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Is your home safe it may not happen regularly but your home and family can be at risk at any time never let down your guard home security systems are becoming increasingly popular these days but finding the right home security provider isn’t easy at all you deserve the care of experienced professionals dedicated to providing an exceptional level of security.

Using the most advanced technologies available that’s why we’re here to help backed by.

Years of knowledge and experience we pride ourselves on offering high quality security equipment and services that meet your budget from video surveillance fire freeze and flood monitoring and intrusion detection to complete home automation we create complete Life Safety Solutions for each home and business we serve.

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The State Of Security: Techniques For Managing Risk

I’d like to welcome you to today’s webinar on the state of security techniques for managing risk I’m going to hand things over to our cybersecurity product manager mr. buck shell Thank You Kelly and hello everyone I’m buck shell as Kelly introduced I’m the cybersecurity product manager at the new horizons corporate office and I’d also like to welcome you.

To today’s webinar which is going to be the first out of ten cybersecurity focus webinars that New Horizons is hosting in the month of October October has been designated by the US federal government Department of Homeland Security as national cybersecurity.

Awareness Month which is now in its 15th year as an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity the goal of New Horizons cybersecurity awareness month webinars which are done in conjunction with our industry partners is to provide you with a better understanding of how to say stay for online with input from subject matter experts to help enhance your organization’s cyber resilience and overall cyber security posture the 10 cybersecurity webinars that Horizons.

Is hosting this month covered different aspects about today’s ever-evolving.

Threat landscape and today we’re going to delve into the state of security and techniques for managing risks and I would like to introduce today’s presenter who is a subject matter expert dr.

James Stanger who is the chief technology evangelist Tatia dr.

Stanger is a respected authority concerning network thorns network security web.

Technologies and open source is designed and taught both traditional courses and as an active security consultant he has spoken and delivered.

Training worldwide for over 20 years his particular areas of security expertise involve penetration testing firewall configuration corrosion detection instant response he has acted as a security consultant for various entities including the United States Department of State BYU Sakura Phi purchased by McAfee the Association for corporate counsel he is currently the chief technology evangelist for Katya he.

Serves as a developer and advocate for their certifications over the years he’s designed certifications a curricula for ciaw the University of California Riverside semantics IBM and the telephony industry association he’s an award-winning author and blogger dr. stinker has written titles for O’Reilly Media prentice hall IBM Cybex his writings have been translated into.

Over a dozen languages and he’s presented at various forums including regular webcasts I can go on but without further.

Ado I think we’re just gonna get started I’m gonna turn this over to.

James Stanger you’d now have the floor well thank you so much buck appreciate it and thank you so much Kelly you have welcome everybody just to make sure you can hear me if everybody could just chime in and say where you’re calling in from I’m calling in from.

Seattle Washington up in the Pacific Northwest you should be seeing my little screen there that says the state of security and that’s a picture of the Rogue River I.

Was just swimming in that hear about a about a month and a half ago not a man not on those rapids there that would.

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Is your home safe it may not happen regularly but your home and family can be at risk at any time never let down your guard home security systems are becoming increasingly popular these days but finding the right home security provider isn’t easy at all you deserve the care of experienced professionals dedicated to providing an exceptional level of security.

Using the most advanced technologies available that’s why we’re here to help backed by years of knowledge and experience we pride ourselves on offering high quality security equipment and services that meet your budget from video surveillance fire freeze and.

Flood monitoring and intrusion detection to complete home automation we create complete Life Safety Solutions for each home and business we serve from the smallest to the largest do you want to have peace in mind seeing your family members living in a secured home contact us today for a free no obligation discussion you.

Astana Putin And Others Meet For Csto Summit; Nuclear Security In Jeopardy Because Of Us!

Pootin inform see sto summit of the prospects of talks on INF treaty Astana November 8th / task / Russian President Vladimir Putin has informed participants in the summit of the collective security treaty organization csto on the prospects of starting a talk with the US side on the intermediate range nuclear forces are in a treaty Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Said on Thursday Putin informed the summit participants in detail about the situation with strategic stability and arms controlled and awake of.

decision to quit the INF treaty on the prospects of.

Starting a talk with the American side on the INF.

Treaty Peskov said responding to a question about how the CSTO leaders reacted to Putin’s report.

