Tyler1 Gets His Merch Promoted On Riot Stream

Full up against I’m a cutie pie gonna be having to rally his teammates to push forward and get that win and avoid any sort of tiebreaker scenarios Tyler one showing off his merch oh yeah some of the best in the business come to comfy – did you air yeah yeah it’s good I had to get the one with.

Silly toys has the whole line yes everything’s got blood Rogers got it ladies and gentlemen head.

Why Does Tompkins Trust Bank Hate Negroes??

Hey everybody I’m calling you up here on this medium to just see what you think about a couple things like drunk driving I know now that I’m like an adult I know handful of people who have the not a handful like I know of few people that I know we’ve gotten DUIs got their fucking asses arrested thrown in.

Jail but it’s interesting because they keep their jobs and they’re like pretty much everybody keeps.

It a secret what happened to them but they keep their jobs and there’s one in particular it works at Tompkins trust but I think that’s a funny one he’s like up-and-coming big-time banker and I’ve heard a lot of the lawyers or alcoholic in town but anyway I just.

Think it’s really interesting how forgiving people are of getting arrested for being a fucking drunk thanks mostly it’s a white crime from what I can tell you don’t see too many niggers and.

Cars driving around you know mmm usually when you see black people drinking it’s like they walk into a gas station walk back out of the gas station and they just walk around the block and then they just I don’t know do they go home do black people in Ithaca have.

Homes but anyway my point being that that looks really suspicious but white people getting arrested in their name in the paper Internet I think they get their pictures taken down because I keep looking for this one person where is his DUI picture Thomas Evans of Tompkins trust arrested let’s see Thomas Evans arrested if.

It so you’re not gonna find his mugshot and it’s because he works for the Tompkins Trust Bank company and they help you you know but there’s a bunch of Thomas evidence has been arrested around here and let’s see maybe Thomas Evans is getting arrested for other things maybe he’s a hardcore criminal now maybe he’s no it’s a black man it’s always a black man they showed the picture it’s never a DUI when they show the picture it’s never Thomas Evans mugshot you know head.

Of something at Tompkins trust anyway I’m just curious what do you guys think do you.

Think white people who get duis should be humiliated in the form.

Jobs again like a lot of people get arrested or just they can’t even get bank accounts like I’m trying to get a business bank account at the Tompkins Trust Company and they can’t do it from me like the lady who’s doing it.

She has a job at the bank but her husband have started a business selling like plants in the spring because I was trying to start my bank account in the spring but the.

Person who was supposed to call me back I guess they got.

Fired she told me her mom died that’s why she told me she couldn’t call.

Me back when she’s gonna set up my account but then I gave her a few months or weeks or something and then I tried well I tried to call her back that week but she couldn’t find her.

It was like The Twilight Zone and then I don’t remember maybe a few weeks after that maybe a month or so after that I called Kalyn.

Or Kalyn up at Tompkins trust company the lady who’s a banker and she’s got her own business Tompkins trust is happy to help.

Their employees have side businesses get him a little shopping.

Cart on their websites for the but not so much if you know I guess if you’re gonna work on any kind of criminal record I would recommend driving drunk like all these people all the white people who get in trouble around here they just get they just keep moving up I mean who knows maybe Kalin she looks like well she’s definitely Irish American so you know.

She’s drinking a lot and you guys know how I feel about people who drink and walk around like you.

Know and don’t do their job right like talent at Tompkins trust I thought well anyway so I’m a little bit nervous now cuz I’m checking it having to check to see if I got charged for a fine for not having a minimum in my.

Account except for I don’t have a shopping car on the internet to make money because Tompkins Trust doesn’t help black people brown people Negro nigger motherfuckers okay.

Communalism In India Was Born, Nurtured And Promoted By The British Imperialism,

Topic social empowerment communalism regionalism and secularism three communalism in India was born nurse ‘red and promoted by the British imperialism as a deliberative design to South dissensions comment 250 words communalism is the ideology that because a group of people belong to a particular religion they have same social political economic goals communalism takes a problematic turn when the communal.

Identity of an individual matters more than the national identity of the individual communalism in India is largely seen as communal tensions.

Between Hindus and Muslims mainly because they a composed majority of the population India was not a communal society before British imperialism because of the following reasons one the Muslims although the predominant ruling class had mixed very well with other religious groups Muslims did not interfere in traditional Hindu matters and vice-versa to the rumours employing a large number of traditional.

Arts men and craftsmen from various religions alike without discrimination 3 the harmonious blend of religions have seen from the origin of baptism and Sufism for in the revolt of 1857 both Hindus and Muslims spot side by side in unity rise of communism in India when the British thought that Muslims were the.

