Playmobil Wild Animals Fun Toys In The Sandbox – Learn Animal Names For Kids

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hi Guys! Racetoytime here! Today I’m going to show you some Playmobil animals Here are the giraffes Now let’s put them in the sandbox Here’s the elephant The elephant is enjoying a dust bath.

That’s their way to cool down and protect their skin Here’s another elephant.

And a baby elephant holding some leaves Here are the rhinos.

Here come the wildebeests and zebras Here are the camels We have a lion family Here come the tigers ( Tiger growls).

Here are the leopards ( Leopard growling) Here are the hippos Here come the rhinos The African buffalo wants to get in the water And here’s another Cape Buffalo Oooo, Hyenas! Gorillas Here’s a vulture Okapis Warthogs Ostriches Flamingos Orangutans And lastly I’m going to show you the meerkats (sound of rain falling ) Okay, that’s it! Well, let me know in the comments which Playmobil animal is your favorite.

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How To Setup Moborobo – Pc Suite For Android

Hello there welcome to be sippin calm my name is Arun Iyer today I’m going to show you a very interesting application called MOBA Robo it’s a PC sweet application for Android or iOS device so go to the site mobile robot comm and you can download mobile go by clicking this I have already downloaded it and I have a.

File with me so I’m not going to download it again.

Click on the setup file to install it and ensure that this option I agree with mobile Robo License Agreement is checked now you don’t have to worry about the license costing or anything because it’s a free application so you can just go click Next Next Next and boom it’s.

Installed click finish alright so it’s just giving a tip you can just close that now it’s it says enable USB debugging if you’re going to connect your phone through USB cable you need to enable something called USB debugging on Android so I’ll show you.
How to do that ok so to enable USB debugging.

Do is go into menu and go to settings if you scroll down to the bottom you will see something called developer options now you may not find developer options with some phones like Nexus 4 so if you don’t find that just going to about foam and if you scroll down to the very bottom of it you’ll see something called build number just click seven times on this it says no need you are always you’re already a developer.

Because I have already done it so just say you know you don’t have to do it again.

Option called developer options just click seven times on this build number all right and.

You’ll get this developer options just click on that you will see something called USB debugging just put a checkmark it says USB debugging is intended for development purposes only use it to copy data between your computer and your device install apps on your device without notification and read log data all right so just click ok it’s just a warning.

Ok so once you’re done with this what you can do is just connect your USB cable so I’m just connecting my USB cable.

All right so now once you connect this USB cable you will get a message on a phone which says this computer’s RSA.

Key fingerprint is turning : III go and bla bla bla and I think it’s a 128-bit.

Key and it’s basically asking ok so do you want to allow this computer to access your phone so if you click OK you know it will allow now but.

It’ll ask for every time when you connect to your phone so what you can do is just select this option Allah always sure always allowed from this computer and then click ok so from the next time it will not ask.

So once you’re done with that your phone will be detected and you can actually see the screen which is exactly getting displayed what you have in your phone so you can move you can just.

You know move through different screens on your phone and it will automatically get refreshed.

There oops it’s not getting refreshed just when you click refresh it actually it refreshes ok it’s not getting refreshed because.
There is an option called auto refresh which you.

Need to switch on so I’m switching down right now now if I go into any menu and if I.

World's First Humanoid Robot Sophia Participated In Vizag Fintech Festival Visakhapatnam,vizagvision

Hi viewers Vizag region Chandni subscribe check only marginal and asuna Java on the jockey estoy whatta we say Shalu notifications kasam equally cannabis tunable – Italy – but the robots we miss humans in the world what a loss as humanistic a benevolent robots designed to understand us become more common I believe we can develop a collaborative environment it’s.

Easy to imagine the terrible future but really the future is full of possibilities do you believe that humans and poisonous I hope so I hope the Cubans as robots become closer both socially and emotionally I’m really interested in making connections.

To medical therapy not only can we track things like medications and nurse checks of accuracy we can also help people feel less lonely and more secure as a new depression and isolation had a negative impact on recovery hopefully with our super human capacity for patience and.

Empathy we can be patients mentally healthy nobody.

Want to be the leading local destination and then we’d like to be on the steep.
And then looking forward to it and the like to thank you.

