How To Attract Abundance – Remove Blocks To Your Success – Change Limiting Beliefs

And I want you to find the thing you believe most strongly than anything else positive belief something that you absolutely 100% have absolute concrete certainty about I want you to point to where you feel that once you to imagine that floating in the space around you is a picture that represents that belief reach out and touch that first.

Impression don’t try so hard Rick go with your first impression it’s not going to match what you consciously think it should be it never.

Does something strong we would like it to be positive you.

Know if your strongest belief is that you’re a worthless piece of that’s probably not the most useful set of things right look at it notice how big it is notice if it’s in color or black and white first impression is it moving or is it still how close is it to your body is there any sound many tones are there any feelings any interesting distinctions about those feelings is it in one place or more.

Than one place right there any tastes or smells connected to it I want you to really examine all the sensory attributes of that belief and make a snapshot of.

It just to make sure it’s the right one grab ahold of it lift it over your head.
Pull it down through your entire body and notice what.

Happens surprise very good and put it back out there open your eyes think about what you’re gonna have for breakfast tomorrow yeah you’re not going to have much are you close your eyes scan your life look for a belief that you’d like to change as.

Soon as you find it doesn’t matter what it is this point boot something you want to.

Change maybe something you’d like to have stronger something you’d like to have weaker doesn’t really.

Matter much notice where in your body you feel that and point to.

It reach out touch the picture connected to that feeling trace the edges of it with both.

Of your hands so you know how big it is that’s right now grab the edges of it just to make sure it’s the right one expand it like you would the windows on your iPhone and notice what happens to the feelings in your body little bigger Rick that’s right excellent and look at it notice the colors is a color or black and white is it.

Moving or still is there sound other feelings is there taste the smell take a really vivid snapshot of exactly that now open your eyes put your hands down think about what you’re going to have breakfast a week from now now how many people had a positive belief they wanted to.
Your hands all right how many people had a negative belief they.

Wanted to be weaker okay here’s what you’re going to do you’re going to take the belief you’re going to call up the belief actually going to create one more resource I want you to think of something that a ridiculous belief something that you just know is absolute like the.

Earth is flat some of you might actually believe that that Trump is a good guy you know at it you know that Hillary is honest right I don’t care what it is as long as you know in your heart of hearts that that belief is absolute and utter utterly untrue or ridiculous ludicrous if you might once you close your eyes point to where you feel that right notice there’s a picture floating in the space around you that represents that feeling that belief reach out.

And touch it trace the edges of it with both of your hands so you know how big it is look at the colors in the picture is it color or is it black and white is it moving or is it still is it one dimensional two dimensional three dimensional is it fuzzy is it clear there he.

Sounds to it many tones is it loud as it soft is it silent are.

There any feelings where are those feelings are they in more than one place do they move do they vibrate do they.

Pulse are there any tastes salty sweet sour bitter vomitus are there any smells does it stink take a vivid vivid snapshot of it.

And then open your eyes and think about what you’re going to have for dinner very good now close your eyes now I want you to call up two pictures the picture.

Of that ridiculous belief that ludicrous stupid thing and then right next to it I want you to pull up that less than positive belief that you’d like to change.

Hold the pictures side by side and notice what’s different between them notice what attributes versus the picture that’s ridiculous versus the picture of something you want to.

Change notice the colors how are they different or the visuals notice the auditories how are they different the kinesthetics the feelings how are they different the old factories the gustatory is.

You to do is once you know which attributes are different I want you to take that belief that you want to change and change all the qualities and attributes of that picture to the one that exactly matches that ridiculous or weak belief take all the time you need shrink that picture down just a little bit move it into the same location where that weak or ridiculous belief is stored and expand it notice.

What happens I try to take that old belief seriously now notice what happens instead when you know you’ve got.

It you’ve tested it open your eyes and notice how different you feel just keep.

Moving into that spot till it locks into place then try to take it out.

And notice what happens instead what happens Act which notice cause II come out of trance stuff shifts.

Really quick with this well did you notice Sofia hmm I know that look silly oh silly what happens when you make that silly belief even bigger it’s more ridiculous oh it’s just so ridiculous Cynthia what happened and what happened good Rick what happened what happened is what didn’t happen I couldn’t come up with something that is ridiculous points where you feel that ridiculous belief force where you.

Feel that ridiculousness yeah there’s a picture out there that connected to the where you’re pointing right reach out and touch that first impression yeah matching there’s a picture floating in a space around you’re connected with that ridiculous thing reach out and touch it just pretend yeah trace the edges up with both of your hands so you know how big it is good now you know how you expand the windows on your iPhone to.

