Do Not Visit Rani Baug For Next 2 Years (byculla Zoo) | Humboldt Penguin | Veermata Jijabai Udyan

What’s up you do yeah that’s the way I usually start my videos when I’m on my bike but today I thought of giving it a voiceover because I don’t have a proper audio receiver to my action camera yeah so as the title says yes I am beheading towards the bike la soo or mostly known as run yeah okay.

Wait really you see this guy on to my left.

Right about now he’s actually letting the kid accelerate his goofy well that’s the worst thing you would do whoa was that even necessary anyways let’s go ahead so after our left mess he has a guy standing in the middle of the road admiring my bike rather than crossing the road almost got me into a close call with the taxi on to my left oh boy so finally.

I read at the station after all that Mumbai traffic and struggle good feed following angle then there’s a gas to the efficient so I hope you guys like this video so talking about the zoo most of the cages and enclosures are being under construction or renovation so most of the animals were not there in the cages and the.

As you saw in the video there are only few things which I could actually shoot well talking about the Penguins yes pictures and videos and using mobile phone is also not allowed inside but if you want to watch these beautiful birds it’s worth the visit but if not just other animals or the entire zoo I would recommend go out there after almost a year or so because that’s when they’ll be completing all the renovation and reconstruction stuff hope you guys like this video if you.

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What If You Are The Greatest Thing That's Ever Happened On Planet Earth?

Well hey there so I’m crystal Crawford and I’m an access consciousness certified facilitator and as you know this is my youtube channel access consciousness is a massive body of tools we have body tools we have being tools all kinds of things and there is no one place to start with the whole shebang you literally just start where you.

Start so I just want to invite you to take a look around this channel check.

Out I’ve got some playlists on this page that you’re looking at right now that you can start with I have a weekly show that I.

Do every week I don’t give you a lot of preface for what it is I’m about to talk about and I jump into some wild and crazy tools but these tools have completely and utterly transformed my life I was sad and depressed and completely lost actually and I tried everything to change it when these tools came into my life and I’ve literally changed everything about.

My life from my relationships some money to my business to literally there’s not a facet that these haven’t touched so I’m super glad you’re here and you can always reach out to me if you have any questions you can reach me at Crystal at.

Crystal joy Crawford com comment on one of the videos I always respond to that and you can find me on Facebook too enjoy your journey enjoy the tools I hope I get to meet you one day.

God Showed Him What's Coming Soon To Planet Earth Loren Sandford

Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural my guest is considered by many one of the most accurate prophets they know he has seen the near future of the world and he says it’s mandatory you know what’s coming so you can prepare anyone interested in knowing what’s coming I know I am is there a supernatural dimension a world.
Beyond the one we know is there life after death.

Forces of darkness trying to block God’s blessings for your life do angels exist providing us with supernatural protection disarming our enemies can home games contain messages from heaven can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural is God ready to bring.

Healing onto planet Earth today Sid Roth has spent over 40 years researching the strange world of the supernatural join Sid for this edition.

Of it’s supernatural you may recognise his last name because his parents are like household words in the charismatic movement John Paulus Sanford and Loren you were telling me that the last two presidents President Trump and President Obama you.

Not only knew they were going to win before the election yes but you.

Knew details about them and details about their term but you were telling me about and this is important you were telling me about a dream you had about President Obama yes in the stream I was in a shopping mall and president President Obama was there too he was going to express his.

Grief to the nation over the shootings that have been going on and so I’m walking through the shopping mall and I come to the place where the.

Shooter where the where the filming is going to go on and so I’m filled with this overwhelming love and impetus from the Lord to go.

Up to Obama take his hand and and I walked right past the Secret Service guy and take his hand and say mr. president would it be alright if I stood with you as you make this announcement to the nation and he began to weep in this dream he began.

To weep and grab hold in my hand like a drowning man like oh please and so I told the stagehands please remove the podium so that we.
Can be seen standing together.

