Jim Jefferies On "ghosted Hunters" Podcast

Hey guys welcome to this special episode of ghost hunters Aaron and Ariel and we just want to apologize because this week we weren’t able to give you part two of the last episode because I was sick so it takes about a week to kind of do this whole thing so thanks for being patient but we promised we’d make.

It up to you and we did because we have an amazing guest today oh welcome to Jeffrey’s why were you sick I just kind of had this weird cold that was going away and coming back like every.

Other day your cold was ghost that happens early stages of an HIV infection oh my god with the lack of sex I’ve been having I’d be shocked if I’d HIV needles it’s probably from the news so our last episode we had Steve who went into a dive bar and met this older woman they were drinking he rescued her from a guy who was hitting on her how old was Steven Steve is in his 20s but looks to.

Be in his 30s and the woman was probably in her late 40s and her name is Leslie her name was Leslie and so they they went back to her place Rika’s Steve lives with these parents yeah probably and they were about to hook up in her daughter’s bedroom right okay why not her bedroom exactly well we don’t know we’re not sure it is weird when you’re a parent when you do have my bedroom surrounded by pictures of a five-year-old you.

Know you do you did what a pictures a.

Hit Sheldon when you’re with the mother it’s it’s fine it’s like lovely it’s like looking at you but otherwise it’s so you would go to your son’s room no I never have sex in my son’s room what I’m some Star Wars blankets in a bunk bed I could hit my head no yeah.

So I mean we thought it was a little bit odd to yeah that was our first red flag but so they’re in the midst of hooking up her clothes come off.

He realizes that she’s not as in the light of her daughter’s bedroom assuras at the bar and she went.

To the bathroom to change and he bolted he left without saying goodbye he didn’t say goodbye he left while she was in the bathroom right.

He couldn’t fake an illness I I mean he should have we want to know have you ever been in a situation like that where you were mid hookup and you started to have second thoughts oh yes but I’m you know I’ve always gone through with it because it lets you get back to the house you can’t go No then.

If you’ve made that much progress you just have to go on god what am I thinking and then you just get it over and done with as quickly as well the worst one I ever did was I was living in Britain for.

Many many years and I was broke for most of the time that I was living there and I hooked up with a guy I was in some small village somewhere I couldn’t tell you it was somewhere between like Liverpool and Manchester I was living in Manchester.

Time and up in a small village and I had a wake up next to the lady and she didn’t look as good as I remember when I picked her up the night before and I could I didn’t even know how.

To get out or where a train station might be or whatever but I had in my pocket I had 400 pounds.

From the gig that I’d done the night before she was trying to sell her car for 600 pounds at the front of Peugeot 203 and I bargained her down to 400 and made her sign.

Ask An Aquarius: Work On Your Relationship Or Move On!

Nice cleaner said hello and welcome to another exciting edition of ask an Aquarius if you haven’t already please hit the red subscribe button and smack the bell now today I wanted to talk to you guys about relationships now a lot of times I speak about relationships because most of my clients that come to me asked about love that.

Is the I mean out of all the readings of then I’ve.

Done thousands of readings and out of all the readings I’ve done for the entire years that I’ve.

Day one the most important questions have been love and money everybody wants to know about love and money so I have been privy to so many conversations about relationships that is crazy people often ask me you know like how do I feel qualified to talk about relationships even though I’m never in one and that’s why because I’ve listened to thousands of different scenarios and helped countless people figure out what was going on.

And how to fix it and that’s one of the reasons while I’m not in a relationship because I see all that it takes and I really don’t think I’m built like I don’t really think I got it in.

Me right this second but I’m working towards it so anyway I wanted to talk about relationships because the other day I got a call from a friend and my friend is a Scorpio and she’s in a relationship.

With a Taurus and she told me that they broke up now they’ve been married for like 12 years and she told me that they broke up and she moved out.

And so I said well is it over over you know or is it just a little you know separation and she said I’m not really sure and I said well why don’t you guys go to couples therapy if.

