Things I Love About Ios Vs Android

I love Android and for me Android means choice whether that’s a custom launcher custom icons or a custom theme and for hardware you can choose big screen small screen stylus input glass back metal glass the choice is yours over the years I’ve used a lot of Android phones and sometimes I go back to an iPhone and there are.
Some things about iOS that I.

Absolutely love in this video I’m going to tell you what they are but first.

This video is sponsored by the geniuses at Wix the gesture.

Navigation on the iPhone feels half-baked it’s not very intuitive and the animations could be better but there is one function that is extremely useful that’s the side swipe that lets you move quickly between apps it reminds me of using the alt tab keyboard shortcut on a PC on.
Android the pixel phones allow you to do.

This with a swipe right of the navigation pill but you can only flip between two apps you.

Could also use X J’s navigation gestures app to add a pill and navigation gestures to any Android but neither solution is as good as what you get on the iPhone Apple first came out with the pressure-sensitive displays on the Apple watch it was.

Called force touch then and it was really cool because it reduced the need for hardware and software buttons because you could have a new interaction with the display by pressing firmly on the screen and it wasn’t until forced touch came to the iPhone as 3d touch that it really started to make a difference and help the user experience if you adjust your usage to do a hard press on icons and to be able to access these shortcuts.

You can benefit from deep linking within apps so that for example on Twitter you can immediately jump into the compose window in the phone app you can very quickly make a call by just pressing hard and sliding your finger up to land on the person you want to dial it’s super fast Android does have apps shortcuts which can do pretty much the same thing with a tap.

And hold of an icon but if you don’t time it just right you might move the icon a little bit which causes the app shortcut to dismiss on iPhone you never have that problem because.

The phone knows your intention when you press firmly another really good use of this pressure sensitivity is cursor placement.

It’s so natural to press firmly on a keyboard and to be able to reposition the cursor precisely Android lets you do this in G board by sliding your finger on the spacebar but not very precise another thing I love about the iPhone and iOS especially the newer iPhones is that while the screen refreshes at 60 Hertz like most other phones the screen can detect touch input at 120 Hertz.

Twice as fast as most other displays that means it registers touch input every 8.3 milliseconds instead of sixteen point six milliseconds while this difference seems small it leads to increased sensitivity when moving through lists or selecting items on the screen overall it just makes the phone more smooth than I love it the last thing I love about the iPhone is video recording it’s just so good and even with pixels and galaxy notes.

Out there the iPhone records video better than any other phone the camera on the iPhone has super fast and accurate autofocus really great exposure.

Apple's Airpod 2 – Leaks & Rumors | Specs | Release Date | News!

The September 12th Apple event came and went without the announcement of three highly anticipated devices the air pods to the air power charging mat and a new set of over ear headphones potentially called studio pods in this rumor roundup will cover update about the new rumored new wireless air pod two related rumors leading up to the big announcement.

Air pods to release date in June rumors began circulating that headphone version of the air.

Pods won’t be released until 2019 we won’t know for sure until the October announcement but if the air pods are delayed until next year we assume it will be because Apple is still.

Working out some kinks we also recently heard that Apple will not be releasing air pods to in October since sales on air pods.

Are still so high that there might not be a reason to release a new version at this point maybe next year as cells begin to dwindle we’ll see a.

Release of the air pods – in order to push sales and now we might have to wait on the next iteration of air bots air pods – pricing how much will the air pods – and the new wireless charging case cost ear pods currently.

Ringing in at $159 and Apple may push that price point up for the next version I’d guess the air pods – will cost in the range of dollar one $79 $1.99 a plug-in replacement case for air pods currently costs $69 so I’d bet that the wireless version will.

Cost at least a bit more say $89 ear pods – what we might see according to the leaks and rumors touchless siri function ear pods owners can.

Currently interact with siri by double-tapping either air pod no need to even touch the iPhone Siri can then help with a range of tasks including making a phone call changing volume level offering directions or switching music and other audio programming will the air pods – have.

