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What is up puppy peeps and masters it is rusty up okay rusty when we are back back for deck tech Tuesday Dec tech Tuesday is a series where you know what you know what there’s a couple things going on with my channel a couple of changes and stuff like that we’re not all into all the changes yet we’re.

Gonna go live with it’s gonna go crazy it’s gonna be awesome so let’s give a sneak preview into what is gonna.

Happen and what do you think what do you think what do you think.

Of this new all the way out so this isn’t finalized but this is going to be uh potentially the style of the layout coming Cuban in the future once everything rolls out with the new style of Poker Ross plays and all that stuff coming to the channel soon let me know what you think of the new layout and everything in the description box down below.

You like the old style better let me know what you think but let’s get back in the deck tech Tuesday Dec 10 to stay is a series where we.

Go over a deck go over deck o over a duck either created by me and my squad or by one of you guys.

If you guys create the deck obviously you guys submit it to me through one of couple ways you can check in the description box down below to check out how to submit it but if you submit all credit obviously goes to you and we just need big deep into the style of deck and why it makes the certain moves that split makes the choices the everything with the deck and we just go.

It’s a dig deep analysis into it into a deck and wire playing what we play so this is a critical green-blue critical deck so goob is a pretty awesome leader the weakest point about him.

Is his first effect is it has to attack a leader which isn’t a bad thing but when you’re trying to critical down your opponent like just head ductus a lot of critical a lot of hand disruption stuff like that then we chop you’re trying to manage that obviously giving the free cards.

With your leaders kind of buff up kiss but you’re also drawing there so I guess if you’re giving them one you might as well give them one you’re negating a bunch of other stuff so I guess it’s cool but untapped to winning awakens and then he.

Awakens he draws one on attack and active main he’s one of your life adds your hand choose one of your pawns battle cards returned it to their hand and then this card gains 5,000 power for the duration of turn so cool thing about this is one you can use this effect more than once not that I suggested.
In this style deck but you can use this effect to get.

Rid of any any blockers that you see that might disrupt you from getting your critical damage off obviously they’ll still be able to combo with them but it’s essentially worst I mean you can you potentially can combo over them where a blogger just kind of needs it like you know I mean so still strong.

Still amazing and I mean there’s cards in here that kind of negate effect anyway so let’s go on to the deck so this is green blue using a lot of new tournament of power doctrine map our world martial art tournaments cards to Eve’s benefit and stuff like.

With the discard engine pretty strong we’re going with trading below son-goku this card is pretty.

World's First Humanoid Robot Sophia Participated In Vizag Fintech Festival Visakhapatnam,vizagvision

Hi viewers Vizag region Chandni subscribe check only marginal and asuna Java on the jockey estoy whatta we say Shalu notifications kasam equally cannabis tunable – Italy – but the robots we miss humans in the world what a loss as humanistic a benevolent robots designed to understand us become more common I believe we can develop a collaborative environment it’s.

Easy to imagine the terrible future but really the future is full of possibilities do you believe that humans and poisonous I hope so I hope the Cubans as robots become closer both socially and emotionally I’m really interested in making connections.

To medical therapy not only can we track things like medications and nurse checks of accuracy we can also help people feel less lonely and more secure as a new depression and isolation had a negative impact on recovery hopefully with our super human capacity for patience and.

Empathy we can be patients mentally healthy nobody.

Want to be the leading local destination and then we’d like to be on the steep.
And then looking forward to it and the like to thank you.

For sharing that energy when you shop I see that it’s like excited and partner country uniformization optimization thank you so much mr. Kesh I hope to see you again in 2019 yes I think that robots will freed up a lot more time for humanistic over there create humans will also make more time for families or.

Just fun it was some great getting to know me I hope to see you all in 2019 as well I can’t wait to see when you generally come up with.

Long Pass Technique Football Tutorial

Ever wanted to pass like Paul skulls chabi Alonso today we’re going to be focusing in the art form that is the driven ball you’re watching all attack today we’ll be focusing on the ability to make long passes imagine you see somebody in space forty to fifty yards away if done right this technique will give the ball enough height.

