How To Create Your Own Races In Forza Horizon 4! How To Use The New Route Creator? Guide!

Most of guys always again and welcome back to another Forza horizon file video so in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you guys how to create your own race route in Falls rather than fall now I don’t believe you can create your own drug route yet because I tested it on the drug strips and it doesn’t work especially.

Airport one it doesn’t work because it is the whole airport anywhere but other than that how to create is go to your nearest road series route.

That’s how it’ll be made or your cross country your off-road whatever you want it to be you go to the nearest one and going through is if you actually gonna play that route and then it should say.

Play online play pvp which you’ll see in a second i went to the event that’s on this week and i want.

To do is you put on a press y if you go to this.

One and then it’ll say create fruit at the end you want to click on that and then click the car that you want to race in our test build the.

If you want to build the truck in an off-road car it’ll change it to an off-road route if you go mostly on dirt it’ll automatically do it for you.

For when you share it however you click a great route pick the car that you want to build the truck in.

I wanted to build it in the car exact because I’m only using the airport and the old pleasure on the start line as you can see here and then you just want to drive in a line on the route will start building.
As you can see behind me you can see that the route is starting.

To follow me while I’m driving so when you’re doing this guys you don’t want to try and drive off-road and stuff because the.

Route will folia and then took less checkpoints you just plus I think it’s pause button or something like that you can expand the checkpoints make them smaller so it’s harder to go through you can move them left to right same case the roads a little bit wonky and then you want to place them.

Every so often whether you want them be careful we place them because you could find someone cheating and making shortcuts in your races so make sure you’re placing them on pretty much every corner and every straight so people aren’t cutting.

Corners and things like that anyway that’s as simple as it is your pleasure checkpoint and you drive the line like a 1 obviously don’t go wrote if you don’t want to go off-road if you want to create your road routes they all.

Just follow you anywhere and show on the map your route that you drove in creating.

It and then once you’ve done this guys it’ll say test and then when you do that it’ll test it we’ve for some gravitas to see if the java tars can actually.

Do it now I tested this race and it didn’t go too well my Java tiles were all over the place because.

I made a confusing track but if you if you do it smartly not like me and just rest in everywhere thinking that it actually would follow the road when it doesn’t which you can see that it went into the field when I didn’t want.

It to yeah if you don’t do that your vs.

Really well yeah and then you can share it.

To all your online friends and make some money methods to follow if I do find a really good money method through this which there is actually one where you can just go up and down the motorway and get like 50 K then I’ll definitely build some tracks and do some may be away from controller and many methods and things like that if you want that let me know and I’ll definitely do it in the next couple of days anyway I hope you enjoyed today’s.

Video enjoy the rest of it hit that like button if you did enjoy it don’t forget to subscribe for more and click that bells to get notified when I upload because I upload every single day follow the content.

And I might do some black ops videos if you guys want them I’ve got some ready and I want to upload them but I’m not too sure if I’ll lose a father sobs I don’t really want to do that.

Anyway hope you enjoyed the video I’ll see you all in the next one.


Stealth Camper Van Living Uk Sleeping In Your Car How To Sleep In A Car

Bombing guys yeah but I wouldn’t whatever yeah mum and hopefully you can see me I’m inside the car hey I was out last night and the father to test their car I’ve slept in the car before they air I’ve never tasted it worth less reflectix tough one and I was also asked when I’ve done my reflectix bad deal.

How do I sleep in the car because it’s not a bad car on this very small I’m six foot three so but honestly those women think the car yeah you have to put the front seat forward okay look at that so also why do a little challenge with you a little challenge.

For prophecy prepper mark so mark was telling me that he was thinking of doing some car camp and badias so the first thing I thought was yeah wasted coffee does mark he does yes cuz here but I started my my cooking but yours mark started them as well I got the Dutch and I.

Got there the Dutch oven fosston and Mark got one so challenge for mark just sleeping yet car but yeah yeah that’s the other sort of like ticks one in the window what ed Bears walk I know I’ve got a little gap but really it does keep the heat feels their front feels the side where I.
Was I’m certain there’s their bike the black one dot here side.

Of this seat back window bills the actual bike Wendell hey it’s not the brightest doesn’t late so bill big or can we see that so that’s the back window there’s the side window and a I’ve got the same.

One that one you see that yeah so so put my little late here it’s up there yeah let’s be.

On so what that’s the back seat right I took the back seat out and a I’m using the book compartment as well so I like that way so the best way to light as gonna lay that way can you see yeah we can definitely and then I put the front seat forward this is a driver seat that sisty and then wheel right there and I use that as a pillow so I’m six foot three and I can sleep on my.

Wall a coarser local car I don’t actually start doing this yeah.

I’ve gotten but a couple of years ago maybe two one then that’s a joke to be honest to start with and they quit enjoy you’re honest what la.
Because it’s not the actual compensative oh what a.

