The World's Oldest Known Mollusc Was 507 Years Old Until Scientists Did This…

Humans have an average life expectancy of around 70 years and while that seems a lot there are many creatures that we have as recently scientists accidentally killed one of the oldest living creatures in the world now more research has referred the creature was in fact older than we first thought it’s believed to be 507 years of age the.

Creature is a type of calm that lives in their deep sea is called an ocean Quahog the ocean Quahog is a species of clans.

Exploited commercially ocean quahogs can be found just below the low water levels to depth of around 500 meters they live buried in sand and muddy sand often with their shells entirely hidden and just a small tube extending up to the surface of the seabed researchers have interpreted that dark concentric rings or bands in the shell as annual marks much like a tree has rings some collector species have been calculated to be more than 400 years old this.

Specific clan was discovered when it’s treasure life after the North Atlantic Ocean coast.

Iceland by researchers in 2006 as they would normally do scientists put the animal in a freezer but they did not know how old it was it was only after scientists in the laboratory that Bangor University studied it and said it was more than four hundred years old shortly after the Guinness Book.

Of World Records took notice and it was introduced unfortunately the animal which scientists had named Ming the Mallis had died the animal was given.

Name due to the Chinese dynasty that was in the throne when the animal being born when scientists had examined the animal using methods that were more refined they found out that it was a hundred years older than what scientists at fast-forwards dr.

Paul batlló working in the university school of.

Ocean sciences said the following when we were trying to determine the age of the animal.

The first time around we’d made a mistake we’d been too hasty when publishing the findings however this time they assure they’ve determined the age correctly the shell of the cohort grows each year layer by layer during the summer months when there’s plenty of food in the winter it’s.

Genuinely wall this means that once the shell is cut in half.

The scientists can easily cut the lines just in the same ways to camera trees the trees can then be given a date from the number of rings in their trunks what’s incredible is that this creature would have been seven years old when.

Columbus found America so that was the story.

Of Ming the mollusk thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos.

Twisted 2s #44 Operation Paperclip & John Crutchly

Scary mysteries twisted twos Operation Paperclip and John Crutchley tales of hauntings murder and scary mysteries every week twisted twos dives into a pair of uniquely terrifying true stories that are worthy of a more in-depth look for this week we check out the post-war operation that brought Nazi scientists onto American soil and the works of a man known as.

The Florida vampire serial killer get ready for scary mysteries twisted twos number one Operation Paperclip consider one of the most controversial.

And covert efforts in United States history Operation Paperclip was a program that involved the transportation of more than 100 Nazi rocket scientist to the United States in 1946 aside from just the scientist this also involves securing documents Hardware technologies.

And weapons systems from Germany in order to bring them back to America the goal was not only to gain more national security but to also further solidify their dominance as a world power the program began in 1945 the three great allies United States Great Britain in the Soviet Union.

We’re nearing the end of their relationship while the goal to defeat the Nazis was the same amongst them it was clear.

The three countries had too many differences in their political agenda for them to get along soon after the falling-out between former allies did occur and.

What would become later known as the Cold War it was clear that although Germany lost the war they were leading the world when it came to technological war systems and science after their collapse and defeat America saw.
That an opportunity had opened.

Up despite the moral cost involving a deal with the devil of sorts Operation Paperclip was born it was Major General Hugh nur the deputy commander for the strategic force in Europe but acknowledged.

And recommended that the US would move backwards if they didn’t take the opportunity to seize the apparatus and the brains that Germany had developed one incident prompted general head rehab Arnold to write to the Secretary of War that in the next war it was crucial for the United States to be the world’s first power and military aviation this was after seeing a crushing defeat when the Germans used only six 262 jets with armed missiles to shoot down fourteen enemy b-17s at the same time more than 200 secret agents in Germany were reporting the locations of.

Documents and secret facilities created by the Nazis this included the Hermann Goering aeronautical research Institute which was the largest and most sophisticated in the world at the time and was completely unknown to the.

Allies until it was discovered while the US government was still weighing their options the Soviets were already offering German scientists and technicians money in a career without any questions if they moved and.

Served the Soviet government on September 3rd 1946 a top-secret directive from President Harry Truman gave authorization for 1,000 scientists and their families to be brought to.

The US as long as they didn’t have ties to the Nazis they would be given employment and paid accordingly the.

Slow at first but after the Russians initiated a devious plan of kidnapping 15,000 German scientists the United States moved up the pace by 1947 over 1,600 Germans had.

Migrated to the country for work the Joint Intelligence objectives agency who would oversee the.

Program bypassed Truman’s directive and eventually brought Nazi scientists over as well.

The most prominent of these individuals was man named Wernher von Braun who was known for helping develop the v2 rocket which destroyed England in the war von Braun along with 104 German rocket scientists were employed as War Department special employees and helped create the US missile and space programs.

Later on in fact von Braun became the director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center it was.

Under his command and Direction at the Saturn 5 rocket which eventually brought.

Dozens of men and women to the moon was created many argue that if the.

United States hadn’t brought in the Nazi scientists it would have meant doomed during the Cold War however.

Those who learn about the project believe it was an appalling morale by the country since they disregarded the war crimes of the scientists and simply let them off without.

Punishment at all number two John Crutchley John Crutchley grew up in a well-off family in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania but still things weren’t easy for him his mother was so distraught at losing John’s older sister during a surgery that she constantly hoped her next child would be a girl when it turned out to be a boy she was disappointed and forced John to wear girls clothes up until he.

Was 6 years old growing up John liked to keep to himself preferring.

To tinker with electronics in their home basement instead of going outside and.

Making friends by the time he was a teen he earned good money repairing radios and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in.

Physics and a master’s degree in engineering administration after graduating he worked at General Motors installing new plant security systems then after that he moved to Kokomo Indiana.
It was there in 1969 that his first marriage began breaking apart.

He later moved from Kokomo to Fairfax County Virginia after his name was tied to an investigation into missing plant security materials while living in Virginia in the mid 70s he remarried and soon several teenagers in the area started.

