Working With Evernote | Ep 91 | A Fantastic Ifttt Journaling Recipe.

In this week’s episode of working with Evernote I’m going to show you a really great journaling if this then that recipe hello and welcome to this week’s episode of working with Evernote this is episode 91 my name is Kyle Pauline and in this week’s episode I want to show you a recipe I discovered this week for Evernote and.
Journaling now this is based on Michael Hyatts journaling template if.

You like and some very very kind person has put together an editable journaling template which means that every.

Day at a specific time a time that you set the journal will appear so that you can use it from your.

Mobile device your iPad your tablet your computer at work your computer at home wherever you are it’s automatically reset rescheduling every.

Single day now the beauty of doing it this way is it’s all automated now the problem I’m having with Evernote and journaling and I love my Evernote journal I mean I don’t want anyone to misunderstand me here but the difficulty that I actually have is that every single day I have to reset the template so I have.

The next day in my journaling template now this recipe does away with all that because it automatically does it for you and because the template is editable you can actually have it set up exactly how you want it to be set up which is to me fantastic I don’t have to remember now to reset my journaling date the next day and it will automatically put it into a notebook that you decide and tag it exactly how you want to decide to do so I think this is a really cool thing and I.
To share it with you so that’s why I’m doing.

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Don’t really like doing that in my youtube videos but let’s get into Evernote now and I’ll show you this fantastic template okay so basically what we have here is the actual.
Note that comes in from if this then.

That every day it comes in with Saturday February the 24th 2018 at 12:15 a.

now actually I don’t want the time and I can turn that off when we go into the actual if this than that recipe but what it does is this is based on.

"make It As Easy As Possible!" – Timothy Ferriss (@tferriss) – #entspresso

Good morning believe nation it’s Evan my one word is believe and I believe that you have something special that when you unleash it it will be able to change the world so to help you on your journey today’s message is start small over to you Timothy Ferriss when I’m procrastinating because there is indecision and this is a particularly.

Dove procrastination in other words if I have 10 things on my to-do list or 10 potential projects I could pursue what to do in that situation and what I.

Which one of these if done will make the rest irrelevant or easier this is a key question I ask all the time which one of these will make all the rest easier to do if done first or all the rest.

I’m irrelevant don’t even need to do them that is how I will then hone in on one piece of the puzzle and this can be applied all over the place but let’s just say it’s the double of podcast it could be losing weight all right you can see that’s very very amorphous we.

Need timelines we need an amount to lose and then you wanna make it.

As small as possible so give you a different example if you wanna if you want to start flossing your teeth.

Who likes flossing their teeth pretty much nobody so how do you start flossing your teeth well you want to make it as easy as possible to develop as part of your routine to make it as automatic as anything else that you do consistently and you could borrow from say BJ Fogg who’s.

Done a lot of research at Stanford and elsewhere make it as small as possible meaning in the beginning do less than you are capable of doing so this is another key when you think something is too big or onerous so it’s too intimidating or it’s too much of a pain in the ass alright so for flossing you might say I’m only gonna floss my front two teeth that’s three gaps.

That’s all you’re gonna do and you want to make it again as easy as possible so you might use a Waterpik or you might use those disposable flossing gadgets so you don’t have to do you know tourniquets on your fingers which is also one of the side effects.

Of flossing that deters people make it easy as possible now this applies to a lot more than flossing so I’ve talked to many of the people for say tools of titans people who are eight.

Time New York Times bestselling authors or prolific musicians prolific music producers like Rick Rubin who is legendary and it all comes down to tiny homework assignments so Rick if he has a stuck artist for instance he will say can you get me one word or one line that you might like for this song that you’re working on like tomorrow.

Is that possible many many homework assignments all right so with the creative project in the beginning that’s.

One it’s related to a piece of advice that I got from Neil Strauss eight-time New York Times bestselling author he’s written for the New York Times is written for the rolling for Rolling Stone magazine and that is lower your standards so he doesn’t believe in writer’s block he says your standards are just too high you’re.

Creating performance anxiety for yourself so the advice that I got from another writer which matches.

With that is two crappy pages per day so a lot of people are like I’m gonna kill it I need an ambitious goal.