There’s still a possibility that is not over and he’s not a bad guy she’s not a bad girl they’re just incompatible according to go for them so my thing is is that why don’t you guys go to couples to counseling so she said that she discussed it with him and he doesn’t want to.

Break up but he doesn’t want to go to couples counseling because he feels like he doesn’t have any issues that all of the issues are hers and I was like there’s two really big mistakes with that thought process first of all if you’re in a relationship and your relationship is not going the way that you want it to go you have two options fix the relationship or move on with your life and it seems to me like people a lot.

Of people especially men women.

But I’ve seen a lot of men they want to keep the relationship but don’t want to.

Work on their relationship so it’s just further and further deteriorates until there’s no longer a relationship or both people just kind of decide to put up with each other to settle for each other because they don’t want to have to find somebody else so they live out the rest of their days miserable.
With this person who they just can’t work things out with so.

I know that a lot of people are in that situation so I wanted to talk about this today and tell you that that is ridiculous it is ridiculous to stay in a relationship that you’re not happy in it.

Is ridiculous to stay with a person and.

Not work on making things better if you’ve identified that there is a problem it’s ridiculous so I wanted to encourage you guys if you’re with a person if you’re.

In love with a person if you’re in a relationship with a person both of.

You need to work on the relationship and if it means talking to a third party or doing something along those lines go ahead and do it because it looks like to me this couples going to lose each other and they’re gonna lose.

Each other because of the fact that he’s unwilling to work.

On a relationship because let’s say for less than for a millisecond that the problems are all hers he’s still not dealing with them addressing them and responding to them right so even if it is all her he needs to get some help to see how to deal with her how can you lovingly be in this relationship even.

If it is her and to be honest with you is not all her it’s 5050 so he needs to understand that but you don’t so let’s just start from the part.

That we do understand there’s a problem.

And it needs to be addressed so even if the problem in the relationship is not you you still should go see someone or work on whatever way you want to work on it see someone get a self-help book do something it just seems to me like I said before so many people are just willing to not do anything and they come to.

Me in their miserable year after year after year after year and I’m just saying don’t do that to yourself work on the relationship together or move on because of the two of you can’t work.

On a relationship together you don’t have a partnership you have a codependency or a roommate or something along those lines but you don’t.

Have a partnership you don’t have a real relationship you’ll have a real marriage you see so work on it or go about your business why would you hold on to a person that is not working with free yourself and free.

Them to find somebody who will be their partner or for you to find somebody who will be your partner and also if you’re.

Not in a partnership this is a great time to learn how to be a partner and how to choose a good partner for those of us who are single this is the perfect time for.

That and that’s what I’ve been working on myself being a good partner and how do I find or choose or manifest or draw.

To me somebody who’s a good partner those are the questions I myself and.

Meditation so if you’re single that’s where our beginning is that’s.

Where we start our ease but if you’re already in a relationship for any significant amount of time it is not working don’t stay on a sinking ship patch up the holes or get off the ship you see and I think that a lot of.

People don’t out of fear codependency is a big part of this a huge part and for those of you who aren’t sure about codependency google it and read about it because for a lot of people that’s truthfully what it is the bottom line is is that they’re dependent on each other not just one person but both of them and because they’re dependent on whatever it is they’re getting from each other they don’t let go even when it’s unhealthy even when it’s dysfunctional even when.

It’s abusive they don’t let go and what do I mean by dependency well for example one partner is usually two different reasons.

How To Build And Maintain Successful Business Relationships| Courtney Daniel

Hello hello hello and welcome now in today’s interview I’m gonna be talking about how to build and maintain successful business relationships we’ve none other than the amazing Courtney Daniel who is a client relations expert and also a nationally recognized and award-winning a business owner over at Courtney Daniels comm where she creates opportunities for expressing gratitude for clients who.

Want to deepen their relationships with their colleagues their partners and also their clients from custom stationery design gift curation and also VIP relationship management now before I continue.

