0x176 Freebsd Vs Ubuntu Linux Performance Analysis || Networking (iperf) || Memory (memcpy)

Hey welcome to the river channel so I was doing some port from a Linux codebase or to FreeBSD for one of my client and then I just thought let me do some performance analysis and compare the performance of between the Linux versus the FreeBSD because this stuck by what I was doing this a network stack in a user.

Spacer since it is user space I don’t need to touch any you know kernel aspects of either of the operating system whether it is in Linux or you know FreeBSD so which is when I thought let.

Me test it’s a overall system performance uh a couple of days ago I shot a video episode on you know memory tests memory performance tests for my newly built you know freeness over I just want to compare the hardware capabilities of.

Just you know bare metal server versus my desktop PC and the same I have covered in one of the video episode so you can go through the same over here you can see here it is a titled as NASA operating system category and under that I have.

Discussed about the ZFS on Ubuntu and as a part of that series even the other episode I.

Have discussed about this sanam copy performance because most of the times we do this any stack.

Or anything it depends sometimes on the you know raw mem copy performance because if you encrypt some data you you may have some encrypted file system you can do even compression take for instance ZFS or something like that so it can be file system it can be mean.

It can be anything so that’s what I have.

This questioned exclusively covered.

In the episode today I thought.

An eye perf test and let me conclude how it is going to behave Oh which is when.

Now I thought let me do a knife between local host to local water so that it gives that the raw performance of that term.

That device this is something you can do on you know bare metal level and further demonstration purposes I thought to.

Cover in this video I thought to do in the VM so that I can have a couple of identical VM sent and I could do some more you know I purchased so in case.

If you are new to I puff if you are a student or something like that I once covered about this and networker performance tool called hyper for this is quite handy and itself and so bulk of data don’t rely on pink that’s all that and pink is okay to do some basic connectivity and you can increase the size of the.

Packets of 2500 or more than that here and there so you can use ping for such limited tests but if you want to do some bulk TCP connections and I mean TCP connector to transactions or bulk UDP transactions or try to use you know and I pass tol okay so that’s what so what I have done is I have an identical VM setup.

As you can see here so here I have a desktop VM which has so em suspects you can have you can see here it has three processor ascend and it has around 2.5 GB of memory and down and there are various other things and similarly I have another FreeBSD server you can see here it has the similar.
Specs so hardware wise it has the similar specs so it it.

Same in case if you run it on a bare metal also as I said this is something I have done on a bare metal on a specific device on a test device own of my client and it even now behaved more or less the same which is when I thought it is quite in and let me cover this in a video episode in case if you are you know doing your masters or something like.

That in a university in case if you have some test bed you can also do some tests and get back your.

Research data as well so that we can compare how it turns out okay so this is what it is let me justify this you know V em up so this is a FreeBSD one you can see here this is the desktop it is already booted and it is running so this is a Linux desktop okay so yes so let’s import the same if you go.

To the general law you know search you can see various type of tests and benchmarks being done I was quite amazed you can see here FreeBSD versus Linux performance and here somewhere there’s a comparison between even Solaris and.

Windows and Ruby this is it is understandably quite an old matrix so we can take such samples so you can see here this is gzip compression again it is quite handy it is in photonics you can see here this is versus Debian and in this case they are comparing with you know FreeBSD 8.0 the orange bar and the green bar is the main thing to compare as well as this I’m sorry this you know Morrowind bar actually.

So this versus this orange so that is like Debian vs.

FreeBSD and in this case that the green one is FreeBSD 1.

Compare in this particular test you know three BSD is performing better than now that Debian Linux but again this is a very bold with next kernel as you understand it is 2.6 is around more than eight or seven years old so that’s.

What yeah there are some other different tests you can see here working the process of how much time it takes so the less amount of you know microseconds is much you know faster so in this case the bar should be as low as possible to get you know a better performing system so in.