For The Wonderful Company, Emerging Tech Is A Key Benefit Of Cloud

New advancements being made in artificial intelligence blockchain and Internet of Things all pose really great opportunities for us going forward as those technologies evolved and now that we’re evolving into a cloud-based infrastructure as those technologies become more and more readily available in different parts of our business we should be able to take advantage of them more quickly going.

Forward we participated in the mandel research because we think it’s important that all.
To this emerging technology we wanted to be a part of understanding the.

Benefit of emerging technology for all industries and how that helps each company stay relevant within their own industry there definitely is a productivity gap and we are addressing this by our implementation of Oracle cloud by having the technology it’s eliminated a lot of manual process it’s allowed us to standardize process and automate from the front office to transportation and logistics all the way through the back office functions to make us.

More efficient and allow us to continue to be leaders in our industries with the cloud model we’re getting updates and functionality every quarter that can ultimately be delivering value to the business that much faster.

What Salespeople Wish Their Sales Leaders Knew About Coaching May 3 2018

Welcome everyone to our most recent webinar I’m super super excited today to have one of my great friends and one of the icons and sales Jim Dickey Jim is one of the founders of CSO insights he has done the state of the selling world research for the last 24 years right now working on the 25th anniversary edition of.

That research and and he’s an independent research fellow that we are very fortunate to have today Jim welcome to the webinar thanks Rob.

For having me really looking forward to our conversation today Jim I’ve known you since the early 2000s and I’ve watched you help shape.

How the world of sales goes it’s been interesting to watch how coaching has really taken a front stage and the limelight could you talk for a second.

Let’s look at what the end of the end of the story looks like why does coaching matter so much well it’s interesting you know when you talk to people about sales enablement I had a friend recently can’t believe age to talk about the fact she said I thought everything that promised me an ROI.

In sales and implement we’d be out of business in three weeks so you know there’s there’s just a whole lot of things out there one of the things we’ve been doing in terms of research is going into analyzing what are the things.

That really move the revenue dial and so I took a look at coaching as being one of those you know going back to a world class best practices study you just.

Mentioned you know this point that you were doing it and what I did was take a look at what’s the approach the people are doing to coaching so there are four different types of ways.

That we see people coach one is they leave it up to the individual man manager just oh there’s no rigor you’re a manager you figure it out you know your team just make it happen the other one is informal coaching where there is a way of doing it we’ve kind of taught people about it but it’s not.

Really enforced in for us any good the rep or the manager level good and you move up to formal process where now there is a way of doing things everybody’s trained on it everybody’s expected to use it you’ve got a common vocabulary you’ve got a common set of metrics you measure and then there’s dynamic process where you go to step further and you put the systems in place to monitor that process both.

Of the salesperson level not the manager low so four types random up to dynamic yes and often I’m so good god well you know the key thing with them went through is said okay what’s what’s the goal of coach it is to help me the salesperson to be more successful okay what’s a key indicator of that well did they win deals what was it win rate of forecasts deals and so I went.

And segmented the data just based on that thing what level of coaching you do doing and then I took a look at win rates let me share with you some numbers if you’re doing informal coaching the win rate are the average across all those companies was forty three point six percent okay now by the way the odds of winning at craps in Vegas are forty nine point three oh.

Yeah we’re we’re really bad shape right there but if you can move up to a in formal process a little bit of rigor around it we get up to a 50 point nine percent ring with well that’s big that’s big but it’s not being game yet because.

Up to formal process I can get to fifty eight point eight percent whole each other but the Holy Grail is if I get to dynamic process which is you know.

Something that’s an achieved by now I have a lot of companies day but there’s no reason it couldn’t be achieved by all companies the win rate goes to sixty six point one.

So forty three point six on the low end up to sixty six point one holy smokes now if I’m a CSL of a company you know what are my odds of making my number if only my salespeople are only winning 43.6 presenting their deals versus sixty six you know so this should be not just a sales management discussion this should be a boardroom.

Level discussion because this is what moves the stock.

Price you know everybody that boardroom has one thing in common they have options on side of their company and they’re also representing all the rest of the shareholders and nothing.

Is going to move the revenue the stock price value more than doing a great job of coaching that’s a gigantic difference over twenty five percent well yeah it’s about that you present when you gone from forty.