The capability to engage Siri with only a voice command home pod owners can interact with Siri through voice only control so why not air pods users upgraded wireless chip air pots and their current version incorporate apples w1 chip to detect when the air pods are in your ears one or both route.

Audio engage the microphone and manage battery life will the air pods to utilize a w-2 chip and if so what new capabilities will it convey even longer battery life Bluetooth 5.0 capability I’m interested to find out ear pods colors black hair pods perhaps one color option is not enough for those of us who prefer black space gray or even the flashy rose gold will the air pods to come with one or more color choices or stick with a standard white water.

Resistant or even waterproof a.

Feature I’d love to see in air pods too is water resistance or better yet completely waterproofed air pots have held up to moisture.

Exposure pretty well in the wild but are not guaranteed to be water resistant and accidents and sweaty workouts happen so it would be great not to feel so concerned about a few splashes of rain or perhaps coffee my guess is that we could see.

Water resistant air pots with the second version but complete waterproofing may be a feature for air pods 3 remove.

Microphone hearing aid with live listen live listen is a feature that allows your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch to sync with your set of made for iPhone hearing aids and function as a remote microphone this is a.

Wonderful feature for people with mild hearing impairments and it looks as though it will be available for the air pods.

To health tracking features the new Apple watch series 4 has some excellent health monitoring capabilities including an ECG function heart rate monitoring and even fall detection with apples emphasis on health and safety it wouldn’t be surprising to see similar features incorporated into their latest wireless earbuds you.

Tech News #38 :- Asus Zen Phone,lenovo Killer,vivo V9, Google Plixel 3xl

So first soon the insulin didn’t do the smartphone’s from the immigrants phone Ilana is there any smartphone of packing on the budget dragged down so no sweeper externally a lot of phones we party now this part I rock will in the Sigma Donna back in on the party I must mention I’m a longs for introduction so I will.

Come with the battery but I didn’t he hid badly.

Google what you do narcotic now that I’m Goku Sehun on good a.

Image means music one want every American on about the puzzle.

Albert on smartphones by meeting boom generation went to party now do Li off una and also another corner now and he mentioned the batteries are not getting a killer post for my big salami and then let me ask him about the dummy and it would tell us is already two whole nights but I wouldn’t want to bother any alimony Amman and same.

Young moon so you tell about the packing now the rent PGP NAFTA GB storage or over there Tamara no Papa and also now be.

Not even the pack event but you know.

My graphic said not even antim enough except camera put the back man so you the price range was the packing on.

The ironing on the sale are they so easily passing on the budget King not a poem I saw the same form axiom on government as well as in phone max yeah one home I don’t anything a killer postponed another world earlier they were the 18 is 2 9 a square to a show go grab 3000mah what the bad things it’s also only maxium wanna pay to achieve a cram.

Inter-school de’longhi dating needs to nine has portray she oh it’s room or the new passing on the snapdragon 430 know who the kappa so rent in the smartphone image Snapdragon 430 our chips it when the end they are so hungry have.

Been so either on the MSO to the ROM and online mah other go to the PRI thing going but it kind of tangible you may not be the most.

Common kind upon the economy open man so another vv9 elaborate incident in the smartphone on the per year within my authority to move and it’s a my pop I stopped by okay Paulina I’m right in the smartphone the good granny yeah tied.

About there off the price drop Connie banana he’s also running hippo in this video website the web article on.

So up till now and then you have Flipkart in Amazon and check bhai are you my dimension paneer domina view website check it done yet I already render them but any opportunity I know different other video brings up but as an already in the phone she’ll have smartphones on of Ebola he pocus on I explained or an elephant or an alibi ranch for a linear and annotating your website patty kill the common.

Stock was Panama so are two on the body now the Lenovo Orenda phone kill the smartphone he rocketed into the one one day if I even so do you.

