See True Size: Measure Or Compare The Real Sizes Of Anything

The state of California is bigger than the entire country of Italy. How long is your thumb? Who knows! When you don’t know the true size of anything, there are sites that will tell you in a jiffy.

All of these web apps don’t need you to sign up 15 Excellent No-Sign Up Websites for Everyday Use Do you like websites which have no sign-ups, no registerations, and no downloads? Then, you will like these hassle free web apps and sites which make daily productivity a lot easier. Read More or download anything to use them. They range in purpose as well. Some let you compare sizes between different objects, others give you a ruler to measure things, and there is even some perspective in the end.

1. iRuler: Get a Ruler on Your Screen to Measure Anything

how to measure compare size of anything

There is no shortage of mobile or desktop apps to turn a screen into a ruler. But the best tool is the oldest one: iRuler. We last reviewed it back in 2009 iRuler: Displays a Ruler on Your Computer Screen Read More , and it still just works.

The site basically puts a ruler on your screen, adjusting to the screen size and resolution Graphic Display Resolutions – What Do The Numbers Mean? [MakeUseOf Explains] Display resolutions can be a rather cryptic business, with multiple standards used to describe the same display resolution in 10 different ways. All of those technical terms tend to change based on the display’s purpose… Read More . It tries to auto-detect those two factors, but it never did it right in my tests. You need to select them manually. Once you do, you’ll see a perfect ruler on the screen.

iRuler works perfectly on the desktop as well as mobile. And if you tilt the screen, it adjusts the length in portrait or landscape mode. It’s a simple app that gets all the little things right. Just make sure you know the screen size and screen resolution.

2. Compare Sizes: Everyday Objects, or Custom Objects, in 3D or 2D

how to measure compare size of anything

This is the site to go to when you want to see a size comparison of objects stacked next to each other without actually finding them in person. Key in the dimensions (weight, height, width) and Compare Sizes will generate a mockup.

The site also comes with several ready templates of everyday objects, like a pack of playing cards or a CD case cover. Add the objects and compare them. You can stack them to see width, check a front view, or even rotate them in a 3D environment.

And finally, go to the item search to look up dimensions of any object online. For example, a quick search for “iPhone” will add those in a couple of clicks. It’s an easy and quick way to compare phone or tablet sizes Which Tablet Size Should You Actually Get These Days? With so many tablet choices on the market, it can be hard to know which size is right for you. Our breakdown makes it easy to know the answer. Read More .

3. The True Size: Put One Country Map on Top of Another

how to measure compare size of anything

To really see the size of countries and continents, check out The True Size Of. The site lets you put any country’s map on top of any other part of the globe.

Here’s how it works. First, type in the name of the country in the top-left box, or that of a US state. You’ll get a moveable map that you can drag and drop anywhere you want. You can even make multiples of the same map, to see how many Nevadas make up the whole of America. Each new map comes in a different color too, so you can distinguish them easily.

It’s a fun exercise in geography 10 Online Geography Games That Help Kids Know More About The World Read More that can give you answers to questions you never thought you had. Here’s one for starters: How many USAs do you think we need to cover all the oceans? Try it out, you’re in for a shock.

4. MAPfrappe: Draw an Outline, See It Replicated on Another Map

how to measure compare size of anything

MAPfrappe is kind of a customizable version of The True Size that lets you do size comparisons of geographical areas. This time, you get to pick or draw a part of a map. It can be something as large as the whole of the Indian subcontinent, or something as small as the Sunset Strip in LA.

In the left-hand map, draw an outline by clicking points. Then, in the right-hand map, move the map around. The outline’s scale and size stay the same. But now you get to pan and zoom to any other part of the world, to see them both next to each other.

True Size is just one of the many ways to compare your country to others 4 Interactive Ways To Compare Your Country With Others Read More , and MAPfrappe lets you handle a lot more than just countries.

5. Reigarw Comparisons: YouTube Channel of Cool Size Comparisons

If you don’t want to do the measure or size comparison yourself, let the experts do the heavy lifting. Reigarw is a fascinating YouTube channel that compares one thing to another, and more often than not, it’s about sizes.

Apart from this, there are plenty of other cool video comparisons, like hurricane and tornado sizes, famous architecture, aircrafts, and even celebrity height.

Fair warning, this is one of those channels where you’ll start watching one five-minute video, and before you know it, an hour has passed!

Six Steps To Help You Fix Common Dvd Drive Errors

fix i/o dvd drive errorsSo you got yourself a fancy smancy DVD drive. It could be a burner or just a reader and it is just not working. How do you figure out what is wrong with it?

These tips to fix dvd drive errors will also work for a CD or CDR drive. The first thing we need to do is determine where the issue is. It can either be a physical issue like power not getting to the drive or a IDE / SATA cable has come unplugged. It could be a Windows operating system problem that is preventing your drive from showing up or reading disks and finally it could be that disk is garbage. You might have a scratched up dirty disk and it is unreadable by your player.

Let’s see how we can identify and resolve these issues. I see issues with drives on a daily basis in my day job as well as hundreds of questions coming in through my blog. Let me share some of my troubleshooting tips with you. Maybe it will stop the questions – but I doubt it!

