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For ten cities one of the de couple of cities happen to be located right across the lake here not far from where the graveyard was where the man was possessed with two thousand Devils meaning that the head spirit that was possessing this man knew there were many under his control that were living inside this man spirit and because.

They were many he took on the name Legion you will discover in the New Testament.

That spirits take on the name of the thing that they are responsible for doing to a person for example there were there was a spirit that caused a person to be unable to hear or talk it was called a deaf and dumb spirit there was a spirit that took a young boy in it when it controlled him it would.

Have caused him to have severe seizures as if to take his life we today would call that a seizure but in that day they said my boy is a lunatic now that’s that’s that’s an awful word we would never say that someone was having a seizure would be a lunatic.

But let me go back to the Greek word it’s a Greek word from lunar and the reason that lunatic comes out of a Greek word for lunar is because that they believed it was caused by the moon cycles in.

Other words it’s it’s been proven that when there is a full moon ask any nurse in a hospital more sickness in a mental hospital they will tell you people are more edgy during the full moon and apparently during a full moon there is a different pressure that’s on the earth if that can I be honest with you there are times I don’t do.

This anymore I were to get severe headaches for three days right before a full moon and right after I never understood it till a doctor began to explain to me the gravitational pull and how it changed that cycle changes for three days so.

They believe that these seizures in the Old Testament were caused by the moon now according to Jesus however maybe there was more pressure on the boy maybe neurologically there was something that caused it but according to Jesus it was caused by some kind of a spirit now having said that let me say a couple things to you there are some things that spirits know and.

The spirit world they know this through the fact that they have been here a long time for facts that spirits know that I want you.

To be aware of fact number one is this they know that all men and women have a point of weakness meaning every man and woman has something it may be your temper.

It may be the fact that you are fearful it may be a fact that you battle unbelief but there’s a point of weakness in every person the second thing I want you to know is this he knows how.

To exploit that weakness through what we call pressure now the pressure that Satan uses is what I call intimidation and a lot of times he seeks.

People’s intimidation through what we call prea peer pressure everybody wants to be loved everybody wants to be like nobody wants to have the disfavor of friends so what Satan does is he tries to emphasize.

To you if you will do this even though it’s pressure and you shouldn’t do it you will be more like than you are now you’ll be more favored by people and so he knows how to use what I call the roar of the lion or the intimidation for example I was in Africa and.

8 Strange Unsolved Mysteries In Iowa That Have Been Unsolved Part 4

Kirchhoff was lastseen in Waterloo, Iowa on January 24, 1978.

He spent the previous night with a girlfriendand apparently disappeared between 1:00 and 5:00 p. the next day, possibly in a residenceon Maxwell Street about a mile from his parents’ home. A resident of one of the apartmentsthere heard bumping noises and a man’s voice saying, “Oh.

God, don’t do this to me!” Itisn’t clear whether this is related to Kirchhoff’s disappearance. He was known to be a drug dealerand authorities think his disappearance may have been drug-related. They believe he wascarrying up to $8,000 in cash when he disappeared, and possibly he was robbed and killed.

Shortlyafter his disappearance, Kirchhoff’s.

Car was found in a parking lot at the Waterloo IndustriesInc.

Another missing Iowa man, Richard Forsyth, may havebeen connected in some.

Way to Kirchhoff’s disappearance.

There were rumors that Forsythwas seen carrying something wrapped in a rug the day after Kirchhoff vanished, and he boughta 1972 Cadillac for $2,000 the next day, paying in $100 bills. His face was bruised and bloodyat the time, and he said.

He’d fallen on a wine bottle and had to get stitches. He lefttown that day and had his stitches removed in Manhattan, Kansas on February 1.

To an uncle’s home in Tucson, Arizona.

The police and Kirchhoff’sparents tracked him to Arizona, Forsyth was gone. In mid-1979, the Cadillac Forsyth boughtwas found in storage in Grand Forks, North Dakota. A man calling himself David Gateshad left it there a year earlier, paying only one month’s storage fee.

Left in storage, a man who called himself Richard Steves rented a room in GrandForks, paying one month’s rent, but he didn’t stay even one night. Kirchhoff’s parents believebelieve Forsyth and “Richard Steves” may have been the same person, but the landlady couldn’tidentify Forsyth’s photograph. The Kirchhoffs think Forsyth may have gone to Canada; theCanadian border is only 75 miles from Grand Forks. Forsyth’s Cadillac was bloodstained,but.

