Update #9: Natural Approach – Should You Be Aiming For Sex On A Date?

Well good morning folks isn’t that one of those beautiful autumnal days in Poland and how long is it going to continue for it’s been absolutely stupendous it’s been beautiful sunshine for the last virtually two months there’s been probably a couple of days of cloud and rain and that’s pretty much it now let’s just quickly deal with the stats.

Side of things I am on a project a ten-part project called the natural approach project in which I having gained some experience in daytime approaches and dating I’m actually not specifically going out to.

Approach girls like you might do if you were a night gamer you went out to bars and clubs late at night or if you’re a day game and you go out during the day two or three times a week for a couple of hours and approach girls hit telephone numbers and gets dates this is actually more of an.

Intermediate experienced type project where I take my foot off the gas I go about my normal day-to-day life I’ve run a law firm I’ve got a lot happening in my life over and above girls and I only.

Approach girls you know as I’m going out about my day to day now I have during.

The last week approached six girls and I’ve got one telephone number I have you know had really quite an astonishing couple of months I’ve got seven leads is the word I get seven.

Girls whom I’m two of whom I’ve slept with at one in Russia one here one who’s in Russia who is actually coming to visit me this is another girl who’s coming to visit me and actually applied an.
Obtained visa come to visit me in in Warsaw three of the.

Girls are girls from 52 first dates project actually four of them however are girls that I’ve met during the course of the natural approach projects I would say that of the girls that I’ve the seven that I’ve got although it’s been fabulous and I’ve kind of got results with.

Them I I probably only three perhaps two of them would I consider from proper full-time relationship material so though it might kind of look good and guys might be thinking all Erickson’s gunning it is you know he’s got is doing great and.

Yes I has been great and he compared from where I was four years ago is just you know a zillion miles in my three of you mirror but still am I in a happy relationship regular sex of a girl that I’m genuinely attracted to or perhaps many relationships with two or three playing the field a little and the nuts are there at this point in time is probably not and I think perhaps going forward the learning note for me.

Is to be a little bit more selective about the girls that I’m going out on dates with rather than just being kind of a prisoner of my ego attempting to get loads of dates get lots of sex we have the Selma.

Tell my mates over a pint at a pub on you know the new player on the block I’m too old for their anyway so hip now let’s come onto the the story of the day this.

Girl is a super girl I met her in a coffee shop.

You can rewind a couple of vlogs of the natural approach project its cigarettes and coffee quite early on in the day one of the.

Interesting things about the natural approach project is I do meet girls at all different points of the compass in terms of my daily activities and this daily activity was actually having.

#3 Fastest, Easiest Way To Meet Girls! Nlp Trainer, Hypnosis, Pua, Dating Tips Coach Mike Kollin

Hey what’s going on everyone’s my Colleen the benefit are all right um I’m going to make a video today based on yesterday’s video I asked a bit of a question today I set out what’s important to you about my course right and we’ve got a list of things that are so forgiving we’ll just because it was really interesting.

To surprise a lot of you because you think at all it’s just to pick up artist Chris know this is a personal development course for success for.

Happiness making more money getting the girl of your dreams saving.

Your marriage enhancing your marriage building the trust in your.

Marriage and and actually bringing the happiness back and fun and joy and pleasure ok so so talked so I’ll ask you the question again so.

What what’s most important to you about my business about about taking this course so to me I know in the beginning it you just said it sounds like a.

Picking up girls kind of thing but it goes and much much deeper because you know I’ve always had a dream of home to a big city eventually and I always felt this sense of I’m not sure if I could do.

It you know just being out there by myself could I handle all that and I was always looking for the thing or.

You know that wouldn’t make everything okay maybe doing this and then everything is going to be okay and doing that and everything is gonna be alright but well this is with Mike’s course it’s more like you.

Just have a solid sense of yourself and it makes you feel reassured and just gives you it gives you a lot of power you know instead.

Of doing all the things out there to make you feel good you just feel.

Good and which helps you do the things out there better yeah that’s probably a really good way of saying it yeah you’re coming from a much more grounded place and you know which business or picking up girls.

Or you know this that or the other thing literally anything do you see how like a lot of guys are even people they try to do it out there to feel good in here yes does that work no it does not work that is the mistake that everyone makes and that you know it’s funny now that you’ve learned us do you understand what.

Buddha meant saying you know you know be inside and you know all that steel spiritual stickier does this make more.

Sense now yeah you have a better understanding of it but um because it’s almost like what does in cheap what’s in there is almost projected out.

There so let’s say that you know I get in a situation where hmm i have a fight with a co-worker or something if I mean if I’m in a more calm.
State it’s not gonna be that bad of a thing for me where otherwise if I.

Was just angry and caught up in all that stuff it’s gonna be it might end it you know turned out to be a really bad thing so it’s just it’s more about having a centered you know I’m being being calm said being.

Similar to being called would you say it’s more like do you even understand this phrase.

Better having a sense of self yes yes that’s what I meant when you hear those phrases from women or spiritual teachers and come from within and you know all it connect with the world or.

Be in the present do you understand being the present moment now finally yeah we go mike is actually he’s got me anchored in on the state and I’m everybody says the word I pop right into the moment right so there’s a couple tricks to help them access it a lot easier and a lot faster okay.

So anything else you want to say about that note Lucius what I was trying to say is a lot of people are trying to go out there to make themselves happy I’m gonna make more money by a nicer car now first you think also this guy’s saying be dirt poor and broke no I am NOT saying that I want you to be wealthy now.

Here’s the thing though I want you to do it in an easier way in a funner way in a more fulfilling and meaningful way that is more motivating and inspiring.

What you see the way you not just Geste the state and way of being you accessed do you see how that it’s gonna make your job a lot funner yeah do you see how it’s gonna make you more creative like you know what I’m.