Before the nation in this in this brief and they could see the love and I said well what was that all about and the Lord said there is a mandate for the church in this hour if we’re going to have the effect that we’re called to have in these days to come we.

Learn to love with the love of the Father even the people that we have hated the most particularly our politicians you know we we didn’t really pray for Barack.

Obama did we and we paid for that most evangelical yes most of Angelica’s did not and so I’ve given.

A call that we must pray for President Trump and now you heard so many details about the the administration’s especially the one in now but in 2015 yes God told you about the corruption what did yes the.

Father just said to me very clearly that that we were going to see an exposure of corruption at such a level in to such a degree in this nation that it would Rock the nation and at first I wondered if I was if I was wrong because it didn’t happen right away but now we’re seeing it unfold we’re seeing it.

Breathe The Freshest Air On Planet Earth I World Travels

It’s been called the Forbidden Kingdom but it could be shangri-la hidden away for centuries amid the soaring majesty of the Himalayas surrounded by industrial giants China and India Bhutan has always gone its own way the economy is still based on agriculture and it has a constitution that mandates 60% of the land must be forests the actual total is.

72% no overdevelopment here ladies and gentlemen has just landed it so coming off the plane you breathe in some of the freshest air on the planet as you drift into a past that is always present you’ll encounter Buddhist.

Monks and landscapes strewn with prayer flags by royal decree even new buildings must be decorated with traditional carved wood and mythical creatures and there’s something else mandated by royal decree happiness that’s right in the 1970s Bhutan instead of an emphasis on gross national product embraced an official policy of gross national happiness – so when we met American an oxford-educated Prince – Oh Giggy oh brother of the king we asked him how does the monarchy define it cross-national happiness is being able to find the right balance between economic well-being and.

Emotional well-being family friends environment that you’re surrounded by the culture and traditions that you share the values that you hold rush hour weary Americans can marvel that in the largest city tempo population a hundred thousand a traffic jam is about a dozen cars Bhutan once had a stoplight it was right here the only stoplight in the whole country but they decided.

It was too modern so they took it out they also decided they didn’t want those icons of America’s global reach fast-food restaurants so in Bhutan there are no.

McDonald’s no Burger King not even a Starbucks but change is coming a high-tech invasion crossing Bouton’s lofty Peaks and this invasion of modern times was invited in television with American reruns and Bollywood soap operas from India came in 1999 followed by the internet and computer games that fascinate this 14-year old what do you like better computer games or archery team come to games computer games yes I have you tried archery that’s worrisome for a kingdom whose national sport is archery schoolteacher.
Sonam Georgie’s father taught him archery at age 10 now today do.

Archery or do they want to play on the Internet most of the till in the end they don’t like to play this one does that mean that in Bhutan archery might.

Go away maybe yes all were you ever did so as more of the outside world comes into Bhutan how does that affect your country your culture the things that you cherish these both a plus.

And a minus with globalization and us opening up our doors but it’s how we manage it in its how we balance things and we can’t really swim against the tide the traditional and the modern I met this past Thursday when the Bhutanese Royals opened up their doors to British royals William and.

Kate she dressed in Acura a blouse and skirt combination that is Bouton’s age-old style for women for men the traditional wear is called a go as I discovered.

It’s a complicated belted Road and putting it on is a two-person job it’s a go but to go to Bhutan not that easy it limits international tourists there were 57,000 last year just slightly more people than visit Disney World in one day of the lucky few who make it here most head for this monastery high up a mountain this is the Tiger’s Nest futons number one tourist.

Attraction and when they say the journey is half the fun that’s not the half of it for the journey to get here it’s a trek up 3,000 feet of elevation first on what you dearly hope are sure-footed horses and when it gets steeper by your.

Own sure feet and if you are very lucky you might catch sight of a golden langur monkey having a leafy munch for lunch it’s enough.