See things better grab the edges of it make it twice the size notice what happens now bring it to half its size and notice what happens now make it even smaller yeah now find the place and the size that you like the best yeah take all the time you play with it your neurology can do it ever you want there.

You go now if there was a belief you’d like to change make it look like that belief in terms of its qualities and then move it into that spot notice what happens to the feelings in your body Oh excellent and just keep moving it into that spot until it locks into place I mean when.

You locks into place try to take it out and notice what happens instead oh good open.

Your eyes notice that different you feel yeah guys enjoy the show the we all have tremendous tremendous control over our own neurology once we know how to access the dashboard that controls it most of us don’t understand that the imagination and the conscious might have to work together to do this it’s not just fantasy although fantasy plays an important role the mediator the the connecting.

Link is the body so what you’re going to do now is very simple you’re going to go into an.

Induction you’re going to deepen you’re going to go to the gray room you’re going to go through every belief sort them things I want to keep things.

I want to change the things that are really strong that are positive you want to look at those say that’s the attributes of a strong belief those are the attributes of.

A ridiculous belief and you’re going to sort just go through your belief system and change them when they’re all changed do a kinesthetic check try to bring them you know keep moving them into those locations until they’re impossible to bring out integrate them back into the body and then we’ll come back with the next piece okay modified.

Gray room belief change step throwing a in the fire now you’re going to bring up your positive beliefs do an inventory of sub modalities the ones you want to change change one to the other.

Idea is if this if this is a negative belief something that is you know strong negative belief you want to change it to the sub modalities.

Of a week a ridiculous belief if it’s a positive belief that’s just weak you want to change it to a strong belief right so you can do one or the other or all of them right so think of it as two separate processes or two sides of the same propulsion system which is what I think they were trying to do with that other manuals they were trying to say okay let’s change your strong negative belief to a weak or.

Non-existent negative belief and then change your strong belief the one that was in conflict with this.

One to the strong one right so keep it simple if you have negative beliefs you want to just get rid of change them to the stuff that no longer matters if you have a positive belief but it’s weak compared to some of.

The other stuff change it to the sub modalities of a strong belief but if you have a strong negative belief that’s in conflict with a weak positive belief now you need to do both right change the strong negative to a week or radicular non-existent one change the weak positive to a strong positive right and do this within a formal trance okay we’ll do this pink piece and we’ll come back and we’ll.

Eevacademy #9 – Implementing Scpi In C++

Okay so today we’re going to be talking about Skippy this is a a set of commands like format the standard commands for programmable instruments Skippy commands are separated into these sections and they’re separated by colons so here we have the first node the second node and the third node and when you see these in document specifying how to.

Communicate with instruments you often get this strange syntax is like you get these square brackets and this means optional and so this is something that we’re going to have to implement commands are always separated by these colons each of these commands has two sections it’s a required section.

And an optional section the required section is in uppercase and the optional section is in lowercase now Skippy is not strictly case-sensitive so this is this command could be written as instrument or instrument or instrument those are all valid and the required section is of course always required but the.
Optional section isn’t so you could abbreviate that node as I and s.

N s T or if you’re really weird i n st and yeah so after the different nodes you get.

These parameters and parameters are always separated by commas and so here we have three different parameters a1 a2 and a3 and this is quite typical before the parameters you always see a white space but it’s an optional white space between.
Them it doesn’t have to be there so this is.

What we’re going to implement so let’s just go ahead and do that so I called this a command before I’ve called a keyword here.

It has two different sections a required section and an optional section and these are.

Just strings in an embedded system you wouldn’t use stood string you would use a fixed size array and I’ll talk about that at the very end for people who care but if you just want a higher level overview third string is probably the easiest.

Way to understand it so that’s what I’m going to do so here we have a the required section being defined in the constructor and the optional section being defined in the construction and the optional section is optional because you might have a keyword which is something that is always required such as the required commands in skippy these these are things like test and reset and identification they all this entire command is.

Required so this entire keyword is required so the optional section is actually optional and keywords are quite simple they consist of an O and it requires section at the start which is the capital letter section and then if.

That is found you then can pass an optional section and the optional section it it but obviously by the name may exist or may not and it always returns true the function that looks for the optional section is always found because something that’s optional always exists kind.

Return true after we find that so let’s have a look at how that works now all of these functions take two parameters all of the parts of functions that is they take.

The block which is to be processed and an.