Lakers I like to do it to see if somebody catches me bitch at the window and a white come off like it’s there it’s there straight away we are we OH consider trying to get away with camping and my car see if anybody notices I don’t know if it’s not a Smith living a.

Half a cupful under the bed a mite to do as actually we have camper vans in that camp before I’ve seen camper vans here and this summer.

I never seen anybody had been lived on I’ve seen camper one sitting here for like four summer like five six weeks take one nothing’s ever.

Happened to me but honestly I will say the deflect it’s definitely does what it was so off the money it reflects the heat back into the car so I.

Went this me to meet you uh for when I do it for one nothing but Elba nice and cozy but I should be should nah I’ve come to minus 70 an honor and a tent then I’m sure I.

Can survive in a car come on but what I do more tapes of lick I’ve been camping and streets taped.

Streets rock up and see if I can get away laughter that’s my plan anyway so I went stop that is a new playlist and I like them arrest so what doing one of them I won’t still be doing my I love camping but it was like my ducks on me yeah put by V advice what you started doing them again they’re a lot of stealth once and to.

Be honest I do it and they’ll assume out I like to do then see if anybody sees we’re here in the can’t ship tape for cut yeah you can get I like your well camp and Scotland.
But I just went to see if I can be sin I went to it’s like it’s.

Like a game paid for to see go out.

And not be sin and then leave in the morning so that’s why I’ve been leaving La in the mornin because nobody so at like sex in the Mormon so yeah I’ll continue doing them I think I’m blog on the way here.

That much so I’m sure you oak saved where they arm.

It’s Rhiannon this heavy rain that’s when this torrential so I probably won’t be able to talk then I’m out saved because they’re wending their way and I’ll be up on the camera so what we’ll do is I’ll just go out and I won’t talk and I’ll show you where they are and the carpark paper so let’s case so they’ll be.

Really bad for in Hilversum ah it’s so that’s carpark there’s an actual company online that one’s been there sustained last thing there’s a but yeah there’s a big car Papas can a much bigger so let’s go up and see the hot button crazy.

Crazy crazy ah lovely look at us yeah I’m gonna head back to the car start let’s show that local Bert were there the waves get salt so yeah I’m back the car I’m all way up I’m drenched aha what clunking home don’t know so yeah it’s a thanks for.

Watching and they still up with idea or for people that want.

To go and do about camping and the car tape thing so thank you thanks for watching thanks guys but I cops you you.

Halloween 2018 Warning: Killer Clowns Will Be Armed With Machete & Creepy People's Windows

Guys what’s going on my name is Luis also known as grand supreme today is October 19 2018 and welcome to the grand supreme news channel so big breaking news updates October 31st 2018 it is the day of Halloween now expect for people to have some Halloween costumes some of them are funny and some of them are scary but.

Police enforcement’s are letting people know that the creepy clown are also known as killer clown showing himself right now across the United States of America now there’s a couple of people that witness.

Outside the windows and in their homes clowns just staring at them now this this incident they happen back in 2006 seen where people gotten hurt or a clown just come out.

Of the woods and just stand right in the middle of the street with a machete and a balloon now a law enforcement are saying that these clowns will carry machetes and these clowns will start some troubles or start scaring people or start doing some prank stuff but this type.

Of stuff is dangerous because like okay I’m gonna tell you something in the United States certain state like Texas or a lot of state that bear.

Arms these people are not going to joke around when a clown comes in front of their window they’re going to use a gun and shoot them down but that’s something that you know I don’t recommend no one unless the clown try to come inside the house and do something to your family but you know this is a day for kids to.

Have fun dress up and get a whole bunch of candies because kids loved candies and kids love having fun.

But when grown-ups start doing this type of stuff scamming people and even hurting people then stand there is none it’s not.

Fun at all now all this started with the movie it remake and also the purge that these.

People are getting the idea and supposedly I look I do believe that these people got even demonic demons in them to be dressing as clown and started hurting people because this is not normal for a human being to do it has.

To be on Halloween what these clowns will do these type of things now I just want to give you guys a quick updates be careful try not to be alone especially mothers out there with children and I just have friends with.

You don’t try to be there by yourself with the kids you know because these clouds are gonna be hiding behind bushes or trying to scare you and your children but it’s a quick update law enforcement source aim to if.

You see one of these clowns try to walk away calmly and call 9-1-1 obviously everybody is gonna be dressing like clowns and October 31st 2018 but they are back police enforcement are saying these killer clowns are back and they.
In 9-1-1 calls in the last 48 hours and it was probably like.

40 clowns that 9-1-1 received creepin in people’s windows one had balloons and Honi and machete it’s man has to work out man no I tell you evil spirit is in people’s head so let me see if there’s any anything here I could read to you guys but this.