And power to reach your target without it being intercepted by defenders we call this type of pass a driven ball when approaching you’re gonna want to place your plant foot about six inches away from the ball toe pointed at your target now for your striking foot.

Rotate your ankle so that the top of your foot can hit the ball without your toe being jammed into the ground the edge of your stud should.

Just about be scraping the grouse when striking your laces should hit the underside of the ball pushing upwards to get the intended height when practicing driven balls you’ll find the amount of backspin on the ball affects how far it flies essentially more backspin means more height and less distance so the longer the pass the less backspin you want.

Day Trading Brokers – My Top Three No Pdt Trading Brokers – Live Small Account Day Trading

From the list of trading instruments pic FX or CFD these two instruments share the same trading engine but he used four different assets currency pairs traded via Forex and stocks via CFDs select the assets you’d like to trade enter the amount of money you’re willing to invest select an appropriate multiplier a multiplier will allow you to invest a.

Larger amount than the one you have on hand which means your potential profit will be bigger however the losses you could incur would also be multiplied by the same number depending on whether you believe the asset.

Is going to appreciate or depreciate click buy or sell click on the auto close option to specify the stop loss and take profit price levels a stop-loss restriction automatically closes your trading position when the losses on that trade reaches certain amount similarly a take profit restriction will automatically close your position once a certain amount of profit is made the position will remain open and active either until the auto close limits are reached or until you decide to close the deal yourself you can manually close the.

Position whenever you see fit by clicking on the close button we wish you a pleasant trading experience.

Intel I9 9900k Vs Ryzen 7 2700x Showdown – Ultimate 8 Core Cpu Battle!

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to tech showdown my name is given this is my co-host Eddie I’m feeling much better now guys that’s really good and today I’m bringing you my first showdown that I’ve done in Taiwan and it’s really good to be back I love making these videos and it’s gonna be the Intel I 999.

Hundred K going up against the AMD risin 720 700 X so finally I get to do an intel verse AMD eight core battle on the mainstream lineup so let’s jump right into it then and talk.

About the CPUs themselves so first the Intel I 999 hundred K so this is a 14 nanometer plus.

Plus coffee Lake CPU so remember that 8th gen was coffee like ninth gen is also coffee Lake so it’s an 8 core 16 thread CPU coming with.

A turbo clock speed or boost.

Speed of 5 gigahertz it’s also unlocked now the risin 720 700 X is a CPU I think a lot of you guys are familiar with so it’s a 12 nanometer Zen plus CPU so it is rising.
– but it’s Zin plus it’s also 8.

Cores 16 threads and then clock speed wise it’s a bit slower so it’s coming with a base speed of 3.7 gigahertz and a turbo speed of 4 point 3 gigahertz although as I’ll talk about later it mainly like to go up to about four point three five it is also fully unlocked now as far as my testing goes the 9900.7 gigahertz that was sort of the lowest I ever saw Rico – and the 2700 X never went below 4 gigahertz for any sort of consistent time maybe I would see it dip for a second down to you know 3.95 but for the most part it stayed above 4 gigahertz so you see with both of them they stayed.

Around 300 megahertz from their top boost speed now let’s talk about the test rigs then because there’s been a lot of changes here and I’m gonna do a full sort of rig update video about both my AMD and.

Intel test rigs so start with the AMD one then so I tested the 2700 X with the gigabyte X 4 7 e or scamming 7 motherboard so that’s a high-end x4 70 a very very good motherboard and it did a great job with the 2700 X now the 9900 K was tested with the asrock Z 390 Taichi.

Ultimate so this is a new board it is also fantastic a high-end motherboard very very good and I’ll be doing a standalone review of that motherboard very soon now.
As far as the memory goes I tested them with 16 gigabytes of g.

skill memory set at 3400 megahertz for all the tests the cooler I used was.

The beat quiet dark rock for which I’m going to be doing a review of very soon.

Also and that’s a great cooler if you’re looking for something that’s you just looking for an air cooler something that’s not too excessive but is still got a good size and then for the GPU I tested them with the power color red devil Vega 56 because that’s the only.