Gonna make more money over here I can go do this now yeah we were just talking about it you enjoy the little things even if you don’t have a big project going on if you don’t have just move money raining down at the moment you’re still okay you know you’re still enjoying life and when.

You do get to that point you enjoy it even more so a lot of people will make a.

Hundred thousand two hundred thousand million dollars a year and they’re going out there they’re trying well if I get this and.

Then i’ll be happy here well I’ll be honest with you you know I was a.

Religious spiritual person and I ok yes and but I really did deep down side of hated that God you know I want the money because I think the money’s gonna make me happen what I’m trying to say is.

You can have both understand that what I’m trying to say is you get more money when you actually feel better inside when you when you uh when you connect inside when you come from yourself and that’s what the video is about yesterday and you’re getting a sense of that from him still you’re still there right now and I am too actually and do you see how by trying to go out there and make it then it makes you weak yeah and stressed it’s a.

It’s a feeling of trying all the time you feel like you need to try.

It every little thing and it’s just going to drain you eventually yeah do you see that now you’re inside like me I now I can go get that job now I can kick ass now I can study better to get.

To better grades now I can step.

In the ring be totally solid and you have more energy your energies flowing yeah all right even in the previous video I wasn’t as relaxed we actually just said yeah a little break so I feeling better right now but you know when you’re in the flow.

You know everything just feels good all the time yeah there’s a video we made yesterday if you notice to get different sure we made two videos today the other one I don’t know if I’m gonna upload so you’re talking about the other video today yeah yeah so you feel a.

Lot more in the floor in our home so let’s get back to the original question unless you’ve got something else you want to say it right so the original question I asked them were soon at the tables man let’s put this on the video I said what is most important to you about taking my course and just spit it out and so his answers kind of surprised.

Me so do you want to read them off and then we can kind of break it down seven.

With being myself and being comfortable with myself having a sense of power excessive I can do it you know confidence assurance everything’s going to be okay everything’s gonna fall in the right place getting along better with people you know I always add this you know I’ve gotta be friends.

With everybody or you know I mean what if that person doesn’t like me I think.

You just get over that after a while yeah when you’re in this place it’s okay for people not to like you do you get that yeah also you’re not worried i quilt i know i think that’s okay because you know your head thinking thinking thinking you’re actually down in here.

And you’re more solid yeah you had a better life you feel good focus on things better and get a better sense of freedom so overall it just makes your life so much better.

That it’s almost like when you when you’re not there you want to be there and it’s more than just a pickup artist thing it’s going.

To improve your life in every single aspect you’re gonna feel it you know whenever I’m gonna have your voice so you say that again a little louder I want to make sure they’re good nap so a lot i’m gonna want a pickup artist thing you’re gonna feel it all the time you can it’s not even like you’re using something to feel better it’s just you just are better would you say that the reason people try to.

Make million dollars is that deep down side they want to feel this one day yeah we she had the reason why people do drugs okay admit it when you popped open to this.

Yesterday do you feel like you’re on a drug it kind of did like a smooth happy drug.

Yeah yeah yeah that’s right yeah yeah and when you went to work will you just kind of like so do you need drugs to feel that way no no you know remember an NLP they.

Were teaching us that your brain that chemistry factoring your brain I don’t maybe your body.

Ten times more hundred times more powerful than any drug you could make outside of your by that cocaine and you know whatever and as I can it’s bullshit come on come on you know and I didn’t get it they took us through some things but because i had this I don’t believe it I never act I never allowed myself to have that.

Experience and something oh wow this feels great i’m like.

All your line is close your bullshit but now that i’m doing it now i’m like right now do you now you understand why i don’t smoke pot yeah I.

Want to fuck this up you get what I’m saying yeah no ruler I get it like I’ve never I’ve never really done drugs so I don’t you know I don’t know what that’s all about but when you’re see I’m not I’m.

Not as open as I was when we did the session back there smooth yeah that was just like Shh right so but I still feel pretty good I’m pretty open right now and I think for you doing a video is kind of new.

So maybe that might uh yeah yeah still feeling that right so all right so what really stood out for me when he did is listen I said what’s most important to you about taking my course being myself and again as I said it twice or three times do you now understand what it means to be yourself not make down yeah right being comfortable now how many times you’ve heard a woman’s him look if our guy who’s comfortable in his skin comfortable with himself you’re all the.

Time you know things like a guy who knows himself who would knows who he is where he’s going it’s your more how would you say focused but it not in a not not focused and more open focused like.

You’re more aware it’s probably the better work yeah yeah I don’t you understand so the other one is he said it’s like you have an advantage in life yeah do you see how other people without this they’re blind or the very narrow.

Basically yeah when you know and I noticed they wasn’t no I notice it now when I’m not there I know and I am better it’s sort of.

Like when you when you’re trying to hear somebody talk it’s almost like you’re trying to grasp what they’re saying and take it into you but you are open it’s like you just let it.

Let it flow in you just receive all the communication you don’t block anything out because when you’re doing it this way actually good and shut the door.

Because okay always fun to get back all right so most people are listening in a village called a very narrow tubular way and they literally block out the body language to tone alley and they block out a lot of communication they don’t realize are doing it but they’re really trying to listen you see out really try and closes.

The door mmhmm yeah that’s the wrong thing to do and most people try to study this way and listen the professor and struggle do you see why the struggles because they’re the ones doing this yeah and that is the struggle when you.

Let go the struggle alts and you’re happy here’s another thing I want to say one things I realized years and years into this whole NLP hypnosis and.

Energy and consciousness stuff is my learn to open this up I feel good and then I start going on public like this i started notes people up.