Just in case you’re unsure who I am that she’s never met before I just wanna do a quick introduction to myself so my name is Nina da Fei and I’m the founder and the editor of the far above rubies collection comm where I help Christian women to know know worth their power and their purpose certainly speak up step.

Out and shine as the amazing and awesome woman of God that he created them to be and if that’s something that sounds right up your street right up your.

Alley then definitely consider hitting the subscribe button below okay now you also want to stay tuned because.

Of this video you are going to know the importance of saying thank you and also showing gratitude you’re.

Also going to know kind of how to be authentic and the importance of doing things that bring you joy as well as what I just talks about which is how to actually build and maintain successful business.

Relationships and much much more okay when I say Courtney is a wealth of wisdom.

I mean she is an absolute wealth of wisdom so you definitely want to stay tuned so you can glean from all of that.

Okay but before I get into the meat and potatoes of that interview I want to do a a quick introduction to Cortney herself all right sir Cortney Daniel is a client relations expert and a nationally recognized award-winning business owner she works of elite professionals who understand that staying connected via handwritten correspondence is key to maintaining relationships her dedication humbleness and ability to build relationships has.

Afforded her the opportunity to work with top name celebrities in the industry for several years as a personal assistant Courtney’s love for design won her national recognition from the United States Postal Service when she designed a postage stamp she has been a guest on multiple podcasts including so money with furnished Torabi and entrepreneur on fire her work has also been featured on Huffington Post as well as other publications Courtney is passionate about teaching others the power of handwritten thank-you notes has been featured as an artistic.

Residence for elementary schools spoken at local community colleges conducts.

Car design workshops a senior community centers and volunteers with local nonprofits she is a highly sought after expert for handwritten messages in.

A digital world she lives in New England of her husband children and pet fish and so without any further ado we’re.

Gonna go straight into the interview enjoy hey Courtney how you doing oh well Nina how are you I’m so good and so excited to finally get to speak to.

Pastor Allan 11-4-18 "relationships God's Way: Parents And Children"

Auditorium this morning where we’re not having children’s church so we want to make them welcome thank them for being here Christy and several others we noticed there several gone we had 35 go to youth convention this weekend so praising the Lord for that so just you know if you look around you wonder why I don’t see so-and-so or.

Where they they’re probably a youth conventions and we thank God for what God is doing in their lives relationships God’s Way now one of the things I want to.

Point out before I even begin is I want you to understand this message I’m.

Going to share with you today it can be one of the greatest blessings of your life if we approach it.

In the right manner with the right spirit or it can be one that we can almost take to ourselves and internalize and become disappointed and disheartened because as parents.

We’ve all made mistakes am I the only one when we raise our kids there’s a lot of things we wish we could have.

Gone back and done over how many parents here this morning you raise your hand just think with me how many of you wish you could have had a do-over on at least one thing in your children’s life that’s how many.

Here as children you remember putting your parents through difficult times you wish you could go back and undo that but here’s the reality you can unscramble scrambled eggs if you get nothing else out of this sermon I want you to remember once that egg is scrambled it’s said baby it’s not going back so you can’t look at the what happened in the past and be disappointed and discouraged if.

You made mistakes as a parent if you’ve made mistakes as a child growing up I want you to congratulate yourself and tell yourself right now I’m a part of the human race it took me rose to be human is to err to be divine is to forgive right and so I want you to understand that what I want to.

Share with you this morning is principles that comes from the Word of God and I want us to really let that principle kick in that really hindsight is 20/20 we do learn from our past we do learn from our mistakes but here’s.

What I also want you to do you can understand and realize that now is the time that I can learn and hear from God’s.

Word and do some things different in the future or I can help someone else maybe your children are grown and they’re older and out like Michelle and not ours we’ve got the empty nest and so what we have is a free advice we still don’t have much money because the.

Nest gets reef feathered everyone but we got a lot of good advice we can give you you know where I’m coming from maybe some of you right now your kids are at that age you’re like oh man.