What makes you happy what happiness is a very relative term but for me having positive energies and being contented with myself how important is making time for your family for happiness do you think extremely important I think I would put it on top of the list he ought to know the karmis attempt is the former head of Putin’s Gross National Happiness Commission and there are important things for in one’s life that contribute to one’s happiness which requires the investment of time more than money to boost happiness is Commission ordered contemplation two minutes of.

Daily meditation and each school each day and there are happiness helpful reminders along the roads.

And on the hillsides here people take happiness seriously he doesn’t you didn’t was for him.

It’s living in a peaceful country she says it is being where nature and the mountains are preserved autonomy we still have our culture very context and it is our day-to-day life here in Verdun so I think that’s the most special thing it is we are the.

Culture perhaps that is the one lesson from this small and gentle Buddhist country happiness is not about hurrying through life or a trip to the mall or the next new car happiness they will tell you here is.

Being content with what everyday life offers.


Flat Earth And The 7 Planets Of The Universe

Pluto is said to have been discovered in 1930 from 1930 to 2006 we have been taught that there are nine planets in our so-called solar system in 2006 Pluto was stripped of its planetary status meaning since 2006 the International Astronomical Union officially recognizes eight planets well what if I told you that there are only seven planets including the.

Moon and the Sun and not including earth what if I told you that this deception has been hidden right under our noses all along let’s have a look at our calendar.
Week Sunday equals you guessed it Sunday.

Monday equals moon day Tuesday equals Mars day Wednesday equals Mercury Day Thursday equals Jupiter day Friday equals Venus day Saturday equals Saturn that day these are the original seven planets encoded in our week days let’s have a look at the etymology of Planet it tells you how basically the planets are wandering stars and if you look down here on the bottom it says so-called because they have apparent motion unlike the fixed stars originally included also the Moon.
And Sun the ancient Greeks considered.

The planets to be wandering stars their chart has earth which wasn’t considered a planet in the center with the seven planets circling around it in the following order moon Mercury Venus Sun Mars Jupiter and then Saturn in the outermost ring if you look one ring past Saturn you’ll see the firmament also known as the crystalline heaven which contains all the.

Stars here’s an Egyptian system with the same seven planets going around Earth in aleister crowley’s book 777 he repeatedly wrote about the seven planets including the Sun and Moon constantly.

Connecting them with seven alchemical metals and seven days of the week if you look at the Sepher Yetzirah the.

Book of creation which is the oldest known kabbalistic texts it has tons of references to seven kind of like the bible some parts of the bible anyway seven archangels seven seals and if you look at chapter four verse 7 it says seven planets in the universe Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon seven.

Days in the year the seven days of the week seven gates in the souls male and female.

Two ears two nostrils and a mouth in chapter four verse 15 it says seven universes seven lands seven seas seven rivers seven deserts seven days seven weeks seven years seven sabbaticals seven Jubilees.

And the holy palace therefore he made sevens beloved under all the heavens chapter 4 in this book is mostly about the number 7 and in this particular version of the Sepher Yetzirah that i’ll be linking in the description on page 187 it goes on explaining the seven firmaments the seven Earth’s meaning seven continents and so.

I found that interesting 33rd degree Freemason Manley P Hall wrote quite a bit about the seven planets in his most famous book entitled the secret teachings of all ages I’ll read you a couple things the seven wonders of the world while apparently designed for diverse reasons were actually monuments erected to perpetuate the Arcana of the mysteries.

They were symbolic structures placed in peculiar spots and the real purpose of their erection can be sensed only by the initiated a leafless levy has noted the marked correspondence between these seven wonders and the seven planets the seven wonders of the world were built by widow’s sons in honor of the seven planetary Genii I their secret symbolism is identical with that of the seven seals of revelation and the seven churches of Asia Pythagoras according to some authorities divided the universe into nine parts according.

To others into twelve parts the 12 fold system was as follows the first division was called the empyrion or the sphere of the.

