The Value Of Social Media Engagement And Reinventing Your Brand With Habib Salo Ceo Of Young Nails

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Guest Azrael helps companies find their ideal audiences on Facebook and create.

More sales and he can be found at rat’s pack media not like Frank Sinatra’s pack but his last name are eight easy pack media today I’m very excited because you’ll see the end of the intro I’ve been waiting for four weeks for this special after intro intro but today you’ll see what I mean in a second but today we have Habib Solow CEO of young nails that’s been serving the nail care industry for over 20 years hi beeping.
Gregg Habib’s older brother run the business and their mom decided to.

Start her own business at the.

Ripe age of 49 and she had a passion for the nail industry and they did everything in their power to support her and it’s interesting because Gregg your older brother became a licensed nail technician after switching gears from what I would visualize the opposite of that which is firefighters training families manliest man type of people work and going yeah this is the old edition so it’s not what I would expect in a you took a detour from medical school and a life in music to die this and for anyone young males.

Is a professional nail care manufacturing company exporting to over 40 countries worldwide and distributing domestically to over 3,000 stores.

Hobby thanks for joining me thank you and very often in TRO well vis me what.

I’m sorry the nails I need the intro you’re in the intro I need you doing about the nail oh our well so so here’s the thing we’ve I have like there’s like three different intros there’s the nail school which is the same one that I do.

Every single time and then there’s our biz talks that we do that are also right now.

On the biz talk and then I do right now on nail school which has become this thing that our our customers now will like call and see.

Me and they’re basically hitting me with the intro every single time basically every before every intro I say the same thing which is you know we’re.

Gonna explore how to apply nail polish on the nails right now on nail school and they literally will walk up to me that shows and events and just walk up to my face and start saying the intro before we get into the other videos which is really funny it’s a lot of fun it’s.

We were talking before we started about reinvention Riaan correcting yourself yeah so talk about.

That for a second yeah we’ve had to completely reinvent ourselves as a company and that started about 18 months ago Jeremy we saw that the market our market was changing.

Not only our market but just how communication happens today we saw that changing we wanted to jump on it we were doing a ton of traditional print a ton of.

Traditional types of marketing trade shows mailers and honestly our business had plateaued and we we hit a wall so i myself and my brother were have a lot of conversations.

About moving to social and we were on social but not really aggressive on social so we took the leap of faith of just seeing in the trends that you had which we the first thing was like attendance and trade shows was completely down so we we would go to these events and this was the number one way that we actually built our business in the late nineties and early.

2000 so we saw attendance was down revenue was down the trade shows were telling us oh no everything’s fine hey don’t worry about it you’re good but obviously sales were down and just the traffic you look at the.

Aisles and it was like there’s nobody here and what we started hearing from a lot of our.

Clients was well there’s no reason to go anymore because if you guys are gonna launch a product we see it on Facebook if you guys are gonna you know do some type of event you know a company’s going to do an event we’ll go to Facebook or Instagram and we were doing a lot of like instructional videos on YouTube and so they say well if we want to learn a new.

Technique we know you guys are gonna launch it on YouTube.

And so we were like okay you know ding-ding-ding there’s something here and that’s us just doing social kind of like passively we weren’t hardcore.

Aggressive so you know about strategy for it you were just doing it because you know education purposes and here and there but you didn’t have a kind of you know because you know strategy for it that’s exactly right it was more of we know we have to be on social because that you know we people on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube and that’s why we did it but like you said not as a strategy it was not part of our.

Like this is how we’re gonna like really take it to the next level so correct so what’s worked and not worked absolutely well I’ve watched a bunch of videos everyone should check out what tell people you tube channel so they can check it out so our.

YouTube channel is young nails Inc that’s nails like fingernails some people hear it wrong over audio they’ll think it’s males as in just us dudes but it’s not in fingernails young nails ink actually all of our handles Instagram Facebook everything is young.
Check that out um what’s worked and what.

Has not worked that is a we’re still figuring out what’s working but the best thing that I can say especially on YouTube has been putting in volume of hours to figure out like just one slight getting like a grain of information requires like months and months and months of shooting editing cutting so you guys are doing awesome I mean if you can be looking over here I mean I have your your videos pulled up over here but i am you of at the.

Time over 140,000 subscribers we do we do and good for you that so thank you thank you very much we’re still we’re still pounding.

Away at it i think like for us what’s worked ultimately has been like learning.

How to really be transparent like this is the biggest thing I can say for us is like were truly utilizing YouTube and Facebook and Instagram as a way for people to see inside of our business it’s probably you and your brother of a funny dynamic because I don’t know he was doing someone.

I’ve never I’ve two daughters and I never thought I’d be like what are you doing I’m I don’t know I’m watching people doing feels nails and but your brother is doing someone’s nails and he kind of does this thing with his hands and you’re like you look like you’re greedy and you guys have.

A funny dynamic yeah we I like honestly we screw around all the time like we’re constantly messing around and even at.

Our company that’s part of the company culture is like this looseness and but that’s us I’m.

Like curious because you know obviously every video you put out you put a lot of time effort like you said even if it’s like a five minute clip so much time for energy planning goes into it you want everyone to hit every single video to hit out of the park so I’m wondering when I’m looking on there which one was a complete surprise it just you know had a ton of views.