I’ve got to take notes I really need help right now or maybe you’re at the point right now where you’re getting ready to have children you’re like okay what am I going to do how am I gonna do this I want you to remember this and I’ll take Michelle with mommy using.

This example you’ve never been here before wherever you are in your life you’ve never been here before and I’ll.

Never forget one time Michelle and Brad were having some intense fellowship in the kitchen where we used to live in Moorhead and it was just short of Wrestlemania and I was just waiting you know like a good father waiting to see when I needed to.

Go in at the right moment but she came up with some of them on them some of the most prophetic words to him I’d ever heard she said Brad do you know I’ve never been a mother with a son this age I’ve never had to.

Do this before and one day you’re going to be where I am and you’re gonna wonder what.

In the world am I going to do and all of a sudden it got quiet I actually be the Holy Spirit beginning to come into that kitchen and begin to teach breath and probably Michelle a little bit.

But here’s what I learned from that experience that she shared this with me and she shared it with others it’s where the Lord helps us understand that where we are in our lives we’ve never been here before and if we have children we have grandchildren you know we need the Lord to help us and from the Word of God we.

Need strength and encouragement to be the parents God calls us to.

Be and I want to tell you right now you are not going to be perfect and your children are not going to be perfect is that okay because if we were perfect and our children was perfect then Jesus died for nothing but the truth is he died so that in our relationships we could understand what it is that he wants of.

Us amen so with this message not to be a message of condemnation not a message where you look back with regret or maybe you’re worried about the future I.

Want you to look at it with something that you can learn positive and encouraging so that you can create a new tomorrow you can create a new next week or next day or whatever the case may be and here’s what also I’ve discovered if you still have parents.

Living in your their child I don’t care how old you are you’ll always be their child it don’t matter if you’re 50 years old your mom’s still going to correct your grammar it doesn’t matter if you’re 50 years.

Old your dad’s still going to say no son this is what you need to remember and I want to tell you something I’ve learned in my older years.

That the older my mom and dad has gotten the smarter they’ve gotten tremendous wisdom now I’ve told you that before they’ve ever been with us they’re with me this morning.

So I depend on hearing amens back their relationships God’s Way so Paul has talked to this church at Ephesus that is in a Greek culture they are non-jews they are Gentiles and they have learned their position in Christ they have learned what.

It is that they have received in Christ and so it’s in Ephesians one through four that Paul has reminded them of his great joy for them how much he has just enjoyed hearing what God is doing among them he’s also celebrating in Chapter two that they once were dead but now in their trespasses and sin but now.

They have come alive and it’s with my grace they’ve been saved through their faith God has created them for a purpose and a reason a workmanship under God in chapter 3 he said you were.

Once on the outside there was once a wall between you and God now that wall has been broken down in chapter 4 he talks about how God wants them to live.
A spirit-filled life to be filled with.

Premier Claims Builds Relationships At Mrca

I’m really excited to be at the MRCA event because I really like to have the face-to-face interaction with guys I came here so that I could mingle meet new people learning new things really excited about the expo get some more information contact networking in the industry listen to the speakers and learn some things and build some relationships one.

Of the most important things is the people you get to meet at these conventions the knowledge that is here the peers that you can get to meet the experiences that they’ve had the experiences that you go through so premier claims decided to.

Come to the conference because probably half of our business comes from contractors and I like working hand in hand with those.

Guys plus there’s a lot of good educators here some good breakout sessions just really good networking and good organization to be a part of when you get in the big environment like this and you get a chance to meet people and actually get a feel for their businesses and know who they are because they’re here to talk.
To you as well it just makes for a really great event..

Money, Love, Success And Relationships With Maria Martinez

Hello everyone welcome to the American field show thank you so much for being here I’m so grateful for all of you that have joined today and as you some of you know today’s a very special day it’s the in Hinduism is Diwali it’s the festival of lights it’s where we celebrate good triumphing over evil and light over darkness.