To go missing in 1977 a Fairfax County secretary named Deborah Fitzgerald disappeared John was immediately a suspect because she was last seen in his trailer home and the two had been dating although police questioned him several times they had no conclusive evidence linking him.

To the crime even after her body was found discarded in a secluded wooded area John Crutchley was still a free man other rash disappearances of women and teenagers were reported close to where John’s home was but most.

Of these victims remains were later found dumped in remote areas as well in Maryland around the same.

Time the Lyons sisters also went missing now many investigators believe John was.

Responsible for that however it’s never been proven in late November of 1985 a trucker driving along a road in Malabar Florida spotted a nearly nude young woman crawling along the roadside her hands and ankles were both handcuffed and she begged the truck driver to not take her back to that.

House she pointed to a home in the distance and asked him to note the location then he immediately took her home and called police and an ambulance when asked by authorities she said she was hitchhiking the day before and a man stopped to offer her a ride but he said he needed to stop by his home first once there this man asked her to.

Come inside but she refused and stayed in the car he then went into the back seat and choked her unconscious she woke up immobilized and could see a video camera with lights set up the man repeatedly raped the girl while videotaping the entire.

Process afterwards he carefully inserted needles into her arms and extracted blood he poured this into a glass and to her horror began drinking it the same process of sexual assault and blood extraction was repeated two more times the next.

Morning after the third session the man handcuffed the girl in the bathroom and told her that if she tried to escape his brother would kill her but as soon as the man.

Left the house the victim squeezed herself out of the bathroom window and managed to crawl her way to the road at the hospital.

Became clear the teen was missing between 40 to 45 percent of her blood she also had ligature marks on her neck doctors said that if she hadn’t been found she would have died from blood loss within just a few hours armed with this information in the location of the house police immediately served a search warrant for.

John crutch Lee’s home even though he was married at the time his wife and child were out of the house on the Thanksgiving holiday police found evidence corroborating the victims story including the video camera but this had been partially erased when they got there police also found inches of.

Credit card stacks women’s jewelry which were noted but not confiscated during the initial search knees later turned up missing there were also 72 ID and name cards found belonging to various women on the back of each card Crutchley had noted the woman’s sexual performances one of the cards belong to the teen victim while another found was that of Deborah Fitzgerald’s oddly.

His wife commented on the assault on the saying it was a gentle rape devoid of any brutality she also defended her husband saying he wasn’t guilty but just a kinky sort of guy 1986 John pleaded guilty on kidnapping and rape charges in exchange for dropping the grievous bodily harm charged for extracting the teens blood he was sentenced to 25 years in prison with a 50-year.

Parole afterwards but was released after only 11 years for good behavior however he didn’t last long outside he was arrested after breaking his parole the very next day when he was caught with marijuana Crutchley said he was nervous about being a free.

Man and smoked it to relax he was thrown back in jail and sentenced to life imprisonment this time under Florida’s three strikes law this being his third.

Conviction after the kidnapping in the rape of the teen while serving his prison sentence John was found dead inside his jail cell on March 30th 2002 with a plastic bag over his head the coroner ruled that the Florida vampire rapist had died from autoerotic asphyxiation so there were two of the most controversial and scary stories around the world can be a crazy place and twisted.

Twos is always sure to show you why if you enjoyed this video then please remember to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to.

Our channel with many new scary mysteries videos every single week that we know you’ll love thanks for watching and I’ll see you next week you.

Melanie Johnston-hollitt – How Big Data Solve Astrophysics Mysteries?

When I was a small child I used to sit with my grandmother and look at the night sky she told me things about the universe and we try and count the stars turns out pretty much everything she told me about the universe was wrong but that love of the night sky that she instilled in me persisted and translated.

Into a career in astrophysics now I use the world’s largest telescopes to study the heavens unlike when I was a child though it’s not the optical part of the spectrum that I’m using I’m a radio astronomer and I use arrays of radio.

Telescopes to literally map the universe in a different light these are some of the instruments that I’ve used in my career they located all over the world.

Now some people believe that radio telescopes can’t produce beautiful images of the heavens I think those people are wrong here.

Image taken with the telescope in Western Australia called the Murchison widefield array or MWA for short which.

The Milky Way shown in three radio colors you see beautiful glowing blue regions of hydrogen gas and circular yellow features which are supernova remnants the remains of the most spectacular way of stark and die there is much science to be extracted from this image and all of it is fascinating in its own right but today I’m here to talk to you about the process of extracting that knowledge.

Traditionally astronomers have used a technique called eyeballing to find interesting objects in the universe and that is literally looking at images from telescopes and writing down where interesting sources are here you see a group of women computers at Harvard in around 1900 that is literally what they were called women computers and what they’re doing is they’re holding magnifying glasses and they’re looking at optical plates from a telescope and writing down the positions of.

Interesting sources my first job in astrophysics nearly 20 years ago was almost actly the same I was hired to look with a microfiber the magnifying glass at optical plates and write down the positions of planetary nebula now computing has come a long way in 20 years so the question is do we still do science this.

Way yes no these are my research assistants last year looking at an image of 3/4 of the sky taken again with the Murchison widefield array telescope cataloging it and looking for interesting objects this is the image that they were looking at so this is also in three radio colors and there are hundreds of thousands of extra galactic objects in this image so every single one of those dots that.
You can see they’re most likely denotes a.

Galaxy with a supermassive black hole.

Is a black hole with a million times the mass of our Sun every single dot in that image now it would be impossible to count those by hand and we didn’t we used a computer and we applied what’s.

Called a threshold in algorithm at their core threshold observe very simple what they do is they look for groups of pixels which are together and above some brightness.
Threshold so if we take part of that image here now.

In one color and we look at the brightness distribution through that image we can then ask a computer to apply a threshold which is that red line to say which pixels are above.