Main reasons behind the revolt of 1857 from 1860s to 1870s the British followed a series of repressive policies mainly targeting.

The Muslims while promoting Hindus amongst Hindus mostly upper caste Hindus – this discrimination through policies led to increased gaps between the social economic status.

Of Hindus and Muslims like lack of education outdated traditions lower incomes this gap is felt even today 3 the increased social economic data merged in the form of communal politics later on how the British nurse ‘red.

And promoted criminal ISM later on 1 in the policy of divide and rule the British started dividing Indian history on communal grounds ancient India was identified with Hindu and medieval India was identified.

Leaders in Indian Renaissance banked heavily on the content from ancient India and medieval India was ignored this led to.

That movements were mainly revivalist ik and not reformist ik3 british he encouraged Muslims like Sir saibaba Khan against Hindus by granting common electorates and other.

Monthly of specific concessions.

In petition medical this happens because British started sensing threat from educated middle class Hindus in 1880’s role of nationalists in propagating to me ilysm one extremist like T Lok propagator can do festivals like Shiva.

Key and can pay which led to alienation.

Intentionally – not the failure of Congress leadership to allay the fears of Muslims leadership was also responsible for growth of communalism.

So the British policies led to rise growth of communism in India but knowingly or unknowingly the Nationalists also had a part in its propagation this false consciousness of communalism rears its ugly head even.

Today many times leading to violence and deaths it is high time that secularism and fraternity is propagated on a mission.

Push Your Pc To Peak Performance With System Mechanic

Does your Windows computer give you more problems than it used to? Over time, it seems to exponentially increase its errors and junk files. Keeping up with this can be a pain, but the right software makes it easy.

We’ve shown you our recommended way to clean Windows 10. If you’re still searching for the best PC-cleaning app, iolo System Mechanic 16.5 promises to speed up your system and fix problems automatically. Let’s check it out and see if it delivers.

Why This Tool?

You might ask yourself, “Why should I trust MakeUseOf’s recommendation, and why is System Mechanic the right tool for the PC cleaning job?”

At MakeUseOf, we’ve been putting tools like System Mechanic through their paces for over eight years. Whether free or paid, we’ve seen enough tools to know which ones are good and which aren’t worth using. We’ve shown the best Windows software The Best Windows Software Windows is swimming in a sea of free applications. Which ones can you trust and which ones are the best? If you’re unsure or need to solve a specific task, consult this list. Read More and which apps you shouldn’t pay for Save Your Money: 9 Apps You Shouldn’t Pay For Some subscriptions are really worth the cost, but others you should cut out of your spending. Here are several popular subscriptions you can replace with free alternatives. Read More .

And iolo, the company behind System Mechanic, has been around since 1998. They specialize in PC cleanup utilities, and have spent many years turning their products into the best tools they can be for you. System Mechanic has received outstanding reviews from PCMag, Tech Radar, and Tom’s Guide. The software also has an excellent review history from ends users. The new version 16.5 is specifically designed to make your Windows 10 PC faster than ever.

Meet System Mechanic

Installing System Mechanic couldn’t be any easier. Visit the download page, get the installer, and launch it to start the process. There are no options to configure or garbage toolbars foisted on you during the process. What’s better, System Mechanic’s Whole Home License policy means that one purchase lets you use the software on multiple machines.

Once you launch it for the first time, System Mechanic tells you that it needs to perform a quick analysis on the Dashboard. This won’t change anything on your system, so let it take a look.

Push Your PC to Peak Performance With System Mechanic System Mechanic Dashboard

After its first run, it told me that my computer’s status was Poor. You can click the arrow next to Remove and choose View details in wizard to see a complete breakdown. The issues it finds are as follows:

  • Internet junk files, including browser cache and expired cookies. Over time, these can take up a lot of space on your hard drive.
  • Windows Junk files holds temporary files, error logs, the Recycle Bin, and items on your clipboard. These are useless most of the time and just waste space.
  • Registry issues catches unused software keys, invalid file type associations, and other incorrect entries.
  • Available memory defragments your RAM for better stability and usability.

The software also provides you with recommendations after you run a scan. System Mechanic lets you Show Details for a lot of options. This explains each entry and how it affects your PC. If you’re a novice user, this is much appreciated.

During my testing, these claimed that my internet connection settings weren’t optimized. The software alerted me that I didn’t have Windows 10’s telemetry features disabled, as well. It also highlights unnecessary programs that run on startup, showing a Community Choice score for some entries. This gives you some advice on whether you should pull a program from startup without having to look it up separately.

