Insane Caregiver Filmed Herself Abusing The Elderly

All right Sasha here’s gonna be a story that’s going to make you have distrust for care homes for the elderly it’s a sad tale but alas it happens far too often guys my name is Dave waffle and I’m Sasha wood and we’re gonna tell you about three elderly people who were abused by their caretaker right after the intro.

Just sick so before we started this video guys I want to know from you how would you feel if you found out that your family member was being abused.

By somebody you trusted let me.

Know down there in the comments below this is Cristina Sethi and she is 25 years old she perpetuated some horrifying crimes onto the people under her care at the South Devon care home now the.

Three patients that were targeted by this woman were all over the ages of eighty one was actually 101 years old and they all suffered from dementia and she targeted them because she knew they wouldn’t remember what she had done to them some details.

Are pretty graphic and we don’t want to do any more.

Indignities to these people than a moral ready thrust upon them so.

Without getting too in-depth these victims were groped and fondled without their consent as well as.

Some penetrative toys were also used on them the victims were both male and female so why would somebody in their right mind do this let’s be honest according to the defense attorney her boyfriend was the one who kind of instigated this whole thing because he’s the kinda guy that would get sexual pleasure from seeing this happen to these people which is why she filmed this happening great these films.

She saved on her computer which she then sold without properly deleting them and they were discovered by her acquaintance who she sold it to police were then informed and she has since been sentenced to 10 years guys this is just absolutely terrible because not only is this a crime against the victims but it’s also a crime against the families because who.
Wants to trust a care home now it’s.

Sad that there are people out there who choose to prey upon society’s most vulnerable elements and you know guys I really hope that the guy the boyfriend is getting in trouble or arrested for this because he’s the one I kind of instigated this whole thing so.

Let us know how you guys feel about this in the comments below I’m Sasha wood I’m Dave woful and thank.
You so much for watching more videos over there to the side some.

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Life Is Strange Before The Storm Pc Video Discussion And Gaming News

Alright alright yo what up what up what up what up what up what’s going on YouTube how are you guys doing today how am I subscribers doing how’s my viewers doing how are you boys and girls guys and gals doing what’s going on YouTube how you guys doing today I’m sorry about yesterday okay so I say a moist.

Hey ethically this is one on YouTube sorry.

What’s up people of the internet are you guys doing today I’m sorry about.

Yesterday I know you guys wanted.

To see a video and I know your uh my 48 subscribers are interested in my videos and I’m sorry but I’m sorry I’m sorry but I I’ve been very busy I I can’t do YouTube as much as I used to you understand I have a part-time job I work very hard I work an eight-hour shift from 5:30 to 3 o’clock in the afternoon 5:30 a.

for noon I worked very hard and very tired I’m not a full-time youtuber I’m a.

When I can i play when I can and this always works man I’m I’m.

Sorry about yesterday I was gonna make this video for you guys but I I didn’t get around to it I was very tired I ended up coming home going.

Straight to bed I end up coming home going straight to bed and never woke up was it was it was so freaking.

Tired exhausted and stressed out that I basically didn’t wake up till the neck till next day and a lot of.

Shit went on to work yesterday and I just didn’t feel like making a video didn’t really feel like playing video games um this really felt like just no no doing stuff in general I was very tired and shit sorry about that I was gonna make that video yesterday I’m sorry.

I just didn’t feel like it but today I got an interesting video for you guys and hope you find this interesting first I.

Always wanna know how you guys this Tuesday is going god bless you hope things are going well for you and yeah well man I hope you guys enjoy this video anyways I got a thing I got a wide variety of things to talk about today but most of them are my phone okay uh let’s talk.

About uh let’s do a discussion here on the walking dead uh you know I know I didn’t rate video on a yesterday but I want to do an in-depth discussion analysis whatever on The Walking Dead Season nine Episode five what comes after I’m gonna talk about the pros I’m talking about the cons and I’m gonna talk about the things I don’t like about the show if we’re gonna break down some.

Understand that I’ve kind of figured out now on the show so if you guys haven’t noticed if you guys haven’t if you guys haven’t seen it spoilers ahead I’m sorry but um you know season five has a lot to do with the potential ending of Rick if you got something no notice so season five takes place after Rick gets a piece of rebar stuck in his side the Horde at the the horde of walkers.

