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Hi I’m John gasps Taska of the korkin group and I’ve been a residential real estate broker for over 19 years specializing in the sale of luxury Manhattan real estate my incredible and extremely knowledgeable team and I represent sellers purchasers landlords and tenants at all price points of the Manhattan market originally from a small town in Pennsylvania I’ve been.
A resident to Manhattan for over 30 years and.

Have cherished and embraced this incredibly diverse and unique place I call home I can say quite honestly that Manhattan has been one of the great loves of my life I’d want nothing more than to make it yours as well we look forward to meeting you you.

Nitrile Exam Gloves Ammex Xtreme Extra Long Nitrile Exam Gloves

This is the extreme extra-long nitrile love it is an exam grade disposable glove with an extended cuff making this club over 2 inches longer than standard disposable gloves for better coverage and winter dusty environments this gives you an excellent for our protection and helps prevent liquids from running down the inside of your glove it is 12 inches long.

Measured from the tip of the finger all the way.

Down to the base of the cuff the beaded cuff is.

Over 4 times thicker to prevent tearing at the wrist and also.

Makes the glove easier to dawn so let’s take a closer look at the extreme extra-long nitrile glove it is powder free so you don’t have to worry about messy powder residue the micro rough and texture on the surface of the glove will give you an enhanced grip in wet.

Or dry work environments the glove is chlorinated for a comfortable fit and feel and though is allergic to latex can.

Have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that nitrile contains no latex proteins not only that the.

Nitrile material offers excellent chemical resistance from a wide variety of solvents oils petroleum.
Products and corrosives it is more.

Elastic than vinyl and has three times the puncture resistance of latex nitrile gloves also react to your body heat when dogged and will conform to your hand for the perfect fit extreme extra-long nitrile gloves are FDA approved for medical use foodservice and commonly.

Used for medical forensic food processing and industrial applications they are available in a variety of sizes from small to extra large and sold 100 gloves per box and 10 boxes per case that’s the extreme extra-long nitrile glove bimx.

Beekeeping – Art, Science And Love

Hey everybody david burns here EA has certified master beekeeper great to have you along watching this video today and this is gonna be one of my longer videos I’ve been giving you some short ones with my cell phone but I’m gonna crank up the old video camera and get into a hive you’ll enjoy this I want to thank.

You for subscribing we’ve got a lot of subscribers now I remember when we used to want to get five thousand or ten thousand and now we’re pushing fifteen thousand subscribers that’s great I appreciate that it inspires.

Me to make more videos I like that today I want to talk to you a little bit about just looking through.

A hive and you can watch me inspect one and look at some frames with me but while I’m showing you the hive I’m gonna talk a little bit about.
I guess philosophy because I want to I want to share with.

You that for me beekeeping is really three things it’s more than just bees in a box to me it’s an art I believe there’s a real art to beekeeping and I also believe there’s of course science it’s all about the anatomy of the hive and the honeybee biology botany so beekeeping as a science and there’s a science to how you manage hives best practices management practices.

But also it’s a passion and a love some people ask me you know.

Do you love bees do you love beekeeping and I do I think it’s.

Awesome so I’ll be talking to you about that as I work the hive and again hey I want to thank you for.

Subscribing to our channel if you can bump this around to other people and and.

Challenge them to be a subscriber that’d be great we’ll keep making more videos so let’s get into a hive I’ve been making beekeeping videos on YouTube since almost the beginning of creation I think I started like gosh maybe twelve years ago or something still around still working be still running a bee business this hive I wanted to tell you this hive is awesome I’ve got it all spread out this is like second week in September and it’s really cool this I’ve made so much honey it’s an eighth frame colony and.
The brood production is unbelievable honey production unbelievable.

This is the kind of Queens we love to sell to customers because we are proud of them but I wanted to show you this this is actually kept over brewed with bees keeping it warm yeah let’s go to the other side not so many bees over here I mean what a laying pattern you know who wouldn’t want a queen like that not only is it good laying queen I didn’t see any small high beetles yet I always like that my count is considerably low so they.