On strategic stability in the wake of the u.

decision to quit the INF treaty the Kremlin spokesman noted no doubt everyone perceives with interest this information because such steps as the u. withdrawal from the treaty cannot but cause concern and this relates in general to the.

Issue of global security Putin has also informed the summit of the situation in Syria in particular of Adar log in the Astana format he also informs his colleagues in the CSTO.

Of a dialogue launched by representatives from the Astana format and a so-called small group on Syria Peskov said referring to the recent summit in Istanbul he also informed them about different nuances in Syrian affairs other regional conflicts were mentioned as well the spokesman said.

US President Donald Trump said on October 20th that his country would quit the INF treaty because Russia was allegedly in breach of that agreement Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov described this as a dangerous move Washington was also criticized in Berlin and Beijing in the meantime London came out in support of.
The United States and NATO placed.

The responsibility for Trump’s decision on Russia because in its opinion Moscow had apparently violated the treaty the INF treaty was signed on December 8 1987.

And took effect on June 1st 1988 it outlawed deployed and non-deployed intermediate-range 1000 to 5000 kilometers and shorter range 500 to 1000 kilometers ground-based missiles in recent.

Years Washington has repeatedly alleged in Russia was in breach of the agreement Moscow emphatically dismissed the charges encountered them with its own claims over the United States non-compliance.

Dell Endpoint Security

Hola gracias buenos el día de hoy nos reunimos para analizar todas las tendencias que la seguridad debido a todo el cambio que estamos teniendo con la fuerza de trabajo que se está volviendo cada día más móvil pues esto trae muchos retos solamente a todos los retos y asegurar a nuestros equipos terminales móviles laptops pues nosotros estamos presentando el.

Con tempo libre para poder brindar tenemos soluciones de producción de pública información de malware funcionando ahora con inteligencia artificial.
Tenemos soluciones de cifrado y también.

Tenemos soluciones de almacenamiento y de.

Geolocalización todas estas soluciones están disponibles con nuestros socios de negocios son soluciones empresariales y cualquiera de ellos puede brindarles más educación.

Cybertalks 2018 – Eric Brandwine – Scale As An Enabler For Security

You good morning everyone thank you for having me here today Goldie thank you for the opportunity my name is Eric and I’ve been with Amazon for just shy of 11 years now and in my time there I have seen Amazon itself and AWS double in size multiple times and so I’ve been able to watch the company evolve through.

Massive scale and I’ve learned some things about how scale and systems design interact and when I say scale this is this is central to everything we do at Amazon if a.

Business at Amazon is successful it tends to grow large whether that’s shipping books to people streaming videos online or renting computers by the hour and so we’ve gotten very good at big and you intuitively assume that bigger systems bring bigger problems larger technical challenges as an example here let’s say that you’ve created something and it has a failure rate of one and a billion most engineers would be very proud to produce something that only fails one time in a billion.

But at AWS we have quite a few.

Services whose request rate is in excess of one trillion a year so it’s a thousand times as large which means that you’re going to see about three failures a day as a result of our.

Scale problems that most engineers would be able to ignore become common failures at Amazon and so indeed we do have larger technical challenges because.

Of the scale as an example here this is tuks the Linux penguin most of the services most of the servers at Amazon run Linux and so one of the jobs.

That we have is to take Linux and make it run on our hardware we’ve got a bootstrap the physical servers and make them go.

And so this is a solves problem right this is something that people have been working on for decades every server you’ve ever used has had an operating system on it surely people have written the software I’ve written the tools to solve this problem for us and indeed when you.

Have a small installation when you have one server you get the DVD or the USB fob and you plug it in and lo and behold you have a running server and when you get to ten ok maybe you need a kickstart server or whatever your operating system uses as an image server you’ve had to spend a little bit more but that’s fine this is a.

Solvable problem and then you get to a hundred servers and maybe you need to.

Scale out your image server or maybe you’re in multiple sites now again your investment has gone up but this is still a tractable problem you add.

Another order of magnitude scale on.

Here you’re up around a thousand servers now you’re going to start to see weird failures BIOS miss.

Configurations or packets getting lost on the network and you’re gonna have to spend yet more engineers but for us it was around 10,000 servers at some scale something magical happens you shift from throwing engineers at the problem.