This case you can see linux is a red curve and freebsd is both to this blue and you know purple curves so clean is again.6 dynamic so in this case you can see here you know linux is performing.

More or less better than freebsd and we can check similar examples whereas in the scale you.

Can see yeah 7-zip compression in this case of debian is again.

Maroon bar it is again from Mathurin XO versus freebsd is a green and orange bar so you can see it is little bit you know performing i believe this is speed test i believe the bigger the bar better it is so i believe that is what it is so once again here freebsd is a little bit performing little not so good compared to linux so yeah there are various ways so people have plotted the same so anyway I think the VM is booted up you can see here so.

Let us just to login into the same.

And we can do some quick test start XFC for I have installed accept see for GUI in the same we can go to a terminal and we can open one more tab so that we can do a.

Quick hypo here in the desktop I have again two tabs but before doing the same R we can also do this you.

Know mem copy benchmark as well so that we will have some baseline measurement in this mem copy tests how it is behaving and then we can do a knife test because I perfect Esther if you see architectural wise so it is quite simple you have this you know userspace.

Process so you have this type of server and type of.

Client and one side if the data is pumped to the other side it is going to go through the you know kernel space and come to the user space.

So that’s what it happens essentially so it goes from this process to this process and from this process to this process as simple as that so technically or testing the overall stack performance so and as well as the hardware performance of a specific device in in a way you are also testing the CPU performance and as well as some memory performance but in a way you can cross-check your iPod tests with some type of memory benchmark test as well so that’s why we can do this.

Same mem copy performance stuff which I have once discussed in this episode as I mentioned earlier ok so over here we can do the same in a VM which is the.

Linux in a VM which is FreeBSD we do this and we will have some baseline measurement which is doing better and then we can cross-check with hyper.

As well so people think that I per face – network performance it is only network performance test if you do on a real network of way so if you do on a local host erm then it is.

Going to be a system performance test because you are testing end of the day the ipv4 stack and overall network stack or networking subsystem of Linux kernel and if you do it in FreeBSD it’s a network subsystem of FreeBSD kernel so that’s what and then other than that you are also testing the overall system.

Performance and as well as all these things are coupled with the real hardware performance that way if you see I do a quick walkthrough so this is what I have discussed in the other episode.

You have this mm cop attached and to prevent the compiler optimization I have added the few lines here and there I am doing a memset and each time based on the size you provide how much byte to do or megabytes in this case or to do mem copy attached to based on that I am just setting that you know I’m doing a mem set so.

That each time it you know changes that.

I’m doing some tests of dynamic so that each eye tration I.

Am increasing few you know megabytes as you can see here it is 10 MB 20 MB and so on and then after that I’m skipping the after.

100 MB I’m skipping to 300 MB and after that 500 MB and then I’m running a continuous of for loop over that same oh you know 400 MB so 50 means it is 50 x.

You know 10 MB so that’s why it is you know 500 MB so the same 500 MB test in the last I’m.

Doing in a for loop so this I have put later because if you do something like that what happens is the entire tests which have done in the last iteration is going to stay in CPU cache whatever it is and if you do any for loop it is going.

To have the same the source buffer is going to have the same bite and even the destination buffer or this or you know docto which is getting copy data from both one to book two is also going to have the same bite so it is just going to do some comparison I mean the optimal mem copy is.

Space Colony [linux/wine] – Das Daaauert *seuftz* – Folge 14

Das ist möglich wie die dafür eingerichtet haben das fast so als wäre man drin meine stimme als aktuelles training abbrechen aktuelles training abbrechen die radeon grafik und iridium energiequelle müsste doch eigentlich auf dem planeten haben die jetzt kontrolle nicht wirklich viel leben schön beide dauern also ich finds halt witziges bibliothek oder freizeit einsortiert haben das ganze vor ich.

Super reinigungskosten leistung auf maximal solche von den fliegern dass wir beiden euch jetzt an freunden geht meist du.