The stains could not be matched to Kirchhoff’s blood. Forsyth was reported missing from Waterloo,Iowa on October 18, 1979. He remains listed as a missing person and has not been conclusivelylinked to Kirchhoff’s case. Both men’s cases remain unsolved. In 2003, authorities actingon a tip began searching a rural 12-acre farmstead between Fairbank and Denver, Iowa for evidencerelated to Kirchhoff’s case. It was once owned by a Waterloo.

Man, Lonson “Lonnie” Luloff,who faced life in prison for federal methamphetamine and weapons charges in 1994 but was releasedin 2000 after cutting a deal. Luloff is described by investigators as oneof the biggest drug suppliers in the area.

Calling him a suspectin Kirchhoff’s disappearance, however, and nothing was found in the search of his farm.Kirchhoff graduated from West High School in Waterloo in 1973; he was a good studentthere and worked part time.

A lineman for the Chicago NorthwesternRailroad but had been laid off weeks before his disappearance. He had just purchased anew house, was planning to marry the mother of his two-year-old child, and appeared tobe in good spirits. Paul Joseph Knockel,53, was reported missing to the Dubuque Police Department in Dubuque, Iowa, on Monday, November26, 1990. In November 1990, the Dubuque Telegraph Herald.

That Knockel last had contactwith family members on Monday, November 12, and that Knockel’s car.

Was last seen bya family member the morning of.

November 13, parked along U. Route 151 less than onemile east of the Dubuque-Wisconsin bridge near the “Welcome to Wisconsin” sign onthe roadway’s south side. Knockel, a lifelong bachelor with no children, missed his usualThanksgiving dinner.

With relatives and they reported him missing the following Mondayafter he failed to show up at a job at the Swiss Colony mail order gift warehouse inMonroe, Wisconsin, Dubuque police told the Telegraph Herald. Police also said Knockelwas last seen Friday, November 17.

Driving along a highway in Grant County, Wisconsin.The exact date of Knockel’s official disappearance is unknown. WHO-TV’s Aaron Brilbeck reportedon Oct. 8, 2010 about Knockel’s unsolved disappearance as part of Channel 13’s weeklyIowa cold case series. It’s a cold case that brings us all theway to the woods of Wisconsin. An Iowa man disappeared; even his car vanished along Highway151. Police still have no clues about what happened to Paul Knockel.They say someone just can’t vanish. But Tim Westemeyer of Des Moines disagrees. “Peopledo vanish,” Westemeyer said in an interview with Channel 13’s Aaron Brilbeck for a storythat aired Oct.

Not sure how they do vanish. But I know for a factthat they just up and vanish. Twenty years ago, his uncle didjust that. It was November of 1990, and Paul Knockel of Dubuque didn’t show.

Up for Thanksgivingdinner with his family. Knockel, who never married and neverhad.

Children, lived for spending time with family.

We had with him askids,” nephew Dennis Noel remembers. Some of the fun thingsthat we did together, I guess as an uncle and nephew.” Concerned, family members wentto Knockel’s house at 2105 Washington Street. They found his wallet and watch, even hisshoes. But Knockel and his car were gone. The next day, the family spotted what.

Theythought was his car — a 1981 red Mercury Zephyr, parked along.

Route 151 just over theWisconsin border. It, and Knockel, haven’t beenseen since. Family members believe he may have been abducted at his home and murdered.

Murdered, yes,” Noel said. “I would have to say that was what happened.” Family members say that would explain why Knockel’sshoes and wallet — things he had with him every day — were left behind. Hedefinitely knew something was happening,” Noel said. “His wallet was on the kitchentable.

Strange & Scary Mysteries Of The Month October 2018

Strange and scary mysteries of the month October 2018 strange scary mysteries of the month is a compilation of the weird disturbing and downright baffling stories currently happening in our world from UFOs to serial killers ancient sites mysterious creatures and even ghosts these are the strange and scary mysteries of the month for October 2018 number 5 Celia Arizona Celia.

Arizim Maine had a radiant smile she was friendly competitive and a talented golfer on September 17th the 22 year old headed to the Coldwater Golf Links Golf Course in Ames Iowa.

To get in some exercise and early morning practice but hours later she was found dead having been repeatedly stabbed in the neck and torso her body was then dumped in a pond next to the number 90 box she was born and raised in Rios in Spain.

A town near the northern coast after graduating from high school as a top junior golf athlete in the country she decided to play collegiate golf in the United States at Iowa State University she then.

Enrolled in 2014 as a civil engineering student on the golf course she dominated immediately earning.