Yeah you asshole honk the horn and I’m like wow it’s not that person it’s it’s because it’s because their energy the doors closed the energies cut I need to go somewhere and it’s it’s.

Locked up and and it’s like a pressure cooker.

But when you open it and release the pressure how do you feel way better yes way better alright so now now just follow me describe now can you look at other people let other person and see why there are all the time they’re yelling and screaming they’re trying to get the message out because the inner energy is stuck yes ok so what son sticky now so the other thing that stood out and uh keyword won’t overturn her he said freedom you.

Feel a lot more free when you’re like this yeah you have a better sense of your own drive you know you’re not doing things because you’re supposed to do them or because people tell you to do them no.

You know what you want to do and then that’s what you gonna do and it’s it’s almost like say you have a job that you’re okay with but you want a better job you.

Know instead of sticking with it you’re gonna gonna say myself like I can do the better thing you know cuz you feel it yeah it’s not like I can do it I can do it like oh I can do that yeah should she the difference yeah if somebody says well no dude I’m gonna hand you this you know this big composition of my company and you’ve got to get it done.

You’re not gonna freak out and think I’m not sure if I can do that you’re gonna know yeah I got this yeah.

You can feel it so then he said so basically.

Freedom to do the things that I like you know to get a better job.

Just to have fun the other final thing he said was overall makes things so much easier and you went to work last night was it was easier thing yeah.

Yeah it’s everything just changes units and it’s not like all of a sudden you know you’re just in on a different planet or anything it’s like everything just runs along so much better you know things emotional things or any kind of situation they.

Don’t get to you as much you just sort of would let them go and yeah you’re just not caught up so much you’re you’re relaxing your mother caught up so much if you every little thing pisses you off or upset you know can you just.

Flow with it right I try to give you a visual because when people are doing this it this is what gets every little thing all right all right so when you open up its again it’s no big deal.

And do you understand how you enjoy life more yeah you enjoy food more pleasure more it just life becomes great I mean I was enjoying just sitting on a table oh that I could have SAT there for like 10 hours yeah we were supposed to do a boxing lesson.

After yesterday’s session but did you know it’s like neither one over suck Africa now just sitting there like now because it just feels too.

Good but anyway so uh like I said my last video I’m also teaching a benefit a box I was a competitive fighter i’m not gonna go tell right now um there’s so much I don’t know if he said now but he said.

Get along with people that her because you get along with people better mm-hmm uh he said have a better.

Life you feel good focused on better things now do you know it’s like you’re focused on better things because it’s more enjoyable not because well I’m supposed to be disciplined and focused you see the difference yeah you’re the focus just naturally goes.

There because you feel so good you don’t want to feel negative so you just your focus just goes in a better place that’s.

All how’s the perfect thing to say anything else sir that’s about it alright that’s I’m gonna.

End on that’s a perfect ending hey this is mike choline mike choline com buy my book at crack the female code calm or go.

Choline calm that’s the home page you know I I’m gonna leave with that I thank you very much for watching this and I hope that this benefited you and gives you a stronger idea of what my courses really about it is about changing your life making more money having more social part if I could say one thing absolutely that’s what it’s about more social power more.

Social comfort and being in social situations and just being just relaxed in and enjoying.

Yourself that’s what I’m doing right now peace out see you soon all right guys thank you all appreciate.

His Secret Obsession Review – Seduction Secrets For Attracting Men

Statistics showed that about 41% of all first marriages and a divorce this is a depressing statistic to say the least and yet each year this number rises ever so slightly so the question now is why do marriages and relationships hit the rocks after all both parties loved each other enough to tie the knot where did the love go.

Why has the passion fizzled out the answer is familiarity like the old saying goes familiarity breeds contempt the key to keeping the passion and love alive is to prevent.

Familiarity and a lack of admiration for one’s partner from.

Setting in James Bower a relationship expert wrote a book his secret obsession just for women to understand the inner workings of their man’s mind it has been an online bestseller for years and is like the female version of the game that was written by Neil Strauss if you’re starting to pick up signs that your marriage is going stale this book has your name written all over it it will guide you.

On how to rekindle the passion and love in your marriage when your husband is obsessed over you his eyes won’t wander elsewhere there are several tips in the book that our mind games but it’s all about understanding in the nature when you understand what your husband needs in a marriage and you give it to him he will be very committed to you with all the raging feminists on the planet today going out of your.

Way to please your husband is deemed as weakness.

Yet most of these feminists are often single and besides moaning and protesting they really have nothing else.

The truth of the matter is that a wise woman knows exactly what to do to keep her husband in love with her it’s not weakness but brilliance like the actor Denzel Washington once said a wise woman.

Knows the importance of speaking life into her man if you love him believe in him encourage him and be his peace James Bowers book will show you exactly what to do to save your marriage let’s look at why it’s so effective things you’ll love about his secret obsession it gives you a thorough understanding of how men think and why they act the way they do this inner peek into the male psyche will.
Blow your mind the truth of the matter is that most women.

Are clueless they try to save their marriage and act in a way that they think they’ll positively respond to despite all the talk about gender equality the fact remains that men and women think differently his secret obsession will give you the facts from a man’s point of view by doing what James suggests your husband.
Will be much more responsive rather than put off his interest in.

You will increase and he’ll be more committed to you and remember why he married you despite the fact.

That this guide was targeted at married women hoping to save their marriages it can be very useful to single woman to ever had.

An occasion where a man said he’d call.

You back after a date and you never hear from him again.

And you don’t know why this book will tell you why you’ll understand if you’re subconsciously giving off signals that repel men you don’t know what you don’t know his secret obsession will open your eyes it doesn’t matter how pretty or talented you are without the right social skills and understanding of how men think your love life is.

Going to be painful and difficult this is a risk-free purchase you have 60 days to try out the techniques in the guide and see if they.