Diese sorte mag ich eigentlich nicht billiger sondern das richtige instanz kontrolle stimmt so weißt du es wäre nicht.

Schlecht auf den pässen aufzustellen hier ein paar pflanzen görg hat alles unter kontrolle persönliche waschanlage diese fälle sind berg und tal wir sind jetzt froh ist ein komplett in rest der basis aus seinen augen und naja vielleicht dass pu hier alles sauber machen muss die alte dame gewährte der basis 20 ich begebe mich der krankenstation das ja eigentlich noch energieleistung auf maximum zeit zum arbeiten wenn es hier so ist dann aber erstmal genug auch vor ort denke ich der tagebau.

Energieleistung boxee box ich hoffe du hast es nicht eilig meine ich nur hier machen wir nämlich kein problem gummi kein problem lass dir zeit alles gut kann man sicher nicht ich.

Werde mich sofort an es ist nicht so dass politik das tut weh weißt du ich grüße dich zeuge größten ich weiß aber ich möchte dass ihr euch alle halbwegs vertrag wenn er oben schon die große biosphäre müll versinkt möchten gegenseitig über den haufen.

Jagen das fähigkeit praktisch richtig großer fan von solarkraft gebäude kann.

Hier nicht errichtet werden solarkraftwerk und symmetrisch.

Ein gewehr naja du kaufst du kein gewehr junge pseudo gangster natürlich habe ich gerade duschen geschickt doppelsiege trainingsprogramm abgeschrieben energieleistung auf maximum handels kontrolle so viel logistik wie man hier betreiben muss all das ist ja teilweise waren defekt so schön suisse anbrennen richtig schwierig weil da einfach so unglaublich viele sachen denken muss total gebaut zwei sterne die person wird ist ein stehe das müssen ist er dreimal den ganzen spaß werden weil das wird eine weile dauern ich.

Schätze ich sollte mal anfangen das ist ein bio ding geworden sind die dinge das können ja noch das gut ans limit beim skating gegen gefährdete halt relativ schnell aber unglaublich vor augen gerichtet nagl überall ich hasse diesen kommentar zu diesen sozialdienst quatsch führen über land auspeitschen wieder ein das ist genau mein mann.

Alter nicht arbeiter der arbeiterin war bitte worden die getötete station eingerichtet und eric nach lied freunde geworden ja ich bin gerade sehr schweigsam tut mir leid ich versuche gerade irgendwie so organisieren.

Dass die basis nicht komplett den bach runter geht werde ich hier beschäftigt bin.

Die leute denken ich mal eben kram lernst du sollst lernen junge das programm sowie in jedem geschichtsbuch und sozialdienst weißt du diese sorte mag ich einfach doch die beiden seiten liebespärchen gefasst doch super zusammen ich finde es eine gute idee das ist hier ein richtiger insekten friedhof machen leute nicht sicher in einem früheren leben ja kein problem und nächsten morgen zwei markante stationen.

Eingerichtet so dann kommt wieder wegzugehen dann haben wir es nicht so häufig gerade wieder im griff hatte das gefühl dem planeten klima tituliert ist quasi kannst du deinen golfkurs errichten aber das ding sonst irgendein arbeiterin sind ein bild machen kann ich nicht das sei die basis 30 jedem duschen das gerade am wischen umfasst.

Auch gerade sauber bewusst sowieso das essen duschen gehen endlich ein auftrag ist gerade am duschen.

Da kann danach schlafen gehen weil es geht auch noch drei da oben lern schön brav in dem müllhaufen schlechthin super lernatmosphäre überall stinkt und müsstest und steckt grünes gas aus da lernt man gerne da hat mal wieder spaß daran kann ich auch immer so so greg ist fertig mit duschen okay so lange dauern speicher das ganze hier mal biete überschreite steht die kuhprämie kannst du nicht ich konnte ihr.

