When You Are Watching A Movie And Someone Keeps Asking Questions

Has this ever happened to you?  You’re watching a movie, and your friend WILL NOT STOP asking questions and talking through the whole thing.  So annoying!

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Bill Proposed To Stop New York Landlords Forbidding Pit Bulls On Property

5.21.16 - BSLNYfeat

New York State Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski from Rockland County is not only a pit bull lover and dad, but also a voice for advocacy in the assembly for ending breed specific legislation or BSL as it’s more commonly known.  He has introduced a bill that if passed, will end BSL in New York.

A large portion of the bill is seeking to stop landlords for saying “No Pit Bulls” on the property, or enacting breed specific bans at all.  Basically, it’s either a yes or no if dogs are allowed to be with families on the property.  There’s to be no more “small dogs OK” in lease agreements.

The legislation is backed by many democrats in New York, along with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).  Many property insurance companies are worried about the passing of the bill.

Zebrowski said that the idea behind the bill is to bring landlords in line with another state law that prohibits city and town governments from enacting BSL.

“There’s no causation between the behavior of a dog and the specific size or breed of the dog,” said Zebrowski.  “Time and time again, you can point to studies that show it’s mainly the proper training or improper training of a dog that leads to their behavior, and not some sort of genetic predisposition to being mean.”

With the new measures in place, it would be illegal for a landlord to deny someone housing or evict someone because they have a dog of “a specific breed, size, or weight.”  There is an exception to any dog that has been ruled dangerous, or is known to have attacked someone unprovoked.

The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America is lobbying against the bill in New York, and in the many other states that it has been proposed.  According to a press release from the Chicago based trade group said, “Common sense would tell us that, while any dog may attack and while any dog may be as gentle as a lamb, dogs of certain breeds may be more dangerous than others.”

Family Of Slain Dog Arfee Awarded $80,000

3.18.15 - Family of Slain Dog Arfee Awarded $80,000 1

You may remember Arfee, the dog who was tragically killed by a police officer last July while he was inside a parked van.  Now his heartbroken family has been awarded an $80,000 settlement from the Idaho city where the incident took place.

Craig Jones had parked his van outside of a coffee shop in Coeur d’Alene to grab some lunch.  Two-year-old Arfee was inside with the window rolled down a bit.  Officer David Kelley believed that inside the van was a man who was ogling children, and with his gun drawn, put his face right up to the window.

He claimed Arfee “lunged” at him, and even though the window wasn’t open enough to allow Arfee to attack him, Kelley shot and killed the black Lab.  A police statement called him a “vicious pit bull,” which is discriminatory against both Arfee and pit bulls.

“If my dog is barking and wondering who’s peering through the windows, he doesn’t care if you’re a cop, an attorney, or President Bush. He doesn’t know any different,” Jones explained.

An investigation determined that Kelley violated the department’s policies on the use of deadly force by recklessly shooting his gun and in addition to killing Arfee, putting other lives at risk.

“The potential for injury to citizens, including a potential suspect in the vehicle, does not appear to have been factored in to the decision prior to using deadly force,” read the police review.

3.18.15 - Family of Slain Dog Arfee Awarded $80,000 2

Jones filed a lawsuit against the city seeking damages of $350,000, which is comparable to the $333,000 awarded to a family of a dog killed by a Chicago police officer in 2009.

“I do think it’s a very reasonable offer given the history of other cases around the country, given the epidemic of police killing people’s companion dogs, and the failure of police departments to take this as seriously as they should and to rectify it,” said attorney Adam Karp.

“This case is based on the value of Arfee, of course, to Mr. Jones,” he continued. “There’s also essentially the ‘psychic totaling’ of the vehicle, for lack of a better description. … So every time Mr. Jones would have to get into that van, he’d have to essentially re-enact in his mind the horror of what happened to his dog and the blood stains. Essentially it totaled the vehicle.”

The claim also sought damages for “the emotional distress, the wrecking of his life, over this event,” Karp said. “And that’s where I think you see a substantial part of the damages.”

If the city did not settle with Jones, Karp says the suit would have been filed in federal court for his client’s protection under the Fourth Amendment against the unlawful seizure of property.  Coeur d’Alene settled on $80,000.

“This was a regrettable event that the city has taken complete responsibility for,” Mayor Steve Widmyer said in a statement. “I want to again extend our apologies to Mr. Jones.”

Hopefully now Arfee’s family can have some closure, and possibly adopt a new dog to honor his memory.

3.18.15 - Family of Slain Dog Arfee Awarded $80,000 3

Dog Tries Out New Toilet Paper Fashion

Personally, we think this dog’s idea of a toilet paper dress is simply fantastic, and can’t wait to see what they’ll say about it this summer in Paris at all of the fashion shows.  We’re willing to bet it will be a runway success story, even if the dog’s human mom isn’t quite as impressed…

Dog Runs Back Into Burning Home To Rescue A 69 Year-old-man

10.21.15 - firedog1

When Sara Domaradzki had made it out of the burning home, she was happy to be safe and to have been able to get her dog Bambi out safely as well.  However, Bambi almost immediately wriggled her way free from Sara, and bolted back into the burning building.

Sara’s family said that they believe Bambi went back in to rescue someone.  Bambi somehow knew that Sara’s 69-year-old father was still stuck inside, and Bambi knew he needed help.

“She ran back into the house to find (Sara’s) dad, and then they both got stuck there,” said Sara’s boyfriend, Alessandro Mininni.

When firefighters had arrived, Sara’s father was pulled out immediately.  He had no vital signs, and things looked very grim.  However, EMS was able to revive him, and he was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

After that, the firefighters got Bambi out of the house.  She was barely able to breath, and the smoke was really taking its toll on her.  Firefighter Mike Strachan grabbed Bambi from fellow firefighter Gilbert Acevedo, ran her to the back of a firetruck, and got an oxygen mask over her face.