Top awards and was selected as part of the all-big 12 first team recently she won the big 12 championship and qualified to play at the 2018.
United States Women’s Open on the LPGA Tour Celia was playing by.

Herself and was attacked as she was finishing up the first nine holes her on attended golf bag was found by other players at 10:20 a. and they reported it to the police an hour later authorities found the woman’s body.

A short distance away in the pond they tracked her scent using police dogs and it led to a wooded area off the course it was here they encountered a man who first.

Mentioned the prime suspect named Colin Richards the man explained that Richards had previously told him about his desires to rape and kill a woman police followed the trail and.

Found two tents one of which belong to the suspect as they were searching Richards approached them officers noticed that he had fresh scratches to his face and tried to hide a laceration on his left hand investigators also spoke to another acquaintance of Richards who told them he showed up to their home the other golf course on Monday afternoon.

Appearing disheveled and covered in blood sand and water Richard used their house to take a bath and washed his clothes then asked for.
A ride to Jefferson Iowa Richard’s.

Also gave them a knife at that time as they were driving to Jefferson Richard’s asked if they could stop by the encampment because he forgot his tent it’s there when he found police searching the area police retrieved the knife Richards gave away and also found two pairs of blood-stained shorts in his backpack according to records Richard had had prior arrests including.

Suspicion of breaking into his grandparents home public intoxication and a history of domestic abuse the death of Celia comes.
Just months after the abduction and.

Killing of another Iowa State University student Molly Tibbets who said to have been killed by Cristian Rivera while she was out jogging through a country farm number four dog saves man from fifty years in prison there are times when convictions.

Ancient Civilizations | Graham Hanckock

Ozzie Doyle and every son-of-a-bitchin work they were all there’ll be better off dead hey guys welcome back it’s a little CV aka in a lightning sale sokovia yeah just want to talk a little bit about the dream Hancock and the situation that we find ourselves in now where you know if it feels like we’re almost on the cusp.

Of actually finding some really juicy information about our past now I’ve been a another believer in you know ancient civilizations that predate like Egyptians or Sumerian culture things like.

That for a very long time since I was child really and it just didn’t seem to make sense knowing you yeah you ask yourself the question or when you ask your parents or the weather teacher and school like where did we come from and you find also about like the Bible and it’s 6,000 years old and the great floor then then obviously you roll on and a little bit older than your finals but like the Great Flood is like an.

Old wives tales and old to tale for children really like it’s been getting told thousands of years like across every culture and yeah I just seen that interview with a excuse me Graham Hancock on the Joe Rogan show where he talks about like possible cataclysmic events happening around ten and a half thousand BC thinking yeah dude it’s almost like possible asteroid impacts meteor impacts and obviously the melting of the ice caps.

That not water pulse wannabe or so on and it’s it’s just it’s fascinating an old sleep let’s say I mean I cast my mind back and I think like trying to imagine where humanity came from how it was started.

I was baptized as a child as a Catholic and raised as a Catholic not not deeply religious border was raised as a Catholic and I come to the point where there you know I have kind of got.
My own connection to God the fear likable doc rely on.

Secret cheese or a mining cloth to tell me that what I’m doing is right and God is listening to me yeah I know.

School of thinking possibly where you know we don’t we feel we ought me like these regulations around religion not even so much religion what spirituality we can find our own connections to a higher level and of course I say 2018 it’s prolly it’s never been so many atheists on the planet as to what he is today but yeah that’s such by whole.

Graham Hancock and the things used to school soon and is ideology you know if you sign a will of.

Grain hunk off by the way I strongly recommend that your own check mold Randall Carlson is the other guy who was on the podcast with him and yet he got into a debate with a guy from skeptic magazine and shake foot or ship or something like that.

His name was and to be honest I was just all I could think to myself was what a douchebag because even though he’s.

Very smart and very articulate and he was representing the mainstream in this interview when you put him.

Next to someone like Graham Hancock who’s a seasoned expert you know his whole life hasn’t been based around ancient civilizations and research of.

Of this ilk he’s been it was a reporter for the BBC for many years and if you opl believe where you found me you found the stories about the Ark of.

The San Pedro Haunting

Shortly after moving into a new home in the summer of 1988 single mother of two jackie hernandez began to experience a horrific and a relentless haunting from a seemingly restless entity was it all a hoax or was there any truth to the infamous San Pedro haunting ghost stories have been told all over the world since time immemorial from.

Haunted buildings roads and forests to cars and even people there is no shortage of such tales to tell on.