End up coming by you know behind asking him the Horde of walkers end up trying to go in coming after him he ends up taking his belt off use uses one of the bars to pull himself off of it off of the rebar he stumbles to a white horse he gets on the white horse he rides off in the distance as he’s riding he begins to bleed out from.

From the the from being run through with the rebar he begins to see.

End Times Signs: Latest News And Strange Events (november 4, 2018)

A new report by the World Wildlife Foundation WWF claims the planet is losing animals at rates that could be considered a mass extinction the report says 60% of all vertebrae’s which are animals with backbones have been wiped out since 1970 WWF executive director Mike Barrett says we are sleepwalking towards the edge of a cliff the worst hit part.

Of the world is South and Central America the WWF report says it’s lost 89 percent of its animals freshwater animals have also dropped by 83 percent it may even be.

Too late to do anything about it according to the Guardian even if the trend were to stop today it would take the world five to seven million years to recover Barrett says Nature is.

Not a nice-to-have it is our life-support system it could affect businesses as well Sky News says industry is relying on natural resources are worth 97 trillion pounds that’s 125 trillion dollars every year for global 1 I’m.

According to Gizmodo new findings published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences show that all the carbon dioxide piling up in the oceans.

Dark depths is causing the seafloor to dissolve excess carbon dioxide reaching the deep ocean means that the natural system can’t keep up.

In the stores of calcium carbonate on.

The sea floor are dissolving that also means the water at the bottom.

Of the ocean like the water at the top is getting more acidic one of the researchers Olivier sopes a PhD student at McGill University found that there were hotspots where the ocean floor was rapidly dissolving.

That includes the Northwest Atlantic and the southern ocean where the bottom waters are relatively young and laden with carbon dioxide from human activities the results are yet another reminder that this era of human history will leave a geological mark long after humans are gone according to Business Insider US military personnel were deployed to the border ahead of the anticipated arrival of migrant caravans active duty.

Troops which have been or will be deployed to parts of Texas Arizona and.

California there among a group of more than 7,000 troops expected to be sent to the border in support of operation faithful.

Patriot many of the engineering teams are expected to be involved in activities such as barrier construction and the hardening of key border facilities according to a report by Business Insider in Afghanistan on Saturday a US service member was killed in action as the result of an insider attack in an official press release resolute support revealed initial.

Reports indicate the attacker was a member of the Afghan National Defense and security forces initial reports also indicate the attacker.

Was immediately killed by other Afghan forces Business Insider reports that the incident in which another US service member was wounded remains under investigation Reuters reports that Iran’s.

Top leader said on Saturday US President Donald Trump’s policies face opposition across the world this is Washington prepared to reimpose sanctions on Iran’s vital oil exporting and financial sectors state television reported supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei also said Iran’s arch adversary the United States had.

Robot And Viking Show Ep. 005 – Strange News, Viking Recommend, Robot's Tragic Irony Top 5

The day special episode that’s right why because it seems like we’ve done this all before that is why look at that a comet resembling a human’s – it’s coming after meteor Skullhead this on CNN this was horrible Santa John the Internet al kharid this you know this is not for gravity scold me this is a astronauts idea true.

It’s a true story from the internet let’s look at the next one okay in the.

City in Virginia which is called Chesapeake they long for you to chicken shave it is misdemeanor and you will go to look at 13 Betty I’ve got a record now you’ve done hard time because she was.

Getting candy corn that’s next to the disgusting food.

Museum opening in Sweden to a museum in Sweden where you can discover any different types of disgusting food what they stink is threw up in the world that durian which looks like a porcupine kind of a thing it looks like yeah like death.

Or something horrible died do something horrible that’s disgusting there’s they have.

A cheese with live maggots crawling through the cheese and of course they have everyone’s favorite the beautiful the stimulating three penis wine I know I was disturbed as well let’s move along a cheerleader gave away pot brownies to win a homecoming queen vote punctuation police I guess that means this is the.

Story that the police told that a cheerleader gave away pot brownies to win the homecoming queen for it’s against the law to make brownies and apart I guess I don’t know I guess you can only put them in like a baking pan that makes no sense well I would think it’s a free country to.

Country you want to put it in you could do uh see people do a brownies in a crock-pot I would that be okay as a crock-pot not just pot next to be legislating what you put in them it’s just stupid analyst says he the Philadelphia football teams they have a do not sex.

And they need to abstain because that’s why they are having a terrible season the headline says Eagle should abstain from sex that’s just crazy no like Eagles having sex I talked about the football team Phil it does heal well whoa busy why does.