To investing in a team of builders and so rather than accepting the software with the interfaces that it has as it’s given to you and dealing with it you go and you own the problem a layer deeper you dig in.

And you own deeper and you write things that work exactly for you so in our case we wrote our own DHCP server and you’d think like oh my god you’re writing a DHCP server like how do you get an engineer to work on this it’s possibly the most boring thing I’ve heard all day but it is a fascinating problem because.

You’re operating it’s scale and those weird failures are happening and so rather than.

Having a configuration file our DHCP server is linked into our purchasing system our network deployment system all over the back end so when a DHCP request comes.

In it figures out what that server should be what kind of hardware it is whether or not we expected on the network and all the right things happen from there and you continue to have this growth in inefficiency and the.
Reason that this is critical is.

That building servers isn’t what we do for a living it’s an impediment to our mission cyber security is not what most of us do for a living it’s an impediment to the mission you want.

Your constituents to your customers and you want to make this problem go away and so the more you.

It the less you have to spend on whatever it is that you’re doing to delight your end-users and so this sublinear scaling this knee in this graph has been absolutely central to enabling Amazon to get done what we’ve gotten done over the years and the core realization here for me was that rather than having engineers handling prop something breaks you fix it something breaks you fix it you’ve got a ticket queue you make sure you have enough.

People to handle the ticket queue you send a team of builders in and they go and they make the.

Problem not happen they fix it at its source they eliminate entire classes of problems and software doesn’t have regressions unless you code new bugs which we don’t recommend and so the net result is that rather than investing in line with the scale of your challenge you get to invest in line with the derivative of the scale of your challenge and that’s a huge.

Enabler so you were promised a cloud security talk this morning how does this relate the way we think about this is.

There someone out there that has a technical challenge and it’s a small one and it’s not worth a lot of investment it’s not worth it for them to invest a team of builders and there’s someone else out there they may not even know each other and there’s these problems these challenges scattered across the industry and they’re all out there they’re very diffuse and no one is going to invest a lot so you have a lot of small investments but a.

Lot of small investments don’t add up to a large investment and so what we can do is we can factor out the parts of those technical problems that are identical and coalesce them into one.

Large service into one large technical challenge and send a team of builders in to fix it so let’s talk about a couple of examples of this as we’ve seen it at Amazon this is a picture of a VP see a virtual private cloud this is the the virtual network that AWS offers to our customers it’s fully API.

Programmable there’s all sorts of cool things you can do with it but every network operator I’ve ever worked with has been worried about bad actors on their network especially if that network includes internet access and.

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Is your home safe it may not happen regularly but your home and family can be at risk at any time never let down your guard home security systems are becoming increasingly popular these days but finding the right home security provider isn’t easy at all you deserve the care of experienced professionals dedicated to providing an exceptional level of security.

Using the most advanced technologies available that’s why we’re here to help backed by years of knowledge and experience we pride ourselves on offering high quality security equipment and services that meet your budget from video.

Freeze and flood monitoring and intrusion detection to complete home automation we create complete Life Safety Solutions for each home and business we serve from the smallest to the largest do you want to have peace in mind seeing your family members living in a secured home contact us today for a free no obligation discussion you.

Video20 Web Security

Hello and welcome to Train Signal you’re watching the web security video of the CompTIA security plus training course in this video we’re going to be taking a look at web server security and specifically how we can actually lock down our web servers to the degree necessary to keep them safe when being deployed as public facing web servers we’re.

Also going to be taking a look at how to build secure web services for our company and that involves more than just putting a server up and loading applications on.

Involves identifying what the highest.

Possible threats are associated with Web Services and then putting some countermeasures in place to make sure that our servers are protected from those particular types of attacks next we’re going to take a look at browsing protocols because our clients and our servers are going to be communicating with each other using various protocols and we need to understand the implication of how each of these protocols.
Work and what the security issues are with.

Each one of them and actually in some cases how certain.

Protocols can be used to enhance our security portfolio and then finally we’re going to take a look at instant messaging and of course it’s an important technology that is.

Web enabled and there’s a lot of companies and even private individuals that use instant messaging in order to enhance their communication capabilities the problem with instant messaging is that it may not be as perfectly secure as a lot.