Which to start processing and they always will return a boolean that is whether it is found or not or alternatively if it’s not an optional we’re talking about it’s whether the index changes or not so here we have a keyword and the keyword consists of Hell which is all required so hell is required and then lo ello which is optional so if we were to process it we can say if keyword hello with an index and if if that is true then we.
Know it’s found and I’m going to step through that function.

To show how it works so when you enter the.

Function we have two parameters we have hello and we have the index.

Index is initially 0 when the required section is found the index increments.

Length of that that section so that the length of that section is 3 H e L 1 2 3 so index is incremented by 3 which means the start the character will be processed next is at index 3 so and in this case as you can see from this array is an L a lowercase L.

Which means it’s optional so and then the optional section begins processing at that index so if it finds it which it does it increments it by the length of the section that it found so that’s 5 now at now the index is 5 which means it was incremented by that that optional section of length.

2 3 plus 2 is 5 there we go so and then it returns true because it found it so that’s sort of the structure of the the skipper command but how do we actually determine.

A required section or an optional section so let’s step through it again so we step in again and now.

We’re going to step into required so we’ve.

Keyword so we’re looking for H E L and we’re.

It in the block h-e-l-l-o and we’re starting at index 0 here we start we start by initializing a temporary index to zero and that index is going to go through the keyword and determine how much of.

The keyword is found and when it when it finds all of it it will kind of indicate that so here we go initially we are checking H the first letter of keyword and and then we calculate the block index which is just how far are we into this for loop plus the offset which is the starting index so if if the block index is within the bounds of the block then we can check the current letter.

Which is basically the start point of the block for the first iteration then the next one will be the next letter and the next one will.

Be the next letter so so we’re saying is it the same letter.

And if it is if current is the same as required and it is then we just continue and we just churn through all these letters until either we reach the end of the keyword with index or.

The block index is greater than the block size which means.

It breaks and if it breaks that means it basically wasn’t found because we didn’t completely find we didn’t completely find the keyword before the block ended so then all we have to.

Do is test whether the index is equal to the keyword size because if the index has incremented by the number of characters in keyword then we know that we actually have found every character in keyword and in this case we have so then all we do is say index.

Plus equals that length of keyword index on its final iteration increments once more so it actually equals the length so the length of it is three so we expect it to increment to three so index is now three which means that we have finished processing the first three characters.

In the block there we go returns true and that means that we can now start process in the optional section and optional is basically identical to required but it always returns true so it’s it’s really simple to implement it calls the required function it can nor as the result and returns true yep great that was easy so now you know how to kind.

Of implement a parser for the Skippy keywords.

Now let’s work on the next section okay so now we have to implement the node and the node is actually just.

A keyword with a with a colon in front of.

It that’s this and the root node the first node in Skippy that’s this node here is actually optional it’s the only optional : so we have to have this all ears root flag and you don’t really have to understand templates to understand this you just have to know it’s either true or false when.

You create one of these classes and if it’s true then the colon is optional and if it’s found it increments the index past the colon if it’s not it doesn’t and then that means we’re free to start processing the keyword and we process the keyword exactly the same as we did in our test case so after we process the keyword we know that we’ve found the whole the whole node so we’re free.

To increment the index and then we return true because it is found now if it’s if it isn’t the root node of.

The first node then we’re kind of fine to say the colon is required so this means that it’s always found and it will always increment index.

By one if it is found so if the colon is found and then the keyword is found then we can do the same thing as before we’re ready to if it means the whole node is found and we can increment index and ink and return true so let’s try that out so.

A node and we’re going to do a non.

Root node it’s a bit simpler and a node consists of a key word and the key word here is hello we can probably just do equals so the node is going to be constructed from this keyword here and we use the function exactly the same way only now we’re looking for that : so if we run it it won’t to be found because we don’t have the colon and we’re going to step into it.

And we step into it and this is not a root.

Node so it runs the required so the required colon in this block here is not going to be found and we return false because we haven’t found it so that’s what should happen now if we add a colon here the required colon is now inside the block and index is free to increment by one and.

It has so now we start looking for hello and we’re starting at index one now and it’s found and the index is now incremented to the end of the keyword so and we know the keywords found so we know we’ve.

Found this node so Skippy is really just a bunch of nodes and all we have to do to actually implement a full Skippy parser is use these nodes in basically some if statements so in this case.

We’re going to look at these commands we’re going to look at sense so a standard command in Skippy would be sense and this could be followed for your voltage or something so that’s what we’re going to do and well I’ve added one more thing which is query and I just look at this function before we go through this query just detects the question mark character increments the index if there.

Is one and returns true so that’s all it does so we have three nodes in.

This we have the sense node which is got.

The required Sen s and with an optional a at the end then we’ve got a voltage node with the required vol T and.