Fixed stars and was the dwelling place of the Immortals the second to 12th divisions were in order the spheres of Saturn Jupiter Mars the Sun Venus mercury and the moon and.

Fire air water and earth this arrangement of the seven planets the Sun and Moon being regarded as planets in the old astronomy is identical.
With the candlestick symbolism of the Jews.

The Sun in the center as the main stem with three planets on either side of it and that’s just a couple of examples about the seven planets and Manley P halls.

The secret teachings of all ages another aspect of this seven planets idea for me was looking at a couple articles about how Uranus isn’t a planet and about how Neptune shouldn’t be considered if Pluto isn’t this gives a bit more credence to my line of thinking.

But I’ll admit that this is all just personal speculation on the subject since I’ve been able to see the Flat Earth as the truth I’ve also come to understand that Earth was never meant to be considered a planet in fact it’s a plain 8 which means plain or a flat surface earth wasn’t considered a planet until the 16th or 17th century so it’s all fairly new weather Uranus.

Neptune or even Pluto are actually planets or not doesn’t really matter the thing is that Earth is not a planet we don’t live on a wandering star we live on earth which is nothing more than land because the water is not included in the word earth what we witness above us in the night skies are the planets the wandering stars the luminaries moving about while the stars move uniformly in circuits contrary to the wandering stars when.

This information presented itself to me I felt compelled to touch on the subject so thanks for watching until next time the stars will not fall oh really no because they’re fixed to the lid of the chest then it will open in two halves and then Jesus will appear what chest are you talking.

About don’t you know that the universe is a gigantic chest heaven is the lid on top and the earth ground they haven’t solved this food that the earth is round the earth is flat your head if the earth is round why don’t the people at the bottom fall.

Off huh and what about the ones on the sides why don’t they slide off think about that Davis knows hey brother what do you say it’s the earth flat or round Danny god knows those things.

Slow And Lazy (sloths)/ Planet Earth

Right here in the green planet Dubai and in here more than 3,000 species of plants and animals and each and every one of them the reptiles amphibians fishes and even mammals are for sure found there the rarest thing you can find the world is not rather gold or diamond it is the connectivity between humans and animals but in.

The green planets the humans can touch and feel animals and know how important they are to the ecosystems not only their customs but even humans ecosystems and more animals and humans face their.

Fear I know that there is no any reason of being scared of each other that’s right there is a true food instruct and they are very extra animals because I mean they’re known as Lords and who seem to go slow but within a couple of minutes from where.

I’m selling today it’s working the girl on the corner mammals have a force predators like hawks and.

Other carnivals and it sleeps for more than 15 hours a day or more depending on itself and comes out once a.

Week deposits its racing eating such heavy leaves maybe almost looking impossible to digest but these.

Animals have a very powerful digestive system their coach or they are afraid maybe is or.

Even ground was giving the Predators.

And if that doesn’t work they may give a very nasty bite sleeping monopolies they’re camouflaged to the branches and the bird nests that’s why they don’t get haunted by any pain you.

America Two Sun In The Sky – First Evidence Of Planet X!!! Nibiru Clearly Seen Today

In the war food effect planet exons and left leg being mystically recognize a planet x itself one channel stands out to bring you the photos and footage with the highest chance of being real what’s up YouTube my name’s is JT’s and I am here at X ions if you have been watching us recently you would have known that.

Froze and confusions about – eggs are flooding the internet people mistake lies and deliberately claim lens flares and photoshop items as a real Planet X that is why today I decided.

To make this video I am going to show you some religious captures of Planet X that I collected for many sources and these photos have been investigated by me as well as my teammate years @x hiatus therefore you can rest assured that they are very unlikely to be fraud or the products of internet shows the first one here is what I consider quite an impressive captures as.

You can see there is a second son on the bottom right corner abound.

Son first let’s recall how to sell a real illuminating objects from a lens flare now look at a source of light we say set a lie but not the Sun to close your eyes have weights.