He want them having sex his thesis making them play the man off like Iraqi women weaken legs inserts well I hope you enjoy the next phase of the show the first a musical interlude.

As always we start to bring you the very best in musical interludes which we improvise music for your enjoyment on.

The Internet please enjoy the next is which will be themed weird news fully and your toes were stabbing and whatever else you’d like to do when the music comes.

On and you feel entertained by technology that we.

Are playing we now have abilities to do many many things that we could not do formally now one of those things happened to be sure you segments.

That are recorded on video say perhaps if you are worth to send us a funny video that would be just a random example of something that might.

Happen or they may comment and ask us to do some kind of crazy thing that we’re gonna do right at this place here and we go and do it.

Somewhere else videotape it and bring it back but we could play other videos for you to watch on the show maybe the first one of these this is a video that I have made a segment I have proposed myself regarding my taste he different kinds of musical tastes that I like to taste when I’m tasting the music so in the.

First episode I will hope that you enjoy my view on one of my very very bands that I hope one of yours dogs will do me yes here it is today my kiss Why ask me da exclusion Maya well I hold that if you are not a fan of the kiss yet you’ll soon will be because you saw that it is a taste of mine and you like to be influenced by internet personalities so won’t you please join us as we enter in to yet.

Another musical interlude we are entertainment if you enjoyed that you are.

Sure to enjoy our next segment which features our good.

Friend robot as he addresses his robot presents that’s amazing this robot explain to us what does ironies mean so irony is like like when it’s ironic and like tragedy.

Is like when it’s also sad so a classical example would be like Oedipus who’s like killed this King dude.

And jumped in the sack with this cool Queen dude but the King did was his.

Dad the Queen dude was along the lot yeah kill your dad after you sleep with.

Your mom that’s two wrongs don’t make a right man that’s terrible that’s all one but what did irony mean because it sounded like you defined the word with the word itself and that really didn’t help me conceptualize what an.

Irony is like when you’re expecting one thing and then the exact opposite thing happen I get that you like a life preserver and beat somebody to five examples of planning designing and starting up your own.

Today’s the day starts to pay off when you receive a notification you have gained a brand new subscriber tragically when you log into your channel you discovered that the new sub was your mom thank you mom for subscribing we appreciate it wow yeah that’s a.

Low blow man that’s it’s hard.

To take right there let’s uh continue on that was before well attending a recent music from rock music festival your favorite band takes the stage as the beginner said the lead singer points to you and comes up on stage to join the gym just finished eating an overpriced concert hotdog and your hands are covered in because his hands were dirty I get it okay number three a.

Robot if you ever you meet a moderately attractive comma well-endowed woman she has gained some notoriety from film and despite all this she seems interested you what’s it supposed to mean and you wind up hooking up whatever that means tragically years later.

It comes to cruel twist despite promises and payoffs she rides a tell-all book after you get elected and mocks your man that’s it same I’m not acting badass when I get that that’s not happening bro let’s roll aah aah that’s.

Terrible tragedy what is it all right robot number two after years of interpersonal relationship struggles and a gin rapport with people in general again you thoughtfully reflect on you how you’ve matured and grown as a person so on the way here remember why my wife from the car turning in the key and I’m fiddling and all of a sudden she says I wouldn’t start because.

It was in Reverse I’m kidding and the ironic tragedy that I could have left an hour and a half ago a lot you’ve got to be kidding me man that’s crazy that’s great that’s a great story that you are sharing.

This story I call my wife with aching muscles out to the rain oh the only thing better would have been if.

You captured it on video do.

Not because I was all like no no no no no no that will that was I did that was out there I did that a minute ago just one moment ago that wasn’t why that’s crazy I played it.

Up and it’s funny comedy gold once again and she says do you think you’ll be okay then I said yeah I don’t think I laugh and again so hopefully.

Not that would be terrible if he does she was hopes terrible for everyone.

Involved yes and especially terrible if.

You don’t get it on video some things better not to know that’s true okay special a moment that we like to call reflection II it’s so.

Smooth and dreaming it’s called reflection this is the part of the show where we reflection back on the show and we think about all the fun things that we have.

Done and all the fun things and important facts that we have learned today because we want it to be an educational experience too so today we learn first of all that there’s some very.

Weird news out there some people have.