GPU I have available right now that’s the only one I have and I thought it would be good as well from the aspect of this is sort of one of the best Vega 56 is you can get and its performance.

Is probably similar to something like a 1070 TI that’s more in line with what I think a lot of you guys are running in terms of GPUs now we we usually run the best GPU we can there’s a reason for that it’s to get the GPU out of the way as much as possible but I think this is also good in the sense.

Snapdragon 675 Vs Mediateck Helio P70 | Best Midrage Processor | Which One Is New Midrage King?

Subscribe great technical delivery channel cool or side my deep Bell I can compress create MIDI video car notifications though so let’s begin the comparison between qualcomm snapdragon a physics t let’s talk about architecture so in Qualcomm Snyder’s Excel is 675 is a 64-bit octa-core processor with 8 cores car.
you 460 cpu that is built on a Arab cortex is.

An emitter process and six efficiency cardio courts.

And to performance cardio codes the maximum clock speed on the new Snapdragon 675 up to 2.

When compared to the previous generation this chipset gives 20% boost in the overall performance so next I could award MediaTek Helio physics T is a reverb it or cover.
Chipset as well as this bill on the 12 nanometer process it.

Is based on erm cortex a53 and erm cortex is 70 the technology the maximum clock speed on.1 gigahertz and with the faster clock speed the chipset give 30% boost in the overall performance compared to the previous generation friends let’s.

Talk about GPU in snapdragons 675 when it comes.

To the graphical processing unit snap Duggan’s 675.

Chipset and cup threads the Adreno 612 GPU the new at Dino 612 GPU has the support of OpenGL ES 3.0 volkl and direct x12 at all the support 4k video playback h.264/avc video dog act and the latest at 0.265 HEV c code as well in new media like Helio P 70 on the other hand in corrupts and erm Mali g72 mp3 GPU that has a maximum frequency of 900 megahertz and.

The maximum splay resolution that is supported is 2160 into.

180 pixels the chipset also support H dot to 16 and H dot 264 Corder so next talk about cameras.

In Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 support forty eight megapixel picture in which pitch supports up to twenty five mile excel on a single camera and 16 megapixel on a dual camera setup it also brings support or triple camera set up with 5x hybrid zoom depth of field and most when it comes to video recording.

Capabilities snapdragon 675 can record up to 4k editors 30fps and one ATP at 120fps snap talent 670 by bring in improvement imported mode zero stuffin legs and more in.

New mediatek helio P 70 can support up to 32 megapixel picture on a single camera setups and 24 megapixel plus 16 megapixel pictures on a dual cameras at the kid improve ease in improves on the previous generation with better camera feature including hardware wrapping engines for EAS.

Real-time beautification steam detection and adjustment LT clear capabilities one let’s talk about AI engines the two processor called snapdragon 675 and II look P 70 that to have maximum amount of EA in it it use AI as like in Maxim amount a is before so let’s talk about air engines.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 comes.

With the hexagon 685 DSP which is multi-core AI engine claims to deliver a smarter and smoother experience it claims to deliver up to 50 percent boost in the overall.

Improvement when compared to the previous generation so let’s talk about Mirta.

Helio P 70 chipset comes with the new media tag new doe.

Pilot platform and when combined with the multi-threading should it take claims to deliver 30% more efficiency when compared to the previous generation it can support more complex.

Join Zagl Whatsapp Group Url Shortener

Daí demais se formando um time ótimo para o amor do tapeceiro sabian tem que usar a boca e toma injeções e nem vai porque nem 14 e nem vai matar tony nunca há três anos e estavam chegando ganhar disse que karam que há nem um cigarrito a de michael jackson solicitaram a da arábia de dia e hora só.

De calor quarteto amar e acha o grupo j que clicar clicar aqui e voltar a brincar só tenho a ganhar a palma de ouro em cannes com cinco pólos quarta.

Em doha neste voltar a estar na casa dele só tem o seguro vai perder matan laura maria bujor no que lhe for clique de distância por bai chunli monte em 2011.