Three to 66 you’re yeah that’s right yeah that’s amazing so what percentage of people get to dynamic you know dynamic is really kind of out there when we ask the question you know where are you dynamic comes in and around fifteen percent but then we today’s okay well let’s let’s get into a little bit more in terms of how are you doing it and you know somebody well here’s.

My dynamic process and I got those look like Excel spreadsheets do it Excel it’s just really painful you’re doing kind of like.

Of things but it’s you know it’s I think that it’s a small number and most of those people are doing it with a lot more effort than they have to you based on where you know technology is going today and analytics are going to do what’s the most common level the most common.

Level is random and informal add up to about 55 percent whole so 55 percent of time it’s figured.

Out on your own or just have a one-on-one yeah just that what I wanted to hear some guidelines you know ask them how they’re doing and you know ask what they think they need to improve on asking me.

You know and so you should be coming to me what I need to work out I want to give you know the shout out here then I should have done this in the intro this research Jim that you did and you published through the CEO so in size team that one sales and marketing white paper of the year last year right yeah we’re pretty excited.

About it there was part of our sales enablement study and I think it’s it’s a topic that a lot of people are focused on it’s interesting to see the growth of sales enablement within companies because when we started asking the question in 2013 do you have a group this focus on increasing the effectiveness of your sales teams only nineteen point two percent of the company said yes this year.

Over for 2017 it was over 56 percent so a huge explosion but the maturity level of these efforts are way different Jim that’s fantastic that’s a huge number do you do you when you look at that what do people usually tell you and they when they hear that.
Difference they get excited.

Did they say how do they disbelieve what’s the response I think most people will sit there and say it sounds logical.

To me I mean the fact that it’s a nice linear progression I do I get more rigor things get better I do more regular things to get better I do more rigor things get better I mean well understand that the question people have is you know how do i implement that inside the company and I think there’s two aspects of that way of a strategy.

Do I have a coaching strategy do I have a technology strategy also take a look at house compensation strategy that in there and what’s what’s the sales rep wallet telling him to do versus what the managers telling him do so there’s a strategy aspect but about that you know Yummie was one of the guys who said you know set culture eats.

Strategy for breakfast and I think that’s one of the key things we’re seeing here is you can have all these strategies but you also have to take a look at what’s the culture in our organization do we have a culture.

Of continuous salesman mastery where we’re trying to improve or do they have a culture that says hey you know this is the way we’ve always done it let’s.

Just keep doing it we hope it keeps working so is that the biggest challenge is the cultural side I think it’s the thing that you’ve got to deal with first because if you start putting together strategies inside a during the bad about what the culture you have the strategies.

Are going to be less effective if they’re effective at all so I work a lot with coaching as you know we work with companies around the world and one of the things that I find is exactly what you’re saying some old dogs don’t want to learn a new.

Trick how have you found ways to help organizations say I want to learn that new trick well I think what we.

Do is we have them start to take a look at and say let’s go through and really debug this thing called coaching what does that process really look like and we get down to lets get some metrics and sharing some things one of the questions we asked in.

Our studies is how to sales managers spend their time we find out that on average about 19 to 20 percent of a 40-hour workweek is spent coaching.

Wow well then we go and say okay you know how many people do you have reporting to you well on average it’s about eight people so we say okay how are you allocating coaching time and it’s any it pretty interesting cuz what day it is is the number of salespeople divided by time so I got eight hours I had a reps hour Pete’s well that’s.
A way of doing things so what if six of your people.

Are performing just fine why are you spending time with them when you could say let’s take that time and have a.

Bigger impact maybe spending six hours with Bob and two hours with salad because they really need help right now so given a straight thing about the time allocation didn’t think about what aspects of coaching you’re there because when we ask people began how do you spend that time two-thirds of their coaching time is spent talking about opportunities how are you doing on the.

Deal with GE how are you doing on the deal with IBM how are you doing on the deal with Walmart and you know a third of the time is on skills coaching yeah and it’s like okay and by the way when you get to the end of the quarter yeah.

It’s like 100 percent opportunity of coaching present skills but there are other types of coaching there is coaching on territory management am I really looking at my territory and figuring out who the accounts I should be calling ones on which ones I should avoid because if I could do a really good job of coaching and say these are the ones that are in your sweet spot then my sales person starts off with an unfair.