Have some traits of being able to control you know mites it’ll be in the corner right here with some pollen on her back legs look at that that’s kind.

Of cool many of you that follow me follow if you follow my website at honey beads you know that I have a stellar philosophy on beekeeping that helps bees get get through the winter and one of the.

Ways is by breaking the Queen’s brood cycle so I’m gonna find this Queen seller and.

Hopefully they’ll raise another queen just like the ones I’m selling and let’s use a little smoke like a gentle they are – it’s.

Kind of a nectar dirts right now and that means there’s not much for the bees to go out and gather up there’s a little bit of the bastards like goldenrod so I like seeing a colony like this in September that’s really easy to work that means their disposition is great all right so I’m just gonna look I look at that be there that’s awesome she’s got her back legs full of yellow pollen where’d she go right in the center there and she’s got someone her back it’s kind of.

Cool get her in the camera there she is look at that not cool I love making YouTube videos like this and letting you see inside my hives and kind of see the cool stuff that I see all right back to business let’s look for the Queen I don’t see her on this frame let’s see if she’s on this frame you don’t see her here I see a little Queen.

Cell up here at the top let me look at that see if there’s see if they’re raising our Queen I may have already taken the Queen now they’re not there’s nothing in it that.

Little Queen cell right here where my thumb is pointing but it’s it’s not much going.

On inside of it like an emergency queen cup or something all right I’m gonna go with no Queen on this frame let’s keep looking it’s not a bad temperature day I’m sweaty it’s kind of hot but it’s still like 11 o’clock in the morning let’s use a little bit of smoke yeah I wanted to say that I really do enjoy making beekeeping videos and some of you really give some great feedback and comments on YouTube how much you enjoy them.

So beekeeping to me is not only a hobby it’s a business not only is it a business beekeeping to me is actually I.

Think of it as science art and love and I know that sounds kind of freaky maybe but if some way somebody were to ask.

Me do you love bees do you love your bees you know what I have to say that I love beekeeping I love working my bees.

I love watching them do their thing I love looking through a hive.

Looking for a queen I love looking how they’re doing beekeeping as a science these are real predictable you can.

Study them and expect them to do pretty much what bees do I don’t see the Queen on this frame but beekeeping isn’t hard let’s talk about that.

What is the art of beekeeping for me I’ve worked bees for a long time I can look at this colony I see they’re busy the cow gentle they are I don’t see any small hive beetle or diseases on the brood all these things come to me very quickly I’m looking at the bees assessing them it’s sort of like someone playing a violin that’s an excellent violin player.

You know they’re professional they know exactly how to play that violin where to put their fingers and everything I’m sort of that way because I’ve worked being so long that I treat it like an art like I’m just not a beekeeping scientist I’m just.

Not a a lover of bees I like you know moving beads out of my way with my fingers so that I can pick up a frame I’m gentle with them I know how to twist the frame just right and when I teach my classes I try to teach the same things to my students I try to teach you know we have to love the bees we have to know the science behind beekeeping that helps us know.

Pests and diseases and what’s what we can do with pests and diseases without affecting the colony look at the bees right here in the corner a little bit of some of the honey has opened up and so the bees are sort of just licking it up keeping it under control isn’t that cool right there they’re.

Like okay clean up let’s get this honey and everything cleaned up nicely bees don’t.

Defecate inside their colony they go to the bathroom outside to keep everything clean so anyway back to what I teach my students I teach them to really know the art of handling frames of working at colony keeping.

Them gentle and calm while you’re working them I really emphasize the importance of Science in beekeeping you got to know all the little scientific biological you know the anatomy of the honeybee what they do.

Why they do it that makes you a better beekeeper I really don’t have to teach people to love bees.

People naturally just love working bees and making that part of their day now sometimes you can find a queen on a frame like this because of the newly drawn wax that you might see the cells are drawn out.