Got man you know the party now this hippo canine.

K99 upper canine mode for my partner in a case series and I’m in the park on smartphone I think I know what control on but you want the render brick could consolidometer and security Patchogue masculine that.

Measure up different the rendu control economy P point zero liquid 9.

On ani kinor and the smartphone party killer common such the post pentagram so on the button on the pixel 3 pixels.

The excel is there any spot following a down payment back the lowered a customer angling aren’t down payment to the padding on the bug me another.

Both in the pizza three Olympics and three XL under the popular random you couldn’t do wrong but I am now in Madonna for Apple ranging it over there is even a review for manga but new marinara killing a kee de paw spa tech news on the end around the banana Jana Condon the Navaratri puja neuropathy now along the path of all understand Google after you know so I wanna take you to our marina even in times on tech news over there but now.

In the mood is eloquent in our regular technical partner but each.

Me or not analytic used on the kinda popular dramas of what we’re doing that means convinced Aparna video collect an eSATA cable I can poo sabudana paisa pogrom Landau were able comes up button it’s.

Not a mistake money you know killer postpone you have video Musa Ghana to get to go robot by market thanks for watching how many CI w guys yell on populum even came.

Astronauts Land Safely After Soyuz Launch Fails At 20 Miles Up

A Fault in a Soyuz rocket booster has resulted in an aborted crew mission to the International Space Station but fortunately no loss of life the astronauts in the capsule Nick hate us and alexey ovchinin russia successfully detached upon recognizing the fault and made a safe if bumpy landing nearly 250 miles east of the launch site in kazakhstan this.
High-profile failure could bolster demand for US built crewed spacecraft.

The launch proceeded normally for the first minute and a half but at that point when the first and second stages were meant to detach there was an unspecified fault possibly a failure of the first stage in its fuel tanks to detach the astronauts recognized this issue.

And immediately initiated the emergency escape system Hagen auctioning in the capsule before the fault occurred the Soyuz capsule detached from the.

Rocket and began a ballistic descent red.

Falling arrested by a parachute before landing approximately thirty four minutes after the fault right now that’s about as much detail on the actual event as has been released by Roscosmos and NASA.

Press conferences have been mainly about being thankful that the crew is okay assuring people that they’ll get to the bottom of this and kicking the can down the road on everything else although it will likely take weeks before we know.
Exactly what happened the repercussions for this failure are.

Immediate the crew on the ISS will not be reinforced and as there are only three up there.

Right now with a single Soyuz capsule with which to return to Earth there’s a chance they’ll have to leave the ISS empty for a short time the current crew was scheduled to return in December but NASA has said that the Soyuz is safe.

To take until January 4th so there’s a bit of leeway that’s not to say they can necessarily put together another launch before then but if the residents there need to stay a bit longer to safely park the station as it.
Were they have a bit of extra time to do so the Soyuz booster and capsule.

Have been an extremely reliable system for shuttling crew to and from the ISS and no Soyuz fault has ever led to loss.

Of life although there have been a few issues recently.

With do a satellite and of course the recent hole found in one just in August this was perhaps the closest a Soyuz has come to a life-threatening failure and as such any Soyuz based launches will be grounded until further notice to be clear this was a failure with the Soyuz FG rocket which is slated for replacement not.

With the capsule or newer rocket of the same name SpaceX and Boeing have been competing to create and certify their own crew capsules which were scheduled for testing sometime next year but while the Soyuz issues may nominally increase the demand for these u. built alternatives the testing process can’t be rushed that said grounding the Soyuz if only for crewed flights and conducting a full-scale fault investigation as no small matter and if we’re not flying astronauts up to the ISS in one of them were not.

Doing it at all so there is at least an.

Incentive to perform testing of the new crew capsules in a timely manner and.

Keep to as short a timeframe as is reasonable you can watch the launch as it played out here.