And below the line and that’s really easy for it to do but it is absolutely hopeless at finding things which are faint or diffuse or fuzzy for example take this radio galaxy so what you can see here is a core in the center AB.

Dark spot which is where your supermassive black hole is and then two very fuzzy fête diffuse blobs sticking out.

Either side so those are the results of the black hole throwing out electrons that close to the speed of light now to give you some sense of scale this thing is 3 million light years across.

So even traveling at the speed of light which is 300,000 kilometers per second it would still take you three million years to.

Get from one side of that object to the other every single one of those dots that I showed you in the image of 3/4 of the sky would look like this if we imaged it at high enough resolution so that’s what we’re dealing with so your eyes can.
Easily see those fuzzy blobs and you can see that.

There’s a core and I’ve told you what a radio galaxy is so you can put that all together and say okay aha I see it let’s see what a thresholding algorithm does it only finds what’s in those red boxes so it totally misses all of the faint fuzzy.

Diffuse stuff so we are still reliant on humans to find these things we are still doing science the same way as the women computers at the turn of the last century the trouble is astronomers are driven to map more and more of the heavens in greater and greater.

Detail and that drives us to build larger and larger radio telescopes this gives us a big data problem right now we are in the process of finalizing the design for one of the world’s largest radio telescopes.

The Square Kilometre Array the SKA is going to be built in South Africa and Australia it’s a project which involves 11 countries 500 scientists and engineers and will produce a hundred.

And thirty thousand radio antennas its own scale of the Large Hadron Collider in terms of complexity of design now there’s lots of science that.

You can do with this telescope but I’m gonna sum it up in one sound way which is to say that we are building machine which is going to make the highest.

Resolution fastest framerate movie of the evolving universe ever now those of you that have dealt with video know.
That it uses a lot of data and the SKA is no different when we switch it on.

It’s going to collect a hundred and sixty terabytes of data per second that’s thirty five thousand DVDs per second so this is most certainly a Big Data project now that’s the raw data rate when we mix it.

Down to create frames or images in our radio movie we’re still accruing one petabyte of data per day when people think about Big Data projects they think they have something like this they think that you’ve got an interconnected series of well curated information which you could extract knowledge typically what we actually have is this.

An unstructured mess so this is a problem now the problem with the ska is like the MWA we still have to sift through all this data to find interesting.

Top 10 Reasons We Are Going Back To Mercury

With the launch of Pepe Colombo mission this week we have now begun another mission to mercury but why exactly are we going here in this video I’m going to give you ten reasons why these scientists decided to go back to this beautiful yet somewhat inhospitable looking planet and one of the main reasons we’re going back here is to.

Actually find out why this planet is so dense why does it actually have so much metal.

On the inside compared to even earth at least percentage-wise the actual composition of mercury is surprisingly metallic and this is something that we didn’t.

Actually expect because Venus for example doesn’t have as much needed as Mars and Earth does have metal but not as much by percentage so either this planet was created in a very unusual way or more likely experience some sort of a catastrophic collision which probably ended up throwing away a lot of material which ended up somewhere and if that happened where did it all go this object must have escaped somewhere and may have actually either collided with the Sun or.

Maybe collided with some other planet so we do want to discover how mercury actually received so much metal compared to other planets the second reason is the atmosphere now mercury is not a planet you usually associate with atmosphere but we found out that there’s.

Actually a very thin layer of hydrogen and helium here and we don’t really know where it’s coming from and.

What’s actually causing its creation so scientists want to find out where it’s all coming from and speaking of hydrogen there’s also this tale that mercury has that we can really explain there’s a lot of hydrogen coming off the dark side of mercury that creates a very very long comet-like tail of.

Hydrogen and we can’t really explain why how or what’s happening on the other hand we also want to find out what it is actually hidden on some of the parts of the surface that we didn’t get to explore the first few times we visit planet the emissions to mercury didn’t really get to map it very thoroughly.

Map it essentially very accurately so we can actually see exactly what’s happening here on the surface but some parts of the surface are really invisible and known to us such as for example is this right here this is yet another mystery this is known as the spider we don’t really know what exactly created this.

Unusual object it looks like a creator but it also has these spider like protrusions from it and nothing else in the solar system looks like it we don’t really know how it was made on the other hand another unusual surface feature is well are the craters themselves if you actually compare a mercury with the moon.

You might realize how similar they are even their mass is actually relatively similar and they’re practically identical in their surface structure okay in this case they actually didn’t survive for very long but if I were to look at the Dark Side of the Moon and then place mercury right next to it you would see that well there is actually a lot of similarity at least in terms of the amount of craters on the.

Surface and even though their color is a little bit different overall they kind of look the same and what’s interesting.

Petrified Termite Mound Found On Mars?

A possible petrified termite mound has been found on the Red Planet by the Mars Curiosity rover as you can see in this raw image a large structure which resembles a termite mound can easily be seen here termite mounds can have a diameter of around 30 meters but these can vary depending on the climate and the colony of critters.

That inhabit them termite mounds are.

Prevalent in Africa Australia and South America and usually require a very hot and dry climate inside the mound is an extensive system of tunnels that serve as a ventilation system for the underground nest this intricate system also keeps the inside of the mountain oysters this remarkable termite mound is long dead but it could give further evidence that.

Mars did indeed have a life-sustaining atmosphere it would also prove that Mars was very similar to Earth in its distant past hosting a variety of perennial plant life and exotic insects.

Isro India Part-6 ! Difference Between Aslv Vs Pslv Vs Gslv In Telugu || Real Mysteries (2018)

Friends Mahna Mahna put an antenna madammadam chest a harmonica chandamama chirping chief guru mood a little bench ad candidate Elsa hooker satellite Schindler develop immunity Moodle akela anime analog availa Nalu Angela render kilometer loser a loner ginger ooh Thanatos on a telegram a cocoon de booming ship tecora near interim hookah nearest arbitral through tune in turn on decay.

Chandrani natural satellite antara mono roof.