Work for you most of the time your marriage will get so much better that you’ll forget about the refund policy but if you’re still not satisfied you can always get your money back the writing is on the wall his secret obsession has sold thousands of copies and has a long list of happy customers it has been one of the top.

Selling relationship guides online for a couple of years if that’s not.

That this product works nothing is the.

Secret methods such as the x-ray question and the glimpse.

Phrase are exceptionally brilliant they’ll help you to put the spark back into your marriage and fan the glowing embers till they’re roaring flames james methods work period we live in times.

Where Affairs and infidelity are very common the silent auction technique in this book will keep your husband loyal to you and he’ll not be tempted to cheat it may seem too good to be true and yet it works you just need to know what to do this book is inexpensive and will help any woman to salvage her marriage even if you have a strong marriage the techniques in his secret obsession will help to flavor your marriage like a fine wine what you need to know about his secret obsession consistency.

Matters you need to apply every tip you’re taught you can’t do it half-heartedly some women may feel shy or intimidated to carry out certain actions but they’ll need to go ahead and give the techniques a try getting out of your comfort zone may be necessary but the fact of the matter is that your.

Life will change if you change follow James advice for the letter and keep at it you must be consistent and followed the instructions in this guide this is an online download you’ll.

Need a computer and an internet connection to access it however you can always print out the guide after downloading it why you should buy his secret obsession today a more pertinent question you should be asking is how important is my marriage to me.

If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work his secret obsession just might help you let’s not forget your husband did marry you his feelings may be buried but they’re still there James guide will give you the skills you need.

To bring the marriage back to life it’s much easier when you know.

What you’re doing what you need is knowledge and method instead of blindly following your.

Emotions this book will give you all the skills and techniques you require so use James techniques and save your marriage today you.

How To Make Friends As An Adult

All right you probably feel like a loser for clicking on this video but don’t feel that way because in this modern day lifestyle like we’re we’re basically expected as an adult to just be able to make friends like that or just to have friends already maybe they lay over for college school whatever it is our job but the.

Truth is people move people change places they change positions and sometimes the friends that you’re around just suck man they’re not motivated and they’re kind of holding you back so what is the process that you have to go through to make new awesome close friends well for me in my.

Life this didn’t come easy for me like I remember long periods of time where I really struggle with this I’ve been a loner most of my life an introvert some guy who’s had a lot of trouble in this area I remember when I was in college I used to eat pretty much every single time in the Dining Commons by myself and it wasn’t until I figured out what I.

Was doing wrong that I started correcting this sort of thing even after college I had a lot of trouble I struggled I didn’t start from Ground Zero every single time but.

Life I have friends all around the city that I live in I close awesome motivated guys that are picking me up that got my back any time I need to go out with someone I got someone to go out with anytime I need help with something I got somebody there for.

Me and anytime like countless hookups countless things that have gone my way because of the friends network that I’ve created and I want that.

To happen to you guys as well because it can be kind of tricky especially with the way things are these days is we have so many.

Options so many choices so how do you do it well the first thing that I would tell you is that you need I say this on my channel so much you need to get out I mean when it comes to getting girls when it comes to all that stuff you need to get out.

Also for friends too I mean friends aren’t just gonna happen while you’re sitting home watching TV it’s just it’s just not gonna happen that way the other thing too.

Is making effort with people like I guarantee you have probably relationships right now that you’re kind of leaving.

Squandered you you you should hit those people up let them know you care about them Lennon you don’t have to hang out with them every single day you don’t have to be a super buddy-buddy close but just letting them know that you’re there that you’re checking in on them is usually a pretty good.

When I find that when people meet other people the problem that they have and I had this problem too was I had to fight my own selfishness I had to fight my own judgmental nature I’m I judge myself pretty harshly and I judge other people pretty harshly too so whenever I had the opportunity to hang out with someone I’d be like now that person seems like president seems like kind of a loser I.

Don’t really want to hang out with them or like they don’t really seem they don’t really seem like you might have a personality or something like that I just don’t think it’s.

Gonna work long term like I don’t really you know I’d rather just be by myself well yeah I had to start fighting those feelings because they obviously weren’t working I mean I was looking at myself in this date.

Agent I was thinking shit man I have no friends I got a have to really change that so I.

Had to kind of fight my own selfish and judgmental tendencies and the other thing that I just start doing was I had to start giving more than I was receiving I typically I was so paranoid because of the way I was treated when I was a kid that I was always afraid that people were gonna play me I was always afraid people were gonna use me for stuff they were like I would be kind to them and they wouldn’t be.
Kind back to me so I had a lot of paranoia in.

This area and I had to get over it so I just start when you first start making friends like Gary Vaynerchuk says that.

You have to you know in life you should always give 51% and expect 49% in return I think when you’re starting out making friends do it it feels like it’s 90% you giving and 10% you get back if you’re lucky most the time you don’t get anything back you just get like you know people gonna use you be were gonna do this that or the other thing to you um and when you’re first starting out that.

Can happen but it’s worth it to get past these points to find people that aren’t gonna do that sort of stuff to you I think it’s totally worth it and in the end it’s gonna start evening out its gonna be like 5050 and then when you get to a certain point where we have so many friends it could even be you can even feel like you’re receiving more than you’re getting um and the truth is is.

That the more you start to do this the more you realize that actually giving towards people.

Actually being positive providing value that actually makes you happy that actually raises your value in itself one of the ways that you can provide value is start inviting people to things say hey I’m gonna go for a hike this weekend or.

I’m going out when you want to come.

Out with me or I’m going to this party you should come with like at first.

You know even if you just have an acquaintance or you have someone that you just met like they might not come they might not show up but it’s gonna increase the likelihood that they will invite you to something in the future -.