And wisdom over ignorance so I’m so glad that today and you know the goddess for today is Lakshmi right and Lakshmi is the goddess.

Of prosperity good fortune blessings success home life and all of that wonderful stuff so it’s like it’s hmm it’s interesting that today we have Mary Maria Martinez here with is talking about prosperity money success relationships and love Wow but a coincidence but so it’s like hmm we couldn’t have planned this any better right so thank you so much Maria for being here and for those of you who don’t know Maria I’ll just tell you a.
Little bit about her cos Marie.

Was on her show a couple of months ago for the first time and we absolutely loved her and the.

Whole conversation was phenomenal the healings you know and the energy work that Maria did on the call.

Was amazing energy was spot-on with the people.

Who called in so if you do have questions we will have time for that as well later and so Maria is a spiritual coach a multi-dimensional healer an energy Alchemist a breakthrough specialist in wealth consciousness activator so she supports people in identifying the gifts and talents discovering their life purpose living at her full expression and achieved in the achieving happiness joy fulfillment and prosperity she has a unique ability to see feel.
And hear your deepest desires and what is clearly in your way she’s.

A catalyst for change healing and transformation and she can help remove all your blocks to having it all living abundantly and manifesting your unique extraordinary life so I’m so glad that Maria is back here with us today and today we’re going to be talking about relate your relationship with money and how that impacts your success your career your.

Relationships your love health and spirituality so I’m so excited Maria welcome thank you everyone I’m so excited to be here and I am cited.
About this topic because we talk about it in.

Many different ways we talk about abundance and we talk about prosperity and we talk about money and what we don’t realize we often don’t realize is that the way we.

See money and our value in our words and our worthiness and how we show up in the world it also affects other areas of our life so the way we show up like the way we do one thing is the way we do everything so I wanted to break it up this way so that we can really take a look at specifically how in each area of.

Our lives it affects us and so that we can get become aware and then learn to shift and learn till a line and and learn to move into a place of knowing empowering shifting and being our own empowerment coach being our own mentor awesome.

Thank you and you know I wanted to start off today Maria actually.

Really looking at and then I’m sure people know this already.

And people have learned this already and on other calls and and then their own research but can you talk a little bit about the energy of money because you know let’s face it everything is energy right so in its it’s your energetic relationship as well with money right so can you talk a little bit.

About that yeah and you know when they talk.

About money and the energy of money it’s really just simply energy like we’re all energy the stories and the belief systems and everything.

We attach to it is not money itself money is just money and if we really think about what the purpose of money is.

There to support to help us advance to help us grow to help us evolve into more and to support.

The lifestyle that we’re creating as we’re aligning with it so many itself is just simply a beautiful energy like light what we attach to it is what makes it bad or wrong or frustrating it’s a good example for everybody in the call here if.

You really think about you know money and how do I feel about money you’re probably gonna find that you feel frustrated you feel resentful you feel sad you feel a sense of loss you feel all these things but it’s not.

Really money it’s how you’re relating to many many is just.

Simply a beautiful energy and when they talk about money and if you really want to have a good relationship with it I talk about connecting it to something that brings you joy and brings your happiness like to me it’s like a puppy right that just wants to please he.

Wants to have fun with you wants to love you and then the more joy it brings you the more joy it wants to bring you because it knows that you’re.

Happy and it wants to bring you more so Jenny energy the energy of money itself is just a beautiful light it’s just a beautiful energy beautiful frequency that can be amplified that can be you know you can amplify it and you can basically.

Grow that energy you can integrate into your field you can allow it to flow within you what keeps us from doing that is what we’ve taken on from our family our society and the way we see money outside us the way we see money having to be something that we have to earn and attain based on an.

Expectation or based of something quiet quantify like results and then we do that we’re always striving.

For it it’s never really enough what we receive is never really enough.