Leeches in their nose holes some cheerleaders make brownies and pots keep in trouble we also like subscribe comment and share come on by and invite your friends to enjoy the great entertainment available 2.5 social media apps that you have ad 30 P productions where.

You can find the robot and you provide.

Many many more entertainment for you to enjoy so stop on by there as we play a some sweet farewell music today and we bid you.

Bad Rap: Why B.o.b Is Wrong About A Flat Earth

A throwdown between a rapper and an astrophysicist centers on whether the Earth is a sphere, a scientific question that was supposedly settled in the third century B.C.

Rapper-singer Bobby Ray Simmons Jr. (known as B.o.B) released a track called "Flatline" on Monday (Jan. 25), dissing noted astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson after the two had engaged in a Twitter argument over Earth's shape, which B.o.B purports to be flat. In the track, B.o.B hollers, "Aye, Neil Tyson need to loosen up his vest / They'll probably write that man one hell of a check," and even embeds part of a talk by Tyson in which he says, "So it's not actually a sphere, it's an … it's oblate, it's officially an oblate spheroid."

Earth's oblate spherical-ness was determined long ago. While the ancient Greeks were among the first to discern that the Earth is a sphere, there were still people who didn't think it could be true, because, well, look around. The ground is flat and plainly so all the way to the horizon. [Religion and Science: 6 Visions of Earth's Core]

This common-sense reasoning is, in part, what drives more modern flat-Earth beliefs. In the last century a whole society — the Flat Earth Society — has grown up around it. The 19th-century version was called the Zetetic Society, which eventually disbanded.

So what do flat-Earthers really believe? A look at the Flat Earth Society website gives some answers here. Their model of the Earth looks something like the logo of the United Nations, with the North Pole at the center. The Earth is a round disc, surrounded by an ice wall (Antarctica, which the U.N. logo doesn't show). The sun and moon are each about 32 miles across, and hang about 3,000 miles above the surface of the Earth.

Gravity doesn't enter into their argument, because flat-Earth cosmology says the whole disc is accelerating at exactly 32 feet per second in the "up" direction.

Earth's seeming flatness

There are several lines of evidence, though, that the Earth is round. But first, we can look at why it appears flat, and why that misled people for so long. [Earth from Above: 101 Stunning Images from Orbit]

The Earth is a sphere about 24,000 miles (38,624 kilometers) around at the equator — a pretty big number relative to a person's visual abilities. To calculate the distance one could expect to see, multiply the diameter of the Earth (about 7,917 miles, or 12,742 km) by the height of the person (or building, or mountain one is standing on) and take the square root. For a 6-foot-tall person standing on a beach, that works out to about 3 miles. (A more rough-and-ready version of this says the horizon in miles will be 1.22 times the square root of the height in feet.) This is also why the distance one can see gets larger the higher up you go.

This assumes a perfectly spherical Earth (it isn't) and no refraction of light from the atmosphere (there is some). But as a general estimate this works pretty well, and explains why the Earth looks flat: The "drop" on the horizon due to the planet's curvature is only a few feet per mile.

There are other lines of evidence, and that gets us to the ancient Greeks. Specifically, a man named Eratosthenes, who lived in Syene, Egypt. On the summer solstice, Eratosthenes had seen that a well had no shadows: the sun was at its zenith. He deduced that if the Earth were spherical, he could figure out the planet's size by checking the angle of the sun at some other location, assuming the sun was so far away that its rays were essentially parallel. So, in about 240 B.C., he had someone measure the distance between Syene (modern-day Aswan) and Alexandria, and checked the angle of the sun at both locations. He found a small, measurable difference in the angle, and calculated that the Earth was 24,662 to 28,968 miles in circumference, according to scientists today. He was wrong, but not by much.

By about A.D. 1, the idea of a spherical Earth was taken as a matter of course almost everywhere; Indian astronomers were convinced, and Islamic scholars used the concept to calculate the direction and distance to Mecca, according to the work of David A. King, a former professor of the history of science at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Berlin.

Even Christopher Columbus knew the Earth was round — the old story of him having to convince anyone otherwise is a myth (popularized by Washington Irving in a biography of Columbus). The real problem was that his estimates of the distance to China were too low. Contemporaries thought his mission was suicidal, because the crews would die of thirst absent stumbling on a hitherto unknown source of fresh water (as noted by Samuel Elliot Morrison, who wrote a Pulitzer-Prize winning biography of Columbus in 1942). Ferdinand Magellan, of course, killed the flat-Earth idea once and for all by sailing all the way around the world.


