Roman Civilization 4x Strategy Game – Aggressors Ancient Rome Gameplay

Hey everybody my name is master Ralph let’s welcome to agressors ancient Rome it’s like Roman civilization what more could you ask for he got use of different factions from that era so Rome Carthaginians Egyptians over here owned under the Potala mix and then you also got salute kids blah blah blah blah blah but there’s a lot of resources.
Deduce from a little bit more on of an in-depth.

Look at a loo I guess like in ways very historically accurate you’re not gonna see XCOM units here so a pic cartridge because I like Carthage actually they’re really cool civilizations to really learn about right so I have this military to here what what do I want to do I couldn’t do what I attack Rome.
Actually like right off the gate let’s see if I.

Can have some guys go over here okay not on.

I have to go over there and then go inside.

We could transport these guys over to our Sicilian front over here which I guess it will be a front as I have ambitions for conquest already at the gecko we want warfare Oh train bonus this is plus 30 so I’ll.

Just go right here oh and I capture that land nice let’s see if we can see any Romans over here robo-moe will definitely be a next target if you guys want me to take a.

Look at that Akbar’s fleet I could make a joke but unfortunately I’m more of a fan of Warhammer let’s see if we can.

Let’s just say settler right okay so I could just build another city if I wanted to but we do already have some.

Stuff on the North African front so I will make land in Spain yes the North Africans are invading let us go huh so.

I’m put on the right side seems like a desert II area I don’t think anything’s gonna live over there oh but hey now.

Seems to be a lot of things that we can do here I don’t ways I co between my units okay that’s good is that the ideal location is that that area let’s see if that symbol pops up again oh that’s only that’s a little bit strange maybe it’s just based on the.

It’s definitely based on the movement yeah so if I go right here it would probably change the blue mark to something else oh okay um that might have been.

Mistake whoo whoopsie I was at it alright we’re done oh I forgot to pick a technology oh no my people are backwards someone teach them writing and literacy and all that please because uh they’re not gonna do it any other way oh we have more Rome ah thank you me a truffle me Oh will you cancel peace with because of a demand from Sparta huh huh that’s.

Cool man Warwick I should really figure that out actually okay I am my warmest Epirus and then I am my war with masala or however you pronounce that someone in the comments will let me know definitely um let’s see did I have a technology already picked out.
So I remember I I did not okay what okay okay.

Hold up hold up hold up all the buddy I want to click on one of you oh oh that’s how it’s locked in okay um let’s see we got weapon skills attack strife increased I like that yeah let’s turn to finish one turn nice good oh nice nice exercise um well building up.

Area must be great I do have to keep in mind about the the cities and their growth or whatever so maybe over here would be the best I don’t know actually I think about it does seem like kind of.

A hard choice how about something about the outskirts right over.

Here that sounds good and I’ve plenty of very to work with sorry about that I have a lot of hair in.

My mouth let’s see maybe here that works then we got the do I get resources from oh.

My dear plan do I actually that’s a good question oh we just go over there who is next on the command menu nothing tap was switching between unit so that’s a little bit strange all right chance of ice definite advantage reliable assessment oh yeah let’s go for it whack him.

A draw Oh II didn’t kill 15,000 people well this is a little bit unfortunate let’s move let’s actually move someone to that other fronts maybe yeah yeah they’re they’re run over there okay but I don’t have anybody packed into this unit and we can just move them to this front I guess oh there buddy I’m not gonna pop up four units to be built actually which is quite odd I think about it super I can change the name that’s pretty good.

Oh yes this is my line now are you just are you good I.

Guess oh I guess it’s good all right awesome explore more let’s flick sports unfortunaly is like this entire area is just like uncolonized terrain okay there seems to be some rapscallions over there we’ll have to take out Oh ruffle this is dying with the plague hey well I’m back alright just have to cough up my lungs really quick and let’s see if we could drop off some dudes right here.

Try to get something done now he’s already got easy-out units of it equal chances reliable assessment we could probably camp out over here and just wait them out I guess I need a little bit longer all right so let’s see.