Werden wahnsinnig wenn ich das übertreibe wir lassen das besser auch normaler geschwindigkeit wird noch sehr lange dauern allerdings machen ja.

Ja tanz mit werken der rainer da raus und das war ziemlich cool wir müssen die strom solarkraftwerk in der basis wird gekämpft bist du zu sagen nein du gehst du deinem eigenen bett schlafen gummi.
Gps was ersten du sagst darf hier.

Wenn wir mit so einer aktionsreihe einstehen aktionsreihe sowie die basics sozusagen das macht da ist dann machst du das dann machst du das muss man so ein bisschen planen kann dass er nach und nach berlin gemacht so du freunde – an persönlich zusammensetzen könnten sich unterhalten können so können die ja ein verbrechen kann man ja fast keinen schritt tun ohne gegen eine sanitätsstation zu.

Laufen großes feuer das gefühl dass meine arbeit geschätzt wird was mit so einem klaren ja zu einem idioten um ihm dann wohl alle mitmachen.

Hat hier jemand mal dabei das könnte ich dir sagen aber ich tue es nicht weg es nicht darauf an diese wendung konversation 100 jahren das aber das könnte ich jetzt tue ich nicht ich weiß deswegen muss hast du diese sorte.

Mag ich besonders wir müssen reden mein sparstrumpf wird immer dicker zeit habe ich genug um hier zu verschwinden weißt du.

Diese sorte mag ich eigentlich nicht besonders das ist was du möchtest hier wird alles so ernst nach und nach die leute miteinander anfreunden dass wird witzig meine stimme haste ja ich bin was du dich bevor.

Du stirbst oder so warum nicht ein bisschen unterhalten der standort geld holen gehen nun enttäuscht mich maßlos absolut uncool finanzen.

11 Sql Injection Part 2

Welcome friends we are continuing from our previous tutorial of SQL injection in our previous tutorial I have explained you how our login system works to learn SQL injection in depth you must have the knowledge of SQL queries here is one and if you don’t know SQL queries you can always go ahead and check our courses on MySQL ms.

SQL and Oracle let’s move forward now.

Let me do it quick for you so that you will come to know what is SQL injection instead of giving a correct user name I am typing admin quote space two hyphens and space and what this does is very interesting which we will cover in.

Just a few minutes but for now just remember that we have written our correct username quote space two hyphens and space.

And in the place of password we can write down any password doesn’t matter really that it is correct or incorrect and let’s click on login now this is something which should not happen it says correct login but the login is actually not correct because our password is wrong.

Pass so how this happened you can see the actual SQL query is select count you name from users where you name is equal to admin now up to this our query works very.

Fine with checks the username is equal to admin or not but what we have entered is this extra part now what this part does is.

It is actually completing this quote so that means these both quotes are done after a space we have entered – – and then.

A space – hyphen followed by space is interpreted as comment so our SQL statement is actually this and all this rest.

Of the part is interpreted as comment so our database doesn’t really look at this and it just check if the username is equal to add mint or not so in this way if you know the correct username you can login into system without knowing the correct password this is the example of our SQL injection and if you search on internet you’ll find multiple ways of injecting such SQL commands.

Next tutorial we will learn how we can prevent from such SQL injections thank you.

Web App Penetration Testing Web Application Firewall Detection With Wafw00f

Hey guys hack exploit here back again with another video and welcome back to the web application penetration testing series alright so in this video we’re gonna be looking at web application firewalls or WAAFs as they’re called now this may be a new term for you and do not worry this is now when we move into a more professional.

Level and again this is what I’m been talking about is most people out almost documented documentation out there won’t cover the most important industry standards you know.

Now when I’m talking about web application firewalls what I mean is is these are the protection or these are.

The mitigation procedures put in place.

To protect a web application from attacks obviously now as a penetration tester or if you’re looking at it from a white hat or a black.

Hat perspective from white hat perspective it’s always important to.

