Clickmeter: Free Url Shortening & Link Tracking Tool

Web analytics is important to keep track of your websites. However, standard analytics tools only do a great job in describing activities within the website without dealing too much with your links outside your website. ClickMeter is a link tracking tool that focuses on tracking links for your website so that you can monitor relevant clicks. This app quickly sees which of your links are more efficient in driving incoming traffic to your site.

link tracking tool

To create a tracking link, simply input the destination URL in your ClickMeter account page. Free users can choose between ““ or ““ as a domain name for their tracking link, while pro users can choose their own domain name.

Also, you can choose the redirect type of your link, depending on whether you plan on changing your destination URL in the future. Once you are set, you can now view cool stats and detailed charts of your links (e.g. unique and non-unique clicks). You can also view a world map where your last 50 clicks came from.

link tracking tool

Clickmeter can also be used as a URL-shortening tool with advanced click-tracking. This tool is especially useful if you want to detect click-fraud, see real-time click stats, and measure social media traffic. This is also effective if you simply want to find out how effective your backlinks are.

Clickmeter has free and paid options available. Aside from the custom domains that you can use with the premium option, you can also view campaign comparison charts, download the data as an excel file, filter clicks data, and much more. But otherwise, the free account is useful enough for comprehensive link tracking.

link tracking tool


  • Monitor your link performance.
  • Create unlimited tracking links.
  • View real-time charts.
  • View click distribution on world map.
  • Determines unique and non-unique click distribution.
  • Export your data to Excel, text, PDF or XML for paid accounts.
  • Upgrade to a premium account for more advanced features.
  • Similar Tools: Google Analytics and Clicky.

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Top 6 Youtube Channels For Learning How To Draw Comics

how to draw comicsI’ll come right out and say it: I can’t draw. If I had to draw a cartoon to save my life, it probably wouldn’t end well. My drawing talents start and end with stick figures, and even that’s a stretch. Despite this unfortunate fact, or maybe because of it, I got interested in video tutorials that teach you how to draw.

YouTube is full of such tutorials for anything from a smiley face to complex characters, but many of them are hard to follow or just plain bad. How can you know which channels to focus on if you want to learn to draw, or hone your drawing skills? That’s what MakeUseOf here for! Below you’ll find a list of the top YouTube channels, arranged by drawing level from simple to more advanced, that will help you learn how to draw. Whether you’re a total beginner or you’ve already done some drawing, you should find at least one you’re going to love.


If you’re really a beginner like I am, this one is perfect for you. Short and sweet, these videos will teach you how to draw very simple cartoons in a matter of minutes. Seriously, even I can draw these. Yes, they’re slightly out of focus, and yes, they can (and are) done by kids, but they’re excellent little tutorials. DoodleKat’s tutorials are done with black marker on paper, and in 2-3 minutes, you’ll find yourself drawing a cute little owl, horse, cake, or even a taco. Guaranteed.


While these tutorials are probably meant for kids, they’re also great for those of us who are just starting our journey into drawing. Using black marker on paper, these short videos will teach you how to draw very simple doodles such as a ladybug, a raccoon, a shark, etc. These are really, really simple drawings. Even if you’ve never drawn anything before, you’re going to be able to follow these easily and get some cool drawings you’ll be proud of.

Mark Crilley

If you’re new to drawing but you’re ambitious, Mark Crilliey’s videos are going to get you hooked. In these very detailed videos you’ll learn how to draw Manga characters, dragons, and more, and even find specific tips such as how to draw hair or feet. The videos are mostly done with pencil on paper, and are easy to follow despite the use of stop motion techniques.  Almost every line is explained in full, and you can easily pause and continue to catch up with each new line. Even for a newbie like me, these are a joy to watch.


If you can handle a pencil, and want to draw your favorite cartoon characters, Evan Burse from CartoonBlock will show you how. These are pretty short videos, so the tutorials are not very detailed, but if you just need guidance and inspiration, they can be very useful. Done with pencils on paper, the tutorials include many different characters, from Wolverine and Anakin Skywalker to Bart Simpson and Sonic. Also included are some videos of famous artists sketching some characters from scratch. Great for inspiration, if you already know what you’re doing.


Despite its name, IDrawGirls is not just about drawing girls, but about drawing characters in general. It’s not for beginners – I will probably never be able to draw like this – but it offers long and detailed tutorials that can help you reach real results. Most drawings in the videos are done with Photoshop and a Wacom tablet, so if you’re using those, you’ll find it much easier. If you’re drawing on paper, you can still get some pretty useful tips.


If you’re really into drawing already, and are looking for good, advanced tutorials, look no further than Sycra. You won’t find 3-minute tutorials here. If you want to draw a dragon, you’ll learn how to do so in 5 separate videos, each longer than 10 minutes. The videos include detailed explanations that go even beyond the basic drawing techniques. Most of the drawings are done with Photoshop and a Wacom tablet, and can also teach you about things like proportions, patterns, and more.

Bottom Line

As you can imagine, these are just the tip of the iceberg. As a beginner, I tend to pick tutorials that include explanations and are easy to understand, and not those that just show speedy drawing with music in the background. I would love to hear about your own favorite YouTube channels for learning how to draw. Which style of tutorials do you prefer? And if you can’t draw (like me), hopefully you’ve just found some inspiration to get started!

Image Credit: drawing man image via Shutterstock

Smoking Linked With Peripheral Artery Disease Risk

Smoking, even for a short time, increases women’s risk of suffering a debilitating disorder called peripheral artery disease, or PAD, a new study says.

People with PAD have narrowed arteries in their extremities, often their legs, which reduce blood flow to the area and causes pain.

Among the 38,825 women studied, women who smoked were as much as 20 times more likely to develop PAD over a 13-year period than women who did not smoke.

Quitting smoking reduced the risk of developing PAD. However, even those who had quit 20 years ago still had a higher risk of PAD than nonsmokers, the researchers said.

“Just as has been shown in the past for lung disease and heart attacks, our study now convincingly shows that smoking is a very strong risk factor for the development of peripheral artery disease,” said study researcher Dr. Aruna D. Pradhan, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

The findings underscore the importance of preventing people from taking up smoking and promoting efforts to quit, the researchers said.

Peripheral artery disease

The study in began in 1993 with women who were then ages 45 or older, none of whom had cardiovascular disease at the study’s start.

About half the women had never smoked, 36 percent were former smokers, 8 percent smoked more than 15 cigarettes per day and 5 percent smoked less than 15 cigarettes per day.

By the end of the study, 178 women had developed PAD. PAD affects about 8 million Americans, according to the American Heart Association.

The more cigarettes a woman smoked, the higher her risk of PAD. Women who smoked at least one pack a day for 10 years had a particularly steep risk of developing the condition. But there was no threshold below which smokers were safe from developing PAD, the researchers said.

The results held even after the researchers took into account factors that can affect developing PAD, including age and a history of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Smoking and artery health

Chemicals in cigarettes damage blood vessels, and increase the risk of arteriosclerosis , or plaque buildup in the arteries, according to the National Institutes of Health. This in turn increases the risk of PAD.

“What is surprising is that you see this effect even 20 years after quitting,” Pradhan told MyHealthNewsDaily.

The researchers noted the study did not account for women who may have had PAD but did not show symptoms. In addition, the participants were mainly white women, so the findings may not apply to the population as a whole, they said.

The new study will be published tomorrow (June 7) in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

Pass it on: Smoking raises a woman’s risk of developing peripheral artery disease Those who quit still have an elevated risk of PAD 20 years later.

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