Of people think it is so what can we do as IT security professionals to address some of the security concerns regarding instant messaging and.

Of course here is the challenge that we face there are several different web server technologies that can be used by a company to provide web services to their internal and their external customers this is just a short list of popular web server applications that you might run into as an IT security professional.

Each of these web server applications that were looking at here require steps to be.

To secure their respective installations it’s not like it’s a one approach fits all kind of a situation you have to know the specifics about.

Each one of these different types of web servers and then apply the proper steps necessary to secure those servers so that they can provide all of.

Customers in the company is expecting them to while at the same time not leaving any open vulnerabilities whether it’s the web server application itself or whether it’s web apps that are installed on top of the web server that may have vulnerabilities as an IT security Pro we need.

To understand those implications and make sure that they’re being properly addressed now while it’s outside the scope of the course objectives for us.

To dive into each one of those web server technologies and identify how to specifically secure each one of them it is within the scope of this particular course to identify some of the general things that we should be doing some of the best practices that we should be applying.

To our web servers to make sure that they’re secure so let’s take a look at how we can actually lock down our web server and you’re going to see that it’s really not all that unlike locking down any other kind of server that we have in our environment we want to make sure that the software that we’ve installed is updated to the most current level and that if there are any patches that need to be applied to plug up any security.

Holes that we apply those patches in a timely manner so again patching the operating system patching the web application and then also patching any of the other apps that are riding on top.

Of that web server is important to make sure that the system is completely secure we want to remove any unused applications again anytime you’ve got software installed and.

Running on a server there is a potential that that software could be used to exploit that server so if it’s not needed get rid of it we also want to make sure that we turn off any unnecessary services or.

In the UNIX world we call them Damon’s right we want to make sure that if they’re.

Not needed they’re shut down again it’s just another way for an attacker to gain access to our valuable systems we want to make sure that we log in audit all of the activity on those systems because they are customer facing in many respects they’re facing the public may be in our DMZ for example we want to make sure that we know who’s gaining access to them and what they’re trying to do so auditing is a very critical part.
Of securing a server and then.

Of course we want to make sure that we perform regular system backups of all of the data that’s being created and generated and maintained by that system as part of an earlier exercise that took place at global.

Man tix the IT security team had identified that servers were not being properly locked down prior to deployment so they put a standard in place that has all of the specific steps that need to be taken to lock servers down before they can actually get on.

To the corporate network so all new servers being deployed whether they’re web servers or not have to go through that particular checklist to make sure that they meet the standards now as.

For servers that were deployed prior to the standard being in place global man –tx we’ll be looking at each of.

The servers in their environment and if they do not meet that lockdown standard.

They will either be reconfigured to be locked down or if they’re old enough and it’s time to retire them they’ll be replaced with new hardware a new configuration and again it will go through that lockdown checklist to make sure that those.

Servers are fully secure now the next step in web server security is giving people access to your box and while.

That may seem contradictory to the concept of security security means two things it means not letting people onto your boxes that shouldn’t have access to that data or those systems and the other half of it is giving people proper levels of access to the systems that they need in order for them to do.

Their job or in the case of.

Your customers in order for them to do business with you so now it’s time for IT security to plan a strategy around how we’re going to let people gain access to our web servers so access control becomes that next point of concern involving web server security so some of the things we want to consider on really critical boxes that have.

Sensitive data on it we want to make sure that we require that users authenticate we have to make sure that they have a valid user name and password we even want to go.

So far as to make sure that encrypted authentication traffic is the way we do business we do not want to.

Allow people to authenticate in clear-text it’s way too easy for anybody on the network to or on the internet even to sniff that packet find out what their.

Login credentials are and then just.

Log in so we want to make sure that we have encrypted authentication traffic and.

Any transmissions of data between the endpoints between the client and the server should also be fully encrypted as well the next thing that you want to do is you want to restrict your user accounts and I like to start off by restricting my anonymous user account which is an account that gets installed.

By default with a lot of the different web servers that are out there and the example I have here for you is microsoft’s iis server an internet information server they have an account that.

They create as soon as you install iis and it’s called i user underscore and then the name of the actual server that is being used that together is the actual anonymous user account you want to make sure that you apply least privileges not just to that account but definitely to that account you want to make sure that that account has least privilege because that’s the account that people will use to just generically browse your website when.