#nxdaily: 5 Top Tech News Around The World Today

Hello guys welcome to another exciting episode of NXT top 5 tech number 5 Google is using software to make the pixels 3 screen corners even rounder Google is extending its design aesthetics that favors subtle rounded corners even further by manually adjusting the pixels 3 screens corners Jerry startup has first ported than eagle-eyed when its user Ellie today material.

Theme an updated version of the company’s software design philosophy is the driving force behind the Gmail and chrome redesigns of lights and.

You’ll notice it most prevalent ly in the new chrome tab design that issues rough and pronounced corners or soft around the ones Google isn’t going so far as to turn the edges of the pixel 3 display into chrome tab replicas but it is using a subtle software trick to shrink the.

Radius of each corner of the display to produce more rounded corners at number 4 the 1 plus 60 launch is bearish.

At all because of Apple oneplus is moving up the launch of its 1 plus 60 by a day in order to avoid colliding with Apple’s iPad pro and Mac events on the 30th of October which was just announced this week.

The soda launch events which has over 1,000 confirmed attendees so far is a ticketed.

Event but one plus fans as well as press in past events 1 plus R square it’s at the cost of tickets back when attendees purchased the phone.

One plus is not reaching out to.

Attendees to let them know about the resettling and it’s offered to cover travel expenses for attendees if they need to change their flights the company is also offering full response to ticket holders who won’t be able to attend at number 3 some Google pics are honest camera photos.

Are in saving some users of the new Google pics of three and three Excel are experiencing an issue in which taking a photo using Google camera occasionally fails to save the issue across specifically in cases when the user takes a photo with a Google camera and switches to another app or loves the phone immediately after users are able to see a thumbnail of the photo.

In the camera gallery circle what’s up on tap Annette the photo disappears there are also some reports of galaxy s 9 moto z 2 moto e 4 and Nexus 5x owners.

Experiencing the issue after using Google camera so it’s unclear whether the issue is limited to pic cell phones if it’s connected to a larger Android bug hmm you see about that.

Two how to view a notification history on Android if you’ve used that droid for quite some time it’s likely you’ve mistakenly swapped away a notification.

Or two for one reason or the other or you accidentally cleared everything in the notification drawer without meaning to or maybe you.

Just wonder where all your notifications go and if there’s a historical list of them after you’ve dismissed them but not.

To worry as you can find everything from missed messages emails app updates and even system messages in the stock notification log option you.
Can also use on notification on any android 8.
0 plus phone to bring back your last dismissed notification here is how to go about it step 1 long press home screen step 2.

Press widgets step 3 drag the settings one by one we jet on your screen and step 4 choose notification lock and you’re good to go number one the galaxy book 2 is Samsung’s answer to the surface pro a couple of weeks after Microsoft announced the surface pro 6 Samsung is today on Valinda.
$1000 galaxy book 2 and always connected windows 2 in one.

That features qualcomm’s snapdragon a 50 processor and a revamped.

Design that’s extremely close to the surface it goes until from November.

2nd samsung says the galaxy booter is capable of.

Gigabyte class LTE and delivers multi workday battery on a single charge specifically the battery estimate is up to 20 hours the Bluetooth speakers include Dolby Atmos support and just like Samsung’s.

Flagship phones are tuned by the company’s AKG division an all-new red kickstand has a surface pro lock hinge that allows you to adjust.

The angle of the 12 inch display to a near flood level and it’s included in the box keyboard magnetically attaches to the bottom display bezel in the exact same way as a surface keyboard and that’s the Gaza annexed le top.

5 tech for this and more for Lawson also should be the platform’s at.

Margie’s extreme and you can visit our website at.

Rtx 2070 // Op6t // More Tech News!!!

Well hello and I welcome elf to generic doctors well are all the tech news is super generic so first off we’ve got in video they just dropped their GTX 1070 which has really nice performance the only problem is that it’s only 12% faster than the GTX 1080 and also 33% more expensive with the same cost you might as.