A breaking news update bear with me now it said I Houston freak out as scary clowns make unexpected donut delivery okay this one I haven’t read Matt Wendy hops out of a black truck parked in Midtown carrying.

Must See Review! Dell Optiplex Pc – Intel C2d E7500 2.93ghz, New 4gb Memory, 160gb, Dvd, Windows..

우린 하게 먼저 써 써 파소 그 어느 헬 원만 x root well of riders on top 유리하고 해주 멋지네요 프리는 앵크 자 키보렌에 마우스 코엑스 os 이렇게 않아서 뭐 미이 갔어요 물체 0 어떻게 외고 바르톡 스파인 반이 팔아 커야 들뜬 나치 box a video 야 ooo 빛솔 bc 유 네 보아스 이 게임은 오인되어 스캔 앤써 와 올 때.
덜 다울 나올 프리그 바랐 sk 카 스 r as part of i 스뎅 스.

땡 백송은 포함한 집어든 많이 써야 no.
5 파인 후배의 해야되고 3 늅 아범 써봐 또 아이가 아래 모노 울어야.

겐 그 my 따르다 내집같은 쫘 떠오를 된 모습 발사된 오이풀.

보시죠 r1 합이 there’s 토모 앱의 진공 학사 하긴 해요 캔우드.

카울 주 둘의 낳아 아이 매 앞쪽엔 썰어 왔어 보여줬어.


Microsoft Surface Go Handwriting & Note Taking Test

Hey everyone this is one of those note-taking videos today we are going to test out the Microsoft Surface go we’re going to see how good it is at taking notes and how accurately it can capture and writing we’re going to test out a few drawing apps the app that I was using at the start of this video it’s.
Paper when testing for handwriting I.

Look up for accuracy how accurately you can capture my handwriting I look for latency whether or not there is any lag when I’m writing very fast and lastly if pen rejection is working well so let’s start by writing some letters this is what I have here the combination of the tablet the surface pan and this app is able to capture my handwriting.

Quite well so I’m very satisfied with this sort of performance there is one straight stroke here overall palm rejection works pretty well but occasionally there will still be some straight strokes but at no time did palm rejection affect my writing the second half I’m going to test is.

Screen and for this I’m going to write a bit smaller lowercase.

Letters by the way it supports pressure sensitivity.

Screen was able to capture my handwriting well but not as well compared to Wacom Bamboo paper with certain note-taking apps they will smooth out your lines to make your handwriting look better but that is not a case here so let’s zoom in closer to show you what I’m talking about you see the letter Q there are some jagged lines here letter R and it’s more obvious.

With this letter G caseta is very jagged even though I was writing very fast.

As absolutely no reason for this to be jagged but it is jagged so performance will depend sometimes on the app that you use no issues with palm rejection here no straight strokes this is Microsoft OneNote now we have certain apps when you use a finger to.

Draw or write on the surface.

It’s not going to register any strokes that is great because that’s a strict palm rejection it would only recognize your pen but when you use like double.

Finger to do those finger gestures it would recognize so it really helps to prevent strange strokes I’ll say it’s not bad.

I can capture my handwriting quite well and there was some sort of a smoothing effect so the letters they are smooth no problems writing with.

One not and the letters are very smooth there’s pressure sensitivity and I was.

Able to write very fast very accurately I was resting my hand on the glass while writing and there are no straight strokes.

Implementation for palm rejection here it’s very good with Wacom Bamboo paper that I showed you earlier there is no such feature so if you were to draw with your finger you will still be able to draw.

On canvas with welcome bamboo paper but not here this app is enable this app is.
Great because it can detect your handwriting and turn it into text.

So you was able to read my handwriting pretty well.

And pretty accurately even for some of.

The tricky letters for example this letter here the letter K it’s a bit ambiguous it’s not very clear.

But it was to be able to read that he was able to recognize that and this letter here letter H small case hitch he was able to recognize that as well and some of the cursive letters it was able to.

Tutorial Copias De Seguridad Y Administrar Android En Pc Con Moborobo

A no ah cómo bienvenido a chicos y chicas de youtube a este nuevo tutorial sobre cómo hacer copias de seguridad en android desde nuestro pc con windows utilizando la aplicación modo robo aunque la aplicación es muy fácil de usar y bastante intuitiva hago el tutorial de esta porque he recibido varios comentarios de gente que no consigue hacer backup.

O restaurar los utilizando el sistema de mi vídeo de copias de seguridad por ventana de comandos usando el adb además es útil para.

El tema de hacer copias de seguridad antes de rootear desbloquear bootloader que en algunos casos borra todo lo que hay en el dispositivo o para interactuar con el dispositivo desde el pc para por ejemplo enviar sms o instalar aplicaciones lo primero que hay que hacer es descargar el archivo nuevo robo exe que dejó en la descripción del vídeo una.