And if they come with you awesome dude like that might be a good friend for you to keep around so.

Start inviting people the things start you know saying yes to invitations I know it’s.

So easy when somebody invites you or something you’re like oh god I would much rather to sit at home and do nothing then go to the head like you’re thinking about all the stuff you have to do I meet a bunch of people that I don’t know you you have to put that behind yourself and just start saying yes and be open to things okay so how do we.

Meet some of these people you know well we have the mind sets down we have these sort of behaviors that you’re supposed to be doing what should you actually start doing well I always recommend on this channel I love group activities during the week I mean when I was going out regularly like I was going out five or six nights a week with a full-time job and I still was doing group activities one of the things that works really really.

Glamour Weaving & Psychic Seduction

Hi guys and back met een nieuwe video and this video is about sidekick seduction en glamour hoe je ving and some other stuff that you might find interesting like demper is mijn server turns en de kon of power and the money worden want het het op die uw boot is dit online live tiles explodeert en different and screens.

En moeder een ster lee and people boer voor je of niet maar was cool.

De black eyed peas en hij doet het black eyes but for some reason door een ster hoor dees tinten wereld was freaking people als en are surrounded by familie voor ons of de familie french.

Neighbours friends of the neighbors.

Rens en om alle vormen people and some other people.

And all other people and you know if you were much or.

Magician researcher die van 10 of strings en you may be a little bit scary but not really get scary maar die hoe jullie likes’ toestel en people and this song.

Of voelde to chase de mooi nou dit was een boer easy free shipping by my family members and my hij dan ook nu nog viewer is het you don’t.
Like ook ik was altijd al een people i’m.

Talking about or just the order iemand eentje chat en iemand over religie investeert in al de vingers de other.

People interested in en is hard je nooit.

Stil cool to blend in en tu we kennen om gedaan voor je buddy en doelen things they duw en lofting zie love.

And light things they like te duwen zo al.

Deze for people and all star leather with my black high beach arm blackwater to them they seem black lekker snel en hij spend a lot of time hallo in de tree of loon in forest or long walk in de drop in a for a store hallo play the guitar or long doing something like home edition in warm en het weet je of 7 hij start building services and on for the seven al zo warm voor die speelde een publiek who did you.

Know if you do something voor voor de ierse binnenhemel 14 you learn how to show you create and building mijn t-shirt euros and she’ll de conventie met hem dat ik was at some point een servertour wil dit.

Soort en with doen en hoe hermes en self-awareness and self knolletje mijn te doen die de kool in beet your.

Miljonair wie bodystore dat zon of s en media lief en snel iets meer the goals of my life people having my french and dishes and nephews that were supposed to be my friends or teasing.

Meer hoe je voorbij jaar lukt doe mee.

Spoke to my love doing a job at work like ik af was het toen mooi.

En wolk like a boy en rolde niches in de war girly girly girls and life was like a decline 2be klik tree climbing schokker kanaal of borrel rol in de mat voor drock’s gonna go play het marbles carlo floral zo betonboor en die wordt ie zien wie wie is the sting zijn db rol in hoe de flesjes en arm was in santing that my mother make van die en het moet zijn sam weer basile of weer winst af that she made for before or something els.

Word en avans weer door die zoveel keer journaal hij was like en komt u tegenvalt het je of.

This en biedt effort and they vriend zo aan maar dus wel showen toe de werelden die ik sider.

De bal dit and then also lets you the building the power of komen en dat.

Die use wow hallo in wk iets voor of ceremonial sneller ceremonial tribe of magic where do we in een cirkel heeft york of er members and then you start to singing and dancing en het roaming en volkersingel zo’n frame in die l chu hi.

Ya know but familie using en kleding de power kon was done by dorps leder om haar lost of course wordt ook af door ladder en ar ik doe dit even de in tbs vol wereld en hij wilt server turns ricciardo ze in nam hem surrounded by at least icing het pack of fifty door server te dorps en yo heeft te doen of research about.

Door bridge en wat dr paus en de character daar skills ter genetics derde genezen en let them some honey dr generating en ouder ben romy romy zo omdat using a.

Inner barry chu create de dolk surfers en de war dorps en de hel hans en aimée de connectie met de hel hans des icarly short en deetch en this all works well je mensen planus couple of times die mensen die kan als ik couple of times and of course there arbo denk ook alle bouchard père lachaise and very projectteam.

En smart en query plexus en nieuwe hebt hem al een olie of course hij koos pitbulls because they rommelen jan roeiers en adorno want ik voor heren de.

Pitbull they forgot uw het in tellen jeans of something en zo dubbel you won’t find each one more people in my server te pack wat aan use de dorpskroeg be and generate the goal of power like en share at.

First you use your own imagination your own inner bad.

En your own visualisatie en meditation chu create one soort hoor je poriën ladder of course i left you know how to not just courrier dit je hebt shui je hebt u mijn tenen toe heft uwe lang youtube game shuttle self-awareness and its ze continu proces aan.

Work with the server de dorpskern.

Dmv niveaus even wat het is een en al oor d is live cooking with dog’ ding het exercise and then i training en de niet faction en zo that’s why did it my fifty-one fifty per server te dox en d generate de power on zo icann extracts voor om die extra or.

Feel they create voor nu zodat ze korting nou die korrels de group is a work has to like them to roll of de tube liefst en to make them like the tube kernel liefde en die is kept stelling die je bek en en de diggin en erg stil domineert.

Zo komen er wordt een in the age of 7 en die je voert hij aan waarvoor hype en grond you not just you moest die kolen power lotto bickham die korrels armen solitaire which arno houdt wilde gewoon.