And which one you like this is gonna be our next you know 100k video I mean I’m looking at one there’s you know a powder coating system that has.

A hundred eight thousand views on so how do you explain some of the ones that took off.

And then maybe someone’s it didn’t that is a great question and then this is one part of it sixty-three thousand views yeah one of these here’s the deal we we’ve actually tried planning to create a video that you know let’s create something that we think.

Is gonna get all these views and it just flops like these thousand views on this other one yeah yeah the snakeskin that’s one of the bit I was an older I think that wasn’t like four or five years ago I think that was a while ago yeah and those were.

The days when YouTube was for sure a little more I don’t want to say easy it’s never easy but it was easier to reach an audience and to get those kind of.

Views like today it’s so much harder but honestly what we do is we look at you know through our Instagram we get a.

Lot of information as to like what looks are kind of hot and what looks or not and that helps to kind of guide us all I don’t look on Instagram like over all threads.

You kind of look to see what trending what’s hot and then you want to create a video on what’s trending that’s exactly correct we try to do that.

So there’s two things we look at what’s trending in the market and try to create something and then we take our experience and our knowledge and say hey we think this would be good for the market let’s give it a shot so one is more like you know data-driven and another is more like creative driven and just based upon our experience and that’s that’s honestly how it is we walk in the door and it’s like cameras flip on and we want to capture our personalities that’s the biggest thing and.

The culture of our company is number one and we we want it to be a little more raaagh which is why you see things like when my brother’s.

Rubbing his hands and I’m like dude you’re looking.

Greedy bro what’s good you know just these little comments is and that’s how we talk to each other and we have a lot of fun doing it and that’s kind of the big more.

Than anything that’s what we want to capture is like our day-to-day or interaction you know we want people we want that transparency.

People to feel like they’re really a part of the company they’re experiencing how we talk to each other every single day squared around.

I love it and what’s your production schedule like how many videos do you want to produce per week or per month we do five videos a week so Monday in Wednesdays at 8:00 a. we launched the vlogs on Tuesday morning at 8:00 a. we do what’s called the biz talk it’s more on the business side of the.

The nail industry and then on Thursday and Friday at around noon like today and around between noon and 1:00 we launched a more hardcore instructional video those are the nail schools which is all technique.

And like how it like gets into every week every single week a lot it’s a lot it’s a lot yeah I don’t sleep much these days so if like brother doing.

Most of the instructor who’s doing the instructional ones he does the instructionals exactly all so I shoot everything so I’m shooting all the videos and I’m editing myself all the videos and then but he does the hardcore instructional and then myself and then we have our.

Director of Education she does the business talks with me on Tuesdays and then Mondays and Wednesdays it’s all of us on the vlogs and then we have our Instagram which we’re pumping out three to four videos a day.

Five stories a day we’re on snapchat or on Facebook we do Facebook live once a week you know Instagram live once a week we rip everything put it on a podcast it’s not a.

Proper podcast at this point we’re still trying to develop that it’s hard to think how are we gonna get a podcast with nails which is the challenge.

But we’re working through sessions I would love to hear them Bobby.

It’s also if your audience is listening to podcasts to I guess you could just put them on your you don’t have to do it as a formal podcast like on iTunes or something.

Right right exactly that’s probably a good way to start absolutely who is your audience is it more younger older both yeah very very good question right now it’s like it’s between eighteen and like.

35 that’s our that’s our audience that is consuming I’ll say and and at the same time that’s kind of who we’re targeting you know is.

That audience we have an existing customer base probably in the you know oh gosh it ranges from like I would say 35 up to you know 60 years old and nail technicians but we’re really late because going.

The Investors Of Jake Paul

If you’ve been online in the past month you will know that Shane Dawson has been a series of videos with Jake Paul and after spending nearly seven hours watching all of them I was left with one final question this wasn’t something I had never thought of but I just didn’t really care enough to fully research it until now.
And it has to do with team 10 itself who is.

Team 10 other people in it which seem to be.

Changing every other week but those behind the scenes may be the investors and how they make money I mean even if you do take 10% of everyone’s revenue they can’t possibly afford overheads like a 72 thousand dollar house editors analysts a cook and the insurance for when they burn down the.

Whole neighborhood sure Jake and his buddies are ballin now but what about when they first moved to LA before they were famous before it was everyday bro how did they get started he’s really running it and our social media houses here to.

Stay I’m always curious I guess for me like I wonder what.

The investor gets out of it I can’t imagine that they’re paying for a house like that and making profit off of 10% even if you have all these guys with millions of subscribers it.

Just doesn’t seem a lot of these creators they don’t just do YouTube or absence you know they make a lot.

Of their money off Marsh brand you know sponsorships I would say like you know that’s probably what the majority of their money comes from and I don’t have to get it cut of that or you know what it is but um I don’t know I mean it could just be empty property.
That they basically now available or maybe it’s just something that they.

Just in general influencers right I’m doing a lot of a big pot of marketing courses at school right now and they talk about how.

Influencers are like the next big wave so maybe a lot of these people that own these houses obviously it has to be.

Filthy rich to own one of these houses like baby that is so extremely rich that they’re able to you know take a loss.

Or you know give it out to influence their more than what they would normally get out at the end for less than what they would.

Normally get out of it in return like they kind of make some connections in that field or in this sort of marketing.
Field you know I thought I saw a video I’ll tell you where Jay.