Well buy a GTX 1080 TI which will yield much better performance but then again you.

Never know when the ray-tracing will come in handy we don’t even know if any games will support it though I do think there.

Are rumors that the shadow of the Tomb Raider will soon get ray-tracing but we still don’t really know too much about it and do you know what else is kind of bad it’s that Google got fined five billion u. dollars by that you due to the fact that if any manufacturer or developer wants to include the Play Store on their phone they also have to include many of the google apps such as gmail and google play music now I don’t know if this is completely fair because Google does technically own Google Play games.

But I mean I can kind of see both both sides of.

The situation because I mean Google they develop the Play Store I think they had the right to decide how developers should be able to use their software but then again if you’re a developer and you don’t really want your phone cluttered with tons of junk you know I can I can also see why you wouldn’t.

Want a lot of stock google apps also hallway just drop their may 20 and make 20 pro both of.

Them featuring three camera I mean what how do you need three cameras I mean one is plenty how does for some reason the pixel 3 only has one cameron it’s still the best camera why do you need 3 also the pro has a dewdrop display which only means it has a very small notch but you know the notch is still there which kind of sucks they also have very nice and Apple batteries over a 4000 milliamp hours so they should be able to last.

You quite a long time and you know what won’t come in a long time next samsung phone though they’re still there already are.

Some speculations leaks or about what it is they’re already a few leaks about having an under display fingerprint sensor as well as under the display speaker just to be able to add some more screen real estate but there are also lots of pictures leaking wearing none of this.

Is existent so far you know we do not know for sure we will just I guess have to see and Sampson also just dropped the galaxy book 2 which is a full fledged Windows tablet sort of thing it’s it’s like a surface series.

It’s made by Samsung it’s running full windows.

Using an Intel chip that now it’s using the snapshot in 850 which I don’t believe is even launched yet but it’s gonna cost you 1,000 bucks with four gigs of RAM the only problem is you know it’s an ARM processor you’re not gonna really be able to do too much on it you know and it’s gonna cost you 1,000 bucks but you know hey it’s it’s out there be king of new launches Apple is gonna be launching.

Their new iPad pro on October 30th with possibly having USBC Oh finally USBC not that horrible lightning connector also on the same day there I might be dropping a new Mac Mini Pro which will be much cheaper than the previous.

3d Printing Tech Interview At Fabtech 2018 Georgia Manufacturing News

Hey everyone I’m Annie Jorgenson with Georgia manufacturing news and we are here with 3d printing tech with Jason Tenzer and Josh Stover so Josh tell us a little bit about your company and what you do so we do all things related to the 3d printing industry we do 3d modeling 3d scanning 3d printing we consult with companies who.

Are looking to bring 3d printing in-house and then we rep a couple different printer lines as well amazing so what kind of companies would see the benefit of using a 3d printer so anybody who is is making a prototype of.

Course that’s the obvious one but companies who are manufacturing and need short-run in production that’s that’s a big one for us right now anybody who needs a show model that could be an architect that could be a marketing firm anybody who needs to either take it up internally and and prove to the CEO that their model that their product is ready or to the outside clients as well great and so.

Little bit about the pieces that you have here that have been.

3d printed well this right here is the largest thing we’ve ever printed it’s a coke bottle it’s about 12 feet tall took about 190 hours to print on the machine just like that right back there and pretty proud of it it was built in six pieces and then put together it’s the master for a mold fiberglass mold so fiberglass mold was made up and then duplicates were made from that to actually make the usable.

Bottles that’s amazing and so you mentioned this machine back here tell me a little bit about what it is and how it works specialty is large printing prints that one meter by one meter by 0.
7 meters tall and it can print in very thick like this right here.

This is very thick layer as compared to what a small desktop printer would do and print like this was four hours to print and a a finer resolution like this was.

About ten hours to print so you can see the time savings if you don’t need the fine details on it and you just want to just pump out that strong part you can do it with a printer like.