Animation apparent change connect objects the interaction like a pump in chick with the arbitral of fixtures atom if we could have gendered overly booming to an interim through tune back undo k whittany mono artificial satellites like.

A shortcut low satellites and a pill chicken tuna satellite sighs okay Chinna ball and a mocha pet the room for a corner to Al again satellites earth orbital oh very well heights various fields are again very very perilous route on.

Time a parameter sunny Saturday chespin anybody Martin time with a Hanukkah well one day cricket mentioned on Poonam donto middle / slow majority.

Fielder’s knee captain inner circle penalty third as a final overflow boundary pie on to third in the column middle / slow single sphere opera wickets theorem captain main target.

Slow for six years happen captain main target ikura lashana Bertie captain view home field a new hundred dirham Majdanek serega.

Satellites wish and okuda Audigier ooh Tony Manabu meet Oprah Sangha for our boots on time first one low Earth orbit second one medium Earth orbit third one geostationary orbit fourth one high Earth orbit booming on the occasion low no Darwin under rendering a kilometer ladder on a low Earth orbit antara rocket rendering and only mapa de.

Vera arrow in the rain by our kilometer ladder running.

Medium Earth orbit grapple star iike exact moped availa arrow and.

Elena are kilometer ladder on e geostationary orbit antara mapa de vera adrenaline bar kilometer La Paz irani higher orbit an apple stock in Alva arbitral o mon of lower orbit Nandi higher orbit cable ecology distance pollutants cavity satellite signal pump in tirana key power echo supplied Cheryl.

Donto final karateka occurred she could have a hootenanny so the hanukkah Hyderabad India Vijayawada Villa and condi taco car seat open hypotonic today Y is equal along 20 almost a double car church on deck in the contain distance CUDA almost doubling in the cavity same formula ikura CUDA apply authentic iike any satellites very very sisal oh ah Corallo una perky manga.
Wotty body knee two parts got chipped coach okay T.

And Tina Brenda with the solar panels on Tina boom in only signals may receive choose quorum 3G.

Bhumi by key signals in pump interim cheston’s iike solar panels battery laga punches like solar panels Sun lightning electricity de marchi satellite keep power sources of furniture side I take is ro gotta episode slow Charla totally new satellite launch vehicle.

SLV Anacapa Donnie Charla Saladin satellite launch vehicle name satellites in space like a pump in Toronto.

Bertha I think a vehicle in the Durham Villa galoot indeed in the Varuna satellite.

Near space local disco Nico Galasso energy Mottram satellite launch vehicle pioneer other operable Tandy oh the hanukkah me recycle biopic una per year avoid the kilometer low travel shakily.

A capacity Callaghan are are they Mira my friend Nick would recycle pike in schooners and Kuna I put a definitely gamma capacity cantata Kootenai miru put the distance travel trailer on the carnem miracle snezana.

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Made a vehicle March all sooner on the cycle car Larry what all student only Allah gave it away the kilometer like a beluga one the kilometer level.

On Apatow Mira bike new Martha who either under a kilometer Llewellyn bus slow Elsa via kilo meter level early.

Train levels are 10,000 kilometers will Ollie plane low Alta ante we need nobody miracle Marston are same is a formula ikkaku de apply o Sunday Mirror Yenta a took over la la gente para una musica Lalo and as an abuti satellite launch Oracle’s me a new call soon Tony mana India motor bird.
Sarika pan sooner or later by July pada notation dr.
Abdul Kalam Garen a truth on low slv-3 rocket named successful gas fear recorded under launches in it Rohini Cooper granny successfully a lower orbit a low pressure P tagalog indeed donto individually the satellites new space Loki pump interrogate – hallo ROG Shanga India sternum the kitchen the ESL v3 path ahead returned Oliver own carry Gandhi Nalepa kilala payloads me low Earth orbit.

Oracle TTL gate capacity Kalyan Tony a Parata slv-3 technology in a bitch chest pony he slow pan Thunder Mandela tambien de Mello augmented satellite launch vehicle aslv Pantanal snowmen algo october low polar satellite launch vehicle PS l we render ello caddy april o geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle GSLV aunty advance of Technology Turkana SL Villano successful got a our chassis launch arrogance he satellite launch vehicles what a government jerkwad on key.

We were the engine Lana still America Oberg inch contingent me repairing a rocket launch a live telecast chosen take on the low comment which is a vestige of Kentucky rocket stage 1 that is stage 2 locator building stage 2 that is case 3 local woman another went to airplane Allison Charles Koch indigenous a distance reached Pagani rocket.

Engine one was Lesley render engine key shift on the errata Randhawa in Geneva the Lynch Connie Moreau engine key shift or something a la.

Subaru engine water cook continue through the a salut he SLV aslv PSLV GSL will emerge at theta enter you put soda slv-3 lobe mahtim nog engine so night and day engine coca stage ante-mortem knowledge stage luminometer slv-3 low engine.

Sunny cuda solid state motors slv-3 body had returned Oliver who know the river and ohmmeter its to look arrogant on the Iike payloads capability ante in table aruna object named pyke you most could be pergolas rocket manga nullify caliber own of satellites nee.

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A satellite launch vehicle capacity any further gap in Tanana mata slv-3 key ASL week a major difference is a militant and the same to same Dean club for engines from time and take four stages core entire no matter honey CUDA solid state motors aslv burrow nullified tunnel he ruin algometer ethnical accountancy Dini payloads capacity no Diavik kg and a new tire bike Al Abbar.

Una satellites from most colloquialism he the boom in unity Olivo low Nala wonder kilometer distance for could travel Shakeology I take me kickin up a doubt trolley engines for Allah get iniquitous solid motors Maryland tappero slv-3 can’t agree to.

Capacity l appearing in the din concerning of last load Chevron next PSLV polar satellite launch wicked polar want a Telugu low drew him Anitha polar satellites Bhoomi oka polar area uncover chest I ain’t a.

South Pole and the North Pole K North Pole and South.