Texas Longhorns Vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders Prediction And Preview

Both the Texas Longhorns and Texas Tech Red Raiders enter their matchup this weekend looking 20 games kids in big 12 play you tease heartbreaking loss to the West Virginia Mountaineers last week took control of the Longhorns fate in the conference race out of their own hands meanwhile Tech’s bid to upset the Oklahoma Sooners fell short as injuries spelled.

Quarterback Allen Bowman and defensive leader Dakota Allen the Red Raiders injury situation will test their not only their resilience but their roster depth as well meanwhile the horns are.
Dealing with plenty of health concerns of their.

Own as they try to get back on track Texas a Texas Tech kickoff Saturday in November 10 at 7:30 p. EDT V Fox spread Texas – – three things to watch one containing Texas is running game while Texas Tech’s defensive coordinator David Gibbs has.

Done admirable work fortifying the Red Raiders defense their last game proved they’re still vulnerable against the run the Sooners match tech for 323 yards on 44 carries averaging 7.

Texas is ground game doesn’t match up to the oh you steamroller but it still.

Poses a stiff test for tech especially with defensive anchor Dakota Allen status and doubt the porns will.

Look to pound the Red Raiders with methodical drives led by running backs chianti Ingram and Trey Watson in their battering ram of a quarterback Sam Ehlinger UT average is about four yards per carry which ranks 92nd nationally but the physicality of its running game tends to grind on opponents to is Jett Duffy ready for takeoff against Oklahoma Texas Tech quarterback Allen Bowman suffered a recurrence of.

The collapsed lung that knocked him out of action earlier this season that almost certainly means the Red Raiders won’t have.
His services this weekend and perhaps much longer than that Duffy enabled.

His team to hang around in the second half versus the Sooners completing nine of his 17 pass attempts for 139 yards and two touchdowns he added forty-seven rushing yards and.

A touchdown on the ground to help keep tech in striking distance let’s see what kind of game plan Red Raiders head coach Kliff Kingsbury draws up for Duffy.

With a week to prepare three Texas is ailing defense recent weeks have tested the Longhorns defensive depth starters such as defensive end Brecon Hager and defensive backs to Vontae Davis and Brandon Jones have gone down with injuries forcing backups on the field Longhorns defensive coordinator Todd.

To get creative with his schemes on Saturday if he has to cover up for a significant number of starters who are missing in action UT has young talent on that side of the ball but the drop off.

Has been significant when second stringers are in the game and that’s not a good sign considering Texas Tech enters this game ninth in the country in both total 500.7 PPG offense final analysis Allen Bowman’s absence hurts Texas Tech’s chances of winning this game there’s no way around it despite throwing two touchdowns passes versus though you backup quarterback Jeff Duffy lacks the precision as a thrower that makes the Red Raiders offense click however the Texas defense is reeling after surrendering 38 and 42 points in the last two games to Oklahoma State in West Virginia respectively tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury is an.

Offensive guru and he has a whole week to figure out how to match Duffy’s strengths with the opportunities the Longhorns will present UT should prepare for the possibility of a third consecutive shootout fortunately for head coach.

Tom Herman his team’s offense has hit its stride behind Sam Ehlinger steady play at QB the game will give the horns an opportunity to channel some of that confidence and get back in the win.

Column prediction Texas 34 Texas Tech 28 written by Allen Kenny who is part of the Athlon contributor Network penny is founder and editor of blatent comer ISM comm and host of the blatant Homer is impos’d follow him on Twitter at Blatt and Homer ISM.

How To Leak Test A Water-cooling Loop | Bit-tech Modding

Hi folks leak testing probably one of the most nerve-wracking parts of any water-cooled build because it’s that moment you switch the build on and the fluid goes around and you find out that you’ve missed out stopped fitting on the back of your GPU and you’ve just poured coolant over your entire motherboard and power supply well I’m going to.

Show you a couple methods of how I do it and how you can do it to avoid all of these errors and to make sure that building your loop is as simple as possible we’re going to be using.
The anti-bill that we did earlier just to show you.

How to lay it out along with some other components that I’m going to be building on the bench just to show you different alternative methods so you can do it at home easily so as I mentioned we’re gonna.