And the satisfaction of it because we’re also also measuring ourselves to what’s next it doesn’t feel like it’s always enough and and and then we go into when then I can’t really have it and then we go into I might as well give up or I might as well settle and then we fall into that energy and then we become frustrated with money but it.

Wasn’t really money it was everything that we were trying to do to gain it attached to it to bring it in.

But you know in this reality right in this media reality we we are all we all need money to live right to pay pillows to put food on the table right right it’s it’s it’s a tool.

It’s a necessity right yes go ahead yes so we can see it as what you just described as a necessity that’s a tool but when we also attach that we also attach hard work to it right so as we as we see.

It as is a tool it’s a resource it’s something that is here to support us and it’s something that.

Relationships & Insecurities (talk Time)

Hey YouTube it’s your girl banks and my sister Maiko we’re back with another video a talk sign video today we’re actually gonna just shortly shortly firstly may briefly touch on relationships and we’re going to just start off with this post that this pose that I saw on Facebook down to but the first one is this one so um.

So pulse was made by a woman Sam when his niggas come over I take my ass in the room hashtag respect yummy you don’t say and a guy posted that and stated she’s smart and respectful these hoes be pressed to see your homeboy shake my hair hashtag stay.

Well and then a friend or a friend of mine or an Associated rather she posted this on Facebook and this is how I got to see it she said can I just say I hate this post so much like honestly society and your stupid ass upbringing has y’all mentality so.

Messed up I’m not going in no damn room because another man comes over we all can socialize.

And converse like adults what is this 1950s and so then it’s a lot of comments going back and forth but a few that kind of rung bills was someone to say right it’s just my.

House to take your wax in the basement if it’s that serious whenever and conveyance my own stuff in my own in my own shit I’m saying or income as my saying on shit I got that gonna bother to.

Boys you know so then a guy said would you want show would you want show I’m in and around your friends or hanging around our friends and she said yeah you saying you know what why not and then he.

Was like she was like people don’t do it you should think about why you don’t want them to interact with one another is it because it makes you feel uncomfortable if so why are you afraid that you’re right do you trust the people you’re around betting show men trusted these are all things that people should find peace.

Within themselves and this just kind of brought up a little they type of topic for us because um.
Like I get it on both sides I feel like you should not.

Be overly friendly or too friendly or just to have a long line you know like you should try to find something else to do that’s about the time you know issue.

If you’re all watching TV or it shouldn’t be it’s like this is what you have to do you feel like you have to all his friends come in let.

Me you know or let me look this way because I don’t see let me not laugh – harder what if you the type done like his friends over every day that’s identity issue that’s the irritating yeah but um but yeah.

Are you always up in the room because of their insecurities because that’s what it is your you have so this is two main issues that the person has they’re insecure and they have trust issues.

So they have trust issues with the pinion that’s around even what do you you’re not doing anything to help them you’re just enabling them and their issues that they needed to work object when I got into a relationship then you get along by themselves and work on that because the moment that you around somebody and you feel almost like you scared to laugh or you scared to look this way too long because.
Bob right there and you don’t think you don’t want him to think that.

Team O – Why Leaders Should Not Have Close Personal Relationships With Their Subordinates

Hi I’m Donald and I’m Michele today we’re going to talk about managers near subordinates the team oh and why managers should not have close personal relationships with their subordinates first we’d like to discuss a few key ideas in what defines a healthy workplace relationship one of the theories on set the social exchange theory is traditionally used to explain.

How different workplace relationships benefit multiple stakeholders arguing that both employees and the organization benefit relationships are effective.

Next pls have perceived organizational support is typical workplace relationship that can be explained using said.

Because this is it does assumes that when the organization treats employee well with things like access to resources and respect the employee reciprocate working hard to improve organizational effectiveness POS is important because it has an impact on the quality of a supervisor subordinate relationship it predicts employee engagement plus organizational commitment and behavior imitation so understanding these concepts let’s look at what building positive workplace relations will put and wives employee first is building trust relationships that enable trust bring about exceptional results there are many ways to convey a message of.