Now else can i built i can build facilities over here get mounted troops transfer units all that stuff no.

Something just happened so i accidentally press and turn like twice and now.

Oversize i grant rebels here that’s not good we have build my light infantry stat oh wait that was like half the population though I wonder if that will make like a difference actually like maybe there won’t be anybody to.

Her about they kind of want government change but let’s see if I can build something a little bit better here holy something oh there again there are just buildings that do that nomads here boat what specialize they should do I have for this unit Nomad from the looks of it I could pick anything right now all right I’ve returned again let’s.

See we can get nomads from the looks of it but I kind of bomb now you know what it is I actually want some workers actually from the looks of it all right but for now I’m gonna clean more territory for cottage oh I actually can’t cliff territory but.

Sellers yeah that’s I did a tutorial but I other stories are like 45 minutes and OH Gaelic tribes alright and then I was like.

You know what I got this I totally.

Got this now do I actually have this though I guess we’ll see if we had to actually capture this area.

Oh I can’t actually switch this though that’s the that’s the strange thing so as you see there’s a lot of details involved suppose if I build the right building though it would be allowed let’s take a question actually Chuck be building a blacksmith for mines in the vicinity well I don’t know do we really need that many mines I’d say we’re doing pretty good you know the objective.

Here is just uh to conquer that’s the takaka Sicily I think we’re pretty much fine from here on out I’m gonna shave my campin bharden but I couldn’t circle here thus stopping the Romans five men for invading they probably do a naval nation but that would be terrible for them tile is not supplied man you can’t even really go all out in this game we’re straight um.

Open the objectives oh you can even switch the music if you wanted to so.

We can get something funky like this a lot of deer in this area maybe we should set up something down.

There cut ourselves off completely wonder if there’s no.

Matic Campbell tribes I would be nice to see all right the Roman.

Legions are coming who they attacked me there oh that’s nice actually that’s pretty good we will pick out astrology next Oh bacteria okay I gotta pick one of these areas already yeah you could just pick no match for now and you could stay right in there but let’s go back actually wonder does the shipyard connect things No I’m not sure if building that inland was actually a good.

Idea I feel like I should have built a little bit to.

The left but I definitely wanted the more green.

Area more than lush air yeah but if I definitely didn’t want to be too far away let’s go we really have nothing to really worry about now and I’m.

Not attacking that city next like that thing is that that’s it he’s definitely ready cool we killed this pyramid nice hey I got Miller units ready yeah not just research this how about we sleep with you we should definitely keep this boat around though just just in case of anything Akbar I need you to see what you can find out about the next of ization we’re at war what let’s back off actually I don’t want to run out of supplies I’m Rudy I already got that.

With that elder you know that’s kind of scared me yes definite advantage okay but can we even take the city though that’s the thing whack it whack it with your swords oh wow that’s a draw damn I don’t know how we’re gonna be able to break them now absolute supremacy yes I guess you just need to whack it a little bit more yes a victory for Cottage probably got another shittier City we got to take out next what I’m about it I’ll make that mistake yeah.

Whatever for now I suppose I put it doesn’t really.

Matter because I mean what would its gonna happen what Rob is gonna attack us they seem pretty friendly send you Raider to fetch safe increase oh wow okay um maybe city Raider that’d be kind of nice we do have a lot of areas of the coast me to take out okay row beer a little bit weak there what the.

Entirety of the island Sicilies got locked out for us I’m gonna open it up to Blackjacks and hookers ouch I should’ve fired first I don’t know who came out of that better well his his Flags a little bit more wrapped up so I think me oh okay cool um should I change.

The local government how do we do that how do.

I change the local NGO let me see it’ll be over there get me over to the city ah I wish to change your government Oh that costume sweaty resources Jesus you guys want maybe if I just developed them a little bit more that’d.

Be like nice for them I wonder if the UM the worker tech is down the tech.

Tree actually and that actually might be the case wait a minute.

