Glam/burn Victim Halloween Tutorial | * Burn Baby Burn *

What if everybody thank you and welcome back to another hollowing tutorial online so I did half glam half burn victim you guys think but yeah this look is like super easy super last-minute to do and it’s easy to peel off afterwards so if you like what you see and you want to be a glam and burn victim got.

The idea from like final destination to when you know those girls are in like a tanning bed and then they like burn to death yeah but if you like this whole what you see then just keep watching olá guys so first we’re gonna start.

Off with taking a piece paper towel and measuring it to the length of my face after I.

Got that measured I’m going to take liquid latex and basically where I’ve measured it to be I’m going to take liquid latex and draw a.
To my chin using liquid latex and just laying it right.

Over I realized then that I didn’t want it on this side and I.

Was like wait no this side no so again I’m just taking the liquid latex and.

On top of where I’m laying the paper towel once the first layer has dried I’m going to basically rip.

And cut the paper towel just to make it look like my skin is peeling when I have that peel to what I want I’m gonna do just one or like two.

More layers and then next up I’m going to start doing the glam side I’m going to just first put on my brows Anasazi is my favorite and then like that we have our makeup on but setting spray.

Boom we gorgeous but okay I didn’t have any tape so I’m just taking spirit gum tracing along my eyebrow and placing like saran wrap right where the spirit gum lays I don’t know it worked so we’re gonna put this liquid latex on standby and then we’re gonna take some red cream paint and pretty much put that all over my face I’m doing just a light really really light layer as you can tell so.

I was trying to figure out like should I take it down to my neck what’s.

Going on so I’m really trying to get in there where the skin is flap is because let’s just be honest if you don’t you can see my actual skin so then I realized that I wanted to take it down a little bit longer I was like why not let’s go full-blown so then exactly what I did on my face I’m going to lay late liquid latex and then.

On top of the paper towel layers of latex layers and layers and a blow-dryer yes that works say the blow-dryer came out another one so I’m going to take a little foundation make sure my neck matches and we’re all good so now I’m going to dry it another layer and then again rip that paper towel off once.

I feel it’s dry enough obviously it wasn’t because it left it at my neck if you didn’t see another one having that blow-dryer I really came in handy because if not this would have took me forever so now I’m going to take my foundation and put it on that paper towel to make it look like.

The skin flap is my actual skin put a little bronzer and then we’re.

Good to go so next I’m going to take the red cream paint and put that all on the right side of my body again just doing a thin layer don’t need a lot like a thick one I tried to do a heart because I wanted to be cute but apparently being cute wasn’t it for me not one of those people.

Gamora Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Dreamality Studio

So after that click dance Frank we’re gonna get started for us we’re gonna prime the face with the Mac prep them pray and then next we’re going to apply the hourglass number 28 serum on my dry patches which is my nose and my forehead and on the sides of my nose and then we’re gonna go in with the.

Mac painterly Paint Pot and I use this to prime my eyes it’s my current favorite at the moment before was benefit.

Now with Mac painterly paint-pot and to apply that I’m using a concealer brush but this one doesn’t have a name on it so I’m not sure what’s that.

But I think I got it from Amazon and next we’re going to go in with the morphe and Jaclyn hill palette and going for like a green blue purple ish kind of.
Eye today so first I’m going to apply this jumbo eye pencil.

From NYX and I’m not sure it’s the color the color is black but it’s a black pencil anyways and then I’m gonna go.

With a shader brush eyeshadow brush and I’m going to pack that out and the reason I’m doing this is.

To intensify the colors that I’m gonna place on top of it and for the first time you guys gonna witness real-life problems where I poke myself in the eye with the brush I’m sure this has happened to everyone ok now we’re gonna go in with that pretty green color from the palette and I’m going to use this as my transition shade and the brush I’m using is.

From morphe but it’s part of a kit so it doesn’t have a number one I using a Lemoore eyeshadow brush and I’m doing this.

Because I want to create kind of like a halo effect with my eye next I’m gonna go back in with that green color and apply more of it into my transition because it was starting to fade and also to blend out that black eyeshadow that I just applied next we’re gonna go with that sparkly glittery green color and nobody’s I should have brush from Mac and I’m going to try this in the center of my eyes and then next I’m gonna go in with a glittery darker color green.

