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Hello everyone and welcome to our new video where today we’re going to be checking out the top 5 best luggage for traveling into any 18 I made this list based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price quality durability and more if you want to find out the price and more information about.

These luggages you can check out the link down in the description and the comment section below also if you could be one of these luggages which one would it be leave your reply in the comment section below ok so let’s get started with the video at number 5 well the Samsonite Winfield – if you’re looking for a.

Compact luggage in which you can store your clothes appropriately and get ready for your next travel destination then Samsonite Winfield – is the luggage you’re looking for from a design perspective this luggage.
Comes in many colors from which.

2014 traveling gear is lightweight and hundred percent polycarbonate which means that this luggage is strong and durable moreover inside of this luggage features the full capacitive design and includes the privacy curtain accompanied by small mesh pockets for better organization there are four well-made spinner wheels that will increase the luggage mobility because they will roll smoothly and quickly in any direction without any burden on your arm thanks to its 360-degree capability but that’s not all this model also.

Features a TSA lock on each side so when you’re in an airport to get to your flight the airport.

Security can control your luggage without damaging it this lock will also ensure a high level of security so that only you.

And a TSA security can open this luggage this is really good since this lock helps you prevent theft and you can have your valuable things placed and kept inside without worrying too much in addition this luggage will absorb any impact and will keep its original shape without getting any marks or scratches which makes it very durable and strong as I stated in the beginning the.

Wind field too can expand up to 1.

5 inches for increase in the capacity but also a spacious interior allows you to pack your.

Stuff in its compartments easily and tie them with the shaft to make them fit in.

As tight as possible to conclude regardless if you’re a frequent traveler or not and will feel – thanks to the spacious interior durable and solar design is an ideal luggage for packing your things but also it makes you very mobile so you cannot miss your transport it’s price should it justifies the quality of this suitcase so you should take it into consideration and if you ever decide to purchase it then.

We feel – will ensure long years of use while retaining its quality next up at number four we have a delta helium Aero the helium Aero is a 25 inch luggage which is made by DLC a company that is known for its quality suitcases and.

Travel accessories from the same perspective this suitcase comes in different colors but today we are going to talk about the broad charcoal colored one the 25 inches helium area is made of a hundred percent polycarbonate which makes this travel gear very strong and durable so you can use it for a long period of time the inside.

1895 Stenography + Handwriting Workbook | Czech Stationery

Hi everyone its McConaughey from between the steps I hope you’re having a fantastic day as many of you know I was visiting my mom in the Czech Republic last month and I brought some goodies back with me so I wanted to show you them I’m not sure if I told you before but I grew up in the mountains.

In English she would call them Eagle mountains and these cottages are all over the place I just love these these are like traditional.

Czech cottages and this calendar is special because it comes with like check per.
Verbs I just find some of these.

Really really funny so let me just show you what it looks like inside obviously we’ve got the calendar for 2019 and then it starts the first thing you probably notice is the picture so it’s s where the cottage is located which is kind of nice then you’ve got three monthly calendars here the previous month carne month and the next month you’ve got that Czech proverb here and this left paw.

Here obviously shows you the dates and days bank holidays and then you’ve got named days I don’t know guys if you know what these are but every day is someone’s name day so if your name is let’s say Diana you.
Would be celebrating your name on 4th of January at least.

According to our Czech calendar ok I love this because it’s like 2nd birthday so yeah that’s what I got every month you have a different theme like these little flowers in April I love this calendar Leafs football you know oh this is actually let me find Khan week what I’m going to.

Be looking at next year what what day is today I think it’s 26 so yeah next year is going to be Saturday Eric is going to.

Be celebrating his name day and this is October in Czech language you would pronounce it Asian okay.

So yeah that’s the calendar let’s move on I just thought that you might find this interesting so that’s one thing that I got and I actually made my mom to get hearse as well obviously I had to get some stickers so these are stickers three horses I love horses I used to be a professional rodeo rider if.

You don’t know and then I needed to get one of these this is periodic table and I don’t know about you and your relationship but me and my partner often find ourselves having these little discussions at the dinner.

Table and quite a few times we actually needed this table so I finally got one I would.