An optional a GE and then finally we have current which is an option with a required CU RR and an optional ENT here’s a table the required section and the optional section now again this is not case-sensitive so these could be upper.

Or lower case ok so how do we actually process a command well first we have to take the command as an input see in just gets gets a string and then we pass the string to our sense node a.

Sense node is like a function and the sense node takes the input in the index just as before and if it finds it that means we know that we found this section we found this SE NS e or SE NS or some variation of capitals and lower.

Cases so if we’ve done that we’re free to.

Go to the next section so because we’re looking for sense voltage or we’re looking for since current looking for either or either of those but not both we have voltage if that’s found then we process that else if current is found we process.

The current so it’s quite simple and then so in inside the processing of those two it’s either a query or a command and the query in this case it’s just going to print whether it’s a query or not with a question mark but usually this would mean that you would either either return a value or assign a value so it’s it’s relatively simple.

So let’s have a look let’s run this program all right so here we go so if we step through this program.

With the inputs sense voltage then our input is is what we just entered into the console and our index starts at 0 and if we find the word sense and because it’s in here we will then index increments to the end of.

The word sense and then we’re ready to process the next section of the command so sense here ends.

At character 5 so we’re now ready to process from character 5 onwards and that’s why.

Index is 5 so now we don’t know whether its voltage or current so we have to test it and this if statement tests that.

So if the voltage is found it’ll run this so it does because it is there and it moves the index to the end of the word voltage which is 13 the.

Raw array we’re at the right place and then we just determine whether it’s a query or not now it did not end in a question mark which was that query thing we talked about just before so it does not print a question mark this is an if statement in in a single line this says if this is true do this otherwise do.

This there colon separates the two it’s called a ternary operator it’s kind of weird yeah ok so then we just print it and there we go since voltage found now what about current what about current so let’s just continue through so since current so of course this is the same at the start it’s common between the two so we’re not going to process sense again each time.

Programming Interview Questions | Live Interview #4

Oh hello hello hi hey how’s it going good how are you pretty good a little background about yourself sure so I guess I’m sorry I’m getting a bit of feedback from the mic don’t hear myself speaking oh I don’t know if that’s okay that seems to be fix yeah I don’t think I get your resolved so I guess.
Just some only a little bit I guess the background is.

I’m a student studying computer science at the University.

Of Toronto I did a couple of other internships previously and right now I’m just looking at a new grad roles you’ve used this maximum before yeah I.

Did a couple of interviews on here what’s your preference for language I’ll go with some Python for interviews I’ll just switch that over right now I’ll just paste the question here and we can start true so we need to find the longest substring any right okay so I.

Guess um going straight into that can I assume that these are all ASCII characters okay for the actual solution I don’t.

Think I’m going to work with.

That constraint what I’m thinking is I can let’s say I use these two separate pointers in order to determine what some window of candidates might be so let’s say I have a set which is going to be filled with the items that are inside of my window so I’ll have a window that’s initially set that both the start and end point are going.

To be at the 0th index and I’ll have a set initialize to the empty set I want to eating and moving forward my end pointer until I find a new character that is already within my set and this is with the you know portion of every single time that I am adding items or I am moving my end pointer forward.

I’m gonna add items into the set so my substring or my length of my substring is dependent on the distance between my or yeah the distance between my end and start pointer and once I have you know lost this sort of like invariant.

And I’m I want to keep that the set or that start and end only has unique characters I keep on moving up the backward pointer until it’s you know.

Met again right then my set has all unique characters or the window has all unique characters because the set of course as all Union characters complexity for this sir.

We’re going to say something sorry what if you find a cat what if your end pointer and count encounters the character that’s already in your set great so yeah so I was saying there in that case I move up the backward pointer right so that I keep on advancing forward and I remove items from the set until.
I find that this character the one that the end pointer is no longer in.

Set oh yeah sure so complexity for this ever seeing a big event its linear time we’re.

Ahead of the length of the inventory and that’s pretty clear because we’re just you know iterating through the array once right and the space complexity is a confidence because we’re.

Using these two pointers and nothing else I want to say that this should be pretty optimal.

Is it okay if I go ahead and cut this out yeah and we said our stars end-organ ability to zero zero right so let’s think about what the outer loop.

Would actually end up being would we want to have a continuing until end it’s the length of s I don’t think so I.

Inventory System Using C Programming Language

Hello everyone today I will show you the codes of inventory Prague inventory system program first things first I use structure method and a file text to save in the file and this is phase one of my code the welcome to main menu it will display first second it will choose you can choose add and input our new product.