You might find you’re walking around here if I don’t find the.

Queen for you that’s fine I’ll just I’ll just exit the video and I’ll look for through the other boxes I don’t want to bore you but I’ve got a.

Couple other boxes to look at but when I look for the Queen I’m just looking for the Queen’s retinue that means it’s a circle of bees surrounding the Queen and.

Or I look for a big thorax on my queen maybe it’s a queen that has you know the appearance of being a little bit larger in size so in this case I’ve looked through most of these frames but except the ones on the edge so I’m gonna I’m gonna kind of circle back and pick up two more frames on the edge there when you’re trying to find your queen no use to look for her on frames.

That are fully tapped over she would be.

Likely not there because there’s nowhere for her to lay eggs unless they’ve recently emerged she might come back and start laying some eggs where they’ve cleaned out some cells after some.

Bees have emerged but again I I want to stress the importance of bee keeping us an art not.

Many people teach the art of beekeeping a lot of people teach the science a basic beekeeping class bees were first.

Discovered in a drawing on a cave you know these boring kind of lectures on beekeeping and they’ll just bore you with the scientific.

Details of bees bees are the most studied insect so that’s all.

Same time it’s a lot about bees that we.

Need to know now look at this brand-new bee that’s extremely this was like looking at a mirror or there she is she’s very quite get orientated here newly emerged bees are I mean they’re they’re hairy they’re pretty white in color they get a little darker as they age I get mesmerized by watching bees and forget what I’m doing because it’s just so much fun that’s the art of.

Beekeeping oh I want to also say art you know when I was in grade school they had an art class I loved art.

Class because it was fun you know we made we get to draw or paint and I’m not really an artist I’m more of just a hard-working guy but I really enjoy looking at bees from an artistic point of view for example I I’ve done some oil paintings when I was a kid I’ve made clay.

Pots in school that was fun I think I think within all of us there’s some artistic abilities I think gardening is an art a lot of us like to do things at home outdoors that’s very artistic but I want you to think about beekeeping as being an art like playing the violin or doing a sports or something and so like.

If you look at beekeeping us.

You learn the techniques of handling the hive like you would a violin you know like you would piano playing a piano maybe like you would other artistic.

Forms you’re not looking at like some people make the mistake of being a beekeeper and they’re very scientific or you know commercial beekeepers usually are financially driven to either make more honey or make more bees for pollination and it’s hard to take time not that they’re not artistic.

About it but it’s hard to take time to for the art to come out but I like the art.

Behind beekeeping so how do you how do you develop how do you become an artistic beekeeper first of all.

You have to really chill you have to be comfortable with bees you have to I’m not gonna say you have to become one with them but you have to know them and you have to treat them with a level of respect with a.

Level of love like I don’t want to kill these bees that are on the edge right here by just slamming my box down on top of them so.

I can use my smoker to move them away before I slide my box in position smoke doesn’t bother bees you know it’s just kind of confuses them so now I can put my box back where it goes obviously you can’t go through a whole hive without killing a bee or.

Two but minimize it right I’m working barehanded I feel like the bees enjoy not having me accidentally kill them with my clumsy gloves will I be stung or have I been stung yet I haven’t been stung yet but I can be even.

Though I love bees and I’m I’m a beekeeping artist bees are bees right.

Bees are bees have a stinger to protect all.

The resources in there so things can go south in a hurry you can see here you know bees are in my way and you just kind of move them right you don’t have to be mean just.

Want to put your hand there sweep them out of the way and it will eventually leave I don’t know why they’re there so much I guess they like the.

Smell of my fingers or something well everybody I want to thank you for watching the video today check our website out at honeybees we do appreciate your business we sell hive equipment and products queens packages notes.

And all the stuff that goes along with beekeeping but I have a lot of online classes too that you can take from the comfort of your home no matter.

Where you live you can watch the videos of me teaching Queen rearing basic beekeeping advanced beekeeping a.