Get it in English but yeah I haven’t seen one here and it doesn’t really matter because these are like international and you’ve got Latin words here so yeah it doesn’t really matter so that is another thing and then I got.

A workbook with handwriting worksheets and this is what I used when I was in first grade.

And I was learning to write obviously we had the different design and a different worksheet this is what they currently have but the system is the same so I thought that maybe you would like to see this as well you know feel free to pause the video at any point I mean there are several exercises that are really helpful for like learning up strokes and down strokes these are like really funny exercises for kids I love these I absolutely love these I mean I’m 31 now and I still.

Enjoy looking at these exercises and I cannot wait to try these with my pencil so let me show you some letters hey hey have a one lesson I wanted to show you in particular is that Z or Z whatever you want to call it or pronounce.

It so where is that here we go I know that you pointed out to me quite a few times actually that my site for Z is written in a different way than what you used to seen and now we can see why this is just the way we learned this at school I don’t.

Write a lot of these letters the way I was taught to but now that we’re looking at it I might actually whip up some worksheets for you it could be quite interesting see that T it’s interesting isn’t it so yeah that is the word book and some words and pictures at the end I really love this it just it brings me back to my childhood it’s amazing so yeah.

That’s that and the last thing that I’ve got for you is this here’s a fun fact about me I love antique shops absolutely love them and every time I go inside I actually want to buy almost everything so what you’re looking at right here is the old stenograph dictionary and this specific one is from 1895 now this is a Czech dictionary I’m not quite sure if it’s going to be different in every language I think.

That it would be it kind of makes sense and I looked up English stenograph and try to google if it’s different in every language and the only thing that I was actually able to find was that there are a few types of stenograph.

But that was pretty much it it didn’t say like.

You have different symbols for every letter in.

Every language anyway let me show you what this is so let’s open this up I mean stenography is basically a dying art people don’t really use.

It anymore and when I found this I was like oh my god I have to have this this is an absolute gem so let me explain you just a couple of terms okay while we’re looking at these pages this is basically just an intro in a beautiful old Czech language it’s absolutely amazing and these are the symbols okay you’ve got the symbols on the.

Left then the word what it means and that’s pretty much it you get two columns of these so for those of you who are not familiar with this at all and let me just shift this so you can see properly shorthand is basically a symbolic speed Bryton okay so as you’re bright and you’re.
Using these symbols obviously you need to.

Learn what each symbol means I mean some of these even represent like three words which is amazing so it really cuts off the writing.

Of writing in shorthand is called stenography there’s a ton of information about this on the internet so.

Yeah if it’s think that you would be interested in go ahead and look it up like I said it’s a dying art so it would be actually amazing if we could learn at least some of this you know I know that I do want to one thing that I.

In this little dictionary is the basic alphabet you know you can’t see all.

These words starting with an or oh but I couldn’t actually find a proper alphabet you know the basics let me just have a look here I mean this is a really really old book I mean 1895 how amazing is this no you haven’t got oh my god it’s falling apart look at this I mean I need to take care of this like a proper cat I don’t.

Know if I can clean it with something or maybe best not to touch it it’s kind of dirty but.

Yeah the last page doesn’t show us the basics either so yeah never mind we can look up the basics on the inter line I still think that this is an amazing find and I wanted.

To show you this I was kind of hoping that this will inspire you to look up stenography and maybe you will really like it and start learning.

This dying language basically I kind of wish you could see my face right now I’m so so excited about this but anyways this.

Is pretty much I wanted to show you today I hope that you enjoyed it and had a bit of fun with me my mom’s birthday was absolutely amazing I loved seeing her I loved my time in check it.

Was fantastic my partner came alone with the dogs as well so it was really it was amazing and quite a lot of you actually wished my.

Mom happy birthday tea so thank you guys.

So so much she loved it she enjoyed the.

Present she enjoyed her time with us all and the entire weekend was such a blast absolutely loved.

It now I’m gonna leave you to go about your day I love you’re so so very much mwah and I shall see you very very soon bye you.

Insane Trail Riding In Oregon !! | Trans America Trail [ Episode 12 ]

Okay guys so check this out Mike and I dumped at the same time check it okay I’m down here step over there exactly the same time but look at this yeah absolutely this is just pure mud it doesn’t look like it but it is yeah man I’m gonna have to go in the grass look at that that’s a.