That’s probably like two shades darker than the one that I’m applying now and I’m going to apply that on the inner corner and outer corner that other green I just applied just to blend it into the black eye shadow because I don’t want it to be too harsh so I wanted to blend seamlessly seamlessly from that lighter green and to that darker green glittery.
Corners on the inner corners into my transition color.

Just to make sure it all blends well and there are no harsh lines my.

Edge so when working with darker colors and.

Glitters I like to find my eyeshadow first which I think I do anyway but specifically and more importantly when you’re applying.

Flitters and darker colors apply the eyeshadow first before you apply your foundation the way you can clean up any fallout and any excess next I’m gonna go with my favorite combination buxom lightweight foundation and Mimi latte and my mac cosmetics Studio Fix fluid and c-44 and I’m gonna blend that out with my makeup addiction sponge whoa and I’m going.

On with the la carte cosmetics warm honey I love to use this combination it provides the perfect highlight and conceal for me conceal time to bronze of the face I’m gonna use another concealer brush and this one is for my face from that same.

Kicked butt it doesn’t have a number to it and amazing my favorite combination from Le Coq cosmetics the warm honey which I just applied for my concealer and I’m mixing it with beautiful bronze to create my perfect contour color and I’m blending that out with the same makeup addiction sponge times you set the face going up with laura mercier translucent powder and applying that over my highlight.

Areas where I concealed and I’m going to pack that in with the sponge instead of a brush and then next I’m gonna go and with the NARS Laguna bronzer which I am loving recently and I’m going to blend that out with my favorite Sephora brush the Sephora Pro flawless airbrush is the name of the brush and it’s number 56 using those two darker shades now I’m just taking this big fluffy brush from morphe doesn’t have a name or number on.

It and I’m just blending all of that powder together and now I’m going to sharpen up.

My console with the Laura Mercier translucent powder using the makeup addiction sponge and then sweeping it away with a morphe brush face brush now I’m going.

To go with my favorite blush tender-hearted by Pacifica Beauty I’m flying this with a Lexi brush and then afterward we’re going to highlight with the makeup revolution let’s call.
Stroh addict highlighter and gold addict yeah and using.

Another Lexi brush for this and I’m spraying my brush with fix+ because I want to have that wet highlight and Express provides that lip liner and after that.

I’m going to be using the NYX lingerie liquid lip and beauty mark I think it’s matte powder this is one of my favorites and I’ve tried to find this recently I think it was discontinued I’m not sure and maybe he was fine it another store anyways next I’m gonna go and with scandalize and I’m using this in my.

Waterline and then after what I’m gonna use a pencil brush to blend that out with that green color revolution that I used on my cheeks and I’m gonna use this in my.

Inner corner use a pencil brush to apply it and then last but certainly not least I’m going to place the NYX soft matte lip cream in Cairo into the middle of my lips for I kind of like an ombre effect and then that’s it thank you for watching and I’ll see you in my next tutorial.

Gamora Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Okay first step I am going to do for this tutorial is put my hair back and put on a headband or something how do bean see if it is little halloween-themed as you all know Kimora does not have eyebrows she has like these metallic ones but like they’re not actual hairs so we’re gonna be covering our eyebrows which.

I’m so excited to do I haven’t watched a proper tutorial on it but I’ve watched James Charles.

So I think I’ll be fine so I have Elmer’s glue right here I’m gonna using the purple one it’s just glue that you use for school then you have to brush them upwards can y’all hear that and then I’m gonna take a little baby wipe and just wipe off the excess glue that isn’t on my.

Art room after you cover your eyebrows the next step is to set them with powder loose loose powder preferably I’m gonna be using the Cody.

Aires pod powder I assume I’m gonna need a lot of powder so you’re gonna dip I’m gonna dip my Beauty Blender my wet Beauty Blender to get in there a few times over my eyebrows I can’t and the next step after that is just to wipe off the X’s on the top of your eyebrow and on the bottom I mean honestly they’re not that bad for.

My first time covering my eyebrows I may write as you all should know Gomorrah is bright green so I’m gonna be using this color palette right here it’s just the random one that I got it’s gonna dip an old biddy Blender don’t use.

A new beauty blender if you can use a sponge cuz this.

Is gonna ruin it and then just really get in there try not to get it on your actual eyelid though because Gomorrah does wear eye shadow and we’re gonna do an eye shadow look so the next step is to draw.