The modern flat-Earthers can trace their intellectual lineage to a man named Samuel Rowbotham (1816–1884). He published a book on the flatness of the Earth called "Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe." When he died those ideas lived on, as a woman named Lady Elizabeth Blount founded the Universal Zetetic Society. The society petered out after World War I. The current Flat Earth Society is headed by a man named Daniel Shenton, and has a website outlining experiments that purportedly show the Earth is flat.

One such experiment involves using a 6-mile length of canal to show that the Earth is not, in fact, round, disputing the old saw that ships' hulls disappear below the horizon and would not if the Earth were not curved. It's called the Bedford Level Experiment. A supporter of Rowbotham's used a telescope to observe a boat rowing away; since the hull of the boat remained visible even though it was 6 miles distant, it was initially taken to prove that the observation of ships' hulls was wrong, and a trick of perspective. The naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace repeated the experiment, and took into account the refraction of the atmosphere, by setting his sight line higher. He showed that, yes, in fact, the Earth is a sphere, as published in Nature in April 1870.

One other way to prove that there's a horizon is, in fact, with a good telescope. If the Earth were flat, then even if perspective made it hard to resolve objects near the horizon (it does), then with a decent telescope one should be able to see, for example, the Welsh coast from Boston. But you can't; no matter how good the telescope is, Europe never comes into view.

That aside, flat-Earthers have come up with some other — rather ingenious — "proofs" that the Earth is flat. One is the distances around the Southern Ocean. The flat-Earth model says that the distance between, say, Melbourne, Australia, and Santiago, Chile, should be greater than the distance between New York and Beijing. Melbourne is 7,002 miles (11,268 km) from Santiago, while New York is 6, 824 miles (10,982 km) from Beijing. Rowbotham gives some distance estimates in his book; the problem is they are just wrong: "From near Cape Horn, Chile to Port Philip in Melbourne, Australia the distance is 9,000 miles," Rowbotham writes. It's actually 5,681 miles. Rowbotham's figure would apply to a flat Earth, but he assumes that at the outset. Leaving the distance estimate aside, he assumes the longitudes are separated by 143 degrees; the actual figure is about 149 degrees.  

If the travel distance doesn't give Earth's curvature away, eclipses surely would: An interesting artifact of Eratosthenes' calculation is that if you assume the Earth is flat the figure for how high the sun would be matches the radius of the Earth — in this case, you assume that the sun's rays are not parallel (as Eratosthenes did) but are emanating from a spherical sun a short distance away. But the fact that eclipses happen gives the game away; if the planet were flat there would be nothing to cast a shadow, say, across the sun or moon. The Flat Earth Wiki says it's a "shadow object" and posits that the reason nobody has ever seen this behemoth object on Earth is that the sun's glare blots out everything else in the sky during the day. Plenty of people have observed Venus, for example, during the day (it's hard, but it can be done). If there were some shadow object big enough — remember flat-Earthers think the moon is some 32 miles across — it has to find a way to be invisible during both day and night. [See Photos: 'Lost' Astronomy Plates Show Historic Eclipse and More]

That links to another issue: The Pole Star gets lower in the sky as one travels south, and eventually dips below the horizon. If the Earth were flat no matter how far you went, Polaris would never get below the horizon at all, nor would new stars become visible as you traveled south – they certainly would not rise above the horizon at a constant rate of 1 degree for every degree of latitude traveled south, because of the geometry of a flat Earth, and flat sky.

Flat-Earthers assert precisely that, though: The stars are actually only 3,100 miles above us, and seeing Polaris approach the horizon is a trick of perspective. So as you travel south, more come into view. But were that the case, you would not see stars coming over a horizon; the southern stars would look bunched together in a kind of bright band that covered the southern sky — precisely because of perspective. (This assumes a flat sky as opposed to a dome shape, which is the only way the argument can work.)

According to flat-Earth cosmology, Antarctica is actually an ice wall that keeps the water in the oceans in place, and that NASA employees (among other government conspirators) are guarding the place to keep people out. Explorer Roald Amundsen was faking it (or badly mistaken), and clearly the dozens of expeditions to the region were all in on the conspiracy to hide the edges of the Earth, according to flat-Earth beliefs. The moon missions, by the way, are a hoax, and GPS satellites are rigged somehow to show the Earth is round, though it's unclear how they could stop anyone from flying or sailing in directions that would disprove that.