Paul said he owned his house like he bought it I think so for someone like him you probably got to the point where he kind of just bought them bought the business as an.

Independent youtuber though like what do you think of it would you want to join one of these things I don’t know I mean for me I think.

That I have some level of pride when I say like oh I do this on like I do everything myself you know like you’ll see a lot of people that’ll be like oh yeah like I still edit my own.

Video and every influencer I feel like is scared to say they don’t anymore because they’re obviously so busy at that point I think that an.

Investor even if they’re taking a loss then getting their like feet wet.

Or whatever I’m getting that hands and and then I think is a good experiment for anyone who is probably about like has that level of wealth because they understand that influencer marketing is the future you know a lot of these brands understand that too so it’s just like yeah I guess what I’m trying to ask you is do you drive fast do I Drive.

Fast yeah like on the highway like do you like to drive.

Fast in the car yeah yeah so Jacob didn’t really know too much so I decided to call up my friend Kent he works in social media marketing.

So I feel like he’ll have a better sense of it let’s like think about minutes just like production companies their sets like the house the team house because it’s like it’s a set like every room I spot out it’s meant to be for content do they make money because it seems at least from an Adsense perspective it seems almost impossible that’s the thing is I don’t think and sense where money really has anything to do with their major.

Income their major income is all brand use I mean I can give you.

A little insight to what that looks like.

I mean obviously Jake pom in the comment in the shame documentary where after the Logan Paul like suicide forest thing he.

Lost to brand news and both of those brand deals for seven-figure deals I have made a friend I’m not gonna ruin that person’s name because I’m not trying to like blast him but he was telling me about a deal he did the sour patch kids and that deal was for $300,000 for one video the business from an Adsense perspective the views are there just to get these brand deals because the.

Brands are really the people you’re getting the money from because they’re switching their.

Like marketing budgets and their ad budgets from TV and print to youtubers because they’re talking directly to kids and I mean like when you’re someone like Jake Paul who has a very target audience it’s.

Much easier to sell ad space so we kind.

Of figured out they’re making money off these brand deals but who who are the people investing in these things I.

Would say I would guess sorry I’m gonna say I’m gonna guess that it’s it’s people similar to keemstar and just other social media entrepreneurs who are kind of in the social media world maybe they do content on their own maybe they work for content in the past maybe it’s like Big M CNS our instead of instead of like investing in individual creators are starting to invest in groups of creators because like people like Jay Paul kind of broke the MCN mentality whereas logan signed with studio.

71 at first three years 71 and that’s when i was working with them and.

They were like oh yeah I love and Paul’s like our guy we like work with him constantly whatever and Jake was like.

No I’m not gonna sign with an MCN I’m gonna more or less build my own I would artist a guest that may be MC NS have a stake in the game and are getting involved with these people or like the founders of those companies or like smart enough to invest.

In people like Jake do you think that people are easily replaceable I understand yeah I mean like think about 1910 and how quickly they can build them up to like zero or to a million honestly is it probably less than a month you can just throw anyone in there teach up content teach a music teacher like branding teaching merch hmm and you’ve got a machine that can just grind out the same.

The same amount of money yeah as the next person it really is just like making characters at this point and bringing them into the story because that’s what that’s what like team 10 is and I think that that’s what cloud house is gonna become their stories are all gonna kind of mesh together in the way that I know not a.

Lot of us have watched team Ted’s content but every day they were doing stuff.

And it would be like everyone would vlog around the same idea there would be one central prank.

And everyone’s different angle everyone’s different story about it it’s kind of like watching Disney Channel you know we watch Disney Channel to see a story of something that like a random idea it just gets heightened insanely and then justified by all the characters yeah so that’s what’s happening in team 10 and so they can just bring in another person to add another perspective to that and then maybe one perspective gets lost and changes its idea entirely.

They still can just like build that circle build that universe and that person just becomes the same as everyone else what do you think that these are the future do you think we’re gonna see more and more of these I resent I mean like in the in the shame.

Documentary you literally saw Nick Crompton mm-hmm I see makeup brands like L’Oreal and queek and all these brands like building makeup girl mmm just to like have as their personal devices and vessels to just like.

They only talked about one type of product the best way like the number one just way to grow on the Internet is to collaborate.

There’s no better way to just be like okay let’s work for someone else and just get a lot of traction that’s why.

Brands want influencers because it’s basically a collab where it’s like let me just send my followers their way yeah so any version of that whether it’s creative a creator created a brand creator to just random person like bringing more people into what you do is the way to grow the content house is proven to work at this point and will continue to evolve so I guess my last kind of question to you is when.

You’re on the highway do you like to drive fast yeah sociopath.

Okay so these social media houses are no question profitable but I still wanna know who’s investing in them like who where’s the money coming from surely when how they.

Make their money and got too exposed to sociopaths but who are.

The investors could it be Nick Crompton Michael Phelps or maybe even Justin Roberts after all he’s had six figures since he was only.

Four I decided to dig a little bit deeper and I found this unlisted video on the team ten YouTube channel the power of a team is so big it’s unreal imagine.

Taking Kanye West Drake LeBron James Rihanna Kylie Jenner and having them all promote something anybody who doesn’t realize that every single human being hit him okay this is kind of strange Gary Vee is in this video.

I’m not sure if they paid him or okay it turns out Gary he’s.