Trust practice integrity allowing mistakes and.

Coaching supportively and always practice what you preach if you want people to be on time all the time you want to create a sense of community through needing these team exercises implementing good employee suggestions and creating a culture with a.

Shared vision communication when you build a positive relationship with your employees you make yourself more approachable would use open door policies speak to employees when you see them in compliment good workouts muscle includes concurrence creativity providing autonomy let each person you find the best way to achieve the results by fostering creativity you are letting each person feel valued and part of.
The team the result will be a happier employees who.

Work harder so having healthy employee relationship excuse me having healthy relationships with your subordinates it’s not just ok but actually vital the successful management improves.

In social exchange theory utilizing every utilizing that everyone benefits with strong perceived organizational support employees Michelle will now talk about the various ways that workplace relationships can reach unhealthy levels thanks Donald so what about close personal relationships what is too far we know what a healthy workplace relationship between a leader and subordinate looks like and how it can benefit both parties and the organization as a whole however workplace relationships can easily become more than simple.

Co-workers it can become close personal friends romantically involved or a variety of levels of closeness and extend beyond.

Simple peers like such as things like being business partners and adventure outside the company these close personal relationships can create a number of strains on the day-to-day work in the workplace both when those relationships sour as well as when.

They’re going well so what could go wrong when a workplace relationship breaks down and you’re still leading that subordinate some examples include a breakdown of communication and workflow a breakdown in psychological trust between subordinate leader a lack of respect for hierarchy or fear of job manipulation and harassment allegations and other workplace grievances these are just a few of the fears that we face when close personal relationships go sour between a leader and their subordinates we will discuss in a moment steps organizations already take to avoid these conflicts and some of.

Their motivations but first let’s touch briefly on relationships with leaders and how they’re a bad idea even when they’re going well close personal relationships with subordinates often work and there is no break down during the times you’re working together it probably doesn’t even inhibit workflow most of the time but it’s not always about whether you can maintain the relationship and work balance but more often is about the perceptions of those you work with it’s not just office romances but friendships as well varying levels.

Of closeness are going to be apparent in.

A professional environment the fact is.

There’s always someone watching my people are quick to become paranoid that.

They’re not receiving equal.

Treatment in these instances and that your relationship and the social extinct exchange benefits that both parties are receiving from that relationship stop at just you two this creates an unintentional lapse in the perceived organizational support for those employees not.

In your close personal relationship and can have far-reaching consequences including complaints HR reports or.

Even unfair treatment lawsuits if not handled correctly so whether your relationship is going good or not close personal relationships need to be avoided altogether with subordinates and kept to a healthy and positive workplace understanding I’m going to pass this back to Donald now to talk to you about incentives to prohibit manager relations thank you so we can see that there are plenty of reasons that having a close personal relationship with your.

Subordinates is potentially harmful to both the.

Individuals involved and those are them but the organization as a whole is also implicit in these matters and most have already taken steps to be there prohibit close personal relationships or heavily regulate them they have these for a variety of reasons including having steps in place to handle issues and want to avoid lawsuits there’s always maintaining workflow and avoiding disruptions which end.

The company lots of money if your company is willing to pay to implement these policies then you should not risk these close person relationships in a quote from the International.

Journal of Human Resources they say the quality of relationships either positively enhances or negatively thwarts employees perceptions the effectiveness of the management practices so in summary you can see that there are such things as positive relationships in the workplace and they are actually vital I mean vitally important to a positive work experience there is a line in the sand needs to be drawn however when it comes to close personal ation ships with.

Lgnd – Relationships Be Like (part 12)

She said daddy your hands are so soft it’s so strong I was just passing it to you watching you keep watching you daddy you can’t be doing nothing from my dad no do you want to keep seeing to it course baby I love you he’s gonna be kissing me your makeup is holy listen daddy so good bye where.

Are you going no still you’re not going you don’t have a son right people cheap and fidelity traffic disseminate I don’t know your side trick might be.