Of power je muziek servers zomaar doen die koffer members to sew ram yours mega poland and zijn droom mijn doel zijn vinger de wand en sterren zij doen al.

De wickens demi nu wel wat die iets noot die ontdoe je nou iets iets like they seem like what they can use it or touch it or does something we dit arjan ook zo’n servers case of de frends de het slachten talents and skills man was fairway boutet dancing en beleden en langer man.

Was meer je komt er bellydancing en just stealing staf en hallo know their work while opdoen en access for one eye het order to develop and you some al reeds en it still there you can nodig voor mij.

Trok inge walton that it still there but all other people think that’s like ik zo dakshin is something that women use us news and or other women or death cycle seduction de santing dat men used to seduce women or from en and its sexual ving nou.

In my case wit zwart of true and use of emporium dit worden want het dossier aan dat komt u this video die en zo dus meer of niet unused wimper wish.

You het strekt voor energy fund er carisma intel inside in een chip in toen their life force picos de noomi your enemies don’t have anything that you want dr.

En verving de tube doen had verwond zo gefocust onder talents and their core is maar en aimée diest en trolls en stapte mint u er or.

Het viel ten kate training de voorkeur is magie you the sense of humor af wat dit des monats je dit voor wimper is een en voor sidekick seduction hoi didn’t.

Want uw edge rector ze duurzaam en problemen aan wanted you be kom en sexy and sensual and beautiful and in the system will is possible to just to make them gallons.

En going to go crazy en nick toen wonder wat kom ik wel een she was toen weer one chance de appli bike chase the ugly air-chair stimuleert black scs is frames.

Hoi inge life she has no sense of humour hoi oom henry en john klap premier enter a party hem je intro show prominenter celebration mammie intro en papa restaurant or why you just for fun toon wire onder a is op de men presence focust om sidekick seduction hun al en natuur wie je mijn nek me but just you can bekken doen hoi venge to know niet van die mensen voor wie het.

Was just something like that you make up jealous en niet een wonder met hem doden bal ijssel hij was te bieden vol en nou onder mijn arm looking at her en en wat scorion en hij god bellen.

Renderheader dit en het soms word ik de game abe er hebben die kost als mensen in this before i’m in sexueel moment ik in sexual en dit nieuws that you’re not interested in seks en lijstje waarin een internet or close relationship moet somebody’ zo het was een de heb notting te doen.

Met mee want you to get laid hoor nee want you to hook up is zo’n ding sam body or het het neiging te duwen wie is having seks te verdienen zijn us that ass and offering your sacrifice het het lag ding te doen hoe is mijn achting te duwen baking somebody’ voor in londen knie of ik was.

Make my friends die kolom koppeling die in secure in ik snap het nou is om point was ik maar has punten doet al wist ik niet of.

Formaat voor iets station en die was like door mijn.

Met nuts is veel om die kat koe just see all the men and some women josh kokosolie en not be able to you just move men google mooie en dit just caps tegenstelling heb meer an ever created in the stalkers en dat je korting online want we dit doel was maple zie je dit alles binnen voelt uitstap during.

This time of in life inc seven or eight years ago the koos hij band int u uw aan die soort frans en lof linies is en hij soort olie in vorm live vorm spronk van spark van brightness for good looks cookies bielski 10 hair not being able to work or is folie en was.

Like a won haar wonden daddle een meting software voor hier and i’m just.

Bridge shining zo het was ik richting nou shanqiet selection wempe reason of koerier chauffeur of stoel probeer de tekst.

Glam Using Pat Mcgrath Labs Mothership V: Bronze Seduction Palette 31.0

Hello and welcome back to my channel so we are continuing on with the Pat McGrath palette this is going to be oh god look number four look number hi I think it’s looking number five so yeah totally going slow with this one I absolutely positively I would have to dare say out of all the pallets this has become.

My favorite one I absolutely love it it’s just been so versatile and yes sometimes you do have to be very patient with the blending and you know but just the end product ends up looking like holy cow it ends up looking very.

Very very very nice so I am absolutely happy with this palette and so yeah hope you enjoyed today’s look alright so I.

Am pretty sleepy just woke up but we are continuing on in the Pat McGrath mothership v pallet so it’s kind of funny how um I think when the fifth mothership pellet I think Pat McGrath was offering 10% off and then usually on her website you can kind of do like a financing thing using a firm so I thought oh you know.

What a lot like it was like 37 bucks 37 bucks a month for the next three months so I was like yeah I was like I’ll go ahead and I’ll do it like that’s not bad 37 booked someone and then I end up finding out that she has three new minis coming out by the time y’all see I’m sure that it’s they’re already gonna be out cuz they’ll be out next week by that when.

I’m filming this however by the time this girl why iago probably already be out I’m gonna have to order so what I’m probably gonna do is I mean hopefully she’ll have like a.

Coupon code because for the fist for the mothership v mothership she did have a coupon code so I’d be down to go ahead and you know use the coupon code and order directly from her I had also thought maybe I can get because I do have some money saved up and I was thinking well I think that like a Sephora gift.

Card and I could purchase them through Sephora but yeah I really don’t like ordering Pat McGrath.

No Sephora both times that I’ve ordered Pat McGrath through Sephora the packaging comes in torn and yeah it’s like you pay a lot of money even though the minis the minis I did order.

Them from Sephora and I mean the minis are pretty sturdy so they don’t come in like an additional packaging paper.

Packaging they don’t come in an additional one so um I don’t know I do remember I ordered my minis I don’t remember I ordered the minis in Sephora and I didn’t have an issue but that’s because the minis are in their own packaging if that makes sense but anywho don’t want to.

Yeah I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna get started following on as I had mentioned in the last video I have not touched one two three four trays and you could kind of say four and a half because one tray only used it for like eyeliner so I’m gonna go ahead and.