Pole key booming should – chuckle Oh curtain time if you boo me cheat – Roger cook any solid Shakalaka rasayana D I will boom in Allegiant the high flown away another an abuti odds are proven Tony Hawk quadrant alone take a cost with a chuckle look at.

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Tip operational maintenance bulk in the opportunity so he can take in.

The park una una Dante gravity knee at the gaming channel gravity knee a looming challenge a speed the Chuckle fatality he.

Polar satellites new remote sensing earth imaging Kawartha in Koga methane emission.

Intent a polar satellites me orbital illustrate chester auntie.

Sorry Gazoo India pi coresight awesome in low specific sun illumination karan anga if satellites camera automatically every india lonely practica pradesh on e captured just only.

Dynamo kanga indian army shatru Lapine ago in Salonika up a winch contending by a recent ago advanced a microwave imaging technology CUDA mana PSLV a mullah for the local chair condi dint oh dear night.

He propulsion linear plant elena i area package aircon approve captured shake kappa skinny mana satellites calluna he polar satellites weather prediction kora kora en todo opportunity Rana narendra modi rajala terrible astral of burrito fun romantic honey tu lo.

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Rajala mundo Jerry get Sangha Tana Warrick you play Ellis Ellis in the he’s an takuna monopole our satellites are gonna take iike he polar satellites could have four engines tonight and take four stages slow rocket damiana natural tonic.

High-tech first third engines solid-state motors kaga second fourth engines liquid engines ye engines liquid in there and owatta india low liquid fuel appear in China Mortimer a rocket PSLV nee iike PSLV Beru mood Oh Angela ero a tunnel height null pan algometer look Dini payloads capacity but the hero and reliable Killaloe he booming only lower Earth orbit low our $1 kilometer ladder America prayin enchilada if we pour our dish shallow pre honest I cavity our party.

Polar orbit and quadruple star gotta Ramudu hollow is ro Annika PSLV rockets named successfully launched a girl in the donto whittany workhorse of israel an equitable star our Kirky chandraiah mongolian recently a record-breaking one not four satellites with a ninja low PSLV rocket neo-pagan Chara next GSLV.

Geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle is the India on a a probe Arcana our tip.

At the launch vehicle geosynchronous satellites need basica communication Kikuyu Chester telephone signaling radio signaling TV channel signaling when I’m in cloak or cinecittà when.

A wonderous channels alas for a galoot UNAM mana into pie particular chhota chattri they TV dish pie no no satellites only signals researchers continue pannonia satellite our channel broadcast internal d signals and researchers concluded eva ganga satellites mediator gap and Chester I think he will.

Approve boom in handy okay Tata wonder tetra said Chester Adela.

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In the ricotta my own time l antara simple wheat is speed knee area rotation speed to Manchester donto rendu ok spill to through tunic Abbate geosynchronous satellites Oh Kate shutter Monica cannabis.

Time a geosynchronous orbit booming on the exacta mapa de ella era underlain by our.

Kilometer ladder on mountain identity in tucumán louise a distance low geostationary arbitrary internal shape Erica animated out Raj Iranian to Durham okay take.

Materia Cara okay okay Terra satellite equator path Logan rocketry get a geostationary orbit really a la cocoon de are dead distance flow equator pine only laser continually Kangol target through 20 Danny geosynchronous orbit on top eg a serving of column more engine smarter moon and take KLM mood stages slow a rocket government sure.

Continent Maserati engine solid motor state kaga renderer engine liquid fuel engine mode of the cryogenic engine cryogenic engine Vinci is no fifth step solo detailed.

Explain yourself punch on the thumb banal colonial india amulet puzzle okay Cheryl Sunna.

The cryogenic technology in slope eyes oregano Spica Scott Recaro Naga Brenda – Abdal are of Sangha Monday render Ella Parnell good December low jerk on the I think India rendering of Catalonia gs-11 successfully launches.

I think Dean clue Russian cryogenic engine ecologist you Chesser GSLV Peru Nalu and.

Allopathy hey no tunnel it to null path or millimeter deep a loads capacity Louella are you doing the kilogram easy woman only multi Davila arrow in the lane by our kilometer.

Ladder America Brian enchilada Iike Modelo cut out key Chuvalo answered chef Thoren Chappell a cell we can take ASL week capacity yell appearing in the end the reason Entente ASL week additional gas rendu strap-on motors name a merger Evie mini Rockets log upon Chester Evie satellite launch vehicle.

Trust me additional Givenchy equidistance travel a 8lu Lleida ACO payloads with these cooperate reaches Tony he strap-on motors wing PSLV GSLV Lakota you chaser is.

Trap on motor Sankhya aranga PSA Ravello PS l BG PSLV CA pslv-xl GSLV.

Low GSLV mark to GSLV mark 3 and model rockets with local child shondrea mongolian were not four satellites most killer Rockets pslv-xl models to channel a legate GSLV mark three Beru are on the run Albert Turner low height null parameter Dini payloads capacity novel a kilogram low Evie major aa SLV aslv.

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Up this is pressure on signing up bye bye and take care.

Missionaries Living Non-missionary Lives [from The Blue Planet Mission (message 2115)]

The problem is most missionaries true in God are not living missionary lives we forgot the mission it’s like it’s like we were on a mission we forgot what why we are here think of missionaries Messiah he’s this whole world for him wasn’t to get by the whole world for him was I am here to give and to bless.

This world everything every moment he had was part.

Of the mission there’s a big mission in your life there’s little missions every day but there are missions all around you people say oh I want to be a ministry or there’s no opportunity you’ve got ministry every second of your life there’s no shortage of ministry so you don’t need somebody to recognize you you.

Don’t need a certificate you need to minister and you don’t have to get on.

A plane that’s what you know we that’s part of many things but you don’t have to get on a plane to be an omission because you’re here he.

Says when you did it to the least of these my brothers you did it to me but a missionary has a journey they say but wait a minute I’ve been here but wait a minute if you’re from heaven then there had to be a journey see I said you know it’s not so much that you have to be you are sent to another place which is all part of it.