Day in the apiary with David also I’ve got an online class.

How to get your bees through the winter so that that can be a.

Big help to you to watch these online classes just check them out at honey bees thanks for watching see you next time.

Latin American Boyband Cnco Reacts To Filipina Pop Artists

Guys right now we’re going to show you some music videos of Filipina artists and we’re going to have you already act to that alright so this one first is toni Gonzaga that’s your name and this song is catch me I’m falling is this like I just what it is oh yeah singing oh I say I wasn’t I wish.

I could do a video wait she seems really good I never got heard the song before really yeah I like the color yes it was actually directed by her husband now this one is alone never sea of light tonight this.

One is Road yes Wow like like this guy their sole artist I color it’s like LED lights I love you thousand yes a little bit of you yes all right.

Caring For Carpet Pythons Setups For Snakes Prt 3

Hi everybody well today guys I’m going to be doing what you’re going to put your new baby in when you bring it home which you should pretty much have all set up prior to bringing them home I’d like you to I like their environment to be warm when they arrive so of course I don’t have a carpet python.

Yet I actually have a little a pony in there and she is of course my pattern was spotted Python and a pony is my smallest Python so I figured I come cheating you guys out of a carpet but I can’t exactly put Jessie in there and even a.

Mayor in there they are way too big I could have put them in that bigger tub which is more likely what you would be looking at if you bring home and when you get home with the likes of Jack that’s.

An example and even some of your jungles and so forth will will go quite well in that size enclosure but just for today you get an idea of what I’m talking.

About so all you need is a rubber top that’s it I think you call them totes or something over it I’m not sure but that is all that you need to start off with very very simple very very easy and quick to set up of course put your air holes in I like a lot of ventilation going on I’ll go over to a plant because it’s boring just looking at a rubber tub and.

Of course the lid I do like to put.

A few holes in the top as well I’m not as many as I have around the sides.

Of course but you know just four or five on the top for them inside I just use paper towels very quick and very easy to use and to clean and readily available they really don’t need substrate and with the little ones you need to be cleaning up when they do.

Make a mess straight away easy to see if they have paper towels are just so much better for your new baby I use heating hint mats for my rubber tubs and basically all you need is to cover a third so if this.

Was going to be the hot side where I wouldn’t have the water bottle on the hot side of course that is basically what I would do there’s plenty of heat enough for your baby to go into their hide and lay on and warm themselves up because you don’t have to have it running all the way across you can just have you know a.

Certain section of it out and just covering this piece of the actual area for them I do like to heights I.

Want to know especially if they’re the shy ones and do use and utilize a highlighter she’s gone into that box guys and hiding but basically I hide on the warm side and are hired on the cold side I want them to feel safe using and knowing they have a safe place.

Sides you do not want a baby to stay on the cool side because you have no hide over on the warm side and vice versa but you want them to feel comfortable moving to either place in their little enclosure well top I like to put a stick and.

This is just an example of a stick being in there and to climb up on get up on top of their hide so most of them can do that quite easily anyway and of course there’s this I’m doing like a miniature little version of it because you get would probably have a little bit bigger hide box guys.

Just buy cardboard boxes to begin with you know a dollar from the dollar store wherever cut a hole in it the fact is your baby’s going to grow don’t spend 15 odd dollars on one of these knowing they’re going to.

Outgrow it and need a bigger.

One anyway at some stage and you’ve got plenty of time to if you want more natural looking place for them or enclosure set up for them to go spend the money when they get to that size where you know that.

They’re going to fit into it and then I buy just the rubber ones they make a bigger mess and they dirty yes I.

Have two wooden ones in there in Jack not wooden ones cardboard ones in there – Jack Jack won’t fit in – even the extra extra large of the rubbers anymore so or plastic tubs it’s not rubber its plastic gay but anyway doesn’t fit in them even the biggest ones that I can buy so I buy them and they cost me four dollars okay.