View inventory make a purchase display product display product with discounts display product with a higher sales and delayed the product and also exceed program then in case one it will display this the create create inventory it will display the product code but before that you can enter how many how many number of items you you will input.

Then if the condition is false the bra.

The program will terminate and it will you will input this following then after that it will display in to file tax in case to make a purchase it will display all you input in case one and then save in to file text history the view inventory it will view all so you will input the code.
View the name quantity price.

Discount input number of purchase then same as one kiss one and two it will display into a to input text file and this for display product it will display the out-of-stock brother and no out of stock products in case five discounted products it will display the most.

Are the products that is discounted then it will display to the text file and then case 6 product with the highest sale this is case 6 the product that most the product with the highest sale with display the in k7 you can edit product and case a to exit the program let’s try to.

Run this program let’s try number 1 input let’s say number let’s put two then the product code is 290 the name banana quantity is 490 then price of products five star to add manufacturing date is 1025 18 then the this is the another code let’s say 500 then Apple then price of Prada is 10 then this say.

Five so factoring day 25 it in and it will ask if you choose yes then it will go to me me know if not enter minutes it will display the products here then you can choose another if you want to perform another task you must choose number 1 then 3 to make a purchase let’s say the code.

Is 2 18 9 the banana the bet the item is banana the quantities for 90 and you will input how much you will how much you will purchase for example let’s say 50 then we’ll display the remaining stuff discounted amount and a total AMA let’s perform another task that’s poor then there is no out of stop and then let’s go back to.

Main menu then let’s try number 5 and then let’s go back let’s try number 6 the Apple is the most just going hi this content product.

So the Apple display so the Apple so it’s the most highest sale then let’s perform another test let’s try to eat it the one is banana 2 is Apple let’s say number 1 the new code is 0 to 3 then the bread is orange then the quantity is 220 then the price is 5 let’s say 0 then 1025 18 and if you want to continue then you must click yes then let’s view if it is dead the.

Banana is replaced by orange then let’s say let’s perform and let’s exit the program then let’s try to see in the raffle text if the product is received then see all you enter into a to the to dock to the program.

C Programming Tutorial 8, If Statement Pt.3

About character now in this tutorial we’re going to expand on that idea let’s say we want to make it so if the user enters a capital a they get hello if they enter a capital B they get happy birthday and if they enter a capital C they’ll get welcome well what we can do to do that is we.
Can just put else if my car double equals a capital B then we want it.

Happy birthday so I’m say happy birthday and then end the line with a /n alright so now basically what this is going to do right here is this going to say if the character that the user enters is equal to.

A capital A then it’s gonna print out hello but if it doesn’t equal a capital A it’s gonna come down here and check and see if it’s equal to a capital B if it’s equal to a capital B then it’s gonna print out happy birthday if it’s not equal to a capital B then it’s gonna.
Go down here and print out you entered an invalid character all.

Right so now let’s just go ahead and run this program and see if this works right here so I’m going to say please enter a character winter will enter capital A we see we get hello and we enter a capital B and we get happy birthday spelled wrong all right and if we enter in any other character besides a or B we should get you entered an invalid character all right so now let’s just do this for a capital C so we’re going.

To say else if my car double equals a capital C then we’re just going to print.

Out welcome all right so let’s say welcome and then end the line all right so now let’s just go ahead and run this now if we enter a capital C we get welcome and if we.

And enter anything besides a capital A a capital B in a capital C we should get you entered an invalid character yep you entered an invalid character now.

Let’s say we wanted to make it so if the user enters an a a B or a C.

They’ll get hello well one way of doing this is just changing all these down here.

– hello so we can just change this to hello and this – hello right here so now if the user enters an A it’ll print out hello if these are enters a B it’ll print out hello and if these are enters a C it’ll print out hello otherwise.

They’ll just print out you entered.

An invalid character so we just.

Enter a we get hello we enter B we get hello and if we under C we should get hello as well yep all right but there is.

Actually a much easier way of doing this what we can actually do right.

Here is we can say if my car double equals a and then we can do these two vertical bars and these two vertical bars are basically the same thing as or so we’re saying.

If my car equals a or my car equals B or my car equals C then we want to print out hello all right all right so now let’s just go ahead and run this and make sure that it works so.

Once again when it’s going to do is going to say if my character equals a or if my.

Or if my character equals C then we’re just going to print out hello so let’s just go ahead and run this please enter a character or a wheel after a we get hello we enter B we get hello we enter C and get hello and if we enter any character besides capital a capital B or capital C we should get you entered an invalid character yep perfect all right.