And you will see flares from the lights but then put your fingers or whatever in front of the.

Lines red but not blocking the bus and you can see that the flares appear to be in.

Your fingers and it block your fingers out of sight even though the real light source is behind your finger that is how you.

Tell a real light source over lens flare back to our photo years and you can see the second.

Son is partially block out of your bio cloud so all we know is a pretty good capture next one.

Is not in a very high definition but it is still okay in my opinion again the same positions you can.

Clearly on a corner of it is blocked out by the cloud the next two photos were taken quite long ago already but they are very good qualities and they.

Are perfect proof of Planet X up there so let me show them to you these photos was taken in northern eros in 2050 the left one what in Sweden and the right one was in Finland now let’s go through them one by one and have a bit of analysis the Sweden photo so clearly do sources of light.

Sky and we know for sure and we.

Know for sure they are both real because you can see both reflections in the world.

Evidence enough for you to believe in Planet X then I’m not sure what will then on the right the object is also clearly.

Visible and we have a cloud blocky it’s out of sight.

Also the cloud is quite in so we can.

See the bottom half of the object below really visible another grass out here taken on the beach again not only do we have to illuminating objects in the sky but also we have two reflections clearly visible on the water supply below lens flares or other atmospheric phenomena can only create a mirage and as.

We all know mirage do not have refraction therefore we can reassert inthat a planetary objects is locking up there here’s a proof of what I just said at first it might seems like their three Sun here but the two on the sides clearly do not reflects at all because they are nothing more but marriage they are an illusion to eyes but they have no effects whatsoever or their physical surroundings so here is another.

Tip for you guys when watching the sky don’t just focus on the strain haze you see but also pay attention to everything else about them to make sure that you are not being fooled.

Phenomena also notice what all these photo have in common they are taken where the sun’s position is quite low dawn and dusk as a result the sunlight is not very strong and only because of that other objects can be visible in the sky another great photo here again on the beach you can see that it’s not another Mirage in the sky.

By the Rio celestial body radiating somewhat crimson red lights and reflecting on the surface of the water below I have one more photo here taken at dusk we have the other son or Planet X on the bottom right corner as usual and big block out of sight by the cloud I want to end the video today with juices.

Capture in this photo even though neither the Sun nor Planet X is visible their reflections are they seem too bright and there was also clowns so they seem to blend into one shiny block but they are still too clears and distinct light sources seen from the water it does actually it for today guys I hope these thoughts make job minions a bit more firms especially when fronds and structures are all over the place so as.

Usual I would really appreciate if you guys can subscribe to our channel so we can.

This topic as well as many other interesting ones such as the wi-fi’s of eurozone National Park or the Fisher’s opening up on Yellowstone magma chamber new videos and updates will come out very soon.

And very object so be sure to stay tuned in the meantime keep looking the sky guys as well edge of the Zuko surrounding and.

We way up internet trolls stay safe did is JT a tech science hangout I have been coming across a lots of like second son’s images and videos all over the internet and it is really baffling to me that these people who are confused or attention shakings.

Make up a lot of stories about affects aliens and feel further confusion and.

Panic I mean look at this photo years they are clearly three spots of lens flare and everyone can help those our lens fails yet but not so small Planet X general claim that those are trees objects in the sky aligning and I’m seriously concerned that people actually believe in that it is stalks and photos like.

These holes that make people’s like us the ones who really want to keep the public informed lose gravities in our arguments hello everyone it.

JT here at X I ins as you can tell I am quite upset at the moment because falls like these are all.

Over the place and somehow but a lot of people in the panics and confusion leave it these hates it so today I want to tell you two things first I want you to take a look at our videos about lens flares and camera errors both of which are very recent to make yourself inform.

Of how to distinguish froze and real objects captures in the sky I seriously mean it and I would really like you guys to do that before continuing this video I put.

The links to those videos in the description box of this video so please watch them now they are not too long and they are very important for you to tell whether.

