Data Science Initiative Introduction To R Bootcamp (part 2)

Okay Thanks so big part of this is somebody else to sing yesterday a big part of this is you got to actually practice this every day it’s just like any other language if you’re not using it frequently it goes away you learn and you also learn a bunch of stuff by actually hanging out with people this is one.

The purposes of the data science initiative is that there’s a whole lot of people from different disciplines each of which there’s one or two of you in your programs that are doing slightly different stuff than.

The Ren your program was originally designed to do and you’re all by yourselves whereas you’re actually collectively all together if you could just meet each other that’s where the Davis are users group is helpful or just this space here and just actually hanging out creating your own little work working and so yesterday I could die I couldn’t take the train so I didn’t get a chance to actually put together some stuff that.

I wanted to put together to come a little bit of.

A chance it’s a tiny bit of a chance I suggest that we just spend about 15 minutes total here’s some questions okay very simple.

Questions progressively not so simple okay just take 15 minutes to actually work together.

With somebody besides you or by yourself or just ask questions okay I’m maybe 10 minutes just to actually just.

Just go ahead and practice what we were doing yesterday and see if you remember any of us and if you if not yell ok go I am stuck I don’t I don’t know I would like to do a lot more practice with.
Let’s just do a little bit of it now but not not too much so.

10 or 12 minutes just try to go through pick read these quickly answer your own question if you want and if you want any reminders of things that we talked about what you’ll see in these is it’s a whole lot of subsetting because that’s how you spend all our time do it and yell if you have any questions Jane will answer.

If you want or there’s other seats wherever you want it’s not a morning it’s not a quiz I just I I can keep talking I really think you’re talking I just think it’s more fun for you guys to actually do something but if not I’m happy to keep talking the yeah I don’t know now yeah now what you want to do is go take a look at the whole entry to see is it really a legitimate or what is it okay.
We look and weird weird things we gradually clean the data.

You gotta look yep people throw stuff house it might be per day who knows even that per minute what a mess that’s okay just think just think about think about what we talked about yesterday how do you actually so you can what we you know subsetting is a huge part.

Of it so you can put you can pull out all the ones you want to keep or you can drop the ones you.
Want how do you drop the ones we don’t.

Want not necessarily remember if you knew that if you knew the observation number that’s one that’s one way of doing it yeah and then if you knew that then you could put a minus in front of it because that’s how you.

Drop I know thank you I like that that’s right that’s good then this hasn’t been helpful for you so so today is today is.