Have the Web Application Firewall and I’ll probably make another video showing you how to set it up it’s really easy and it’s free and it’ll probably remove about 20% of attacks okay so that’s if you’re a white hat now if you’re a black and you’re targeting or you’re performing a penetration test legally on a web site or web application usually what the employer will tell you is they’ll give.

You a scope of the project and again they might give you.

The source code etc etc you get the idea you have your white box testing black box and gray box but coming back to the firewall most of them will know that there is a file and that’s because the person who set the website up for them in terms of hosting or the web application for them will in.

Most cases on a professional level have a Web Application Firewall now you might be a bit confused and you might be saying well why is this important when performing.

A penetration test well this is important because firstly it’s something that most pen testers overlook and if you know this you’ve got an ace up your sleeve alright so essentially what’s happening is if it’s being used if a web application firewall is being used you.
Obviously first need to detect it and I’m going to show you how.

To detect it in this video using a special tool that I don’t think you ever heard of but it’s also industry standard so this is a really secret I don’t know for some reason it’s not just it’s something that just hasn’t caught up yet but hopefully after this video you know about it alright so essentially the purpose of a Web Application Firewall is it protects the web application you know from a firewall point of view in the sense that it blocks attacks as a one would expect.

Them to come now what does this mean for you well this means that you.

Will need to in you will need to manipulate any type of data that is going to be encoded all right so what this means is if you’re if you’re performing a penetration test that involves you manipulating.

Data and sending it back to the web application similar to what we did in the previous video then you need to encode it in a specific way to bypass the firewall otherwise it will be.

Blocked by the firewall and I’m sure most of you have actually done this before if you’re just amateur penetration testers and you’ve just begun you’ll find that for some reason your requests aren’t being processed and that’s because they’ve there is a firewall set up to prevent.

These malicious requests from being processed okay so again Web Application Firewall is really really important now looking at the tool we’ll be using the tool has actually a very very funny name if for some of you might find it hilarious it is called wife wolf now for those of you have heard of it you pretty much already know how to detect a web application firewall but it’s really very very simple.

All right so just open up your terminal and what you want to do is you want to type in wife wolf all right so this is how it is going to be spelt so it’s worth wolf with a two with two zeros and the syntax is pretty simple if I just hit enter as you can see wife Wolf’s a.

Web application firewall detection tool alright so credits go to the author it’s actually it’s a tool that’s been there.

Since the I think almost the last version of backtrack and the first version of Kali so again quite an old tool I when I say old I mean you know.

I mean that with respect given the fact that it’s really really useful and I’ve used it a lot because it saves you a lot of time and what I’m talking about is so let’s say we want to scan a website okay in this case I have my WordPress server running here and as you.

Can see it’s the site is being hosted on 192 point one sixty eight point one point 101 alright so I have that IP opened up in my browser and as you can.

See it’s a wordpress site and this site is vulnerable and this is what we are going to be performing later on the penetration tests on but for now we want to.

Find out whether it has a firewall now by default I know it doesn’t have a firewall but let’s see what were for for tell us alright so the syntax is very simple as you can see you just type in wife wolf and you enter.

Your URL or your URL so you can enter as many as you like okay so it’ll give you an example they of.

How to go about it make sure you enter your HTTP or HTTPS protocol and we just let’s try that out so laugh wolf and we specify our protocol HTTP in this case and the IP address 192.1 oh one all right now in this case I’m pretty sure that it won’t detect any web application firewall so let me just hit enter and.

As you can see no web application firewall detected by the generic detection.

All right now this is very very advanced and this tool is an industry standard and if it does tell you that there is no web application firewall then by all means I can guarantee that it does not have a firewall now let’s look at one of my sites that I currently own it’s a site that I use it’s actually my web development company that obviously we use for web development now.

I’ve protected this site with a web application firewall provided by cloud there now for those of you web developers and when you’re performing your hosting you know that using.

Cloud fair is awesome because it allows you to optimize your site for speed it allows you to purge assets and make your site faster protect.