Competitive advantage from day one so I think it’s really a lot of things on saying let’s go back through and if.

We were to blow up the way you do coaching and replace it today what would you what would it look like how would you act Imai zit and I think just start with yeah that’s what people need to have time to do hmm so Mike I’m.

Looking loving this you’ve got a number of different elements that coaching can come per from skill development deal development time management territory management etc when you work with organizations to help build a blueprint for how a leader on a coach is there anything else that you say listen these are the non-negotiables this is what makes that Universal coaching what are some of those things that dynamic coaches look at it’s anything else besides those I think the thing that you know we can’t.
Remember the book but it’s stuck with you.

Through you know since grad school was when they talked about coaching they said there’s five aspects of coaching it’s got to be timely turn it’s got to be relevant it’s got to.

Be accurate it’s got to be sistent consistence got to be individualized and so we talk about is okay how do you do all those.
Things for each person because individualized is really.

Really key you know a lot of times I see companies where I go in and say what are you doing right now since.

We’re gonna treat everybody negotiation skills why because we just lost a huge deal okay well Bob lossky huge deal or Beth loves big yeah but why are you dreaming every ago she Asian skills but it might be one person and I think that’s really the things of being able to go in and give managers insights to.

Do here’s what’s going on with your team and do it in that timely manner what’s going on today for me.

You know what’s relevant to me and I wanted to be consistent I want you to teach you treat me the same way that you’re going to treat the rest of the team in terms of what your expectations are but I want to hold I want to be held accountable so that’s interesting so if we’re talking about what do reps which leaders knew the first thing is know what I need not just what do you want the company to do what do I need yeah.

What any best practices on how dynamic coaching companies help their leaders get down to what the individual needs I think the main thing is you know most of us have blind spots that we don’t realize are there if you ask me how I’m doing I got.

Online Tutorials: Life Coaching – Unit 5 – Time Management And Productivity

However and welcome back to online tutorials so today’s unit is unit five time management and productivity just a reminder we did unit 4 which was in previous video was about through theoretical principles of change and in that we went through tactics for implementing change and had to reduce resistance from a client forgotten change it’s no real life’s changed.

As well as key motivators because ultimately there are forces that of push and pull and what we want to do is push the client to actually make the change the main.

Force driving that his motivation and how to push those motivation the motivation of time his few various range of things which we discussed in unit 4 such.

As any book helpful method affirmations but today will be focused on time management and productivity.

Now time management it is key to establish any settings or goals it’s good practice to just manage your time generally but for time say for achieving goals it’s very key now being able to say no that is the key to effective time.

Management you should you have the full authority to say yes to your life size and those things that you don’t wish to do stop letting people put onto you so allowing people to take advantage and begin and begin to take ownership of your own dreams and desires don’t door number of strategies a certain resource available to manage time but strategies.
Such as say energy management.

Sleep hygiene are all linked so you can’t expect to manage your time wisely and achieve more if you speak too sore.

For example what I like to do this with time management is tics begin each week with a weekly expectations start by placing a task into voice important what’s urgent and.

Get through these tasks I’m picking of the week I’ll get the worst toss out of the way first knowing that wherever follow follows will be easier I manage born why I’d like to do is how to do list some might disagree with use but it helps me clarify what needs to get.
Done for a day and just slowly ticking them off.

In the list also scheduling time is very important making sure you have adequate time to do a task it’s no point telling yourself I.

Want to do 20 different things today really in reality only half of times d5 also now.

I want to introduce you to the principle the Pareto principle it’s usually economic zone but in this case of like ocean it’s 80% of me success will come from the 20% of what you do so two key points here when you’re when your work will define.
To achieve goals or even yourself is to make sure the client or.

Yourself drops your days to achieve your goals I mean everyone has the same amount of time 24 hours of a given day you won’t have more time.

Tomorrow or in the future so what I see is been 10 minutes at the end of each day and at the beginner no today plan now your today so remember when.

We said the key to achieving your goal is by planning first time your day will actually give you the motivation to achieve achieve daily goals so this planning will kick-start and give you a great sense of achievement.