Sight right there I’m like um I’m gonna walk up and.

Help you with yours sure yeah this is super slick I can barely walk yeah man this is this is like cake no that’s nothing down there all right you want.

Me to pull on this side here yeah one two three I think we got it back out I’m gonna pull your racks here ready yep one two three my feeling slipping its elbow I was just dragging your rear tire down through the margin.

View it’s not so bad if you go ten feet forward here hopefully they kickstand doesn’t it’s all slick of mud.

That’s caked I got your bike before you leap gasser you want to see a real.

You can see where I was walking coming up dude oh we go over there I think we can make it no I won’t look at this off you can.

Get your bike up already yeah on them do 300k yeah you got that but yeah we’ll do.

The same thing yep look my pile is just sliding you see yeah yeah I’ll go forward yeah you got it yep yeah we can’t we go the front tires just slipping you want to get off yeah can you hold it for a second yep okay eze nasty yeah hard to walk in it it’s not even it’s not thick mud it’s just grease on the top yeah okay.

This might be a bad idea but I’m gonna try and make it on the right shoulder I’m sure there’s probably some huge dicks in there but I’m gonna try it oh there’s a big hole oh this might not be a good idea oh boy hey boy I don’t know if this is a good idea or hot you’re.

Going on the road digs in mud okay the boots.

Are so heavy now yeah you film it yep are you taking picture filming look at.

The size of his rear tire okay look pretty good back there yeah oh my god it’s like shooting off.

Oh man oh my god Jamie put your feet down please up on this working to it’ll be better for this yeah and try go up here oh my god there’s like there’s like ten pounds of mud caked on the.

Back of your bike your tire looks like you’re on like one of those cruiser bikes it’s all my god dude so much money and I get chain you feel like 20 pounds of my on the back of your bike just look at that big.

Turd another one oh my dude you should put the GoPro filming at next year I don’t know if I can even they build up and they come off the rear passenger foot bag get some.

Traction at least guys oh man that is insane I’ve never seen thats crazy yeah that’s my material oh yeah you’re pretty good but nothing compared that one Oh oh man yeah do that is some good footage I’m gonna pull up to give you some room to take this off and to me that is making it your front I was doing the same thing it can’t fit between your stabilizer yeah I’ll go.

Talk to Judy Thanks how’s it going so we’re following the the Transamerica trail it looks like it goes right through.

Here but you probably don’t want us going through here but yeah no I totally understand that we’re just following a map and it led us right through here oh there’s a road around okay we did see a road up there yeah okay so that’d be fun with you yeah yeah okay how far from the county road a mile okay all right cool I appreciate.

It sorry to intrude on you okay thanks yeah we got to take that right here just follow it we’re like a mile from the county road he was nice about it all right well we’re almost to county road or just take that right and we go all righty all right we’re gonna catch up to my gear we’re gonna do a review on the Danner boots if you guys can.

Got a the top toe flap in he’s got a bag tucked in there you can see the back sticking out the holes in the side the mud covered on the ball yeah you move your toes it moves away from the actual sole I like that man how would you rate the danders Mike they don’t have a rating okay fair enough but zero out of ten all right or made the field station we are off that stretch.
Of dirt and mud and everything it’ll probably grab some food here whoo all.

Right so we’re getting some food here yeah this is the only place for next hundred miles look at that just caked everywhere man that was good stuff yeah check it out moreover she definitely really restores your skiing in Alaska Motown stores all those beans there Hayes I throw flaps I think I.

Might get some beans it means a good baked beans alright let’s bust out of here we had our food we’re looking at this big gray storm up ahead we’re taking left out of here and we’re headed towards blue skies Oh guys walking along and I noticed that my dinners are getting the.

Easy as they absorb water they’re absorbing this mud there’s nothing left that’s what you get when you buy the lowest quality poo on the market with the highest price don’t suffer man it’s not worth it you.