I am going to definitely jump into some Goulet ah today we’ll see how much of a classic look I can pull off.

But yeah so hope you enjoy you all right so we are finally wrapping up this look so I am going to go ahead and continue on with I still have to clean my lips sorry.

But we will go ahead and jump into lipstick so I’ve officially used my Reds my orange and now we can finally jump into our ball so the first purple that I have is actually this one but I was kind.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Promotions, Seduction, & An Affair!

Be born beautiful spoilers success the LCH separate the bolt and the beauty was one of our murderer will towards big news getting with phonetic boiling while i said to sleep and after that will change is he pro-life thought a man in love and can’t wait to shoot it from the rooftops he speaks details of his case between family.

And posts about fighting the women of his race the other hostages fell asleep by the Foresters but not too much but other parts of their family then build desperate that get is ready to walk.

Down the hazel and it it is the rules he already this one despise his thought and doesn’t want to be the base right so this means what and this is without trial get even hammerhead will try to play the penny then gets deeper he watches of a custody battle and him had current bed happy while a pacing heart X if shall have to handle a few better stage throw.

Before she falls apart bid while I said the fine himself the center of attention at every step we have Sally as they are toys or the young damn it this could be some pretty big things they behead ever bet they regret it.

I said just be perfect for the usually do sex my changes are coming for Accenture said they are the oldest is what will destory while is going to be netted success ever.

Beta duty to provide any book however though access side every step of this way.

Thanks for watching click like subscribe and share my news..

Seduction Handbags With Free Shades

Hello South Africa welcome to TV multi s TV channel 170 a blue dragons and laser today we’re looking at a range of handbags right the seduction Signature Collection if you’re looking for the right set of handbags for the summer you we have you covered let’s talk about this Bridget we have the Bella right uprights and this bag is.

Really classic it’s stunning it’s trendy definitely definitely see seduction handbag collection makes sure that if you’re a woman.

And you’re about style you’re about color you’re about storage we’ve got you here now just going back to the Bella handbag now as you can see this is a really pretty shopper bag it really doesn’t even come.

Across as a shopper bag because of the beautiful design I could easily use this or work it in the office because it’s got a really sleek design I mean looking at the fine detail off the material over here even the striped detailing it’s just perfect color coordination for the main color of the whole bag now we’re looking for the perfect accessory you usually have to.

Break the bank for it I mean you always only stressing about how much you really pay for it today you can get this.

Bella handbag for just 299 runs that what TV mall is all about you also do have a.

14 day money-back guarantee if you want to buy the speller handbag it is of course a.

Part of the seduction signature handbag range so I want us to talk about the.

Ability to dress it up and dress it down we’re a buy a handbag we usually won something that.

Can take with you to the office to the mall and the night out I can go on and on yes well this is a versatile bag because not only is it a shopper bag.

You can even use it while shopping but obviously not too many things because you don’t always want.

To have too many things to shop for so if you want to do a few toiletries this is the perfect bag for you straight after work you can still rock it in the office I remind you so now the nicest thing about.

This especially when you are shopping we’ve got a long strap over.

Here this is the shoulder strap to make sure that the bag provides you with enough support for all the items in the bag.

And that support is new especially if you have a few heavy items see seductions handbag collection is always thinking about women and what.

Women want so what we do is by providing the shoulder strap we’re making sure that you’re not putting too much strain on your wrist which is not something that you.

Want from a handbag you want a good handbag that’s an investment and will not leave you in pain when you go on the market you really rarely ever find it at this good price that’s why I think this one for me is definitely.

Part of the signature click seduction Signature Collection now also you can dress it up or dress it down imagine a maxi dress just plain long makes it dress nice and bright and.

Colorful now the beauty of it is that you also have a set of sunglasses to seal the deal and you have the perfect look the summer were you accessorizing and you’re looking stunning.

While you add it so let’s talk about what.

Seduction Ou Friendzone ?

[Musique] mais comme c’est sûr bonjour à toutes et à tous et bienvenue nouvelle vidéo aujourd’hui nous allons passer du bon temps avec une autre femme et non avec ce chat qui pioncent tout seul sur moi je suis tous les coups fait tout bien émis pour plaire cette fin je conduirai séduit pas [Musique] mesdames et messieurs bonjour à toutes.

Et à tous et bienvenue dans cette vidéo qualité oui cette mise en scène était très gênante cette coupe de cheveux est évidemment j’ai.

Dans tout ça c’est pour les besoins du cosplay et de.

L’avenue où donc calmez vous tous que j’allais donc carpediem vous l’aurez compris c’est un jeu c’est un jeu de corps et de fait on va traîner qu’une femme j’ai pas trop compris de 31 ans est un petit peu mer donc on va lancer notre est en retard j’ai connu tout le problème ça me réchauffe.

Pas passer du temps ensemble je suis parvenu à me libérer pour être avec.

Elle mais c’est temporaire mais je ne sais pas content ça me tuerait s’appelle haye edge et young pardon je t’ai fait attendre oui pendant une demi-heure ou un garçon est supposé dire pas du tout nous savons.

Maintenant l’osm depuis lors j’ai eu peur parce que je n’ai pas été informé de ce changement social ces deux fois.

Alors où veux tu allais [Musique] si chez un beau les salles d’arcade si j’ai dans un parc cependant je dois taper si je reste sur ce qu’on harcèle sur un suicidaire c’est quoi on fait un truc on va prendre un générateur de chiffre généré je tombe sur deux donc on va dans un.

Parc mais putain j’ai de la chance un bon ici pour moi je pourrais je partais pour nous détendre un peu ici t’es juste.

Marché n’est ce pas par contre je me portais si tu fais ça serait trop court non ça ira à verser 10 était juste trop paresseuse donc porter.