So your eider okay trireme blah blah blah don’t act there is paved roads right there maybe third roots can be built by the Millennium for tree that’s actually a good question I must such a big guy damn mess these.

Guys are more for training yeah the town could be built there I assume actually if I were to click on some of the nomads maybe they’re nomads can maybe built it little bit sure if I could build oh the settler does that I’m so dumb I’m such a a big.

Dumb oh now we’ll just connect the road over here get that done and then we can connect it over to this area there there’s a good.

Thing I got the army though so I was able to crush it with violence crushing things with violence let’s smash them I’ll rip their skulls out I am the.

Scale Ripper now it’s only that small piece of green left we got a snake I should have increased the speed a little bit maybe put this on quick place that we can just like zoo by the text but no that’s.

Not happening oh how didn’t you okay you just walked on water very casual all right I like it yeah buddy yes need you to help us that would be nice actually get in there actually I’m kind of want you to lean you for the most part.

I don’t know why I put you in there I just wanted you trained actually you know it doesn’t matter get to work next.

Time yeah I’ll build a settler here No why can’t you change Oh spilled it right here that’s weird that’s uh that’s for the strange actually.

I can’t actually build the settler oh I got no gold okay I see no that’s fine let’s end the turn actually cool get some really nice screenshots in this game you know it’s funny but that’s that a total war Rome 2 expansion pack that came out we then had probably see the they knew Europa ESCA like 4x Roman game so that’s pretty cool actually ooh that’s pretty.

Good should get however religion to accelerate our growth rate I don’t care I don’t care about any of y’all.

A we have a big surplus though of military units honestly I just declare war on a civilization I did well that happened oh no.

Oh no you just got over there okay okay why do you.

Transport me over there keep chest for me dear denied.

The actual military that’s here oh.

If I pillage I get more resources that’s a little bit up though what you think granted should recover yeah.

I’ll recover and then afterwards I’ll treat these guys nice what am i doing really what I should do is gear up for the big Roman assault actually where’s my boat there’s one of them might as well attack Rome you know because I mean what else are we gonna do it fight me complete victory Wow nice I will.

You for now you yeah settler you need to go right here for now we’ll connect those lines it.

Will be a-okay we can probably do a little bit more trading but I’m really not interested that yes yes loyalty is pretty low I should leave somebody out on Mill Island probably that guy from the looks of it um I’m gonna keep you on there as well and we’ll.

Unveil him like next time around I need the robe blood the world robe is coming Rome is coming pet fiber seems good elites however that’s better do I really don’t have there is a gold right well by gold.

Bad yes your conquests we will become triumphant don’t waste my gold dude oh no you big dummy Brad so raw for this why you should do that oh well I guess he’s lost out.

Lost forever in the sands of time considering this gold problem we’re gonna make a surplus of 42 so that’s nice maybe I should yeah build like improvements here like a blacksmith yeah I should build blacksmith right here this gold mine I could also do the same for Carthage over there and besides that I could train more people I did lose a lot of income from you know being kind of a jerk wad or whatever well by our.

Wit okay what’s uh all right there’s no uh trade agreement trade routes my friend I can actually do any of this okay now I can come on dude who else who else can I trade with the other tribe seems pretty good I will trade with anyone who Egypt though under Cleopatra cool.

I should have actually played as Egypt obviously I feel really bad now I have a hugest crush on Cleopatra from civilization revolution I’ll tell.

You that much you will also get a trade route look at that I’ve already.

Such a nice person it’s the donea same thing trade route all right things will get back to me soon I was part of Sparta I forgot all about Sparta the civilization that everybody always knows about why all right you know what I believe.

Got 20% Terrain bonus I literally don’t know what I’m up against here but I’m also healthier than him so I’ll definitely take.

Some hits but I will probably win that engagement I just want to play long enough until I messed around with Rome a little bit to make it satisfying it’s a draw all right what are you setting it more units no give me the.