For sharing that energy when you shop I see that it’s like excited and partner country uniformization optimization thank you so much mr. Kesh I hope to see you again in 2019 yes I think that robots will freed up a lot more time for humanistic over there create humans will also make more time for families or.

Just fun it was some great getting to know me I hope to see you all in 2019 as well I can’t wait to see when you generally come up with.

Long Pass Technique Football Tutorial

Ever wanted to pass like Paul skulls chabi Alonso today we’re going to be focusing in the art form that is the driven ball you’re watching all attack today we’ll be focusing on the ability to make long passes imagine you see somebody in space forty to fifty yards away if done right this technique will give the ball enough height.

And power to reach your target without it being intercepted by defenders we call this type of pass a driven ball when approaching you’re gonna want to place your plant foot about six inches away from the ball toe pointed at your target now for your striking foot.

Rotate your ankle so that the top of your foot can hit the ball without your toe being jammed into the ground the edge of your stud should.

Just about be scraping the grouse when striking your laces should hit the underside of the ball pushing upwards to get the intended height when practicing driven balls you’ll find the amount of backspin on the ball affects how far it flies essentially more backspin means more height and less distance so the longer the pass the less backspin you want.

Things I Love About Ios Vs Android

I love Android and for me Android means choice whether that’s a custom launcher custom icons or a custom theme and for hardware you can choose big screen small screen stylus input glass back metal glass the choice is yours over the years I’ve used a lot of Android phones and sometimes I go back to an iPhone and there are.
Some things about iOS that I.

Absolutely love in this video I’m going to tell you what they are but first.

This video is sponsored by the geniuses at Wix the gesture.

Navigation on the iPhone feels half-baked it’s not very intuitive and the animations could be better but there is one function that is extremely useful that’s the side swipe that lets you move quickly between apps it reminds me of using the alt tab keyboard shortcut on a PC on.
Android the pixel phones allow you to do.

This with a swipe right of the navigation pill but you can only flip between two apps you.

Could also use X J’s navigation gestures app to add a pill and navigation gestures to any Android but neither solution is as good as what you get on the iPhone Apple first came out with the pressure-sensitive displays on the Apple watch it was.

Called force touch then and it was really cool because it reduced the need for hardware and software buttons because you could have a new interaction with the display by pressing firmly on the screen and it wasn’t until forced touch came to the iPhone as 3d touch that it really started to make a difference and help the user experience if you adjust your usage to do a hard press on icons and to be able to access these shortcuts.

You can benefit from deep linking within apps so that for example on Twitter you can immediately jump into the compose window in the phone app you can very quickly make a call by just pressing hard and sliding your finger up to land on the person you want to dial it’s super fast Android does have apps shortcuts which can do pretty much the same thing with a tap.

And hold of an icon but if you don’t time it just right you might move the icon a little bit which causes the app shortcut to dismiss on iPhone you never have that problem because.

The phone knows your intention when you press firmly another really good use of this pressure sensitivity is cursor placement.

It’s so natural to press firmly on a keyboard and to be able to reposition the cursor precisely Android lets you do this in G board by sliding your finger on the spacebar but not very precise another thing I love about the iPhone and iOS especially the newer iPhones is that while the screen refreshes at 60 Hertz like most other phones the screen can detect touch input at 120 Hertz.

Twice as fast as most other displays that means it registers touch input every 8.3 milliseconds instead of sixteen point six milliseconds while this difference seems small it leads to increased sensitivity when moving through lists or selecting items on the screen overall it just makes the phone more smooth than I love it the last thing I love about the iPhone is video recording it’s just so good and even with pixels and galaxy notes.

Out there the iPhone records video better than any other phone the camera on the iPhone has super fast and accurate autofocus really great exposure.

Apple's Airpod 2 – Leaks & Rumors | Specs | Release Date | News!

The September 12th Apple event came and went without the announcement of three highly anticipated devices the air pods to the air power charging mat and a new set of over ear headphones potentially called studio pods in this rumor roundup will cover update about the new rumored new wireless air pod two related rumors leading up to the big announcement.

Air pods to release date in June rumors began circulating that headphone version of the air.