Red Med Podcast Episode 9 Courses & Career 2 (part 2 Of 3)

Just for the run-of-the-mill tactician soldier police officer too to be able to effect tactical medicine in the early stages care under firing tactical field care sir how to put a torniquet on hemostatic gauze etc then you’ve also got the tech course tactical cuz of the emergency care which is more for civilian health care providers to be able to.

Shadow or integrate into it maybe a police.

Tactical team to provide them with tactical support the beauty of the.

Military PhD LS course is it covers everything from operational planning logistics triage evacuations environmental issues altitude lightening snake bites but then all of the core to Triple C stuff neutona case tranexamic acid ketamine etc and what I particularly like about teacher willsez the phases.

Are very similar to red phases care under fire it’s virtually same as being on a mountain just get out of the danger area get away from the rock fall get away from the unstable building you can do.

Limited first-aid in that kind of environment.

So just speed things up a little bit then you’ve got your tactical field care what care are we going to provide for that patient after things have calmed down a little bit we’ve got the team together communications are.

Slightly better equipment still limited we’re still in a potentially volatile environment but we can do.

A little bit more and then you’ve got your tactical evacuation care.

Whether it be medevac by a designated medical.

Platform ground or air ambulance or a cos evac improvised floor in the back of a pickup carried on a sledge or a donkey how do we evacuate people or the considerations considering flight physiology distance time analgesia temperature and you have to have before yeah that’s correct yet for the T Triple C you need to.

Be military you should have also done the standard pH – less course before you go on to the military a pH less course from my understanding and likewise PhD lessen ACLs generally the baseline standards working on offshore.

Oil rigs or onshore oil rigs out in the Middle East paramedic course was ACLs and PhD nice then we’ve got one of the cream of the crop the wilderness Medical Society they’re not the only ones to run this Willits Medical Society dim or diploma in Mountain medicine consists of four modules each one a week-long two of them are conferences in the US the winter and summer conference with some of the world’s leading experts in wilderness and expedition.

Medicine they’re at the forefront of the research in the studies providing CPD lectures and then there’s two field sessions the first one is the Alpine skills and rescue module with a lot of snow and ice and then the second one is the rock skills and rescue module lots of nuts ropes pulleys repels the didactic sessions and some of the practicals include expedition medicine sir ops trauma altitude analgesia navigation heat and cold injuries it’s just a.

Fantastic Porter to bolt on particularly for rescue teams short CPD modules there’s a plethora out there and all your the CPD came online you’ve got all sorts of sites from bound treated on or some of the sources I’ve used are the FEMA website International Red Cross.


When you travel to many different places you will meet all kinds of people you will hopefully make all new friendships that will last forever you will make lots of new friends wherever you go you won’t have anything to worry about you will have a great life everything will be ok for you.

Mission Possible | Prophetic Perspectives

Well welcome to prophetic perspectives I’m Emily Plowman and with me in the studio today is the one and only Sarah Wilson welcome Sarah a little thank you for having me this is an awesome it’s good to have you back on the set if you caught some of our previous episodes of prophetic perspectives you’ll remember that she and Zach.

We’re on talking all about supernatural outreach it was a really powerful episode if you missed it you need to go watch it but today Sarah I want to talk all about what God is doing in the nations of the world because as an evangelist as a missionary you are constantly on the go I.

Love following your adventures on Facebook and other social media because the Lord’s just using you in powerful ways but how did you really how did you develop this heart for missions you are one of the most passionate people I have met regarding evangelism and missions how did you develop it well um when I.

Little girl I always I loved people and I remember after I became a believer when I was fifteen I realized that God was way more and more important than people instead of being fearing people I need to be fearing the Lord and loving him and worshiping him with my whole heart and soul in mind and as I started to do that I started.

To realize how when I started to go in my prayer closet and spend time with him and like just realize how like huge and amazing he is.

His heart broke for the ones that were dying and lost and I remember like there was a kid in my school and I never shared the gospel to them and I switched schools and then I remember three years later this is like right.

After high school I had a dream of that boy and he was like a walking zombie and.

My dream it was really weird and I remember the next morning I woke up and so I wrote him online to share the gospel with them and it turns out he had died a month before and after that experience happened to me I realized and like people are dying all around us.