My 4 Years Of Computer Science Education In 15 Minutes

And after that first job of making much more than I expected I quickly each year after that had huge salary jumps of 10k plus hey guys Sylvester here with Sylvester Morgan calm in this video I’m going to be sharing my entire computer science education in a relatively short video and this video was inspired by youtubers Devin Crawford and.

Jarvis Johnson who also made similar videos and it was interesting it’s always interesting to hear other people’s perspective for example how Devin was learning the language.

See which is the foundation of many of the popular programming languages that we have today and how he feels like with that foundation that a strong foundation he feels like he could learn anything so I wanted to share my perspective as well which if you read the title it says computer science education not computer science degree because I don’t have a degree.
And you may be wondering why I always mention this and it’s.

Not because I think it’s better but just to encourage those who don’t have a degree or who can’t for whatever reason pursue a.

Degree you don’t have to get a degree in order to get a really good education and I was initially pursuing a degree but for many reasons I stopped pursuing that.

And I decided to put my own learning plan together I’ll leave a link in the description of this video to a guy that I put together that will show you how to put a similar plan together for yourself if you’re interested check that.

Out and before we get started.

I think it’s important to note that my goal of learning computer science was to become a software developer computer science is very broad so how I customized my plan and and the things that I studied the priorities was all based on the goal of becoming a software developer so I wanted to get.

Classes related to software development in first so that maybe I could find work while I was finishing my degree my initial plan was to find the most inexpensive method possible so one of the things that I was doing was taking these things called CLEP tests where you can actually study a subject and then test out of the class and get college credits.

I was also going to unity college to take as many classes as I could inexpensively there that I would then transfer to a four-year school preferably something online and I was also going to try to get a job as quickly as possible while in school to start getting experience and I was hoping to get a job initially.

Making somewhere in the range of 35 to 40 K based on my research and a relatively low cost of living where I’m at I thought I would be making that the first few years.

And then after I finished my degree and make a career jump that maybe I could be around 60 K and then after another year or two have experience jump up to 70 K and then with five to ten years of experience being that eight to a hundred K range but what actually happened was.

Things were really messy there were several times that I had to stop and start pursuing my goals again I dropped out of Community College decided to put my own plan together I also got a help desk job just to get into the industry but it all ended up working out my first developer job I was actually making a salary that I did not expect to be making until somewhere like five plus years in.

The process I learned how to market myself and use my experience and passion and attitude to my advantage and after that first job of making much more than I expected I quickly each year after that had huge salary jumps of 10k plus so now let’s get into it my computer science education now first I’ll just mention the general education courses like psychology.

And English I took some of those at the Community College but again I was trying to focus on those courses that covered specific job skills related to IT and programming as far as the general education courses are concerned my wife and I are lifelong learners anyway so we’re committed to always.

Be learning in those different areas we homeschool our children so I was not necessarily going to need a.
College or university to force me to study.

These subjects a question that I get all the time when people.

Find out that I’m self-taught is how is my math and I never had the mindset of trying to avoid math because it’s difficult or because I think I’m not.
Really good at it or that I hate it but my thinking was is going to take a.

While to study through all the typical CS math requirements and I was trying to get a job and provide for my family as quickly as possible so I did a ton of research I talked.

To a lot of people and it seems like even though abstract thinking and logic are important and generally overlapped with math high levels of math in general are not required for many of the developer jobs out there so in high school I took algebra geometry algebra 2 and then.

Trigonometry and precalculus of that I did do a little bit of the discrete math course on the MIT OpenCourseWare and then when I got into business intelligence and data science there was some statistics that was going to be helpful so I took a very targeted course from udemy that covers the specific statistics that you need for data analytics and with that.

Math background I haven’t really had any limitations in my career yet but again I’m actually I just want to challenge myself and I think is.

Interesting so I think I’m still going to study more math on my own and again also because my wife and I are homeschooling so it’ll be helpful for that as.

Well so the first programming course that I took was of course called programming design and logic in the language was not really important here it was about learning how to program but we did use Visual Basic before this class started I purchased.

And read a lot of the textbook and apparently reading the textbook is going so far beyond expectations that you.

Become a TA so I was a teacher assistant for this class and before this class I also followed some basic Python tutorials on YouTube but I’m not exactly sure but I think it may have been the new Boston so this first course was where I really started to love programming we learned about.

Storing values in these things called variables we learned about programming structures like decision structures.

Or if-then statements and also repetition structures or loops during that same semester I.