Or not I’m bringing real catchers of weird objects in the latter part of this video.

Or not okay now that you are equipped with the basic skills to tell a lens wear and a real object apart let’s go to these photos and footage together right first one this was captured in this February in New York City so is it real or fake think about it yourself and I’m going to tell you the answer in the width okay got to answer well is real.

Because these are the two objects next to the sun’s are both partially block out of your by the branches before they are a real life sauce another flame also in case you are.

Wondering why no branch block out parts of the sun’s well that because the Sun is too bright and these branches are too deep the other two objects are dimmers and so only they will.

Of it okay next one Rios effec answers in a few seconds yes this one is.

Also real you can see the second Sun is blocked our websites by the Klaus in front of it again our Sun doesn’t seem to be blocked but this is.

Only because of it intense rinette’s and it is actually a block of it because you can see.

The top part of it is a bit flatter than the bottom parts that’s because what we see on the top is not the real Sun but only bright line flaring through the clouds but the second smaller and not as bright objects top part is blocked out completely by the same cloud how about this photo here okay so do this quite a similar case compared to the photo.

Is the beginning of this video you can see a bloom of lens flare not only in this guy but also before the rocky right ground if I were the channel that I allude to in the beginnings I would tell you that we are having a weird planetary object visible and the night view the sky ignoring the fact that a 5 years old can help those are lame flares this moral of the story again is don’t believe.

Are here on the internet here’s another photo of lens flare that can be made up into a system of seven planets aligned in please so flares the little ones might be more solid but they.

Are still nothing than flares in case you don’t know planets do not shine reflect lights and therefore when the Sun is that bright they simply cannot be visible especially if they appear that small here are some more difficult.

Four photos now let’s go through them from top left and follow a clockwise direction the first one might seem convincing because both sons are partially blocked out by the clouds but if you investigate closely you can see that.

The block made by the clouds as where are the.

Lights and flames around the susan’s are exactly the same even their sides are the same this is a course impossible in relative so this is a very good photos of product that we are looking at skies so again be very careful when it comes to these.

Topics that’s the second one this one is a real catcher’s because you can see.

A bit of the bottom part of the Sun is blocked out of view then the third one is only lens flare because it is transparent and it appears in front of the grassy break around and not look out at all the last ones.

Is a difficult case it looks real but the second Sun is too big and soo bright so I would still say that it is likely.

Is that some of these attention seekers may put a ton of photos and footage together but only one or two is real and they want to make you confuse and keep watching them speaking of footage I have this really interesting one taken in.

February this year you can see the second Sun is not very visible until you yoo-min and you can see it block out by one of those electric pilot thing is indicating that it is actually there you and that’s all for today guys please be careful when evaluating.

This proof that juices on the web’s and also choose your information provider carefully by the ways subscribe to us because we have videos and updates coming out very often until we.

Meet again stay safe and look to the.

Sky guys this is JT at exile signing out.

Update 2018! Nibiru Is Coming, Planet X Is Near The Solar System Published In The Magazine Today!

But it is a dwarf star it’s either a red dwarf or brown dwarf star now the object which is clearly Planet X my deductive launching process elimination is therefore now between Mars and Jupiter it’s not in the outer reaches of a solar system it can clearly be seen especially from the southern hemisphere the implications and the side effects.

Of what might happen to us here on earth is pretty scary we’re gonna get into some of that now one of the cool things that David discusses with us here is instead of having to just take.

His word for it he gives you coordinates on where you can actually see it for yourself mid-2017 he says we’re gonna see an eclipse with Nibiru he has been able to take his background and transition it into research.

On Planet X and has recently compiled an awesome book with a treasure trove of information David how the heck are you very good tonight sir are you I’m doing fantastic I appreciate you coming on here with us I know that.