We should be open to that but the fact is you’re already in another place you’re already from heaven and this planet needs you to find out how you can receive more of Jonathan’s teachings to receive special free gifts or get in touch go to hope of the world or or call toll-free 1-800 use schewe one that’s hope of the world org or call 1-800 you schewe.

One that’s twenty hundred nine three seven four eight two one you can also get more at Jonathan Cahn’s Facebook page right is direct at hope of the world box one one one one New Jersey zero seven six four for us a hope of the world is dedicated to the goal.

Of spreading God’s Word and salvation to every land and people do this by spreading the word throughout the world and.

Sponsoring compassion projects to the most poor and needy around the earth to get in touch or have a parting God’s work just right to hope of the world box 1 111 New Jersey 0 7 6 4 4 USA or.

Go to hope of the world org or call 1-800 usual 1 that’s one eight hundred nine three seven four eight two one.

What Astronaut Discover After A Year In Space ? Full Universe Documentary Films (2016)

Flying in space you know I really missed the rain the sound of rain and rain hitting you and walking outside in two months Scott Kelly will begin a year-long stay in space everything you know everything you love everything humanity has ever known is 250 miles below I said to my brother I’ll be in space and flying all the.

Way around the Sun one lap in a year he’s like yeah so will I the rest of us will be doing the.

Same thing on Spaceship Earth it’s just such a different thing when there’s someone you know and someone you love right there at that point e-ticket that rocket I like to wish you good luck on your trip every day what can happen in a.

Year the unmanned rocket down to the station with much-needed food and supplies exploding yeah it seems like I’ve been.

Up here for a long time already Scott Kelly is going to do what no American has ever done before spend an unbroken year in space I feel pretty fortunate that I get to risk it all one.
More time a year in space was made possible in part by.

Contributions to your PBS station from viewers like you thank you violence is the thoroughfare to put what.

Is equal to CP refers to be near.

Water per mile SE in the number.

Of Mary Ellen I used to have a nightmare when I was a kid where I was on the rocket launching to to the moon and something bad happen.

But it was something for me as a kid that was quite terrifying watchlist yoga share about it last night yes read until the every bit more ah it’s pretty remarkable to see this pinprick of light over the course of hours eventually become this space station that’s the size.

Of a football field me playin poker good way the whole process of rendezvous and docking with this thing that’s moving 17,500 miles an hour is a pretty incredible concept so the way you rendezvous with his face craft is you kind.

Of get underneath it you sneak up on it you know where they are ultimately you have to fly within a couple of inches to get these two things to come together you can see the.

International Space Station smack-dab in the middle of your view there we use craft interview from the International Space Station on its final approach.

Toward the poisk module at the end you know there’s no computers helping you anymore the commander has to manually fly this thing which is for me to.

The point 19 meters per second Soyuz continuing to close in you’re just looking out the window and using your skills as a pilot.

Be accurate within about two inches antennas close cloudberry getting confirmation of course antenna.

Has been retracted feet that you will be standing by for docking confirmation under 10 meters away the drill I mean up on five meters yep I’ve been doing risky things since I was a little kid I think it’s part of my genetics am kind of surprised I made it this far well I’ve been.

Training for this one-year mission for over two years this being my second time flying a long-duration flight the trainees going well you know a year is a long time a lot can happen in here the biggest justification for the year in space experiment is to see how well the human body can withstand long-term space travel a trip to and from Mars would take say two and a half years getting to Mars requires multiple systems.

In NASA to be working at once the system that’s the most fragile indestructible all however is the human body NASA is doing any kind of a.

Comparative study between my brother mark and I sins we have very similar DNA.
Now that for identical twins while twins.

Are born with the same genetic material they changes over time and maybe it changes more rapidly in space than on earth you’ll get tires yeah would I fly to Mars well I wouldn’t fly the.

One-way trip to Mars I don’t know maybe I like Earth too much yeah but what you mrs.
the people and then the the weather it’s kind of like well it’s going outside.

You know you ever there’s no Sun on your face you never feel this on my feet this fire you never feel this cold breeze it’s always exactly the.

Same yeah what did you say this morning that was funny and I told you don’t say that yeah they were talking about NASA jeez oh you said he he’s a gig behind and by that.

Goodbye then gonna miss your silky smoothness hello Scott hey Gabby and I just wanted to say bon voyage hazing own voyage and you know we know you only have a couple more days here in the US and then you’re gone for I.

Don’t know like five years or something right hi dad I like to wish you good luck on your trip it’s exciting and you’re going to be working but remember to taking the view I love you daddy ever since the shuttle stood down the US has no way to get astronauts into space Baikonur is the only way you.

Out of town if what you’re talking about is getting off the.

Earth if you grew up in the Cold War this was as deep into what was perceived as the death star as it was possible to go was.

The place that gave us the Soviet dominance of the high ground of space and it scared the daylights out of us you know at one time this.

Was not a place that was acknowledged to exist when I was a lieutenant in the US Navy in the early 90s I was flying f-14 Tomcat and our primary mission was to shoot down that the Russian bomber if we ever you know went to war it was quite possible that we would have been you know fighting against one another the soy use the word in Russian stands for union and training this one sometimes so there’s three crew members in here the seat i’m.

Sitting in is for the main flight engineer misha kornienko that i’m gonna be on the space station for a whole year with scottish in cairo seductive RAC professional yes eater so many previous lost Oh malito missed a slim optimo so na socha karo free SMS nehemia yoshinaga app shell is teaching affiliate or q you know I’ve known him for 15 years since I first started coming.

Out here I call him my brother from another mother he thinks that’s funny There is obviously tension between the US and Russia but it’s not something that the crew members ever talk about you know we’re not politicians and we we leave it to the the politicians from our respective countries to do that for us ya tengo muchas.