A cold dark night whilst sat around an open campfire maybe you believe them maybe you don’t but regardless for your thoughts on the matter whether real or imagined these stories are no less chilling according to paranormal research a staggering 50 percent of us have experienced or will experience something out of the ordinary during our lifetimes indeed it.

Does appear that some people are more receptive to these occurrences than others and there are reports to suggest that paranormal activity is actually drawn to certain individuals this at least seemed to be the case for 23-year old Jackie Hernandez when she moved into the rented bungalow at 593 West 11th Street San Pedro California in November.

1988 as a single mother working multiple jobs studying part-time in order to advance her career and going through the stress of moving into a new home all whilst being pregnant with the second child and negotiating a messy divorce jackie was certainly enduring a most difficult period in her life and unfortunately for her things were about to get a whole lot worse from the moment she moved into the bungalow a home much like any other on West 11th Street Jackie described her friends and.

Neighbors how she felt as if she was constantly being watched by someone or something that was always at her back.

However when she turned around there was never anyone there over the following months this feeling only intensified and whatever present she felt was in the household with her would gradually make itself known the activity started small and was for the most part benign in nature an object would go missing here or there and then reappear elsewhere in the house.

There would be the odd unexplained knock or bang and on occasion a strange smell these things were not too bothersome for.

Jackie and she would determine that in many cases her mind was simply playing tricks on her however one evening she was sitting watching television when out of the corner of her eye she saw a.

Pencil holder that was placed on a table in the hall mysteriously levitate and then fly towards her as if thrown by an invisible hand the experience frightened her so much that she grabbed.

The house and run to her neighbor’s in a panic she even called the police who it has to be said were less than impressed with her story nevertheless Jackie knew the truth of the matter more importantly she also knew that she had to go back into the house that night and sleep in her own bed in the knowledge that she was not entirely alone if her friends had been skeptical of this experience it would not be long before.
They too would have their own.

Stories to share according to her neighbor Susan.

Castaneda whilst having dinner together the two of them heard a painting fall from where it hung in a separate room when they went to investigate it had inexplicably moved five feet from where it originally hung on another occasion.

Suzan also claimed to have seen a lamp float seven feet across a room before dropping to the floor right in front of her since her friends were also witnessing the strange activity Jackie was relieved to know that whatever she was experiencing was indeed real and that she was not losing her mind this led to a brief period.

Of reassurance but unfortunately following the birth of her second child Samantha this activity did not slow down in fact it only escalated and grew more and more distressing by the day one evening whilst doing chores around the house Jackie discovered a blood like ooze seeping from the cracks in the ceiling and running.

Down the kitchen walls in order to find the source of the leak she climbed on top of her washing machine to reach the attic opening and as she hesitantly poked her head.

Through the hatch into the darkness she turned to face a most horrifying sight floating in the corner and staring straight at her was the severed head of a menacing old man which then rapidly flew in her direction Jackie was so shocked by this that she fell backwards into her kitchen in floods of tears and refused to enter the Attic ever again this would not be.

That the entity manifested before her eyes one night whilst watching a film on her own she witnessed a dark mist.

Float into her living room through an open window which then quickly dissipated alarmed she went to check on her two children who were in bed samantha was in her cart and Jamie was in the top tier of his bunk bed both asleep.

As expected however what she did not expect to see was the apparition of a thin.

Old man with grey sunken skin wearing a red flannel vest and high-water trousers sat cross-legged on the vacant bottom.

Bunk the man glared at her with what she described as evil red eyes before eventually disappearing this incident deeply unsettled her and it was around this time that her friend suggested contacting the well-known parapsychologist barry taff whom she had recently seen on television with experience in over 4,000 similar cases.

In a career spanning multiple decades Taff was also famous for his involvement in the Doris Bither case back in the mid 70s another haunting which inspired the Hollywood film the entity he and his team showed an immediate interest and visited Jackie’s home on the 8th of.

August 1989 with the intention of conducting a preliminary interview upon arriving they were surprised by an overwhelming putrid stench wafting through the house which seemed to emanate from the Attic this was accompanied by light thumping sounds which Taff later described as sounding like a 200-pound rat was running around up there Jackie told them about the incident regarding.

The severed head and the team expressed the desire to explore the Attic and see if they could find any rational explanation for the activity Gary Byrne the team’s photographer and jeff wheatcraft his assistant entered through the small hatch.

The Sealed Book – To Have And To Hold (august 12, 1945)

The CEO once again the keeper of the book has opened the ponderous door to the secret vault where eNOS kept the great sealed book in which is recorded all the secrets and mysteries of mankind through the ages here are tales of every kind tales of murder of madness of dark deeds strange and terrible beyond all belief keeper of.