You had reached out to us a few weeks ago you’ve got a really cool book coming up here that’s gonna break everything down with Nibiru you know let’s talk about what you do well the way I got into it I I’ve always believed in following the money about five years ago I got into some research on the Pentagon black budget and I don’t know if you recall but you probably do that the day before.

9/11 John Rumsfeld announced at a Pentagon news conference that the agency was 2.

2 trillion short money was simply missing 2.

2 not billion but trillion so I having worked for a period of time at the.

Pentagon I realized this was most likely black budget funds and I did some investigation and I ran across a couple of areas basically the deep underground military base research done by Jesse Ventura done by Phil Schneider done by other personalities.

That’s likely the source of the lost money it’s black budget off as being spent and why is it.

Of these type of bases so that’s how my curiosity was was picked you might say these bases I understand are built away primarily from geologic tectonic areas but again when planet X passes you’re gonna have new geo tectonic faults established when you have force eleven twelve thirteen fourteen earthquakes so I don’t know how safe they’re gonna be it could be a lost investment for those people in any.

Case that was my basic introduction.

About five years ago and then I got into the science of the of the topic my understanding and this is.

Partly from Phil Schneider denno he worked 11 years at Groom Lake area 51 he says the black budget varies between point two trillion and one point two trillion per year I’m not sure when the inception started it was absolutely going.

80s he says a couple of dozen of these may be reasonable for protection I agree nuclear protection but the question is why do we have over a hundred and thirty of these that doesn’t really make any sense unless obviously Planet X’s is absolutely a fact which.

It is well so you know four years ago I remember reading an article on Yahoo News that claimed eventually people are gonna be able to look up in the.

No Longer Of Earth [from The Blue Planet Mission (message 2115)]

You are born from above that new birth is not just receiving something in your life it’s finding something radical by you actually now or to live your life as one who is from God from heaven from God Peter says you are aliens in the world you’re an alien some of you are well I’m not gonna be it’s a.

Detail no not getting political.

Most we are aliens on planet Earth you know growing up some of you grew up in the 50s and all these they.

Had all these things about aliens take me to your leader or you’re one of them that’s who you are now you’re an alien on planet.

Earth that means you are no longer to live your life as.

If you were from this life you’re to live your life as if you are to this life we are you are heavens missionary to find out how you can receive more of Jonathan’s teachings to receive special free.

Gifts or get in touch go to hope of the world that or or call.

One that’s hope of the world org or call 1-800 yoshua.

One that’s twenty hundred nine three seven four eight two one you can also get more at Jonathan Cahn’s Facebook page or write us direct at hope of the world box one one one one Lodi New Jersey zero seven six four for us a.

Hope of the world is dedicated to the goal of spreading God’s Word and salvation to every land and people do this by spreading the word throughout the world and sponsoring compassion projects.

Around the earth to get in touch or have a part in God’s work just right to hope of the world.

Box 1 111 New Jersey 0 7 6 4 4 USA or go to hope of the world org or call 1-800 usual 1 that’s one eight hundred nine three seven four eight two one.

Science Of Disbelief: When Did Climate Change Become All About Politics?

Barely over a quarter of Americans know that almost all climate scientists agree that climate change is happening and that humans are to blame, a new Pew Research Center survey finds.

The survey also reveals a strong split between political liberals and political conservatives on the issue. While 55 percent of liberal Democrats say climate scientists are trustworthy, only 15 percent of conservative Republicans say the same.

The findings are in line with the results of other surveys of the politics of climate change, said Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. Leiserowitz was not involved in the Pew study, but he and his colleagues conduct their own surveys on climate attitudes. [The Reality of Climate Change: 10 Myths Busted]

"The overwhelming finding that they see here is that there's a strong partisan divide on climate change, and that is a pattern we first saw emerge in 1997," Leiserowitz told Live Science.