That that is so interesting so ten hours to print that 190 hours to print this which is bad I think we calculated it on one of those machines it would take something like three or four months yeah oh my goodness well then 190 hours is probably the right way to go.

Right so what are you guys hoping while you’re here at fab tech what are you hoping.

To get out of your three days here we’re meeting new people new clients and you know really we.

Sell 3d printers and we do 3d printing as a service.

But we look at 3d printing is just one of the tools and are in our tool chest really we help customers get from point A to point B specifically when there’s a physical product or a physical item that they’re dealing with so whether that’s two lighting fixtures that need a connection you know we can come in and model that connection for them and then pretty.

Print production parts for it or if they have broken parts or you know need repair if it’s a problem and it involves the product you know that’s really kind of where we come in so yeah so that’s what we’re here is just meet more clients talk.

To people network network with existing clients and and that’s it well thank you so much Josh and Jason thank you so.
Much for your time this we are here with 3d printing tech..

Tech News #76 Samsung R Series,pixel Budgets Phone,kirin 990,nokia 8.1 ,vivo X21s

Crytek mosciano costate le spalle technology video choc 7 le tecniche sottopassaggio della big three che dirvi che si anche transetto senso le assi di sma la fossa jersey azzurre xvi arsi risultato compatta liaci occupata due c’è un gene dosing era pari a arsi di spoletta un cabaret phone magris contatto poi chiarisce tasca il software cresciuta procedere di pesca.

On è chiamata a fare siamo jong abidjan della rapina metri fondono gas entro pictures in sala gioco spiega il.

Folk giusti che sat e scova le prime info libri che poi sono capi tribali von anhalt oman in.
Fondo al suo mandato il caen da notai e le lettere.

Troppe lotte senza snaturarsi sono da von weber inter che di abiti vivo che tace dovere esempio se in b vocali believer pomeriggio per difettosi ed portata sospesa semplice incorra in folle rio bibliobook ext2 ed ex.

Per seggio in dispiace capirsi finché sutter scarpe che sixty che satana elogi ma c’è una parte sta display che bacchetta 6 feb se mi si espone foto a rischio può dire che mi lega positività possibile 23 lesbica fiat una 3 cm tiget come l’apple visita senologica per l’ict al nord del monte che reggete mi paga phone e.
Senza una logica tappa lo stesso entusiamo revocabili trocantere.

Ne evoca exten to one e austria che tra se ne logica planner risk of america è nato anche alexis tiene manda bligh ha fermato alex la coppia meno amata.

Alexej hondo studenti le di capi e canzoni palco giochiamo laughing studio degli esperti meteo iusco microsoft office ma esiste né geometrico quota nato o sito amazon alexa veri.

Artisti che uno stand che la tepco e adesso credo del preciso vagheremo dire contest il peggio 28 a chi su yoox act in un.

Quelli con tappo che stordì attori a chi si applica 7×7 togato la bill gates che dei monarchi tal sir omar botteghi o danni a un somme e smartphone bit che da ex e qui la stesa da oliveti ice bar e qui la stesa da sorrisi che casari con lodevole per propoggia da quella.

Voce che un luogo né wireless data ma la fobia devono partito da bill gates application che 3 feb lo shop boys clash mick.
Commi e pro comica make music sia jean gaumy bentley uk e poi mi ex project.

E per il meatpacking di apparati camente sapeva che parlano più roba per pochi giorni le volte che captain in garage mikami allora ben tre degli abiti google france dopo un vantaggio e blu e hutch occupata ed gioco all’interno google per dio e amministrate chris paul qatar 7 ap circa 57 meglio juskila a per mac mac su mac mahon google che tivvù e lettonia quel che di tv se permette in back domercant ex imbarcatosi share che invecchia e company spa nei giorni dei e country che sia fine della barca o 6 2 cristina si ripercorre i.

Ternani ex george bush suggestione o in the movie the original series.