The book I would know what tale we tell this time open the great book and let us read slowly the great book opens one by one the keeper of the book turns the pages and.

Stops ah the strange story of an old lady for 40 years lived alone in a huge old New England mansion a mansion in.

Which death was the master the tale is titled to have and to hold here is the tale to have them to hold as it is written in the pages of the steelbook our story begins at a small New England railroad station as.

A train stops to discharge a lone passenger the passenger a young attractive girl of 20 looks about the station with an air of uncertainty Thank You rumors the Bradley estate please could you say a.

You know where it is don’t you sure everyone does in fact I was just getting ready to go out there to deliver these packages oh good Minister are you sure you want to go out to the Bradley estate but they’d had a visitor in 40 years wait that’s funny you are Bradley yes my family lives in California none of us have ever seen our relatives here in the east I’m attending college nearby and thought I’d pay my on a surprise visit oh we’re missing I’d forget.
The idea fire you take the next train back oh no.

Not after I’ve come 70 miles I’m not going back to college until.

I’ve seen my own driver please tell me what you.

Know about my aunt just about the time I come to the village ten years ago to drive this cab the old servant giant used to send for supplies died yes she didn’t get another sermon but hired me to bring supplies at the estate once a week I see what is.
My outlook life I don’t know miss ain’t never seen it no.

One has seen it for forty years but you just said she’d hired you well she did but not directly a banker fella come down from Boston and.

Hired me didn’t he go out to the estate to see you know he just arranged things in the village and took the first train back to Boston once in.

A while your aunt writes to him well what are in these.

Packages you have for my aunt where some of them have fooled but mostly it seems she’s ordered for her husband clothes cigars and books and when in fact they got a new suit for him right here the best that money can buy – ain’t never seen him neither just.

Doesn’t make sense doesn’t know man it certainly don’t Jane stared into the fast falling dusk seeking her first glimpse of her father’s birthplace as they turned into a private road she was able to make out the many towers of the old mansion and the hundreds of windows behind which was the unknown.

Of 40 years no idea it’d be so large there’s over 80 rooms in it used to be a showplace 40 years ago two of them live in that mansion all along yeah there isn’t a light showing in the whole house no hardly ever is well come on because in the back entrance here just follow me all right.

Mike Tyson Trash Talk & Funny Moments Part 2

So you’re having sex with the maids and then they clean the room or how does it work Mike were you really sick this week what was the problem I broke my back what do you mean by that you’ll grow back is broken what put a vertebrae or horseshoe spinal you know once I go I’m gone when they get.

Him oh no knock out an item Bachman on HBO starting with the boxing greatest knockout streets of gold or rocky 4 and catch the Bell yeah yeah I got a big all the time children I’m.

Mike Tyson on unboxing boxes Mike Tyson comes from Tokyo and.

Saying now Mike the bike I don’t make you mad gangster you saw me last night.

Man energy was sky high it was bananas now it was never that way before my like that.

How would you describe what you’re doing on it let me show you my succulents Oh No No thank you I’m into one Mike Tyson mysteries it’s like a table what are you doing if he’s not gonna take down that negative report then.

We’re gonna do it form but scared right now you should be scared cuz we’re gonna have a party when the energy is over we’re gonna party we’re gonna do a whole bunch of stuff I say okay no fleas and you guys call my lawyer to show your boxing man listen right I don’t know nothing about being that way to bond and I’m not a fight way I’m a nigga ok let’s try let’s try again here we go.

1 2 wait no Mikey P I’m in the house I’m gonna say that was really good really really I’m not saying like I’m a black person I might have beat buckler you’re a rapper I don’t know another scariest thing I’ve ever seen I’m a street pearl I’m styling you wanna be a street person who I.

Became very funny other great sense you think so Mike Tyson mystery the second stage what happened in my life and the tragedies in life that made me that way but I want to get the season third third season third will be really good because see the third of the possibility we may have people like Flavor Flav you know I’m like you know I’m not living in anything I.

Just my life I know you guys talk bad about being a god really that’s nigga about me but make sure you talk about your grandkid then kid that know about kind of taking to this.

Said something to you in your ear that nobody could hear what exactly was it that he said to be honest how much he said you need.

To stop bullshitting and be serious you’re not theory that’s why you are you playing around said the truth and once he started going to the clay no.

And comfortable to the cornet start looking the computer they taking a long time in front of it you have a license no that’s another story but you guys can’t define me I define my work as a father are many things you know I’m many things yeah I’m a.