These instructions can be used for both internal and external drives but some of the fundamentals might be a little different. Like the power cord versus the internal power connector, the USB interface or a IDE connector. But use your intuition to guide you.

Some of these problems are common both to the external and internal drive and can be fixed with a little application or by following the tutorials that come with these drives.

Step one: Is the drive not showing up in Windows Explorer? Here I can see my CD burner but not my DVD burner. My DVD burner is usually drive E:\.

fix dvd drive errors

First things first, we should check the power and connections to your computer.External drives can be checked while the system is powered on but internal drives will need you to shutdown the system and remove the power cord before beginning.

If the cables are connected but loose pull them free and reconnect them.  Start the system back up and see if the drive or drives are showing up. If you have recently modified your drives in your system and have removed or changed jumper settings remember cable select is normally the best way to go. If you are on an external drive these jumpers will not matter.

When the system is on and the drive is getting power you can push the eject button and it will open. If it does not open and it is powered on it can be a physical issue which we will see below.

Step two: If your drive is getting power and will not open or close, it is time for the paper clip trick. Sometimes these drives get stuck closed and you cannot open them. This can be from someone spilling something or using the drive as a cup holder. Go get a paper clip and straighten it out. Ladies and gentleman we will perform this amazing feat of opening a stuck drive with a paper clip and only a paper clip. Are you ready?

fix dvd drive errors

Push the paper clip into the small hole located on the right, left or slightly to the right of the left hand side in the older drive above. Pushing the paper clip in the hole releases the door and you can open it with your hands. If it is sticky use a damp cloth to clean it.

Step three: Your drive is opening and closing and it still doesn’t work? We need to check that the drive is connected to the computer. Just as you checked the power, check the connectors. See if the drive now shows up in your computer.

Step four: You have ruled out power and system connections. Now let us look at the device manager in Windows. Open it by right-clicking on My Computer and selecting manage. Then select Device Manager. On older machines it will be in the system properties and then device manager.  If there is a red exclamation point next to one of the items, resolve it and your problems will go away. The drive should appear like this:

fix dvd drive errors

A device with an error will have this icon before it:

fix i/o dvd drive errors

Step five: If your drive has power and your Windows operating system recognizes it but still it does not read the discs it may be because of a dirty laser lens in the drive. Clean the laser lens with a cleaning kit or run some other discs after the cleaning kit and then try. If the drive works after cleaning it you have found your issue.

Step six: If the drive still is not reading your disk but it is connected and the system sees it, try another disk. If this other disk works it can be the disk. Some older drives cannot read CDR’s or CDRW’s. Try a purchased CD  and see if that works. If so you should probably replace your drive.

Got any other tips for fixing DVD Drive errors share them with us in the comments!

Internet Rallies To Save Tesla's Lab

Wardenclyffe Tower once stood as a testament to inventor Nikola Tesla's dream of beaming wireless power around the world. The land where the tower once stood is now up for sale in Long Island, N.Y., but a nonprofit has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight toward its goal of buying the former site of Tesla's grand experiment.

Tesla stood alongside Thomas Edison as a scientific "wizard" of his era — an inventor who laid the foundations for the modern power grid even as he dabbled in science fiction visions such as particle beam weapons and wireless power stations. His life ended in financial ruin and isolation, but he has enjoyed post-mortem popularity in pop culture and among scientists, engineers and fellow geeks because of his status as an unsung American inventor and technological visionary.

Such geek popularity helps explain how the fundraising project on the website Indiegogo raised more than $400,000 during the first 20 hours — about half the funding needed to hit the goal of $850,000 and trigger a matching grant contribution from New York State. All the funding is designated for the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, a nonprofit organization, to purchase the Wardenclyffe land for $1.6 million and preserve it for a future Tesla museum.

(Only funding left over from buying the land would go toward building the museum, which will likely require additional funding sources.)

Wardenclyffe represented the culmination of Tesla's grand plan to conduct electricity across huge distances through the Earth — an idea that proved scientifically flawed in its original conception. But the death blow to the project came after J.P. Morgan, famed financier and backer for the project, withdrew his support. Funding from other investors also dried up, and the U.S. military eventually demolished the tower during World War I.

Much credit for the swift fundraising also goes to Matthew Inman, creator of the online comic website "The Oatmeal," who helped organize the fundraising effort, as well as Internet users on the popular social news website Reddit.

Inman previously drew a comic that lionized Tesla and belittled Edison as a money-grubbing businessman who simply profited from other inventors' ideas. The comic also emphasized the idea of a rivalry between Tesla and Edison based in large part upon the "War of Currents" in the 1880s that saw Tesla's alternating current (AC) system win over Edison's direct current (DC) system.

But past mudslinging has not stopped Inman from holding out an olive branch to General Electric (GE), the corporate giant founded by Edison, as a possible corporate sponsor to help buy the Wardenclyffe land and possibly build the museum.

"Sponsor this museum!" Inman told GE in his comic. "The Internet will love you forever, I promise."

Inman made similar appeals to Google, Tesla Motors, and actor Christian Bale (supposedly playing the role of Tesla in an upcoming film). He also added a poignant plea to J.P. Morgan's eponymous investment bank.

"One hundred years ago you believed in Tesla and backed him financially," Inman wrote. "Honor his legacy and help him out again!"

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