The little details the little silver details that she has on her face like.

Her eyebrows and the little things right here I unfortunately don’t have like a metallic palate or like a metallic paint that I’ve used on my face I.

Was gonna use acrylic paint but I don’t think he’s on your face so I’m just gonna use this palette that I have right here probably use this color are these two combined so that.

Can start drying the details oh my god I have an H on my nose should i I’m gonna draw our eyebrows first so you get an idea of where it’s supposed to go I’m gonna draw them above mine so where I see my eyebrow okay so they’re looking a little uneven but you know that’s not new here on this channel but she also has a little line on the bottom of her eyebrows like going probably here till halfway so I’m gonna draw.

That line okay then she has a little like orange I guess on right here I don’t know how to explain it I’m gonna go ahead and draw those and the number will be gone to the details above her eyebrows on her cheekbone she has these like lines so I’m gonna try and imitate those if you fix any.
Details or clean anything up you can go ahead and.

Do so now that’s what I’m gonna do because came out.

Kind of messy especially these little features so I’m gonna clean things up.

And then I’ll be right back come on doesn’t really have a lot of makeup going on in the eye region she does have like a dark purple shadow and some eyeliner on the bottom and the top of her eye and then a little wing I’m gonna be using my morphe 35o palette I’m gonna dip.

Gamora Halloween Makeup | Tutorial | Ayesha Anderson

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today I’m doing another Halloween video this is my Gomorrah look from guardians of the galaxy it’s quite weird I imagine if you swear this out you could paint you full-body greeting there look pretty cool pretty freaky so if you want to see how I did this look keep watching I firstly started.

By using just a prick stick I’ve seen this trick before I’ve never tried it so I thought I’d give it a whirl and I’m just literally covering my eyebrows with it this is to try and mask the hairs so that when I put the first pin over it hopefully it just goes over and.
You’d work see the eyebrows so to.

Get the green I’m using just a green fast pen I was mixing it with a bare white.

As well to change the color a bit because the greens is very green so she was an air sponge and.
Applying this all over my face as you can.

See the eyebrows didn’t really work but once you’ve kind of gone in it’s hard to go back so I just kind of worked with it and went with it I’m applying this first beard all over my face neck and shoulders just to create a fuller green candle and then picking up this eyeshadow palette using all those different mix shades mainly the kind of metallic key greens and doing some like eyeshadow but for this for.

They like eyelid I’m picking up a bronzy Goldy kind of metallic shared I’m just putting that all over the lid lending it out a bit taking it quite upon to my eye I’m constantly different in and out of all the different sheds just blending them all together I do pick up like a silver as well at some point using a dark rare black I was kind of lining.

The lash lines of my eyes just to create a bit of a darker look a little bit more smokey to shape my face I just picked up a fluffy contour brush I once again I’m using various green eyeshadow shades just to shape the fist so I’m going all along the cheekbones and bring it down to try and shape my chin a little I also contoured my jaw.
Line a little and various other places this is just.

To try and create a shudder to change.

The shape of my face to create the metallic lip effect I use the eye shadows once again I put some settings around a little brush.

And makes it to go that’s kind of create a like a lip stick more than just like a powder and then using a plain white face pen on a thin paintbrush to try.

And recreate the markings that gamar has on her face now it’s really hard to do this if you don’t have a steady hand which I sued and figured out so I kind of changed it a little and just did my own version of it it’s not the neatest however still whimper there anyway so the lines that I’m kind of dude on my face mainly on the forehead and like around the brows so I’ve just done two little markings in the middle and then doing a thin.

Line along the edge of the eyebrow and one underneath that and then creating a kind of fog looking fuck-fuck like looking marking.
On either side of the forehead this was quite hard I don’t have the.

Steadiest of hands once I’ve done that I was then going to create the markings on the side of the face now don’t know if anyone else has ever done this before.

But it’s so much easier to do one side than the other if I was to recreate this look I’d probably use a thinner brush just so that the lines were better cuz I’d go over them to make them thicker next I’m just putting on some mascara you could probably do this.

Look with a dramatic eyelash but I didn’t have any that wet just my normal lashes I thought there wasn’t much point I just wanted to create a bold but kind of subtle eye at.

The same time using a little pot of glitter I just kind of going over some of the white parts just to make it pop a little however I.