It and again protect it from a DDoS attacks etc etc.

Nimbatus: Build Space Drones, Fight Giant Snakes! | Nimbatus Gameplay (early Access Alpha Game)

Hello this is Jamie from randomized user today we’re playing around in NIMH Bartis the space drone constructor this is coming out onto Steam early access on October the 3rd although we have played it on the channel before about a year ago when it was in very early alpha but now it’s been polished up and there’s a lot more.
Content and we’re ready to go with.

It it should be an early access for about a year apparently until the full release when you get to the full release.

There should be like a proper campaign mode.

In it and but for now is very much a sandbox type gameplay situation and but you can go on missions and.

I’ve just developed this little drilling thing to actually shoot the hell out of these little waspey things gara actually it’s actually surprisingly efficient and although I’m actually tested this yet so yeah I’m already running out of.

Energy the little blue box there is my is my energy and the red the green is my fuel and the mission for this is to destroy five of these large hives but I’m.

Very far with this one because I’ve got no bloody power this is probably a bit of a mistake but what you can also do.

Is if you’ve got the right things on your ship you can mine the red stuff and the yellow stuff and all that sort of stuff and and then take it back in fact let’s go let’s just.

Let’s leave them behind and then you can take it back to your little storage container over here and actually get this stuff I’m actually almost all my bits and glowing red.

Because I’m about to explode and we don’t really want that these wasps are a pest different planets have different.

Missions this one happens to be destroyed all the hives there’s another one there oh no when away in fact let’s abandon that because it’s chaotic and quite frankly a bit silly and so yeah I should say thanks to the developer strafe own studio for the key to this so I can have an early play with it and let’s leave that behind and choose one of my other this is the galaxies.

Procedurally generated inevitably and let’s choose a different drone actually yes and be making a couple of them now this was the first one I made which are kept on him having.

To make bigger and bigger because I realized that they weren’t going to do with the business and these are all with the starting parts and that you get one of the two of the others have like more advanced parts that you can unlock through collecting the resources at the top as this one look look and shield as well he’s also got.

A resource collector but first we’re going to have to go and deal with a few of these hives this is not the weapons of this is actually probably less.

Powerful than the drill guy and because that had a really good larva weapon and.

This one doesn’t you actually have to build these all yourself from scratch as well.

Like including all the movement and everything so this is why it’s not exactly the most perfect thing in the world and I really gotten full bidding for bility I can make it good clockwise anti-clockwise up and down I could also go side to side thing for like really subtle maneuvers well rockets and all I forgot to put.

How To Install Zencart V1.5.5 On Linux Mint 18.3

Hi we were still complaining but from today we are going to say with how to in Suncheon cut version 1.5 in favor on learning some dating Ben 3 machine cut is your open source and user friendly shopping cart chapter it is based on PHP and using MySQL database it is used over small on medium on large business to.

Create and manage there are in store for free again order to see how to insertion.

Cut version one point five point five of our Linux managing bank three before starting your insulation you have been a lamp setup that is Apache MySQL and PHP here we have to use PHP ocean sound come on first of all we have to download the same cut package from browser so we have to open the browser then using the following listening now we.

To click save file now the rule is going on the download is complete now don’t go to download dirty then here we have to restore this clarity now we are to establish a territory using ionship command after.

Accepted regardless of this directly now you have to rename the extracted there using the more command after that we have to move this and cut 30 into the / / / wo muke / vegetable directory then go to legitimate directory then here we are – lets go to this dirty now we.

Have to change one a soupçon permission for Shankar dirty bureaucracy you then we have to configure the virtual host of our Shankar so what to say location then here we have to create an empty file nomination cutter cut off using bangle Meritor change insert mode then we have to add.

The following lines then say one coat of white then we have to animal D she’ll cut codified after Anna bling we have 22 the host of five change insert mode give over IEP give over demeaning then cheer include the file then finally we have to restart over operative server after restarting your aperture observer they all go up in the browser here we are picking local IP or.