Convicted rapist and you’ll be both with this girl and they both died of AIDS and I survived in the kind of the bouncer from the club this the another girl enjoyed our lady I heard so he thinks that you yeah well you know I’m I ducked.

That bullet dude yeah me when he’s older I was thinking more Jamie not even age wise but more the body like his you’re.

Such a powerful guy but the movie you know he’s gonna go know I’m a Hellraiser did you ever grow up you’re a kid.

Top 10 Scariest Japanese Urban Legends

The West is full of classic urban legends and cautionary tales with a twist but if you heard of any of these stories welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 scariest Japanese urban legends before we begin we publish new content every day so be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the.

Bell to get notified about our latest videos for this list we’ve taken a look at the scariest urban tales and folk.

Tales either involving creatures rituals or scenarios from the Land of the Rising Sun if you remember the phrase purple Muir you will die on 20th birthday number 10 gotcha do Kudo.

Or giant starving skeleton said to be made up of the bones of unburied people who have died of starvation or at war the gashadokuro is always hungry it hides in the woods at night where it can blend in with skeletal trees and then attacks unsuspecting passers-by according to the.

Myths the only warning that you’re being stalked by one of these giant stealthy skeletons is that intended victims will suddenly experience of ringing in their ears if that.

Happens be sure to hightail it out of there said to be both invisible and indestructible.
The only true prevention is a sheet Oh charmed member 9 note it enough or.

The snake woman according to Japanese folklore this snake woman is reputed to haunt shorelines and will trap fishermen and swimmers before crushing them to death and sucking the blood from her victims with her long tongue she lures her.
Victims with a small bundle.

Resemble a baby if the victim offers to hold the baby she will let them live if they try to get rid of it the bundle becomes incredibly.

Heavy and they are unable to escape in.

Other stories she just wants to wash her long hair in peace and will attack any who interrupts her so be forewarned number 8 KO taki tunnel said to be cursed it’s considered one of the most haunted places in Japan several rumors revolve around the tunnel including its length found in kyoto prefecture it’s set to be 444 meters.

1000 456 feet with for being a suspicious and unlucky number in Japanese tradition however it’s set to varying lengths depending on the time of day sometimes longer and sometimes shorter furthermore it’s said to have a particular mirror inside if you look into this mirror you will glimpse a vision of your own death number 7 10 Oh May this creature was the inspiration for one of.

The most memorable creatures in the 2006 fantasy drama Pan’s Labyrinth the pale man however this.

Straight from Japanese lore and is 10 oh man his name means hand eyes or eyes on hand and the legend says that a blind old man was beaten to death by hoodlums as he lay dying.

He wished that he had seen them to know who they were wishing he’d had eyes on his hands because of his.
Rage he came back as a ghost with eyes on.

His hands and now will kill whoever he lays his eyes on number 6 Tomi knows he’ll what if words could kill who apparently these ones do the legend goes that there’s a poem called Tomi knows he’ll in the vein of the ring a seemingly innocuous action.

Taken with an everyday object could be.

6 Most Mysterious Plane Disappearances Till 2018

One Malaysia plane mh370 dozens of conspiracy theories have surfaced in the wake of MH 370’s disappearance in March 2014 from hypotheses about Vladimir Putin to North Korea and the Cambodian jungle here’s the lowdown on speculation surrounding the unsolved tragedy memorial boards at Kuala lumper airport in Malaysia where messages are written and prayers are said for the missing Malaysian.

Aircraft mh370 is the mh370 mystery solved.

Flight 370 disappeared on March 8 2014 on route from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Beijing with 239 people on board just.
38 minutes into the flight mh370 lost contact with Malaysia Airlines the.

First official pound one 12.

5 million search launched by Australia China and Malaysia ended.

In January 2017 but early 2018 Malaysia agreed to.

Pay us firm motion infinity up.53 million dollar 70 million if it found the plane within 90 days the company have now launched one last-ditch search trip to find.

The missing planes black box they’ll be sending a ship to the remote spot in the Indian Ocean where an ultrasonic pulse which may have been from the planes black box was detected in 2014 investigators released a final report which said they were unable to determine what happened to the plane the Malaysian government claimed the plane was under manual control when it deliberately turned off course before plunging into the Indian Ocean killing 239 people but.

On July 30th 2018 cocksuckin chief investigator said they still could not exclude the possibility that there’s unlawful interference by a third party he added the answer can only be conclusive if the wreckage is found what are some of the theories about the Malaysia Airlines flight some feared Russian President Vladimir pooting was involved in the hijacking of mh370 u.