Somebody connects up and is actually browsing your website they’re basically authenticating using that particular account so you want to make sure that it doesn’t have card block privileges on that server you want.

To apply lease privileges to anyone even if you are going to be doing some level of authentication if you’re going to be using say for example windows authentication to make sure that people are who they say they are you want to apply lease privileges to each one of those accounts so they can only do what they’re supposed to you also want to restrict local logon who needs to actually log right on the server itself you may log into the website authenticating.

Onto the website is one thing but being able to log on to the server and gain access to the operating system and the configuration files of the website and all that.

Other stuff that’s on that server is generally limited to the administrators of the box and the web environment and potentially the applications that were installed most other users are not going to have to log on locally.

So limit the number of people that can and then also limit how you use the right and the execute function the right function will allow an end user to modify files on that website and the execute function will allow them to actually run a script or some executable file and depending upon that file it could do some harm so you want to make sure that you limit.

How you apply write and execute privileges to your website another best practice that you want to apply to your web servers is to make your privileged accounts unique anyone that has any level of privilege on that web server should be logging into that web server with a special account that they and only they will use it helps you keep track of who’s been on that box and potentially.

What changes they’ve made but you also want to make sure that those accounts are different than the accounts that they would use.

To log into the normal internal network because if you’ve got a box out on the DMZ that’s exposed to the Internet.

And anybody can potentially hack their way onto that box if they put enough effort onto.

It you don’t want them finding what user accounts and passwords can actually gain them access to the internal network so again make them different than the internal IDs that you use for logging on to your main network and then finally you want to actually secure your directory structures the content of a website is organized into various directories that reside under the web root hierarchy the web root is the top level of.

The permissions that you place on the directories will control what a user or a script can actually do within that website so you want to make sure that you’re applying proper security to the directory structure that represents that website so you’re probably wondering what specific settings what kinds of permissions should we be applying to the.

That are within that web root structure that level of detail falls outside of the course objectives for security plus but at least at this point you’re aware of the fact that there are directory structure security mechanisms permissions that.

You need to put in place to better secure that web server and when you do get out there and you’re actually working on securing a.

Web server you can take a look at which operating system which.

Web server technology which file system capabilities are built into that configuration what your options are what the.

Business requirements are and then you can.

Make the appropriate choices at that time now we’re going to take a look at what we need to do to actually build.

Secure web services so beyond just building a secure server we have to take a look at the bigger picture now and identify the different things we have.

Into consideration when building web services the building of secure web services involves being very keenly aware of the top threats that can compromise a web services environment if you know what the top threats are then you can take.

The proper countermeasures to make sure that your systems are secure from those types of attacks so we’re going to talk about specifically things like unauthorized access parameter manipulation Network eavesdropping message replays and disclosure of configuration data now if.

You take a look at the little graphic that I have below here notice how we have a consumer who wants to gain access to web services and there’s this external firewall that they have to go through now notice the different types of threats that we just mentioned here we have.

Jh012 Outdoor 3g Network Bullet Security Camera

Hello everyone my name is Melinda here I’m gonna show you a pretty easy setup 3d audio camera as in the box this case is a common ip65 bullet but inside it it’s different from what you see on market the can’t accept is mt6582 it is based on Android the empty serious chips that normally used for phone so basically.
This camera is an Android smartphone smartphone or a SIM.

Card so that this camera LED is aa second in the SIM.

Card first we unlocked cover this is the SIM cards not cert get our app to you again you can find it in google play or a PP store sign in with your own account then we scan.

The QR code on the camera it says Bondi it’s successful we can start using see how simple it is it’s 720p resolution the picture is nice the view angle is 120 degree with IR distance of 50 meters now let’s go.

To settings is a 720p resolution see is very nice you can take photos here if you also save videos let’s go to the settings you can set device name as you want here you can choose the alert type motion detection and humanize detection Kludd notification here we have push notification from Qi camp and also message notification here you can add poll numbers then when motion is.

Detected you can either can’t call you you can also set a large schedule so during your work time won’t disturb you a lot of fantastic thing is that.

Our QA and offers seven days free storage for all our cameras if you just need an easy set up camera like this please find us.