“She looked limp,” said Strachan.  “I knew she had a heartbeat, I could feel it on my arm.”

Bambi started to breath again after the oxygen mask kicked in. One could almost hear a collective sigh of relief when the mask over Bambi fogged up, letting everyone know she was still alive.

After Bambi was stabilized, Sara’s boyfriend Alessandro took Bambi to a local animal hospital.  Emergency room doctors had quite a bit of work on their hands, and Bambi wasn’t out of the woods just yet.  However, after a while one of the doctors came out to tell him Bambi is going to be just fine.

Thankfully, no one was too badly hurt, and even though recovery for Sara’s father and Bambi may be a bit slow going at first, they are both expected to make a full recovery.

10.21.15 - firedogFEAT

Dog Stops Man From Abducting Young Girl

A 16-year-old girl in Chula Vista, California is crediting a dog with foiling a man from abducting her off of the street.  Thanks to her walking this dog, the young woman survived to tell the tale, but the man in question is still at large.

Joanna Bojorquez was saved by a dog named Willow when a man stopped and tried to abduct her this past Saturday.  Now she doesn’t even want to go to sleep, afraid of having to relive the awful experience in her nightmares.

“It’s something that scarred me.  I don’t want to remember.  I don’t want to have bad dreams,” she said.

Joanna had been walking Willow as a favor to the manager of the trailer park that her grandmother lives in when the incident occurred.  A man in a black Camaro pulled up alongside her, and tried to force her into the car.

“He runs out of the car and bear hugs me; throws me in his car and while that happened, I lost my grip of the leash,” said Joanna.

She said that after that, details get kind of fuzzy.  She’s not sure that she remembers screaming for the dog, but Willow sprang into action as quick as she could.

“I start kicking, trying to move him away from me and luckily Willow saw that we weren’t being friendly and she throws herself on him.  He moved out of the way and I ran and we were able to get home safe,” said Joanna.

Then, the suspect sped away from the scene.  Joanna was very shaken up by the whole thing, and Willow tried to comfort her as best as possible.

The man in question is still at large.  Police describe him as between 25-35 years of age, is about six feet tall and somewhere around 180-190 pounds.  He was reported to have short brown hair and a goatee.  Anyone with information on the man is urged to contact the Chula Vista Police Department at 619-691-5151.

3.1.16 - herodog1

See A 3d Dachshund Come To Life Before Your Eyes

drawing snake pabst painting 3d illusion

Stefan Pabst (Photo: Stefan Pabst)

No, it isn’t a live birth.  Well, actually it IS a live birth, but not the animal-kind.  Rather it is an artistic birth.  From start to finish this rendering is something to behold.  Using forced perspective, the artist, Stefan Pabst, creates an illusion that may even stump another dog.

Born in Russia, Stefan moved to Germany where he now resides in Hamburg.  He began honing his craft at the age of five when he started drawing and his work was already so good classmates requested he do their portraits.  Following doing the portrait of a friend, he took the leap and became a full time artist.  He uses a technique involving an oil dry-brush technique and special paper and has trained many artists in this unique art form.

His work is so impressive he creates works for a broad spectrum of people and organizations for both personal and commercial use.  It is easy to see why.

Stray Dog Goes From Menace To Law Enforcer

A stray dog in Antofagasta, Chile, went through a rehab  program to stop being a menace to society and instead become a good canine citizen.

Dientes de Sable (best translation is Sharp Teeth) a German Shepherd mix, used to be a street dog. Wile free, he used to chase cars and “sharpen” his teeth on tires by biting down on them. As a stray, he would also rip license plates off of vehicles just for his own entertainment.


The community wanted to put an end to the dog’s destructive behavior, but due to his strong will and aggressiveness, no one dared to approach him.

Local authorities stepped in to capture the dog and thanks to their rescue and rehabilitation program, Sharp Teeth is now a well-behaved member of society.

The rescue and rehabilitation program rescues strays and trains them to become working dogs. All rescue pets find loving homes where they are well taken car of and the majority of them go on to work as security dogs.

Sharp Teeth had a stubborn personality and required three years of training. After excelling at the program he was ready to move to his forever home and job, but due to his alpha personality the dog couldn’t go to the average home and waited a while to find his dream home and job.

The former problem dog had plenty of adoption offers but he required a home with a large space to run free and exercise. Most local homes don’t have large fenced-in yards, and Sharp Teeth needed a special home.

Today, Sharp Teeth works as part of the security team for the city’s industrial association (AIA Asociación de Industriales de Antofagasta). In his new home, the dog lives at headquarters and is free to roam the fenced-in surroundings. The dog has the freedom and structure he requires, is happy, and performs very well his duties as guard dog.

Rocco And Duke Are A Pair Of Brothers Who Need A Home Together

Good day, Life With Dogs readers!  We have a special double feature for our LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day.  The pair are called Duke and Rocco, and they have been together their whole lives.  Our friends at Val’s Pals GSD & Large Paw Rescue out of Katy, Texas told us about them, and we are very excited to showcase them!

Rocco is a male GSD.  He is a laid back guy.  Rocco likes to swim and play, but can be a couch potato, too.  He is very loving and affectionate but needs slow introductions to new people.  Once he comes out of his shell he is an amazing lovebug.  Rocco is bonded to his adoptive brother Duke. While they can be adopted separately, they really should stay together.


And here is his handsome brother, Duke.  Look at those eyes!  They have been together their entire life.  It would be a shame to see these brothers broken up, and that’s why we’re making a call out to you for help.  Please share these brothers, and let’s get them adopted out together!

To visit Val’s Pals about adopting them or any of their other German shepherds, click here.