There’s a black one that side and a colored one that side four dollars so if Jack makes a mess on it guys I’ll throw it out worst-case scenarios just.

Throw it out and I’ll buy him a brand new one but Jack doesn’t use them that often so it’s.

No biggie is it really when I think about it but these little ones they do need it so spend a couple of dollars buy a couple box the hole is over that site that’s why a Pawnee is over there because.
I’ve got it round the wrong.

You know I’ve done that before not with the little ones but the big ones not concentrating and the holes.

Nothing why are you going and pushing from the back and then I realized because the hole for the hides the wrong way around but that happens so paper towels couple hides once the warm side one for the cool side and heat map just a water bond I’m using a little head cup for an example of a water bowl leave that on the cool side guys.

You don’t want your water getting warm and I do use filtered water for my snakes you don’t have to my goodness you know no I don’t like all the chemicals in our in our tap.

Water I’m fortunate enough to have filter set up here but if you don’t and you don’t want to use the tap water I big bottle serve of spring water from the shops you know seven dollars for you know a great big you know ten liter of water so and that should last you quite a while with the baby anyway so buy some bottles then I would also.

Have like some sort of up a plant because they can get under it they can climb over it.

And little carpets they will do that they will explore they love to explore they love to climb and here’s a funny don’t know she’s going to want to come out new she says.

Like it in here mum and she would because this is actually her old enclosure oh okay I promise I’m not going to drag you out sweetie or I’m just trying to do a video do you want to come out now you’re blurring the camera and I’m talking about setting up for you little ones when we get you home darling okay of course beyond that now this set up okay it cost me.99 for the actual tub a couple of dollars for the boxes paper towels well we all have them in our kitchen anyway utilizing them find a little stick outside sorry darling I have leftover laying around bits of.

Everywhere any way that I can use and a plastic little egg cup holder if the need be and four.

Lhhny Kiyanne Exposes Jaquae

As we all know this is the beautiful and lovely Cayenne in jock way we have grown to love and know this couple as we watch them on grow on Love & Hip Hop New York now jock wave came on the show he was in on the relationship with Sophia the body things didn’t work out and then he found.

A love interest in cayenne they had a little slip-up when jock we ended up in a room with Anais stating that nothing happened and Cayenne a jock way has been in love ever since but it seems there’s trouble in paradise.

Jock way and cayenne are no longer together and cayenne stays dead jock Wade likes to sleep transgenders and loves boys liz here from jock wait that’s fucked up that’s really fucked up you fill me in and not only just like cuz I can.

Could talk all this shit all you want.

About me because I’ve been a.

Day the real know what the real is what deep inside I still I felt I feel fucked up because of a friend of mine actually offed himself because of situation like this if I’m saying that’s really fucked up like an engine in a play with it if I’m saying like.

To play with it and it’s like you got so much time on your hands you write in every fucking body and.

Autonomous you don’t have nothing else going on but try to down grit and try to talk bad about somebody that make you feel like you are pearl in gear I just wish you the best what I just want to say man I just I just feel you got quake you.

Can’t even run straight did not say that shut your mouth be this health night and never will be a game when I’m playing white lip you remember that that’s the tip of the tip on the iceberg you thought you were out in me by saying I like girls but you meant that I said you like Dean I’m the bad guy for doing exactly what you did you started now you don’t want to play this is no storyline this.

Is the worst mistake of my life I’ve been telling you to refrain from toying with me I got so much time on my hands and it sucks.

Cuz Cuyuna jack white have received many couple deals even if they choose to not ever get back together hopefully they can be cordial I can’t be sure that this couple will.

Ever get back together with all the nasty things that are being said I’m also not sure if.

This is reality or if this is just a mad couple let me know what you think in.

The comments don’t forget to Like and subscribe and remember I love you you.


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 Episode 14

Y no y bueno y e e m tal y como es pero no m d y hoy tu cara de la nada pero no m de mí no está mal pero la mente una vez en mí tú nada efe m m como era digital como tal e m y y d tal y como es m m en él.

