in conversation. This sort of pattern recognition happens organically over time when a child learns a language, but giving myself all the data points to work with at once certainly made the job easier, and faster.”

For these 1,000 words, Foer used Memrise, a free language-learning site that has vocabulary lists that have memory cues along with the words. This gives you an edge in making it easier to remember the word itself.

Memrise works by using vivid images along with audio to help you remember, strengthens your learning with calibrated tests, and makes use of adaptive reminders that keep your newfound knowledge fresh and accessible. To make it more catered to your needs, you can also make your own interactive flashcards and study materials, which you can later share with family and friends. It currently offers more than 150 languages, and has over 200 categories ranging from a diverse vocabulary word selection that includes law, physics, film, fashion, board games, and even trivia.

We’d love to hear from you, so tell us what’s your favorite site on the list by hitting the reply button below, or tweet us at @YouQueenMag with your thoughts, recommendations, and comments!