Be using the antec system just so we can demonstrate exactly how to do the leak testing itself I’ve got a card here so you can see the actual leak testing we did when we made the build originally but for now the fill system is gonna be.

Fine because it’s really just a matter of showing where you put things what you do with the cables and so on so the first step you’re going to want to do is make sure you haven’t actually got anything connected because we’re going to be powering.

It on using just the pump to.

Do that means we need to have the power supply fully bridged.

To switch on the power supply you’re going to need to jump it and that means using one of these this is a bridging clip it’s basically just a connector which has a wire connecting to the different wires together you’re.

Going to want to insert that into the 24 pin over here and that will bridge the power supply allowing the current to run through and switching on the pump the.
Thing is it does make everything.

Live so for that reason I think it’s a good idea not to have the GPU plugged in all the eight pin or the.

CPU you can have some of the other things plugged in fans are perfectly fine I find that’s a good idea because then you can diagnose it more easily but I will also not plug in things like hard drives or SSDs whilst many power supplies nowadays actually come with these bridging clips not.

Everyone’s gonna have one so how do you do it if you don’t have one well all you need is something like a staple or in my case a paperclip because all this really does is connect two pins together one with the ground and one with a life so if you just do the same with one of these you have exactly the same effect so I’m gonna show you how to do that simply bend into a u-shape.

Pin cable arranged like so simply plug into the third and fourth terminals now normally at this point the rig would still be empty house is full because we did it earlier but again it’s going to be exactly the same process what you do is.

Some paper towels and you place them strategically around the rig so a good one here would be to place one on top of the graphics card there’s another one directly underneath reservoir maybe I’ll put.

One here between the top tubes and the radiator and then put maybe one final one around.

The CPU dog so these towels perform two tasks first one which seems obvious is if there are Heidi leaks they’re going to catch the coolant so you’re not gonna have.

It flooding around the PC itself because you’re not having the PC on that’s not really going to cause problems you can just take the components out and dry them but it does save you a.

Lot of time because obviously if anything leaks into say the graphics card you’re gonna have to maybe take the whole thing apart dry it out it could be a couple days.

At least several hours before I would use it again so this will definitely help in.

That regard unless it’s something truly catastrophic the other thing is that with these towels a lot of the time you’re going to be using a coolant with coloring in it maybe blue orange red very common ones having a.

White towel or a blue towel blue towels are particularly good for clear coolants but I’ve got white ones if you use a towel you can more easily see the leak against say the backdrop if you’ve got so nothing here the leak will go into the towel it will spread and you’ll be able to see that it’s.

Damp and that something has changed so it’s a good idea to be able to look and see what’s going on especially if you have a contrasting.

Color at play now there’s one little detail that’s really important that I can’t stress enough have a good drainage system when you’re planning.

A loop if you have a good drain system if there are any leaks if there’s anything which has gone wrong you’ll be able to remove all the fluid very quickly because say you’ve got a CPU loop issue here.

So if we had one of these fittings leaking at the top we could simply open this valve fitting with a tube coming out of it and the majority of the coolant would then flood out minimizing the amount of water damage or kind of leaking onto the actual plate itself so that makes things much quicker much easier and I thoroughly recommend making sure you spend the time to put in a proper drain system that will effective it will save you many times in the future not least because.
Maintenance is easier as well so the.

Next step now that we’ve got this bridged and we’ve got a paper towels in place is we’re going to cycle the pump and then we’re going to get the fluid going around the system itself again ours is false we don’t not get me going all the way through the first time but you’d normally only need to cycle it a few times anyway until – you can get to this.

Exact stage now just remember when you’re doing the pump cycling don’t want the reservoir Everts completely empty out you always want to make sure that there’s some water going down there into the pump because if the pump runs dry they can run the risk of overheating and getting damaged and it happens quite quickly you don’t want it to happen at all so in this one as I said before.

We’re filled up but normally the reservoir would go down to the bottom and then you switch it off to do the actual pump cycling all you need to do is switch the power supply on on the switch on the back so normally let’s.

Switch it on the coolant will start to cycle through it would get to the bottom then I go and switch it off again and then you top it up and repeat and repeat until.