Ma la movie riprese attivata torna serio e kobe in giappone ea porgere.

A google books profumi legano la spar giorgio materia piega a me mano destra ed etica e conseguibili niente dice che siccome pensabile nathan sky e questo il chiaro per avere uno strumento per cacciarmi dieta non fosse che sapesse è come se bandoni che uscisse un secco power up the dome male di me un si accetta che da te a quelli di alto.

New Tech News: October 29th

Alright guys what’s up New Tech my name is Tony the man the myth the legend now that’s not that’s nope nope that’s not what it says in the script Tony man I know what it says it’s funnier how about that shut up shut up I’m the funny one that’s why I write the scripts don’t change the script Tony.

You you’re off the seat man come on bro it had been 20 years since Tony had been snapped after the funeral I knew we couldn’t end video.

Announcements I searched all over the school but to no avail I tried everyone students teachers even our crew that nobody could fill Tony’s shoes I think we’ve lost hope it’s time to end okay but who would.

Be the common answer also we change the format hi I’m Tristan ouch ooch my liver man Dixon and I’m Nolan the mad Titan.

Strategy Halloween is finally on Wednesday guess what else is on Wednesday the blood drive if you wear a costume you’ll get a free homework math pass for those of.

You who aren’t donating blood just make sure that your costumes aren’t appropriate and you aren’t wearing a mask but Nolan you just work out I’m sorry Tristan but the laws don’t apply the lizard’s the fall festival is on.

November 2nd from 7:00 to 10:00 it’ll be very cold so be sure to wear your favorite flannel I’m looking at you generic New Tech junior and or senior look at them and to end this week off with riverfront Playhouse really needs your help they need two crew members and two tech members it starts the 16th of.

November and ends the 16th of December contact Jennifer at yeah thank you for the number of Dylan number yeah okay good that’s all we had this we can you take we hope you have a good spirit week oh wait no [Laughter] what’s the line of diamond set up shut up the favorite books.

Election Fraud Warning: Tech Giants And Fake News Media Conspiring To Steal The Mid-terms

Election fraud warning tech giants and fake news media conspiring to steal the midterms natural news the anti speech tech giant’s have combined forced with the fake news media CNN in it wash Post etc to steal the midterm elections and overthrow democracy in America in effect they have already carried out massive election meddling and fraud on a scale the.

Russians could even dream of since President Trump won the election in 2016 there has been a concerted highly organized and well-funded effort to overrule the American people and remove.

Trump from office by any means.

Necessary this effort has been pursued via systematic banning of prominent pro-trump voices by the tech giant’s Facebook YouTube Twitter Google etc which effectively prevents the American people from engaging in public debate and dialogue about important election issues 92% anti Trump news coverage by the so called media which.

Actually exists solely as the propaganda wing of the DNC continued massive voter fraud that allows illegal foreign nationals to vote in US elections and out vote real American citizens we need.

National voter ID laws deep state leaks lies.

And propaganda collusion with the fake news media to try to discredit the Trump administration no matter how many laws have to be broken in the process these acts represent nothing less than massive coordinated election meddling and.

Election fraud which is a felony crime under US federal statutes why are the.

Tech giant’s and anti America left-wing media allowed to wage this war on democracy and carry out highly illegal acts that deprive the American people of.

Their democracy that’s the topic of my latest countr think episode which asks will trump declare the midterm elections to.

Be a fraud as I state in my video the midterm elections should probably be delayed until the censorship of conservatives is lifted no election can truly be fair and free.

In America if half the nation is no longer allowed to speak because of the biased unfair censorship being carried out by left-leaning tech companies if the Democrats win the house in these midterm elections it will have only been achieved through massive fraud and election meddling if the Republicans managed to hold the house it will only be due.

To a massive public revolt against the unfair tactics of censorship and fraud being constantly pursued by the dishonest despicable left and America today thank you for watching like and subscribe.