Is posted Nash president futaba needy el que native cosmos 2 News amina co-evolved a days preparing to go to space especially for a year is an exercise in cereal leave take you go from your home to Russia to the hermetically sealed environment of your spacecraft until finally you go to orbit step by step you decouple from what’s familiar on earth step by step you decouple from the world you know watching live I was asking him I’m like her the nerves getting you are you getting excited and.

He’s like you know if I’m nervous it’s not for the launch you know it’s for being away for a year being away with from you and your sister and amiko and my brother for a year two concept everything is fun and contacting capture.

Confirmed the one-year crew has arrived my telugu nirosha da ya know I’m begun the Liberia game in you all guys are so much baby that’s right in time all crew members and now aboard the.

International Space Station you you who have been to the space station before and come back to it experienced a high at first it’s a homecoming it’s.

A place they feel sentimental about even though it’s just a gigantic machine uh yeah she tossed or impose losses kata misma Triana tosto can use meta tis Rolly trudno mission on employers join o’meara boat MST seen story leaks.

No Romania oh yeah sita estoy prekrasno premiere tahoka mozna news no rabota you’ve missed a estos initiate no skype like good morning.

To you i’m not sure where you are you might be in Los Angeles but greetings to you there in in the US washington DC Scott you won’t return to.

Earth until the spring of 2016 how far away does that seem to use Scott well I’m trying not to think about how far away that is cuz it is pretty it is pretty far um friend of mine suggested maybe it’s better to count up versus counting down haven’t started doing.

That yet either I live and work here now I’m gonna be here for a long time and.

As such I just kind of have to pace myself it was interesting seeing how the space station by and large does not look like it.

Aged four years since I was here last you know I often try to describe what this space station is like in the you know the engineering miracle that it is.

It’s one of the most complicated thing that we have humans have ever built it’s a million pounds over.

The size of a football field the space station it’s made principally of 15 different modules there’s a u. segment at one end and a Russia segment at the other end but it’s all part of a single integrated whole.

Any words for the camera the personnel aboard the space station isn’t always change one thing three new people come up three existing people will go down the first few days on a space station an astronaut has to acclimate to the minute-by-minute almost nanosecond by nanosecond schedule man reality oh they go so far today for me personally I had some exercise my first of two exercise sessions and then I did some.

Research there’s a point where there’s a certain acceleration or the fluid starts to move and.

That’s what we’re really interested in while I’m here will do over 400 different experiments the pace of work at times can be hectic we’re operators of the equipment where the housekeeper the person that cleans the place what are you doing.

Real Ghost? The Entity Case & Chilling Paranormal Moments Don't Watch At Night!

Man has always feared the dark sounds that we hear in the middle of the night the mind starts to wander when we see unexplained scary things caught on camera hey YouTube I’m Rick and today were to take a look at eerie cases of paranormal evidence hit that Bell button so you don’t miss any new videos in 1974 a.

Woman named Doris Bither was experiencing paranormal activity and she believed her house was being haunted paranormal investigators came to her house and started their research on August 22nd 1974 dr.

Barry Taff and Kari Gaynor began their investigation into the haunting.

Of torus feather in Culver City.

California Doris was a single mother and she claimed at her home that she shared with her daughter and three sons was haunted she believes that unseen forces worth making contact with her her claims were unbelievable but inside the home we have one piece.

Of paranormal evidence that can be examined and looked at when the investigators arrived at her home all four of Doris’s children claimed to have seen apparitions.

And one of the most prominent apparitions they nicknamed mr.

Investigators reported feeling a strange pressure in their ears while in the.

House although high speed cameras were brought in to capture the phenomena very little substance wound up on film and one instance tors was said to have provoked the beings into a visible manifestation and this is what we are looking at the investigators present reported lights appearing around the room.

A green mist billowing from one corner in the form of a man’s upper torso becoming visible within in a natural fog that presented itself inside of the house they added there was.

No facial details to the torso but it did reportedly show musculature leading to them and they believed it was a male apparition they said the events were impossible to record on film and pictures were taken show only a free-floating arc.

Of light over doors as pictured here in this piece of evidence from the case that is known as the entity.

Skeptics believe that this was all a hoax and many skeptics say that Doris had a shady history others believe that.

The case is irrefutable evidence of paranormal activity in the photo we can see an arc of light over Doris Bither and there’s also another light on the left side of.
The photo the interesting thing about the arc of light in the center.

Of the photo over Taurus is that it doesn’t Bend in a corner like a light would behave if it was reflecting on the wall unfortunately this is the only evidence outside of witness testimony revolving around the entity case to date this case remains unexplained that is just a really weird a lot of people in a paranormal.

Community say this is some sort of ghost activity somehow ghostly ectoplasm or something else like this but you can definitely see it was this done in a dark room is this a hoax it’s just really strange a lot of people would say pareidolia is to.

Blame in some of these photos but can we dismiss every paranormal case as pareidolia can every paranormal case in the world be just easily dismissed as not real or faked guys I’m saying because in my family there is a story of paranormal activity I experienced something unearthly something from the other side I really did I’m.

Not making it up I was straight as an arrow I mean I really do seriously believe and stuff like this so when I see a photograph like this I’m not so easily like oh that’s just you know a couple of branches and.

Leaves there’s no way that’s real this is quite interesting and a lot of paranormal experts point to this as legitimate authentic paranormal evidence what do you guys think about that it’s still creepy isn’t it ghosts and apparitions like shadow people are being talked about all over the world and.

Many people are experiencing paranormal activity and they don’t want to talk about it because they fear public ridicule shadow people are appearing everywhere a.

Number of religions legends and belief systems describe shadowy spiritual beings or supernatural entities such as shades of the underworld and various shadowy creatures have long been a.
Staple of folk lore and ghost stories are.

The shadow people figments of some people’s imaginations as some psychologists which suggests based on conditions like sleep paralysis and other conditions that may.

Cause one to believe they’re witnessing some type of shadowy figure standing in their bedroom in.