Outside waiting for you in the.

Car you’re not going anywhere no your uplink anywhere my sis take my pocket station always come with me it’s so hot you know what does I’ve been noticing every night you can come with me less and less I can feel it you don’t love me anymore for someone else are you talking to someone else oh shit phone you’re being a little sneaky devil and texting someone else.

When I’m asleep huh that’s why you stopped cuddling with me I just need you to cut it with me I need to feel the love please hug me pretty other way I love you I won’t understand what you say but just talk to me communicate just give me a sec cold red josh cold red hope you got Johnny here come on talk to me like is simple like blah I get it what’s the saying Josh I want him.

To tell me he loves me more blah I would feel the same way I want him to be a better listener Oh is.
She talking crap listen man she’s a very simple.

Woman with simple needs you need to love her better all right you need to.

Take her out once in a while okay and maybe be a little affectionate she said that yeah how did she even do that I wasn’t even English she doesn’t speak English she speaks girl oh my work.

Hey put those Dodgers all right in there all the way okay why because kissing leads to kids look what we did in there it’s just a baby no thanks you have given us a long time in the world.

Tommy I got five jobs just to maintain this house she’s gonna go I don’t want any more kids oh if you want to kiss please these are gloves because no glove no love you know arms protected the first time how did she even get pregnant are you serious it’s because it yes I’m not trying to get pregnant just follow my lead you did what you didn’t kiss me I know this I’m not trying to get pregnant I’ll see you later all of you serious that’s not.

Even how it works what I’m pointing it again.


Salvage Your Significant Relationships

Hey people it’s me Serena Hussein and again just totally spontaneous share whilst I’ve got Dale in my hair ie oil in my hair it wasn’t really an ie which is a translation I’ve been watching this channel called dice for a brown and it’s all about kind of decolonizing yourself and it’s through my connection with hipster veggie just freak.

Or who I collaborate with that I found out about this channel and this channel is partly created by just because husband chat tape.

He was a musician and I guess what would you say a creator commentator anyway really really interesting conversations on there about the need to decolonize yourself in the sense in this respect what.

I wanted to say was understanding the plight of our parents has been the first kind of generation of immigrants so I’m as you know born in 78 and my parents came to the UK in I wanna say the late 60s but you know we’re talking about 60s my mom probably early seventies very early 70s and what’s really interesting is that throughout my teens and 20s the angst was all.

About how they don’t understand us and and anything that we have kind of issues with they’re not gonna get because they’re.

Not kind of living in this culture and I and I sympathize I really do sympathize with people who are kind of having to live both sides of the fence because when you’re out with your friends or with if you are allowed out but if when you’re amongst your peers at school college or uni or even work colleagues.

Home and it’s like a different culture you feel like you’re forever you feel good you kind of split you’re constantly trying to find consi trying to finally find a thread to kind of keep you going from one to the other in a seamless way and it’s not possible after so many years now and I’m 40 now and I realize that there are so many things that and so many.

Ways I probably really harshly harshly judged my parents and my family but also how I was encouraged to judge them harshly and so a conversation.

That came up recently on my podcast was about the need to have culturally sensitive mental.

Health professionals and therapists psychotherapist psychiatrist etcetera because really you need to understand what your patient or client is really dealing with or what they’re kind of having to really face so for me to complain about the angst I.

Feel about my Pakistani Punjabi parents and and kind of relaying their angst and all that all the issues to someone who’s not from that culture who has no idea and who is a Brit who’s English and who’s white they may do their best to try to get it but they can’t and and.

That’s not to say that somebody who educates themselves who travels who exposes and themselves to all kinds of cultures doesn’t have something valid or supportive to bring to somebody in that kind of context when it comes to kind.

Of mental health professionals and kind of patient / client but I think later on when I had conversations with a therapist happen to be from a Turkish I think Turkish background she encouraged me to not be so harsh and and you know what I think she only said it once or twice only once or twice and in this in those.