Pods won’t be released until 2019 we won’t know for sure until the October announcement but if the air pods are delayed until next year we assume it will be because Apple is still.

Working out some kinks we also recently heard that Apple will not be releasing air pods to in October since sales on air pods.

Are still so high that there might not be a reason to release a new version at this point maybe next year as cells begin to dwindle we’ll see a.

Release of the air pods – in order to push sales and now we might have to wait on the next iteration of air bots air pods – pricing how much will the air pods – and the new wireless charging case cost ear pods currently.

Ringing in at $159 and Apple may push that price point up for the next version I’d guess the air pods – will cost in the range of dollar one $79 $1.99 a plug-in replacement case for air pods currently costs $69 so I’d bet that the wireless version will.

Cost at least a bit more say $89 ear pods – what we might see according to the leaks and rumors touchless siri function ear pods owners can.

Currently interact with siri by double-tapping either air pod no need to even touch the iPhone Siri can then help with a range of tasks including making a phone call changing volume level offering directions or switching music and other audio programming will the air pods – have.

The capability to engage Siri with only a voice command home pod owners can interact with Siri through voice only control so why not air pods users upgraded wireless chip air pots and their current version incorporate apples w1 chip to detect when the air pods are in your ears one or both route.

Audio engage the microphone and manage battery life will the air pods to utilize a w-2 chip and if so what new capabilities will it convey even longer battery life Bluetooth 5.0 capability I’m interested to find out ear pods colors black hair pods perhaps one color option is not enough for those of us who prefer black space gray or even the flashy rose gold will the air pods to come with one or more color choices or stick with a standard white water.

Resistant or even waterproof a.

Feature I’d love to see in air pods too is water resistance or better yet completely waterproofed air pots have held up to moisture.

Exposure pretty well in the wild but are not guaranteed to be water resistant and accidents and sweaty workouts happen so it would be great not to feel so concerned about a few splashes of rain or perhaps coffee my guess is that we could see.

Water resistant air pots with the second version but complete waterproofing may be a feature for air pods 3 remove.

Microphone hearing aid with live listen live listen is a feature that allows your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch to sync with your set of made for iPhone hearing aids and function as a remote microphone this is a.

Wonderful feature for people with mild hearing impairments and it looks as though it will be available for the air pods.

To health tracking features the new Apple watch series 4 has some excellent health monitoring capabilities including an ECG function heart rate monitoring and even fall detection with apples emphasis on health and safety it wouldn’t be surprising to see similar features incorporated into their latest wireless earbuds you.

1895 Stenography + Handwriting Workbook | Czech Stationery

Hi everyone its McConaughey from between the steps I hope you’re having a fantastic day as many of you know I was visiting my mom in the Czech Republic last month and I brought some goodies back with me so I wanted to show you them I’m not sure if I told you before but I grew up in the mountains.

In English she would call them Eagle mountains and these cottages are all over the place I just love these these are like traditional.

Czech cottages and this calendar is special because it comes with like check per.
Verbs I just find some of these.

Really really funny so let me just show you what it looks like inside obviously we’ve got the calendar for 2019 and then it starts the first thing you probably notice is the picture so it’s s where the cottage is located which is kind of nice then you’ve got three monthly calendars here the previous month carne month and the next month you’ve got that Czech proverb here and this left paw.

Here obviously shows you the dates and days bank holidays and then you’ve got named days I don’t know guys if you know what these are but every day is someone’s name day so if your name is let’s say Diana you.
Would be celebrating your name on 4th of January at least.

According to our Czech calendar ok I love this because it’s like 2nd birthday so yeah that’s what I got every month you have a different theme like these little flowers in April I love this calendar Leafs football you know oh this is actually let me find Khan week what I’m going to.

Be looking at next year what what day is today I think it’s 26 so yeah next year is going to be Saturday Eric is going to.

Be celebrating his name day and this is October in Czech language you would pronounce it Asian okay.

So yeah that’s the calendar let’s move on I just thought that you might find this interesting so that’s one thing that I got and I actually made my mom to get hearse as well obviously I had to get some stickers so these are stickers three horses I love horses I used to be a professional rodeo rider if.