The partisan gap isn't necessarily set in stone, however, Leiserowitz said. It's actually been narrowing recently — but it remains to be seen how the result of this year's presidential election may affect the divide. [The Reality of Climate Change: 10 Myths Busted]

Prior to 1997, the two major parties held similar beliefs on the occurrence of human-caused climate change, Leiserowitz said. Right around that time, then-President Bill Clinton and then-Vice President Al Gore took on the issue and pushed for the Kyoto Protocol, an international climate treaty meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"That's the moment when they come back and say, 'This is a global problem, and the U.S. needs to be part of the solution,' that the two parties begin to diverge," Leiserowitz said.

Since then, the American public's belief that climate change is real has fluctuated. Belief that climate change exists and that it's human-caused began to rise around 2004 and hit a peak around 2007, driven by media coverage of California's climate initiatives under Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Hollywood film "The Day After Tomorrow," released in 2004. (Really: Leiserowitz's research found that Americans who saw the blockbuster were moved to think climate change is a problem. Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" was released in 2006 but was seen by far fewer people, Leiserowitz said.)

Research has shown that Americans who saw the 2004 blockbuster "The Day After Tomorrow" were moved to agree that climate change is a real issue.
Research has shown that Americans who saw the 2004 blockbuster “The Day After Tomorrow” were moved to agree that climate change is a real issue.

Credit: 2004 Twentieth Century Fox

These numbers waned during the 2008 recession, when the media abruptly stopped talking about climate change and the conservative tea-party wing of the Republican Party gained more power, Leiserowitz said. Belief in man-made climate change bottomed out in 2010 and 2011 but has been creeping upward since then, he said. [6 Unexpected Effects of Climate Change]

"That uptick is not coming from Democrats," he said. "Democrats have not really changed much at all. Independents — their belief that global warming is happening — has increased. But the real shift is happening among Republicans, and most interesting, the biggest shift — 19 percentage points — is among conservative Republicans."

But even with those increases, because the percentage of conservative Americans who believed in man-made climate change was so small, the overall proportion of conservatives who believe climate change is caused by human activity is still small. The new Pew survey, conducted between May 10 and June 6, 2016, found that 48 percent of Americans overall believe that the Earth is warming mostly because of human activity. Seventy-nine percent of liberal Democrats held that belief, compared with 63 percent of moderate Democrats, 34 percent of moderate Republicans and 15 percent of conservative Republicans.

Climate scientists have the trust of far more people on the left side of the political spectrum than the right. Only 9 percent of conservative Republicans believe that climate scientists' findings are usually influenced by the best available evidence, compared with 55 percent of liberal Democrats. Only 7 percent of conservative Republicans and 15 percent of moderate Republicans think climate scientists are motivated by concern for the public's best interest, compared with 31 percent of moderate Democrats and 41 percent of liberal Democrats.

Still, up until last spring, the trends were "moving in a more science-aligned direction," Leiserowitz said. Even members of the Republican establishment had been willing to discuss climate change as a problem, Leiserowitz said, citing former presidential candidate John McCain, who had sponsored and supported climate legislation in the U.S. Senate.

"Then, along comes Donald Trump, and he basically flips over all the card tables," Leiserowitz said. The candidate has called climate change a hoax on multiple occasions and once tweeted that "the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive." Trump has also been consistent in calling for less regulation of fossil fuel emissions. [Election Day 2016: A Guide to the When, Why, What and How]

"It's not clear where he has taken the Republican base," Leiserowitz said. The outcome of the election alone won't be enough to determine what kind of collateral damage climate opinion will accrue. Should Trump lose, Leiserowitz said, the Republican Party will have to decide whether to move even more rightward or whether to take a more centrist tack.

However, Americans' views aren't quite as extreme as the political class would make it seem, Leiserowitz said. Yale's surveys found that about 17 percent of Americans are alarmed about climate change, and 10 percent are entirely dismissive. The other 63 percent believe in, and are worried about, climate change to differing degrees.  

"Most Americans are actually in the middle, and more of those people in the middle are leaning pretty well toward the scientific consensus," Leiserowitz said. 

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