Too many here I have to give domain name here it is on.

Same caffeine solution so we have to.

Click here here it is own system inspection so we have to click continue clearly to zone system setup first of all we have to click license agreement then scroll down then we have to click continue here it will shown that I was sitting so we have to put the red of easy to tear first of all.

We have to give databases then password then database name then scroll down then we have.

Continue here it is on admin user sitting so we have to give mean credential first of all be how to give admonition name you then scroll down then you have to click continue here it will show the insulation combat no.

Then if you want lag in your admin page click here then again refresh your page now we cannot access this admin page so.

We have to delete the ECT under screens all directly so go to terminal you then we have to restore this directly now we have to remove the IHC underscore.

Salt directly then again open the browser then again we have to repress this page then here it in some lagging bitch up Sankat so we have to fill the.

Username and password then we have to click submit’ clear it Wilson password Xperia so we have to change password.

Game Shell – Make Your Own Portable Game Console From Scratch

This is game show it’s a game console that’s modular portable and open-source so you can do all kinds of cool stuff take Jackie for example hi she used it to play indie games like the classic platformer cave story and with game shells expandable memory slot she can download thousands of more titles online when Jackie’s feeling nostalgic she can.

Also run emulators on her game show unlike a slippery touchscreen the classic controller layout is.

Perfect for retro gaming or you could be like Tom.

He likes to mod his games like adding a cheat codes or new character models he’s even working on developing his own game for game show it’s a prequel to Tetris you can use Python C Lisp or any other.

Language and for makers like William game shell is an all-in-one dev kit that runs to new Linux each kit comes with an air embassy for an Arduino compatible programmable.

Battery and a stereo speaker you can choose from six different case colors and with our STL file you can even 3d print your own with game shells plug and play modules wolf doesn’t waste any time searching for compatible parts everything just works right out of the box then he just.

Writes his code on PC or Mac and he can upload it wirelessly through a Wi-Fi connection game shell had become a Wi-Fi speaker a controller for your robot a smart home remote and even an 8-bit synthesizer the possibilities are endless from the.

The future of hardware game shell is with you wherever you want to go you you.

Create An Ubuntu Server 18.04 Virtual Machine

Hello everyone lair Tech here and today I have a tutorial on how to install Lubuntu on a Windows virtual machine this one will be built a server but it works with a lot of different versions and ways the first step is to open your web browser and on your web browser you need to go to the first link.
In video description the link will lead you to my.

Website and the whole tutorial will be here in a written format with pictures so if there’s something.

You don’t understand in a video you can just use this too to get a better understanding so.

When you’re on this website you need to download the required programs and files simply open it prove the links or press on them and then when you come to the ubuntu server download page just press download and it will start.

To download and then you can close this page and you go back to this page and you need to download VirtualBox and that’s the second link so then you’re downloaded Windows host and there you go it’s downloading now when that is done you can.

Also close with this Oracle website so one when you’re done with this you can put the ISO that you downloaded from a bin to wherever you want I will just put it on the desktop for to magically make it easy and after that simply press on VirtualBox to launch it and as.

You can see the installer will now start so when you come to the first step just simply press next and you can change the install location if you want I will just leave the default and then press next here you can also decide if you want to.

Keep this or not I don’t want to start my entry but the rest can be there maybe not this either but then you just press next and then we proceed with the installation press yes after that simply press install and let it install when this box comes up your simple procedures.

If it’s also you to install a device just press install and I accept I did not get that this time.
But sometimes it tells you about that and then us press finish.

And I had an old virtual machine here.

I’ll remove it yeah whatever and then we are now we now have VirtualBox installed and we’re now going to create the virtual machine itself so to create a virtual machine press on new and.

Then name it wherever you want I will name it what tutorial and then change type here to Linux and version to been to 64 bits if you’re installing a bit and then after that simply press next here you can assign the amount of memory you want keep.