Writer Jeff wise claimed Putin spoofed the planes navigation data so it could fly unnoticed into Baikonur cosmodrome so he could hurt the West French hexerin director mark Dugan accused the US military of shooting down the plane because they feared it had been.

Hijacked a book called flight mh370 the mystery also suggested that it had been shot down accidentally by us tying jet fighters during a military exercise and covered it up Malaysia police chief Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar suggested the disappearance could have been the result of a suicide he claimed someone on board could have taken out a large life insurance package before getting on the plane so they.

Could treat their family or pay back the money they owed historian and writer Norman Davis suggested mh370 could have been remotely hacked and flown to a secret location as a result of sensitive material being carried aboard the jet Malaysia Airlines found a 15-inch crack in the fuselage of one of its planes days before mh370 disappeared the Federal Aviation Administration insists that issued a final warning two days before the disappearance but the Daily Mirror claimed the missing jet did not have the.

Same antenna as the rest of the Boeing 777 so it did not receive the warning Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unexpectedly said it was very likely that the captain planned this shocking event he claimed the pilot wanted to create the world’s greatest mystery another theory claimed that he hijacked his own plane and protest of the.

Of that Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and as a way to destabilize the corrupt government of Najib Razak in the wake of the incident South Korea noted that North Korean nearly took out a Chinese plane which had 220 passengers on board on March 5th 2014 some fear Pyongyang shot the plane down but others believe it was hijacked and diverted into the communist nation one theory claims that because.

Many relatives were able to hear.

A ringing tone for up to four days after the crash so the doomed jet could not have smashed into the Indian Ocean 19 families have all claimed the vices of their loved ones rang for up to four days after the jet went missing however wireless analysts claim that phone firms sometimes use.

A phantom ringing sound when the device is not active The Daily Star reports in September 2018 British video producer Ian Wilson claimed to have found.

The missing aircraft using Google Maps despite millions being spent on the search to located the wreckage the bird sleuth believes he has found the jet and a mountainous area of the Cambodian jungle in response the Chinese.

Government used observation company space view to focus in on the high altitude area on the outskirts of the Phnom Penh however the firm claimed there was no sign of any plane.

Least of all the Malaysian Airlines aircraft which has been missing since March 2014 what did the 16 minutes show reveal a group of aviation experts assembled for the Australian TV program 60 minutes broadcast in.

May 2000 18 they claimed they may have solved the aviation mystery they all agreed that Shah deliberately ditched the plane in the Indian Ocean west of Australia former Australia Transport Safety Bureau had Martin Dolan added this was planned this was deliberate and it was done over an extended period of time Simon Hardy a pilot and instructor discovered the captain made an unexplained and strange turn to fly over his hometown of.

Penang he also claimed Shaw dodged Malaysian and Thai.

Military radar by skirting along their borders but aviation expert has.

Rubbished claims made in the documentary that the pilot of doomed flight mh370 gently landed the plane in the Indian Ocean christine Negroni said analysis of pics of washed up wreckage shows the Boeing 777s wing flaps were retracted.

When it smashed into the sea in March 2014 meaning the plane was out of control when it hit the water two Boeing 727-200 23 the strange mystery of the missing Boeing 727-200 23 that disappeared from quatro de fevereiro international air Gordan angle on May 25th 2003 at quatro de fevereiro International Airport in Engel shortly before sunset on a clear day Ben Charles padilha was seen boarding a Boeing 727 that he.

Had previously been hired to work on the Boeing had been manufactured in 1975 and had formerly been owned by American Airlines.

Its owner in May 2003 was Miami based company Aerospace Sales and Leasing in the aircraft carried tail number in 844 ah the Miami company had leased the plane to tag angola airlines and 844 ah had been grounded and sat idle at law in the airport.

Mission 145 The Mysteries Of The Bridgewater Triangle With Aaron Cadieux And Manny Famol

I thirty odd minutes a sponsored in part by digital dancing who are you powered by for the next 30 minutes we will explore the unexplained from mysteries beyond our galaxy to ghostly phenomena in our own backyard we will dive into our psychic abilities and explore everything from conspiracies to the just plain weird welcome to 30 odd minutes if.

The truth is out there hey welcome welcome to 30 odd minutes it’s great to have you on balls with us here we are aboard the.

Mothership we’ve set her down in the Bridgewater triangle look at the swamp there.