Soon found because similar to in my previous video if you saw with the latex this product is what’s best and therefore when I put it over the white it blended in with the green and started going a little yellow but it’s not the end of the.

World I’m also put in just a little bit on the lips just to make them Sparkle if.

You can tell I’ve darkened the corner of my eyes a pillow by using like a dark gray silvery metallic kind of color just to create a bigger eye look these are just little extra markings I just randomly put in because I felt like it was missing something and I also went over some of the lines a.

Little just to try and make them a bit more white now it’s time for the wig this is.

A really long black and red wig I didn’t get a proper one just because there was quite expensive and it wasn’t gonna call in time so I dealt with this it’s not got a middle.

Part in so it’s kind of try and fix it into place so yes the color maybe isn’t spot-on.

But just for a little mini tutorial that I’ve done it worked perfectly fine for me this is by final look this week’s not the.

A sense of pattern so I’ve kind of pinned it ish into place it’s not like purple but it’s good enough for me all the other ones are like that pound I’m not spending that pound.

On a wig just video so yeah this is how I achieved this look and I’m gonna leave links to other products that I’ve used down below in the description and I hope you enjoy if you enjoyed it like Squarehead down below and i’ll.

Be back again next week with another video for you all.

Role-play: Frustrated Gamer Relaxed By Girlfriend

I smoke do you oh my god oh my god thank you think it is amusing absolutely right now I don’t you a little backup go back up guys I see I see education now I’m not talking you bitch yeah we’ve got another those got that back not my music you.

Cute Cosplay Makeup Top 19 Most Popular Musically Tik Tok Of October 2018 – The Best

It’s just like that hey Freddie stranger okay if you knock out your lumber I wanna know you might act innocent but I assure you under the cutesy exterior lies a ruthless savage that will slay us all oh you think I’m cute shut up Oh the coming to take me away haha they’re coming to take me away hoo hee.

Hee the funny farm where life is beautiful.

Happy to see those nice young men in there they’re coming hey Mikoto gay life is too hard I just want to make it easier to live in this tum world I want to be mr. Sami come on I was busy thinking about nice you will love my puppy dog eyes it was a quick cash grab you got it whatever you say ouch Oh such an.

Insult let me know when you.

Come up with something creative to call me you sack a poorly packaged horses yeah tell the missus I said hi snookums I don’t know if you’re supposed to put your contour on before the rest of your makeup or after the.

Rest of your makeup but it doesn’t matter because men are stupid so long as you look like a newborn baby they are willing to mate with you I’m poor so I have this Hey prints dude hello you summoned me hey you represent my fanciful side right right my hopes my dreams my creativity all that good stuff great well right now I hope and dream to get rid.

Anxiety your what now hey that brin see oh okay I can’t stand that guy tell me about it I don’t know if you’re supposed to put your contour on before the rest of your makeup or after the rest of your makeup but it doesn’t matter because men are stupid so long as you look like a newborn baby they are willing to mate with you I’m poor so I have.

This like sigh sigh I’m sorry you say you’re in love then you are the lucky one because most of us are bitter drat Oh sheep goat blue river bear hoorah tiger are ok goat was not a sly as a fox as strong as an ox as fast as a hare as brave as a bear as free as a bird as neat as a web as quiet as a mouse as big as a house I just want to talk to.

Him why do you have a shotgun I just want to talk to him this is ridiculous just talk to him I just want to tackle I just want to talk I just want to show them I just want to know what what are you doing okay in the god nothing I’m gonna be the greatest in a gun break you know what Amelia he’d always have me well hey I didn’t know the Knights had hot cat girls – sure you Roble know.
You’re not no really I said no you’re not..

Packing Makeup Like A Pro | Ari Elena

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel so as you can see you can’t see my head so I want you guys to have the best view on what I’m about to show you so I decided to just cut my entire self out of it like you literally can’t see me like if you can’t already tell by the.

Title of this video I got some new makeup organizers for when I travel and stuff and these are literally genius and so like I have to show you guys.

Because every girl will need this and they’re pretty fairly priced so I was like of course I’m going to show them so I’m going to start with this one because this one is definitely my more favorite one so it’s like this hard body low key looking like a lunch box kind of.

Case and they have it in pink and another color but I just went with black because it helps it’s a clean look clean so I hope the lighting is okay but this is what the inside looks like um I actually took out two the dividers so you can kind of just like slide them in between these little like bridges that.