Vez descargado lo instalamos como haríamos con cualquier programa o aplicación o no lo ejecutamos y al hacerlo por primera vez nos aparecerá en pantallas explicando cómo conectar aunque también ofrece la posibilidad de conectar mediante wifi como un simple escaneo del código qr a través.
De la aplicación modo daemon install al conectar el.

Dispositivo al programa yo recomiendo usar el sistema por usb que es más fiable y rápido en el dispositivo android debemos ir a ajustes opciones de desarrollo y activar la.

Opción de depuración muestre si nos aparece esta sección en ajustes sólo tenéis que ir a ajustes acerca del teléfono o tablet y dar siete toques seguidos en la línea que dice el número de compilación después de activar esta opción procedemos a conectar el dispositivo al ordenador si es la primera vez que.

Lo conecta es windows descargará e instalará su driver requisito obligatorio para que la aplicación reconozca el dispositivo y yo.

Al conectarlo la aplicación empezará a leer los datos que contenga y en función de los datos que haya tardará más o menos tiempo en leerlos también dependiendo del modelo y la rom que estemos.

Usando nos dará más o menos información sobre el dispositivo y puede que algunas funciones no estén disponibles como yo estoy usando el programa con un móvil con una custom rom y.

Una versión de android superior a la de la rom stock ciertas cosas no están disponibles pero es suficiente para que veáis cómo se usa una vez haya cargado todos los datos del dispositivo podemos movernos las pestañas de la parte superior para administrar los diferentes elementos que tenemos en él por.

Ejemplo en datos podemos añadir borrar importar o exportar guardar o restaurar y recargar los contactos además podemos mandar mensajes y administrar el registro de llamadas en este caso yo no tengo ni registro de llamadas ni mensajes en este dispositivo ah en aplicaciones se pueden hacer cosas como instalar y eliminar aplicaciones moverlas a la.

Sd que dependiendo de la rom y de la sd se podrán mover o no exportar las es decir crear una copia de la aplicación y recargar la lista de aplicaciones y en el resto de pestañas podemos añadir borrar o exportar fotos música y vídeos además de los temas.

Si tenemos algún instalado para hacer una copia de seguridad general de todo lo que tengamos.

Best Windows Laptops In 2019 – Which Is The Best Windows Laptop?

In this episode of 10 best ones we are going to check out the top 5 best Windows laptops in 2018 I made this list based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price quality durability and more if you want to see the price and find out more information about these Windows laptops you.

Can check out the links down in the description in the comment section below ok so let’s get started with the video at number 5 we have the MS IGS step is looking for a gaming laptop that is running.

On Windows and has a refresh rate of 144 Hertz from a design perspective the stealth sports an excellent build quality and looks even better due to the fact that the unit’s.

Chassis was made of a sandblasted aluminum alloy that is finished in matte black and followed by golden accents that are.

Present around the back the ports the sides and around the touchpad on the left of the chassis you can find two USB 3.
0 ports and Ethernet jack as well as a headphone and mic jacks while on the.

Right there is a USB C port with Thunderbolt 3 an HDMI port single mini DisplayPort and yet another USB 3.
0 port so you will be more than well-equipped in addition when.

You open the lid you will instantly see the luxurious touch pad and the RGB keyboard that was made by SteelSeries which offers perky RGB customization so all you have to do is just take an advantage of the included SteelSeries Engine 3 software according to the users.

Both of the keyboard in the touchpad are highly responsive and they are capable enough to register every action you make however i’d recommend you.
Use an external mouse because we all know that.

Gaming on a touchpad isn’t that good but now let’s talk about the performance the GS 65 stealth has an ultra thin 15.6 inch IPS display with a maximum resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels an aspect ratio of 16 to 9 response rate of 7.

Milliseconds and a refresh rate of 144 Hertz which means that your gaming experience couldn’t be better moreover this particular model is powered by an i7 8 7 5 o h processor.

While the other components include a gtx 1060 graphics card 16 gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes SSD and the well-known cooler boost Trinity which is composed of three fans and four heat pipes that will guarantee you a smooth gaming experience on dozens of game that you will play overall you should definitely consider the msi gs70 or next purchase because it looks gorgeous and performs exceptionally good moving on at number four we have the.

Alienware aw 17 r4 the Alienware aw 17 r4 is oriented towards hardcore gamers that would like to taste the benefits of having a laptop that has an exclusive hardware and gsync enabled screen that has a refresh rate of 120 Hertz from a design perspective the Alienware 17 boasts a sturdy construction made of a solid anodized aluminum and magnesium alloy finished in space grey which in my opinion gives the laptop a real extraterrestrial look at the back.

There is a triangular line with the company’s logo positioned at the top while at the bottom there is the upgraded ventilation system which will ensure that your laptop will always be cooled properly along the sides there are the connectivity ports which are composed of two USB 3.