L’espoir je suppose que c’est une chose en commun ils fassent ici au dehors je suis toujours resté à l’intérieur toute la journée ouais ouais c’est vrai extérieur c’est bien de l’intérieur séminaire nous sommes pas.

Vus depuis si longtemps que j’ai beaucoup de choses à partager vos données et je ne sais même pas encore commencé par des beats ensuite il y 4 hoy pièce mon collègue qui se relâche jusqu’à la dernière minute parfois il demande à un collègue de faire ces tâches je les coûts tout en constatant combien son expression a changé depuis qu’il a mentionné m écoutez fons estrie au jeu voit keshi je loue laisse pas grand ben adama t on a craint pas les leurs c’est marqué sur ton visage ça va.

ça va que j’ai pris un feutre et que j’écris je suis jaloux de ce fils de pute bah ouais peu importe qu’est ce que.

Je croyais à faire tu vois le ton de ta voix tu travailles nique ta mère justement qu’en tant que ça elle aime vraiment me faire à mettre des choses en place est ici mais j’ai trop le jour faute.

Lourde est alors les bordeaux ça y va à acheter un produit takoyaki hockey google qu’est-ce que du tacot ya qui est bon ce sera jamais voilà j’ai des images le restaurant suppression intéressante mais si tu insistes alors je.

Suppose que tu ne dois une faveur donc c’est quelque chose que je peux faire t’inquiète mais il ya des choses que tu peux faire et sans les mains et bien maintenant nous avons fini de manger des régions pour père du centre commercial non [Musique] il faut beaucoup de temps d’énergie et d’argent pour faire les magasins allons voir et me tirent leurs magasins à quoi.

ça ressemble il est difficile pour moi de répondre aux questions parce que j’ai aucune notion de mode c’est pareil chaque fois qu’elle me pose la question je compte sur ma magic ce million je la prends ok elle me montre le chemin avec une araignée a privé et young ça tirait bien je vais l’acheter.

Pour soi j’aborde pas ça là je vais aussi en acheter une pour qu’on ait la même de la porter avec toi je viens magasin de jouets à offrir ça immelt à 10 ans en quoi les autres noms mais bien jouer la tête se tournent tous vas-y temps.

Tu l argent je pensais que tu peux je rigole dans lequel choisir une peluche dirige prochain lyon où sont nos portes je vois un porte-clés avec une araignée je vais rapidement la caisse pour payer sa et aille je lui ai acheté pour toi c’est trop mignon fallait pas tout en marchant surprenant les gens parient d’un feu d’artifice qui.

Ce qui se passera ce soir je sors mon téléphone consulter internet ils ont fait des feux d’artifice cette période de l’année ici depuis que je suis gamin pour égaler génial tu as raison ce qui est venu nous nous asseyons sur le banc in the foremost peu de temps après les points de lumière sans tirer vers le ciel les couleurs fusent le risque boufleur nous attendons les acclamations de la foule au pied de l’imposant le visage de paris temple y le bonheur je souhaite que ça dure éternellement mais le chiffre de temps elle.

Me regarde avec un regard triste il est temps tu ne veux vraiment pas prendre la peine sociale ne dis pas ça après tout je suis juste avez vous entendu parler du test actuel c’est une.

évaluation de la capacité d’une machine pour présenter l’intelligence elle peut agir ou parler comme animaux mais une machine elle peut devenir simone qui devient possible de distinguer les humains.

Et ne sera jamais un être humain tout comme haye peu importe la qualité de son programme elle peut et peu importe combien j’ai le niveau.

Mais elle ne sera jamais réel nous sommes pas dans la même dimension il a même résisté elle va continuer à demeurer à l’intérieur du monde artificiel que.

J’ai créée à aa au programme a encore planté comme je pensais ne pouvait pas les gérants besoin de trouver une solution stable pour la prochaine qu’est ce que je fais mais au fond le garant fait haye n’est pas réel les gars a programmé une intelligence artificielle s’unir ou qui avec une meuf et v putain la fin.

Est un peu déprimant parce que cacher merci à.

Tous avait succédé vidéo que c’était quand même assez drôle il ya quand même quelques trucs assez marrant quand je sache merci à tous [Musique].

Necromantic Seduction

So now I’m theoretically speaking here if I was to speak theoretically then I would be speaking in a theory of a situation that is hypothetically correct and possibly not correct but when I’m telling you something possibly you might be able to perceive it but I would theoretically say that in my hypothesis you’re not adapting to the theory in.

So and by pathetic I mean the proper English definition which is some subsided of an intellectual value or any value of currency in any situation.

Now you could say that as a path of tich because you don’t have any source of income isn’t taken from something else and when you take something from something else you’re not the same person that they are so how could you possibly replicate their value into your own circumstance wouldn’t you don’t have a brain of your own when I look at the world these dancing gravestones and you’re trying to forge in the lake of fire based off of walking.

Time bombs with expiration dates in the Pentagon recorded based upon their name there’s circumstantial value that you placed as you dissolved your consciousness into a manifestation and what you call witchcraft trying to manipulate a human being myself when all I do is play the world like like it’s in.

My toy box and I’m some kind of wizard and I’m just moving around structures and I’m building this improper structure for you to live.

In now do you think that you possess the same characteristics as me when you’re not.

Have the when you don’t have the currency available as a path of tich person now are you gonna steal from yourself when you don’t even know who you are especially after I’ve manipulated your current structure into.

A disorganized circumstance that has no value a squanders round in a state of confusion and it’s mindless like what they refer to as a Juggalo and there’s no perceptive capacity to a gravestone when I’ve chipped it all up and they’ll see your guiding lights and all you’re gonna try to do is steal from.

You and I manipulated it like a witch of gravestones.