Behind us and we abducted some people Aaron Kaju and Manny familar II how are you guys good Shh we’ll get to you soon enough of Deputies Matt Andrew how are you not too bad not too bad how’d it go yeah did they put up much of a fight not really oh nice Tasers work well yeah they do they do indeed all right well good to see you guys you know I had a good weekend yep all right don’t don’t expand beyond that no you won’t got a big show okay.

All right this is a big show we are talking about the Bridgewater triangle a subject near and dear to our heart Matt I know you have a summer home there yes and Andrew oddly enough has a winter home there so it’s pretty much always there between the two of them and and when.

We’re talking about the Bridgewater triangle doctor dreck even weighed in because he had some thoughts on why you should vacation.

There take a look if you’re.

Looking for the vacation of a lifetime come to the beautiful Bridgewater triangle resorts yes spend the day in a swamp lands and Forests on a walking zero led by a friendly alien tour guide Nick’s diner this that are exclusive wildlife preserve stay in our luxury interdimensional hotel the Bridgewater in and out and experience.

The excitement of a hotel that’s there one minute and gone the next and every Wednesday night is our fabulous swamp lights display and don’t forget every guest gets a free puck Boise in their room what more could you.

Bridge what a triangle before it comes to you good to have you with us I’m definitely.
Gonna vacation there when am i crashing it matter Andrews.

Place alright let’s get to this in 1983 cryptozoologist and author Loren Coleman released his best-selling book mysterious America in the Burke book he first coined the term Bridgewater triangle to designate a roughly 200.

Square mile area of Massachusetts between Abington Rehoboth and Freetown Coleman discovered many mysterious occurrences inside this triangle ranging from Bigfoot and Thunderbird sightings giant serpents UFOs ghosts and other strange phenomena since then interest in this area has only.

Grown soon a brand new documentary will be released called the Bridgewater triangle which explores all of these mysteries here to give us a.

Sneak peek please welcome to the mothership filmmakers Aaron Kaju and Manny familar II all right thank you guys is this your first time on a spaceship it is it is which I mean you know and there have been UFO sightings in the Bridgewater triangle right appropriate mmm it could have been us.

I’m throwing that out there all right guys before we gonna get there like what did what did we agree to so funny first the abduction and then this way do we bring out.

The probe it’ll be a goof all right the Bridgewater triangle movie I think it’s only appropriate let’s start with the the trailer for this and then we’ll talk about it take a look I’ve been studying cryptozoology for 52 years I started picking.

On this whole notion that there was an area that was a magnet of weird phenomena I think that we’ve got something very unique going on in the Bridgewater Hockomock area that we should at.

Least acknowledge whatever it is we keep talking about this region for some reason I certainly think that the Hockomock swamp serves as the epicenter of activity in the Bridgewater triangle I saw something that I’ll never forget for.

The rest of my life I saw what appeared to be the Sasquatch creature that I heard about off in the distance was an extremely large man-like creature I pulled over.

The Iranian dog for a parking lot I’m right under this war and it’s birthing these ships what I seen was definitely not from this world a lot of criminal cult activity happened in the Freetown State Forest we had evidence individuals.

Taking place in the state farms then it was a huge amount of Kassel of the absence of blood legends and stories about the Bridgewater triangle will never stop nobody can argue that there isn’t something very special about this area I don’t believe in the Bridgewater triangle I except it so guys kind of spooky.

What what isn’t happening in the Bridgewater triangle let’s start with where is this place.

Where I mean we mentioned the towns but can you give us a sense of where in Massachusetts are we talking about uh we’re talking about southeastern Massachusetts okay with.
Then Freetown and in Rehoboth so it roughly covers.

About 200 square miles right and there’s a closer look at the map just to give you an idea there’s right the Hockomock.

Swamp there’s major roads running.

Is not some remote place necessarily this is a place where people live yeah it’s not like the Bermuda Triangle or the Bennington tribal triangle up in Vermont which is a lot more sparsely populated right now I know Aaron used this started for you as a student film project many years ago right yeah I first did a document in 2003 well at Fitchburg State College and it was.

More or less just a practice film and I ever intended for it to be anything more than that but it kind of developed a.

Cult following and before I knew it I had phone calls on a weekly basis for people asking me for copies and it’s so interesting because okay first.

Of all like like the Bermuda Triangle right it’s there are plenty of airplanes and boats that go through and don’t disappear there’s plenty of normal stuff that happens in the in the Bridgewater triangle what was Coleman thinking what was his rationale for designating designating this area not an area smaller or larger but this one I think it’s more or less just a hint plotting on a map two different different reports he was getting from southeastern mass.

I mean he had moved from California to the Boston area and he kept getting reports.