An investor in team 10 I’m just now realizing that a lot of people probably don’t know who Gary Vee is so let me explain basically he’s this like social media entrepreneur he started out by growing his family’s wine business from 3 million to.

60 million and I guess he took that money and put it into new things and now he’s just kind of just invests in everything just like a super cool guy also if you follow him on Instagram you instantly gain followers so just give.

It a try Edward Lando is an angel investor who basically just gives money to people who he sees potential in and need it to other business a burns is.

Great a investments and then Adam Zeppelin is a co-founder at Mark V see the article where I found all this also said that they were able to raise a million dollars from a Chinese Capital Group and then the video that I just showed you helped them to do it I guess the video is some kind of just.

Like promotional thing also I know it sounds like I’m just making all this up because it’s literally the first thing that you if you can just Google and it comes up but like I guess that just happens sometimes I feel so dumb for not just doing that in the first place but hey you know what part of.

The journey and at the end of the day we were able to learn something about how these houses actually operate I personally find them really exciting and as always thanks for watching.

What Happens Every 5 Seconds On Earth

What happens every five seconds on earth you might think that not a lot can happen in five seconds in that time you could blink reach for an object or get out of bed but around the world in the whole universe and inside your own body there are thousands and even millions of processes taking place in that tiny amount.

Of time to get ready because some of these facts will take you for a wild ride and make your head spin as always don’t forget to click the subscribe button and turn on notifications to join us.

On the bright side of life nature every five seconds an earthquake with a magnitude of two or higher has completed 30 percent of its journey toward Earth after 60 seconds for earthquakes will have shaken up the world as a relatively large insects bees would be expected to beat their wings slowly however a bee beats its wings about 1,150 times every five seconds every five seconds a fruit fly which is 80 times smaller than a honeybee will flap its wings 1,000 times every five seconds five hundred lightning bolts strike earth.

And each bolt carries about 1 billion volts of electricity in the time it takes for a human to blink and focus a woodpecker can hammer its beat 12.
5 times for every 5 seconds every 5.

Seconds a mosquito beats its wings approximately 2,000 times if you haven’t gone to Niagara Falls you can add it to your bucket list over 15,000 800 tons of water flow through Niagara Falls every 5 seconds every 5 seconds the area of trees cut down averages the size of 2.

5 football fields social media every five seconds Facebook gets.

New users proving that it’s the largest social network in the world every five seconds there are around 20 6417 status updates on Facebook every five seconds there are around 37,000 333 new tweets as one of the most used messenger apps in the world users of whatsapp send two million four hundred sixteen thousand 667 messages every five seconds every five seconds LinkedIn gets about 10 new users showing that Instagram is a platform to be reckoned with 4051 photos are posted by people from.

All walks of life every five seconds consumption as one of the biggest fast food companies in the world McDonald’s.

Sells 375 hamburgers every five seconds about thirty two iPhones are sold every five seconds on days like prime.

Monday Amazon enjoys its biggest sales during those days they sell over three thousand items every five seconds every five seconds people consume around nine hundred fifty eight thousand three hundred thirty three pounds of food around the world are you currently one of them unfortunately we waste almost half as much every five seconds humans waste around four hundred fifty four thousand one hundred fifty two pounds of food every five.

Seconds around 10,000 pounds of edible food is thrown away in the United States despite health concerns the world still.
Loves coca-cola every five seconds fifty.

Two thousand two hundred fifty cans of coke are consumed though KitKat’s are pretty tasty they aren’t the most popular candy even so every five seconds two thousand ninety KitKat bars are eaten Americans will throw about three thousand four hundred seventy-five plastic bottles into the trash every five seconds every five seconds the planet uses a whopping 200 thousand gallons of oil to keep the world working every five seconds four.

Hundred fifty three thousand four hundred fifty pounds of garbage is being created around the world daily.

Living packing up your house and moving can be a difficult ordeal yet every five seconds twelve people will.

Set their eyes on a new horizon and move out of their home every five seconds almost ten people will decide to take the next step in their relationship and get married the whole world loves to buy online products and one of the major carriers involved in all of those deliveries is UPS it delivers 19 million 100 documents and packages every day every five seconds UPS sets down around nine.

Hundred forty three packages in people’s mailboxes and on their doorsteps every five seconds one crime will be committed in England and Wales every five seconds almost five airplanes will take off into the skies carrying.

Happy travelers to their destinations there are around 21 babies born worldwide every five seconds every five seconds about nine people die Internet usage every five seconds 2000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube music videos from your favorite artists pranks videos by YouTube stars and much more every 5 seconds.

People turn to Google and input over 200,000 search queries showing how much people.

Love YouTube every 5 seconds it has over 600 27,000 30 views with people watching how-to videos original YouTube programming and channels that brighten up your day like bright side.

Wealth while many people are planning how to increase their wealth the richest man in the world who is currently alive Jeff Bezos earns 19,000 167 dollars every 5 seconds as one of the biggest entertainment figures Oprah Winfrey will.
Learn about 44 dollars every 5.

Seconds even when she’s sleeping or talking on the phone or browsing Twitter Apple the massive technology.

Company will earn around five thousand eight hundred seventy two dollars every five seconds that’s more than a whole month’s wages in many countries one of Apple’s biggest competitors Samsung earns around.