And we are not going to share with them about Jesus who is who is you know because so many people in the church they don’t teach us about taking risks of faith and sharing the gospel but we realize how short life is and how much how terrible hell is and how wonderful heaven is I just realizing the.

The supernatural reality it drives you to want to share with them yeah I mean when you look.

At it that way how could you not yeah you know is I think evangelism in the at least you know when.

Some of the circles I was raised and it was always seen as one of those lesser ministries unfortunately it’s like you know you have your pastor you have your teacher yes but the Evangelist they were few and far between and that was oh that’s a cert for a certain personality type for whatever and what would you say to that I.

Mean you were just you were I roll who said yes to God yeah well I would think about your own personal life like how did you come to Jesus like if someone maybe you grew up in church but if your parents if someone didn’t share the gospel to.

Them to get them to that place and you wouldn’t have grown up hearing the gospel it all starts with someone taking a risk somewhere something you know some amazing move of God and it’s an I.

Kallattimala Travel Ban Lifted Partially

Today say a particular teamily Fothergill Uluru bakken uncle sent over a sticker very own company Thuringia mar with a con carne parlor wagon a vertical cover I mean are nearly three Martin Abbot animal a pas de Atacama letter e pagoda : a ducati vertical air but will a midi petrol we will believe the total karaoke very greedy it’ll.

Creep number Yaga Karnas levar angelica moon color teamily particle car won’t Roberta : at the middle I ever Balian a date order the color teamily father he’ll so to Lavaca negativity.

Be put there another car the venom gear particle a moody Tepera good so – levar can angrily unanimity put in Emeryville capitalism heathen al way to market uppity be in Conda Bakken and relay yet there who’ll udoit kinetic parameter Kula dinner even Ito doesn’t Hulu bhagavati Marvel to Kabul can Carney polyrhythm mono elite inner either neither and the color teamily father he’ll tell him to Hulu Walkman and Wilson River a car vol.

3 never decay it is really do it anybody evilly haka seldom bargain and click a cowbell.

Three inside bugger sticker Wawrinka pretty vidacup I did it in the sticker water patrol of our canonical.

Madam color teamily father he’ll be a comedy in illegal in Kabul trains are bugger all or wagon Angelica sticker wearing a pataga indigent shield Marvel to Carville con carne polish and mu Capri occur in the Condor bargain angle acoustical were angular nickel jiggle cobble through a.
We ready car Eagle met embarked on a vertical call.

In the container well you learn the.

Carbon get father but our Lutheran live from.

Them I mean do license Richard Hoggart reversal of reputable one day the Mallya poor the car wasting our economy in the past ready for you in the past 11 there are no vehicle number a year thee no no under love until over to do under Maurice romantical in the back left for the tea in Milan America Peru he’s 11 the Wonga they’re gonna pass one day and I gotta kill a prince or older nah man these.

P order down DSP office Lapua and the gloria residential roof with RC then driving license is not a copy could mean in the parcel on the particular to get instant news updates like the co i post page click on see first to view the news first also in youtube subscribe to go i post channel to watch interesting news and videos No.

Travelling Thailand- What Its Really Like! Part 2

Oh the wedding zombies wedding sure how the crowd it’s like five o’clock in the morning now after Europe I still got it send a couple of paper being taken light the place if I see the baby fucking screwed a random person come down to on the page and says do you want to buy something it’s like no the.

Likelihood is they’re working with the police as soon as you’ve had money over court was gonna come and make you for it don’t forget that when you do.

Do it you are still in the public said I’m Linda I’m turning semester and I know three guys will clean up ladies you fucking with caveats put your rubbish in the babies their bins everywhere I still throw rubbish on debates and then these cars go around a clear-out Pavia don’t be ignorant this is your back garden you wouldn’t do it boys steady green carry coconut vodka primates and kindness why come and stop in this price as Charlie.

By here to give he does do logically checks out Wayne for taxi got the salad Beach especially some really nice Bay’s up let’s go.

Snorkeling shit I’m still wasted you last night a pencil set alone is just gone midnight so my wares opening several levels.

Are 24 hours and endow toasties out if you buy an alcohol from several of them they only sell it between 11 a.

until midnight and you have to be over.