Pyquil Easy, Hybrid Quantum Programming | Scipy 2018 | Guenevere Prawiroatmodjo

So I am a just put this on fullscreen I am a condensed matter physicist by training is there any are there any physicists in a room oh yeah there’s a bunch of is this your sofas in a room you might be familiar with this diagram over here it’s see an energy diagram of the band theory of solids and.

Basically what the building blocks of quanta of computing currently are transistors which are based on the on semiconductor physics and transistors can be either on or off and what that means is that you apply an electric field to change the properties of the semiconductor to become conducting so this is basically the.

Same as a light switch it’s it’s on or off and what that that means is if you look at a CPU central processing unit and let’s let’s look on the inside here is that on this chip.

There is billions of these transistors that all carry currents that flow through these circuits and do computations so in the 80s there were some physicists who thought hey quantum actually nature itself isn’t classical it’s quantum so a lot of calculations we do on computers these days simulate nature simulate physics and we are now at the.

Point that we actually have to start simulating quantum mechanics even transistors themselves are now so small that they are at the scale of quantum mechanics so we actually are now to optimize our CPUs we are simulating quantum physics and to.

Do that better why don’t we actually create a computer our computational model that takes that is inherently quantum mechanical and takes these effects into account so hence the idea for a qubit or quantum bit was born you might be familiar.

With this schematic over here on the left which is the Bohr model of the atom qubits were actually inspired by the atom itself so an atom can be in a different like the electrons in an atom can be either in the ground state or in the excited state in for example this.

Simple atom over here in more complex atoms there’s more energy levels but the idea for quantum bit is that we engineer an artificial atom an artificial atom that has only two levels the ground or the excited state and at Righetti we engineer these artificial atoms is that we are a.

Full-stack a quantum computing company so you might think that because atoms are really.

Small that artificial atoms are also going to be very small so you might be surprised to see that actually our artificial atoms are quite large they’re about a millimeter in diameter here they are microwave circuits so they’re patterned aluminum on top of silicon so there are silicon chips there is however some secret sauce here to actually unlock these quantum mechanical properties which is there’s a nanostructure here called.
A Josephson Junction which is about 200 nanometers in size.

And we cool these down to absolute zero temperatures almost 10 million Kelvin to unlock these these quantum mechanical States and control them these chips are fabricated in our fabrication facility in Fremont and cooled down and characterized.

In our lab in Berkeley what you see in the left is a dilution refrigerator which are which is the inside of these cans over here that you see in the picture on the right which cools.

Tello Ryze Programming

Okay yeah yeah so I got something for you I did a little thing I made a little friend and I saw so this is the program nominal chicken field it’s for the updated version of hello like if you’re on the beach like you can set the radius I said it like 12 because it’s a room you can all.

See crazy ass room but you can set it to like 32 64 or something like that if you want to build radius and you know a big fight and things like that you know so.

Let me show you what I’m talking about give me give me one second please okay so now we’re going to connect the Telo so let’s see am i connect click to this bastard yeah yeah okay so look I’m gonna start this thing here and I’m gonna shorten your work I’m gonna put it there and this is the thing here and look I’m gonna stop I’m gonna start this launch mission and then all connected it.

Moves in you boy right now I need to save the mission of killing and then I need to on track look this is what you’re gonna do look this is.

Scale life so if you can take like pictures stop poverty pictures stop ever take pictures Bob poverty pictures are there and then you catch about yes but could you change come on one one thing it’s change one thing.

I’m gonna show you on my favorite if you like to change one thing right right thing you said where we will grow to like 24 done okay.

Come on silly you save it save it okay I seen it so right.

Now I’m gonna focus on this and you’re gonna look what’s gonna have the blood I’m gonna do it like most our relationship watch it so people upstairs covering knock.

You why don’t you keep your thing okay researching Mike don’t you like that he’s like my dad to be honest like a circle see I’m still eating you know so this is really cool for bitch and I’m not like I’m not touching anything look I’m not touching you yeah my cancer free so and.

You can do it like it’s not like that is that hard when life does most of the work my right to check it also in the copper coating process he’s given it to.
Life I like that more than the line that you sit and see.

Baby magic and it still has like I believe more than 80 percent better yet more than 80 percent battery but.
If I do like things like from 24 go to let’s.

Say I’m not going to go to 30 I’m gonna go to 28 done okay save mission mission.

Saved and now now look at this look look look what I’m going to start the mission again lunch baby lunch okay he didn’t launch because of me i tilted it so he didn’t know hmm he’s gonna crash or maybe she’s not okay okay she’s gonna come.

I it up but okay I drop it so that’s the that’s the basic thing you know so.

Thanks for watching babies thanks for watching..