Religion Wow I just get rejected by everyone what the guys back to mine good yeah we got some stones that’s always my favorite part about some of these games you know we got to get out though besides a few coastal rating we can’t go into a long engagements warfare from the looks of it I want to pick you I want to pick you buddy good yeah but as you see we’re just low on the money train I require the dinero’s perforate policy hold on a second.

Let’s go back to that oh but I’m using state grants okay I mean I got like two billion population I think I’m fine I will probably do like a lot more population later Doug lied though not gonna lie yeah this guy’s gonna build a route and you’re just gonna stay right there buddy I don’t know what that city’s gonna flip so I need to be careful you.

Know Oh see somebody took my city that’s a problem I’m gonna have to put them down where’s the Formosa go across and raid the gold what the oh it’s not even built yet okay such a dummy honestly yeah let’s not deal with that corsican ship how I repair you Oh Sophie oh okay told you to stay stay.

Pop Craft Expectations Vs Reality – Goals – New Year's Resolutions!

If decorations put up a Christmas tree buy presents a lot of work goes into they are so excited and we have all these high hopes then Christmas comes and what happens we open present and then we’re happy yeah until you realize it’s over two three months when people this is going but you have to wait an entire year.

Again my life’s a mess Christmas is over school starts oh did I hate it I have no friends no boyfriend Oh Smith look it’s a new year tomorrow make some goals for yourself it’s a perfect.

Time for change start walking out get a boyfriend study eat healthy make this a perfect gift and so I step in the New Year with sparkles in our.

Eyes and full of high hopes oh my god I’m so excited ten seconds into my new life but what really happens after New Year here are my typical New Year’s resolutions and how they end up waking up early if I.

Wake up early and do so many things before the day even start I can be so much more productive I will start my days all happy and positive day.

One we chew so strong the world is relentless he.

Won’t sleep it hard sovereign Jitsu knees confess they to you do you know why is it so difficult to wake up early why because I always go to bed too late this is how my energy level looks during the day I believe it’ll help the in the New Year no more junk food I’m going to treat my body well I’m only gonna need healthy nutritious food vitamins fiber.

Omega-3 we’re gonna be BFFs they want day two I’m so sick.

Of this day three I guess we’re just meant to be saving money life isn’t easy this day really my grandma says the opposite don’t listen to her every two months there’s new.

Smartphones tablet things you absolutely need to have laces you totally need to this but you’re broke so what do you do ask mom forget that she’s gonna say oh darling you don’t need these things well now is you don’t you just don’t bother so what do you do save money.

Starts promising but ends up quickly but the worst is that you still say I got absolutely nothing to.

Wear working up especially if you visit your mom or your grandma you put up a few kilos over the holidays you’re so skinny luckily I need you know things I ate before I came here maybe later your favorite just the time we became.

Tiny I’m trying to eat healthy doesn’t matter how much you weigh toned bodies are eight boys girls.

We all gotta have muscles Oh everyone around us is working out so it’s time to join the track week one quick – time to do the workout Siri what’s the temperature outside it’s one degrees Celsius outside that’s.

Way too cold to go out story of my life study you’re always studying like crazy one day before the exam no sleep you know just studying to death and you say to yourself.

Next year I’m gonna study regularly from the beginning of the school year oh you’re kidding nobody this is gonna be me who are you kidding nobody this is gonna be me today I love comfy comfy clothes are not always the most chic and fierce we see all the amazing outfits on Instagram and blogs where girls seem to live that glam Hollywood life and we want that life to go every year I say our.

Flannels nor hoodies then girls dressed like a lady so I tried and I forget.

Rofl Stream Ez Game )

спать на жесткой горе расположение потом побед видосик побегайте не лагает бисеринки bass я поставил четыре на три разделение почему ты не на полный экран все это дело окне ну блять да даже либо широкая иди помоги спичка горит смотри блять а вот эта мера до нее не отойду надевать big ben del такую байду а voor de modo пока здорово.