Y como tal como él pero no a mí m en enero toma nota como tal me encanta como tal te permite l como tal m y d t 3 no me mires es mi culpa tomará el digital m m como tal pero no a mí m d y como tal ah m m sí por qué para mí.

Pero la mente m l m como tal 1 i como tal e l a mí no me mira sí d como tal no nada m y como tal pero este en mi mente.
D no más na entender m d para el mal e a mí en enero d i la nana m.

1 i pero no no me mires a mí.

Y como yo como tal no de ventana m eternamente r m m y como tal para este comando nada sí no lo muestra pero la mente.

M nunca y y qué y como tal efe en mí y e amén i y tú no y nada m m sí pero no una vez m no no no tú cómo estoy m y como tal t m en enero sí como tal y no como tal pero no.

En mi mente y m sí el límite tal y como es nana m por fin dt e i me encantan.

Katrina Velarde Secret Love Song Reaction

Hey y’all its American mom I’m gonna be doing some reactions to my face singer Katrina Velarde these have been requested again and again and again and I I did a mini marathon not that long ago but I can never get enough of Katrina I do want to react to these several several videos there’s like maybe six coming up.

So I’m very excited to get started now I’ve heard some of these songs before sang by other artists but not by Katrina this first song is secret love song I’ve heard more set sing it I love this song I think.

It’s beautiful so I just want to listen to Katrina sing it all right let’s do this Oh.

Begins suffer to give up she’s my favorite singer okay y’all didn’t know her full voice is amazing and the higher she gets the louder she gets but she can sing in the low register beautifully and again I never singing people.

Are walking around before talking people are and she is just killing it I would love to hear her sing Matt on the wish bus you know without all the just in the mic and just singing that song like like more set was able to do I want to hear Katrina sing it in a closed environment I love her I got goose bumps.

Like throughout the song but she just she changes the register she she started off like low.

And then she just went high right away that surprised me she’s fantastic I’ve got plenty more videos to watch of her so I’m very excited thank y’all.
For joining me until the next video and the next time bye..

Jay R,michael Pangilinan Best Opm Tagalog Love Songs Collection 2018

Bah-bah I love God Dave Martin guitar Oh baby monkey tamale ago yo your love goodness I know gasps aah Emily oh boy my butt what no come no massa I can I like my Mecca I know the nineteen e-bikes I’m more my sake but Corsa but the word nuts uh cocoon that more young workers yadi but be more.

But even ago uh it goes Oh fun Oh Edie Oh go Donna but the word wish Donald 7-5 mallanna mocking my sea lion did not acclaim ACOG and I heart be nama our humble soul say your emag.

My heart the man canal who saw the sea bird be knocking down my he was her buggy because son I’d be our bogie buddy cop movie is simple.

Hand kingdom me I didn’t keep my when he died buddy at.

Our side the bumper summer be mourning well corner up poke my bikini call we would leave see but my son buggy buggy but easy boy Oh BV and guitar my.

King guys ah Oh on wish 1:07 five hey Leisure’s I am Michael Pollan and for more ways clothes of videos click here click here just click your click here click here click here just click here yeah just bleak right here subscribe go guy and mud is sada here gallon man I login you go on shall we begin Cossack we like more months of evening I mean I am on my like once a hockey for sure I.

Believe in neither the eagle Kai ha among the he’d be the human keep I Oh God we believe Impa burn the earth the new Nikhil sake I believe beam embark eternity ko kya ha ha p mo money.

But your number like Oh can they it go big Oh the MA a fungi get come wish 107 five you’re the one that never lets me so a mind outta my soul you’ll smudge my lips you’re the one that I can’t wait see you if I myself I’m in ecstasy I am all alone.

Without you but days of dog without a glimpse of you and now that you came into my life feel complete now husband I can’t see is like the Sun they’re the lights of my heart I feel the one inside what.