Can’t put more memory than your actual computer has and you should maybe have some to spare for your real OS so I have 16 gigabytes of RAM I will put 4 gigabytes here and you put it in megabytes and then.

Press next after that me to create a hard disk for it a virtual hard disk that.
Is and so to create that simply.

Press create a virtual disk now and then keep it at default and then I will pick dynamically but you can pick fixed the difference is that dynamic will shame to slice depending on how much use.

And a fixed size we’ll always have the same size so if you make it thinking about the file of the virtual machine will always be 10 but if you have a dynamic and you want to have a 5 gigabyte file on the dynamic then the virtual machine file will only be 5 gigabytes and then we can expand further.

So I will just choose this one and then I will give it a slice I will just leave it at let’s say 20 and then here I can pick a location if I click on this button and I will put it on a disk hard hard drive and then you spit it in a folder obviously I’m on.

VM and then double click on it and unsaved so now it’s creating our hard disk.

And I create a press crate after that we need to assign the ISO to the virtual machine and through that simply right click.

On it and select settings after that go into storage and here you can see your controller IDE empty so present.

Empty here and then on the disk here click.

On it and then choose a virtual optical disk file you can see that it already has my file layer so you can also press on it if you want but I will show you this method and then you go to your desktop where you pity or I’ve been to server file before and I’m yours double-click on it and then after that press ok now simply turn on the server or the virtual machine I mean and you do that by pressing the green.

Arrow you can close this windows and I will your select windows you can select whatever line if you want it to.

Be in and then layout I don’t have an English keyboard so I will change that and I will use identify keyboard to do that and anyway it will ask you a series of questions and then you do them so you press one of the following keys and you can see that.

It it identified my keyboard and I me just press ok after that.

Done and simply press install Lubuntu and an enter I select down and enter select on an inter and then use an entire disk enter and.

Then use enter and enter again and then select continue and enter enter in your name at the server name pick a username pick a password another select on and when it’s also to reboot simply press reboot and then it also to remove the.

Installation medium just press Enter and there you go we are now in the virtual machine and it’s installed so then you simply login.

With their current credentials that we entered earlier and you can just.

Use the to the Linux server like you want to there’s another thing I need to show you you can close the virtual machine here and then you can either save the Machine state send a shutdown signal power of the machine or less power it.

Off and if you go into the virtual machine here and any personal settings and then here you can go to system and AM processor you can change the amount of processing cores that it has one is probably good if you’re not gonna do any demanding tasks and stuff like that but if you’re gonna do the morning things you might want to make this higher I usually put minus 4 and keep.

It like that and then you just press ok and it will save so thank you for watching if you would like to see.

More videos like this please subscribe if you like the video please leave a like and if you have any issues leave a comment and I will do my best to help.

Linux Route Add Command – Linux Static Routing

Hi guys this video will discuss route add command which is kind of old command of Linux operating system there is one new version that we will discuss more detail in future videos so you already noted by typing let’s start let’s Todd – are you can see the routing table of current machine but what if you want to add.

Some routes so you can road that you can do that this way say you want to add a both route to Google Public DNS server and you want the exit point there gateway of that particular route be this guy and as you can see my default route is 0.

– MTR – 8 8 8 8 it will jump to 0 20 because I’ve just I’ve just added a route to that post by typing this command here route it and of course you can remove the route route there let’s remove the default gateway now sorry not to but root now as you can see I have not I forget where anymore also I adminstered I have no internet connectivity but I still can’t kink to this IP are just because it.

Has a default route should wait a little because reversed part filtering is happening here and I can consider say all their rooters in the path to the destination anyways that’s not them that’s not that how people are discussing now but let’s add a default rule the analogy for tortoises you could see the default route.

0 24 and we have removed it good ad t get.

A warning now I have I have internet connection because I have a default route connected to the internet service provider so ask questions in comments subscribe share your experience and see you in.