Thousand five hundred thirty one dollars every five seconds do you prefer Apple or Samsung human body every five seconds you’ll blink around 1.

5 times by the end of one minute the average person will have blinked 15.

To 20 times every five seconds half a million chemical reactions take place in your body can you imagine how it would be if we could feel ourselves.

Processing these chemical reactions heart rates vary according to a person’s age health gender and many other factors but every five seconds on average your heart will beat between five and eight times this one’s a little racy every five seconds around six thousand nine hundred forty two people are having sex every five.

Seconds your blood will have circulated through 25% of your body by.

The time you reach a minute your blood will have traveled fully through your body a total of three times every five seconds your heart will pump around 0.41 quarts of blood every five seconds a.

Digirocks Pitch Social Media Manager

Oublie-t-on profils de postes dit j rocc ce cabinet de recrutement spécialisé dans les métiers du digital te présente le social media manager notre set pour avoir une offre qui ressemble à aucune autre offre c’est le pitch des missions et des résultats précis exemple mission multiplié par dix la visibilité de la marque sur les médias sociaux dans les résultats.
Attendus par exemple passer de.

Mille personnes dans les communautés facebook et instagram atteindre un niveau d’engagement en moyenne de 2% sur les publications et enfin générer 50 litres par mois provenant des.
Réseaux sociaux donc arrête de chercher et rouvre des j-rock.

Deux talents digitaux en quinze jours.


Ep. 13 Success And Social Media (part 2) | Growing Up + Birthday Episode! | Two Girls, One Channel

I had some friends like who’d go abroad yeah for example to go in Feb yeah and they’re still posting pictures from their trip in October it also helps when you don’t follow people who meet you feel it there yeah yeah can I just say hey it doesn’t mean you’re weak if you unfollow someone who makes you feel bad.

It just means you’re just taking care of yourself yeah that’s that’s really I had to learn that the hard way as well yeah like now if I had follow I’m awake and I can handle no grown-up enough and I’m like you know.

What I don’t have the time to do that mental gymnastics anymore yeah I’m just gonna unfollow you so I don’t feel bad yeah and I’m like once you it might also.

Help you know that you’ve gotten to the point where you’re in a kind of stable the other day I unfollowed all the brand’s I follow.

On Instagram person to their visual yeah and I don’t use any other social media platform as much use Instagram the most yeah Instagram can see like I I want to be a photographer tomorrow oh yeah so like Instagram.

Dog mom anyway so yeah I follow dogs on Instagram and like other and brands and stuff and then a when I unfollowed all of them I realize just how much it’s like this this brainwashing is going on every day that they’re.

Like you need this you don’t have this you lack.

Something you know like every day even if it’s just a fucking tumblr ya know or shoes and you’re like I want that and then after I unfollowed all of them I said some room I’m weird sober instantly lik will happen 12 hours after I when I look at Instagram again they didn’t have the same feeling of constantly having wanting something to be somebody you have to look.
A certain way to it was it’s strange happy no marketing is really so.

Powerful like yeah that’s social the digital economy networks so we are super young don’t follow brands I don’t I have Instagram obviously but I don’t the last time I posted there was probably like April.

It I don’t check Instagram but every time so I was like hey what’s your Instagram they’re really more of a Twitter person you want to see new ones you can go there no I like posters I posters on Twitter it’s happy name go totally go to go to my Twitter and that’s where I’m that’s really where I’m most active I barely posted yeah Facebook anymore but like because.

Of what I like about Twitter it feels a lot more real people are more open about the fact that they’re not that the place.

In life they want to be exactly and I like.

That honesty I don’t like people.

On Facebook who are like I got married I have a baby look at my life or like you God you know I’m so sick now.

Of people you posting their engagement rings they’re like giant Oh like this or like we just show us the ring like okay no you wanna show us.

I mean sure do that if it makes you happy but like let’s face it I don’t like so many things so many of the things we do now we do it for the gram we do it for the picture we do it for for what I have to show ya.

You know it’s like when you were a kid at the playground you were just like look at me boy I am the greatest motherfucker yeah look at this story but now it’s constantly look at this toy and then the next Avenue toy yeah cause it’s a it’s so tiring yeah that’s why when when people found out like my close friends found out that I was like engaged why do you put quotation marks in the engage engage because like what that will be.

Pattern we we already agreed that we were we’re going to get married not like people’s idea of engagement is like you’re already you but oh yeah how do you propose engagement will do you mean I guess and you kneel and you yeah you do this and you don’t have that no because I think it’s like medieval to be presented a a big rock I mean that that used to be like a way for a.

Man to show that they can support you because you’re not gonna work I still want a proposal but but at this point it’s.

Really I don’t want to get married but I want the proposal is a weird no I wanted I don’t need and I was a wedding with no.

Marriage but a party long yeah Dorothy I want the symbolic like Union like that yeah I want to be with you for as long as you can possibly handle HIV and also what the party because yeah the bad see you know what I mean yeah and like I want to have a party because like this but um I said because of our young I it means that I’ve.
Gotten to a point where I finally have a.

Family yeah I think all my friends and all the people who love me like I want them to be.

There to witness a look I finally have a family now yeah it’s not really about the marriage per se it’s just like guys this is the best thing it’s getting everyone together to celebrate something green yeah you know love and they and god I hate the like and.