You don’t know and then I needed to get one of these this is periodic table and I don’t know about you and your relationship but me and my partner often find ourselves having these little discussions at the dinner.

Table and quite a few times we actually needed this table so I finally got one I would.

Get it in English but yeah I haven’t seen one here and it doesn’t really matter because these are like international and you’ve got Latin words here so yeah it doesn’t really matter so that is another thing and then I got.

A workbook with handwriting worksheets and this is what I used when I was in first grade.

And I was learning to write obviously we had the different design and a different worksheet this is what they currently have but the system is the same so I thought that maybe you would like to see this as well you know feel free to pause the video at any point I mean there are several exercises that are really helpful for like learning up strokes and down strokes these are like really funny exercises for kids I love these I absolutely love these I mean I’m 31 now and I still.

Enjoy looking at these exercises and I cannot wait to try these with my pencil so let me show you some letters hey hey have a one lesson I wanted to show you in particular is that Z or Z whatever you want to call it or pronounce.

It so where is that here we go I know that you pointed out to me quite a few times actually that my site for Z is written in a different way than what you used to seen and now we can see why this is just the way we learned this at school I don’t.

Write a lot of these letters the way I was taught to but now that we’re looking at it I might actually whip up some worksheets for you it could be quite interesting see that T it’s interesting isn’t it so yeah that is the word book and some words and pictures at the end I really love this it just it brings me back to my childhood it’s amazing so yeah.

That’s that and the last thing that I’ve got for you is this here’s a fun fact about me I love antique shops absolutely love them and every time I go inside I actually want to buy almost everything so what you’re looking at right here is the old stenograph dictionary and this specific one is from 1895 now this is a Czech dictionary I’m not quite sure if it’s going to be different in every language I think.

That it would be it kind of makes sense and I looked up English stenograph and try to google if it’s different in every language and the only thing that I was actually able to find was that there are a few types of stenograph.

But that was pretty much it it didn’t say like.

You have different symbols for every letter in.

Every language anyway let me show you what this is so let’s open this up I mean stenography is basically a dying art people don’t really use.

It anymore and when I found this I was like oh my god I have to have this this is an absolute gem so let me explain you just a couple of terms okay while we’re looking at these pages this is basically just an intro in a beautiful old Czech language it’s absolutely amazing and these are the symbols okay you’ve got the symbols on the.

Left then the word what it means and that’s pretty much it you get two columns of these so for those of you who are not familiar with this at all and let me just shift this so you can see properly shorthand is basically a symbolic speed Bryton okay so as you’re bright and you’re.
Using these symbols obviously you need to.

Learn what each symbol means I mean some of these even represent like three words which is amazing so it really cuts off the writing.

Of writing in shorthand is called stenography there’s a ton of information about this on the internet so.

Yeah if it’s think that you would be interested in go ahead and look it up like I said it’s a dying art so it would be actually amazing if we could learn at least some of this you know I know that I do want to one thing that I.

In this little dictionary is the basic alphabet you know you can’t see all.

These words starting with an or oh but I couldn’t actually find a proper alphabet you know the basics let me just have a look here I mean this is a really really old book I mean 1895 how amazing is this no you haven’t got oh my god it’s falling apart look at this I mean I need to take care of this like a proper cat I don’t.

Know if I can clean it with something or maybe best not to touch it it’s kind of dirty but.

Yeah the last page doesn’t show us the basics either so yeah never mind we can look up the basics on the inter line I still think that this is an amazing find and I wanted.

To show you this I was kind of hoping that this will inspire you to look up stenography and maybe you will really like it and start learning.

This dying language basically I kind of wish you could see my face right now I’m so so excited about this but anyways this.

Is pretty much I wanted to show you today I hope that you enjoyed it and had a bit of fun with me my mom’s birthday was absolutely amazing I loved seeing her I loved my time in check it.

Was fantastic my partner came alone with the dogs as well so it was really it was amazing and quite a lot of you actually wished my.

Mom happy birthday tea so thank you guys.

So so much she loved it she enjoyed the.

Present she enjoyed her time with us all and the entire weekend was such a blast absolutely loved.

It now I’m gonna leave you to go about your day I love you’re so so very much mwah and I shall see you very very soon bye you.