Push Your PC to Peak Performance With System Mechanic System Mechanic Startup Items

You can click Repair all to quickly apply the recommended fixes, or uncheck items that you don’t want to change and automatically fix the rest. As we’ll see, System Mechanic also does this in the background for you so you don’t forget.

The Toolbox

The Dashboard gives you an overview of what System Mechanic is doing, but the sidebar tabs let you dig into everything the app has to offer.

The Clean tab is a collection of junk cleaning tools. If you don’t want to clean everything, you can try individual Internet, Windows, or Registry Cleanup tools. You’ll also find an Advanced Uninstaller here, which runs the built-in Windows uninstaller.

Push Your PC to Peak Performance With System Mechanic System Mechanic Cleanup

Speed Up contains some utilities that increase your machine’s speed. NetBooster lets you optimize internet connection settings for your speed. You can also customize them yourself if you wish. Let the software handle these automatically — many of you won’t even know what settings like DCA and NetDMA State are, much less what they should be tuned to.

The other tools in this section are a disk defragmenter and a program optimizer that you shouldn’t run if you’re using an SSD, as well as a memory cleaning tool and the Startup Optimizer.

Next, Protect has some tools to keep your system safe. The Security Optimizer fixes vulnerabilities in your hosts file, Internet Explorer, and networking settings. Privacy Shield will turn off some of Windows 10’s privacy-invasive options, and the Incinerator lets you securely delete files so nobody can recover them. If you to completely destroy files when you purge them from the Recycle Bin, you need this.

Push Your PC to Peak Performance With System Mechanic System Mechanic Windows Privacy

The Recover tab helpfully collects a few links to built-in Windows features. You’ll find a shortcut to the built-in Windows Troubleshooter here, which can automatically fix some PC problems that pop up. There are also shortcuts to System Restore and the PC Reset feature if you need to roll back some changes.

The last panel, Manage, opens up a link to the God Mode shortcut How to Enable God Mode in Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 Windows has a hidden shortcut to view all system settings at once. Here’s how to easily get to God Mode. Read More with every Control Panel entry. This gives you many more options than are available by default in Windows and will be great for power-users.

Other Features

System Mechanic has a couple of further tricks to round out its package.

The ActiveCare feature automatically runs most of the above processes when you’re away from your PC. You can toggle individual options, like repairing the Registry, disabling unneeded startup programs, and removing junk files. This lets you keep your system clean without having to worry about running everything manually, so it’s quite convenient.

Push Your PC to Peak Performance With System Mechanic System Mechanic ActiveCare

LiveBoost is a collection of features that seek to improve your system’s processor, memory, and hard drives. CPU optimization prevents background tasks from monopolizing CPU resources, while the RamJet feature takes memory that’s being wasted by background apps and gives it to your active programs. AcceleWrite increases performance by making your computer write to the hard drives more quickly.

The Security tab makes sure that you have all the security tools you need. It verifies that you have security software installed and gives you the all-clear if so. If you’re interested, this tab also provides a link to System Mechanic Pro, which includes its own antivirus. This section also ensures that you have an operational firewall.

You can click the arrow icon at the top of the window to open SafetyNet, which allows you to roll back any changes you’ve made with the software. This is a nice way to make sure that an accidental cleanup doesn’t mess up your system.

Push Your PC to Peak Performance With System Mechanic System Mechanic SafetyNet

It’s a good idea to click on the Settings gear to customize how System Mechanic runs. Here you can set how often System Mechanic runs an automatic analysis and repair, prevent the software from running when your laptop is not plugged in, and lets you exclude files from junk removal.

System Mechanic’s Value

System Mechanic is normally $50, but if you click here you’ll get 15 months for the price of 12, plus take 50% off. That’s $24.95!

While there are many free PC cleaning apps available, System Mechanic offers a lot of extra value.

System Mechanic is simple to use. The dashboard and ActiveCare make PC maintenance easy, even if you don’t have much computer experience. Simply click one button to fix everything and you’re good to go. Turn on CPU and RAM optimization and your machine will run better.

Push Your PC to Peak Performance With System Mechanic System Mechanic LiveBoost

Whether you just got a new PC and want to keep it running smoothly or want to boost your older machine, System Mechanic is a great choice. It offers powerful cleaning to remove junk files, boosts your PC’s performance, and runs on a schedule so you don’t have to worry about it. Novice users get useful descriptions of what everything does, and you get a nice, clean system.

Download it now and see if System Mechanic will boost your computer to new levels of awesome.

Let us know if you’ll give System Mechanic a try down in the comments!

Image Credit: Nata-Lia via Shutterstock