The middle of the night that may be true but that still doesn’t account for many other stories of paranormal activity where level-headed people.

Are fully awake and experience something that they cannot explain all throughout the years many photographs have been taken all it takes is one guys one real authentic paranormal caught on camera moment to be authentic and then we have the evidence the proof so a lot of this stuff has to be looked at.

Now a lot of you guys come onto my.

Site here they looked out to.

The community and you leave your stories whether it’s UFOs or just creepy stuff amazing stories in general that are left in the comments section I do read all of them when the videos are new on the older videos not so much because hard for me to keep up but on all the new videos 48 hours after videos come out I read through all the comments this photo was taken in Gettysburg Pennsylvania behind the Dobbin house on a ghost tour the person that took.

The photo said they were just taking pictures trying to catch anything this one was just taken on the road next to us or nobody was I brightened it so you can see I still have no explanation some people in the comment section on reddit where this was originally posted says the white figure reminds me of a pigeon or dove with one of its wings about to fold right before the white thing and they also had a theory about this be some type of.

Angel figure someone else said this probably isn’t a bird or dove because it’s not casting a shadow on the ground whatever it is it’s really weird and.

Why would a bird or Dove be flying around Gettysburg in the middle of the night on a ghost tour what could this be is this something paranormal everyone knows Gettysburg is haunted it’s in the USA and it is really creepy supposedly this is a white apparition.

Caught on camera some people thought that this Normandy summer of 2006 video that was recently posted to social media.

Mira From The Pleiadian High Council / The Arcturians / July 11, 2018

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently serving the earth Council I greet you today with all of the love in my heart we are so impressed with the work that you are doing on the behalf of the Ascension process you are at your best every day progress is being made with your help the dark forces are being routed.

Out of hiding and taking off of the planet where they can do no more harm this process is huge and couple of days ago we completed.

One of our biggest operations yet it was carefully planned and skillfully executed much to their surprise this success will allow for increasingly complex operations to fully read the planet of these beings that have well overstayed their welcome these operations.

Are happening with expedited regularity it is untenable for the dark ones to be allowed on the planet much longer they have done horrific things that will no longer be tolerated they will pay the price for what they have done this we guarantee as we clear out this dark debris the planet will begin to feel more relaxed and.

Peaceful you will notice the feeling of happiness and like the atmosphere has changed the fearful and anxious feelings that many have will evaporate this is making way.

For the day of Revelation the event your finances will begin improve and you will learn to fully manifest what you need your faith will flower and your loving hearts will expand you will be ready to learn to live in love and unity away the planet was originally designed to be no more intruders the earth will be returned to the safe grip planet that she was in the beginning like.
You the earth has learned to set boundaries and not to tolerate.

Disrespect or abuse she is awakening to her new higher consciousness self isn’t it wonderful that you can join her in this journey you are both honored to be in this growth and learning cycle together learn from the earth.

Showing you she is powerful beyond measure and so are you believe in yourselves and stand up for what is.

Right note that you will get through the final stages of removal of the darkness so you.

Can live in the fifth dimension and progress with your evolution we are busy in the earth Council monitoring all that is happening the response teams are well trained.

And art working diligently we have your best interests at heart love from all of us I am Marines please assist us the members of the away team to earth as well as all the others who are currently wearing a physical earth vessel to find the light in the darkness and clarity in the confusion.

It appears to many of us Galactic’s who are currently wearing a human earth vessel that something is very close sometimes we think we know what it is but then the chaos and lies that surround us take over and we fall back into survival mode however we do then ot choose to take this earth vessel during this now of great transition to get lost instead we came here during this now to remember what has become lost remember will rained.

When you lost it and most important remember what truly are so that we can find and become the multi-dimensional Galactic human that we have always been but forgot yes many of us are Galactic humans what that term means is that we are innately fifth dimensional galactic our galactic clairaudience elf looks quite human therefore we often.

Take that component of our multi-dimensional self as an earth body while on our tour of duty to Gaia also play audience who look very much like humans but their minds and hearts are much more involved that plenty in mind is using 100% of its capacity.

Whereas the human mind is functioning at much lower levels of capacity however we your.

Galactic family are happy to see that more.

And more humans are beginning to expand their neural synapses to include more and more of their innate brain potential.

We the Arcturians and your entire galactic family are happy to see that more and more of our way team to earth are awakening to the mental and emotional slumber that overtakes them when they.

Leave their beloved fifth dimensional home and join an away team to third dimensional earth we have found that the most difficult challenge of our mission is to remember our true self and MOT become lost in the illusions fears and lies that are in great abundance within your third dimensional frequency of habitation we wish you.

To know that it is our long-term goal to rise all of Earth habitation from the third dimension and into the fourth dimension we see that the.

Third dimension is a frequency that is too low to support our way teams return home therefore instead of taking a lifetime to learn about the third dimensional frequency of reality so that we can better assist those who have become trapped in that frequency many of our way team have found themselves trapped there as well how do they slash we become trapped we hear your consciousness asking us we are.

Happy that you have asked that question for it is through asking the questions that you will remember the answers we say remember as you have those.

Stored in your higher dimensional brain and within your high heart which is just above your physical heart it is through asking the questions.
And seeking the answers that you remember your.

True multi-dimensional self on the other hand when you become.

Lost in the many challenges of wearing a third dimensional earth vessel you forget your true self and become just human when you are just human your perceptual field narrows to only the third.

Dimension this occurs because when you are only aware of the human earth vessel that surrounds your innate multi-dimensional consciousness you forget about your expanded consciousness and are trapped in the many illusions that exist in the third dimension we would like to define the term illusion according to your dictionary illusion are an impression misapprehension magic deception trickery misconception sleight of hand and or false impressions you also define illusion as.

Something with deceptive appearance of false idea the deceptive power of appearances and mistaken sensory perceptions according to your third dimensional definition of illusion.

There are many many forms of illusion in a reality that can keep you confused and distracted from the deep inner truth that you ALL have access to.