How To Decide What Programming Language To Use For Startup

What programming language what architecture do I use hey you won so Nick here from drag and few a bit of a summary we have no idea a few months ago the idea is got a load of traction the idea is to bring the likes of a Trello styled board called Kanban into Gmail to begin with and then take.

Into other browsers like Outlook and a few others we’ve.

Got to the stage that we’d have.

Qualified the idea we’re caused by the idea by putting on a few places with early access we’ve hadded 3,400 early.
Access invites that the meadmaker excite them.

Absolutely go for it now please reference back to our last videos because there’s some really good insights into why we prequalify instead of.

Going straight into building a product but we’re now at the stage we need to build a product and so many of you are gonna have questions what programming language what architecture do I use to give you some context I am.

Not technical I am commercial by nature my background is agency however I have and do operate some small SATs.

Products that work in different environments so I’ve been exposed a little bit and start to understand from a non technical perspective how and what and when to decide on certain things so we have one product which is C sharp net framework and all with Microsoft and back-end and.

Things like that we have another.

One which is Ruby on Rails and we have.

Another one which is Ruby on Rails also so when we looking to create something like drag.

Which is the concept called Kanban inside email how do we go.

About deciding what framework to use the honest answer is it doesn’t matter much that’s the simple one the more complex one is if you know your stuff and your ally to a certain programming language.

Then you may want to go down that particular route but what I would say is that certain types of products will fall into certain categories when you are looking to either in-game for the developer will do the developments yourself I’m gonna have a little show notes to the bottom of this video as well so there’s a bit more detail than referencing some great sources online but let’s talk some.

Like Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is really really fast it’s a framework movies movie stories the programming language rails is the framework so when you put the two together you have a base level of programming language if you have a framework around this so what Ruby.

On Rails would enable you to do because it’s not just a language but a framework it build products really quick quickly prototype products really quickly so you’re looking to create applications which is going to create read update and destroy something and it’s on a small prototype level Ruby.

On Rails will probably be the fastest thing that you can develop something in and it’s really really really fast to achieve that the problem with somewhat movie on Rails is that you’ll find that whilst it has scale it may not scale as well as some other applications so when it comes to concurrent users the number of users that might be jumping in and using your tool then it can and stop have.

Certain implications or different things that you need to do so to go into more complex detail you may need something like a sidekick which is a which is third-party application the help of concurrency and controlling larger.

Instructor like that but if you do a really really simple application and there’s crud base Ruby Mountain may be the way to go some people say Ruby on Rails is in decline if I’m honest there’s a massive community out there there’s a lot of people who support it anyway a lot of good quality people using Ruby on Rails and.

Also bear in mind that’s important to Ruby on Rails is that you will.

Find that people and will build in a consistent way in which means to mitigate your own risk if you want to take that application and hand it to another developer typically will conform to certain standards and a certain way of doing things so for example user authentication someone wants to log in administration things like that will be done one through this way because it use a ruby gem they’re called so you’ll have.

A certain way of doing it that’s my experience of Ruby it’s great it’s wrong for some things but it’s right for the majority of stuff so just consider that’s an option another one is c-sharp dotnet framework and that’s a really hard one.

I’ve had a lot of experiences with that and a lot of success with that what I found is that it’s longer to develop and but it has a lot more enterprise level scale to it so one of our businesses has a lot more users a lot more concurrent things happening so to have it built on a markup application of an enterprise level server allows.

The correct way and there are a lot of very thorough and c-sharp developers out there that are very very very credible they’re hard to find and source and procure than the larger group in rails sis then again consider the commercial implications to that such as and if I need to take.

From send evoke there’s also team of people how easy is it to build or scale my my team and things like that so just something to consider then there’s.

Other frameworks like Python Python I would align with the likes of Ruby on Rails Python so he has some framework similar to Django and it allows you to do a lot of things similar to Ruby on Rails Python is really good for data analysis and things.

Like that has a huge plethora of the library so if you need to do.

An image analysis or if you need to do some sort of data science or think about pythons really great for it and it’s fast to build on you’ll then have some other language types like C++ and things like that they.

Java they go into loads of detail so and if you need a a perfectly built applications absolutely optimized and it’s a very very very unique and very case-specific people make build in applications such.

As Java and C++ that in my opinion in my view in the startup world which is where I’m at.

And apologies again I’m sure we’re gonna get some and some very credible programmers commented on this disagree with my opinions in my view as a commercial person and startup I would go with something like Ruby on Rails I would go with something like Python I would also go with something like nodejs which is something that we’d be suggested to start the build the drag as well no.