In addition, if the Earth were accelerating enough to produce the illusion of gravity, then eventually it would approach (but not quite reach) the speed of light, according to the theory of relativity. More interesting, the mass would continually increase (relative to the rest of the universe). But flat-Earth cosmology doesn't seem to include gravity, so it's also not clear whether they buy relativity at all. 

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Scent Of A Kitten: Perfumer Debuts 'kitten Fur' Fragrance

Our sense of smell plays an important role in how we interpret the world around us. And for people who love cats, there are few scents as welcome as the smell of the soft fur on a kitten's head.

That delectable scent is now available in a bottle. Perfume company Demeter Fragrance Library (DFL) recently announced the release of a new fragrance dubbed "Kitten Fur." The perfume captures "the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort of that "purr"-fect spot, just behind a kitten's neck," according to a product description on the company's website.

Kitten Fur joins a range of Demeter scents that are also inspired by the natural world, including Giant Sequoia, Mountain Air, Grass, Dirt and Earthworm. But how do you bottle up the evocative scent of a kitten? [Tip of the Tongue: The 7 (Other) Flavors Humans May Taste]

To identify and replicate the distinctive scent signature produced by a place or object, perfumers may use a technique called headspace technology, in which they isolate and sample the air near its source, in order to build a chemical fingerprint that can be analyzed and replicated in the lab, said Mark Crames, Kitten Fur creator and the CEO of DFL.

However, making Kitten Fur was complicated. The number of materials that can be safely applied directly to the skin is limited, restricting a perfumer's chemical palette for mixing up new smells. Re-creating the scent produced by large organic molecules such as those found in animal smells is especially tricky — "it's just really hard to get the kind of depth, complexity and subtlety that you need," Crames told Live Science. Plant smells, by comparison, are easier to simulate, he added.

Kitten Fur was by far the most-requested fragrance by DFL customers (closely followed by Bacon and Puppy's Breath, both of which are still in development, according to the company). Crames spent 15 years working on Kitten Fur before the scent finally clicked, thanks to a compound that he hadn't come across before, which formed the base for the distinctive kitten smell, he said.

Before Kitten Fur, there had only been one other animal essence in the DFL perfume lineup — the equally bewitching scent New Baby — a smell that is known to trigger dopamine surges in new mothers when produced by an actual newborn. New Baby presented olfactory challenges, just as Kitten Fur did. But there are elements in New Baby that made it somewhat easier to reproduce than Kitten Fur — the smells of lotion, powder and baby shampoo, which are strongly associated with infants, Crames said.

And what exactly does a kitten smell like? "Almost like a combination of skin and sunshine," according to Crames.

Kitten Fur is available exclusively on the DFL website as a cologne, perfume, shower gel and body oil.

Original article on Live Science.

Thoughts Of Mortality Turn Pacifists Into Killers

Young adults in Iran tend to support martyrdom more when they are thinking about their own mortality.

Likewise, Americans are more in favor of extreme military intervention when they are contemplating their own deaths.

In a new study, 40 Iranian college students heard statements supporting and opposing suicide bombing attacks on U.S. targets. A portion of the test subjects who were also asked to ponder their own deaths were more likely to favor the bombings and consider joining such a cause.

"Thoughts of death led young people in the Middle East who ordinarily preferred a person who took a pacifist stance to switch their allegiance to a person who advocated suicide bombings," the study authors write this month in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. "These findings provide the first experimental evidence documenting the psychological determinants of the appeal of martyrdom."

A similar survey was done on 127 students at Rutgers University in New Jersey. They were asked whether they support extreme military actions such as the use of nuclear and chemical weapons and pre-emptive strikes against countries that might pose a threat to the United States.

Support for extreme measures increased among those Rutgers test subjects who were first asked to ponder their own deaths.

"Despite their differences, Americans and Iranians have something in common—thoughts of death increase the willingness of people from both nations to inflict harm on citizens of the other nation," the authors write. "The same psychological inclinations that make them want to kill us make us want to kill them—regardless of which specific group is referred to by the words ‘us’ and ‘them.’"

The research was done by psychology professors Tom Pyszczynsk of the University of Colorado and Abdolhossein Abdollahi of the Islamic Azad University in Iran along with colleagues at Skidmore College and the University of Arizona.