землячка на диво нормально сам как все как раз кремни час меня слышно нормально хорошо правда левое ухо я это знаю ну типа слышно я микрофон продюсер молодец 23 процентов его ближе ибо и будет можно забанили укорениться в нашем канале буду.

память блять departure вы будете играть 1 на подходите кидайте тупа тупа я буду тратить [музыка] людей я типа разделами пролить эту дай бог людей супер они сваливают суд исходит.

все детали ой блять [музыка] я [музыка] отсюда я напечатал от бедра больше плятит исправлять понимаете что за внимание а не нужно стать висит лампа на 1 а.

именно значит биотин были не долечу одежда не ведем и бат приглашаю профессионалы мудак я чуть приславшим чтобы все это по сравнению с чирикнул поэтому никто не будь я вижу повезет на мониторе быть вот пара.

But регаты виде гады буде гады иди гадай .

и залепил находиться в окне миру [музыка] надевать ну да откуда сравним the second life плохо спал батя некую сумму я не могу забрать этом образе сюда уходил не времени . наши и звонко погнал я тоже пайпинг избегать эклер перед прерывать огибать и да только.

тут яркая подошел он у меня еще [музыка] [музыка] и нас не попал в виду я думал что 21 и подальше 103 магнит да б.

ночной стороне я был внизу всю эту .

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1 [музыка] 9 у нас не убивать тони погнуться.

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пизду меня заебало это пидараска бля ть ловить на.

Rofl Moments #6

[музыка] насчет погнали я тебя кому я не скажу если придет [музыка] я просто бля пидарасы они уже дали стоят на двойных по братски сверху и банить и блять буклет прячут это блять щас блять неожиданно блять блять печень тамбурин он гаситель и на предохранитель рублей за цепи не нашего сладкий-сладкий бог сладки баюл и покончить подключить мог покончить и дали.

Do do you don’t need is game packing ступит kong sack of a king of workers сладкий бой c’mon c’mon c’mon [музыка] [музыка] [смех] [музыка] [смех] [музыка] [смех] [музыка] новые.

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вайшнав lan давай реле к2 смотр он выставил меня лунных а. он не умирает от учителя и полина кривое бруса смысл 20 не попал игрок они враги кроется как дима принимаю я пишу свалку и нимой придет если кто-то.

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Are The Many Screens In Our Lives Hurting Our Eyes?

What are you reading this on? A smartphone? A computer? Your fancy smart refrigerator 3 Best Smart Refrigerators You Can Buy Right Now There is currently a set of new smart fridge models, as manufacturers attempt to give their next generation of products a new appeal. There are some great products on the market. Read More ? Your Nintendo DS? A Sidekick? A Motorola RAZR? Have you gone way back in time and loaded up a WAP browser on a Nokia 7110?

Look, I’m not here to bore you by naming a bunch of seemingly unconnected devices just for my own amusement. Because there is a connection. They all have screens Black Screens Do More Harm Than Good on LCD Monitors Here’s one myth that people should stop spreading: black screens save energy. They don’t! Read More !

The question is: are all of these screens causing serious damage to our eyes Can F.lux and Night Shift Really Improve Your Sleep Habits? Excessive use of computers, tablets, and smartphones can lead to deteriorated sleep quality — but do apps like F.lux and Night Shift really counteract those effects? The science is pretty clear on this. Read More ? Should we be worried? Check out the infographic below for a look at the facts (truth be told, if you’re using the aforementioned Nokia 7110, this image is going to look, well, nonexistent).

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A Look Back At 2014’s Most Shared Moments

You can tell a lot about what the world considered important by looking at the trends on social media Social Media In 2015, Predictions And Potential Today we chose to place our necks on the line and make four future predictions for social media in 2015, along with a few more ideas about what might happen before this time next year. Read More . After all, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and other social media services are where people go to let their voice be heard on anything, and when a large portion of a site’s audience is chiming in one thing, then you know it’s pretty significant!

So, looking back at 2014; what were the things people talked about most on social media? Take a look at the infographic below for a detailed breakdown!

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