Anyway people were so surprised she liked it anyway yeah and and I knew in their head they’re like yeah you guys need to review if they saw it on Facebook all right second I’m like yes I didn’t post anything and then they’re probably and and again like I don’t want to have the picture taken I don’t have a picture of us.

Taken because it’s for us yeah and I don’t want to.

Do it for the ground man like you don’t need to know that I got engaged yeah so it’s.

Social media it’s like if you meet any milestone of success or anything like you really do have to pass it I mean I’m still stuck there yeah I I don’t pretend that I’m above it yeah I’m not I am super not above it I am deep in it like I have a conversation and I’ll and like after the.

Person’s after the conversation over I’m like I’m a tweet that you know I am deep in it I am not pretending that I am.

Above yeah like milking my life experiences for the like this is this is like this is the epitome of that I mean we were filming ourselves because people will care yeah you know candy they do but.

They yeah but like about certain things yeah you don’t have to.

Do it yeah they’re like I I know after my last breakup which by the way breakups are great like father it’s super great.

Like father like just yeah post who got the break-up stuff is really great for getting links if you want to like you know they love you there are so many Twitter accounts Instagram accounts Facebook profiles that are built around.

Social Media Trends For Your 2019 Social Media Strategy

Hey they are Edgar community in case you haven’t noticed it is 2018 and it is very very clear that social media is not going anywhere there are now billions and millions of people online and so many businesses on social media across the world consumers are discovering new brands and following their loyal brands online and engaging with them buying.

From business as all because of social media so we know you cannot afford not to.

Be on social media as a brand these days and in 2019 your marketing strategy can be so powerful if we stop for a minute to take a look.

Back at some of the effective 2018 trends that we saw and how you can take those into 2019 with your social media strategy now in 2019 you cannot just afford to just type 280 characters into a post and expect anyone to respond to it anymore no now social media is a place where videos live where photos and boomerangs and more are sent out every day people are on Facebook live like this one and that’s what we’re gonna.

Chat about today trends used by other brands in 2018 that you can borrow as you start to set your 2019 strategy and it’s so important to have a clear strategy set out for 2019 for your social media campaigns because when you start to your statistics like 4 and 10 Internet users say they are following their favorite brands on social.

Media and a quarter of people are following brands that they are thinking about purchasing from so therefore it is all about catching people’s attention and developing your is really great effective strategy now so you don’t miss out on a huge part of the market and learning.

From trends and shaking up your own marketing strategy is a really easy way to allow this process to work for you so take the tips that work for you in this Facebook live.

And take kind of a crawl walk run approach to it you know start learning the basics of marketing now so you can start analyzing year-over-year what’s working for your.

Brand and develop some really great content and starting out here we suggest always at the end of the year starting to audit with your Facebook sites and your Twitter analytics to get an idea of how your audience has changed over the past year.

They may have no longer be the same demographics that you started with in 2018 and you want to keep relevant for your audience to know their current interests.
In 2019 and knowing what works.

Didn’t work for you in the past is key to social media success and this audit is so important so you.

On the content that is winning the most impressions and engagement and refine the content that’s not hitting the mark as much so let’s jump in here a little bit one trend.

That is always going to matter no matter what time of year it.

Marketing on social media is how to effectively increase your all-important know like and trust factor and you do this in.

The form of constantly showing up for your followers having meaningful conversations with them around your brand and thinking about a meaningful conversation that you have in real life to help guide this strategy it’s not going to be one-sided when you’re sitting in there and talking to a person like added dinner.

Social Media Validation | Why I Don't Struggle

What’s up guys – girl Brienne coming back to you hashtag live good day so you’re getting the bun I wanted to come back and say something add to our last video we talked about social media validation and so I wanted to add a little of my experience with social media on there because I think that makes it more.

Personal so that you can glean from my experience when I started social media photo social media I was in high school and I have not always been a blogger.

I have not right um but a year ago I started a girl stop.

And I knew that I was doing girls thought because it was what I was supposed.

Doing it’s a part of the calling the thing that God wanted.

Me to do so I started it it was no biggie no issue whatever I’ve seen the lights come I’ve seen the likes go I’ve seen you know the subscriptions come I’ve seen them go I’ve seen the followers come I seen the followers go all of these different things.

All these different you know trends if you will these all different herbs and flows and we talked about in my last video if you haven’t checked it go ahead and watch social media validation so you know what we’re coming from you can’t really rely on the lights to follow the engagement the interactions the comments the loves the shares the retweets because if you do like you.

Will crash and burn in like this YouTube world.

First of all but then also in and of yourself because you’ll doubt your content you’ll doubt your production you’ll doubt your process and you know I look at you know examples in the Bible where some people had churches that have.

50 people some people and the churches had thousands upon thousands of people some people have mass following some people had small followings it does not necessarily mean that you.

The number equates to the effectiveness I think all the number tells you is.

The popularity and the number doesn’t even necessarily tell you a true measure of popularity because it doesn’t encompass all of it like I don’t blast everything that I get in my dams I don’t blast when you know I’m walking around town looking super dumpy kind of like today like hair looking up like makeup doing or whatever and people are like I seen you on YouTube but I don’t get on here and share this menorah do I.

The nor does the opposite occur you know like I don’t let that like blow my head up I don’t let it like no I just kind of you know I’m cordial you know I assess you know hey come on this you and your ministry.