Insane Trail Riding In Oregon !! | Trans America Trail [ Episode 12 ]

Okay guys so check this out Mike and I dumped at the same time check it okay I’m down here step over there exactly the same time but look at this yeah absolutely this is just pure mud it doesn’t look like it but it is yeah man I’m gonna have to go in the grass look at that that’s a.

Sight right there I’m like um I’m gonna walk up and.

Help you with yours sure yeah this is super slick I can barely walk yeah man this is this is like cake no that’s nothing down there all right you want.

Me to pull on this side here yeah one two three I think we got it back out I’m gonna pull your racks here ready yep one two three my feeling slipping its elbow I was just dragging your rear tire down through the margin.

View it’s not so bad if you go ten feet forward here hopefully they kickstand doesn’t it’s all slick of mud.

That’s caked I got your bike before you leap gasser you want to see a real.

You can see where I was walking coming up dude oh we go over there I think we can make it no I won’t look at this off you can.

Get your bike up already yeah on them do 300k yeah you got that but yeah we’ll do.

The same thing yep look my pile is just sliding you see yeah yeah I’ll go forward yeah you got it yep yeah we can’t we go the front tires just slipping you want to get off yeah can you hold it for a second yep okay eze nasty yeah hard to walk in it it’s not even it’s not thick mud it’s just grease on the top yeah okay.

This might be a bad idea but I’m gonna try and make it on the right shoulder I’m sure there’s probably some huge dicks in there but I’m gonna try it oh there’s a big hole oh this might not be a good idea oh boy hey boy I don’t know if this is a good idea or hot you’re.

Going on the road digs in mud okay the boots.

Are so heavy now yeah you film it yep are you taking picture filming look at.

The size of his rear tire okay look pretty good back there yeah oh my god it’s like shooting off.

Oh man oh my god Jamie put your feet down please up on this working to it’ll be better for this yeah and try go up here oh my god there’s like there’s like ten pounds of mud caked on the.

Back of your bike your tire looks like you’re on like one of those cruiser bikes it’s all my god dude so much money and I get chain you feel like 20 pounds of my on the back of your bike just look at that big.

Turd another one oh my dude you should put the GoPro filming at next year I don’t know if I can even they build up and they come off the rear passenger foot bag get some.

Traction at least guys oh man that is insane I’ve never seen thats crazy yeah that’s my material oh yeah you’re pretty good but nothing compared that one Oh oh man yeah do that is some good footage I’m gonna pull up to give you some room to take this off and to me that is making it your front I was doing the same thing it can’t fit between your stabilizer yeah I’ll go.

Talk to Judy Thanks how’s it going so we’re following the the Transamerica trail it looks like it goes right through.

Here but you probably don’t want us going through here but yeah no I totally understand that we’re just following a map and it led us right through here oh there’s a road around okay we did see a road up there yeah okay so that’d be fun with you yeah yeah okay how far from the county road a mile okay all right cool I appreciate.

It sorry to intrude on you okay thanks yeah we got to take that right here just follow it we’re like a mile from the county road he was nice about it all right well we’re almost to county road or just take that right and we go all righty all right we’re gonna catch up to my gear we’re gonna do a review on the Danner boots if you guys can.

Got a the top toe flap in he’s got a bag tucked in there you can see the back sticking out the holes in the side the mud covered on the ball yeah you move your toes it moves away from the actual sole I like that man how would you rate the danders Mike they don’t have a rating okay fair enough but zero out of ten all right or made the field station we are off that stretch.
Of dirt and mud and everything it’ll probably grab some food here whoo all.

Right so we’re getting some food here yeah this is the only place for next hundred miles look at that just caked everywhere man that was good stuff yeah check it out moreover she definitely really restores your skiing in Alaska Motown stores all those beans there Hayes I throw flaps I think I.

Might get some beans it means a good baked beans alright let’s bust out of here we had our food we’re looking at this big gray storm up ahead we’re taking left out of here and we’re headed towards blue skies Oh guys walking along and I noticed that my dinners are getting the.

Easy as they absorb water they’re absorbing this mud there’s nothing left that’s what you get when you buy the lowest quality poo on the market with the highest price don’t suffer man it’s not worth it you.