Already by the end of the day it’s will part that motivation so we discussed time management and the Pareto principle.

How You Spend Your Spare Time Can Change Your Life | How To Utilize Your Free Time

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m gonna be telling you how to use your spare time wisely but I do this video as I believe that your spare time is where dreams are made which sounds really cheesy but if you look at any successful person initially they started out working on their dreams in their.

Spare time because most of us are in education or we have jobs so the only time you have to work on your dreams is in your spare.

Time so in this video I’m going to telling you how to be happier and how to achieve your dreams by doing these things in your spare time so I really hope this video helps and if it does as always please give it a thumbs up and subscribe so the first thing I’d say is exercise exercise it’s so good for your physical and mental health it gets your blood pumping and your endorphins flowing and you can burn calories build.

Muscle and oxygenate your brain to relieve stress you would look better and feel better giving you confidence so personally for me I exercise at least three times a week and I go to the gym and it really does make a difference to the way I feel about myself so I really recommend that the next thing is spending time with your friends and family your career is not everything you have.

To make time and prioritize seeing your friends and.

Family as I say life isn’t just about.

Working if you’re ridiculously rich anywhere lonely who wants that so you need to have friends and family just for your own well-being isolating yourself may seem like a good idea when you’re trying to achieve your dreams I may.
Not want any distractions initially it might be okay but.

As human beings we need connections with people we need to feel happy and elated and I always believe if you feel happier you will attract more goodness into your life if you don’t feel that happy or that great about yourself and that’s often from having support from friends and family and if you don’t have that network then you can.

And it can prevent you or stagger your success in life the next thing something I should do more of is reading they say that most successful people in the world read.

A lot of books they introduce you to new characters new environments new cultures new philosophies it also helped build your vocabulary so then it proves your communication skills which we need for everything we do in life in order to succeed.
So I really think reading is.

Super important I’ve read the secret I read the.

News I read a lot of articles but I don’t really read.

Many books and it’s something I really need to make time for the next thing is recharge and the flip usual downtime to recharge you’ll be much more efficient if you’re well rested and focused it’s always good to self evaluate and look at your.

Goals so I will suggest writing a list of things that you want to achieve in your life and looking at them regularly and also it doesn’t have to just be.

About your career it can be doing your housework it can be visiting a friend it can be doing anything but if you write things down you’re more organized and you.

Can reflect on the month before and think oh did I do that because believe me mum’s flyby and then you’re like what am I done.

Quick Tip: Organize Onedrive Folders

Hi Brad Richardson here with level 4 technologies we’re gonna help improve your productivity today by showing you how to set up onedrive folders to stay organized let’s take a look with a lot of documents across different projects the onedrive can quickly get disorganized and difficult to navigate for this demonstration I’m using my colleague Heidi’s onedrive account the simplest.

Way to keep things clean and organized is to create a folder hierarchy similar to your desktop computer to create a folder click on new.

The top toolbar and click folder in the drop down menu name your folder and click.

Create you can now simply drag and drop files into your newly created folder alternately you can right-click on a file select move to and choose the folder you wish to place it in from the folder selection panel that appears on the right side another organizational feature in onedrive is the sort button in the top right this button has a drop down menu that allows you to sort your current.
Folder by name file size and date the file was modified and so on.

Directly on the right of the sort button you can.

Toggle between viewing your files as tiles or as a list you.

Can also use your left sidebar to navigate first we have the files section that shows the list.

Of all our uploaded and created files recent shows all of our recently created or modified files and shared with me lists of documents and folders others have shared with you finally the.

Recycle bin holds all the recently deleted items from your onedrive to move a file here you can simply right-click on the file hit delete and then hit delete again thanks for watching and have a great week.

How To "time Block" (and Why It's The Best Productivity Hack You Should Use)

Hello everyone welcome to this video and in this video I want to share a very commonly used productivity technique which is time blocking now time blocking is a technique that I’ve been using for the last few years and well quite a few years now actually and it’s probably the one technique that I credit the most of my productivity.

To I really do believe that through consistent time.

Blocking I personally have been a lot more productive over the years and I’m always experimenting with different ways to be productive but this is one technique or one habit that.