They already have in here if I can get this lined up right yeah so it’ll go like that and they’re pretty sturdy like they’re not gonna like bend.

On you or anything and you can just like put them wherever you want them to go to divide but I kind of had my palettes in this one right here so I took this an out but you can take all of them out and do whatever you.

Want with them but this is kind of the way that I’ve been rolling with.

Them is just one so dang stiff but this is the way I’ve been rolling with them it’s just been pretty helpful with them just saying like this bigger and then I kind of do like lip glosses and like stuff like that primers and then some of my smaller powder stuff goes in here and then it also has this top portion of it Roman is really just all over the place today where you can like put your brushes and stuff and so it has four separate pockets or you can just like put.

Your stuff inside and then it has another zipper here on the side that you could use to put like whatever extra overflow stuff that you need to put in and it’s like the entire this whole thing is like a pocket and so.
This has just been saving my life as I’ve been just.

Like traveling over the past couple of weeks typically I kind of just store all my makeup in it just because it’s easier that way lately and so yeah this is what I’ve been using to store and travel with my makeup in so the table next to me it has a whole bunch of makeup on it that came out of here and so I’m just going to go ahead and show you guys how I store my stuff and so I’m gonna put everything back in here.

Typically how I would keep it for when I’m storing it and traveling and all that good stuff and so I have like bigger pallet stuff so that’s the reason why I took out this one.

From here because I kind of want.

This to be able to lay in there and this is a blush palette but of course if you want it more room just take the whole thing out.

And you can have like the whole space but I’m trying to be organized here so I like.

To just keep it like this and so here we go I’m literally dropping stuff all over the place so you guys can’t even see but literally I’m don’t know why I’m coming so fast the.

25 Extreme Actor Transformations #ubox

Movie transformations are at the very least mesmerizing examples of the plasticity of the human body these are 25 of the wildest examples of on-screen transformations Christian Bale in The Machinist 2004 Bale lost 60 pounds consuming coffee and apples to play a mentally troubled factory worker in this psychological thriller when you’re so skinny that you can hardly walk up.

The flight of stairs you’re like this being of pure thought he later said that’s the most zen-like state I’ve ever been in my life even more impressively he then gained 100 pounds in six months for his next role Batman Charlize Theron in monster 2003 how do you turn a gorgeous ex model into ravage serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

The process was multi-layered Theron gained weight by eating potato chips wore fake teeth thinned her hair weathered her skin.

With tattoo ink and bleached her eyebrows the effort as well as her stunning acting in the role won her an Academy Award Robert De Niro in Raging Bull 1980 Robert De Niro began filming the Jake LaMotta biopic as a ripped boxer having added 20 pounds of muscle to his 145.

Pound frame during filming a four-month hiatus was scheduled so that De Niro could transform himself into LaMotta during the second phase of his life an ex-champion gone very much to see De Niro gained the 60 pounds in the.

Most idyllic way possible travelling around Europe and gorging on pasta and cheese Chris Pratt in guardians of the galaxy 2014 in a transformation that made a ripped Hollywood leading man of a beloved but pudgy TV actor Pratt hired.

A nutritionist in a personal trainer and lost 60 pounds in six months I actually lost weight by eating more food but eating the right.

Food eating healthy foods and so when I was done with the movie my body hadn’t been in starvation mode Pratt said Jared Leto in chapter 27 2007 Leto gained 67.

Pounds to transform into Mark Chapman John Lennon’s assassin by eating an Aussie a diet of microwaved pints of ice.

Cream mixed with olive oil and soy sauce the sudden weight gain caused the actor to contract gout and he sworn.

He’d never do it again still he later went on to shed 40 pounds to play activist rayon in 2013’s Dallas buyers club Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder 2008 Cruise is almost completely unrecognizable as Les Grossman the vitriolic studio head he’d on chubby prosthetic hands a receded hairline in a fat suit this unexpectedly funny move from Cruz sure beats out robert downey jr ‘he’s unfortunate blackface transformation in the.

Same movie 50 cent in all things fall apart 2011 in order to play a cancer-stricken football player 50 cent lost 54 pounds with a liquid diet and.

By spending three hours a day on a treadmill he claims that his desire to portray a friend struggle with cancer pushed him through the grueling routine.
Despite his best efforts the.