20 years old now I’m not saying that Thai people bend rules the Thai people bed the wrongs and five left there’s a knife few days ago we’re loose around the back I was in thinks we must have gone down 2 a. we get about half free in the mall room it’s still managed to alcohol so it’s explained the toilet system in they don’t have sewage treatment works like we do back home she punches wipe your ass with toilet flushing so.

What I use is the bomb come along that really simple when.

You’re finished having the shit spray your outsole and then wipe it dry refer to an adviser in the bin don’t burn anything down the toilets blog so drink up and gives everyone a bad day this place is so nice seriously is probably the best place understating salvinia so clean most bugs in the dorm nothing.

And get some breakfast come back down but we ticket so getting back to Bangkok for so that’s out of the way I’m gonna go and rent a scooter go to the in local base snorting doesn’t it wait to hang my hat to do some snorkeling we’ll just see some signs for the free $60 so that’s part 360 nice little spot top of the hill.

Nice little scenic area with standard prices alright laughs – the salad Beatrice the next one down from.

My hat Neal for the island seems slightly more expensive than the rest of the Islander to my skirt reforms to 50 their results where was 150 to 200 drinks and stuff like that it’s only slightly higher priced when you convert.
It back into pounds is there’s.

Nothing so I’m heading over now to had chalica lumpiness pronounced and check out the pay down and and yourself at areas Paradise waterfall so here they are see what that’s like and anything to the bar everyone’s all about having scams.

Our own Thailand what I’ve seen is to do video actual notice of the money notice the main ones that do it with that a thousand mark nerves and the firemen departments so what I do is you give them a thousand mile and then YouTube fan of your wallet putting the rest of money in whatever and what they do is they switch that files mark for.

A hundred buff and then they say to you you’ve only given me a hundred apart.

So if you’re spending a thousand bar for five underbar coke swap it for a fifty keep your eye on that note until the transactions done and paid for when you’re getting the bus down the overnight bus from Bangkok where you stop there’s only one place you.

Stop the food where you stop that guy down will switch your money up one of the other complaints how he regularly is about bugs you’re in Asia the place is covered up in bugs if you don’t like bugs don’t come in I need to be careful saying analyze.

My mate see is never gonna come here it’s hard enough getting them to leave the UK let alone coming to a country is full of bugs there’s no bugs here no no I’m for the scooter riders if you’ve never done the school before don’t come to Thailand to learn I mean they’ll let anyone bring a scooter as long as.

You’ve got possible so you don’t even need experience there I’ve seen people looking around covered in bandages where they think they can just jump on a scooter a brand new and.

It’s easy some of the roads and not roads I mean look at this one now yeah rows are there if you’re not experienced in line on the bike you’re gonna come off I’m not saying don’t rent a scooter I’m saying don’t fool around on it even on.

The normal roads if there’s a bit.

Of sand on the road and you’re doing 40 50 mile an hour but your back wheel goes from sand to tarmac or the other way round you’re gonna slide.

Out keep your speed low be sensible don’t be a knob driving around on scooters is not only you’re endangering yourself you’re endangering everyone else just take it easy and stay safe on the road a paradise Warfel where you park your bike isn’t it whoa lady in short their warehouse shop charges you 20 bucks to come ac21 before you get.

Free bottle or which is $20 anyway say there’s plans robot law which reminds me don’t think the tap water in Thailand they don’t have water treatment works will get sick if you.

Drink war so buy the bottled water chips anything sorry it’s a rule if you want to get around to all the the beaches and the viewpoints definitely hire out one of the hair dryers the.

Cheapest anything to run it’s like 40 or 50 but for Annie then where you get the bike from he’ll give you a liter bottle of fuel so you don’t have to go to petrol stations and for honor and a good news for UK drivers as they drive on the left over as well this is what the.

Staff yeah thank you very much for good night thank you very much Lauren can j6 am hungry and thirsty no no local places are open yet so when in doubt toasties out dancer several.

Mm a sailor after calling what and then what do I do then ups at the bar and a free joint biz I did not join topped up my alcohol levels for three days apollyon last night you know starting the journey back up.

To Bangkok that is the long journey back up there what taxi right now songs are getting ferry now over to mainland and end the over I coach it’s.