I’ve always used that still remains to this day because I do find it is so effective for me now in this video I’m going to go into the practical how to actually implement time blocking but please take a look at the blog post that I wrote that accompanies this video where I talk more about the.

Benefits of time blocking and I go into some other more advanced tips and strategies as well very quickly to touch on the benefits because.

I do want to highlight some of these at the beginning firstly well actually firstly stunning with what is time blocking first of all if you haven’t heard this concept before time blocking is basically a concept.

Where you take the tasks on your to-do list so here I have a basic to-do list and you actually block out or create appointments on your calendar to represent when you’re going to work on those specific tasks you’re actually planning for this task here prepare sales presentation where.

Are you going to create an appointment that says ok this is when I’m going to work on that task at a very basic level that’s what time blocking is about now to talk about the benefits of time blocking as I said I go into more detail on my blog post but to touch on them briefly firstly it forces you to think about the amount of time required for that you need to do your work I think one of the challenges of managing.

A to-do list is that sometimes you could have maybe 10 things due today but if you don’t think about how long you need.

To actually do those 10 things you might get to half way through those tasks and you actually run out of time so actually time blocking forces you to think about the amount of time it takes you to complete those tasks so you can be more realistic with how.

You actually tackle those tasks on your to-do list it also helps you to convert good intention into action and and this sort of goes to hand at hand with my third point which is that it helps you.
To prevent procrastination by actually putting an appointment.

On York because right now pretty much most people use their calendars for phone calls or meetings you know time sensitive things where you’re basically making a.

Commitment to somebody else that you’re going to show up at a particular time and when you actually apply that mentality and make that commitment to yourself that you’re going to show up and complete a task at a specific time it helps you to.

Turn your good intention on those things on your to-do list into action and again that helps you to overcome procrastination it helps.

You to stop getting distracted because you have a clear sense of purpose and focus throughout your day you’ve got.

How I Plan My Day (and Entire Week Ahead) For Success

I’m always deeply curious about how the really effective productive successful people spend their days late do they spend it swarming around laying by a swimming pool or perhaps no just hanging out in the rooftop Bars I think not I think they are ruthless about their time management and prioritizing what matters in their life and if there’s one thing.

That I’ve learned over all the years of business now is that discipline equals freedom and as a free spirit who for many many years was.

Just like I want to do what I want when I want I would.

Just want to go and choose where I want to travel and I think I only want to work on these things that like me up today I realized pretty quickly that that wasn’t actually really freedom that was disorganization that was not being accountable to what matters that was not taking responsibility for how I wanted to.

Live my life and how I wanted to spend my time so if you are one of those people – I totally get it but you’re actually becoming your own worst enemy and if you are somebody who has 30 daily things on your to-do list you’re also setting yourself up to.

Fail because what I realized even a couple of years ago when I took a very good hard look at my calendar we don’t actually have.

That much time we don’t have that much time in a week if you take out eating sleeping Fitness friends family social events meetings appointments and all those are the wonderful things that just make up life and are also important you really have and research has proven.

Around three focused productive hours of work a day three now of course we have more than that depending on how effective you are but in reality if you take into account disruptions distractions procrastinating and life at the end of the day if you actually just allowed yourself three hours a.

Day and that’s all you had you would use those three hours so much more effectively than you currently do it I can guarantee.

You so I’d like to show you today a little peek behind the scenes of how I plan out my week before I actually share my physical screen I want you to not freak out because it looks really full-on and busy and there’s lots of beautiful colors and what I want you to focus on is how I reframed is the more than I can block out exactly what I want to work on.

As well as my free time which is baked.

In to my calendar that means date nights with Josh that.

Means walking with the dogs that means Fitness massages dinners cultural events weekends away it’s all baked in so when I’m then left with is the exact amount of time that I have.

In my day to work on the stuff that matters put in you time self-care holidays vacations first I know that’s a little bit of a what but the first thing that gets taken.

Away when you’re stressed out and really busy as your weekend is your long weekends as your holidays is your vacations some of you may be like Natalie I never give up my holidays well good for you because that’s the way it should be.

But I do see too many entrepreneurs going you know what I’ve just got to work this weekend.
Or I’ve got to do another late night or.

I’m gonna stop doing yoga I’m not gonna make it to my gym class because I haven’t achieved.