Is like the river that flows down through my veins I feel shy every time I hear music me through and I can’t believe it’s true in my heart without you days of dog ooh but now that.

You came lead inside wish cluesive on which one-seven-five for more performances from wish 1:07 5 do not forget to click subscribe before he borrows my god I’m look I’ll earn my.

Saucer be the be the MOOC I love me but the boy I’ll go come on Nonnie pasa aqui por que be coy but Lori buddy so easy quiaca so easy boy well um you burn my you become uncut pretty got.

Hit sir you see pool on my uncle made on anything me funding me.

Become the koi fish but what happened but Luca but bubbly blood come I love sake Fergie be coy but Louie buddy.

Booya Shiki see boy bologna bar Pizza easy Coulomb who but 19 it come Kabini it’s a easy pour la you which and broken I mean on the show I saw you holding standing close we sit let’s cry before I got a boy I guess guess we never good while the Sun shines on me fearless with gotta get all nothing for me to do before little behind I gotta put living a lie I.

Know cuz around um I’ll be I guess I’m yeah the meats and a nod on a Sanko a mug is sir peel it corner Neely more than to let ya na da di mehar namaha Nucky dacha a casaba comical harbored the other side nama appealing Luana Deepu some couple of more Masaki night my my heart number boom the path knocking love my buggy big novel I’m sure.

The you know no but God hindi Baba Nikita hotness a vegan Akana Oh really it’s uncle Masaki my by nah King love but a big number Oh yeah seong-gu so cold ha ha hindi it’s.

Um good Masaki night Oh knuckle Oh Oh a cup hi guys this is Micah palutena not excited about my personal aha official music video now it might be uneconomical phenom theme song not everyday I love you Sam emergency Gerald Anderson Liza Soberano and Enrica Hill my loving America points are watching guys.

Been passing tonight watching trains go by lying on the said watch and see birds fly fishing there would be someone waiting home for me some things.

To meet might be it’s telling me Piper you love looking back as lovers walking all of my life London house please recognized something’s telling me.

Like it’s telling me might be so many quiet bugs so many please and if so much love baby I’ve been Savin love songs this something’s telling me like yeah it’s bad you use us me Oh did you – get away Oh you do Oh School of Mines barking sold the be garnered a bumper got on a subpoena Thor say you they call it took in.
Your store girl Bheema Kazuto the diamond login the motherboard.

King Sabine forgive me I love my who should be.

See by sir this what easy bean Burgie be coy say you were the Hmong sir but one cup untied also on buggy bigger my.

Mama let me see I’m I keep my can hear fluffy my PCB na kahit na ha whose OTC by my deeper I really love the that I think Sabu but even Allah and.
Oh mama ha Nagisa my baby Keiko Oh okay Masaki in d.
c so TC by my girl in love sir is that is say you know coupon forgiving hunger from Bardeen but sasame pink my guinea Kong my heart of the bad guy uncle eva hockey love no God.

Love ha hunger I’m feeling but the doorman love cannot be believed in me hi BK yogi Lilly movie us go say you won huggy like when I was a child before life removed my father will lift me high and dance with my mother and.

Me and they spin me around to laugh at me beam up the stairs he would carry me and I knew for sure I was.

Loved another chance another another dance with me I pay you so heaven and ever and what the love to dance with my father again my mother would disagree to get my way away from her – babe you make me laugh just to comfort.

Asleep he left a dollar under my sheet never dreamed that he would be gone from one final one I know what fine I play a so debonair forever in cuz I love love dance with my father again sometimes an outsider for here I prayed for her even more than me I pray for her even more I’m praying much too Burcu you Miyo I know you told you we usually I fall asleep this is all half of my heart is she took me back to me.

Oh my heart is in there’s something about her have when she came in the room meats and I nod on a song called mug.

Is sir peel it for 90 more than to let nah nah daddy I’m a Harlem aha No Dokka a casaba comic-con I mean our harbor the Sun nook appealing cool Luana really poor some couple more knocking night my my heart number.