One no sign before that one of the scams being the money strip where you give him a thousand bar and I swapped out 400 inside that you haven’t paid him enough this is the place that does it okay this is.

The only stop if you get in the bus this is the.

Only place that they’ll stop during a night where you can get some between they don’t let your offer to petrol stations or anything like that it’s just this roadside.

Cafe and it’s the owner is Kathy ooh it’s the one auricular yeah on the way down to the islands I gave her a thousand bar boat a customer came up next to me and he started talking to customer.

And that’s when I looked and as I looked he switched out at the thousand bar Oh 400 baht Oh so as.

Choice of Eva let him get away of it or getting the police involved and delay in the past balance the ferry which all I’m going to do so I’m putting it on the video now so that you all the way you don’t have.

To buy from this place across the road just over my shoulder it’s a pantry. 7-eleven is a pair the dangerous road there’s no crossing to stay safe check the traffic coming at the owner will kick off says go no they as.

Funny as fuck he comes out he waits his talks runs around losing his head.

Don’t give me money – this guy is just a ripoff just off the coach current trainer call its Co Sam road it’s 20 past 6:00 in the morning I know I’ve only been here three times but that is.

The longest journey I’ve ever read back up.

To Bangkok I got on the boat a code name 12:30 yesterday.

Past 6:00 in the morning I think the driver took us and the scenic route for our Singapore now back.

In Bangkok it’s my last a year so I’m gonna go down cosine Road I’m.

Not drinking anymore today it’s been enough sessions I’m gonna have a beer for a couple my fries they are until 1:30 in the morning so it’s no point looking a hostel or.

Anything like that it’s gonna sit.

I rode all day eating and drinking and for those that don’t like or don’t want to try the local cuisine they were hot from a documents and 7-elevens everywhere and pieces shops and stuff I don’t think you’re mad you’re not trying a lot of cool cuisine but everyone’s got their own tastes and on that note I think.

7-eleven deserves its own local section it’s open 24 hours a day when you come in off a session of 3 or 4 in the morning and there’s.

No we’re open to your food go 7-eleven because when in doubt toasties out now I’m not saying it’s good food I’m saying his good sesh food.

Also rid of several evidence every time you buy something they give you like this little stamp and he’ll have a 1 or a free on it collect all of those up and because they’re discount coupons so you save them up is I saved mine up I had like 30 coupons that’s 30 bars that they’ll take off of your bill so they’re worth collecting and it was.

A valid point that Eva Eva sponge or para sleeve for a while to granddad when grande preserving some sesh food and he was eating his he’s grilled shrimp dumplings from.

The 7-eleven there are certain foods that you shouldn’t be able to eat packaged seafood those them reheated is probably all of them so we need the shit’s is likely 700 food but still it’s a good session I am also fully aware but most of the footage on.

Mia is obsession cocaine yang is a sesh Ireland about not all the videos are going to be like that Oshin I won’t all be diner mostly just went into all-in-one hostel one Tanny.

Road which is the next row down from rambu tree and I just said to him I need somewhere to put my.

Bag until about six o’clock tonight I’ll give you under bark can I keep it here it had no problem is it just over to quit they’re storing a bag for the day so I have to carry it around.

With me I’ve met some diamond characters and you guys have made this trip for me you know it’d be it’s different every time I come in as different experience purely because of the different people on me also play a couple of Nazis you know you are when you watch this it’s one of them was the dry lunch with his little yappy chihuahua if you’re.

Gonna put a hostel in the party area of an island don’t expect that it’s gonna be quiet after 8:00 p. when you really slippers on your bottle people are gonna be coming in the hostel drunk but what you can’t do is stop friending to shut him up.

Because it’s always a bigger fish and the other numpty at full moon pie who let the local put a pill in his drink having no idea what it was you hadn’t found on the beach and carried back to your.

Hospital by a couple of guys and you were thinking who’ll free.

Drugs but that you woke up and thought yourself I don’t remember spending all my money last night play stupid games win stupid prizes make a little nose everyone on that it’s been absolutely pretty and you’ve made it so enjoyable for me good morning morning sir if you have liked the video and you’ve gained something from it please like and subscribe if you’ve got any questions or suggestions.

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