Movie was panned by critics on release Vincent D’Onofrio in Full Metal Jacket 1987 D’Onofrio gained 70 pounds to play slow-witted private Gomer Pyle Lawrence reportedly the biggest ever weight gain.

For a role the excess pounds even caused a knee injury that required reconstructive surgery nine months later the actor was spotted buff again for comedy adventures in babysitting Eddie Murphy and coming.

Hollywood Style Led Vanity Mirror Lights Kit 10 Bright Bulbs With Dimmer, Yellow Light For Makeup

Hello I’m going to show you the Hollywood vanity lights that you’re gonna be able to easily set up plug and play buy it from the link in the description if you have any questions at all please comment and I’ll get right to it now this is very simple plug and play it comes with the adapter you just click.

It into the switch that’s touch so there’s nothing to break here this is going to last a very long time and very easy to use and it’s basically a string light.

So each bulb is already taped on with double stick tape they’re very very lightweight and about 2 inches in size and you’re gonna be able to just put it onto your mirror in the bathroom in the hallway and turn your makeup lights to see properly now not only is this nice touch switch it’s a dimmer so we could turn this on look at that and then you hold it down and it will dim it to your.

Desired brightness this is the dimmest hold it again and it’s going to go brighter just tap it and it’s off or on off or on this is a must very lightweight it’s not going to add any weight or heaviness to your.
Mirror so you don’t have to worry.

About it being reinforced on the wall hello I’m going to show you the Hollywood vanity.
Lights that you’re going to be able to easily set up.

Plug and play buy it from the link in.


Jaclyn Hill Palette Purple Eyeshadow Look | Masterpiece Make-up Ministry

Gaan eerst een met easy clear de klant sieger en zus ik altijd zee de toe vind het netjes te weer sneeuw tussen increasing the apparaat of wel bij die volgende keer wat ons mee omgaan dus zodra je iphone ruimte kon ontspannen om keertje op weer inderdaad week weer activeren sarah borstel gebruik klik bied mijzelf zou je gevoel dan.

Gaan ons en heeft dan gaan onze en eerste met die niet blauw en.

Dan als ons kloon is met een bruine gaan ons.

En een beetje paars aan begin meten ik blijf hier pycelle koersel en daarom niet en marie brightness je brein met name logicus en zodat de familie ook niet zeker anders is mooi uitgevreten plein met die buis spit met shampoos alarm en concentreert nippel khaki zie je genoeg fysische met zo lief ik soms gaan er weer ding van die prijs van die brein gat voor die paar strip in the cloud nee.

Tom het weer toy 3d effect dus ja en als concentreert niet nog steeds weer al die kan.

Ook een op genoeg wiki blauwe rize’ wat ik gewoon doen is de uitgang escribo of fout kan gaan heb ik je.

Van niet blij weer fout in dan gaat uitzondering taken spire verzucht assyrië spoor jouw piment en.

Kan die belang niet ik je weer van ik je meer blauw paars maar in huis en comfort tuinpad ons die volgende keer tussen shimmer kleur rossel zijn.

Jullie zo veel te zoet file pimps touring puck op bespin vormloos in ons gebruik daarom drie opties ze komen in een keer wat je heel eerste boos om ik al die kleine.

Voor profiline de show op een fles postal weer aan dit lauweren wij slaan we vonden dit op het is naar die donkerbruine dus eerste mitt romney te veel eerder tr nee nee toen te gaan in een tikje bruin-eyed bring klein muziek problemen die bruine kleur van de weg die keert als een mens die.

Brein opzet in ik ga niet meer kleur van dit zullen was net geduw op een pencil branche in er komen arnoud familie van.
Die prijs gaan we die toets ach een beetje familie.

Gebruik in dan natuurlijk van bieden ja kan je in de dubbele en twee gemeen en in de koningin haar fitwinkel driekwart gang bij die en onderwijs artsen die stukje door kan lukken antwoord we bouwen foto’s net.

Weer de eerste voor zodat alles mooi met koninklijk rood dan is mijn schoonbroer ga niet grafieken me skoro highlight the bike afval een beetje eyeliner op steeds wel een recept weg maar die conclusie komt lieten knook alles is om yuppies een zus liars the way ik af hij is tikje pauze les van uit hohoho.