I’m glad you like my video Tim with us you want me to talk about whatever but I don’t let it like get the best of me because.

Same people who told me that they like my video or my content or my topics or my hair my makeup they may not watch next week they may not care about me everything and they may not watch or consuming any of the.

Things I produce and I can’t let that be like my rise or fall you know my bread and butter I think just the consistency in obedience of Christ I have seen God do some amazing things through this platform and I love that.

Um but it’s not about me and if you are always seeking to be social media validating you will continually do and say whatever to chase like sand people and the problem is is that.

There are people behind the profiles that do the interacting and engaging and the liking and the loving so if you’re always seeking that like you’re always gonna forever be evolving and changing and you won’t stand for anything you’ll have no foundation a lot of the things that people forget is that there’s real.

People behind the computer behind the keyboard behind the mat behind the mobile app behind the tablet behind whatever device.

Is being used to access these social sites so when you are being a consumer or judging your material or whatever you’re doing you have to be mindful that that’s a real person and there are fake profiles obviously there are you know user-generated systems that.
Create you know likes love’s fake comments customers all of.

Those things but I’m just saying all things being equal for the majority of us we actually interact with and deal with real people to have real problems to have real issues and so therefore you cannot hinge your hat.

On whether they agree with you are not because there’s somebody somewhere in your crowd in your sphere of influence that you are impacting that you are making a difference for and the interesting thing about that is that it.

May not be from what you put on social media.

You may put something on social media and/or social networking site and boom it’s there somebody agrees with it touches their heart but when they see you in person when they see.

You outside of the rim behind away from the cameras on the backdrop in the pretty makeup and all of that.

Stuff like who will they really feel like you are and think about you and what you’ve done or how you’ve impacted their life or what you’ve not done or what how you haven’t impacted their life like those are the things that really matter those are the things that I think bring people back to or away from your content or who you are.

Who you post to be so again we’re talking about social media validation know to answer the subscriber request no I do.

Not struggle with being validated um do I want I mean I think everybody who’s in this world.

Wants you know a mass following and a lot of likes and all those things.

But when I check my heart and when I look down on the inside.

Of a breanne like that’s not why I do what I do anyway so it doesn’t move me I remember the day October 11 2017 that I launched girls stop and I launched my blog and I was so excited because all of these people had all these shares and all these kind words and encouragement and had all this great stuff for me and then I went to go check my website and it wasn’t it wasn’t near oh like.

What I thought ah okay so I’ll learn from that day you know that I can’t be moved whether you know five people like or be my videos or listen to my podcast or.

Subscribe to my blog or visit my website or if 10,000 people do it doesn’t matter because I know that I was obedient to the call of Christ and when you can look at your life and you have that resolved nothing moves you you.

Know nothing nothing moves you you come you go you stay you don’t like it’s awesome because I know that I’m using this voice and this platform and this and this time not to give myself glory not not to be social media validated but to give that back to God and it’s really hard / easy to do it’s hard to do because you have people who want you to take God’s to glory they want.

You to be like oh my gosh your iPhone oh my gosh none of that and then you have it’s really easy to do because you know like you know you write like I know like I know me and I know that I am not perfect I know that I am flawed I know that I fart just like you do I know that you know I stumble over.

My words I know that my makeup my wings are kind of sometimes crazy I know that I get mad I get angry I get sad that I have feelings that I have family that hurt my feelings and I have people that I have to ask for.

Forgiveness of people that I have to forgive just like you do so I don’t ever feel like just because I get to sit behind lights and a camera that I’m any different.

And I think sometimes people forget that but I believe that that is what will anchor me and not being concerned about being social media validated because I existed before social media.

And I had a life in the feelings and a view of myself and value and esteem and worse and I had purpose on the inside of me before social media.

Ever existed I believed Facebook came out in.

2008 I was in eighth grade when Facebook.

Came out I didn’t really join on things like 2011 I was like a junior in high school so without knowing I was in high school so what I’m saying is is before social media before.

Facebook snapchat Instagram before Twitter before blogs and vlogs became a huge scene there was Brienne and there will always be Brienne whether all of this.

Away the Bible talking about it like all of these things of the world where the reason where the understanding where the rationale where the knowledge driven prophecy where the teachers of the law like all of this stuff is going to go away and I will still remain because I’m an.

Eternal being and that is completely okay with me so I know that my hair is in this funky mine that I know then I got on my basic girl team but I do not I do not I’m not concerned with social media validation and I want you to get to this place of resolve in your heart and your life that you don’t have to have this either that if no one ever likes your video that you’re.

Okay because you do without causing you to do and that’s just not in this social media world that’s in your own life if you’re walking on purpose and you’re doing God called you to do.

If God said go you’re saying send me if you said send me and God said go and you go and people where the atmosphere or the crowd or whatever doesn’t respond the way that you thought they did as long as you can look at.

The father and you said you do the best that you could and then you are doing when.

He calls you to do nothing more you can do and there’s nothing more that you should do so this is the it for social media validation if you want to hear more about social media validation let me know send me a message DM me and email.

Me whatever drops in the comments if you haven’t already subscribed please go ahead and subscribe to like this video share with your friends and let me know what you would like to talk about if not I will see you guys very soon.

Meet My Social Media Manager & Music Video Premiere!

Yes yes we are live hello everybody so welcome back to crochet choosers on this crystal right crochet scarf very slowly each week I got 2 min to talk through but like I said I want to keep this short and sweet and then we have a premiere tonight so let’s jump into it this week has been a little hectic.

And I’m gonna tell you what um first and foremost you guys.

Know that my boring day job is that I am an.

Entertainment attorney I also do litigation that kind of.

Thing um so this week has been jury trial and so as you guys know with a jury there’s a jury but as far as the process let me paint a picture for you there is a courtroom and in order to select a jury you have to dwindle dwindle dwindle down until for us it’s 9 there are nine people that are part of the jury and.

When we started it was a pool of 50 so imagine a courtroom that has in.

Max occupancy of 63 people and there’s 50 jurors or potential jurors in the room plus attorneys plus the judge plus the witnesses it’s a packed house so essentially the first half.

Of the day is just simply selecting the jury and going through and their questions asked there are specific questions that the attorneys get to ask it was interesting because for all 50 people you.

Have to get a sense of who your potential jurors can be and then who you’re gonna select and so as we were going through it was fun just kind.

Of getting to know all these different walks of life and hearing about people’s experiences have you been through this kind of you know claim before do you know anyone who’s in the legal field and just getting to know these people very very quickly it was almost like speed dating I made I made 15 new.

Potential friends so anyway for over 50 you dwindled down and then both sides get to strike they get to eliminate some people they don’t think are gonna be good.

For the case and so finally you get down to nine so at that point half of the date is.

Already laughs it’s quite a the process and then you get into opening arguments so each side presents an opening.

Argument to that impaneled jury and then from there you get directly into the evidence so evidence is gonna be testimony examinations of witnesses going.

Through actual documentation and that basically has been the process so that is the quick and dirty.

On what it’s like to go through a jury trial all right so moving on you guys know that last week I had a dry run of the TED talk and I talked about it in my Instagram.

Is always the best way to get the most up-to-date stuff from me I just do all.

These days the TED talk went really well it was not quite what.

I expected as far as I walked in I have a coach I have there’s the organizer I thought I was basically just.

Meeting with them I walk into a room filled with very very sophisticated fantastic women and they’re like our crystal go so basically since I’m doing the presentation as well as a.

Performance I just did the whole thing and it went fine so it was great because this was kind of a focus group they were able to give.

Me feedback things to improve on things to expand on what was good blah and so that allows me the next couple of weeks to refine my presentation add some things from that feedback and then we’re gonna do it November 30th it is sold out already but we.

Will have the ability to upload the video this will be going out on my youtube channel /ms crystal live so that’s what we’re at with the TED talk I’ll have more updates next week all right.

Special guest at the house today but I have my social media.

Manager here who she yeah this is this is Jen so like I said she is my own.

Social media manager and was one of the producers on the music video that we’re premiering tonight so right after this livestream we’re going to go back out like I said it’s youtube-dot-com forward-slash well I but I figured we’d just chat really quickly about the video and since she was one of the producers kind of the experience because the video itself is fun the day of there’s so.

Much energy it’s it’s a different animal than all the pre-production um so what was it like for you well pre-production it’s so much planning but it’s really fun because finding the location it’s a test but it was awesome cuz I got to go take a look at a bunch of places around the valley.

And in fact you found the location we ended up shooting eggs where it was yes so for those of you in Arizona you’ll know this place but the Nile Theatre in Mesa we were able to utilize that main room for those of you.

Who have been there the really big room and also the underground so I’m actually there are three levels to this building it’s very its old but in like this wonderful vintage kind of feel so a lot of the walls and the textures and the fabrics.

And that kind of thing we’re super cool and easy for us to work with and it was more just figuring out of all the different locations in this building where did it shoot I mean and we did a bunch of it upstairs in this loft that looked really kind of.

Vintage and cool there was a lot of you know smoke just a bunch of different kind of dark corners and there was a really great staircase you guys are gonna see yeah well and then the one fun story was you’ll see there is a feature and silver faceless mask guy and so he was on the actual cover art for save yourself yeah um uh his name is Jason so Jason was actually the.

Tour guide for when I went to go check out the facility and Jason comes out and Jason is just perfect everything about this guy was perfect for this role you guys will see why in.

But anyway and there’s a working out he was such a joy to work with so with all that being said I think we’re gonna get out of here like I said I wanted to keep this very short make sure you go check it out on YouTube port slash from this Crystal Light save yourself music video being premiered two nights let me come around go say goodbye.

I’m playing and you guys get to see my face up close because I’m tired and why not so I love you all check it out let me know what you think about the video and I’ll see you next week bye.

And to everyone else out there thanks for checking in I’ll see you next week bye.

The Secret Of Success In Social Media Advertising (brand Video)

People often ask us what is the secret to success on social media oh that is actually pretty simple we answer we make sure we reach the right people with the right message at the right time because that is what counts when you are looking for more brand awareness leads or customers through Facebook Instagram or LinkedIn with many years.

And many millions of advertisement budget under our belt we know which target groups are most valuable for your organization here’s how we work we put together the perfect targeting strategy.

Return on investment we create personalized social content for your brand and monitor them real time to optimize the results we share the story of your brand in social videos pictures and persuasive calls to action we know that context and timing is important this is why we focus on the full customer journey we don’t think in one-off campaigns.

But in scalable long term results this allows us to grow together with you the right people the right message the right time we’re ready how about you.